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  • The Iraq -- Al Qaeda Connections

    09/25/2003 7:43:55 AM PDT · by ellery · 30 replies · 6,734+ views
    Tech Central Station ^ | 09/25/2003 | Richard Miniter
    Every day it seems another American soldier is killed in Iraq. These grim statistics have become a favorite of network news anchors and political chat show hosts. Nevermind that they mix deaths from accidents with actual battlefield casualties; or that the average is actually closer to one American death for every two days; or that enemy deaths far outnumber ours. What matters is the overall impression of mounting, pointless deaths. That is why is important to remember why we fight in Iraq -- and who we fight. Indeed, many of those sniping at U.S. troops are al Qaeda terrorists operating...
  • The Jihadi Journalist (Debbie Schlussel Says There's Nothing Laudatory About Peter Jennings Alert)

    08/08/2005 9:36:03 AM PDT · by goldstategop · 168 replies · 5,106+ views
    Debbie ^ | 08/08/05 | Debbie Schlussel
    Jihadi Journalist: The Real Peter Jennings By Debbie Schlussel While the rest of the world is blindly singing the praises of Peter Jennings, here's a reality check: Peter Jennings did more for the cause of Islamic terrorism than any media figure today. And that's nothing to celebrate, honor, or even memorialize. Before there was Al Jazeerah, there was Peter Jennings. From the beginning of Jennings career until his death, Jennings' biased coverage went beyond the pale, bending over backward in "understanding" the terrorists who hate us-- from seeing "their side" when he covered the seige and then murder of innocent...
  • Wanna buy this house? Send your résumé

    08/01/2005 9:36:44 PM PDT · by ex-Texan · 165 replies · 3,067+ views
    CincyPost ^ | 4/24/2005 | Robert J. Shiller
    A headshot and bio is standard protocol to get an audition for a TV show or a play. But are they really necessary to buy a house? They are in some neighborhoods of Los Angeles where, in addition to offering as much as $75,000 over the asking price, buyers are sending flowery bios, pictures, and letters to sellers."I just oohed and ahhed my way from room to room," read one letter to Jane Centofante, who was selling her 2,000 square-foot home in Westwood, a tony L.A. suburb, for a cool $1.49 million. "I gather from your [house] that you are...
  • Air America- or "Con" America?

    08/02/2005 5:11:48 AM PDT · by backhoe · 92 replies · 4,455+ views
    various FR links & blogs | 08-02-05 | the heavy equipment guy
      Air Enron (Michelle Malkin)  -- According to Lombino's latest article, Air America's current owners have known about ... a large cash infusion from Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club, a non-profit organization funded primarily by government grants.  Despite the near-total MSM blackout, this story just keeps getting more and more interesting.  Previous:Air Deadbeat: the saga continuesThe Air America loopholeAir America is scramblingAir America: Don't blame usAir America: Stealing from poor kids?!    RADIO MAN CATCHES $TATIC (con man blamed for Air America $500K snafu) -- A top staffer at the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club in The Bronx "conned" the...
  • The Hero of Chappaquiddick: a profile of liberal Democrat Ted Kennedy

    07/30/2005 11:35:55 AM PDT · by Homer_J_Simpson · 75 replies · 8,199+ views
    The Hero of Chappaquiddick: a profile of liberal Democrat Ted KennedyLocal Columnist Jack WardOn the anniversary of the Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal, Edward M. (Teddy) Kennedy wanted to make sure everyone was reminded of the incident. Since Sen. Kennedy wants to remind us of history, I feel obligated to mention the anniversary of Kennedy's troubled past.Teddy is the last son of Joe and Rose Kennedy. The older, famous sons John (JFK) and Robert (RFK) are icons in Democrat politics. But as Cleo O'Donnell, a wife of a former Kennedy campaign aide said, "Teddy Kennedy was the weak kitten in...
  • Mohammed was a Thug & Fraud - (must read! - one of the best, short, accurate biographies EVER!)

    07/25/2005 8:07:19 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 128 replies · 11,281+ views
    I recently set out to learn more about Islam. I had no agenda at the time except to broaden my knowledge on the subject. What I have learned sickened me. I had previously been accepting of the notion that Islam was a peaceful religion and that the Muslim terrorists who inflict so much pain and death around the world represented a fringe element outside of mainstream Islam. I was wrong. The Islamic deity, Allah, is a false god. While the term "Allah" does indeed carry the same meaning as "God," Mohammed's Allah is nothing more than a construct of a...
  • London bomb suspect linked to Ore. terror camp (terrorists on the left coast)

    07/20/2005 6:41:28 PM PDT · by Splatter · 162 replies · 6,346+ views ^ | Wednesday, July 20, 2005 | By, NBC and CNN Staff (Spaltter)
    WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Investigators probing the London terror bombings are focusing on an elusive British Muslim suspect who is connected to a previous plot to set up a terrorist training camp in rural southern Oregon, according to U.S. counterterrorism officials. Officials told both NBC News and CNN Wednesday that Haroon Rashid Aswat, believed to be a mastermind of the London bombings, is the same British-born Muslim of Indian descent who scouted a Bly, Oregon ranch to set up a terror camp. These officials said Aswat, a Pakistani national being sought for questioning as a person of interest by British authorities,...
  • GOP Lawmaker: Saddam Linked to 9/11 ['Evidence is Clear']

    06/29/2005 1:29:28 PM PDT · by West Coast Conservative · 46 replies · 3,539+ views
    CNN ^ | Wednesday, June 29, 2005
    A Republican congressman from North Carolina told CNN on Wednesday that the "evidence is clear" that Iraq was involved in the terrorist attacks against the United States on September 11, 2001. "Saddam Hussein and people like him were very much involved in 9/11," Rep. Robin Hayes said. Told no investigation had ever found evidence to link Saddam and 9/11, Hayes responded, "I'm sorry, but you must have looked in the wrong places." Hayes, the vice chairman of the House subcommittee on terrorism, said legislators have access to evidence others do not. -SNIP-President Bush said in September 2003 that "We've had...
  • Walter Williams: Economics for the citizen [all of the Ten-Part Series]

    06/21/2005 9:14:37 AM PDT · by Tolik · 67 replies · 3,329+ views | Walter Williams
    <p>Last fall semester, I didn't teach for the first time in 37 years. No, I haven't retired. It was my semester-off reward for two terms as department chairman at George Mason University. A break is well deserved after a chairmanship — a job not unlike that of herding cats.</p>
  • Forceful Reason - Fallaci issues a wake-up call to Europe

    06/23/2005 9:37:31 AM PDT · by Brian Allen · 15 replies · 1,251+ views
    NRO ^ | Wednesday May 04 2004 - 0834 | Lorenzo Vidino
    Oriana Fallaci's is not a household name in the United States but Ms Fallaci's name cannot be uttered in Europe without generating a heated reaction. Even though her 2002 book, The Rage and the Pride, was translated into English [By Fallaci] and sold many copies in the United States, it was on the other side of the ocean that intellectuals, politicians, and ordinary citizens passionately debated the views of the celebrated Italian journalist. The Rage and the Pride is either loved or hated; Ms Fallaci's positions leave no middle ground. Outraged by the events of 9/11, Fallaci criticizes both Muslims...
  • Lies? Only When Republicans Tell them, Right? - (revealing!! hits the nail on the head!)

    05/22/2005 3:29:54 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 58 replies · 2,403+ views
    Sandy Berger is caught cramming top-secret intelligence documents down the front of his pants. Dan Rather is caught using forged documents to try to influence a presidential election. John Kerry slanders a million of his "band of brothers" in bogus testimony before Congress and then continues to lie for the next 30 years, claiming that in 1968 he was sent by Richard Nixon (who wasn’t president yet) to Cambodia on Christmas eve (which never happened), hearing the Vietnamese "sing Christmas carols" (the Vietnamese are Buddhists and don't celebrate Christmas) and being fired upon by the Khmer Rouge (which didn't become...
  • The Past and Future of American Grand Strategy [Bush critic gets it]

    05/18/2005 9:37:44 AM PDT · by Tolik · 57 replies · 3,920+ views
    Chapomatic and Ten O'Clock Scholar ^ | May 16, 2005 | Professor John Gaddis
    It's long but very interesting read. Please, don't get hung up at his obvious leftisms. Stay the course, please. The professor really gets it. He deserves applause for his intellectual honesty. And if he is not pure breed FReeper, he is a galaxy ahead of the irreconcilable, partisan, "Whatever it is, I'm against it" Left. His is a very valuable contribution to the debate, not that usual childish shrieks from the Left producing noise instead of feedback   I take allies whenever I see them. Chapomatic A Must Read On Grand Strategy I got this speech transcript from someone just now, and...
  • Stop Apologizing to Islam!! - (stupendous...what else can I say? Barbara Stock is RIGHT! ENOUGH!)

    05/14/2005 11:23:48 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 148 replies · 2,803+ views
    We Americans need to get our priorities straight. We are at war with Islam. I want President Bush, Secretary Rice, the media, and the bleeding-heart liberals to stop apologizing to Islam and I want it to stop right now. Islamists are slaughtering people all over the world. Islam has threatened to make our streets “run red with American blood.” A Saudi Islamic cleric gave bin Laden permission to detonate a nuke in a major American city. Enough already! What has set off the latest round of breast-beating and begging for Islamic forgiveness? Allegedly, the Quran was urinated on, or placed...
  • The Power of Islam - (stunning revelations! Al-Zarkawi was in OK City near time of bombing!)

    05/10/2005 10:03:47 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 74 replies · 4,425+ views
    THE RANT.US ^ | MAY 10, 2005 | BARBARA STOCK
    People may wonder why I write so often about the War with Islam. There is no “War on Terror.” Our war is with the violent ideology of Islam and those that follow that doctrine and there are millions of such followers. Americans need to understand the seriousness of the situation in which we find ourselves. Islam is in full jihad mode and Islamic leaders know that to succeed, they must destroy the United States. On one hand, we have moderate Muslims denying that Muslims kill and behead innocent people. When they are forced to admit the truth, the argument switches...
  • Freeper Canteen: Tell me your favorite joke! Come join us. April 12,2005

    04/11/2005 7:30:08 PM PDT · by Diva Betsy Ross · 1,285 replies · 13,060+ views
    Canteen funny guys
    For the freedom you enjoyed yesterday... Thank the Veterans who served in The United States Armed Forces. Looking forward to tomorrow's freedom? Support The United States Armed Forces Today! You know how it is when you're walking up the stairs, and you get to the top, and you think there's one more step? I'm like that all the time. Yesterday I saw a chicken crossing the road. I asked it why. It told me it was none of my business Here is the big question of the day: What is your favorite joke? (please keep it family friendly!) Come...
  • The Motive Becomes Chillingly Clear (Michael Schiavo)

    03/27/2005 6:31:02 AM PST · by gesully · 244 replies · 7,227+ views ^ | March 23, 2005 | Mary Mostert
    When did Michael Schiavo first start trying to kill Terri? Mary Mostert March 23, 2005 Because I try to track down facts before I write about a subject, I have not written about Terri Schiavo and the battle over her condition. What actually happened to Terri back in 1990 that caused her to be the topic of world conversation today? Before we decide to permanently dispose of her, shouldn't we first find out how she got into this predicament? Well, she collapsed, we are told by her husband Michael, in 1990 and was taken to the hospital . Some stories...
  • AAR... Ward Churchill protest

    03/02/2005 12:15:34 PM PST · by Thunder90 · 30 replies · 3,156+ views
    We did it... We protested churchill. There was a collection of pro-Churchill moonbats that showed up, and we protested them as well.
  • Bloggers in Peril (...keep silent or face years in prison!)

    02/28/2005 5:52:52 PM PST · by fight_truth_decay · 8 replies · 877+ views
    TheVillageVoice ^ | Monday, February 28, 2005 | Staff WriterJarrett Murphy.
    In the United States the discourse about bloggers has mostly concerned whether they pose a risk to traditional media. In some other countries, the authorities apparently are worried that bloggers pose a threat to government control. The blogger community is already abuzz over the cases of several Iranian bloggers—Arash Sigarchi, who has been sentenced to 14 years in prison; Mojtaba Saminejad, who is apparently in jail awaiting trial; and Mohamad Reza Nasab Abdolahi, who has been sentenced to six months behind bars, reportedly for insulting the country's leaders. It's not that surprising that Iran—a member of Dubya's "axis of evil,"...
  • More trouble for Ward Churchill

    02/27/2005 7:37:24 AM PST · by alienken · 95 replies · 4,406+ views
    TROUBLE SPEAK Ward Churchill copied 'original' art piece Takes a swing at TV reporter who confronted him -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Posted: February 26, 2005 1:00 a.m. Eastern © 2005 Professor Ward Churchill Adding to a growing list of allegations, controversial University of Colorado professor Ward Churchill appears to have violated copyright law by claiming a reknowned artist's work as his own. Churchill, whose integrity has been challenged since news broke earlier last month of his paper blaming victims of 9-11 for the attacks, made an Indian-theme serigraph in 1981 called "Winter Attack" and printed 150 copies. But one of the buyers,...
  • Churchill fatwah accuses CIA and FBI of terrorism and of being a secret police

    02/21/2005 10:58:56 AM PST · by Snapple · 26 replies · 1,707+ views
    Orlando Direct Action Homepage ^ | No date given | Ward Churchill
    Ward Hill as a member of the schismatic Boulder/Denver branch of AIM [American Indian Movement] as spent his whole life trashing the FBI and police. Here is what he said in his "Roosting Chickens" article. He is an anarchist who publishes his books through anarchist publishers. He wants to trash our law enforcement and intelligence organizations so that we will be destroyed. He doesn't want to make them better. He want the USA off the planet. He has often depicted the FBI and CIA as terrorist organizations.