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  • Did Obama Just Throw The Entire Election Away?

    10/08/2012 7:11:27 PM PDT · by Free ThinkerNY · 145 replies
    The Daily Beast ^ | Oct. 8, 2012 | Andrew Sullivan
    The Pew poll is devastating, just devastating. Before the debate, Obama had a 51 - 43 lead; now, Romney has a 49 - 45 lead. That's a simply unprecedented reversal for a candidate in October. Before Obama had leads on every policy issue and personal characteristic; now Romney leads in almost all of them. Obama's performance gave Romney a 12 point swing! I repeat: a 12 point swing. Romney's favorables are above Obama's now. Yes, you read that right. Romney's favorables are higher than Obama's right now. That gender gap that was Obama's firewall? Over in one night: Currently, women...
  • Michigan unions fight to enshrine bargaining rights in constitution

    10/08/2012 7:10:12 PM PDT · by markomalley · 56 replies
    The Washington TImes ^ | 10/8/2012 | Andrea Billups
    They have been playing defense elsewhere across the Midwest, but labor unions in Michigan have gone on the attack with a proposed first-in-the-nation amendment to the state constitution that would enshrine a right to collective bargaining for public — and private-sector workers — and invalidate any past or future laws to the contrary. Proposal 2, backed by Michigan’s teachers and other public-employee unions, is being closely watched by labor and management groups across the country after a string of setbacks for the union movement in states such as Wisconsin and Indiana. Other states are likely to follow Michigan’s lead if...
  • Crete, 3500-year-old Minoan building found: From same period as Knossos Palace, over 1,300 square m

    10/08/2012 7:06:47 PM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 13 replies
    Ansamed ^ | Thursday, October 4 , 2012 | unattributed
    In the past few years, the remains of an impressive and luxurious building from 3,500 years ago has seen the light. The building has two or three floors and some 80 rooms including workshops and storage rooms over a surface of 1,360 square metres and it is in excellent state. Sapouna-Sakellaraki told To Vima weekly that it is the first Minoan mountain settlement built in the same period as the Palace of Knossos. The archaeologist also said this is the largest summer residence found so far from the Minoan era. The structure of the building shows that it was not...
  • EXTREME Black Anger in Chicago at Obama: “He done did it. He ruined it for us...

    10/08/2012 7:05:03 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 69 replies
    HillBuzz ^ | October 8, 2012 | Kevin DuJan
    Here in Chicago, I regularly meet with a group of friends who call themselves “The Think Squad”; these are men and women who are prominent members of the black community in Hyde Park and the City’s south side. None of them supported Barack Obama’s presidential bid in 2008 but most begrudgingly voted for him because they freely admit race-pride was their motivating factor. These people knew Obama when he was a state senator and saw him do absolutely nothing for blacks in Chicago back then…and they similarly saw Obama do nothing for blacks (or any of his constituents in general)...
  • Matt Damon's Troubling UAE Friends

    10/08/2012 7:02:52 PM PDT · by LSUfan · 11 replies
    The Hayride ^ | 8 Oct 12 | Christopher Holton
    Any American who has been paying attention over the past 20 years realizes that the real key to America’s national security is energy independence. In short, we’re funding both sides in a global Islamic insurgency characterized by violent terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda. This is happening because we are dependent on foreign sources of energy. Most of OPEC—even our so-called “allies”—is hostile toward us in some way, shape or form. The nations that produce and export much of the world’s oil are populated by wealthy sheikhs and mullahs who support Jihad in various ways, including by funding charities that...
  • More Crony Capitalism -- "ObamaPhone" Style

    10/08/2012 7:01:20 PM PDT · by Kaslin ^ | October 8, 2012 | Carol Platt Liebau
    Everyone remembers the horrendous "ObamaPhone" video, of course. At the time, I noted that the "ObamaPhone" episode illuminated President Obama's expertise at "using taxpayer money to buy support, pay off supporters, or for overall self-glorification."  Huh.  I was just thinking about the support it bought from people like the woman using it, and attributing the benefit to Obama, rather than to the taxpayers who are actually subsidizing her phone use.But now, it emerges (via Andrew Stiles in the Washington Free Beacon) that -- in another example of Chicago-style "crony capitalism" -- ObamaPhones are profiting Obama donors, too.  Specifically: A wireless...
  • Paul Ryan Ends Interview Early After "Strange" Question

    10/08/2012 6:59:53 PM PDT · by TigerClaws · 81 replies
    Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan walked out of an interview with Detroit's ABC News affiliate after the local news anchor attempted to "stuff words" in his mouth. Ryan was answering a series of questions about violence, guns and gun control laws. Ryan, addressing gun violence, said the best thing to do is to "help teach people good discipline [and good character. Local anchor Terry Camp asked Ryan if he could do all of that "by cutting taxes" which caused him to get up and end the interview.
  • Look to the past for the future - Greatest leaders of the 20th Century (Vanity)

    10/08/2012 6:59:16 PM PDT · by ConservativeInPA · 4 replies
    Vanity ^ | October 8, 2012 | ConservativeInPA
    I just finished watching, Margaret Thatcher - The Iron Lady, on Netflix ... the British documentary, not the Meryl Streep movie. The kids watched the documentary and loved it. The documentary got me thinking about great world leaders in the 20th century. The ones that immediately came to mind were Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher.Certainly there are others, but I will limit my list to these three.
  • The Ultimate Conspiracy

    10/08/2012 6:49:30 PM PDT · by WXRGina · 25 replies
    Renew America ^ | October 8, 2012 | Stephen Stone
    I have a theory that's been nagging me for months, and I hope I'm completely wrong. My theory would help explain why Barack Obama appeared unfocused, overconfident, even annoyingly arrogant during the first presidential debate — obviously taking what could be a "game changer" too lightly — with the result that Mitt Romney didn't so much win their first in-person encounter as Obama lost it by default. An election with no precedent Here's my theory: Suppose you were the most powerful man on the planet — someone who could change the ruling structure of Egypt and Libya by the command...
  • Vote for Bristol on Dancing with the Stars!

    10/08/2012 6:47:58 PM PDT · by napscoordinator · 41 replies
    The TV Show Dancing with the Stars ^ | 8 October 2012 | Napscoordinator
    Please vote for Bristol Palin
  • Your Kid Needs Indoctrination, Not Education

    10/08/2012 6:47:46 PM PDT · by Absolutely Nobama · 4 replies
    Alan Levy, Sales Rep By Day, Rightwing Avenger By Night | 10/08/12 | Alan Levy
    There are many things one can expect from a Barack Hussein Obama diatribe. The first thing you'll notice is a whole lot of mumbling and stuttering, much like a poor soul suffering a mini-stroke. The second is the occasional phoney-baloney "Malcolm X voice" (H/T Ann Coulter) if he's PO'ed about something. (You know, things like FOX News, no more chicken poodle soup, Benjamin Netanyahu, a lousy day at the links, that sort of thing.) The third thing you'll notice is his incessant cheerleading for federal interference in education, Constitution be damned. This cheerleading happens in almost every one of his...
  • Ex-TSA Agent Had Numerous Cameras for Sale on eBay When He Was Arrested

    10/08/2012 6:33:45 PM PDT · by SWAMPSNIPER · 16 replies
    PETAPIXEL ^ | Oct.09, 2012 | PETAPIXEL
    A number of years ago, a TSA agent named Pythias Brown accidentally left a camera out of some luggage he was screening. Not wanting to be reprimanded for his mistake, he decided to avoid any problems by secretly taking the camera home. This event opened his eyes to how easy it was to pocket passengers’ belongings, and he began to steal more and more items in increasingly brazen thefts. After stealing over $800,000 worth of items from passenger bags over a four-year period, he was finally caught when he tried to auction off an easily identifiable camera belonging by a...
  • Why Johnny can't read(Jerry Clower)!

    10/08/2012 6:31:56 PM PDT · by US Navy Vet · 13 replies
    You Tube ^ | 08 Oct 2012 | US Navy Vet
    Well worth the listen. They don't make 'em like Jerry Clower anymore!
  • A parable in a woodpile

    10/08/2012 6:31:18 PM PDT · by lightman · 9 replies
    8 October A.D. 2012 | Lightman
    Last September the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee dumped over 6 inches of rain in the lower Susquehanna valley of Pennsylvania in a little than 12 hours. Streams and creeks swelled to levels that had not been seen since the September 1975 deluge by Tropical Storm Eloise. The rising waters were the final blow for several trees that were along my eroding stream bank. The undercutting of the flood waters toppled a couple which I knew would some day be brought down. Among the fallen was a good sized black walnut. Because it had grown in a grove with stiff...
  • Sesame Street received $1 mil stimulus bill grant – created “1.47″ jobs

    10/08/2012 6:31:06 PM PDT · by markomalley · 18 replies
    Washington Examiner ^ | 10/8/2012 | Sean Higgins
    This grant was brought to you by the letters “A” and “R” — as in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, aka the “stimulus bill.” Sesame Workshop, the independent nonprofit corporation that produces the popular childrens’ program Sesame Street, received a $1,067,532 stimulus bill grant in August 2010, via the Department of Health and Human Services.The funding was to promote healthy eating according to the federal website: SW [i.e., Sesame Workshop] will carry out an expansion of its highly successful Healthy Habits for Life initiative, which promotes improved nutrition and increased physical activity, targeting low-income preschool-aged children and their families...
  • "Bigoted" To Call Obama Unintelligent or Lazy

    10/08/2012 6:26:35 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 72 replies ^ | October 8, 2012 | Kevin Glass
    Joe Klein: "Bigoted" If You Don't Think Obama's Intelligent - The Chris Matthews ShowOn Chris Matthews' weekend talk show, NBC correspondent Andrea Mitchell and Time Magazine's Joe Klein teamed up to insulate President Obama from attack, insinuating that questioning the President's intelligence and work ethic in the wake of a lackluster debate performance is racist. First up, Andrea Mitchell recounted an exchange she had with Romney campaign co-chair John Sununu in which Sununu said Obama "revealed his incompetence, how lazy and detached he is, and how he has absolutely no idea how serious the economic problems of the country are."...
  • Yemen detains 'American' on Qaeda wanted list

    10/08/2012 6:24:27 PM PDT · by bruinbirdman · 2 replies
    France 24 ^ | 10/8/2012
    Yemeni security forces on Monday detained a man believed to be an American who appeared on a list of wanted Al-Qaeda suspects, a security official told AFP. The suspect was detained in Ataq, the capital of Shabwa province, a jihadist stronghold in the south of Yemen, the official said. He spoke in English, said he was a Muslim and had three passports in his possession -- two American and one German, he added. As the man appeared on an interior ministry wanted list, he was handed over to the intelligence services, who transferred the suspect to the capital Sanaa. The...
  • NFL's Victor Cruz blindly advances Evil & Deception

    10/08/2012 6:24:13 PM PDT · by publius321 · 8 replies ^ | 10/5/2012 | Scott Ryan
    An outspoken NY Giant's receiver blinded by race urges youth to work diligently to elect the nation's leading proponent of abortion, homosexuality and persecution of Israel. Enough is enough. "Christians" who place more importance on skin color than obedience to the God to Whom they profess worship - need to chose this day whom they will follow and be called on their deception. (Video)

    10/08/2012 6:23:08 PM PDT · by carlo3b · 22 replies
    Cooking With Chef Carlo ^ | 10/08/2012 | Carlo3b, Dad, Dad, Author
    THIS HOPE AND CHANGE FRAUD IS JUST A CHEAP BEER.. OBlandbeer, has been living in a bubble until the debate, and that is when we saw how weak those bubbles can be blown off.. It was only media FOAM covering a cheap knock-off beer.. Who better than Wisconsin to catch a phoney brew when they see it.. They didn't buy the Union Bullying tactic when they tried to sell a socialist for their Governor, to a Conservative to Middle America.. Wisconsin, is where the game changed in this election! The bubble was really just foam.. He is surrounded by the...
  • School Lets Dems Register Students to Vote, But Not GOP

    10/08/2012 6:18:39 PM PDT · by Wisconsinlady · 19 replies ^ | 10/08/12 | Todd Starnes
    Florida Republicans are outraged after a school district allowed a pro-Obama organization to conduct student voter registration drives and deliver speeches to classes – but denied the Romney campaign similar opportunities.
  • Professor mocks Columbus Day with list of ‘15 most overrated White people’

    10/08/2012 6:17:20 PM PDT · by oliverdarcy · 122 replies
    A prominent Ivy-League professor denounced Columbus Day and mocked those who celebrate it by releasing a list of individuals he deems are the “15 most overrated white people” on Monday. Marc Lamont Hill, Associate Professor of English Education at Columbia University, wrote that the holiday is one of America’s “most bizarre cultural rituals” and that he finds it perplexing people “continue to praise the vicious conquistador as a hero.” “To honor the true spirit of Columbus Day, I have created my own list of overrated white people,” he wrote in his article published on the Huffington Post. The list includes...

    10/08/2012 6:15:55 PM PDT · by markomalley · 21 replies
    Harpers ^ | 10/4/2012 | Kevin Baker
    Maybe he really is a secret Muslim terrorist from Kenya. I mean, think about it. He runs for president as a populist, soaking up all the liberal energy for change in the country. Once in power, he surrounds himself with failed conservative advisers, and squanders most of his mandate. Then, just as it looks as if he will still be able to defeat his clueless Republican opponent, he turns in the worst performance any presidential candidate has ever given in a general-election debate, tanking the race and turning the country over to a party of fanatical Ayn Rand acolytes and...

    10/08/2012 6:13:10 PM PDT · by Snuph · 21 replies
    Big Government ^ | 8 Oct 2012 | WYNTON HAL
    Minutes after Newsweek published a story on the threat of illegal foreign and fraudulent online campaign donations late Monday afternoon, the Obama campaign struck back hard with a response smearing one of the article’s authors and offered an anemic defense of its online fundraising operations.
  • N.J. Gov. Christie calls Tester a 'phony' at Billings fundraiser

    10/08/2012 6:10:22 PM PDT · by george76 · 4 replies
    ap ^ | October 06, 2012
    New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie derided Montana Democratic U.S. Sen. Jon Tester on Friday as a “phony” who does not represent the state’s values as he urged Republicans to rally behind the campaign of Tester challenger Denny Rehberg. ... Christie said Tester has turned his back on Montana since his election six years ago by establishing close relationships with lobbyists and lining up behind Democratic leaders like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.
  • The Use of Power in the International Game of Chess

    10/08/2012 6:07:39 PM PDT · by LD Jackson · 2 replies
    Conservatives on Fire ^ | 10/08/12 | Jim Gourdie
    Those who look at history with a critical eye and those try to peel back the layers of government policies to understand the true motives behind them, understand that the face our government shows the public every day is not the only face our government has. There is a face that for good reason is not exposed to light of day, or at least is very rarely exposed. Inside and outside of our government, as well as other major powers, there are strategic think tanks that look at the world as a chess board. They look way into the future...
  • Analysis: Cities hit by recession ask voters to approve more debt

    10/08/2012 6:04:13 PM PDT · by markomalley · 13 replies
    Reuters ^ | 10/8/2012 | Joan Gralla
    Houston-area schools want to borrow $1.9 billion to modernize most of the high schools, while Seattle says it needs $290 million to upgrade a seawall protecting the downtown waterfront so it can withstand an earthquake. San Francisco wants to sell $195 million of debt to repair and improve worn-out parks and playgrounds that it says have been "loved to death" Voters in these and a number of other big U.S. cities -- some with already-high debt loads -- will decide on Election Day whether to borrow even more or face prospects for reduced services or higher taxes. The United States...
  • FReeper Canteen ~ Road Trip: Fort Leavenworth, Kansas ~ 09 OCT 2012

    10/08/2012 6:02:56 PM PDT · by laurenmarlowe · 85 replies
    Serving The Best Troops And Veterans In The World!! | The Canteen Crew
        ~The FReeper Canteen Presents~ Road Trip: Fort Leavenworth, KansasFort Leavenworth, Kansas is the oldest continuously operating military installation west of the Mississippi River. This historic post, noted for its campus setting, open green spaces and hometown character, is the home of the US Army’s Combined Arms Center (CAC). CAC, as a major subordinate headquarters of the US Army Training and Doctrine Command, has often been referred to as the “ Intellectual Center of the Army”. It is, in many regards, “home base” for the majority of field grade officers across the Army.Since its founding in 1827, it has...
  • Turkey Bombs Syria Again Despite UN Warning

    10/08/2012 6:00:06 PM PDT · by Eleutheria5 · 15 replies
    Arutz Sheva ^ | 8/10/12
    Turkey bombarded Syrian army positions on Monday in response to what Turkish officials said was a new shell strike on a border town, just hours after UN chief Ban Ki-moon warned of the dangers. Ban said there was a growing risk that the conflict in Syria, now in its 19th month, could spill over into neighbouring Turkey and Lebanon, and called for an end to foreign arming...
  • The Discovery Of America By Christopher Columbus (painting by Dali)

    10/08/2012 5:54:22 PM PDT · by annalex · 42 replies
    The Discovery of America by Christopher Columbus Salvador Dalí 1959 oil on canvas 410 cm × 284 cm (161.4 in × 111.8 in) Salvador Dalí Museum, St. Petersburg, Florida Dalí completed his tenth masterwork, The Discovery of America by Christopher Columbus, in 1959. This work, which is almost 14 feet tall, is an ambitious homage to Dalí's Spain, combining Spanish history, religion, art and myth. This painting was commissioned for Huntington Hartford's Gallery of Modern Art on Columbus Circle in New York. At that time, some Catalan historians claimed that Columbus was actually from Catalonia, not Italy. From that...
  • Effort to undo state employee pay cuts off table

    10/08/2012 5:53:57 PM PDT · by redreno · 6 replies
    Las Vegas Sun ^ | Oct. 8, 2012 | 12:16 a.m. | AP
    CARSON CITY — Faced with rising costs, Gov. Brian Sandoval is backing off his promise to undo pay cuts imposed on state employees last year. Gerald Gardner, his chief of staff, said the governor has issued orders to agency heads to continue the reductions in the proposed 2014-15 budget. Gardner told the Nevada Appeal that Sandoval hasn't given up on efforts to undo the work furloughs, pay cuts, and suspension of merit and longevity pay imposed on state workers.
  • Occupy anti colonial anti capitalist “[snip] Columbus” march results in 22 arrests

    10/08/2012 5:51:02 PM PDT · by massmike · 24 replies
    <p>Police arrested 22 people during an ‘anti colonial, anti capitalist” “F–k Columbus Day” march in San Francisco.</p> <p>As they marched, they vandalized cars, slashing the tires of one car and breaking the window of another. They also smashed a Starbucks window. About 15 minutes into the march, they began to throw flares and bags of paint with rocks in them at the police who were accompanying the march.</p>
  • Colo. Governor: ‘Lincoln Wasn’t a Great Debater’

    10/08/2012 5:48:51 PM PDT · by Patrick1 · 36 replies
    The Washington Free Beacon ^ | 10/8/2012 | Patrick1
    Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) said Monday that Abraham Lincoln “wasn’t a great debater” during a visit to the Obama campaign field office in Denver, Colo., according to Denver West Word reporter Sam Levin.
  • Obama: 'Today we celebrate Cesar Chavez'

    10/08/2012 5:44:24 PM PDT · by Free ThinkerNY · 25 replies
    Associated Press ^ | Oct. 8, 2012 | BEN FELLER
    KEENE, Calif. (AP) -- President Barack Obama on Monday designated the home of Latino labor leader Cesar Chavez as a national monument, calling Chavez a hero who brought hope to millions of poor, disenfranchised farm workers who otherwise might have remained "invisible" to much of the nation. ""Today, we celebrate Cesar Chavez," Obama said at a ceremony at La Paz, the California farmhouse where Chavez lived and worked for more than two decades.
  • Join The Debate

    10/08/2012 5:41:30 PM PDT · by Morris70 · 18 replies ^ | Oct. 08, 2012 | Erika Lovley
    Join The Debate Could Biden hit Ryan too hard?
  • Plant that got $150M in taxpayer money to make Volt batteries furloughs workers

    10/08/2012 5:40:10 PM PDT · by Snuph · 25 replies
    Fox News ^ | October 08, 2012 | Perry Chiaramonte
    President Obama touted it in 2010 as evidence "manufacturing jobs are coming back to the United States,” but two years later, a Michigan hybrid battery plant built with $150 million in taxpayer funds is putting workers on furlough before a single battery has been produced. Read more:
  • Guest Post: Do The Swiss Know Something The Rest Of Us Don't?

    10/08/2012 5:35:18 PM PDT · by Kartographer · 43 replies
    ZeroHedge ^ | 10/7/12 | John R. Schindler
    Do the Swiss know something the rest of us don’t? Ueli Maurer, the Swiss defense minister, has been making coy statements about the European crisis getting ugly – as in really ugly, like needing armed troops to deal with it. This sounds more like Greece, where the rioting is regular and increasingly scary, than anything in Central Europe, but where the whole EU furball is headed does seem less than clear of late. The Swiss are famous for preparing for everything and having an absolutely huge army, relative to their population, to deal with any eventuality. They maintain their special...
  • Did Obama deliberately try to stage a hostage taking in Benghazi as an “October Surprise”

    10/08/2012 5:34:49 PM PDT · by RummyChick · 90 replies
    hillbuzz ^ | 10/8 | kevin dujan
    Today I’m going on the radio in Los Angeles to accuse the Obama administration of deliberately attempting to stage a hostage-taking in Benghazi as part of a manufactured “October Surprise” that Obama intended to make himself look great on the foreign stage in the lead up to the election. The plan — if you were paying attention — was set in motion at the Democrats’ convention in Charlotte in early September when repeated mentions of Obama as a “foreign policy president” were made. This was timed to lead up to September 11th…when deliberately lowered security at the Benghazi consulate (and...
  • Suddenly, Casey in a battle against Smith (Pennsylvania US Senate race tightening!)

    10/08/2012 5:28:33 PM PDT · by smoothsailing · 22 replies
    The Morning Call ^ | 10-8-2012 | Colby Itkowitz
    Suddenly, Casey in a battle against Smith By Colby Itkowitz, Call Washington Bureau October 8, 2012 WASHINGTON — Suddenly, Pennsylvania's sleepy U.S. Senate race is getting buzz. And like the snooze button on an alarm clock, the buzz reveals just how long incumbent Bob Casey's campaign team has overslept, allowing unknown Republican Tom Smith to draw closer. Until the past few days, Smith has controlled the narrative: He's the farm-boy-turned-coal-miner with a large family who mocks Casey (nicknamed Senator Zero in Smith ads) as an ineffective lawmaker. Smith's a businessman who until last week was airing two and a half...
  • Team Obama knocks Romney for not showing up…on Nickelodeon (This was The debate Obama was ready for)

    10/08/2012 5:27:25 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 19 replies
    Hotair ^ | 10/08/2012 | MARY KATHARINE HAM
    He may not have been ready to take the fight to Mitt Romney in Denver last week, but Team Obama wants you to know ithe president welcomes a showdown on… Nickelodeon. Bring. It. On. TMZ reporting: President Obama's peeps say Mitt Romney is gonna be sorry for blowing off a bunch of kids who participated in the Nickelodeon show, "Kids Pick the President."The premise of the show --- kids submit questions to each candidate and based on the answers they make their pick for leader of the free world. Obama answered the kids' questions, but Romney said he didn't have...
  • Bounce: Romney Surges in Ohio, Florida, Virginia

    10/08/2012 5:25:42 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 15 replies ^ | October 8, 2012 | Guy Benson
    As Americans are beginning to process Mitt Romney's lopsided debate victory on Wednesday night, the Republican nominee has pulled ahead in three crucial swing states, according to a trio of surveys from pollster We Ask America:   Ed Morrissey notes the slightly generous (to Republicans) sample splits in Florida and Virginia, although the Ohio partisan breakdown looks about right.  To buttress this data, Rasmussen has released two new surveys -- his data shows Romney ahead by one point in Virginia (49/48), and down by a point in Ohio (50/49).  But consider this item within the Buckeye State poll:   But among the...
  • Business owner who thwarted robbery says he's no hero(DE)

    10/08/2012 5:24:46 PM PDT · by marktwain · 4 replies ^ | 8 October, 2012 | Scott Goss
    Georgetown, Del. -- Douglas Hitchens insists he's not a hero, despite having single-handedly caught a suspect who allegedly attempted to rob his used car dealership last week. "People keep using that word and I wish they would stop," the 50-year-old owner of Hitchens Auto Sales said. "It wasn't anything that I set out to do. I was just reacting off of pure adrenaline." Hitchens said he was in the auto shop about 2:45 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 1, when he first noticed the man getting out of a car that had pulled onto the shoulder of Seashore Highway. As the...
  • Prayers requested for my wife and myself

    10/08/2012 5:24:00 PM PDT · by TNoldman · 77 replies
    Prayers are requested for my wife and myself to guide our full recovery! Here I am back from my 4 week post-op visit. I am 77 and slipped in the yard and ruptured my right Quad Tendon on Sept. 11. The Doc said he thought I was doing Great. Increased my Leg load to 40 #. He also opened my Brace to 50 Degrees - Cheer-Cheer! He said not to put that 40# load on the Leg with the Leg bent - suggested I lock the Brace when I walk to protect the repair. I will continue Quad Sets, Toe...
  • Romney cuts into Obama's early voter advantage (what we have all been saying!)

    10/08/2012 5:19:52 PM PDT · by Ravi · 44 replies
    AP ^ | 10/8/12 | stephen ohlemacher
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Mitt Romney's campaign is working hard to chip away at President Barack Obama's advantage among early voters, and there are signs the effort is paying off in North Carolina and Florida, two competitive states that the Republican nominee can ill afford to lose. Obama is doing better in Iowa, another battleground state important to both candidates.
  • Make Liberal Heads Explode, Vote For Bristol Palin on Dancing With The Stars Redux

    10/08/2012 5:18:18 PM PDT · by Clint N. Suhks · 13 replies
    Vanity | 10/8/12
    You don't have to watch the show just VOTE. Two years ago when I put up this thread I was contacted by PEOPLE Magazine along with JimRob so we know we are effective. Call 1-800-868-3409 Text 3409 Tweet #TeamBristol Vote OnlineVote as many times as you can until they tell you to stop. It's not about supporting a "Reality Show" it's about flexing Tea Party Muscle!
  • Dianne Feinstein tells regulators to investigate high California gas prices, again

    10/08/2012 5:16:48 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 33 replies
    Sacramento Business Journal ^ | 10/08/2012 | Steven E.F. Brown,
    Six weeks after calling for an investigation into high California gas prices, Sen. Dianne Feinstein once again told the Federal Trade Commission that Golden State drivers are being gouged. Dianne Feinstein letter to FTC">In a letter to FTC boss Jon Leibowitz, Feinstein wrote of "malicious trading schemes in the California gasoline market." Feinstein sent an earlier letter to Leibowitz complaining of price spikes "unjustified by supply and demand" on Aug. 28. Citing a possible "illegal short squeeze," Feinstein called for not only an FTC investigation, but also better monitoring of the gasoline and oil markets and also the creation of...
  • DEBATE QUOTE: Romney — I Love Big Bird, But Not Enough to Borrow Money From China (Freep a poll)

    10/08/2012 5:14:26 PM PDT · by ApplegateRanch · 21 replies
    Fox News Insider ^ | Oct 3rd 2012
    President Barack Obama 52.01% Governor Mitt Romney 47.99% Looks like the Libs have been quietly skewing this, on Fox, no less.
  • Gallup Poll to Show Romney, Obama Tied Among Likely Voters

    10/08/2012 5:09:57 PM PDT · by profit_guy · 13 replies
    Big Bird's Home ^ | October 8, 2012 at 6:55 PM EDT | Katelyn Polantz
    In previous Gallup daily polling including on Monday, Obama has held a 5 percentage-point lead among registered voters. But the Gallup poll to come Tuesday will report results from a smaller pool among those voters, those who are likely to vote. That change in the poll's method will "wipe out" the president's lead, Page said. "Republicans are more energized and more likely to actually go and vote," she added.
  • Romney Casts Obama's Foreign Policy As Weak, Dangerous

    10/08/2012 5:07:55 PM PDT · by Biggirl · 22 replies ^ | October 8, 2012 | Steve Holland
    (Reuters) - Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney delivered a sweeping critique on Monday of President Barack Obama's handling of threats in the Middle East, saying Obama's lack of leadership had made the volatile region more dangerous.
  • Obama hits a foul by honoring Cesar Chavez

    10/08/2012 5:07:53 PM PDT · by markomalley · 4 replies
    CNN ^ | 10/8/2012 | Ruben Navarrette Jr
    (snip) But Chavez was never a leader for all Latinos. Mexicans and Mexican-Americans might represent more than two-thirds of the U.S. Latino population, but the other third is made up of Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Dominicans and others. To them, Chavez probably means nothing. Even Mexican immigrants don't have a stake in the legend of Cesar Chavez; they hear the name, and most of them probably think of the great Mexican boxer, Julio Cesar Chavez. (snip) Chavez earned many titles in his life, but "champion of immigrants" was not one of them. He was primarily a labor leader who was concerned...
  • How family lore shapes character (Fauxcahontas family haunted by Indian wars ghosts)

    10/08/2012 5:07:01 PM PDT · by Libloather · 24 replies
    Boston Globe ^ | 10/08/12 | James Carroll
    How family lore shapes characterBy James Carroll October 08, 2012 **SNIP** When Oklahoma was made a state in 1907, barely four decades before Warren was born there, it incorporated the so-called Indian Territory — that culmination of the multiple betrayals of Native Americans, an end of the “trail of tears.” The Cherokee people, in particular, paid the price of the “forced relocation” across thousands of miles, with thousands dead. More than in the rest of America, ghosts of the Indian wars abound in Oklahoma. Warren’s family, tracing itself to those Cherokees, was haunted by them. That the anti-Indian prejudice directed...