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Utah Baby Names (That distinctive name that says, "I'm Mormon.")
The Utah Baby Namer ^ | Wes and Cari Clark

Posted on 01/24/2003 4:41:20 PM PST by A.J.Armitage

What's In a (Utah) Name?

by Cari Bilyeu Clark

When my husband and I moved from Utah to the Washington, D.C. area seventeen years ago, we knew nothing of the inadvertent legacy we carried from our four years in Utah. Shortly after we arrived in our new home, we saw a television commercial for a local grocery store chain. The spokeswoman's name was the unusual "Odonna." "She's gotta be from Utah," I said to my husband. "That's a Utah name if I ever heard one."

We eventually learned that Odonna was, indeed, Utah born and bred.

It dawned on us that many names we'd heard during our college careers, and found only mildly remarkable, were indeed unique to the Utah Mormon culture. Thus began our quest to define what makes some names singularly Utahn, and what sets them apart from ethnic names with roots in other cultures, such as Juanita or Shoshanna; or African-American names such as Tawanda and Shaquille; or the newly common, soap-operaesque handles such as Skylar, Tiffany, Raven, and Adrienne. There's a difference, and it's not just the obviously Mormon scriptural names like Mahonri or Nephi or Moroni. Often identifying a Utah name is a gut feeling akin to Justice Potter Stewart's definition of pornography: you know it when you see it.

The quintessential Utah name often has a French-sounding prefix such as Le-, La-, Ne-, or Va-. Often names appear to have genesis in the combined names of the parents--Veradeane or GlenDora, for example. Related is the practice of feminizing the father's name--as in Vonda (dad is Vaughan) or Danetta. Others, such as Snell or Houser, appear to be surnames called into service as first names.

Related is the curious tendency, more common in Utah than elsewhere, for men (women do not seem to do this) to use the first initial, then the full middle name as the given name, such as L. Flake Roberts, who ran for office in Utah County when we lived there. (Come on, you've noticed this habit among the general authorities of the LDS church!) Besides puzzling over why someone would want to be known as "Flake," it makes one wonder just what the "L" stands for.

[Hmmmm. Where have we heard about that before? --A.J.]

So my husband and I entertained ourselves by collecting the often bizarre names we found in Utah publications (including the obituaries, which indicates that this is not a recent fad) and of Utah natives we met. We compiled a list and shared it with our friends, who often as not had a few more to add. We really hit a bonanza when one woman shared our observations with her mother, who worked at a Utah bank and had access to lots of names. She started her own list and began sending the names to us. (My personal favorite, LaNondus, came from this source.) Another friend told us of a set of sisters, all of whose names began with "Ja."

Once my husband had Internet access, he collected more names and corresponded with another couple who amused themselves the same way. They made cleverly categorized lists: "The ward choir director's daughters: LaVoice, Choral, Audia."

It makes you wonder what some parents were thinking when, for instance, they named their baby girl Lanae (la-nay)--and she unfortunately ended up with a big nose (le nez [la-nay] in French means "the nose"). Or the girl named M'Lu--are clever wags endlessly asking her to skip to it? And how the heck do people with apostrophes in their names fill out computerized forms? There's no apostrophe space. The guy I really pity, though, is the one saddled with the unfortunate moniker, Rube.

Of course, parents cannot predict what new interpretations the marketplace will bring to the names they lovingly bestow on their offspring. I once worked at a company which had dealings with a woman named LaPriel (pronounced la-prell). When I told my former roommate about this inexplicable first name, she sardonically replied, "What's her sister's name--LaTegrin?"

With the generally larger-than-average family, often saddled with the very ordinary surnames Smith, Johnson, or Young, it's not surprising that many Utah parents look for unique given names for their children. When you throw in the reverence for family and ancestors forwarded by the LDS Church, it seems inevitable that someone would end up with LaEarl, KDell, Arnolene or Hariella.

Some names, though, seem to defy description--if not pronunciation. While pride of place may have spawned Utahna, how did somebody come up with Wealtha? And while Lloydine's genesis seems plausible, how on earth were Printha or Noy coined? And I have no idea what constitutes the correct pronunciation for Kairle or Tawhnye. (I suspect they may be wildly creative spellings of Carol and Tonya.)

Perhaps the following list (by no means comprehensive) will amuse you. Perhaps it will offend you. Perhaps you will find your name, or the name of a relative, on it. Or perhaps you will be so enchanted by a particular name that you'll want to bestow it upon one of your own offspring. If that is your plan, first do this: go to the back door, fling it open and yell the name at the top of your lungs six or eight times, because that's how it's going to be heard for the next eighteen years. And remember, when little Wynante (boy or girl, you choose) grows up, you'll have to live with the consequences.

The Cream of the Crop

The Clarks' Favorite Utah Names

Updated 24 January 2003

The new parents couldn't be happier: Gladell & Delightra (sisters), Luvit, Delecta, Delite, Joyette, Joi, Joyia, Joyellen, Joycell, Hallah Lujah [How about Hallah Back Y'all? --A.J.], Bliss, Joyanne

Cleanliness is next to Godliness: Zestpoole, Sparkle

The Ward Choir Director's Daughters: Aria, Audia, Aurel, Choral, LaVoice, Tonilee, Capella, Chime, Rocksan Violin

Jewels every one: Amulet, Pearlette, Pearlene, Emerald, JewlyAnn, Ahmre Jade, Treasure Tonya, Turquoise Nova, Sequin, Amethist.

Girls you just know have big, floofy hair: Blondeen, Rayette, Faundaree, Shazette, Shasheena, Honilynn, Najestica, Teasa, Shazzanna, Pluma, Bobbette, Blonda, Breezy, Wenderella, Aquanetta, Brinderella, Dazzlyn

Maybe they're in the Klingon Ward: Tchae, Xko, Corx, G'ni, Vvhs, Garn, Ka, Deauxti, Xymoya, Sha'Kira [Her older sister is called Macare'na.], Zy, Xela, Tscharna, Nivek, Zon'tl, Zagg, Xan, Judziah Datz (a female, named after a character in Star Trek), K'lar (ditto), Jarna Nazhalena, Chod, Xarek, Grik, Stod, T'Shara, Tral, Sherik, Curg

[I am Krang the Merciless!! And I'm a Mormon!]

The Worth of a Soul: Cashley

Astronomical: LeVoid, Sunan, Moonyene, Starlene, Sunelly, Luna, Lunia, Solinda, Sunirae, Staryl, Marandastarr, Season, Aries, Starlyn, Cressent, Celestial Starr, Summerlyn, Astrolena

Could only be LDS: Cumorah Hill, Liahonna, Ensign, Nauvoo, Kirtland, Templa, Templer, Tempella, Tempalia, Ziona, Deseret (and Desereta), Tabernacle, Woodruff, Pratt, Tithing, Quorum, Helamans Warrior, Iron Rod, Morona, Manti, Stripling, Nephi Courage, Celestial Glory, Celestian, Brighaminie, Zion, Xione (pronounced "zion")

Parents were BYU math majors: Alpha Mae, Seven, Seavenly, Twenty, Prime, Omega Lee, Jennyfivetina, Tenna [Mormon porn star: Tenna Tameson.], Elevena, Ninea, Eighta

[How would you like to be named after your birth order?]

You can name a kid this, but you shouldn't ingest it: Cola, Vinyl, Orlon, Chlorine, Clorene, Florene, Florine, Lexann, Dow, Tide, Downy, Codiene, Daquari, DeCon, Starbuck, Crayon, Treasure Cocaine

[Classy. Real classy.]

Names inspired by the family car: Audi, Fairlene, Celecta, Pontiac, Vonda, Vonza, Auto, Cherokee, Lexus, Porsche, Skylark, Truckston, Avis, Chevrollette, Chevonne, Caprice, Dodge

["Honey, nothing says class like Lexus. Now go make some jello."]

Wishful thinking: Darlin', Courage, Winsome, Justan Tru, Pictorianna, Paradise Sunrise, Sage, Angelic, Breed, Godlove, Myrth, LaVirgin, DeFonda Virtue, Chastice, Normalene, Lovie Angel, Precious Blessing, Heavenly Melanie, Glee, Mormon Beauty, Pledger, Jentill, Devota, Coy, Fondd, Bridella, Verna Noall, Vervine, Viva, Golden Noble, MarVel, MemRee, Brunette, Merrily, Merry Ann, Celestial, Cherrish, Kash, Cashelle, Teton, Forever, Luvit, Mystiq, Worthy, Truly, Pleasant, Speedy, Hereditary, Shrudilee, Halo, Gentry, Truthanne, Finita, Mavryck, Amen, Merrijane, Marvelous Man.

Dad's hobby is obvious: Justa Cowgirl, Rode O, Hazer, Durango, Rifle, Laker, Jazz, Truck. Granite, Garnet, Gneiss (and other sisters with rock names beginning with “G.”)

Conversational: Whisper, Chat

Indications of possible birthplace: Arizonia, Floria, Montania, Utah, Utahna, Idahana, Idaho, Mauntana [Flunk spelling, name you kid Mauntana. Study hard!], Michigan, Nevadna, Okla, Vermont, Wyoming, Wyoma, Cache, Jordana, Payson, Vernal, Boise, Brookelynn, Lexington, Demoyn, Fredonia, Leremy, Platte, Salina, Seattle, Takoma, Tulsa, Tustin, Vail, Lundyn, Londyn, Irelynd, Irelan, Madrid, Manila, Cairo, Damascus, Tyre, Desert, Shahara, Trinidad, Houston, Cachelyn, D'Asia, Edon, Takoda, Orem, Shannon doah, Davenport Shore

No man (or woman) is an island - exceptions: Oahu, Irlanda, Tonga, SeaBreaze, Tiki Lou

Possible conception placenames: Hilton, Nafeteria, Bridges, Castle

Indications of possible birthdates: Juneth, Junola, LaJune, Julyn, Halloween, Novella, Summerisa, Winnter, Christmas Holiday, Merrienoel, Kris Miss, Tuesdee, Aprella

The day dawn is breaking: Dawnae, Dawnia, Dawnel, Dawnelle, Dawnene, Dawnalyn, Dawnette, Karadawn, RaDawn, Keturah Dawn, SheriDawn, LuDawn, LaDawn, Le Dawn, El Dawn, Dawnetta, Dawnese, Mistidawn, Berva Dawn, Celestial Dawn, Bodawn, Honey Dawn, Sunrise, Dawny, Yodawn, Dawnika, Dawnray, Denverly Dawn, Sunni Dawn, Dusty Dawn, Taradawn, Twyla Dawn, Georgia Dawn, Iva Dawn, Marva Dawn

Dad was a plumber: Valva, BeDae, Latrina, La Jonne, Digger

Dad worked for the postal service: Mailene

Dad's a lawyer: Justicia

Dad had a hernia: Truss

Less is more: La, Oa, NB, T, M, Q, JJ

I hope the computer will accept apostrophes in the name fields: D'Ann, D'Aun, D'Bora, D'Dee, D'Elise, D'Loaf, D'Shara, E'all, L'Deane, L'orL, Ja'mon, J'Costa, J'dean, J'Leen, J'net, J'Shara, J'Vonna, La'Donis, Me'shell, M'Jean, M'Kaaylie, M'Kenna, Mi'Lara, M'Lisa, M'Liss, M'Lu, M'Recia, O'lea, R'dell, R'lene, Shan'l, Young'n, B'andra, De'lys, D'Dree

["And the called her... O'Lestra. She had the runs a lot."]

Future names of prescriptions: Lyravin, Monalaine, Nyleen, Merlaine, Monease, Naquel, Ronalene, Nylan, Rolayne, Tyron, Lexine, Lyrin, Mikatin, Artax, Xtrin, Tylene, Qedrin, Tamrin, Denilyn, Kevrin, Nicolin, Xylan, Tolex, Zylan, Daycal, Falycid, Zerin, Davon, Sydal

Wow! What a Babe!: Wavie, Zhalore, LaTanna, Tressa, LaDreama, Amourette

Fluid-related: Thermos, Soda, Logan River, Jordan River, Susquehannah, Canteen

When simple alphabetic characters aren't enough: K-8 (pronounced "Kate," I guess)

[Kids: that's happens when you're illiterate. Stay in school!]

Politically incorrect: Sambo, Aryion

[Maybe they weren't thinking "Aryan", but "Arian". Heretics gotta stick together!]

Heard chanted in the Salt Lake airport: Ara-Om

Has food connotations: Dianarea, Dicey, Vindalu, Blenda, Strawberry, Sugarlee, Beena, Pork Chop, Sesami, Jar, Karmel, Kresent, TaffiLyn, Chipo

Had breathing problems in the hospital nursery: Azure, Syrullean

You might find in a forest: Wrendie, Jilbear, Timber, Oaks, Pixie, LaFawnduh, Fawn-Dew, Ember, Bird, Magpie, Serenity Fawn, Paradi, L'Aire, Brookelle, Sylvan, Fawna, Lawn, Rain, Gazelle, El Fawn ["El" makes it masculine, "Fawn" makes it girly-poofy. El Fawn: expressing pride from Salt Lake City to San Francisco.], Aspen, Acacia, Panda, Briar, Rhodendra, Fernnola, Birdene, Hummingbird, Disney, Chinchilla Zest, Haven, Glade

No doubt about it, this kid's in charge: Rexina, Rexine, Queenola, Dominee, Ruger, Messiah Angel, Oden, RexDee, Navy, Jentry, Czar, LeeMaster, Quintessa, Marquessa, Leviathan, Captain.

Smells: Cachet, Reaka, Violeet, Avon, Budla

Faux ethnic: Laddie, Walkasheaqua, Bsjonet, Hishla, Chilnecha, Forthilda, Kaltighanna, Alainka, Chip-wa, Pawnece America, Zem Saxon, O'Ann, WaThene, Sheighlagh, Valliere

Commemorating something or another: Welcome Exile, Confederate American, Southern Justice, Liberty Lulu, Young Elizabeth, Genesis, MistiNoele, Imagine, Thankful Flood, Friends Forsaken, Joyous Noel, Tennyson, Knight Train, Miracles Precious One, Sunday's Hoseana, Disney, Blessing Ream, Stormy Shepherd, Denim Levi, Vernal Independence, Sincere Devotion, Mothers, Elvoid, Noah-Lot, Mormon Miracles, MyLae, Nightrain Lane, Zion Anakin, Jeopardee, Statehood, Denim Levi

Let's hope not: Rube, Sleeza, Nymphus, Golden P., Burns, Hydra, Non, Malis, Talon, Beefea, Patches, Storm, Slayer, Sterile, Slaughter, Jynx, Hyde, Prynne, StormiAnn, Sham, Apathy, DeRail, Dull, Gamble

In a class of their own (In fact, I'm not sure I believe these but we asked for details and a confirmation and got convincing replies, so here they are): NaLa'DeLuhRay, Phakelikaydenicia, Zaragrunudgeyon ("Zarg," for short), Jennyfivetina, Tiarrhea, Nudity, VulvaMae, DaLinda LaDale, Tugdick, Saunsceneyouray, and, yes... Clitoris.

["Well, it sounded pretty when the doctor said it, and my wife Placenta likes it."]

Teletubbies: Laalaa

Guaranteed to get last place on our list (or anyone else's): ZZkora

I can't think of anything clever to write but these must be mentioned: Barbeli, Revo Cram, Feramorz, Glint, LaNondus, Wynante, Camera, Lecoya, AureJudd, NaNon, Bimberly, DavidO, Leumas ("Samuel" backwards), Ralphene, Shimber, T-vive, Synthi, CoJane, Nona-rene, Gaylawn, Txanton, LaZello, Daycal, Sancie D'Wan, RaVoe, Zenus, Gatobon, LaEarl, Trystal, AndiOdette, Serenity-Tabitha-Ann, Alexavier, X Y Zella, Bonquisha, Musser Cenia, Jubeltine, Oryeon, Shlori, Danlonaga, Zedwain, Casualeen, Young'n, Shambertine Crille, Canon, Malique, LeeWitt, Jazzeri, DeRaunz, Teru, Aaro, Divid, Cimemthymia, LaDonnaJosephrania, LaDeeDee, deRalph, MaddLynAlain, Vyquetoriya, Falycid, Rophis, Mick BonScott, Kaysional Tempest, Darianlelo, DeLaVerne, BoChe', Minnet, Kandle, Seena Tawnya, Dwodger, J Thoral, Xanderrick, Abcde, KNikkol, Demeatrice, LLean Shanalyn, Scytha Solena, HiDee

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To: Wrigley
Reminds me of a wonderful story I heard in the seventies. It was at a Billy Graham meeting, if I recall correctly. After the meeting, some JW's were hanging around outside to talk with the new converts and win them for the Watchtower. Then a couple of them look up, recognize a familiar figure, cry —

"Ahh! It's Walter Martin!"

— and turn tails and run for the hills.

It may be apocryphal... but it may not!


241 posted on 01/28/2003 1:21:10 PM PST by BibChr (troubler of Salt Lake City)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 236 | View Replies]

To: drstevej
Well, isn't that special? And I'm first on the list. I'm blushing.

Yeah, but you watch your back, doc! Second place is hot on your heels, and his eyes are on the prize!!


242 posted on 01/28/2003 1:27:55 PM PST by BibChr (I try harder)
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To: drstevej; Elsie; xzins
As long as Mormons pretend Mormonism is Christianity, there will be and should be a response

Now, here is a genuinely serious point to ponder.

Have you ever noticed that —



Funny, ain't it?

Biblical Christianity web site

243 posted on 01/28/2003 1:31:23 PM PST by BibChr (Things that make you say, "Hmmmmmm....")
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To: Elsie
Wow, that is remarkable.
244 posted on 01/28/2003 1:31:46 PM PST by BibChr (Things that make you say, "Hmmmmmm....")
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 240 | View Replies]

To: HarryDunne
Does every LDS-related thread degenerate to an anti-Mormon free-for-all? Even a thread about Utah Baby Names?

I agree Harry even though I love to discuss Mormon history, and doctrine. My ancestors were among the very first to arrive in Utah. Probably where I got my name. I kinda got a kick out of this article. I don't consider everything bad about my Mormon history. Its the teachings of the church through the years that I differ with. As far as the people, I would say they are among my favorites.
245 posted on 01/28/2003 1:32:19 PM PST by Delphinium
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 203 | View Replies]

To: Elsie
Am I mocking when I cut & paste, FROM YOUR SCRIPTURES, and merely high-light in RED the things you do NOT want to talk about?

They would say you were taking it out of context, or that you are bashibg them. Anything to avoid answering the question.
246 posted on 01/28/2003 1:52:28 PM PST by Delphinium
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 221 | View Replies]

To: Wrigley
Do the Mormons help those who are not Mormons?

Depends on which Mormon. They are all different just like anyone else. Some might be helping you as the try to convert you.
247 posted on 01/28/2003 1:54:44 PM PST by Delphinium
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 209 | View Replies]

To: drstevej; Illbay
Hey, How come I'm at the bottom of that list?

Its funny, if you criticize Mormon Doctrine you are an anti-mormon bigot. You can't just be "wrong" with these people. You can't just disagree with their theology. If you disagree with their EVER CHANGING doctrine, then you are not just wrong, but you are evil. (Isn't that like criticizing liberal positions. Liberals don't just think conservatives are wrong-- they think they are evil).

Funny, but if you point out something that the Mormons used to believe with all their heart and soul and minds, but that they don't believe anymore -- like the ban on Blacks in the Priesthood-- then you are the bigot. They are not now, nor have they ever been bigots-- even when they denied the Priesthood to Blacks (it was their Ever-changing and always "growing" God that was the bigot-- not them), but if you point out these inconsistencies, then you certainly are an anti-mormon bigot!

Well it seems that some of these nice well-mannered and considerate mormons would prefer it if you and I would drop dead. Well that really takes the cake, doesn't it?

248 posted on 01/28/2003 2:32:28 PM PST by P-Marlowe
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To: P-Marlowe
My hope is that their irritation with us is truth being revealed to them. It is very hard for them to admit the truth about their religion, thats why they have to explain away their founders teachings, and actions.
249 posted on 01/28/2003 3:30:26 PM PST by Delphinium
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To: BibChr
I'm not so worried about what other Christians think about me, what truly matters is what Jesus Christ thinks of me on Judgement Day. Have I lived the way he taught in the New Testament? That is what counts.
250 posted on 01/28/2003 4:08:27 PM PST by Utah Girl (Here I come to save the day, Mighty Mouse is on his way!!!)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 243 | View Replies]

To: BibChr
That you consider yourself the "troubler" of a moderately large city in the United States says a great deal about you.

At your next visit, suggest to your therapist that you explore issues surrounding "delusions of grandeur."

You may find a great deal of healing.

251 posted on 01/28/2003 4:16:18 PM PST by Illbay
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 235 | View Replies]

To: Delphinium
They say that if you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, the one that barks the loudest is the one that got hit.

When I was an LDS, I did not look upon those who were trying to show me the error of my ways as being evil, I just thought they were wrong. They did not hate me, in fact, I knew that they actually had my best interests at heart. I had their best interests at heart. We both had the same motives-- to show the other person the error of their ways. Turned out, I was the one that was wrong.

I can only thank God that my heart was not so hardened that I was unable to see the truth when God revealed it to me.
252 posted on 01/28/2003 4:18:12 PM PST by P-Marlowe
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 249 | View Replies]

To: BibChr
Christians are still Followers of Jesus Christ...


Latter Day Saints are Sanctified in Jesus Christ!

By the power of the Melchizedek Priesthood.

253 posted on 01/28/2003 4:23:27 PM PST by restornu (I am a child of God:)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 243 | View Replies]

To: BibChr
Let me qualify my last statment, I hit Send before I finished my thoughts. It matters how I live Jesus Christ's teachings, that is how I will be judged. I do believe that his gospel has been restored in these latter days, that we have the fullness. I will seek truth and His teachings. I will let Him be my judge.
254 posted on 01/28/2003 4:26:55 PM PST by Utah Girl (Here I come to save the day, Mighty Mouse is on his way!!!)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 250 | View Replies]

To: Utah Girl
If by "lived the way he taught" you include subjecting your thinking and beliefs to His word, the Bible, I couldn't agree more!! And that puts the whole matter of spirituality on such an objective plane, just as Jesus Himself says: judge by fruits.

This is how you know that no one can be comfortable in the Mormon cult, and walk with Jesus, at the same time. They call in opposite directions. You can read it in black and white, no indigestion or anything. Praise Him for His wisdom, truth and goodness!

255 posted on 01/28/2003 4:31:23 PM PST by BibChr (Jesus -- not our feelings -- is the truth!)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 250 | View Replies]

To: Illbay; drstevej
Nice try. Feel better?

So now, back to the facts...

Still standing untouched:

1. Massive numbers of gods != one God

2. Grace + Faith + Works != by grace alone through faith alone

256 posted on 01/28/2003 4:35:07 PM PST by BibChr (Jesus -- not our feelings -- is the truth!)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 251 | View Replies]

To: restornu
<< Latter Day Saints are Sanctified in Jesus Christ! By the power of the Melchizedek Priesthood. >>

Not possible. How can heretics who deny God's fundamental truths be sanctified?

Sanctification is to be found in Jesus Christ alone — and He is outside the Mormon cult (Hebrews 10:10).

257 posted on 01/28/2003 4:37:05 PM PST by BibChr (Jesus -- not our feelings -- is the truth!)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 253 | View Replies]

To: BibChr
You must be in your early 20's
258 posted on 01/28/2003 4:37:19 PM PST by restornu (I am a child of God:)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 256 | View Replies]

To: Utah Girl; drstevej
"Restored in the latter days"? If you mean the days of Christ's coming, the Gospel has indeed been manifested (Hebrews 1:1, 2). Since then, it has never been lost; it has always been there, clear as a bell, in 1 Corinthians 15:1ff, and all over His Word.

If by "restored" you mean — as I hope you do not — "restored" in a cult headed up by a mental case which features denying and perverting fundamental Biblical doctrines (the oneness of God, salvation by faith alone through grace alone, and so on ad inf.), then you couldn't be further from the truth.

And in that case Jesus has indeed judged you. He has pronounced you damned, if you continue in a perversion of His good news (Galatians 1:8, 9).

259 posted on 01/28/2003 4:40:22 PM PST by BibChr (Jesus -- not our feelings -- is the truth!)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 254 | View Replies]

To: restornu
You must be white.
260 posted on 01/28/2003 4:40:51 PM PST by BibChr (Jesus -- not our feelings -- is the truth!)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 258 | View Replies]

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