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To: nickcarraway; NYer; ELS; Pyro7480; livius; ArrogantBustard; Catholicguy; RobbyS; marshmallow; ...

I have a friend who wears a veil in church and she says if affords her privacy as she is praying. No distractions.

Any thoughts?

5 posted on 04/11/2012 5:17:29 PM PDT by Salvation ("With God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26)
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To: Salvation

“I have a friend who wears a veil in church and she says if affords her privacy as she is praying.”

Makes sense. Serves the same purpose as a prayer shawl. Being distracted during prayer is something Satan aims for, so whatever it takes to stay focused is positive.

19 posted on 04/11/2012 5:45:21 PM PDT by MayflowerMadam
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To: Salvation

Another good side benefit; privacy. It used to be that a woman would not go to church without wearing a hat. My grandmother always wore a hat when she went out anywhere; and she certainly was not vain or trying to impress anyone. (She lived back in the hills and hollers and went to the Primitive Baptist Church.)

I’d like to wear a veil; and do use a head covering whenever I pray. I keep a small lightweight scarf in the drawer beside the chair where I have my daily devotion for use when I pray. I think it would be neat to wear a lightweight scarf like some of the modest dressing women in the Mennonite community. Husband wouldn’t go for that lifestyle, I’m afraid.

30 posted on 04/11/2012 6:04:35 PM PDT by Twinkie (John 3:16)
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To: Salvation
wears a veil in church and she says if affords her privacy as she is praying. No distractions.

Tuning out your small children is a major strategic error. Even your spouse may get up to who-knows-what atrocities while you're recollected!

Wearing a veil - or my hat with the big red rose on the back - will have to wait for my Retirement Years, I'm afraid.

52 posted on 04/11/2012 7:08:06 PM PDT by Tax-chick (Quien vive? JESUS! Y a su nombre? GLORIA! Y a su pueblo? VICTORIA!)
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To: Salvation

My mother had a beautiful mantilla (a Spanish style lace veil) she always wore that. She wasn’t really into hats, but her mother, my grandmother was. My grandmother had actually been a milliner when she came here from Ireland.

I bet grandma was a good one too, because she would take any little left-over remnant if she made a dress (they made a lot of their own clothes) and hem it out into a little scarf. And then she’d just wrap that around her beautiful snow white hair and stick a big old hat pin through it and she looked as as smart as could be.

I also remember us gals putting little Kleenex on our heads if you wanted to go into a church and you hadn’t planned to be there. I remember doing this with tourists to NYC.

And then I turned 7 and it was all over.

And I have yet to recover from that in any meaningful way.

So, wow, you post touched off a lot of thoughts!

62 posted on 04/11/2012 8:20:19 PM PDT by jocon307
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To: Salvation

God bless her. I remember when women would wear a small kerchief on their heads during Mass.

70 posted on 04/11/2012 9:15:47 PM PDT by jmacusa (Political correctness is cultural Marxism. I'm not a Marxist.)
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To: Salvation

It shows respect for Our Lord in the Eucharist. I don’t
think He has changed on women covering their heads. It’s
a falling away, MO.

And one thing, less vanity, you don’t have to worry about
hair spray and a “do”, whether your hair looks nice.

It’s kinda tough to wear a mantilla to a Novus Ordo Mass
but you can wear a pretty scarf or one of those little
French hats, I forget their name.

81 posted on 04/11/2012 11:48:08 PM PDT by stpio
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To: Salvation; All

Salvation and ALL,

AMEN! We should do nothing to disturb someone’s worship.
In the Bible there are many practices OT and NT of prayer and worship that people can follow. This is their choice, as long as they are not physically harming anyone.
If this woman is just praying??

Well then, pray and PRAISE THE LORD!! AMEN!!

Just giving my “ thought” ( always GOD inspired) as asked.
But, hey, let’s see what the WORD says on these occassions:

ROMANS 14:1-22

1 Give a welcome to anyone whose faith is not strong, but do not get into arguments about doubtful points.

2 One person may have faith enough to eat any kind of food; another, less strong, will eat only vegetables.

3 Those who feel free to eat freely are not to condemn those who are unwilling to eat freely; nor must the person who does not eat freely pass judgement on the one who does — because God has welcomed him.

4 And who are you, to sit in judgement over somebody else’s servant? Whether he deserves to be upheld or to fall is for his own master to decide; and he shall be upheld, for the Lord has power to uphold him.

5 One person thinks that some days are holier than others, and another thinks them all equal. Let each of them be fully convinced in his own mind.

6 The one who makes special observance of a particular day observes it in honour of the Lord. So the one who eats freely, eats in honour of the Lord, making his thanksgiving to God; and the one who does not, abstains from eating in honour of the Lord and makes his thanksgiving to God.

7 For none of us lives for himself and none of us dies for himself;

8 while we are alive, we are living for the Lord, and when we die, we die for the Lord: and so, alive or dead, we belong to the Lord.

9 It was for this purpose that Christ both died and came to life again: so that he might be Lord of both the dead and the living.

10 Why, then, does one of you make himself judge over his brother, and why does another among you despise his brother? All of us will have to stand in front of the judgement-seat of God:

11 as scripture says: By my own life says the Lord, every knee shall bow before me, every tongue shall give glory to God.

12 It is to God, then, that each of us will have to give an account of himself.

13 Let us each stop passing judgement, therefore, on one another and decide instead that none of us will place obstacles in any brother’s way, or anything that can bring him down.

14 I am sure, and quite convinced in the Lord Jesus, that no food is unclean in itself; it is only if someone classifies any kind of food as unclean, then for him it is unclean.

15 And indeed, if through any kind of food you are causing offence to a brother, then you are no longer being guided by love. You are not to let the food that you eat cause the ruin of anyone for whom Christ died.

16 A privilege of yours must not be allowed to give rise to harmful talk;

17 for it is not eating and drinking that make the kingdom of God, but the saving justice, the peace and the joy brought by the Holy Spirit.

18 It is the person who serves Christ in these things that will be approved by God and respected by everyone.

19 So then, let us be always seeking the ways which lead to peace and the ways in which we can support one another.

20 Do not wreck God’s work for the sake of food. Certainly all foods are clean; but all the same, any kind can be evil for someone to whom it is an offence to eat it.

21 It is best to abstain from eating any meat, or drinking any wine, or from any other activity which might cause a brother to fall away, or to be scandalised, or to weaken.

22 Within yourself, before God, hold on to what you already believe. Blessed is the person whose principles do not condemn his practice.

12 ‘You must make tassels for the four corners of the cloak in which you wrap yourself.


1 Take me as your pattern, just as I take Christ for mine.

2 I congratulate you for remembering me so consistently and for maintaining the traditions exactly as I passed them on to you.

3 But I should like you to understand that the head of every man is Christ, the head of woman is man, and the head of Christ is God.

4 For any man to pray or to prophesy with his head covered shows disrespect for his head.

5 And for a woman to pray or prophesy with her head uncovered shows disrespect for her head; it is exactly the same as if she had her hair shaved off.

6 Indeed, if a woman does go without a veil, she should have her hair cut off too; but if it is a shameful thing for a woman to have her hair cut off or shaved off, then she should wear a veil.

7 But for a man it is not right to have his head covered, since he is the image of God and reflects God’s glory; but woman is the reflection of man’s glory.

8 For man did not come from woman; no, woman came from man;

9 nor was man created for the sake of woman, but woman for the sake of man:

10 and this is why it is right for a woman to wear on her head a sign of the authority over her, because of the angels.

11 However, in the Lord, though woman is nothing without man, man is nothing without woman;

12 and though woman came from man, so does every man come from a woman, and everything comes from God.

13 Decide for yourselves: does it seem fitting that a woman should pray to God without a veil?



83 posted on 04/12/2012 12:44:42 AM PDT by jesus4life
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To: Salvation

My wife has continued to wear her veil to mass for years. We moved 2 years ago, sold the house and rented to be closer to my office. Now we attend a very wealthy Parish and she feels somewhat “uncomfortable” wearing the veil. Wealthy people make us both rather uncomfortable and I’m surprised at how unfriendly they are.

104 posted on 04/12/2012 10:55:15 AM PDT by Rich21IE
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To: Salvation

There are a lot of women who wear veils at our church — most esp at the Latin Mass, but scattered as well throughout. I think they are pretty. I bought one but have not yet worn it.

123 posted on 04/12/2012 12:22:33 PM PDT by bboop (Without justice, what else is the State but a great band of robbers? St. Augustine)
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