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May 6, 2012 | GoldenEagles

Posted on 05/09/2012 4:58:43 PM PDT by GoldenEagles


Allowing homosexuals to serve openly and proudly in the U.S. Military is the single worst thing that has ever happened in American history. That infamous act of the U.S. Congress and the U.S. President, has cut America off from any further access to the resources of Divine Providence. You want to be like other nations? Now you will get the chance.

Romney supported this infamy, and if elected, Romney will block any attempt to reverse it. Therefore, a vote for Romney is a vote to seal this infamy into the fabric of the American identity, and thus to seal America’s fate in self-destruction.

Make no mistake. To vote for Romney is to put your signature on the death certificate that records the Suicide of America. All of this other stuff means nothing.

Even though God’s Prophets have made this clear in their teachings recorded over the last 3,000 years, the people have clearly lost the capacity to appreciate the consequences of defiance and disobedience before God’s Law. Indeed, without vision, the people perish. It is so written. The consequences have always been self-destruction and slavery.

Many say, “Where is the hand of Divine Providence? Show it to me. Then I will believe.”

You cannot see the hand of Divine Providence with your physical eyes, but only by the eyes of the soul. Our Founding Fathers had these eyes open (check out George Washington’s First Inaugural Address) and so too the founding generations of America.

The American people today, however, have these eyelids drooping down unto sleep. They doze in living daylight, in a twilight zone of moral relativism.

If one cannot see, with the eyes of the soul, the role that Divine Providence plays in every dimension of national health, then it is impossible to appreciate this essential component of our national survival, and thus, the people can be led easily astray by the forces of darkness — who are masters at stirring up false hopes, and making false promises — to do things that compromise, and thus make evermore dysfunctional, this most important mechanism of our national survival.

Here we see exactly why it is, that without vision, the people perish. Without the vision of the soul, without these eyes that report the essential nature of the intercession of Divine Providence, the people have no way of appreciating it, no way of understanding it, and thus they know not how to keep it operating for their benefit, and are led into doing really stupid things that cause this all important spigot to be shut off.

That is where we are today. By this act of rebellion, making what God our Father has defined as an abomination in his sight, into a national virtue, and using the full force and authority of the massive machinery of the federal government to promulgate this corruption on an international scale, the spigot of Divine Providence has been cut off. Not a drop issues forth therefrom.

While we may for a time live on the largesse brought forward by the obedience of previous generations unto God’s Law, which allowed great blessings to be poured down upon America from on high, eventually these will be consumed, and we will find ourselves standing in a desert, by comparison to the oasis of liberty handed to us by our forefathers.

Now we see the value of school prayer. Now we see it. This organic institution was designed by God, and intended by God, to keep the vision of the people alive at the level of the soul. This traditional effort to keep alive within the collective soul-awareness of the nation, this all-important truth, that if a nation is to remain secure, free, and prosperous, it must have the intercession of Divine Providence in a multitude of dimensions, and that this intercession must be called forth by the people, we see now, is absolutely essential to the very survival of our nation.

School Prayer was banned nationwide by the U.S. Supreme Court 50 years ago. And thus, the deep shadow of moral relativism, promulgated by the forces of darkness, have had 50 years to attach itself, unopposed, to the American Mind.

50 years later, we find our nation teetering on the very edge of the abyss of national suicide, with one part of the population rushing madly forward, and another part holding back, but losing ground, being dragged forward and over by what appears to be an irresistible tide.

And the question is, will the Republican Party follow the crowd in their headlong rush over the edge and into the embrace of the gaping darkness? Or take a step back, and pull the whole nation thereby back from the brink?

Make no mistake. A heart that supports homosexual rights is a heart of darkness, in rebellion against the Law of God. Therefore, voting for Romney is a choice to take yet another step forward into the darkness, perhaps the last step the nation will take, finding that there is no longer any solid ground under our feet, and no way to make a retreat, a crash landing the only future that life has left to offer us.

There is only one path that leads back to the restoration of American prosperity. Only one path, the intercession of Divine Providence must be restored. We must begin moving back in that direction now. And the Republican Party must lead the way. The Republican Party must plant this standard of sanity firmly upon the battleground of political ideas, and defend it. If not, the nation is lost.

KEYWORDS: america; divineprovidence; homosexualagenda; homosexuality; misc; romney; romney2012; vanity
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To: Longbow1969
After the "90%+" as you hallucinate, vote for Robamney, they are going to repent at leisure and the true conservatives will help them and guide their repentance for the remaining four years of the GOP. Of course, there won't be a GOP any more after that because it will have been utterly destroyed by Plastic Man. After Robamney is driven from office in 2016 by an enraged electorate and the GOP is in ashes, we can have a replay of this year's stupidity only in 2016 and beyond, we will have not all those conservative candidates but that many and more designer conservative parties competing for conservative votes and each with its primary emphasis on a different issue: This one will oppose taxes, that one spending, yet a third will be the pro-life party, another the sexual normality party, another the gun owners' party, another the military victory party, another the "free to be you and me" party of Adam and Steve and their drug dealers, etc. Meanwhile the Demoncraft will advance in the now utterly dominant Demonratic Party that will make Obozo look like a Sunday School picnic.

Some of us are just giving you a sneak preview of the future that you cannot admit is coming.

241 posted on 05/10/2012 4:20:01 AM PDT by BlackElk (Dean of Discipline, Tomas de Torquemada Gentlemen's Society. Broil 'em now!!!)
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To: dewawi; GoldenEagles

Golden Eagles ...

"Great Post !" ... Well Done !!!

I was thinking the same thoughts (as your post) as I drove home from the office yesterday afternoon ... about Romney's complete duplicity ...

Keep on posting the "truth" about Mittens ...

Pay "absolutely" no attention to such Conservative Quislings as "dewawi" ...

may his sorry butt be locked away on the mormon planet kolob as mitt romney's wife # 7 toilet bowl cleaner ...

"hie me to kolob" ... dewani ?

242 posted on 05/10/2012 4:27:39 AM PDT by Patton@Bastogne (Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin "will win" the 2012 GOP Nomination in Tampa !)
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To: CountryClassSF

It won’t work that way. There will be enough democrats and rinos to push any nominee through. Without 60% control by conservatives, moderate/libertarian/unknown nominees will get through.

There is no way they will achieve 60% conservative senators, since they’re supporting all of the retreads with the exception of Lugar and maybe Hatch.

243 posted on 05/10/2012 5:24:09 AM PDT by xzins (Vote Goode not Evil (the lesser of 2 evils is still evil))
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To: GoldenEagles; dewawi; E. Pluribus Unum; 12chachacha; DeweyShootem; Conservative Vermont Vet; ...
It becomes a people publicly to acknowledge the over-ruling hand of Divine Providence and their dependence upon the Supreme Being as their Creator and Merciful Preserver . . . and with becoming humility and sincere repentance to supplicate the pardon that we may obtain forgiveness through the merits and mediation of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the duty as well as the privilege and interest of our Christian nation, to select and prefer Christians for their rulers. (October 12, 1816)
I recommend a general and public return of praise and thanksgiving to Him from whose goodness these blessings descend. The most effectual means of securing the continuance of our civil and religious liberties is always to remember with reverence and gratitude the source from which they flow. (June 29, 1826)

I do not believe that the Constitution was the offspring of inspiration, but I am as satisfied that it is as much the work of a Divine Providence as any of the miracles recorded in the Old and New Testament
(July 9, 1788 )


244 posted on 05/10/2012 5:44:42 AM PDT by Diamond (He has erected a multitude of new offices, and sent hither swarms of officers to harass our people,)
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To: GoldenEagles

I see in typical troll fashion, you ignored your posting history and changed the subject. You are a concern troll and not a very good one. Sorry you got outed, but outed, you are.

245 posted on 05/10/2012 6:19:08 AM PDT by mojitojoe (American by birth. Southern by the grace of God. Conservative by reason and logic.)
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To: CatherineofAragon

kma and don’t bother to respond to me again.

246 posted on 05/10/2012 6:21:20 AM PDT by mojitojoe (American by birth. Southern by the grace of God. Conservative by reason and logic.)
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Comment #247 Removed by Moderator

To: RayBob
If you believe that it is better to have Obama for another 4years, the you are a flaming idiot.

I agree, but there a lot of them hanging out here.

I also suspect some of them are really Obamabots.

248 posted on 05/10/2012 6:28:27 AM PDT by billva
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To: GeronL

NO! 0bama and Stalin do not change course just because what they are doing are at first unpopular. They just destroy those who disagree with them. With Romney we have a chance to do this peacefully.

249 posted on 05/10/2012 6:40:57 AM PDT by SubMareener (Save us from Quarterly Freepathons! Become a MONTHLY DONOR!)
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To: Conservative Vermont Vet
WTF is wrong with you people?

"Gay Marriage" is now "your" issue in which you place the survival of America based upon?

I am a 68 years old Christian, Nam Vet, Independent Conservative who loves his country and as I once put it all on the line, I will do WHATEVER it takes (yes, including holding my nose and crawling over a 100 yds of broken glass) to vote for ANYONE who may defeat our FASCIST, HATE-AMERICA/MILITARY, SURRENDER-TOOL, NEO-COMMIE, Dear Leader.

I would have gladly supported Sarah, but that was not to be.

Then I supported Bachman, Perry and Cain respectively and Santorum lukewarmly.

The RINO Romney was my last and least favored candidate, but I've NOT seen ANYTHING he has said (OR DONE) which leads me to believe he would ACTIVELY work to HARM our Country.

Have you people not been paying attention to what O'Bummer has been doing to our Great Republic?

And y'all want to allow him to continue his march towards our DESTRUCTION?

I'm very close to bagging it with Free Republic as there are way too many here who want to put so called "Principles" (phony though they may be) above the survival of our Country.

You ALL may be sick!!!

I am a 75 year old Christian and Vet. While I may not agree with every word you wrote above I sure agree in principal and lament the deterioration of this site.

250 posted on 05/10/2012 6:42:38 AM PDT by billva
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To: billva

It’s frankly odd how many folks would rather suffer a great defeat than achieve a small victory.

251 posted on 05/10/2012 6:46:06 AM PDT by Mr. Lucky
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To: GoldenEagles

Obama’s Second Term Transformation Plans
The most significant accomplishment of Obama’s first term is to make Congress and the **constitution** irrelevant.>

I’m afraid not voting for Romney will be the certain death of America. It would be foolish to willingly leave this nut in the whitehut. JMHO

252 posted on 05/10/2012 6:50:22 AM PDT by sunny48 (America, home of the offended)
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To: GoldenEagles
No true conservative can vote pro-homosexual. That means that no true conservative can cast a vote for Romney. What does it mean to be a conservative? It means that you are interested in conserving the traditional values that have made America strong. This is for the survival of America. These traditional values are part of our Judeo-Christian Heritage. One of the most important of these values is obedience before the Laws of God. God defined homosexuality as an abomination the spread of which must be opposed in any culture. All legislative assemblies in America, from her founding were obedient to this mandate. And what was the result? America rose to super power status as a beacon of freedom unto the world. As America abandons this posture of strength, and embraces the foolish idea of homosexual virtue, where is America now? It is no coincidence that the homosexual movement is achieving its greatest gains, as America, for the first time in its history, is falling into second rate status among nations. As the homosexual movement gets stronger, America gets weaker. Why? Because God refuses to invest any more of his strength into a nation that believes it is an act of wisdom to rebel against his laws.

Voting for Romney would simply continue this judgment upon America, as Romney is just as pro-homosexual as Obama.

Since when did you become the official to define true conservative?

I'm as true, or more true, conservative than you and I think your post is absurd.

253 posted on 05/10/2012 6:53:11 AM PDT by billva
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To: GoldenEagles

You make one idiotic post after another.

254 posted on 05/10/2012 6:54:58 AM PDT by billva
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To: Aqua225
I don’t think you can selectively say that homosexuality is banned, and yet choose not to live by the other rules. You can perhaps argue that the New Testament got rid of the food restrictions, but it lifted nothing as it relates to the female menstrual cycle. Are you obedient to the old law in every letter?

To assert that the New Covenant lifted nothing pertaining to the female menstrual cycle is an absurd 'argument' from silence. You would do just as well to assume, were there no statute or case law about some particular subject under the Constitution, that the Articles of Confederation are still in effect. The Old Covenant Law was nailed to the Cross - in its entirety. It is not longer in force. We are dead to it. We live under the New Covenant. Period. No pun intended.


255 posted on 05/10/2012 7:00:03 AM PDT by Diamond (He has erected a multitude of new offices, and sent hither swarms of officers to harass our people,)
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To: mojitojoe

Nice. Telling a woman “KMA”. You’re a real gentleman.

It’s a public forum and I’ll speak to whom I please.

Some of you folks who are hysterically pushing Romney are beginning to behave more and more like leftwingers. That really ought to tell you something.

256 posted on 05/10/2012 7:07:12 AM PDT by CatherineofAragon (Time for a write-in campaign...Darryl Dixon for President)
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To: chiller

Why do you think Romney ran in one of the most liberal states in the union? Because he is a liberal, that’s why. He could have never won in a conservative leaning state.
Romney is who he is because of his mormonism not in spite of it.
Romney is a liberal, he always has been and he always will be.

257 posted on 05/10/2012 7:14:17 AM PDT by svcw (If one living cell on another planet is life, why isn't it life in the womb?)
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To: mojitojoe

Stop yelling.

258 posted on 05/10/2012 7:15:54 AM PDT by svcw (If one living cell on another planet is life, why isn't it life in the womb?)
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To: Mr. Lucky
It’s frankly odd how many folks would rather suffer a great defeat than achieve a small victory.

Yes it is, but you also have to start wondering if some of these folks aren't Obama supporters in Conservative clothing.

In my opinion JR has done a disservice to himself and his site by being so anti Romney that people from DU, Move On and other ultra liberal sites have managed to sneak in as real conservatives and sow discontent.

259 posted on 05/10/2012 8:10:06 AM PDT by billva
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To: DeweyShootem; GoldenEagles
To Spew that kind of garbage, you must be working for Obama Reelection or just off your meds. If re-elected Obama will make us Greece in short order. Obama is a Marxist Muslim.

On the contrary, GoldenEagles is working with the founder and owner of this site, who agrees that a vote for Romney is a vote for the death of America.

ObamaRomney are both demons. A pox on them both.

260 posted on 05/10/2012 8:20:43 AM PDT by backwoods-engineer (I will vote against ANY presidential candidate who had non-citizen parents.)
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