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Keyword: 1441

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  • Hidden secrets of 1491 world map revealed via multispectral imaging

    06/12/2015 10:43:35 AM PDT · by Red Badger · 65 replies
    Phys.Org ^ | 06-12-2015 | Mike Cummings
    Henricus Martellus, a German cartographer working in Florence in the late 15th century, produced a highly detailed map of the known world. According to experts, there is strong evidence that Christopher Columbus studied this map and that it influenced his thinking before his fateful voyage. Martellus' map arrived at Yale in 1962, the gift of an anonymous donor. Scholars at the time hailed the map's importance and argued that it could provide a missing link to the cartographic record at the dawn of the Age of Discovery. However, five centuries of fading and scuffing had rendered much of the map's...
  • Baghdad leaps to explain warhead find

    02/04/2003 9:32:07 AM PST · by nypokerface · 6 replies · 286+ views
    AP ^ | 02/04/03
    BAGHDAD, Iraq -- Iraq took the unusual step of issuing an explanation for a missile warhead discovered yesterday by UN arms inspectors -- before the monitors themselves made the news public. The inspectors found the abandoned case of a small rocket and a "modified, damaged and abandoned warhead" at a missile parts factory south of Baghdad, the Iraqi News Agency said, describing it as a Russian-made Luna -- a short-range rocket permitted under UN resolutions. Iraq, however, rarely reports on what the inspectors find. The report appeared timed to give Iraq's version of events before the discovery was publicized by...
  • Why Did Democrats Lie About Weapons of Mass Destruction?

    05/24/2008 9:46:06 PM PDT · by parousia · 46 replies · 682+ views
    Canada Free Press ^ | May 23, 2008 | By John Lillpop
    As the war in Iraq grows more unpopular with increasing number of Americans, Democrats in collusion with the liberal mainstream media, continue to politicize the war by distorting the facts. Claim that President Bush lied about WMD in order to implement a grand strategy by neo-cons well before he took office supposedly aimed at using military force to install democratic regimes friendly to the U.S. throughout the Middle East. However, the left has never adequately answered the following question. If Bush knew there was no WMD, why would he send 150,000 troops into Iraq since his “lie” would be immediately...
  • Iraq: Setting the Record Straight (Project for the New American Century) [BOOKMARK!]

    05/03/2005 7:14:44 PM PDT · by RWR8189 · 3 replies · 725+ views
    Iraq:Setting the Record Straight ContentsPreface.................................................................................................................................i I. Iraq: The Clinton Administration’s Case.……………………………...................1II. Iraq: The Perspective from Washington on March 18, 2003.................................13III. Iraq: A History of Deception, Obstruction & Failure to MeetInternational Obligations.......................................................................................17IV. Questions & Answers: Iraq’s Nuclear Weapons Program...................................32V. Questions & Answers: Iraq’s Missile and UAV Programs..................................43VI. Questions & Answers: Iraq’s Chemical/Biological Weapons Programs.............54VII. Questions and Answers: Iraq’s Ties to Terrorism and al Qaeda..........................70Appendix: “The Right War for the Right Reasons”.........................................................78  PrefaceTwo years after the invasion of Iraq, we still do not know with complete confidence what happened to all of the stockpiles of weapons and weapons precursors that Saddam’s government admitted to...
  • Why does the media lie about Powell’s speech to the UN?

    12/06/2004 6:22:03 PM PST · by RWR8189 · 10 replies · 881+ views
    Townhall ^ | December 6, 2004 | Joel Mowbray
    When Secretary of State Colin Powell stepped down earlier this month, the flood of political obituaries were packed with praise, but almost all contained obligatory paragraphs highlighting the top diplomat’s “low point”: his February 2003 speech on Iraq to the United Nations.But no matter how much conventional media wisdom says otherwise, Powell’s presentation on the eve of the Iraq War remains as true today as it was then, which is to say almost entirely so. To claim, as the New York Times editorialized recently, that “Mr. Powell in fact offered half-truths, poorly analyzed intelligence and outright fantasies” is pure fiction...
  • Powell rebukes Kofi Annan over comments about Iraq war

    09/17/2004 6:17:37 AM PDT · by ejdrapes · 9 replies · 469+ views
    State Department ^ | September 16, 2004 | Colin Powell
    [snip] QUESTION: What is your reaction to Kofi Annan’s pronouncement about Iraq, about our action in Iraq? I'm curious, obviously, what you think about that. I'm not -- I don't recall he's used the word "illegal" before. Also, is that really helpful to our efforts to, you know, increase international involvement and also to the Iraqis' effort to try to establish a peaceful situation over there? SECRETARY POWELL: I think the Secretary General -- I can't give you a LexisNexis of what he may have said over the past year, but he has certainly always felt that it is an...
  • Saddam's WMD have been found: New evidence unveils chem/bio, nuclear, ballistic arms

    04/26/2004 10:46:42 PM PDT · by JohnHuang2 · 46 replies · 1,445+ views ^ | Tuesday, April 27, 2004 | By Kenneth R. Timmerman
    New evidence out of Iraq suggests the U.S. effort to track down Saddam Hussein's missing weapons of mass destruction is having better success than is being reported. Key assertions by the intelligence community widely judged in the media and by critics of President Bush as having been false are turning out to have been true after all. But this stunning news has received little attention from the major media, and the president's critics continue to insist that "no weapons" have been found. In virtually every case -- chemical, biological, nuclear and ballistic missiles -- the United States has found the...
  • 'We Thought the French Were With Us' (Chirac lied - details of the Iraq backstabbing)

    04/20/2004 2:08:19 PM PDT · by Stultis · 61 replies · 581+ views
    Fox News (Special Report Transcript) ^ | 20 April 2004 | KEN TIMMERMAN interviewed by BRIT HUME
    <p>This is a partial transcript of "Special Report with Brit Hume", April 19, 2004 that has been edited for clarity.</p> <p>SEN. JOHN KERRY: I will immediately reach out to other nations in a very different way from this administration. Within weeks of being inaugurated, I will return to the U.N., and I will literally, formally rejoin the community of nations and turnover a proud new chapter in America's relationship with the world.</p>
  • Hillary Clinton at Kay Hearing says 1441 might have worked "without the loss of life"

    01/28/2004 5:47:41 PM PST · by tallhappy · 69 replies · 600+ views
    US Senate Hearings | 1-28-04 | Hillary Clinton, David Kay
    Transcript of Hillary Clinton's Q&A with David Kay in today's Senate Hearing chaired by John Warner,. Let's see, Senator Clinton? SEN. HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON (D), NEW YORK: Thank you very much, Mr. Chairman. And Dr. Kay, I join with my colleagues in thanking you for your public service. And it's with great admiration that I have followed your service over a number of years, and I thank you greatly. I just wanted to clarify a few other comments that have been reported in the press just to get the record clear in my own mind. There were some references to...
  • Bush defends ouster of Saddam

    10/15/2003 10:54:01 PM PDT · by JohnHuang2 · 138+ views
    Washington Times ^ | Thursday, October 16, 2003 | By Joseph Curl
    <p>DINUBA, Calif. &#8212; President Bush yesterday said the regime of Saddam Hussein possessed and used weapons of mass destruction, declaring the world should have a unanimous reaction to the ouster of the Iraqi dictator: "Good riddance."</p> <p>Making a case for his decision to depose Saddam, the president said investigators combing Iraq for evidence of mass-destruction weapons have already turned up enough proof that the Iraqi regime was a threat its neighbors and the world.</p>
  • Wars are Won on the Offensive: POTUS Remarks in NH

    10/09/2003 9:42:41 AM PDT · by Coop · 18 replies · 229+ views
    Fox News ^ | 10/9/03 | Liza Porteus/AP
    <p>PORTSMOUTH, N.H. — The United States and its coalition partners are getting Iraq back on its feet, thanks to the help of thousands of military reservists and National Guardsmen, President Bush said Thursday.</p> <p>"You're serving in a time of testing for this nation and we're meeting the tests of history," Bush told a rousing crowd of guardsmen and their families in New Hampshire. "The challenges we face today cannot be met with timid actions or bitter words."</p>
  • Iraq paid N. Korea to deliver missiles

    10/04/2003 6:34:15 AM PDT · by Ragtime Cowgirl · 22 replies · 414+ views
    Washington Times ^ | Oct. 4, 2003 | Bill Gertz and Stephen Dinan
    <p>Saddam Hussein's government paid North Korea $10 million for medium-range Nodong missile technology in the months before the Iraq war, but never received any goods because of U.S. pressure, the chief U.S. weapons inspector in Iraq said yesterday.</p> <p>David Kay, who is leading the Iraq Survey Group, said there is "a lot of evidence" Iraq was rebuilding its banned missile program, which it actively hid from U.N. weapons inspectors.</p>
  • The Drug Dealer. (An analogy for WMD)

    10/03/2003 9:46:01 AM PDT · by epluribus_2 · 4 replies · 184+ views
    3-Oct-2003 | epluribus_2
    For use in helping the No WMD Found critics understand the Iraq phase of this war.
  • Full text of Resolution 1441

    02/17/2003 2:15:29 PM PST · by cody32127 · 1 replies · 159+ views
    UN Website ^ | 8 November 2002 | UN
        United Nations   S/2002/1198    Security Council   Provisional 7 November 2002 Original: English   <![if !supportMisalignedColumns]>             <![endif]>   United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and United States of America: draft resolution  [Adopted as Resolution 1441 at Security Council meeting 4644, 8 November 2002]          The Security Council,          Recalling all its previous relevant resolutions, in particular its resolutions 661 (1990) of 6 August 1990, 678 (1990) of 29 November 1990, 686 (1991) of 2 March 1991, 687 (1991) of 3 April 1991, 688 (1991) of 5 April 1991, 707 (1991) of 15 August 1991,...
  • You Are Probably Afraid to Publish This (Letter to Pravda Editor)

    03/25/2003 8:59:56 AM PST · by WaveThatFlag · 7 replies · 240+ views
    Pravda ^ | 3/25/3 | John Lawrence
    I am a US citizen. You are probably afraid to publish this, because you don’t seem to like US citizens in Russia: The first US war death today was a US Marine. He was a hero. He represents the sacrifices the US is willing to make to ensure a safe world. Where were the Russians? Hiding in their homes. Pretending to have a “principled” stand against war, when really you have become a nation of cowards, still backing dictators instead of the oppressed. Iraq has also launched Scud missiles, which Iraq denied they had. They have now clearly violated the...
  • Iraqi arsenal of banned weapons discovered

    03/23/2003 11:48:42 AM PST · by concerned about politics · 146 replies · 716+ views
    SMH ^ | March 24 2003, | n/a
    Iraqi arsenal of banned weapons discovered British troops outside Basra have discovered cruise missiles and warheads hidden inside fortified bunkers as part of a massive arsenal abandoned by Saddam Hussein's disintegrating southern army. Cases of rockets, giant anti-shipping mines and other ammunition are piled from floor to ceiling in dozens of bunkers at what is marked on maps as the Az Zubaya Heliport. The most disturbing find was two Russian-made Al-Harith anti-shipping cruise missiles, each 6m long and 1m in diameter, and nine warheads, hidden in two enormous reinforced concrete bunkers. Another missile, as yet unidentified, was found still crated...
  • Q: Penn, Garafalo, A.N.S.W.E.R., DixChix, Blix, France Should Apologize if WMD Found?

    03/19/2003 12:57:13 PM PST · by AmericanInTokyo · 51 replies · 300+ views
    AmericanInTokyo ^ | 19 March 2003 | AmericanInTokyo
    There is a long list of characters. You know, liberal American actors such as Penn, Garafalo, Clooney, and 'entertainers' like the Dixie Chicks, the Beastie Boys, and politicians like Daschle and Dean, and others like Hans Blix, Kofi Annan, Jacques Chirac, most of the UN Security Council, International A.N.S.W.E.R., World Workers Party, Pacifica Radio, Tony Benn, city councils such as Berkeley and New York City, etc. etc. ad nauseum ad infinitum, who have said over and over and over again there is no pretext for going to War with Iraq. Some of these people have BLATANTLY said that there is...
  • Forget about 1441 . . . How about Resolution 687?

    03/13/2003 9:59:09 AM PST · by LSUfan · 14 replies · 213+ views
    World Tribune ^ | 13 March 03 | Christopher W. Holton
    In 1991, at the end of Operation Desert Storm, the USA called off the dogs and had mercy on the Iraqi Republican Guards who were being dispatched like fish in a barrel. Iraq, in return, signed UNSC Resolution 687, which served as a cease fire for the Gulf War. The world should forget about the 17 useless UN resolutions passed since that time and take a closer look at that original resolution. By any measure, the Iraqis have violated this resolution and over. Indeed, the Iraqis have been behaving as if they had WON the Gulf War. Because this served...
  • Pakistan not in favour of Iraq regime change

    02/25/2003 10:32:01 PM PST · by livis_dad · 13 replies · 246+ views
    Dawn News ^ | 02/26/03 | Livis Dad
    KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 25: President Pervez Musharraf said on Tuesday that Pakistan was not in favour of regime change "anywhere", because this would destabilize the entire region. "I would not like to get involved in conjectures," he said when a Saudi journalist wanted to know whether Pakistan was afraid of any consequences for itself if there was a regime change in Iraq. Addressing a crowded press conference, the president said he did not think there would be regime change in other states also. Asked whether Pakistan as a member of the current Security Council would support the second resolution on...
  • Last, Last Chance?

    02/17/2003 11:18:13 PM PST · by efnwriter · 17 replies · 360+ views
    efreedomnews ^ | 17 February 2003 | Jonathan Rhodes
    efreedomnews         WAR ON TERRORISM - AN AMERICAN PERSPECTIVE Last, Last Chance?Jonathan Rhodes17 February 2003 Following worldwide "peace" demonstrations - actually anti-American demonstrations orchestrated by the socialist Worker's World Party, the diplomatic picture has changed toward Iraq. Despite the demonstrations, the change is toward support for the military option.NATO, the EU, even obstructionist France and militant pacifist Germany have started to look for ways out of the non-action corner they have painted themselves into. This can only mean that war is coming sooner rather than later - unless Saddam and his regime are miraculously removed from power. NATO has...