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SCOTUS strikes down Texas sodomy ban

Posted on 06/26/2003 7:08:23 AM PDT by Thane_Banquo

SCOTUS sided with the perverts.

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To: JudgemAll
That was the case before the court decision. Sodomization of a woman by her husband was legal in Texas.
301 posted on 06/26/2003 8:35:18 AM PDT by Doctor Stochastic (Vegetabilisch = chaotisch is der Charakter der Modernen. - Friedrich Schlegel)
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To: sinkspur
Why would your sister marry a deviant?

You mean why would a deviant hide his deviance?

302 posted on 06/26/2003 8:36:12 AM PDT by unspun ("Do everything in love.")
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To: Thane_Banquo; Prof Engineer

sick, just sick.
303 posted on 06/26/2003 8:36:37 AM PDT by msdrby (I do believe the cheese slid off his cracker! - The Green Mile)
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To: LizardQueen
That's crap. *Unconsensual* sodomy is assault and grounds for divorce. The hard part is proving it.

If sodomy is an accepted form of sex, sodomy is then mandatory to consume the marriage. End of story.

304 posted on 06/26/2003 8:36:37 AM PDT by JudgemAll
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To: Thane_Banquo
from Kennedy's opinion:

The present case does not involve minors. It does not involve persons who might be injured or coerced or who are situated in relationships where consent might not easily be refused. It does not involve public conduct or prostitution. It does not involve whether the government must give formal recognition to any relationship that homosexual persons seek to enter.

305 posted on 06/26/2003 8:36:39 AM PDT by jethropalerobber
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To: BlackjackHF
"Maybe the fact that we live in a democracy?"


306 posted on 06/26/2003 8:36:41 AM PDT by toothless (I AM A MAN)
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To: Lazamataz
Libertarians make people's cars dirty.

Thats not neccessarily true. The guy who washes my car is a Libertarian, however, the car hasn't been running all that well, I wonder if he has been sodomizing the exhaust pipe...

307 posted on 06/26/2003 8:37:03 AM PDT by Paradox
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To: HumanaeVitae
Libertarians aren't friends of democracy. In fact, when democracy gets in the way of their childish predelictions, they're more than happy to mow it over with their Toro YardMaster and then stuff the clippings from the bag in their bongs.

Actually, you should familiarize yourself with the Bill of Rights.

It is equally dismissive of “democracy” for the same good reasons.

308 posted on 06/26/2003 8:37:04 AM PDT by dead
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To: Lazamataz
disgusting and throw them all.........
309 posted on 06/26/2003 8:37:25 AM PDT by TLBSHOW (The Gift is to See the Truth)
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To: discostu
This shouldn't have any effect on sodomy laws that cover gays and straights.

It did. It wasn't on equal protection basis.

310 posted on 06/26/2003 8:37:27 AM PDT by The Red Zone
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To: BaghdadBarney
"Rape is a crime but what about sexual relationship involving "willing" 24 year old male and his "consenting" 21 year old sister? Under this silly ruling this little foray is a-OK by my reading."

Could be, but when was the last time you heard of an arrest in such a case? There's a _lot_ of simbling incest going on out there, but nobody's getting arrested if the people are adults.

And if you don't think it's happening, you're way wrong. I can guarantee that there is a brother and sister relationship somewhere within a mile or two of you.

Again, when was the last arrest for such a thing you can remember?
311 posted on 06/26/2003 8:37:37 AM PDT by MineralMan (godless atheist)
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Comment #312 Removed by Moderator

To: Under the Radar
Absolutely correct UTR. I don't expect a response from my interlocutor on that one.
313 posted on 06/26/2003 8:38:00 AM PDT by HumanaeVitae (Catholic Epimethean)
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To: Doctor Stochastic
One must draw lines and draw them somewhere. A married couple taking risks is different than homosexuals with less scruples than Fido.
314 posted on 06/26/2003 8:38:08 AM PDT by unspun ("Do everything in love.")
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To: HumanaeVitae
It only appears to discriminate if you buy the lie that a group of people who desire something are somehow set appart from everyone else, and therefore a kind of minority group that can be deprived their equal protections.

Look for Torie to be all over FR today issuing his "I'd like to thank the Academy" speeches. Gag!

315 posted on 06/26/2003 8:38:48 AM PDT by RAT Patrol (Congress can give one American a dollar only by first taking it away from another American. -W.W.)
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To: Labyrinthos
Wrong. Kennedy.
316 posted on 06/26/2003 8:38:55 AM PDT by lugsoul
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To: Thane_Banquo
Chalk up another victory for the perverts. The SCOTUS is totally out of control.
317 posted on 06/26/2003 8:38:55 AM PDT by PhilipFreneau
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To: jethropalerobber
318 posted on 06/26/2003 8:39:17 AM PDT by Carlucci (The Time Travelers meeting will be held Yesterday!)
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To: LanPB01
How many Libertarians does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

(I don't know the answer...does anyone else? This is a series query...)

319 posted on 06/26/2003 8:39:51 AM PDT by 88keys
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To: JudgemAll
>Libertarians stole my hubcaps.

Biggots abound.

Libertarians can't spell!

320 posted on 06/26/2003 8:39:51 AM PDT by Spiff (Liberalism is a mental illness - a precursor disease to terminal Socialism.)
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