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The FReeper Foxhole Remembers Woman in the Military - Feb. 15th, 2003 ^ | Captain Barbara A. Wilson, USAF (Ret)

Posted on 02/15/2003 12:00:57 AM PST by SAMWolf

U.S. Military History, Current Events and Veterans Issues

Where Duty, Honor and Country
are acknowledged, affirmed and commemorated.

Our Mission:

The FReeper Foxhole is dedicated to Veterans of our Nation's military forces and to others who are affected in their relationships with Veterans.

We hope to provide an ongoing source of information about issues and problems that are specific to Veterans and resources that are available to Veterans and their families.

In the FReeper Foxhole, Veterans or their family members should feel free to address their specific circumstances or whatever issues concern them in an atmosphere of peace, understanding, brotherhood and support.

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Today the FReeper Foxhole invites you to visit the home of the skeptical, irrascible, doubting, iconoclastic Captain Critical, aka Captain Barb, whose pontificating will try to amuse, bemuse, irritate and generally annoy anyone bold enough to stay long enough to read the random ramblings of a self appointed distaff critic of anything and everything from new age to old age, from god to goddesses, and from here to infinity. And who will continue to remind you that women are veterans too!

Did you know that there are almost two million women veterans? From the American Revolution to Panama, Bosnia, Kosovo, and more, women have served in some way in every conflict. Not that they were legal in the early days. History tells us that thirty three thousand women served in World War One and almost 500,000 took part in World War Two. During the Korean era 120,000 women were in uniform and seven thousand were deployed in theater during Viet Nam. During Desert Storm seven per cent of the total U.S. forces deployed were women - over forty thousand of them. So on these pages you will find the history and accomplishments of those women who have served this country - voluntarily - since it's beginning.

Amazing women, do amazing things.

More about women in war:

Revolutionary War Women

Civil War Women

The War of 1812 and Spanish American War

World War One Women

World War Two Women

They Also Served -WASP, Spec. Svcs.

Post WWII and Korea Women

Women in Vietnam

Women in Grenada and Panama

Women in Desert Storm

Somalia, Bosnia and More

Operation Desert Fox

The Military Academies

Women in the National Guard

They Gave Their Lives

Women Prisoners of War

Famous Women in Arlington National Cemetery

Gender Integrated Training

Women Who Were Spies

Military Women Pilots

Myths, Fallacies and Urban Legends

21st Century Combat

Click on the graphic to visit Captain Barbara A. Wilson's, USAF (Ret) Site

If you want to know anything about women in the Military,
this site is the best I've ever seen

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There is no stereotype for heroism, no prediction of behavior under stress, and no formula for courage. Women and men perform incredible acts of bravery when presented with dangerous situations - it is an individual thing - not one about male or female strength or ability.

In World War One, in Belgium, Army Nurse Helen Grace McClelland was on duty with the surgical team at a forward British casualty clearing station. During a bombardment by German aircraft Nurse McClelland continued working on patients and also saved fellow nurse Beatrice MacDonald, who was injured during the air raid, from hemorraging. Gender wasn't an issue.

During World War Two Ellen Ainsworth, a 24-year-old Army nurse from Glenwood City, Wisconsin, performed heroically during the Battle of Anzio in Italy. Lieutenant Ainsworth was on duty in a hospital ward near the Anzio beachhead. In an enemy artillery bombardment, a shell hit the hospital. Despite the severe damage to the hospital, the Wisconsin nurse calmly moved her patients to safety. She was wounded in the attack and died six days later. Gender had nothing to do with it.

In Vietnam in 1970 when SP5 Karen L. Offutt,** WAC, U.S. Army, risked her life to rescue Vietnamese adults and children from burning structures, without regard for her personal safety, she didn't stop to think about her gender.

** On 7 April 2001, Karen Offutt, now a mother of 3, and grandmother of 2, was awarded The Soldiers Medal for her heroism in Vietnam of over thirty years ago.

1989- ASM3 Kelly Mogk was the first female rescue swimmer in the Coast Guard and was the only woman, at that time, to graduate from the Navy Rescue Swimmer School in Pensacola. On January 3, 1989 during her first rescue case as a Coast Guard rescue swimmer, Aviation Survivalman Third Class Mogk, played the key part in the rescue and life saving of a downed Air National Guard jet pilot who had ejected from an F-4 over the Pacific Ocean during a training exercise. She was awarded the Air Medal and congratulated in person by then President George Bush. Admiral Paul Yost, Jr., Commandant of the Coast Guard, cited Mogk's courageous feat as one of the most deserving of a place in any account of the outstanding rescue achievements during the Coast Guard's 200-year history.

This was the first actual mission of the first woman to qualify as a rescue swimmer in the Coast Guard or any other branch of the Armed Services. Her aircraft commander for the mission, Lieutenant Commander Peterson, was quoted at the time that in his 12 years of flying rescues missions, the conditions were worse than any he had seen for putting a rescue swimmer down to render assistance to an individual in distress. Even upon departure from Air Station Astoria, OR, it was understood that the rescue swimmer would most likely need to enter the water to assist the ejected pilot. The sea state was sixteen-foot waves with a six-foot, wind driven chop, and a temperature of fifty-six degrees. The pilot was severely hypothermic and near death with extensive, life threatening injuries from ejecting at a speed of 600 miles per hour. Because of his injuries and hypothermia, he could not communicate with his rescuer. To complicate matters, the pilot was ensnarled in the shrouds of his parachute. Mogk had to dive under repeatedly to free the shrouds from the disabled pilot. She put her own life at risk when she removed her gloves in order to expedite the removal of the shrouds, exposing herself to hypothermic affects of the water seeping into her wet suit.

After she freed the pilot for hook recovery up to the helicopter, Kelly was left alone in the rough, cold sea to wait for a backup helicopter to pick her up, so that the recovery helicopter could quickly get the recovered pilot to medical treatment facilities. Consequently, Mogk had to fight the quick acting effects of hypothermia until the backup helicopter picked her up. After recovery, she collapsed from the affects of hypothermia and physical injuries incurred in the rescue. Because of her courageous example, ASM3 Mogk immensely enhanced the reputation of the Coast Guard rescue swimmer program.

Source: DEOMI

1991 - Operation Desert Storm - a first-hand account:

During the course of Operation Desert Shield/Storm, I served with the 20th. Sp. Ops. Sq. During that time I had the distinct honor of flying with 1st. Lt. Margaret "[Peg]" Biddle, of the same squadron. Little can be said of the 'bravado' of this lady! At one point, I was wounded by shards of Plexiglas from ground fire! Without a second of hesitation, Peg took the controls and declared an emergency! I passed out from a head wound from a piece of Plexiglas that had pierced the left side of my flight helmet.æ I was told by my Flight Engineer, T/Sgt. Ernest "[Smitty]" Smith that Lt. Biddle had stopped the bleeding somehow, while flying the HH-53! She saved my life according to two nurses.

Before I was transported to Germany, and eventually State side, I called her to my bedside. She reported, and I told to sit down. First off I thanked her on behalf of my ten year old daughter, and myself, for saving my life! She told me that I had taught her how to place the 'cyclic stick' between your legs to temporarily free up a hand. She told me she did as I had taught her. Nothing more!

I have since recovered fully, and in 1994, had the distinct honor of pinning the Silver Star on her for bravery in the 1991 'Gulf' incident! Women in combat? I'm a 'lobbying,' 'staunch ally' of 'reform' for the same!

Most sincerely, Colonel Paul "[PJ]" Stoms, Ph.D., USAFR., (ret.) 20th. Special Operations Squadron

While on duty on Aug. 21st 1999, Sgt. 1st Class Jeanne M. Balcombe's quick thinking and selfless response safeguarded and protected others at the Troop Medical Clinic at Camp Red Cloud, Korea. She placed herself in harm's way between three soldiers and an armed gunman. Sergeant Balcombe gave her life. She didn't stop to worry about gender.

In October 2000 on board the USS Cole Navy women acted without regard to their gender. HM3 Tayinikia Campbell, 24, was working with Seaman Eben Sanchez in Cole's sick bay when the explosion hit the ship. Sick Bay filled with smoke and they rushed out. Campbell immediately set up an improvised triage area in the cramped passageway, worked frantically to provide medical care to the wounded under the dim lighting of the battle lanterns and still found time to coach other sailors to help in tending the wounded.

GSM1(SW) Margaret Lopez was working in Cole's oil lab when the blast hit. With burns covering her body, she helped save a shipmate, then escaped through the hole in the side of the ship into the waters of the Port of Aden.

GM2 Jennifer Long manned a 50 caliber machine gun onboard USS Cole during the attack on the ship.

The ship's chief engineer, Lieutenant Commander Deborah Courtney, worked around the clock for nearly four days to reverse flooding and isolate exposed electrical cables that threatened to turn thousands of gallons of fuel into a blazing inferno.

Women have been saving lives for centuries, in many fields - firefighters, police officers, medics, and the military - yet the media still focuses on heroes - not heroines. In times of crisis women will act equally as brave - and heroines will emerge - for heroism knows no gender.

1 posted on 02/15/2003 12:00:58 AM PST by SAMWolf
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To: MistyCA; AntiJen; Victoria Delsoul; SassyMom; bentfeather; GatorGirl; radu; souris; SpookBrat; ...
Ponder this:

He has served ten years in the Army and is a skilled fire controller in a million dollar battle tank. His rank is Sergeant and he is willing to lay his life on the line for his country 24-7. His pay is about $25,000 a year plus a few hundred dollars for incidentals.

She has served ten years in the Air Force and is a skilled pilot in a multi-million dollar aircraft. Her rank is Captain and she is willing to lay her life on the line for her country 24-7. Her pay is about $47,000 a year plus a few hundred dollars for incidentals.

He stands out on grass for about five months a year and throws a six dollar ball around or hits it with a bat while he spits, scratches and rearranges. His pay is $189,000,000 for ten years - or maybe it's $252 million. And he needs steroids to do it!
2 posted on 02/15/2003 12:01:24 AM PST by SAMWolf (To look into the eyes of the wolf is to see your soul)
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To: All
'Today, over 200,000 women serve in the armed forces, comprising more than14 percent of the total force. About 80 percent of the jobs and more than 90 percent of the career fields are open to women. Sadly women still face barriers. This should not be. Nor should it be a religious, political, gender based, protective, feminist, emotional, rhetorical issue.

The pure and simple point is that all jobs should be open to women and men - if and only if - the women and men are qualified, capable, competent, and able to perform them! Nothing more, nothing less.'

-- Captain Barbara A. Wilson, USAF (Ret).

3 posted on 02/15/2003 12:01:42 AM PST by SAMWolf (To look into the eyes of the wolf is to see your soul)
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To: All
The State of the Union is Strong!
Support the Commander in Chief

Click Here to Send a Message to the opposition!

4 posted on 02/15/2003 12:02:03 AM PST by SAMWolf (To look into the eyes of the wolf is to see your soul)
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To: All

Thanks, Doughty!

5 posted on 02/15/2003 12:02:32 AM PST by SAMWolf (To look into the eyes of the wolf is to see your soul)
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To: All
Good Morning Everybody.

Coffee and Donuts
Courtesy of Fiddlstix.
You Know The Drill
Click the Pics

Click here to Contribute to FR: Do It Now! ;-) Once Fool

6 posted on 02/15/2003 12:02:52 AM PST by SAMWolf (To look into the eyes of the wolf is to see your soul)
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To: Warrior Nurse; JAWs; DryLandSailor; NikkiUSA; OneLoyalAmerican; Tester; U S Army EOD; sonsa; ...
Fall in to the FReeper Foxhole!

To be removed from this list, send me a blank FReepmail with "REMOVE" in the subject line. Thanks, Jen

7 posted on 02/15/2003 12:10:17 AM PST by Jen ("The FReeper Foxhole -- Home is where you dig it.")
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To: SAMWolf; All

8 posted on 02/15/2003 12:12:04 AM PST by Jen ("The FReeper Foxhole -- Home is where you dig it.")
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To: AntiJen
Morning Jen. Love that graphic
9 posted on 02/15/2003 12:13:00 AM PST by SAMWolf (To look into the eyes of the wolf is to see your soul)
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To: SAMWolf
Thanks! I love it too and have it on my profile page.

Yawn! It may be 'morning' for you, but it's 'bedtime' for this owl gal! hahahaha

I'll be back later for coffee - still laying off the donuts for a few more days. (Too many Snickers!) :-(
10 posted on 02/15/2003 12:20:07 AM PST by Jen ("The FReeper Foxhole -- Home is where you dig it.")
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To: SAMWolf; All
One last post, then I'm outta here for awhile...

Got this by email.

A sign at a business establishment in Philadelphia, PA:


This sign was prominently displayed in the window of a business in Philadelphia. You are probably outraged at the thought of such an inflammatory statement. One would think that anti-hate groups from all across the country would be marching on this business... And that the National Guard might have to be called to keep the angry crowds back.

But, perhaps in these stressful times one might be tempted to let the proprietors simply make their statement . . . We are a society who holds Freedom of Speech as perhaps our greatest liberty .

And after all, it is just a sign.

You may ask what kind of business would dare post such a sign?

keep scrolling
Answer: A Funeral Home

11 posted on 02/15/2003 12:27:16 AM PST by Jen ("The FReeper Foxhole -- Home is where you dig it.")
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To: SAMWolf
...And who does the public lionize?

Is it that gutsy tanker Sergeant?

Is it that skilled pilot Captain?

No...It's the ballplayer who shows up late, insults the fans, does steroids, grandstands, and rakes in the BIG $$$.

Yeah, that's a real American role model! </sarcasm>

12 posted on 02/15/2003 12:32:31 AM PST by petuniasevan (USAF B-52G crew chief Barksdale AFB 1984-1988)
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To: AntiJen
Bump for you AntiJen
13 posted on 02/15/2003 12:35:51 AM PST by fatima (Prayers for all our troops and loved ones.)
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To: AntiJen
LOL! I love it.
14 posted on 02/15/2003 12:46:07 AM PST by SAMWolf (To look into the eyes of the wolf is to see your soul)
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To: petuniasevan
This American does NOT lionize ANY beer-bellied, slack-jawed, tobacco-spitting, invective-spewing, sports personality.

I do greatly admire anyone who serves or has served our great country in the Armed Forces!

15 posted on 02/15/2003 1:00:27 AM PST by NoClones
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To: NoClones
Pro Athletes grown men that get paid to play games.

The Infantry grown men that get paid to kill the enemies of freedom.

Who is more important?

16 posted on 02/15/2003 1:31:55 AM PST by Warrior Nurse (Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!)
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To: NoClones; Warrior Nurse
I do greatly admire anyone who serves or has served our great country in the Armed Forces!

Hear, hear!

17 posted on 02/15/2003 2:17:33 AM PST by petuniasevan (Free Republic of Katzenellenbogen at
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To: SAMWolf
"American Lib'ral!!"
(To be sung--ANGRILY--to The Guess Who's "American Woman")


American Lib'rals, stay away from me-ee!
Socialist Left, Big Brother...let me be-ee!
Don't come a'pimpin' the Federal Whore,
Don't want you to regulate no more!
I got more important things to do...
Than waste my time hatin' life with you!
"Now Lib'ral," I said, "Stay away-ay!!
DemonRAT jackA$$, listen what I say-ay-ay!!"

American Lib'rals, get away from me-ee!
Enviro-Whackos...Algore huggin' tree-ees...
Don't come a'bitchin' around my store...
Ain't gonna fund your Programs no more...
Public Ed can stupidify,
But Rush's Right don't believe their LIES!
"NOW WOMYN," I said, "Go away-ay!
Femi-nazis, listen what I say-ay-ay-ay!!"

American Lib'ral, said get away-ay!
Hell'ry Rodham, listen what I say-ay!
Don't come a'stealin' the bread from my chores...
Ain't gonna fund your "art" no more...
We don't need your welfare schemes...
We don't need your class enmity!
Left-Wing Press ignores Bill's lies...
The Right Shall Justly Convict Slick's SPIES!!
Slick Willie, time for you to flee-eee!!
American Sheeple...when will you see?!!

GO!! Gotta hound away, gotta pound away, don't take no more!
We're gonna nail ya, Lib'rals! We'll RE-IMPEACH ya, Clinton!
Bye-bye-eye, Bye-bye-eye, Bye-bye-eye, Bye-bye-eye!
You're no good, B.C.! We're not fooled by you!!
Gotta look Slick right in the eye,
Tell'im what he's gotta do,
"Ya know ya gotta leave...ya know ya gotta go!"
Slick's IN CHAINS by Christmas Eve, or how 'bout tomorrow?!
Slick, yer gonna SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEAL!!!!!

Goodbye, President Clinton...Goodbye, you Socialist twits!!

Mudboy Slim

BTW...To ALL who attended the FReeper/Judicial Watch Rally-- Thanks for showing me a great time...I've never met a finer group of patriots in my life, and I spent 18 years as a Navy Brat amongst some of the finest fighting men and women this great country has ever produced. We're RIGHT...and the Long Arm of Justice Shall Ultimately put an end to Slick Willie's TREASONOUS Reign!!


Please let me know about any future FReeper events at the White House...I'll be there with bells on!!


1 Posted on 07/25/1999 20:06:19 PDT by Mudboy Slim (here.til.we're.done!)

18 posted on 02/15/2003 2:23:59 AM PST by Mudboy Slim (The UN SUCKS...MUD)
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To: AntiJen
19 posted on 02/15/2003 3:03:53 AM PST by E.G.C.
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To: E.G.C.; MJY1288; SAMWolf
"No Sympathy for the Lib'rals"
(To be sung to the Rolling Stones' "Sympathy for the Devil")

Please allow me to introduce the World...
To the Left, they feel no shame!
Been around here for forty long years...
Stole many a man's Hope and Faith!
Fascists in Power when Jesus Christ...
Bore our crosses and bore our pain.
Made damn sure our Savior...
Wouldn't threaten their Evil Reign!
Please believe me...Lib'rals are to blame!
Despite their righteous talk, more Power is their aim!!

They saw their chance in St. Petersburg,
When they saw the Monarchy had been shamed.
Killed the Czar and his ministers...
As well as any Man who could think!
They rode the tanks in Heil Hitler's ranks...
When the blitzkrieg raged and all Waco stank!
Please believe me...Socialists are to blame!
Oh, yeah! Bloody failures, yet, they seem oblivious to shame!

They cheered with glee helpin' Pol Pot succeed...
Led by Hanoi Jane, their hands are bloody-stained!
They shouted out, "Who killed the Left's Elite?"
While slaughterin' all who just wished to breathe free!
Let me please clarify myself, these Elites have wealth and "taste"...
But their attacks on Liberty...have become a National Disgrace!!

I swear to you, DemocRATS are to blame!
Oh yeah! But what's puzzlin' me is their arrogant lack of shame!
Ah, yeah!...Go out and get 'em, boys!!

(kewl guitar jammin')

Please believe me, Slick's tyrants are to blame.
Oh yeah! But what's important now is imprisonin' Bill in chains!!!
'Cuz the Prez'dent's just a criminal...and all his critics Saints!
While I could call Slick "Lucifer," I'll exhibit some restraint!
When you see Slick, show due courtesy...
But have no sympathy, 'cuz Bill's a snake!
Condemn all his corrupt politics, or be ashamed to show your face!!

Pleased to meet you...Mudboy Slim's my name!
Uhm, yeah! Bringin' Clinton down is why I must serenade.
Uhmm, I mean it...Get out...Yeehah...Resign!...Get on out, BOY! Ah, yeah!

Tell you Country, Lib'rals are their name.
Tell you, voters, it's something you can change!
Tell us, Willie, where's your shame?!
Tell you one thing, Slick's to blame!!
Ooh Hoo! Ooh Hoo! Wahoo! Alright! Ooh Hoo Ooh! Ooh Hoo Ooh! Ah yeah!


1 Posted on 04/24/2000 06:24:56 PDT by Mudboy Slim

Yeah, habs, I love doin' the Stones...and I can do a damgood Jagger impersonation, too!! Love the "Some Girls" CD, including "When the Whip Comes Down", and hope to spend more time FReepin' it soon. What album is "Star Star" off of?


BTW...didn't Bowie do "Star Star"? I know he did Jagger.

47 posted on 10/10/2001 4:05 PM EDT by Mudboy Slim

20 posted on 02/15/2003 3:38:23 AM PST by Mudboy Slim (Operation SST Proceeding Per Schedule...MUD)
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