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KERRY UNDER FIRE: Sarah Sanders TORCHES John Kerry for 'Shadow Diplomacy'
05/07/2018 3:30:21 PM PDT · by COBOL2Java · 41 replies
Sean Hannity ^ | 7 May 2018 | Hannity Staff
White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders called-out former Secretary of State John Kerry Monday; slamming the senior Obama aide for creating “one of the worst deals ever made.” Sanders was speaking with reporters during her daily press briefing when she was asked to comment on Kerry’s “shadow diplomacy” regarding the failing Iranian nuclear agreement. “John Kerry’s shadow diplomacy: How does that impact the deliberations?” asked one reporter. “I don’t think it impacts it at all,” fired Back Sanders. “I think the President spoke about that pretty clearly and I don’t think that we would take advice from somebody who...

How did Kerry's Iranian son-in-law met Vanessa Kerry? (FLASHBACK)
08/23/2015 9:28:52 PM PDT · by TigerClaws · 9 replies ^
A high profile marriage of an Iranian American doctor to actress Gina Davis was already reported (Link). But news now reveals that John Kerry's son-in-law is also an Iranian-American doctor. The news comes out shortly after Kerry faced staunch opposition from right wing pro-Israeli Republicans to his nomination as Secretary of State. In 2009 Dr. Vanessa Bradford Kerry, John Kerry’s younger daughter by his first wife, married Dr. Brian (Behrooz) Vala Nahed, an Iranian-American physician.

This performer turned down John Kerry; James Taylor was Kerry's second choice
01/16/2015 4:22:13 PM PST · by doug from upland · 32 replies
youtube ^ | 1-2015

John Kerry says airstrikes alone won't defeat ISIS militants (Kerry vs. Obama)
09/12/2014 2:31:09 PM PDT · by tobyhill · 24 replies
Yahoo Sports ^ | 8/31/2014 | By ANI | ANI
U.S Secretary of State John Kerry has stated that airstrikes alone will not be effective in defeating the genocidal ISIS militants. In an op-ed which appeared in the New York Times, Kerry suggested a global coalition using political, humanitarian, economic, law enforcement and intelligence tools to support military force in order to tackle ISIS, reported the Guardian. The U.S Secretary of State also added that he and defense secretary Chuck Hagel would be using Nato summit-scheduled for next week at Celtic Manor in Wales- to meet European ministers and to seek to "enlist the broadest possible assistance."

Senator Kerry: "I will meet Ortega and North Vietnamese"; Sec State Kerry "No House Speech!"
03/02/2015 7:49:32 PM PST · by Robert A Cook PE · 19 replies ^ | 2 March 2015 | RACookPE1978
John Kerry negotiated directly with North Vietnamese communists in Paris before and while Henry Kissinger tried to get us out of Vietnam without destroying the South Vietnamese left behind when our troops abandoned that country. In that of course, he followed several years of violently and very publicly protesting the Vietnam War after spending only 91 days overseas. In both of these, he was obviously opposing official US policy, and by meeting with the enemy deliberately and while official negotiations were going on, he was deliberately sabotaging the official US position. But that was not the only time, nor the...

Traitor John Kerry
12/30/2016 9:43:10 AM PST · by samovar123 · 12 replies ^ | 12/30/2016 | John Velisek USN (Ret.)
John Kerry was and is a traitor to the American fighting forces and the basic principles that our country is founded upon. Being a retired combat veteran myself, from a few years later and a different venue, I understand what it takes to work together as a team, and to stand side by side with your fellow man. I have worked with and stood next to some of the finest this country have to offer. I would like to believe I speak for many when I say that John Kerry was, in fact a traitor and still is, both to...

John Kerry Doppelganger
06/09/2018 6:13:28 AM PDT · by V K Lee · 11 replies
https :// www . ispot . tv / ad / dwaY / 2018 - gmc - sierra - real - truck ^ | n/a | n/a
Watching television while eating breakfast this morning, almost choked on the cheese omelet when this was noticed. The ad shown featured a biker who so resembled this infamous individual. What do you think? Does he or doesn't he deserve the comparison? The only difference in the two is this one manages to stay on his bike, riding.Click above link

Caption John Kerry
03/02/2015 3:09:51 PM PST · by smokingfrog · 38 replies ^ | 3-2-15 | AFP
US Secretary of State John Kerry arrives at Geneva International airport, Sunday, March 1, 2015. (photo credit: AP/Evan Vucci, Pool) Top US diplomat John Kerry arrived in Switzerland late Sunday for tough talks on Iran and Ukraine, and to push Moscow’s foreign minister to ensure a “credible” probe into the shooting of opposition leader Boris Nemtsov

Kerry is 'optimistic'
09/24/2016 3:59:47 PM PDT · by Eleutheria5 · 32 replies
Arutz Sheva ^ | 24/9/16
US Secretary of State John Kerry said that in his opinion, it is possible for Israel and the PA to come to political agreements in the coming months, before US President Obama leaves his office. Kerry began his meeting with Netanyahu by saying that the US is concerned about security and stability in the Middle East, and feels obligated to protect the two-state solution (as he put it). "We hope to find a way to take advantage of our friendship and advance what we believe to be the top priority in ensuring Israel's security and creating new relationships in the...

Saving Private Kerry
09/19/2014 5:18:02 AM PDT · by SJackson · 10 replies
FrontPage Magazine ^ | September 19, 2014 | Daniel Greenfield
Secretary of State John Kerry didn’t appear before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to lay out an offensive strategy for defeating ISIS. Instead his real mission was a defensive strategy to protect Obama from critics on the right and the left. Obama’s delayed strategy hasn’t won over liberals and conservatives. It certainly hasn’t won over the American people. For the first time, Obama’s counterterrorism policy no longer has the support of a majority of Americans. Americans don’t believe that Obama can keep them safe. They suspect that he’s just trying to protect the last shreds of his fading popularity by...

05/05/2018 8:35:09 AM PDT · by Hojczyk · 30 replies
Powerline ^ | May 5,2018 | Scott Johnson
John Kerry has colluded with the Iranian regime to preserve the Iran deal from its prospective undoing by the president of the United States. Matt Viser calls it “shadow diplomacy” in his Boston Globe article breaking the story. Isn’t this the kind of thing for which then Acting Attorney Sally Yates sicced the FBI on Michael Flynn? Because it allegedly violated the Logan Act? Why, yes, it is. (I requested a comment from Yates this morning via email.) Yates won’t be talking to me, I’m pretty sure, but we can to turn to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes on...

Caption John Kerry
02/09/2015 4:57:03 AM PST · by csvset · 21 replies
Tiny pic ^ | 8 feb 2015 | interwebs

Caption John Kerry
04/02/2015 6:41:32 AM PDT · by csvset · 47 replies
France24 ^ | 2 april 2015 | AFP

Caption this...(John Kerry)
05/12/2016 7:33:38 AM PDT · by beaversmom · 24 replies
The Guardian ^ | May 12, 2016
London, UKThe US secretary of state, John Kerry, reacts as he sits between David Cameron and theColombian president, Jose Manuel Santos, during the anti-corruption summit at Lancaster House. Photograph: EPA

John Kerry - cool bicycle
03/16/2015 1:43:11 PM PDT · by smokingfrog · 69 replies
The State ^ | 3-16-15 | BRADLEY KLAPPER
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, rides a bike after holding meetings with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif over Iran's nuclear program, in Lausanne, Switzerland, Monday, March 16, 2015.

Kerry speaking [LIVE THREAD]
12/28/2016 8:25:38 AM PST · by Dog · 377 replies

John Kerry, Master Dhimmi
09/18/2014 7:33:20 AM PDT · by rktman · 5 replies ^ | 9/18/2014 | Carol Brown
If you want to be part of what’s hot and trending, dhimmitude is all the rage. It’s a big tent sort of a movement, so all are welcome. No prior experience required, though liars and cowards are preferred. This month (and the month isn’t even over yet), Secretary of State John Kerry really outdid himself, showing how it’s done for those who may be new to the dhimmitude circle.

The Biden/Kerry Push
05/10/2015 5:07:45 AM PDT · by SJackson · 4 replies
Jewish Press ^ | May 6th, 2015
May 6th, 2015 It seems President Obama has sent his vice president and secretary of state out to sell his Iran nuclear deal to a skeptical public dismayed by early reports of its provisions. Key concerns are over the ten-year term of the arrangement, leaving Iran free at some point to legally pursue nuclear weaponry; the lifting of sanctions against Iran prior to its demonstrated compliance with the terms of the deal; and the lack of a foolproof inspection program that would feature unannounced and unrestricted access across Iran. Iran’s very public disputes with the administration concerning these issues have...

John Kerry An Illiterate???
01/23/2015 5:37:50 PM PST · by MeshugeMikey · 71 replies
MeshugeMikey ^ | January 23, 2014 | MeshugeMikey

Kerry Reporting For Duty
01/26/2018 10:04:50 AM PST · by conservative98 · 26 replies
Washington Free Beacon Youtube ^ | Apr 22, 2014 | Washington Free Beacon

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