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To: P-Marlowe
Sorry, it has taken me a bit to get back to you. Here is the Jesus Christ I believe in:

Latter-day Saints, unlike many other Christian traditions, do not accept the definitions of God as created by the Greek philosophers. Our beliefs about the Godhead "are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner [stone]." (The Holy Bible, Ephesians 2:20)

Using the apostolic and prophetic teachings as our base, Latter-day Saints believe in the Jesus who was the preexistent Word of the Father; that was the Father of heaven and earth, the Creator of all things from the beginning; that was the God of Abraham , Isaac, and Jacob; that was the Only Begotten Son of God who was born to the virgin Mary in the town of Bethlehem; that was baptized by John; that healed the sick and raised the dead, that walked on water, multiplied loaves and fishes, and performed many other miracles; that set a perfect example for mankind to emulate and that all men and women are commanded to follow his teachings and example in all things.

We believe that Jesus suffered in the garden and on the cross, until he finally died as a willing sacrifice for mankind in order to bring about an infinite atonement through the shedding of his blood. After his death, we believe that he was physically resurrected and that he ascended into the heavens, from which he will come at the end of this world to establish his kingdom upon the earth and eventually to judge both the living and the dead. We believe Jesus is and was the Holy Messiah, the Savior and Redeemer of the world and all those who will follow him. Finally, we believe in the Jesus who is the Christ, the Eternal God, manifesting himself unto all nations.

Now that we have established the identity of the Jesus Christ in whom Latter-day Saints believe, may I ask who is the Jesus in whom you believe?
Taken from Do Mormons believe in a different Jesus?

451 posted on 01/30/2003 7:40:19 PM PST by Utah Girl (Here I come to save the day, Mighty Mouse is on his way!!!)
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To: Utah Girl
I have been waiting for a yes or no answer to my question. Instead you found a pro-LDS Web site and cut and pasted an answer. Ok. I guess its too much to ask for just a yes or no answer.

So in response to yours I will post my own cut and paste response:

On the identity of the Mormon Jesus:

Mormon doctrine (from accepted Mormon sources) claims the following:

"The appointment of Jesus to be the Savior of the world was contested by one of the other sons of God. He was called Lucifer, son of the morning. Haughty, ambitious, and covetous of power and glory, this spirit-brother of Jesus desperately tried to become the Savior of mankind."
- Hunter, The Gospel Through the Ages, p. 15
(The same was intimated by Apostle Orson Pratt in Journal of Discourses Vol. 13, PP. 62-63)

This derives from the following:

Lucifer, our elder brother who desired the glory for himself, stood up and proposed his own plan - Moses 4:1-4, Abraham 3:27-28 (Pearl of Great Price which is considered one of three "inspired" books by Mormons)

And from Ensign (official Church magazine), December, 1980, pp.3-5 we read:

"Jesus of Nazareth", Spencer W. Kimball's, First Presidency Message: "His [Jesus'] trials were continuous. Perhaps his brother, Lucifer, had heard him say when he was still but a lad of 12, 'Whist ye not that I must be about my Father's business?'"(Luke 2:49)

"...Then came the time when Satan thought to trip him. Their encounter in the previous world had been on more equal terms, but now Jesus was young and Satan was experienced."

More proof that the Mormon Jesus is not the Christian Jesus comes from the following Mormon source. The official LDS Church News Archives quoted current Mormon President Gordon Hinckley speaking on the identity of the Mormon Jesus back in 1998.

"In bearing testimony of Jesus Christ, President Hinckley spoke of those outside the Church who say Latter-day Saints ‘do not believe in the traditional Christ.' (He said) ‘No, I don't. The traditional Christ of whom they speak is not the Christ of whom I speak. For the Christ of whom I speak has been revealed in this the Dispensation of the Fulness (sic) of Times...In this dispensation, the Lord has declared that this Church is "the only true and living Church upon the face of the whole earth.’"
- LDS Church News Archives, Saturday, June 20, 1998 reporting on Hinckley’s speech to 6,600 missionaries assembled in Paris. (

It should be noted that Mormon apologists try and play down the connection that their "prophets" have made concerning Jesus and Lucifer being what is commonly referred to as "spirit brothers." However, their defense becomes quickly inadequate. To demote Jesus and to elevate Lucifer to such a position begs to question the very person of God and His validity as Creator, Savior and Master of all things. Also, if God is a God of order does He allow chaos to reign between "sons"? Such thinking would mean that at some point (if you follow the Bible's teaching on origins) that Lucifer was even involved with creation! Scripture clearly instructs that he (and all of the other angels) are, were and always will be created beings - no matter what any man may claim (see Ezekiel 28:12-19). The Bible also states that God has but ONE Son. (See John 3:16) Lucifer is NOT NOW, nor EVER has been on par with God. On the other hand, the Bible Jesus IS NOW and ALWAYS has been God, second person of what is commonly referred to as the Trinity - God Almighty!

Notice that Your Living Prophet is not afraid to say that he does not believe in the traditional Jesus, but that he believes in ANOTHER Jesus. Why can't you admit that? Why can't you answer my question with a yes or a no?
463 posted on 01/30/2003 10:48:54 PM PST by P-Marlowe
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To: Utah Girl
Sorry, UG, but my God is not a man from Kolob, or whatever fantasy star it is where you god was made. He does not fornicate with mortals and He is not part of a pantheon of gods.

My God is the First and the Last and beside Him there is no God.
480 posted on 01/31/2003 7:14:41 AM PST by CCWoody
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To: Utah Girl; Illbay
Who do the LDS believe Lucifer is/was?
483 posted on 01/31/2003 7:43:10 AM PST by LiteKeeper
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