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Join Us at the Iranian Alert -- August 16, 2003 -- LIVE THREAD PING LIST

Live Thread Ping List | 8.15.2003 | DoctorZin

"If you want on or off this Iran ping list, Freepmail me”

2 posted on 08/16/2003 12:05:39 AM PDT by DoctorZIn
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To: DoctorZIn

PARIS 15 Aug. (IPS) 8.16.2003

Iranian political experts welcomed US State Department’s decision to outlaw the Council of National Resistance of Iran (CNRI), the political front of the outlawed Mojahedeeen Khalq Organisation (MKO), but at the same time expressed concern to see it being exploited by the ruling ayatollahs to increase their crackdown on Iranian dissidents.

The State Department said on Friday that it had placed the CNRI on its list of terrorist organisations and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) immediately proceeded to close down the Council’s offices in Washington D. C and other major American cities, including New York and Los Angeles.

"The Americans for the first time in their relationship with Iran have a real capital of sympathy with the Iranian people, mostly with the young generation, the only one in the whole of the Middle East to really like and appreciate the Americans. They should not deceive the Iranian people by comforting a regime that has no future", observed Mr. Ali Keshtgar, the Editor of the Paris-based "Mihan" (Homeland) monthly.

The order, signed by Mr. Colin Powell, the State Secretary, says all banking accounts of the CNRI would be closed and its members in the US would be informed that their activities would be regarded as harmful to the interests of the United States.

"The Mojahedeen Khalq Organisation and its affiliates, under any name, are considered as terrorist organizations and their activities are illegal inside and outside the United States", Mr. Powell stated.

The MKO had been already been declared a terrorist organization by both the US and the European Union, but its political arm, the National Council of Resistance was allowed to operate.

When the Allied occupied Iraq some 100 days ago, they also attacked several of the military bases the deposed Iraqi dictator Saddam Hoseyn had placed at the disposal of the MKO for their operations against the Islamic Republic, but latter reached an agreement with the Organisation allowing its members to keep their light weapons.

On last June, more than a thousand French crack policemen and gendarmerie forces raided the MKO's international headquarters in the small town of Auvers Sur Oise near Paris, arrested 13 leaders of the group, including Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the NCRI's co-leader, and seized more than 9 millions US Dollars and 200.000 Euros, all in cash.

A semi-military organisation, the MKO, led by Mr. Mas'oud Rajavi, obeys a strict Marxist-Islamist ideology and is the only armed group fighting the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Because of Friday weekly holiday in Iran, there was no immediate reaction from Tehran and at the time of placing this article on the web, no spokesmen from the MKO or the CNRI had made any comment.

Though the State Department offered no reason for its somehow surprise decision, but some Iranian and western sources said it might be part of the ongoing

Tehran-Washington secret negotiations aimed at encouraging Tehran to hand over to the United States some of the high-ranking al-Qa’eda officials believed to be in the Iranians custody.

According to the Americans, one of Osama Ben Laden’s sons, Sa’d, his second man in command, the Egyptian Dr Eyman al Zawaheri, al-Qa’ed’a spokesman, Soleyman Abou Qaith, the network’s present coordinator Seyf al Adl are in Iran.

But the Saudi-owned pan Arab daily "al Sharq al Awsat" said on Thursday that all four men had left Iran, probably for safer places along Iranian-Afghanistan-Pakistan borders.

Informed Iranian sources confirmed the news, saying that the Iranian authorities, of fear to see some of the men being officially pinpointed by the Americans, had evacuated tem outside Iran.

Tehran immediately denied the information, reiterating that none of the men were ever in Iran.

But the statement lacks credibility, as in previous declarations; the official spokesman for President Mohammad Khatami had insisted that Iran had not been able to identify all of the 500 al-Qa’da and Taleban operatives in detains.

"The Americans are well aware of the activities of the MKO. At the same time, they have also put the Islamic Republic among evil and terrorist states. It is therefore possible that Washington, by placing the NCRI on their list of terrorist organizations, wants to encourage Iran in handing over leading terrorist personalities" Mr. Keshtgar added.

"The decision to ban the Mojaheden’s Resistance Council does not mean that Washington wants normalize relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran, a regime that is the mother of all terrorists, but that it wants enter into a bargain over the suspected al-Qa’eda people believed to be in the custody of the Iranians", he pointed out.

In his view, Washington would make a "terrible mistake" if it really was looking to appease the Iranian Mullahrchy.

Asked by Iran Press Service if, anyhow, Iran is in a position to reciprocate the Americans decision, handing over to them some of the senior al-Qa’eda people? Mr. Keshtgar ruled out, observing not only the Islamic Republic would be discredited in Arab and Islamic worlds, but also would face rebellion from its own base, the basij volunteers, the revolution’s guards, the judiciary, the lumpen religious and the masses of uneducated people. ENDS US MKO 15803
3 posted on 08/16/2003 12:13:16 AM PDT by DoctorZIn
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To: DoctorZIn
The Clerics are in a box, Dr. Z. 65 million citizens are incapable of being thwarted if they choose to force a new destiny. The Czars, Roman Chinese and Japanese Emporers, European Monarchs and Fascist Oppressors cannot endure absent violent repression.

Iranian folks demonstrated once they're not accepting of that when they threw the Shah overboard. An unstoppable force doesn't necessarily translate to the implementation of a superior system ... but the Clerics are going to have to withdraw into a strictly limited influence platform of religious guidance and authority, or they will be toppled. Iranians have an $1800 per capita GNP, that's an outrage in a nation blessed with the most prolific oil, mineral and geographically resourced potential for prosperity of ANY state in that region.

We need to talk sense to the theocrats, help them see that their secure world bordering Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, the former Soviet republics and Turkey is gone forever. There's no more smuggled oil from Iraq and the U.N. There's no more express lanes across Iraq to Syria with terrorists and weapons, and we should make sure the black market trading funnel of Poppy/Opium from Afghans to Iraq to Turkey directly or through former Soviet states is OVER as well.

The jig is up. The threat from Hussein can no longer be employed to discipline the masses. There's no more unfettered money, people and resources moving to Syria for positioning against Israel. Pakistan is cleaning house. We're cleaning Afghanistans house. Iraq will have a free Shiite people. There's going to be no Food for Oil booty to support China and North Korea, no black market bankrolll for Hizbollah and Syria's Corrupt Lebanese lackey and to provide sanctuary and state tools to agents of Al Qaida.

There is an incalculably bright destiny for Islam and its devout worshippers, but there's no future for the despots of violence and merchants of murderous terror anymore.

38 posted on 08/16/2003 1:38:19 PM PDT by ArneFufkin
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