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Is Christopher Hitchens about to convert? (Could he become a Christian?)
Daily Caller ^ | 12/10/2011 | Mark Judge

Posted on 12/10/2011 8:17:18 PM PST by SeekAndFind

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To: mporter345

As I stated in my previous post I accept your premise. I would be concerned about anyone who considers people of Faith to be boring. If one is looking for some flashy, exciting new-age truth, there is none to be had; only a rehashing of old heretical beliefs or paganistic ideals. In truth, the people of Faith are the ones responsible for developing a vibrant and exciting body of knowledge and thought all it takes is the desire to explore it.

Truth be told, there is no such thing as “goodness sake” in my opinion. At least, not as defined by atheists. Being good is a moral condition and is not susceptible to the whims of the intellect. It seems to me that when those who advocate goodness as purely a socio-economic paradigm and take it out of a theological realm we succumb to a dictatorship of relativism, usually expressed by whichever strong-man is in charge at the time. 100 million + people were killed in the 20th century by those who thought they had the “answer”.

41 posted on 12/11/2011 2:04:11 AM PST by JPX2011
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To: JPX2011

For me, the wonderful thing about living in faith is that it is never finished unfolding and acting in my life. God is awesome and exciting.

42 posted on 12/11/2011 2:27:11 AM PST by SaraJohnson
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To: mporter345

“So if one is a non-believer and gets truly sick, it is ok to trash his/her character, but if a believer gets sick, you seem to have empathy to their sickness. You make me sick.”

He wasn’t just an atheist. He delighted in trashing Mother Theresa, a woman who worked tirelessly to help the unfortunate.

43 posted on 12/11/2011 2:53:17 AM PST by ari-freedom
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To: SeekAndFind
The atheist and humanist Bertrand Russell spent his whole life opposing Christ.

In later life, Russell concluded that injustice in the world constitutes a moral argument against the existence of God Himself. But then, he found himself in a dilemma. If there is no moral standard, why even suggest that there is such a thing as injustice?

He began to think that if there was no moral law, and no God, that mankind had to live as if there was one, because without it, pain, suffering, death, rape, mutilation, oppression, and cruelty were our only options.

44 posted on 12/11/2011 3:36:49 AM PST by SkyPilot
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To: SeekAndFind

I told him once in DC after he spoke to the FR, “God picks the least likely to do his work”. I hope that sinks in some day.

45 posted on 12/11/2011 3:48:28 AM PST by bmwcyle (I am ready to serve Jesus on Earth because the GOP failed again)
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To: mporter345
But remember there are people who do good for “goodness sake” alone. Not because there will be any heavenly reward or eternal hell by not doing the right thing. Unfortunately, religious people can't understand this...

Servile love, like that of a servant, is the type of love that man has for God when he fears punishment for sin as his motivator. Some people will refer to "mercenary love" as that type of love which pursues good for the rewards that accompany it. But the goal of the Christian life is neither avoidance of punishment or the receipt of rewards. Servile and "mercenary" love can be steps along the way but they are not the goals.

Filial love, or love of God for His own sake, is our highest level of love. It is the type of love that can love another, even an enemy, because one loves what God loves because He loves it.

Whether a "religious person" understands this or not, depends on the level of love which he experiences. Not everyone's capacity for love is the same.

There are those who would argue that true charity cannot be practiced without loving God for these reasons.

Your brother seems to suggest that his love is servile at this point. As you have pointed out, that's OK but there is something higher. Unfortunately, these types of threads on FR seldom seem to bring it out.

46 posted on 12/11/2011 4:21:27 AM PST by johniegrad
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To: SeekAndFind
" ... Richard John Neuhaus in his book “As I Lay Dying.”

Live and learn, I always think of Faulkner when I see that title but now I'll have to check the one by Neuhaus out.

As for Hitchens, I won't hold my breath but I will continue to pray for him. A lot of people sure would think it's a miracle if he became a Christian and hung around a while like Malcolm Muggeridge did, making all his old allies look foolish.

47 posted on 12/11/2011 5:19:20 AM PST by Rashputin (Obama stark, raving, mad, and even his security people know it.)
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To: dangus

“I pray for him because we are commanded to love our enemies, and if I can actually be concerned more for his own soul than what it can do for whatever cause of mine, no matter how just, it will do my own soul well. And if I can pray for him for his own sake, not my own soul’s, then we both shall be better yet.”

Beautiful prose there...thanks!

48 posted on 12/11/2011 5:22:24 AM PST by Wpin ("I Have Sworn Upon the Altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny...")
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To: SeekAndFind

As Chesterton noted, Christianity is the only religion that allows God to be an atheist (“Why have you forsaken me?”).

Asking God why He has forsaken you seems to me to be the oppoaite of Atheisim. But I get what he meant.

Hitch is a barometer of how far America has fallen. In the ‘70’s, reading him in Newsday I knew that no one to the right of Stalin could have stomached him. Along comes the 90’s and the Clintons and...

49 posted on 12/11/2011 5:23:47 AM PST by TalBlack ( Evil doesn't have a day job.)
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To: mporter345
“Us “non-believers” treat humans with more dignity and respect than you frauds could ever fanthom”

In comparing the Evil perpetrated by Believers vs Non- believers you may want to take a glance at history before reaching the conclusion that you have expressed.

50 posted on 12/11/2011 5:29:09 AM PST by TalBlack ( Evil doesn't have a day job.)
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To: ari-freedom

I think it’s important to remember at times like this that God loves Christopher Hitchens just as much as He loved Mother Theresa, and more than any of us love our own children....

51 posted on 12/11/2011 6:00:18 AM PST by Eepsy
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To: hinckley buzzard

If God can convert Paul then Chris H is a snap for Him. See Romans chptr 9.

52 posted on 12/11/2011 6:12:32 AM PST by crghill (Silly Mormons, God is triune.)
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To: SeekAndFind
But I never wholly forgot it or the occasion. I had to crowd it out of my mind. If I had completed it, I should have had to say: Design presupposes God. I did not then know that, at that moment, the finger of God was first laid upon my forehead.

I had my own Chambers type moment when God laid his finger upon my forehead.

I started going to church to appease my girlfriend....(now wife of 32 years)

The pastor explained that darkness has no power over the light by this example:

Imagine siting in a huge stadium in complete and total darkness, darkness so dark you cannot see your hand in front of your face....Now someone lights a match across the stadium...a single match stick...hundreds of feet away

No matter how dark it is, one single light from a match can shatter the darkness and overwhelm it...

If a single match which has almost no power to illuminate, how much more does the Light of the world have power over darkness (evil)

That really blew me away

53 posted on 12/11/2011 6:33:58 AM PST by Popman (Obama is God's curse upon the land....)
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To: LoneRangerMassachusetts; savagesusie
The deist view is that there is a god who created the universe and all in it: however, that god does not have a personal relationship with, nor direct communication with, humanity.

So the concept of a "deist bible" is an oxymoron.

But Ranger, you are close to the mark when you ask "what's the difference" between an atheist and a deist.

As an atheist myself, I see that the difference between my unbelief and "belief in god" is a relatively short step compared with "belief in god" versus "belief in the God of the Bible" which is an enormous chasm.

54 posted on 12/11/2011 6:51:56 AM PST by Notary Sojac (Liberalism: Ideas so good, they have to be mandatory!!)
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To: Slyfox
It is actually a mercy to be able to believe in a joyful afterlife..... Resting in the arms of someone who loves you is a much more comforting end.

As an atheist for the last fifty years and a conservative for over forty, I have become convinced that the truth or falsity of an idea is in no way related to whether that idea is "comforting".

55 posted on 12/11/2011 6:59:48 AM PST by Notary Sojac (Liberalism: Ideas so good, they have to be mandatory!!)
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To: SeekAndFind
I think Mark Judge just might have missed the mark. I'm not at all so sure Hitchens' essay even hints at the possibility of a late stage conversion.

I do believe Mark Judge was on the mark when he wrote that Hitchens' Vanity Fair essay was "powerful," but it was in no way comforting nor hopeful for this life nor for any other. It was rather fatalistically depressing.

What does a title reveal? Vanity Fair's teaser title was, "Christopher Hitchens Takes on Nietzsche: Am I Really Stronger?," and his title at the top of the page was, "Trial of the Will." Neither title implied anything beyond the psychological and the physical.

Hitchens' mentioned God three times. Twice in the sense of good or bad random fortune. Once used as a "gotcha" done to him by a Christian radio enterviewer.

The remainder was a powerful elaboration on why the illness which has not yet killed him has not made him stronger.

At the end, Hitchens wrote: "So far, I have decided to take whatever my disease can throw at me, and to stay combative even while taking the measure of my inevitable decline. I repeat, this is no more than what a healthy person has to do in slower motion. It is our common fate. In either case, though, one can dispense with facile maxims that don't live up to their apparent billing."

See what you might think: Trial of the Will.

56 posted on 12/11/2011 9:10:56 AM PST by Racehorse (Always preach the Gospel . . . . Use words if necessary.)
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To: mporter345
You people of “faith” are boring and wrought with continual cognitive dissonance. You have to believe the nonbelievers are “bad, wrong and boring” in order for you to sleep at night.

Would you like a cup of hot cocoa with your:

57 posted on 12/11/2011 11:34:38 AM PST by MarkBsnr (I would not believe in the Gospel, if the authority of the Catholic Church did not move me to do so.)
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To: Notary Sojac
As an atheist myself, I see that the difference between my unbelief and "belief in god" is a relatively short step compared with "belief in god" versus "belief in the God of the Bible" which is an enormous chasm.

If you believe there is no God or if you believe there is a God, you are on equal footing. In both cases one is faced with proving or disproving the existiance of something. If you believe in God you honestly are holding that belief solely on faith unless you are nuts. If you beieve there is no God, you again are taking it on faith. It's kind of like the Higgs Boson. Some hold the belief it exists. sure they may eventully prove or disprove its existance. Certainly it's an easier task than doing so with the concept of God. I see no superior postion of that of an atheist with regard to truth. Both sides are taking their position on mere faith.

58 posted on 12/11/2011 8:47:03 PM PST by LoneRangerMassachusetts (The meek shall not inherit the Earth)
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To: savagesusie
Irrational Atheism led to Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Pol Pot BECAUSE there is no Objective Truth—so any kind of law is “Right” —like homosexual marriage. There is no basis for Right and Wrong for atheists—just whatever urge feels right.

Commander in Creep email campaign.

59 posted on 12/16/2011 5:47:34 AM PST by alrea
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