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  • McCain Smashes Obama Back: You're Incompetent or Corrupt

    11/15/2012 12:10:01 PM PST · by Kevin in California · 102 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 11-15-12 | William Bigelow
    Sen. John McCain launched a fierce counterattack on Barack Obama yesterday after Obama arrogantly called McCain’s criticism of U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice “outrageous” and said critics of Rice should “go after me.”
  • Can Michelle Obama's Media Blitz Erase Her 'Angry Black Woman' Image?

    02/16/2012 6:38:18 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 42 replies · 1+ views
    American Thinker ^ | 02/16/2012 | Janice Shaw Crouse
    While the GOP is preoccupied with selecting a candidate to oppose incumbent Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama is working hard to erase her image as an "angry Black woman" and promote her husband's re-election campaign along the way. While she is hoping that a series of television appearances will cement the unmarried mom and single women's vote for her husband, she is also obviously trying to re-sculpt her image into that of a pro-America, pro-military and patriotic mom who is fun-loving and pleasant to be around. This last week, she has consistently been smiling and showing a positively treacly...
  • Fed. May Raise Interest Rates soon

    03/26/2011 8:53:56 AM PDT · by PSYCHO-FREEP · 22 replies
    Wall Street Journal ^ | 03/25/11 | Greg Robb
    By Greg Robb WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) - The Federal Reserve should hike interest rates from current range near zero to 2.5% within a year under a plan unveiled Friday by Charles Plosser, the president of the Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank. Plosser did not give a specific time when this exit would begin but said it would have to start in the "not-too-distant future." In a speech to economists from the monetarist school on Friday, Plosser laid out an aggressive plan where the Fed would sell $125 billion of assets for each 25 basis point increase in the funds rate. A slower...
  • White House moves to stymie health care repeal

    01/18/2011 11:39:18 AM PST · by Nachum · 42 replies
    In a move to counter the House Republicans’ planned vote to repeal President Barack Obama’s health care law this week, the White House on Tuesday released data showing that half of all Americans under the age of 65 have pre-existing conditions and could be denied coverage if reform is weakened. Republicans quickly dismissed the study as a political stunt. The Department of Health and Human Services estimates that from 50 million to 129 million Americans have some type of pre-existing condition and would be protected by the Affordable Care Act when it takes full effect in 2014. Those numbers represent...
  • Most Venezuelans Want Chávez Out in 2012

    06/28/2010 7:25:59 PM PDT · by Princeverdi · 27 replies
    Most people in Venezuela are hoping to see president Hugo Chávez leave in 2012 when his current term expires, according to a poll by Hinterlaces. 64 per cent of respondents want Chávez to step down in two years, up three points since October 2008. Chávez—a left-leaning leader—has been in office since February 1999. In July 2000, he was elected to a six-year term with 59.5 per cent of all cast ballots. In August 2004, Chávez won a referendum on his tenure with 59 per cent of the vote. The special election was called after opposition organizations in Venezuela gathered 2.5...
  • Author of Arizona Immigration Law Wants To End Birthright Citizenship

    05/21/2010 5:25:38 PM PDT · by Steelfish · 67 replies · 1,340+ views
    YahooNews ^ | May 22nd 2010
    Author of Arizona Immigration Law Wants To End Birthright Citizenship The author of Arizona's immigration law, state Sen. Russell Pearce, told constituents he wants to pass another measure to invalidate citizenship granted to the children of illegal aliens. Pearce wrote that he plans to "push for an Arizona bill that would refuse to accept or issue a birth certificate that recognizes citizenship to those born to illegal aliens, unless one parent is a citizen," in an email obtained by Phoenix CBS affiliate KPHO. Pearce also forwarded an email from another correspondent expanding on the proposal — which he later told...
  • (UK) Minister admits: we got it wrong on immigration

    11/03/2009 7:29:04 AM PST · by markomalley · 26 replies · 1,051+ views
    The Times ^ | 11/3/2009 | Richard Ford
    The Home Secretary admitted yesterday that the Government had made mistakes in its handling of immigration and had overreacted to the 7/7 bombings in London. In his first speech on the subject, Alan Johnson said that ministers had ignored immigration problems and the growing pressure on jobs and services in parts of Britain. Some communities had legitimate concerns because they had been particularly affected. (snip) Mr Johnson is the first Labour Home Secretary to admit mistakes on immigration. He said his predecessors had not addressed problems that led to huge backlogs of asylum seekers and foreign national prisoners. It emerged...
  • Senator urges Obama: Don't start enemies list

    10/21/2009 8:08:40 AM PDT · by Sub-Driver · 44 replies · 1,410+ views
    Senator urges Obama: Don't start enemies list 25 mins ago WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A top Republican invoked the memory of the scandal-marred Nixon administration on Wednesday to urge U.S. President Barack Obama to "back up" and not "start an enemies list." Senator Lamar Alexander told Reuters he has begun to see the Obama White House adopting an attitude similar to that of the Richard Nixon White House four decades ago, that "everybody is against us and we are going to get them." Alexander cited as examples the Obama administration's suggestion that it may support stripping the insurance industry of its...
  • BREAKING VIDEO: Sen. Alexander Warns White House Against Creating "Enemies List"

    10/21/2009 7:18:03 AM PDT · by i88schwartz · 42 replies · 1,574+ views
    Real Clear Politics ^ | October 21, 2009 | Real Clear Politics
    SEN. LAMAR ALEXANDER: "Based upon that experience and my forty years since then in and out of public life I want to make what I hope will be taken as a friendly suggestion to President Obama and his White House: don’t create an enemies list."
  • National Review Online: Stop Illegals, Save CA

    08/30/2009 2:14:27 PM PDT · by Bob017 · 58 replies · 2,597+ views
    NPR ^ | 24 August 2009 | Alex Alexiev
    California's financial unraveling has prompted a long-overdue debate about taxes, regulation, and government spending, but the state's media and government continue to ignore what could be an even greater problem: the irreparable damage to California's human capital that nearly 30 years of unrestrained illegal immigration has achieved. This is not an immigration problem, or even an illegal-immigration problem, per se. A strong case could be made that, in terms of educational achievement, industriousness, and entrepreneurial acumen, Asian immigrants to California have proven superior to white natives of the state. Therefore, if California were to experience a wave of mass immigration...
  • VIDEO: Colin Powell "Concerned" With Obama's Spending

    07/03/2009 6:59:23 AM PDT · by ianschwartz · 72 replies · 2,096+ views
    Real Clear Politics ^ | July 3, 2009 | Real Clear Politics
    Former Secretary of State Colin Powell tells CNN's John King that he's concerned about President Obama's spending.
  • Suddenly, business leaders fear Obama

    05/15/2009 4:41:18 PM PDT · by RobinMasters · 24 replies · 1,441+ views
    Hot Air ^ | May 14, 2009 | ED MORRISSEY
    Barack Obama won an extraordinary amount of support from the business world in his presidential campaign, helping to tamp down accusations of redistributionist aims, at least until Joe the Plumber caught Obama off-guard. They campaigned for him, raised money to get him elected, and celebrated when Obama won. Now they’re in a much less celebratory mood after seeing him in action, the AP reports (via The Corner):
  • EPA should test demasculinizing pollutants collectively, NRC says

    12/23/2008 11:30:21 AM PST · by neverdem · 6 replies · 558+ views
    Science News ^ | December 18th, 2008 | Janet Raloff
    Cumulative effects of phthalates and related compounds will be larger than effects measured one chemical at a time, reports a National Research Council panel On December 18, a National Research Council panel told the Environmental Protection Agency that sufficient data exist to begin assessing the potential health risks posed by phthalates, among the most ubiquitous pollutants on the planet. At the same time, the NRC panel strongly recommended that the agency adopt a “paradigm shift” in the way it assesses the chemicals’ toxicity to humans. Instead of evaluating each phthalate compound individually, EPA should begin assessing risks from likely combos...
  • 'Economic benefits of mass immigration are close to zero', Parliament told(UK)

    11/15/2008 5:32:31 PM PST · by PotatoHeadMick · 21 replies · 722+ views
    Daily Mail (UK) ^ | 15th November 2008 | Ian Drury
    Claims that mass immigration has benefited the economy have been 'wildly overstated' by the Government, experts said yesterday. Record levels of migration have brought virtually no economic benefit to Britain, the House of Lords was told. Ministers have repeatedly insisted that newcomers contribute Ł6billion a year to the country's balance sheet. But an authoritative report by the Lords Economic Affairs Committee, debated yesterday, blew apart Labour's claims that the wave of immigration from Eastern Europe had enormous benefits. Instead, it was worth just 58p each week on the living standards of the native population – about the price of a...
  • Please God, we the American people may have sinned! But do not punish us with Obama!

    10/19/2008 9:11:11 AM PDT · by indianyogi · 64 replies · 1,020+ views
    Obama - I don't want my daughters "punished with a baby." Whatever happened to grandparents love in case the daughter has a baby?
  • Obama seeks distance from ACORN

    10/14/2008 5:06:23 PM PDT · by pissant · 32 replies · 1,026+ views
    Boston GLobe ^ | 10/14/08 | Foon Rhee
    Barack Obama took time out from debate preparations today to weigh in on the increasingly loud controversy over an activist group's voter registration drive. The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, known as ACORN, claims to have registered 1.3 million young people, minorities, and working-class voters. But some of those registration cards have listed dead or nonexistent people and are being investigated in at least eight states. Republican John McCain, and today his running mate Sarah Palin, have called on Obama to take control of ACORN's activities. “Obama has a responsibility to rein in ACORN and prove that he...
  • Palin's Favorability Ratings Begin to Falter

    09/16/2008 12:45:37 PM PDT · by markomalley · 143 replies · 1,078+ views
    Newsweek ^ | 9/16/2008 | Andrew Romano
    To know her is not necessarily to love her. When John McCain picked Sarah Palin as his running mate late last month, the Alaska governor quickly became a media phenomenon. Largely unknown, she existed at first in something of an information vacuum, and due to the shock of her selection--everyone loves a surprise--the press rushed to fill the void with whatever data was easily available. Mostly this consisted of human interest material; Palin had plenty to go around. Mooseburgers. Float planes. Ice Fishing. Beauty pageants. Teen pregnancy. Et cetera. By the end of her first 15 minutes in the spotlight--which...
  • Brzezinski: McCain would start WWIV

    07/26/2008 9:34:37 PM PDT · by Red Steel · 58 replies · 196+ views
    Press TV ^ | Sat, 26 Jul 2008 22:26:50
    Former White House national security adviser says if John McCain becomes the next US president the world will move toward World War IV. Former US President Jimmy Carter's national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski criticized US officials in Senator McCain's camp for pushing the presumptive Republican nominee toward a radical foreign policy on issues such as Iran. Brzezinski described McCain's presidency as an 'appalling concept' as it would lead to the World War IV, arguing that from the viewpoint of figures surrounding the Arizona senator the Cold War counted as World War III. "Well, if McCain is president and if his...
  • Mission expert dismisses fears of Islamic take-over in the UK

    07/16/2008 2:46:45 PM PDT · by forkinsocket · 23 replies · 432+ views
    Religious Intelligence ^ | 15th July 2008 | Nick Mackenzie
    The UK is not in danger of an Islamic takeover, according to Steve Bell, the National Director of Christian mission agency Interserve, who is an expert on Muslims issues. Speaking at this year's Keswick Convention, a meeting of conservative evangelical Christians in the north of England, Steve Bell, the National Director of Interserve, pointed out that 'Muslim fertility rates are dropping noticeably in Europe, and dramatically in the Middle East and North Africa. Fundamentalism thrives in communities with large extended families and poverty and this pattern is diminishing among Europe's Muslim communities. A sub-replacement birthrate was one of the causes...
  • UMass Trustees Unanimously Rescind Robert Mugabe Degree

    06/13/2008 7:28:39 PM PDT · by Clive · 30 replies · 45+ views
    University of Massachusett ^ | 2008-06-12 | (press release)
    LOWELL – The University of Massachusetts Board of Trustees took an unprecedented step today, rescinding an honorary degree awarded to Robert Mugabe in 1986. The vote was unanimous. “Rescinding an honorary degree is a step to be taken in only the rarest and most grievous of circumstances,” said Robert J. Manning, chairman of the UMass Board of Trustees. “After studying this issue for more than a year, the University of Massachusetts Trustees have decided that Robert Mugabe’s performance and policies in Zimbabwe are so egregious as to warrant this ultimate expression of disapproval.” “We have decided to break the link...
  • Confidence in polygamy search warrant now shaky

    04/25/2008 12:41:31 PM PDT · by Jim 0216 · 143 replies · 627+ views
    Revelations that the March 29 phone call that sparked a raid on a West Texas polygamist compound may be a hoax have led prosecutors to doubt the reason for the original search-and-arrest warrant that granted authorities access to the Yearning For Zion Ranch.
  • Obama to deliver “major speech” on race tomorrow

    03/17/2008 11:41:38 AM PDT · by jdm · 86 replies · 2,587+ views
    Hot Air ^ | March 17, 2008 | Allahpundit
    Think it’ll have anything to do with the forces of division starting to raise their ugly heads? Barack Obama will give a major speech on “the larger issue of race in this campaign,” he told reporters in Monaca, PA just now.He was pressed there, as he has been at recent appearances, on statements by his former pastor, Jeremiah Wright.“I am going to be talking about not just Reverend Wright, but the larger issue of race in this campaign,” he said.He added that he would “talk about how some of these issues are perceived from within the black church issue for...
  • Obama plans major race speech tomorrow (18 March 2008)

    03/17/2008 11:40:19 AM PDT · by SE Mom · 63 replies · 1,883+ views
    The Politico ^ | 17 March 2008 | Ben Smith
    Barack Obama will give a major speech on "the larger issue of race in this campaign," he told reporters in Monaca, PA just now. He was pressed there, as he has been at recent appearances, on statements by his former pastor, Jeremiah Wright. "I am going to be talking about not just Reverend Wright, but the larger issue of race in this campaign," he said. He added that he would "talk about how some of these issues are perceived from within the black church issue for example," he said. He also briefly defended Wright from the image that has come...
  • Serbs mass in Belgrade, vow never to give up Kosovo

    02/21/2008 10:27:05 AM PST · by Red Badger · 57 replies · 70+ views ^ | 02/21/2008 | Ellie Tzortzi
    BELGRADE (Reuters) - More than 150,000 Serbs massed on Thursday evening at a state protest against Kosovo's declaration of independence, showing their anger at the loss of their religious heartland. "As long as we live, Kosovo is Serbia," Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica told the crowd from a stage in front of the old Yugoslav parliament building in Belgrade, to cheers and applause. "Kosovo belongs to the Serbian people." "We'll never give up Kosovo, never!" protesters chanted back, as they waved national flags. A huge banner reading "Kosovo is Serbia" draped the front of the old parliament. Police estimated 150,000 people...
  • More see immigration as a cultural threat

    11/17/2007 7:38:32 AM PST · by Dubya · 33 replies · 132+ views
    Houston Chronicle ^ | LESLIE CASIMIR
    An anti-illegal immigrant sentiment is taking hold in the Houston region, according to a new Rice University survey showing that most white residents in Fort Bend, Galveston and Montgomery counties favor punishing employers who hire undocumented workers. The survey, released Thursday, reflects how contentious the illegal immigration debate has become and provides a fresh glimpse into regional attitudes about a subject that's increasingly becoming a major presidential election issue.
  • Learn from the fall of Rome, US warned

    08/13/2007 5:35:11 PM PDT · by Sir_Humphrey · 74 replies · 2,267+ views
    Financial Times ^ | August 14, 2007 | By Jeremy Grant
    The US government is on a “burning platform” of unsustainable policies and practices with fiscal deficits, chronic healthcare underfunding, immigration and overseas military commitments threatening a crisis if action is not taken soon, the country’s top government inspector has warned. David Walker, comptroller general of the US, issued the unusually downbeat assessment of his country’s future in a report that lays out what he called “chilling long-term simulations”. These include “dramatic” tax rises, slashed government services and the large-scale dumping by foreign governments of holdings of US debt. Drawing parallels with the end of the Roman empire, Mr Walker warned...
  • Poll: Public Wants Illegals to Go Home

    05/25/2007 11:25:37 AM PDT · by PghBaldy · 42 replies · 1,367+ views
    Eagle Forum ^ | May 22 | Staff
    WASHINGTON - New polling shows a strong preference for enforcing U.S. Immigration laws that cause illegal aliens to go home. Advocacy groups and even some media outlets have released surveys showing support for legalizing illegals. However, those polls often gave voters a very limited choice between large-scale deportations or "earned legalization," or simply asked about conditional legalization without any alternative. When given the across-the-board enforcement option, with the goal of causing illegals to go home, the public strongly favors the enforcement approach over legalization with conditions. Contrary to the new Senate bill, most Americans want less and not more immigration....
  • Prominent lobbyist Perle: U.S. will attack Iran if it obtains nukes

    01/21/2007 4:15:40 PM PST · by MATSEVAH · 22 replies · 1,492+ views
    Haaretz news ^ | 1/21/07 | Yossi Melman
    President George Bush will order an attack on Iran. If it becomes clear to him that Iran is set to acquire weapons capabilities while he is still in office........
  • KERRY HAS SORT OF APOLOGIZED TO TROOPS - per KFI news (comments on Imus)

    11/01/2006 11:04:33 AM PST · by doug from upland · 364 replies · 13,658+ views
    KFI 640, LOS ANGELES ^ | 11-1-06 | dfu
    Pursuant to the KFI top of the hour news, John Kerry has given an apology to military personnel. We will have the exact words when they are available.
  • Buchanan warns of flood of illegals

    08/22/2006 2:32:39 PM PDT · by VU4G10 · 80 replies · 1,820+ views
    Washington Times ^ | August 22, 2006 | Eric Pfeiffer
    Pat Buchanan says illegal immigration from poor and developing countries will overwhelm the United States and other Western countries in the next 50 years unless something is done. "We've already won the battle with the public," Mr. Buchanan tells The Washington Times. "The question is, when will the government respond?" In his book, however, Mr. Buchanan saves his strongest criticism for President Bush, writing: "Concerned about his legacy, George W. Bush may yet live to see his name entered into the history of his country as the president who lost the American Southwest that James K. Polk won for the...
  • Google wants people to stop googling

    08/16/2006 3:11:01 PM PDT · by holymoly · 151 replies · 3,160+ views
    ZDNet ^ | August 16, 2006 | Will Sturgeon
    Google has said it intends to crack down on the use of its name as a generic verb, in phrases such as "to google someone." The Internet search giant said such phrases were potentially damaging to its brand. "We think it's important to make the distinction between using the word 'Google' to describe using Google to search the Internet and using the word 'google' to generally describe searching the Internet. It has some serious trademark issues," a representative for the search company said. Julie Coleman, an authority on linguistics from the University of Leicester, said she could understand Google's concerns....

    02/09/2006 11:23:57 AM PST · by Actuality · 44 replies · 1,873+ views
    A TIPPING POINT ON ISLAM'S REPUTATION "I stand by my reaction of the past couple days. But I’ve also come to a depressing conclusion. A significant chunk of the American public, including a number of prominent thinkers on the right, have concluded that the problem with Islam… is Islam."
  • Reforms seek to cull 'diet of hate' from Islamic school books

    12/06/2005 11:30:14 AM PST · by Lorianne · 2 replies · 235+ views
    Hindustan Times Pakistan ^ | November 27, 2005
    Page after page, the self- appointed hate hunters underline passages in Pakistani school books. They flag hard-edged Muslim views toward other faiths, such as those describing past efforts by Hindus and Christians to "erase" Muslims. They note sections that speak of martyrdom, and the duty to battle perceived religious enemies. "We are fighting for the future of Islam. Children are sometimes being force-fed a diet of hate, anger and intolerance," said Ahmad Salim, leader of a campaign to push Pakistan's education establishment to remove what activists consider extreme language and images from the curriculum. Salim's group, the Sustainable Development Policy...
  • Quarter of a million march for Hong Kong democracy

    12/04/2005 8:09:54 AM PST · by Sub-Driver · 31 replies · 498+ views
    Quarter of a million march for Hong Kong democracy 40 minutes ago An estimated 250,000 people took to the streets of Hong Kong, demanding the full democracy that was promised when Britain handed its former colony back to China eight years ago. But political leader Donald Tsang defiantly refused to give in to their calls for swifter change, saying the Chinese territory must take it one step at a time. Frustrated with a package of limited reforms proposed by the Beijing-appointed Tsang, marchers thronged the streets Sunday in the biggest show of public anger since he took office in June....