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1 posted on 07/31/2003 12:03:51 AM PDT by DoctorZIn
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To: Ernest_at_the_Beach; Pan_Yans Wife; fat city; freedom44; Tamsey; Grampa Dave; PhiKapMom; ...
Join Us at the Iranian Alert -- July 31, 2003 -- LIVE THREAD PING LIST

Live Thread Ping List | 7.31.2003 | DoctorZin

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2 posted on 07/31/2003 12:04:22 AM PDT by DoctorZIn (IranAzad... Until they are free, we shall all be Iranians!)
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To: All
Strategic Improvement May Not Last

July 31, 2003
Globes Online
Dror Marom

Minister of Defense military secretary Brigadier General Mike Herzog: There are forces opposing US policy in the region.

Brigadier General Mike Herzog, who is military secretary to Minister of Defense Shaul Mofaz, yesterday expressed pessimism about the chances for a lasting improvement in Israel’s strategic position in the Middle East. He said that while 2003 would be remembered as a year of profound change in the region, which benefited Israel, “The situation could be reversed. There are forces opposing US policy in the region.”

Speaking at the “Globes” conference on economic growth, Herzog noted that the US was acting counter to the fundamental processes taking place in the region, and was arousing counter forces. “While the threat from Iraq, the chief power developing weapons of mass destruction, one of the causes of the arms race, and a radical power center, has been eliminated, Israel still faces threats of conventional war, strategic weapons, and terrorism,” he added.

According to Herzog, the US is moving to a declared policy of replacing regimes. The US will invest a great deal of money in promoting this policy, and is sitting on the borders of two intractable countries: Iran and Syria. Trade is being employed as a weapon, and European countries, including Russia, and even Japan, recently joined the US in asking hard questions about Iran’s nuclear program, such as why it needs enriched uranium. Japan has even frozen its investments in Iran, pending answers on this issue.

”The main point is whether the US succeeds in Iraq not just in winning the war, but also in establishing security and founding a pragmatic, liberal regime. The US must reconstruct the Iraqi oil industry, and leave after having achieved full victory. A US retreat from Iraq due to many casualties, or for some other reason, will be regarded as a debacle. Iran’s goal is to get the US away from its border. If the US fails, the entire region will regress,” Herzog explained.

Herzog said he was not expressing the views of Minister of Defense Shaul Mofaz. He predicted that the Iranian regime would fall soon, and described it as “a regime in decline. The Iranian government is no longer legitimate in the eyes of its citizens. I don’t know how long it will take to replace it, or who will replace it. The question is what will happen first: the achievement of nuclear capability, or the replacement of the regime. The process is beneficial for us, because it’s hard to find Middle Eastern countries today that sponsor terrorism. Even Iran and Syria are finding it difficult. Lebanon seems to be the best place for the terrorist organizations.”

Herzog also said that the confrontation with the Palestinians was far from being resolved. “We have reached a new stage in the conflict with the Palestinians a quasi-ceasefire. Both sides are weary. The Palestinians have not halted terrorism because of moral qualms. They simply realized that terrorism does them more harm than good.”
7 posted on 07/31/2003 8:12:42 AM PDT by DoctorZIn (IranAzad... Until they are free, we shall all be Iranians!)
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To: Ernest_at_the_Beach; Pan_Yans Wife; fat city; freedom44; Tamsey; Grampa Dave; PhiKapMom; ...
Two more executions carried in Iran, Nine more to follow

World News
Jul 31, 2003

TEHRAN - Two Iranians convicted of murder have been hanged in Tehran's Ghasr prison, the government daily Iran reported Thursday.

Hossein-Ali Yussefi was executed for stabbing his wife to death with a knife because of her "suspect" behaviour, while Said Rafiie, a young gardener, killed a 72-year-old man and his sister, aged 75, during a break-in at their villa.

The hangings were carried out on Wednesday with the approval of the country's supreme court, Iran said.

The newspaper also reported that two young Iranians found guilty of killing nine women after robbing them in the eastern town of Arak have been handed multiple death sentences.

The women were strangled with their headscarves, in a spate of murders between February 2001 and March 2002, said Iran. One of the convicts has also been sentenced to 100 lashes of the whip for "illicit sexual relations".

Apart from murder, Islamic Iran also imposes the death penalty for rape, blasphemy and serious drug trafficking.

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9 posted on 07/31/2003 8:24:46 AM PDT by DoctorZIn (IranAzad... Until they are free, we shall all be Iranians!)
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To: Ernest_at_the_Beach; Pan_Yans Wife; fat city; freedom44; Tamsey; Grampa Dave; PhiKapMom; ...
MPs call for release of Iran journalists held in Iraq

Thursday, July 31, 2003 - ©2003

TEHRAN, July 30 (AFP) - Iranian MPs have urged President Mohammad Khatami in an open letter to work to secure the release of two Iranian journalists held by US forces in Iraq, the state news agency IRNA reported Wednesday.

The arrests of the journalists "making a documentary on the life of Iraqis" under occupation was "a patent example of violation of democracy and freedom", read the letter signed by 162 MPs.

They called on the president "to order the foreign ministry to do whatever is needed to obtain the release" of the two journalists.

"The occupation forces in Iraq, with violent and regrettable acts against journalists, have prevented the free flow of information," the MPs charged in the letter, quoted by IRNA.

"By killing, hitting and mistreating journalists, these forces have shown they oppose democracy and the international regulations that they stand for," the MPs said.

A coalition spokesman said Tuesday the two television journalists had committed "security violations" and were being detained in Baghdad pending a decision on their fate.

"They claim to be journalists, but they were certainly not acting in a journalistic capacity when they were arrested" on July 1, the spokesman said.

Iran's foreign ministry has called for the coalition to release the journalists, identified as Saeed Abutaleb and Soheil Karimi of Iran's Channel 2, whose detention it deemed "unacceptable".

The two, plus an Iraqi interpreter and a driver, were working on a documentary in the mainly Shiite Muslim region around Diwaniyah, southern Iraq, when they were arrested, said Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting.

On Wednesday, Deputy Foreign Minister Ali Ahani called for their "immediate release" in a meeting with the outgoing British representative to Iraq, John Sawers, who was in Tehran on his way home.

Deputy Foreign Minister Ali Ahani called for "immediate release" of the two Iranian journalists held by US forces in Iraq

"They've been arrested filming coalition activities," Sawers told journalists. "They are currently detained and being questioned and I believe they will be released when the procedure is complete."

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11 posted on 07/31/2003 8:39:10 AM PDT by DoctorZIn (IranAzad... Until they are free, we shall all be Iranians!)
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To: All

TEHRAN, 31 July (IPS) Iran, with a laps of one month, reacted officially to the arrest of two of its nationals by the Americans in Iraq, calling on Britain to help their release.

Sa’id Aboutalebi and Soheyl Karimi, working for the Iranian State-run, leader-controlled Radio and Television’s second channel network, were arrested on first July alongside a driver and an interpreter, both Iraqis, by American forces in a Shi’ite suburb of Baghdad while, according to the Iranians, were preparing a documentary on the daily life of the Iraqi people under American occupation.

Mr. Qolamreza Koochak, VVIR’s bureau Chief in Baghdad, was the first to disclose the news of the arrest of Aboutalebi and Karimi on 19 July, provoking no reaction form Iranian officials, then overwhelmed by the tragic death of a Canadian-Iranian photojournalist while in the custody of judicial and security services in the one hand and mounting international pressures over its nuclear programs on the other.

Though American authorities in Baghdad had immediately confirmed the information and stated that the Iranian authorities had been informed of the arrest of the pair via "routine diplomatic channels", but the event continued to be ignored in Tehran for unexplained reasons.

But on Wednesday, a spokesman for the Allied Forces in Iraq said the two men were engaged in "activities harmful to the US interests" and are detained in a high security detention centre.

"They pretended that they are journalists, but they were acting in a very different manner when arrested", the spokesman added, without explaining what the detainees had done harming American interests?

Iranian Foreign Affairs Ministry’s spokesman, reacting belatedly to the event, described the arrest of the journalists as "unacceptable" and on Thursday, the Government of President Mohammad Khatami urged the Foreign Affairs Minister to follow up the incident using all available diplomatic channels.

Although 162 deputies called on Mr. Khatami to do "all he can" for the release of the journalists, but observers were surprised at the very slow motion and a near indifference Iranian authorities, but particularly the ruling conservative’s media, including the Voice and Visage of the Islamic Republic (Iranian Radio and TV), known for their fierce anti-Americanism, showed to the matter, confirming a widely spread sentiment among Iranian journalists that the two document-makers might not be professional reporters.

"It is an established fact that there is a very close working relationship and coordination between the VVIR and Iranian security and intelligence agencies, with almost all the offices of the Iranian Broadcasting abroad serving as a cover for the intelligence machine controlled directly by the office of the leader, Ayatollah Ali Khameneh'i", explained a former high-ranking VVIR employee living now in exile somewhere in the West.

According to the official news agency IRNA, Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister for Euro-American Affairs Ali Ahani called on Wednesday on the British Deputy Head of Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq John Sawers for the "immediate release of two Iranian TV reporters captured by US troops in Iraq while making a documentary film on Iraqi people".

While Iranian media remain silent, the Paris-based international press watchdog Reporters Sans Frontieres denounced the arrest of the Iranian reporters and the New York-based Committee for the Protection of Journalists, in a letter to Paul Bremer, the US appointed Governor of Iraq, asked him to inform the public about the reasons Aboutalebi and Karimi had been detained.

A representative of the International Red Cross in Baghdad who visited the arrested men on Wednesday for the first time said they were in "relative good health" and might communicate with their families soon, but confirmed that they were guarded under "high security measures". ENDS REPORTERS DETAINED 31703
19 posted on 07/31/2003 4:20:06 PM PDT by DoctorZIn (IranAzad... Until they are free, we shall all be Iranians!)
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To: All
Iranian student leader "We no longer want dialogue with Hard-liners OR the reformers"

Iranian ^ | 7/31/03 | Kaveh Eshani
Posted on 07/31/2003 7:10 PM PDT by freedom44
24 posted on 07/31/2003 7:37:43 PM PDT by DoctorZIn (IranAzad... Until they are free, we shall all be Iranians!)
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To: DoctorZIn
Iran and Saudi Arabia: Toward Cooperation on al Qaeda

July 28, 2003

Saudi Arabia and Iran took an important step toward cooperation against al Qaeda on July 27, a move that will reassure the United States.


Cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Iran took an important turn July 27 with an announcement that Riyadh will establish a consulate general in Mashhad, the capital city of Iran's northeastern Khorassan province -- reportedly to facilitate Arab investment in the region.

Though economic development may be on the nations' agenda, a more pressing issue -- dismantling al Qaeda networks in the region -- is the key factor driving cooperation between Riyadh and Tehran. The establishment of a consulate in Khorassan, which borders Afghanistan, will make handovers of suspected militants easier and increase Saudi Arabian intelligence concerning al Qaeda activities in both western Afghanistan and eastern Iran.

The area stretching from Afghanistan and Pakistan eastward across the Persian/Arabian Gulf to Saudi Arabia and Yemen is thick with suspected al Qaeda militants and their allies. Riyadh has been fighting a low-level war against al Qaeda within Saudi territory -- busting cells and moving to shut down the porous southern border with Yemen, a key al Qaeda transit route. The government also is working to hammer out a deal with Tehran, in which Iran would hand over al Qaeda suspects fleeing from Afghanistan. In early July, the two inked a judiciary cooperation agreement after Iranian Chief Justice Ayatollah Mahmud Hashemi-Sharudi paid a six-day visit to the kingdom.

The justice met with both King Fahd and de facto ruler Crown Prince Abdullah before signing the extradition treaty -- the first ever between the Sunni Saudi kingdom and the Shia Iranian government. According to reports, Iran is also working out deals to extradite suspected al Qaeda militants to their home countries of Kuwait and Egypt as well.

In light of the U.S. occupation of Iraq, Riyadh and Tehran are both facing a dramatic shift in the region's geopolitical landscape. At the same time, both are also under increasingly intense pressure from internal opposition. Cooperation between the states might give both governments greater room to manuever in dealing with Washington and with domestic opponents. A unified position over the Muslim world --and especially jihadi and other Islamic militant groups -- also would give the two governments greater leverage in dealing with these groups and thus limit potential sources of state sponsorship for organizations like al Qaeda.

The Bush administration is also eager to gain intelligence about al Qaeda's presence in Iran. At the same time, Iran is happy to deliver militant suspects to their countries of origin rather than face a confrontation with Washington.

The establishment of a Saudi diplomatic consul in Khorrasan is a substantive step in advancing cooperation between all three governments. Riyadh will greatly augment its capacity for gathering intelligence about al Qaeda activity and about transit routes in and out of Afghanistan via Iran. Passing along this information to Washington will reassure the U.S. government about both Saudi loyalty and Iranian intentions. The consulate in Khorrasan will also compromise another avenue of escape for al Qaeda, further impeding its ability to maneuver.
32 posted on 07/31/2003 11:08:49 PM PDT by DoctorZIn (IranAzad... Until they are free, we shall all be Iranians!)
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To: DoctorZIn
This thread is now closed.

Join Us at the Iranian Alert -- August 1, 2003 -- LIVE THREAD PING LIST

Live Thread Ping List | 8.1.2003 | DoctorZin

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38 posted on 08/01/2003 12:02:54 AM PDT by DoctorZIn (IranAzad... Until they are free, we shall all be Iranians!)
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To: DoctorZIn
Thank you for the ping! BUMP!
39 posted on 08/01/2003 12:07:46 AM PDT by dandelion
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