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Will The Passion Movie Have Political As Well As Spiritual Consequences?
Vanity | 2-20-2004 | John Fields

Posted on 02/20/2004 9:30:22 AM PST by jonboy

Several months back we began hearing the drumbeat of disapproval from the media and Hollywood elites about Mel Gibson's soon to be released The Passion of the Christ. He had a TERRIBLE time finding a distributor, he had to self-finance the movie, his original title, simply, The Passion was denied him because Miramax declared that they had the rights to that title. He was told that the movie would be a flop and that religious movies don't make money. As support for this claim, they mentioned the terrible controversy surrounding another Jesus movie, The Last Temptation of Christ. More than twenty-five thousand people protested against it, death threats were supposedly received, and to top it off, it only took in a little more than eight million dollars. Of course, it couldn't have had anything to do with the fact that it was an anti-religious allegorical interpretation of a Christ who was weak, implied gay, and was shown on the cross fantasizing about having sex with Mary Magdalene. The Judas character also being depicted as a sympathetic character.

It was an absolutely blasphemous hateful hit piece. The Devil himself couldn't have written a worse script. Yet, the Hollywood elites had no problem with this movie, the Anti-defamation League had no problem with this movie, the leftist elites had no problem with this movie. This movie was them personified, holding to a form of Jesus (if at all) that humanized Him and made Him one of the sinners rather than showing a Jesus who would hold them accountable and culpable for sin.

The usual characters couldn't say enough good things about this piece of trash. It was gutsy, it was artsy, it was inspiring, yada, yada, yada. The actors also were the usual liberal elites, Harvey Keitel, William Dafoe, Barbara Hershey, and David Bowie among others. Despite the fact that the movie earned a miserable eight million dollars, Martin Scorcese was nominated for Best Director at the Oscars. Barbara Hershey was nominated for Best Supporting Actress and Peter Gabriel for Best Original Score at the Golden Globes. How many people are holding their breath about The Passion of the Christ winning critical acclaim from this group?

Obviously Hollywood and their ilk don't get it. I've never seen a phenomenon like is occurring with this movie. The forces of evil are arrayed against it in spectacular fashion, hoping to stop it from making its way to the screen. When the predictions of failure didn't work then came the efforts at intimidation. Hit pieces from the New York Times became a regular thing, claims from all sides about anti-Semitism abounded (many to most from people who had never seen the movie), Mel Gibson's father was suddenly of interest (why, he didn't make the movie), people who never batted an eye about Hollywood violence before were now suddenly "concerned" about the effects of this "violent movie" upon our children. The hypocrisy and double standards have been staggering and extremely transparent. All we need to remember is this. This is us against them. No I don't mean us against the Jews. We are obviously ALL culpable in His death. He died for the combined sins of every person. I put Him there, you Him there, we all did. Real Christians understand this. Many Jews understand this as well. The movie has gotten very favorable reviews from a number of prominent Jewish people. Notably, they are almost all of a conservative ilk.

This movie is being challenged because of its attempted faithfulness to the script and because it is now perceived that it will be widely seen. It has been very faithful to the Gospels. THAT IS THE PROBLEM! The detractors including many liberal, politically correct and noodle spined "theologians" claim that the movie didn't happen according to what Mel has said. Let me state the obvious, IF THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST IS ANTI-SEMITIC THE GOSPELS ARE AS WELL. This is an attack on a literal rather than liberal interpretation of the Bible, it is an attack on Christians who are walking the walk and talking the talk. It isn't Judeaism vs. Christianity nearly so much as it is Liberalism vs. Christianity. These things are risky to the ones doing the attacking.

Can you feel the tension in the air? It's a good tension, a polarizing tension. It will help more clearly define the left and the right, the evil and the good for what they are. Are the left aware? Some are. The Tsunami is quickly building and is approaching. I feel certain that the Christian community is more stoked to see this movie than any in my memory. People LONG for a spiritual experience, they long to see what the suffering Christ did for them, even as they are frightened of what they will see. People who have screened it have sat in mute, stunned silence after the movie or are sobbing out loud.

The screens, which were initially going to be on the short side of 2,000, are now going to be as many as 4,000 (which would be a record for ANY film let alone an independent one). This movie, I believe will set the all time record for box-office take. The current one day total for sales is just under $44 million, weekend is just under $115 million (both the Spiderman movie). The all time record is Titanic, with just under $601 million dollars total at the box office.

Poor Mel, his detractors said, he'll be out so much money, between $25-$50 million by the time you count distribution costs. I predict that once the dust settles Mel will be a billionaire from this venture. Not only will this movie be seen by Christians, but detractors and curiosity seekers will see it as well. Plus the HUGE Catholic audience worldwide will want to see it. Also consider how many people will be seeing this movie multiple times to send a message. We haven't even looked at DVDs and videos which will be purchased later for evangelism tools and for personal collections. I wouldn't think of not owning this movie. Also consider the other merchandising.

I expect, at least initially, for the left to try to explain away Mel and The Passion's success and to make excuses for why they've done so well. Eventually, I think dissent will start to melt in the same way that it was stifled after 911. People will not want to be seen to be against this movie, I expect the media to start asking people what they think about the movie. The movie will become the story for a long time. I believe it will define our times culturally. Hollywood, who has until now despised this movie, will be under HUGE pressure to critically recognize this movie, yet would be forced to be going against everything it holds dear in order to do so. Hollywood loves their liberal agenda, but they love our dollars even more.

And what will happen politically for the candidates for various offices? The candidates will be asked "Have you seen the movie?" and "What did you think about the movie?" I expect our side to do well with this. Our President will have seen and will have embraced the movie. At the same time I expect the Democratic candidates to stumble on this as they attempt to both embrace the movie and distance themselves from it at the same time. The left is anti to only marginally religious while the independents and conservatives are MUCH MORE SO. I see one side benefiting from this, our side. Whereas a massive patriotic fervor swept our country after 911, I expect this phenomenon will be an unparalleled religious fervor. Just as 911 changed the world for a significant period of time and silenced the left, I believe there will be a post Passion period that very well may last until the election in which the left is effectively silenced, offering only grudging praise, as though through a mouth squeezed tight from lemons. The problem is though, they can't afford to be silenced. At the same time, moderate to conservative voters will be energized for a candidate by something far deeper than just politics. Although I think this film is MUCH BIGGER than politics, I think it will very much define this election. And again, that can only help one side, ours.

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To: oldfart
The audience will be MUCH more diverse than those in horse drawn carriages. LOL!
41 posted on 02/20/2004 3:55:25 PM PST by jonboy
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To: jonboy
One impact I think might be big is that this movie was distributed independently, and will be probably be a blockbuster. In our small town, over 2 weeks of showings have already been sold out to area churches. That's the money in the hands of theater owners 3 weeks before the movie even arrives. You can't say no to that kind of cash flow. Mel Gibson has demonstrated the way for other independent film makers and distributers to get around the existing Hollywood stranglehold, and proved that the money, and lots of it, is out there. This trickle will become a flood, bypassing the Hollywood elite. Their days are numbered.
42 posted on 02/20/2004 4:04:03 PM PST by Red Boots
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To: Borderline44
43 posted on 02/20/2004 4:08:18 PM PST by Oystir
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To: CalKat
In all honesty, I couldn't tell you aside from all of the people that Gibson approached and was told thanks but no thanks. I've read countless stories about this movie and don't recall much more in some cases than impressions. But do you think he'll be winning any Oscars unless he gets a few modern day miracles going for him? The left HATES this movie and there's no lefter bunch of people than in Hollywood.
44 posted on 02/20/2004 4:13:07 PM PST by jonboy
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To: Oystir
yeah, i'm a troll... sheesh...
45 posted on 02/20/2004 4:14:27 PM PST by Borderline44
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To: jonboy
Then what, BI? Unless they edited the part out of the script which said so I KNOW that the offending section of the movie had Jesus kissing EITHER John or Judas on the mouth

There is a scene where John the Baptist kisses Jesus on the lips, but it certainly isn't to imply that either Jesus or John are gay or bi. The sequence is right before Jesus goes into the wilderness for forty days, and John emotionally hugs and kisses him before warning him that the devil will try to deceive Him in the desert.

We need to be accurate when we protest things that are an attack on our faith. Saying that Jesus was portrayed as gay in LAST TEMPTATION is not accurate. There are plenty of things wrong in that film, but that isn't one of them.

46 posted on 02/20/2004 6:15:25 PM PST by Clintons a commie
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To: reed_inthe_wind
Sorry, but I think you are way way off base.

The film will do very very well - 2800 theaters and plenty of tickets sold. It will draw a slightly older crowd to the movies, but it won't have much traction with 13-25 year olds who are the biggest moviegoers. That being said, it will still probably set a record for an opening day and weekend for February.

Hollywood won't undergo severe financial pressure because of the film, though they probably should. The diet will still be for largely meritless junky films for the forseeable future. The Passion cost only 25 million to make and will probably make 8-10x that in theaters alone, and it will do very well on home video. The lesson for Hollywood is to make cheaper films, not to make more moral films. The suits will miss both of those lessons, though, for sure.

Families watching the movie ritualistically? No - it's too violent for that, sorry. It will have no or only marginal impact on the rental market, which is huge. Few filmmakers will imitate this film - done entirely in an ancient language with subtitles, it won't be imitated much.

Indeed, you will see several weeks of denial over the film's success. 'Experts' saying that the film is doing well only because religious fanatics are going in droves (of course, movies where degenerates go in droves are seen as sheik and dandy!).

When all the money is counted, I expect this film to make around $ 200-250 million or so internationally, good but it won't be good enough to be the #1 film of the year (the early best bet for that will be Spider-Man 2, opening July 4th weekend - remember that Spider-Man 1 was the movie to reach 100 million the fastest [3 days], to reach $ 200 million the fastest [9 days], and to reach $ 300 million the fastest [22 days] - all domestic figures, not international figures. I expect SM2 to beat all those records, somehow.)

The Passion won't do nearly as well, though will present a much better return on investment to the producers. It will probably get some folks thinking more seriously about their religion, which is a good thing.
47 posted on 02/20/2004 6:36:35 PM PST by HitmanLV (I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered. My life is my own.)
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To: jonboy
PLease don't use the terms Christian and Catholic in contradistinction. The terms are Protestant and Catholic. Thanks. We are ALL Christians.
48 posted on 02/20/2004 7:19:50 PM PST by The Cuban
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To: Clintons a commie
I knew it was Judas or John (although I had the wrong John). If you think that a Hollywood production of the sort that Last Temptation of Christ was had an innocent kiss on the mouth that wasn't intimating something else I've got a sea-side resort in Arizona to sell you. LOL.
49 posted on 02/20/2004 7:38:35 PM PST by jonboy
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To: The Cuban
I'm sorry if I offended you it wasn't intended, I'm just a Christian. I don't live my faith to protest anyone. I mentioned Catholics being especially interested in this film because the Director and main actor are as well, plus it being based, at least in part, on a book by a Catholic nun. Those aspects will certainly have a greater tendency to attract Catholics than non-Catholics. As to us all being Christians, I believe that all Christians are believers but not all believers are Christians. To me the Christian is the one who follows God's lead as best they can once they have been washed in the blood of our Lord. Those who haven't come into contact with that blood can call themselves anything they want, but it won't mean that they are saved.
50 posted on 02/20/2004 7:48:12 PM PST by jonboy
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To: jonboy
What exactly do you mean coming in contact with god's blood of our Lord?
51 posted on 02/20/2004 7:53:09 PM PST by The Cuban
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To: discostu
It may be a perennial in the movie theaters every Easter. So it will be a tidy annuity for Gibson, making money every year the way that the Disney animated movies do.
52 posted on 02/20/2004 7:53:17 PM PST by maro
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To: jonboy
The news shows seem to be attacking it. I have seen a lot of churches with signs up that they will be discussing this movie.
53 posted on 02/20/2004 7:53:42 PM PST by Brimack34
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To: HitmanNY
I'm sure you'll allow me to think the same. One can't prove opinions until the facts are in. We'll see in fairly short order who is right and who isn't. By the way, they have 4,000 prints of the movie, IF that corresponds to theatre count, which I'm not sure of at all, it would mean that The Passion would have the greatest rollout of all time even over X-Men United and LOTR Return of the King. I think that there will be a lot of people like me who will see the movie more than once in order to stick it to Hollywood, painful as it will be to see again.
54 posted on 02/20/2004 7:54:42 PM PST by jonboy
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To: jonboy
Like "Braveheart"???
55 posted on 02/20/2004 7:59:19 PM PST by <1/1,000,000th%
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To: jonboy
Roll out is currently at 2800 theaters with 4500 copies of the movie being sent out. Many theaters are showing it on multiple screens.

original roll out was 2700 copies to 2000 theaters, but was upped last week due to demand, and could be upward of 3000 theaters by Wednesday.

56 posted on 02/20/2004 8:02:37 PM PST by commish (Freedom Tastes Sweetest to Those Who Have Fought to Preserve It)
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To: The Cuban
I mean a person who has been baptized into Christ. His blood cleanses us from our transgressions when we are baptized. It is then when we come into relationship with Him. When we stay faithful to Him and stay open to His leading, He never stops interceding on our behalf with God. That's the short answer.
57 posted on 02/20/2004 8:09:14 PM PST by jonboy
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To: <1/1,000,000th%
What's your main point about Braveheart?
58 posted on 02/20/2004 8:11:23 PM PST by jonboy
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To: jonboy
The movie "Braveheart" resulted in Scotland demanding their own Parliament from the UK. And now they have it.
59 posted on 02/20/2004 8:15:10 PM PST by <1/1,000,000th%
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To: <1/1,000,000th%
60 posted on 02/20/2004 8:19:31 PM PST by jonboy
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