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  • 3D printing is so last year: We're onto 4D printing now

    04/24/2015 10:39:53 AM PDT · by LibWhacker · 7 replies ^ | 4/24/15
    Another dimension: Professor Marc in het Panhuis and PhD student Shannon Bakarich are building objects using 4-D printing, where time is the fourth dimension. 4D printing is unfolding as technology that takes 3D printing to an entirely new level. The fourth dimension is time, shape shifting in fact, and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science (ACES) at the University of Wollongong is helping to set the pace in the next revolution in additive manufacturing. Just as the extraordinary capabilities of 3D printing have begun to infiltrate industry and the family home, researchers have started to develop 3D...
  • 'In the Womb' is Now on the Net: Amazing 4-D Footage of Growing Baby

    08/25/2009 4:02:20 PM PDT · by wagglebee · 30 replies · 1,996+ views
    LifeSiteNews ^ | 8/25/09 | Patrick B. Craine
    August 25, 2009 ( - The two-hour National Geographic documentary 'In the Womb' is now available on YouTube in 9 parts.  Originally aired in 2005, the documentary used revolutionary techniques in computer imaging and 4-D ultrasounds to present stunning images of the developing embryo, taking viewers through the amazing journey of the unborn baby from conception to birth.   The video presents a remarkable visual apologetic for the pro-life message that human life begins with fertilization.  Showing the continuous development of the unborn child from conception to birth, it shatters all attempts to pinpoint any other time as the beginning...
  • Welcome to the Baby Steps DVD Website! (MUST SEE New 4D Ultrasound Video)

    06/29/2009 2:04:49 PM PDT · by · 35 replies · 1,405+ views
    Welcome to American Life League's BabySteps DVD page! We're so glad you've found us. Please view the English-language narrated version of the video below and link to it often from your organization's web site. Help others see the miracle of life develop throughout a baby's 16 stages of growth. If you would like to view this video with audio narrations in French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Cantonese) or Spanish— just click on the appropriate flag to load the video in the corresponding language.
  • A crowded womb (Linked via Drudge: Astounding new 4D images of life in the womb)

    01/16/2007 2:20:10 PM PST · by DaveLoneRanger · 36 replies · 979+ views
    The Daily Mail ^ | January 16, 2007 | NATASHA PEARLMAN
    A twin leans over and kisses the cheek of her sister in a heart-warming picture that would not be out of place in any family home. Yet these siblings are a not even born and the astonishing images have been captured on a new 'four-dimensional' ultrasound scan of the womb. The scans are a highly developed form of traditional ultrasound where very high frequency sound waves are used to produce images of what is inside the body. As with older forms of ultra-sound, sound waves a emitted from a transducer, or probe, which is placed on the mother's abdomen and...
  • The Womb as Photo Studio

    09/23/2004 5:57:50 AM PDT · by Pharmboy · 46 replies · 3,973+ views
    The New York Times ^ | 9-23-04 | SAM LUBELL
    Baby Insight Photogenic - Images from elective ultrasounds. The procedure is becoming more popular but has detractors. IT'S a rite of passage for many expectant parents: baby's first ultrasound. The fuzzy images of the fetus, produced during an examination in an obstetrician's office, are prized by couples, passed around proudly among friends and relatives. Now, trying to capitalize on this phenomenon, a number of companies are selling elective ultrasounds that have little to do with neonatal health. The services, often in small offices or shopping malls, amount to fetal photo studios and use newer 3-D ultrasound technology to produce...
  • 4D Ultrasound

    10/08/2006 10:27:55 PM PDT · by Coleus · 26 replies · 2,013+ views
    TMJ4 ^ | 08.21.06 | Shelley Walcott
    4D Ultrasound   Baby Preview offers you a look inside the womb-- with 4-D ultrasound. The Anderson family sees its newest member for the first time. "There's his feet," his mom Lisa points out. But his big brothers can clearly see his face... The shape of his nose... Even the way he likes to chew on his feet. "Kind of interesting to see what your baby actually looks like before you have it," dad Thomas comments. "This is a nice bonding experience to actually see the baby." "There's nothing like seeing something. It makes it real," say the folks...
  • Doctors Call For Stop To Ultrasound 'Keepsake' Photos

    02/03/2006 7:22:56 PM PST · by paltz · 85 replies · 2,381+ views ^ | 2/3/06 |
    2006Central Florida prenatal doctors are calling for a stop to so-called "keepsake" ultrasound souvenir photos of unborn babies that are sometimes performed by unqualified workers, according to a Problem Solvers report.Local 6 News reported that the debate over "keepsake" ultrasounds is playing out in several states. Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has already stopped them, according to the report.Insurance does not pay for the photos and most doctors will not prescribe them. However, the "keepsake" ultrasound franchise has become a hit, according to the report.The United Imaging Partners company lists seven franchise sites in Florida, including Orlando. Fetal Specialist Dr....
  • Ultrasound expert upset by abortion vote

    07/04/2005 6:52:59 AM PDT · by Mikey · 12 replies · 921+ views
    World Net Daily ^ | July 3, 2005
    When the British Medical Association met last week, Prof. Stuart Campbell had reason to be optimistic doctors would vote to change the upper limit for abortions due to social reasons from 24 to 20 weeks – after all, stunning 4-D ultrasound images created from a technique he pioneered, showing fetuses stretching, kicking and leaping at 12 weeks, had spawned that debate. But 77 percent of BMA members voted to continue aborting babies at 24 weeks, a position Campbell believes goes "against British public opinion." New ultrasound technology shows 12-week-old unborn child 'walking' in womb (Photo: BBC News). "I was particularly...
  • National Geographic's "In The Womb": Tracking the Messy Miracle, With Computerized Help (TV Sunday)

    03/05/2005 7:37:31 PM PST · by baseball_fan · 56 replies · 3,007+ views
    New York Times ^ | March 4, 2005 | VIRGINIA HEFFERNAN
    Full-frontal images of a vagina are available on cable Sunday night, but they come at a price. You have to watch a bloody, hairy baby burst through that vagina, and before that you have to watch the little creature in utero, growing in all its Operation Rescue propaganda detail, in the National Geographic Channel's latest unveiling of the hideous miracle of life. "In the Womb" is actually a cool, beautiful movie, a celebration of computer imaging and the 4-D ultrasound. It exhibits a minimum of politics, probably because it appears to have been made in England, where the acknowledgement that...
  • 4-D Ultrasound Gives Video View of Fetuses in the Womb

    02/28/2005 10:29:28 AM PST · by ZULU · 53 replies · 3,485+ views
    National Geographic ^ | February 25, 2008 | Brian Handwerk
    4-D Ultrasound Gives Video View of Fetuses in the Womb Brian Handwerk for the National Geographic Channel and National Geographic News February 25, 2005 On TV: Catch In the Womb on the National Geographic Channel in the U.S. on March 6 at 8 p.m. ET/9 p.m. PT. The new generation of three- and four-dimensional ultrasound imagery provides striking views of fetuses inside the womb. Parents-to-be appreciate the lifelike pictures, and doctors gain an improved understanding of fetal development and behavior. "It's almost a new science, in a way. It's taught us so much about how the fetus develops at an...
  • National Geographic Channel Explores the Hidden World 'In The Womb' on Sunday, March 6, 2005

    02/21/2005 3:30:27 PM PST · by Coleus · 27 replies · 4,984+ views
    Forbes ^ | 01.12.05
    From 4-D Ultrasound Imagery to Revolutionary In Utero Surgery, Advanced Technology Takes You Into the Womb WASHINGTON, Jan. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- From the moment of conception, every human embryo embarks on an incredible nine-month odyssey of development fraught with uncertainty. Now, cutting-edge technology makes it possible to open a window into the hidden world of the fetus and explore each trimester in amazing new detail. On Sunday, March 6, 2005, at 8 p.m. ET/ 9 p.m. PT, the National Geographic Channel (NGC) presents "In the Womb," a two-hour special that uses the latest advances in technology to take viewers on...
  • Deriving Dimensions: Emergence of a 4D World From Causal Quantum Gravity

    10/02/2004 4:43:49 PM PDT · by PatrickHenry · 435 replies · 5,112+ views
    Physical Review Focus ^ | 24 September 2004 | Adrian Cho
    It seems like the most obvious physical fact: The universe has four dimensions--three spanning space and one ticking away time. But the ultimate theory of gravity should explain why the universe is four-dimensional and how those dimensions arose, say researchers trying to unify the theories of quantum mechanics and relativity. Now, calculations in the 24 September PRL [Phys. Rev. Lett.] show that when all possible microscopic contortions of spacetime are added together, a large-scale four-dimensional universe can emerge. For nearly 80 years physicists have struggled to reconcile the prevailing theory of gravity with quantum mechanics. According to Einstein's general theory...
  • Pro-life counselling made easier with new, 4-D pics

    08/28/2004 3:29:57 PM PDT · by · 24 replies · 1,249+ views
    The Interim ^ | Aug 2004
    Aug 2004 Pro-life counselling made easier with new, 4-D pics Paul St. Paul The Interim A new technology, 4-D scanning, is changing pre-natal medicine and bolstering the argument against abortion. Years ago, 2-D scanning showed us a flat, black-and-white picture of the baby in the womb. Then, 3-D scanning was developed, revealing a more realistic, but motionless, picture of a baby. Now 4-D, the fourth dimension being time, is showing an unborn child's movements in the womb. At 12 weeks, the baby is leaping, kicking and stretching, long before the mother feels these movements. At 18 weeks, the eyes...
  • 12-week-old 'walks' in womb: New scans reveal unborns' complex behavior at early stage

    06/28/2004 11:40:47 PM PDT · by JohnHuang2 · 18 replies · 4,288+ views ^ | Tuesday, June 29, 20004
    <p>New ultrasound technology, producing vivid 3D images, reveals complex behavior in unborn children from an early stage of development.</p> <p>New ultrasound technology shows 12-week-old unborn child 'walking' in womb (Photo: BBC News).</p> <p>Scans pioneered by Prof. Stuart Campbell at London's Create Health Clinic show a 12-week-old fetus "walking" in the womb, reports BBC News.</p>

    06/28/2004 1:31:10 PM PDT · by ConservativeMan55 · 194 replies · 89,964+ views
    Scans uncover secrets of the womb Baby 'walking' in the womb A new type of ultrasound scan has produced the vivid pictures of a 12 week-old foetus "walking" in the womb. The new images also show foetuses apparently yawning and rubbing its eyes. The scans, pioneered by Professor Stuart Campbell at London's Create Health Clinic, are much more detailed than conventional ultrasound. Professor Campbell has previously released images of unborn babies appearing to smile. He has compiled a book of the images called Watch Me Grow. Conventional ultrasound, usually offered to mothers at 12 and 20 weeks, produces 2D images...
  • Scans uncover secrets of the womb (With PICS)

    06/28/2004 12:31:42 PM PDT · by wallcrawlr · 64 replies · 1,367+ views
    BBC ^ | 06.28.04
    A new type of ultrasound scan has produced the vivid pictures of a 12 week-old foetus "walking" in the womb. The new images also show foetuses apparently yawning and rubbing its eyes. The scans, pioneered by Professor Stuart Campbell at London's Create Health Clinic, are much more detailed than conventional ultrasound. Professor Campbell has previously released images of unborn babies appearing to smile. Baby 'walking' in the womb The images have shown: * From 12 weeks, unborn babies can stretch, kick and leap around the womb - well before the mother can feel movement * From 18 weeks, they can...
  • FIRST PERSON: A glimpse into the womb

    05/26/2004 3:10:21 PM PDT · by · 39 replies · 236+ views ^ | May 26, 2004 | Gregory Tomlin
    FIRST PERSON: A glimpse into the womb By Gregory Tomlin May 26, 2004 In the womb A Baptist writer and his wife recently visited the doctor to get a glimpse of their unborn son. This is one of the images. FORT WORTH, Texas (BP)--One of the most treasured possessions I now own is a long strip of glossy paper. This strip of paper is not special in and of itself. As a matter of fact, I’m sure that it has no monetary value. But to me it’s special because it bears the signature of the God of the universe....
  • New technology offers vivid photo of fetus

    02/22/2004 6:31:26 PM PST · by miltonim · 13 replies · 383+ views
    The Salinas Californian ^ | By DAVE NORDSTRAND
    <p>Parents-to-be Laura and Scott Coté enjoyed a sneak peek of their unborn daughter in three-dimensional motion.</p> <p>Golden in tone, the images of their baby, moving its arms and legs in cozy confines, filled a computer screen.</p> <p>"She's got your nose," Scott said to Laura.</p>
  • Mom and dad, meet your baby [3-D ultrasound technology]

    10/29/2003 9:29:39 AM PST · by GraniteStateConservative · 13 replies · 3,194+ views
    St Petersburg Times ^ | 10-27-03 | DONG-PHUONG NGUYEN
    [Times photos: Ken Helle] This 3-D image, made Oct. 16, shows Jonathan Whitcomb, a fetus at 27 weeks. Susan Guidi of Advanced Ultrasound Services in Tampa has an $80,000 machine in her office to make the images. She charges $225 per session. Guidi, left, performs an ultrasound Oct. 16 on Melanie Whitcomb as her husband Robert watches. Parents leave with images on tape and a CD. TAMPA - Tiny Jonathan Whitcomb has very little hair, full lips and his daddy's nose. Some pretty amazing observations, considering Jonathan is a 27-week-old fetus, kicking and turning inside his mother's womb. Jonathan's...
  • Pro-Life Conference Will Highlight Use of Technology in the Movement

    10/12/2003 9:55:11 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 8 replies · 118+ views
    The American Prowler ^ | 10/11/03 | Paul Nowak
    The Inaugural Pro-Life Science & Technology Symposium will take place May 1, 2004 in Dayton, Ohio. The theme of the Symposium will be "Technology and Hope - Pro-Life Partners," and Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life will deliver the keynote address. The event is sponsored by the Pro-Life Technology Task Force, an organization of engineers and software developers seeking to expand the use of technology in the pro-life movement. The Symposium will provide a forum for professional and technical members of the Pro-Life community to share information on topics including abortion, demographics, cloning, information technology, abstinence education impact, population...