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To: Chancellor Palpatine; Siobhan
Get behind me, Satan:

To: MarMema

Nor do you.

All one needs do is review Chancellor Palpitine's posts for the last several months to see that 1) he is a recent convert to Orthodoxy, 2) he is frequently engaged in discussions of legal issues/law cases, and uses language familiar to the legal profession (not medicine, as he has claimed to me to be in the med field) 3) he frequently discusses/criticizes the red-neck culture of his southern state and surrounding states (to the complete abscence of any comments about his earlier supposed location of Alaska, which he has since changed to "USA") 4) he is still obsessed with posting Catholic clergy scandal stories, and uses exactly the same phrases in his screeds, 5) he is still obsessed with anti-Catholic views that have no roots in reality, and 6) he pings the same anti-Catholics to threads now as he did under the OPH screen name, 7) he attacks the same Catholic FReepers as he did under the OPH screen name, 8) he makes the same anti-pro-lifer comments as he did under the OPH screen name, and 9) he makes the same inane statements about my own profession as he did under the OPH screen name.

The gigs up, MarMena. It doesn't take a rocket scientist.

I also know that regardless of his abuse victimhood, there is simply no excuse for CP/OPH's behavior, willful deceptions, and slanders on this forum.

Again, I have seen you post too many bogus anti-Catholic statements to trust that you would not help hide OPH's identity. Dishonesty is usually habitual.

40 posted on 01/19/2003 9:34 PM EST by Polycarp ("I am a I do not expect "history" to be anything but a long defeat.." --JRR Tolkien)
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To: MarMema; sinkspur

do you really check posts

When a poster habitually slanders an entire faith and all its adherents, then leaves the forum, only to be replaced by another poster using the same one-trick-pony bigotry, its not a bad idea to figure out why.

Especially when that poster's objectivity, and thus veracity, is compromised by extensive subjective involvement in the issue under debate.


I stand by my assertion. OPH has obviously decided that now that he is "anonymous" using this new screen name, he can insult any Catholic he damn well pleases.

Just how many Kentucky (?)-lawyer-convert-to-Orthodoxy-anti-Catholic-sex-scandal-obsessed Americans do you think live in this country?

And of those few, how many do you think FREep?

Its OPH till proven otherwise Sink.

Sorry your old buddy OPH has decided to screw you too. You are Catholic, and under his new screen name, you're fair game.

45 posted on 01/20/2003 1:44 AM EST by Polycarp ("I am a I do not expect "history" to be anything but a long defeat.." --JRR Tolkien)
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To: MarMema

Is OPH taking the naked cruise or the naked flight? He posted a personal journal on these threads a couple of years ago about the nudist cruise vacation he took with his wife. It was bizarre. That completely framed his every post against the church, for me, from that day forward. One Particular Harbor couldn't overcome his own particular guilt, or lack thereof, and the Church's unyielding official standard of morality was a bit nettlesome for him. He had a fascination with porn and stripping and defending Orthdoxy over Catholicism. Well, MarMema, you keep company with him? I am not surprised. Paging Chancellor Palpatine-be sure to always carry sunblock. V's wife.

63 posted on 01/20/2003 11:19 AM EST by ventana
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To: ventana

Didn't OPH leave the Forum over a revelation of marital infidelity?

65 posted on 01/20/2003 11:58 AM EST by Polycarp ("I am a I do not expect "history" to be anything but a long defeat.." --JRR Tolkien)
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To: Polycarp

I don't know about that, I just know he went on this wacky trip and his wife went and everybody was standing around on board the cruise sipping cocktails in their birthday suits, and I found the whole thing bizarre. Especially since he was also fond of talking up the benefits of strip clubs and massage parlors. While also talking down the Church. Actually, on a lot of other posts he was a funny, informed guy who sounded like a pretty good lawyer. I just always thought his fixation on porn stuff and strippers and particularly his cruise, seemed a little odd, especially after he set himself up to tackle the sins of Church. I also find it and found it odd with him, that the position so many non Catholic's take is that we loyal Catholics in any way excuse pervert priests: nobody does! Nor does anyone to my knowledge excuse negligent hierarchs. We may be greived, but we don't excuse. It seems like a convenient way for people who already hate Catholicism to vent. And they expect us to throw the baby out with the bathwater. We have a problem, we are talking about it. In recognizing it, it seems silly for them to expect us to leave the Church. I didn't leave the USA when Bill Clinton was President, I did start freeping a lot. Anyway, in all things charity. I wish there were more charity between non-C's and C's. Similarly, between Orthodox C's and the more mainstream. I like reading what you, or American Colleen or Ultima and Sinkspur have to say. I find others in the Protestant camp informative. I only wish we could explain our differences and yet maintain charity towards each other. V's wife.

70 posted on 01/20/2003 12:48 PM EST by ventana
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113 posted on 03/03/2003 11:10:59 AM PST by Polycarp
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To: Polycarp

Address your responsibility for what you've done to the Catholic Caucus.

115 posted on 03/03/2003 11:17:19 AM PST by Chancellor Palpatine (those who unilaterally beat their swords into plowshares wind up plowing for those who don't)
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