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"Pity About Africa..."
variuos websites | 06-0103 | The Heavy Equipment Guy

Posted on 06/01/2003 5:11:38 AM PDT by backhoe

"Why do you keep posting this stuff? Nobody cares about Africa, anyway..."
...the truth is archived here on Free Republic, and I maintain that one
day, when things over there are too awful to be ignored any longer, those who
have eyes to see will read the stories here, and be appalled at the silence.
...and the "war-veterans", most of whom were too young to serve. Chaos and anarchy reign in Zimbabwe There is no rule of law, only Mugabe's rule...Hyper-inflation, government chaos and a persecuted minority sounds too much like Germany prior to Hitler. Peace marches & organized demonstrations will only give the corrupt regime an identifiable target.
Why Do So Many Africans Get AIDS?
DISCOVER ^ | June 2003 | by Josie Glausiusz
Sudanese slavery further confirmed
Worldnetdaily ^ | 29 May 2003 | Central_Floridian
France to head force to quell Congo violence
Austin American Statesman ^ | May 28, 2003 | Colum Lynch
Pity the poor people of Congo.
HIGH ON the list of the world's shamefully ignored problems is the Congo civil war...
Congo tragedy shows up the UN
National Post ^ | May 26, 2003 | Lewis MacKenzie, Maj Gen (Ret)

Zimbabwe -- Mugabe faces revolt in city of desperate and dishonest
The Observer ^ | June 1, 2003 | Special Correspondent in Harare
On the eve of a week of protest Our Special Correspondent in Harare reports from a country facing collapse of a dictatorship
Mugabe's 'cleansing' of Zimbabwe squad
The Observer (UK) ^ | June 1, 2003 | Andrew Meldrum
Zimbabwe: Police get order calling off protests
Reuters via CNN ^ | May 31, 2003
Zimbabwe -- Commonwealth agrees Mugabe must step down by September
Daily News (Zim) ^ | May 31, 2003 | Farai Mutsaka, Chief Reporter
Zimbabwe -- Mugabe departure could not be too soon
Botswana Gazette ^ | (editorial page)
      Posted by AmericanInTokyo
On 04/08/2003 1:41 PM EDT with 17 comments

MEMRI Arab Translation Service ^ | 8 April 2003 | AmericanInTokyo
Mr. T takes no pity on Best Buy
      Posted by WaveThatFlag
On 05/01/2003 6:05 PM EDT with 32 comments

Reuters ^ | May 1, 2003
Mr. T Goes After Best Buy ("I pity the fools!")
      Posted by mhking
On 05/01/2003 11:07 PM EDT with 9 comments

Dayton Daily News ^ | 5.1.03
TOWN WITHOUT PITY (Un-American Fieldsboro Democrat Mayor Digs In His Heels)
      Posted by Doctor Raoul
On 03/29/2003 4:29 AM EST with 50 comments

Trentonian ^ | PAUL MICKLE, Staff Writer & CHARLES WEBSTER
Sars hits Africa
      Posted by Prince Charles
On 05/11/2003 8:16 AM EDT with 44 comments

News 24 (South Africa) ^ | 5-11-03
[S. Africa] Girl beats up burglar
      Posted by Sweet_Sunflower29
On 04/05/2003 2:32 PM EST with 14 comments ^ | April 5, 2003
Don't sideline Africa, warn activists
      Posted by sarcasm
On 04/13/2003 11:58 AM EDT with 14 comments

Mail & Guardian ^ | April 12, 2003
Iraq war divides South Africa
      Posted by The New American
On 04/17/2003 4:25 AM EDT with 1 comment

Mecca-Cola comes to Africa
      Posted by Jimmyclyde
On 04/17/2003 7:40 AM EDT with 16 comments

Reuters ^ | 4-17-03 | Diadie Ba
South Africa Bans Plastic Bags
      Posted by yankeedame
On 05/10/2003 2:16 PM EDT with 12 comments

BBC News On-Line ^ | May 09,2003 | staff writer
South Africa 'white slave' mystery
      Posted by Tailgunner Joe
On 05/20/2003 7:31 PM EDT with 9 comments

BBC ^ | 20 May, 2003
The West can rescue Africa
      Posted by Pokey78
On 05/30/2003 4:13 PM EDT with 15 comments

Evening Standard (U.K.) ^ | 05/30/03 | Sir Bob Geldof
AIDS creating a 'perpetual' famine in Africa
      Posted by sarcasm
On 04/06/2003 5:14 AM EDT with 9 comments

AP ^ | April 6, 2003 | Terry Leonard
Iraq aid efforts raise Africa questions
      Posted by sarcasm
On 04/15/2003 5:04 AM EDT with 8 comments

Boston Globe ^ | April 15, 2003 | John Donnelly
Study: 'Eve' Came From East Africa
      Posted by blam
On 04/26/2003 10:36 PM EDT with 48 comments

Discover News ^ | 4-24-2003 | Jennifer Viegas
First probable SARS death in Africa
      Posted by per loin
On 04/30/2003 2:38 AM EDT with 2 comments

Zee News ^
Zimbabwe -- S Africa demands seized farms back
      Posted by Clive
On 05/01/2003 8:12 PM EDT with 2 comments

Financial Gazette (Zim) ^ | May 1, 2003 | Staff Reporter
Sars in Africa would be 'devastating'
      Posted by sarcasm
On 05/04/2003 7:24 PM EDT with 11 comments

Mail & Guardian ^ | May 4, 2003
U.S. to Fund Gender Feminism in Africa?
      Posted by Tailgunner Joe
On 05/20/2003 8:53 PM EDT with 5 comments ^ | May 20, 2003 | Wendy McElroy
Missing Boeing 727 Aircraft - Angola Africa
      Posted by Calpernia
On 05/31/2003 12:54 AM EDT with 14 comments

WASHINGTON (CNN) | May 31, 2003 | unknown senior U.S. official
Dinosaur Cannibal: Fossil Evidence Found in Africa
      Posted by Sabertooth
On 04/02/2003 3:22 PM EST with 38 comments

National Geographic News ^ | April 2nd, 2003 | John Roach
'Africa should beware of GM food aid'
      Posted by sarcasm
On 04/26/2003 8:24 AM EDT with 33 comments

Mail & Guardian ^ | April 25, 2003
Winnie Mandela: South Africa’s Mother of Thieves
      Posted by dennisw
On 04/28/2003 2:25 PM EDT with 1 comment

fp ^ | | April 28, 2003 | Michael Radu
South Africa: Mandela murder plot treason trial
      Posted by yankeedame
On 05/19/2003 10:15 AM EDT

Ananova ^ | May 19,2003 | staff writer
Two-headed tortoise found in South Africa
      Posted by ATOMIC_PUNK
On 05/31/2003 3:23 PM EDT with 20 comments ^ | Thursday 29th May 2003 |
Ships could go to horn of Africa: commodore
      Posted by Clive
On 04/12/2003 4:22 PM EDT with 5 comments

Canadian Press via Sun Media ^ | April 11, 2003 | Alison Auld
Africa Should Feel Uneasy Over Iraqi War: Mbeki
      Posted by Tailgunner Joe
On 05/05/2003 4:56 PM EDT with 13 comments ^ | April 7, 2003
Liberia's president blamed for crisis in West Africa
      Posted by Clive
On 05/19/2003 5:43 AM EDT with 3 comments

Bush Slams Europe Over GMO Crops for Africa
      Posted by bruinbirdman
On 05/22/2003 5:20 PM EDT with 10 comments

Cato Daily Dispatch ^ | May 22, 2003
Massacre in Africa happened while our heads were turned
      Posted by dufekin
On 04/10/2003 12:19 AM EDT with 48 comments

Virginia Beach Virginia Norfolk Virginian Pilot Ledger Star ^ | 09 Apr 2003 | Bronwyn Lance Chester
The New Holocaust Denial [Enviros deny starvation in Africa]
      Posted by ZGuy
On 05/21/2003 10:36 AM EDT with 13 comments

Center for Consumer Freedom ^ | May 20, 2003 | CCF
Protests May Say More About Protestors Than About What They Object To
      Posted by Constitutionalist Conservative
On 04/01/2003 9:43 AM EST with 19 comments

Aggie Daily (TAMU) ^ | 03/26/2003 | Texas A&M University
Michael Moore gloats about about his anti-Bush remarks at the Oscars
      Posted by SB00
On 04/09/2003 12:52 PM EDT with 56 comments ^ | April 9, 2003 | SB00
India, S Africa to set up working groups in IT, telecom
      Posted by chance33_98
On 04/27/2003 12:30 AM EDT with 1 comment

irna ^
Up to 80 feared dead in South Africa bus crash
      Posted by chance33_98
On 05/01/2003 7:12 AM EDT with 1 comment ^
French Plan To Aid Africa Could Be Sunk By Bush
      Posted by blam
On 05/22/2003 10:32 PM EDT with 12 comments

The Guardian (UK) ^ | 5-23-2003 | Charlotte Denny/Larry Elliott
Iraqi lions (Uday's) to be given freedom in South Africa
      Posted by Shermy
On 05/23/2003 8:41 PM EDT with 11 comments

AFP ^ | May 23, 2003
Africa Plans Continental Peacekeeping Force to Deal With Future Crises
      Posted by Tailgunner Joe
On 05/28/2003 10:17 PM EDT ^ | May 27, 2003 | Stephen Mbogo
The plague of Africa -- Money alone won't cure, or control, AIDS
      Posted by Clive
On 04/25/2003 7:07 AM EDT with 10 comments

Toronto Sun ^ | April 25, 2003 | Peter Worthington
Horn of Africa now a key target for US ‘war on terror’
      Posted by knighthawk
On 05/06/2003 1:10 PM EDT with 8 comments

The Daily Star ^ | May 06 2003 | Ed Blanche
Is Happy Sindane really Jannie Botha? [South Africa 'white slave' mystery]
      Posted by Constitution Day
On 05/22/2003 4:34 PM EDT with 5 comments

Independent Online - South Africa ^ | May 22 2003 | Solly Maphumulo
DA (South Africa opposition party) condemns Interpol honour for Zim police chief
      Posted by Clive
On 05/11/2003 12:10 PM EDT with 3 comments

SAPA via SABC News (SA) ^ | May 11, 2003
Fury at Zuma's dismissal of Zimbabwe terror (South Africa foreign minister Dlamini-Zuma0
      Posted by Clive
On 04/21/2003 10:55 AM EDT with 2 comments

Independent Online ^ | April 20, 2003 | Brian Latham
Africa, Chile, China .. (Three Trips, Eight Countries, 2,400 -- and a $60 Million Pentagon Tab)
      Posted by Dog
On 05/07/2003 6:57 PM EDT with 37 comments

Zimbabwe crisis, Iraq will be focus of talks (Jack Straw visit to South Africa)
      Posted by Clive
On 05/12/2003 8:20 AM EDT with 2 comments

Business Day (SA) ^ | May 12, 2003 | International Affairs Editor
A Filibuster About Something vs. A Filibuster About Nothing: The dilemma facing Senate Democrats.
      Posted by xsysmgr
On 04/14/2003 12:20 PM EDT with 38 comments

National Review Online ^ | April 15, 2003 | Byron York
What About Ammunition? [Armed Females of America Talk About Firearm Ammunition]
      Posted by 2nd_Amendment_Defender
On 04/14/2003 5:50 AM EDT with 7 comments ^ | April 2003 | Mike Straw
Uday Hussein's lions to be taken back to Africa
      Posted by kattracks
On 05/23/2003 8:57 AM EDT with 3 comments

Reuters | 5/23/03 | Andrew Quinn
West sidelined as Africa walks hand in hand with Mugabe
      Posted by Clive
On 04/26/2003 6:30 AM EDT with 12 comments

The Guardian (UK) ^ | April 26, 2003 | Nicholas Watt and Rory Carroll in Johannesburg
West sidelined as Africa walks hand in hand with Mugabe
      Posted by sarcasm
On 04/26/2003 8:54 AM EDT with 3 comments

The Guardian ^ | April 26, 2003 | Nicholas Watt and Rory Carroll

... anyone who is doubtful about the situation there, or perhaps curious about how much goes unmentioned & unreported by the laughingly-misnamed "watchdog press" need only click the "keyword: Africa Watch" or go here:


To find all articles tagged or indexed using AfricaWatch, click below:
  click here >>> AfricaWatch <<< click here  
(To view all FR Bump Lists, click here)

Daily Reports Rhodesia

Rhetoric of blame is now a white lie (AFRICA, HEAL THYSELF)
The Daily Telegraph ^ | September 3, 2002 | Tim Butcher
"I remember Africa in the 1960s, everyone was filled with high expectations after independence. Forty years on, Africa is a series of kleptocracies, many worse off than they were under colonial rule. Almost all of the common people in relative worse shape to the rest of the world than they were before independence. Africans after 40 years have no one to blame but their own leadership for their problems. The leaders want to deflect blame to the West. The West's not buying it anymore..."

CIA -- The World Factbook -- Zimbabwe

First it was Rhodesia then SA now America paying the price of silence.

-A Capsule History of Southern Africa--

Parallels between Apartheid SA & USA today

South African Crime Report - linking the world to Zimbabwe
... Books & Videos. Degrees in Violence: Robert Mugabe and the Struggle for Power
In Zimbabwe This book tells the story of Zimbabwe from the hopeful era of ...

MPR Books - Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight: An African ...

Title: "Cry, the Beloved Country" - Topics: World/South Africa

The Coming Anarchy
February 1994. The Coming Anarchy. by Robert D. Kaplan. ... All rights reserved.

-South Africa - The sellout of a nation--


TOPICS: Crime/Corruption; Extended News; Foreign Affairs
KEYWORDS: africa; africawatch
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To: All

In the “see, we told you so” dept?

Via Insty:

TEN YEARS AGO ON INSTAPUNDIT: Why are Western human-rights groups so silent on Zimbabwe?

I don’t know how long I’ll keep this series going, but I’m encouraged by this email from a journalist (you’d recognize his name) who asks anonymity: “Very much enjoying these glances back. Strangely, though post-9/11, it was a much more innocent time. Pre-Iraq, and everything that went with that. Pre-Obama, too, though that’s not as relevant to the quaintness as the running references to Cornel West, another black American race-baiting fraud out of Harvard, make clear. What a wonder to see people like Andrew Sullivan, Josh Marshall and David Brooks taken seriously. Also fun to see references to ‘reader Eugene Volokh’ and ‘reader Stephen Green.’” Yes, there’s been a lot of water under that bridge.

161 posted on 01/15/2012 11:22:25 PM PST by backhoe (Just a Merry-Hearted Keyboard Pirate Boy, plunderin' his way across the InterToobs)
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