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  • Valuable WWII Gun at Police Buy-Back

    12/12/2012 5:17:35 AM PST · by jneesy · 11 replies
    ABC News Blog ^ | Dec 10, 2012 | Annie Rose Ramos
    Just like a scene out of "Antiques Roadshow," a woman in Hartford, Conn., turned in an old rifle to her local police station's gun buy-back, only to discover the gun was worth anywhere from $20,000 to $25,000. The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, inherited the gun from her father who had brought it home with him from Europe as a memento from World War II.
  • Illinois concealed carry ban tossed by federal appeals court

    12/12/2012 5:08:04 AM PST · by rellimpank · 12 replies
    Chicago Tribune ^ | 12 dec 2012 | Ray Long
    Illinois' days as the only state in the nation to forbid public possession of a firearm could be numbered after a federal appellate court threw out a state ban and gave lawmakers six months to figure out a way to let people legally carry guns. The 2-1 ruling Tuesday by a 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals panel in Chicago affirmed a constitutional right to have ready-to-use firearms for self-defense outside the home. Gun owner groups declared a historic victory, claiming leverage to limit restrictions on who can possess a weapon as negotiations on a new state law unfold. Gun...
  • Reese emergency release motion to be heard next week (NM)

    12/12/2012 5:05:57 AM PST · by marktwain · 8 replies
    Lawyers for Rick and Ryin Reese, New Mexico gun dealers imprisoned without bail for well over a year, “filed a motion to release them until their sentencing date,” a source close to the case informed supporters this morning. “The motion is set for [a hearing on] Tuesday, December 18, 2012, at 10:30 a.m. in the Federal Courthouse in Judge Brack's courtroom,” the source announced. “Anyone who can attend would be WONDERFUL,” the source continued. “If you can't be there, please keep us in your prayers for release of the guys after 477 days in jail.” “The Reese family, facing up...
  • HSBC to Pay Record Fine in Money Laundering Case ($1.92bn)

    12/12/2012 5:05:37 AM PST · by TigerLikesRooster · 15 replies
    Chosun Ilbo ^ | Dec. 12, 2012
    HSBC to Pay Record Fine in Money Laundering Case The U.S. Justice Department has filed court papers alleging felony criminal offenses against one of the world's largest banks, HSBC, in a New York federal court. HSBC announced earlier in the day that it has agreed to pay a record $1.92 billion fine to settle charges connected to a money laundering scheme in the United States. A U.S. Senate investigation published in July said HSBC had poor anti-money laundering controls in place and had shifted billions of dollars for Mexican drug lords, terrorists and governments under sanctions, including Iran and North...
  • Not Enough Liberal Bias in Loony Land

    12/12/2012 5:02:32 AM PST · by Kaslin · 7 replies ^ | December 12, 2012 | Brent Bozell
    How could a liberal actually be upset with the liberal media for their coverage of the 2012 presidential election? Well, Daniel Froomkin of The Huffington Post (formerly of the Washington Post) is furious. His complaint carried the headline "How the Mainstream Press Bungled the Single Biggest Story of the 2012 Campaign". What would that story be? Namely, the radical right-wing, off-the-rails lurch of the Republican Party, both in terms of its agenda and its relationship to the truth. Head Scratch Time. Who in the media didn't identify the Grand Old Party as burdened, infected and/or poisoned by their conservatives?...
  • Suburban supporters cheer concealed carry ruling; opponents want appeal(IL)

    12/12/2012 5:00:07 AM PST · by marktwain · 6 replies ^ | 11 December, 2012 | Mike Riopell
    With a federal court ruling Tuesday possibly paving the way for those in Illinois to carry concealed weapons, some suburban officials are pushing to overturn the decision while others are now figuring out how a new law would work. The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals said Tuesday in a 2-1 opinion that state lawmakers have 180 days to write a new law that legalizes concealed carry in Illinois. State Rep. Ed Sullivan, a Mundelein Republican, called the ruling “historic” and said now the sides have to negotiate what kinds of fees, training and restrictions a concealed carry law in Illinois...
  • The Internet Is a Dud

    12/12/2012 4:54:14 AM PST · by dennisw · 15 replies
    dailyreckoning ^ | Dec 11th | Bill Bonner
    - Daily Reckoning - - The Internet Is a DudPosted By Bill Bonner On December 11, 2012 @ 4:38 pm The world today looks almost identical to the world of the 1960s because there have been very few important innovations since then. But you will leap to reply — the internet! Alas, electronic technology does not seem to noticeably increase output of stuff. The Internet affects our quality of life in many ways, but not our standard of living.The Internet was more or less fully built out in the US in the year 2000. All of a sudden, knowledge...
  • Campus Carry Bill Back On Tap For 2013 Session(NV)

    12/12/2012 4:52:35 AM PST · by marktwain ^ | 11 December, 2012 | Sean Whaley
    CARSON CITY – A newly elected Republican state lawmaker plans to push forward with a bill next session to allow students and others with permits to carry concealed weapons on the campuses of the Nevada System of Higher Education. Assemblywoman Michele Fiore, R- Las Vegas, elected to Assembly District 4 in November, has submitted a bill draft request to prepare a measure for consideration in the 2013 legislative session. The one-line description for the request says: “Authorizes the possession of a concealed firearm on property of the Nevada System of Higher Education under certain circumstances.” Fiore, a lifetime member of...
  • Senator Tom Coburn Calls For GOP To Agree To Tax Hikes

    12/12/2012 4:51:59 AM PST · by LD Jackson · 45 replies
    Political Realities ^ | 12/12/12 | LD Jackson
    Senator Tom Coburn, R-OK, has long been a voice of reason in the United States Senate. He was the same voice of reason in the House of Representatives, causing Speaker Newt Gingrich major headaches by not going along to get along. He has long been advocating a balanced approach to reducing the national debt and the deficit and it is worth mentioning that Coburn's approach is much more balanced than the proposals President Obama and the liberal Democrats have put forth. Coburn is called Dr. No in the Senate for a reason. The number of bills he has blocked because...
  • Government Gone Bad

    12/12/2012 4:51:39 AM PST · by Kaslin · 7 replies ^ | December 12, 2012 | John Stossel
    Politicians claim they make our lives better by passing laws. But laws rarely improve life. They go wrong. Unintended consequences are inevitable. Most voters don't pay enough attention to notice. They read headlines. They watch the Rose Garden signing ceremonies and hear the pundits declare that progress was made. Bipartisanship! Something got done. We assume a problem was solved. Intuition tells us that government is in the problem-solving business, and so the more laws passed, the better off we are. The possibility that fewer laws could leave us better off is hard to grasp. Kids visiting Washington don't ask their...
  • Today's Word with Joel Osteen - December 12, 2012 [Devotional]

    12/12/2012 4:45:57 AM PST · by Vision · 1 replies
    Email ^ | 12/12/12 | Joel Osteen
    He Still Has a Plan Today's Scripture ‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the LORD, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’ Jeremiah 29:11, NIV. Today's Word from Joel and Victoria The scripture tells us that without vision, people perish. If you don’t have a dream or vision for your life, then you’re not really going to reach your fullest potential. Maybe at one time you had a dream, but you went through some disappointments or setbacks. Things didn’t turn out the way you planned....
  • Daily Reflections with Oswald Chambers [December 12, 2012]

    12/12/2012 4:43:46 AM PST · by Vision · 4 replies
    Personality ". . . that they may be one just as We are one . . ." —John 17:22 Personality is the unique, limitless part of our life that makes us distinct from everyone else. It is too vast for us even to comprehend. An island in the sea may be just the top of a large mountain, and our personality is like that island. We don’t know the great depths of our being, therefore we cannot measure ourselves. We start out thinking we can, but soon realize that there is really only one Being who fully understands us,...
  • Bill & wife speak ‘out’ (Hail her past as lesbian pioneer)

    12/12/2012 4:22:44 AM PST · by Liz · 36 replies
    Chirlane McCray and husband, NY Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, a mayoral candidate, respond to her declaration in 1979 Essence magazine, “I am a lesbian.” McCray said, “I’m going to use this as a platform to go out and do a lot of good.” Asked if she was no longer a lesbian, McCray said, “Sexuality is a fluid thing and it’s personal. I don’t even understand the question, quite frankly.” A top aide to Mayor Bloomberg applauded the couple. De Blasio insisted he wasn’t exploiting the issue for political gain. “We’re very proud of who we are. We want to...
  • Word For The Day, Wednesday, 12-12-12 -- numerology

    12/12/2012 4:13:48 AM PST · by TruthShallSetYouFree · 81 replies
    Word For The Day, Wednesday, 12-12-12 -- numerology ; In order that we might all raise the level of discourse and expand our language abilities, here is the daily post of "Word for the Day". numerology [noo-muh-rol-uh-jee] hear it pronounced noun: the study of numbers, such as the figures in a birth date, and of their supposed influence on human affairs Etymology: Origin: 1911, "study of the occult meaning of numbers," a hybrid from L. numerus "number" + Gk. -logia, from logos "one who speaks (of a certain topic)." A correct formation would be arithmology, from Gk. arithmos "number." Related...
  • Let’s Just Call the Bush Tax Rates a Subsidy

    12/12/2012 4:12:05 AM PST · by IbJensen · 10 replies
    Red State ^ | 12/11/2012 | Daniel Horowitz
    Listening to the self-righteous protestations of the class warriors, one would come away with the impression that the rich don’t pay any taxes. In fact, the top 1% of tax filers paid 37.4% of all federal income taxes in 2010; the top 2% paid almost 50%. Unfortunately, when it comes to real handouts for the rich, liberals are silent. In their dyslexic worldview, a tax cut is a handout and a handout is a tax cut. That is why both Democrats and Republicans are plotting to surreptitiously slip in a farm bill to the final negotiations over the tax rates....
  • Senate Democrats: Um, Let's "Postpone" Obamacare's Medical Device Tax

    12/12/2012 4:04:42 AM PST · by Kaslin · 29 replies ^ | December 11, 2012 | Guy Benson
    What a pity.  If only someone had demonstrated the foresight to warn against the destructive consequences of Obamacare's medical device tax, they might have helped turn public sentiment sharply against the law prior to passage.  Oh, that's right, conservatives did -- and the American people rose up in opposition.  Now, the very actors who are most responsible for ignoring public demands and jamming through Obamacare are trying to "delay" or repeal a major element of their law, warning that it could stifle medical innovation and kill jobs.  Welcome to the party, guys.  You're about two years too late:   U.S....
  • "There Will Be Blood": Union Violence in the Age of Obama

    12/12/2012 3:54:30 AM PST · by Kaslin · 42 replies ^ | December 12, 2012 | Michelle Malkin
    Not so many moons ago, President Obama urged us all to "make sure that we are talking with each other in a way that heals, not a way that wounds." He Who Heals advocated "a more civil and honest public discourse" in the wake of the January 2011 Tucson massacre. As usual, though, the White House has granted Big Labor bullies a permanent waiver from the lofty edicts it issues to everyone else. This week, menacing union goons unleashed threats, profanity and punches in Michigan, which is now poised to become a "right-to-work" state. Obama met the initial outbreak of...
  • Judge says crooked pol Monserrate is like Nixon — except he gets jail

    12/12/2012 3:47:02 AM PST · by Liz · 14 replies
    NY POST ^ | 12/12/12 | BRUCE GOLDING
    Federal Judge McMahon rejected Hiram Monserrate’s tearful plea to stay free so he could care for sick relatives. “You should have thought about them before (looting city tax dollars to finance his campaign).” Montserrate has to repay $79,000 tax dollars he connived while serving on the NY City Council w/ the rest to be paid by co-conspirator Javier Cardenas, who ratted out Monserrate. Monserrate steered $100,000 to Cardenas’ non-profit "Latino Initiative for Better Resources and Empowerment" which took a cut and laundered the rest for Monserrate’s failed 2006 state Senate bid. After sentencing, the convicted Democrat embraced the ex-girlfriend he...
  • Today's Toons 12/12/12

    12/12/2012 3:28:05 AM PST · by pookie18 · 20 replies
    The Briefing Room ^ | 12/12/12 | pookie18
    Click on link.
  • Weekly job hours slashed below 30 as Obamacare kicks in

    12/12/2012 3:27:00 AM PST · by Jack023 · 35 replies ^ | 12/12/2012 | Mike Adams
    (NaturalNews) It is the ultimate example of how you reap what you sow: Huge numbers of American workers who voted for Obama are now seeing their own jobs slashed below 30 hours a week as employers desperately try to avoid "Obamacare bankruptcy." Obamacare mandates for businesses only apply to those working 30 hours a week or more, and while many businesses do not want to cut workers' hours, they are being forced to in order to stay afloat. This necessary action is causing businesses to lose money and become less competitive while at the same time destroying American jobs. Some...
  • Americans at risk from anti-terrorism law

    12/12/2012 3:08:15 AM PST · by Shane · 5 replies
    Renew America ^ | December 12, 2012 | Alan Caruba
    While Americans were going about their lives Wednesday evening, the U.S. House of Representatives voted for the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), said to provide the government with great means to fight terrorism. One of its provisions would permit government law enforcement authorities to detain terror suspects without trial and thus eviscerate the Fourth and Fifth Amendments to the Constitution that protect citizens "against unreasonable searches and seizures" and to ensure that "No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on presentment or indictment of a grand jury..." with some exceptions. On December...
  • Fed set to expand its monetary stimulus

    12/12/2012 3:03:22 AM PST · by EBH · 6 replies
    Reuters ^ | 12/12/12 | Pedro Nicolaci da Costa
    Policymakers are also likely to repeat a pledge to keep buying bonds until the labor market outlook improves substantially. A drop in the jobless rate to 7.7 percent in November from 7.9 percent in October was driven by workers exiting the labor force, a fact certain to disappoint the Fed. "The economic environment seems ripe for those at the Fed who support continued accommodation," said Victor Li, professor at the Villanova School of Business and a former St. Louis Fed economist. As its last program of Treasury purchases, known as Operation Twist, draws to a close, officials look set to...
  • 7 Northeast states to sue EPA over methane

    12/12/2012 2:48:40 AM PST · by raybbr · 33 replies
    Seven Northeastern and mid-Atlantic states, including Connecticut, announced plans Tuesday to sue the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, saying it is violating the Clean Air Act by failing to address methane emissions from oil and gas drilling, which has boomed in states such as Pennsylvania and West Virginia. New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman said in a news release Tuesday that the EPA is violating the Clean Air Act by failing to address the emissions. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas, and the oil and gas industry is the largest source of emissions in this country. Other major sources come...
  • Quinn & Rose - America’s Morning Show - December 12, 2012

    12/12/2012 2:48:19 AM PST · by sneakers · 12 replies
    Listen to the Quinn & Rose Morning Show from 6:00 to 9:00 Eastern on: (104.7 Pittsburgh, Pa) (Rochester, NY) (Frostburg, MD) (Salisbury/Ocean City, MD WOBX - Outer banks NC http (Ashland, OH) :// for archived shows And now on 166 XM
  • Paul Tagliabue wipes away player suspensions in New Orleans Saints bounty case

    12/12/2012 1:47:10 AM PST · by loucon · 19 replies ^ | December 11 | Larry Holder
    Former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue made a drastic change in the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal Tuesday as the NFL announced all suspensions and penalties for Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma and defensive end Will Smith, along with former linebacker Scott Fujita and defensive lineman Anthony Hargrove, have been vacated.
  • Object seen in orbit after North Korea carries out controversial rocket launch

    12/12/2012 1:37:35 AM PST · by TigerLikesRooster · 46 replies
    CNN ^ | December 12, 2012 | Jethro Mullen
    Object seen in orbit after North Korea carries out controversial rocket launch By Jethro Mullen, CNN December 12, 2012 -- Updated 0907 GMT (1707 HKT) Hong Kong (CNN) -- North Korea surprised and angered the international community Wednesday by launching a long-range rocket that appeared to put a satellite in orbit, a breakthrough for the reclusive, nuclear-armed state. The North Korean regime said the rocket had successfully blasted off from a space center on its west coast and delivered a satellite into its intended orbit. The launch followed a botched attempt in April and came just days after Pyongyang suggested...
  • Gay weddings not the answer, David Cameron told

    12/12/2012 1:33:08 AM PST · by Olog-hai · 3 replies
    Daily Telegraph (UK) ^ | 9:29PM GMT 11 Dec 2012 | Tim Ross
    David Cameron is imperilling the “entire political credibility” of the Conservative Party by supporting same-sex marriage, a Tory MP has said. Brian Binley accused the Prime Minister of chasing headlines instead of making responsible policies. …
  • Big Labor targets only non-union resort/casino in Las Vegas

    12/12/2012 1:28:50 AM PST · by Ron C. · 22 replies ^ | December 11, 2012 | Michelle Malkin
    These are pictures of the amazing Salute Our Troops event from the Venetian/Palazzo last weekend. I’ll tell you more about it in a moment. But first, a little about the place. The workforce at Sheldon Adelson’s Venetian/Palazzo resort and casino in Las Vegas is non-union. It’s the only right-to-work sanctuary amidst the Big Labor-locked hotel complexes on the Vegas strip. As such, the Venetian/Palazzo has been a perennial target for disruptive union goons who can’t stand to see a successfully run mega-business with happy employees — not one of whom is forced to work there or forced to fork over...
  • Privacy leaks are still rampant in kids’ apps, FTC reports

    12/12/2012 1:27:46 AM PST · by Olog-hai
    PC World ^ | Dec 10, 2012 11:50 AM | Jared Newman
    Parents beware: Many iPhone and Android apps designed for children are playing fast and loose with privacy, according to the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC just released a survey on kids’ apps in Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store for Android. Of the 400 apps surveyed, 60 percent sent out the device ID, mainly to third-parties such as ad networks or analytics companies. …
  • Code for America unites techies, government

    12/12/2012 1:19:08 AM PST · by thecodont · 4 replies
    San Francisco Chronicle / ^ | Updated 8:29 p.m., Tuesday, December 11, 2012 | Ellen Lee
    A little more than a year ago, Prashant Singh was an engineer at Microsoft's Mountain View campus working on projects including Internet-connected televisions and the Xbox. But for the past year, his career has taken a civil service turn. The 31-year-old engineer spent 2012 designing a public transit tool and other technology for the city of Detroit. Through the San Francisco nonprofit Code for America, Singh took a sabbatical of sorts. As fellows of the effort nicknamed the "Peace Corps for geeks," Singh and 25 other techies fanned out for a year across the United States to help municipalities develop...
  • Number of jailed journalists sets global record

    12/12/2012 12:59:04 AM PST · by Olog-hai · 16 replies
    Committee to Protect Journalists ^ | December 11, 2012 | (CPJ Staff/Sumit Galhotra)
    Imprisonment of journalists worldwide reached a record high in 2012, driven in part by the widespread use of charges of terrorism and other anti-state offenses against critical reporters and editors, the Committee to Protect Journalists has found. In its annual census of imprisoned journalists, CPJ identified 232 individuals behind bars on December 1, an increase of 53 over its 2011 tally. Large-scale imprisonments in Turkey, Iran, and China helped lift the global tally to its highest point since CPJ began conducting worldwide surveys in 1990, surpassing the previous record of 185 in 1996. The three nations, the world’s worst jailers...
  • Mali names new prime minister after 'quasi-coup'

    12/12/2012 12:58:52 AM PST · by bruinbirdman · 1 replies
    France 24 ^ | 12/12/2012 | Charlčne Pelé
    Mali’s interim president has named longtime public servant Django Cissoko as the country’s new prime minister, hours after the former prime minister was arrested and forced to resign by the soldiers who staged the March coup. Mali’s interim president Diouncounda Traore has appointed Django Cissoko, a former Secretary General of the West African nation’s presidency, as prime minister, Mali state television said on Tuesday. Cissoko will replace Cheick Modibo Diarra, who was forced to resign earlier in the day after he was arrested by soldiers who staged a coup in the Sahel nation in March. The presidential decree read on...
  • As census reveals over a million Britons were born to inter-racial relationships

    12/12/2012 12:37:12 AM PST · by Cronos · 18 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | 11.12.2012 | Tanith Carey
    Whenever the moment comes when I have to choose the box on the Census that asks me to describe my national identity, my hand hovers over which one to tick. With my fair hair, pale skin and green eyes, I certainly look like I should be picking the category that says ‘White/British’. But by putting my mark in that square, I would not be doing justice to all that I am. Like more than one million people in Britain, according to data from the 2011 Census released yesterday, I am a member of the fastest-growing population group in this country:...

    12/12/2012 12:34:08 AM PST · by bruinbirdman · 1 replies
    AFPC Missile Defense Briefing Report ^ | 12/7/2012 | Richard Harrison and Nicholas Grothaus, eds.
    The United Nations is looking into how North Korea managed to acquire large mobile launch platforms despite the international sanctions that have been levied against the Stalinist regime. The transporter vehicles have several uses, but can most notably be utilized as a mobile platform for launching ballistic missiles. Pyongyang formally unveiled the launchers at a military parade back in April. Illicit transfers from China, the DPRK's largest source of missile technology, are suspected; in late October, China admitted that one of its state-affiliated companies sold such platforms to Pyongyang for use in logging operations, under condition they not be used...
  • Breath in, breath out, repeat...

    Embrace your inner fiscal cliff. Breath in, breath out, repeat... The fiscal cliff is your friend. Breath in, breath out, repeat...
  • Decade that changed the face of the UK: in London less than half of the population is white British

    12/12/2012 12:19:01 AM PST · by Cronos · 11 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | 11.12.2012 | Steve Doughty
    Nearly four million immigrants swelled the population of England and Wales over just ten years, the results of the national census revealed yesterday. The figures show 7.5million people who were born abroad were living here last year – of whom more than half have arrived since 2001. Census officials said they mean that more than 70 per cent of the record rise in the overall population over the past decade is produced by people who migrated into Britain. It said 13 per cent of people in the country, 7.5million, were born outside Britain. Of these, 3.8million arrived after 2001, including...
  • Privacy vs. Security: EU Eyes Massive Collection of Air Passenger Data

    12/12/2012 12:12:07 AM PST · by Olog-hai · 5 replies
    Der Spiegel ^ | 12/10/2012 | (acb)
    European parliamentarians next week are to debate a controversial draft law that would create massive national police databases of flight passengers entering or leaving the 27-nation European Union, including everything from addresses to meal preferences. The proposal for a “passenger name record” (PNR) would require airlines and booking agencies to hand over passenger data to national authorities, which would then routinely search for anything conspicuous. The data would be saved for five years and would include names, seat assignments, travel destinations, phone numbers, hired travel agencies and potential re-bookings, among other details. …
  • For the first time, fewer than half of us are married {UK}

    12/12/2012 12:08:12 AM PST · by Cronos · 5 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | 11.12.2012 | Steve Doughty
    Fewer than half the population are now married, the census found for the first time It showed that the number of those over 16 who declare themselves to be married has dropped to 46.6 per cent. In the 2001 census the majority were still husbands or wives, at 50.9 per cent. The 46.6 per cent who were married compared with more than two thirds, 67 per cent, in 1971. Just over a third of the adult population, 34.6 per cent, was single, up from 30.1 per cent in 2001. The singles in the census include those in cohabiting relationships. Numbers...
  • Dems Ask For Delay To Obamacare Med Device Tax They Voted For In The First Place

    12/12/2012 12:04:59 AM PST · by Lmo56 · 18 replies
    Americans For Tax Reform ^ | 12/11 | John Kartch
    In a letter to Majority Leader Harry Reid, 18 Democrat senators and senators-elect have asked for “a delay in the implementation” of the Obamacare medical device tax. Like most of the significant tax increases in Obamacare, the medical device tax is scheduled to take effect on Jan. 1, 2013, conveniently after the 2012 presidential election. Each of the 18 Democrat signatories voted for or supported Obamacare in the first place. And now they want a sweetheart exemption from one of its most onerous provisions. Even in Washington DC, that shows a lot of gall.
  • Religion in decline as census figures reveal there are 4million fewer Christians UK

    12/12/2012 12:01:53 AM PST · by Cronos · 7 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | 11.12.2012 | Steve Doughty
    Religion in decline as census figures reveal there are 4million fewer Christians and one in four is now an atheist Proportion of Christians in England and Wales down to 59.3 per cent Quarter of people say they do not follow any religion following rise of aggressive atheism>Number of Muslims up to 2.7million, 4.8 per cent of the populationChristianity has declined sharply over the past decade, according to the census returns. Numbers who choose to call themselves Christians fell by more than four millionThe diminishing number of Christians is mirrored by a rapid growth in those who profess no religious affiliation....
  • "Lib" (Parody Lyrics of "Creep" by Radiohead)

    12/11/2012 11:39:20 PM PST · by ExxonPatrolUs · 5 replies
    12-12-12 | Me
    When you won it before, Couldn't look you in the eye, You're like a bad penny, Each win made me cry; You change like the weather, At the end of the world, I wish you'd stop spending, You're still f-ing spending; Cause you're a lib, You're a wacko, What the hell are you doin' there You don't belong there; I don't care if it hurts, I want fiscal control, I want a balanced budget, I want bums off the dole; I want you to notice, When it all falls down, You kept f-ing spending; You would not stop spending;...
  • Sean Penn Attends Vigil for Hugo Chavez in Bolivia

    12/11/2012 11:24:47 PM PST · by Free ThinkerNY · 26 replies
    The Hollywood Reporter ^ | Dec. 11, 2012
    BUENOS AIRES -- Actor Sean Penn made a surprise appearance yesterday in Bolivia as he attended a candlelight vigil for the health of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who is currently in Cuba undergoing his fourth cancer surgery. The event attracted Chavez supporters as well as Bolivian officials, and took place in a diplomatic location in La Paz. Penn joined Venezuelan ambassador Crisbeylee Gonzalez and took the stage wearing a Venezuelan flag jacket, according to a report by EFE. “Thank you, Sean,” said Gonzalez, “for joining us and for wanting to be here. We know President Chavez is a good friend...
  • 'Khartoum allowing Iran to establish Red Sea base'

    12/11/2012 11:16:42 PM PST · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 19 replies ^ | 12/11/2012 04:43 | By JOANNA PARASZCZUK
    Sudanese rebel groups say Khartoum reaching secret agreement with Tehran to establish an Iranian military base. Photo: Davoud Poorsehat/Reuters Sudanese opposition groups accused Khartoum this week of reaching a secret agreement with Tehran to establish an Iranian military base on the Red Sea.Anti-government newspaper Hurriyat Sudan cited an unnamed opposition source on Monday as saying that the Sudanese government had struck a deal with Iran for building a base on the Sudanese coast. Related: IRGC leaders opposed to bilateral talks with US Egypt's Morsi imposes martial law for referendum Meanwhile, Sudanese rebel group The Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) said...
  • Vanity thread-Do many of my FReeper brothers share a passion for collecting Kalishnakov rifles

    12/11/2012 10:58:15 PM PST · by BOBWADE · 29 replies
    self written ^ | 12/12/12 | Bobwade
    Are there any serious AK collectors on freerepublic? Ihave a couple nice pieces to list on GB and wondered of anyone could share their thoughts on the items and their history. The fist is my Milled Yugoslavian M70 underfolderthat I had rewelded from an excellent parts kit. The second is an unfired Russian tiger sniper rifle. Any thoughts on what they are worth?

    12/11/2012 10:53:59 PM PST · by Fred · 80 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 121212 | Matthew Boyle
    A House GOP source has confirmed to Breitbart News that House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy was the one who drafted the secret criteria list House Speaker John Boehner used in his purge of conservatives from House committees. The source, someone with inside knowledge of how Boehner conducted the purge, told Breitbart News that McCarthy crafted the list, which included a scorecard of where several conservative members stood on certain votes. According to the source, it’s unclear at this time whether McCarthy made the list of his own accord or if he did so at the request of somebody else in...
  • IBEW Local 876 Facebook Page Taking a Pounding

    12/11/2012 10:38:22 PM PST · by Jimmah · 66 replies
    Tony carmago! You are a sorry excuse for an electrical worker! Word of Advice: When you decide to sucker punch someone and there are cameras around, don't wear a jacket with your name embroidered on it. Apparently your members don't belong to the Rocket Scientists Union.
  • December 11, 1941, Hitler Declares War On America: 71 Years Later Peace Is Still An Elusive Dream

    12/11/2012 10:29:01 PM PST · by nickcarraway · 8 replies
    Inquisitr ^ | December 11, 2012
    war on the United States of America. By the time the armistice was finally signed in 1945, seventy million human beings perished, half of all the Jews on earth were exterminated, and the horrors of nuclear destruction rained down on two Japanese cities. World War II took organized death and destruction to a new height of madness, yet we have learned nothing from the carnage. It is now 2012, there are 26 armed conflicts raging around the world, and peace is still an elusive dream. We have come a long way from trench warfare, sacrificial infantry charges into lethal machine...
  • The Salman Rushdie Case

    12/11/2012 10:25:58 PM PST · by nickcarraway · 6 replies
    New York Review of Books ^ | DECEMBER 20, 2012 | Zoë Heller
    When Anis Rushdie read his son’s novel Midnight’s Children for the first time in 1980, he became convinced that Ahmed Sinai, the drunken father in the book, was a satirical portrait of himself. A family row ensued. Rushdie fils did not deny that Sinai was based on his father—“In my young, pissed-off way,” he would later tell The Paris Review, “I responded that I’d left all the nasty stuff out”—but he objected to his father’s wounded reaction and thought it revealed a crude understanding of how novels worked. “My father had studied literature at Cambridge so I expected him to...
  • Inside the Boehner-Ryan Alliance

    12/11/2012 10:24:31 PM PST · by smoothsailing · 15 replies
    National Review ^ | 12-12-2012 | Robert Costa
    December 12, 2012 Inside the Boehner-Ryan Alliance Robert Costa Paul Ryan spent the summer and fall in the national spotlight, but this winter he’s a subdued presence. He’s rarely granting interviews, and his public appearances have been scattered, with the most high profile a speech at the Kemp Foundation dinner. His closest friends say that he wants to return to his work quietly, and that he’s uninterested in playing a prominent role in the fiscal-cliff debate, even though he’s the GOP’s reigning budget expert. “His speech at the Kemp dinner, where he spoke with Marco Rubio, showed a willingness to...
  • Dutch Jews Slam Sale of Debris From Nazi Camps

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    The Times of Israel ^ | December 11, 2012
    The Dutch Central Jewish Board condemned two recent incidents involving the sale by museums of debris from Nazi concentration camps. On Sunday, the board issued a statement slamming the sale of debris from Camp Vught, which was a transit camp for Jews located in the southern Netherlands. “It is wholly inappropriate to abuse signs of horror and inhumanity for commercial purposes,” the board said in a statement. Camp Vught, a national memorial monument and museum, reportedly offered visitors the chance to buy wooden figures prepared from wood recovered from the camp’s barrack 1B. Omroep Brabant, a local television station, reported...