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  • The Mark Of The Beast In India

    Getting Closer Everyday! LINE UP FOLKS!
  • The beast with the ten horns is the European Union

    02/20/2012 11:09:15 AM PST · by jacknhoo · 31 replies
    The Warning ^ | Sunday, February 19th, 2012 | Maria Divine Mercy
    The beast with the ten horns is the European Union Sunday, February 19th, 2012 @ 03:00 am My dearly beloved daughter you must not be frightened by these messages. For they are being given to the world because of the love that I have for the whole of mankind. Knowledge of events to come will help prepare My children so that they can defend the truth. My warnings can help spread conversion and will enable My children to , once again, acknowledge the truth of My promise to come back again. My Second Coming will take place in your lifetime...
  • The Obama Doctrine

    02/16/2012 7:03:39 AM PST · by expat1000 · 3 replies
    Sultan Knish ^ | Feb 15, 2012 | Daniel Greenfield
    The Obama Doctrine can be summed up as the assertion that for the United States to have influence and standing on the global stage, it must first abandon its interests and its allies. The doctrine is rarely described as bluntly as that by its proponents who employ euphemisms like multilateral policies and honest broker to mean much the same thing, denouncing the previous administration and all the preceding administrations going back to old Tom Jefferson for alienating the world by pursuing American interests and cutting deals with non-progressive allies. The easiest way to spot the problem with this approach is...
  • New Bill Would Allow Government To Strip Citizenship Without Conviction

    01/13/2012 3:55:51 PM PST · by grundle · 56 replies ^ | January 6, 2012 | Stephen D. Foster Jr.
    Full title: New Bill Known As Enemy Expatriation Act Would Allow Government To Strip Citizenship Without Conviction First, Congress considered the National Defense Authorization Act, sections of which gave the President the authority to use the military to arrest and indefinitely detain Americans without trial or charge. The language was revised because of strong condemnation from the American people. But now a new bill has emerged that poses yet another threat to the American citizenry. Congress is considering HR 3166 and S. 1698 also known as the Enemy Expatriation Act, sponsored by Joe Lieberman (I-CT) and Charles Dent (R-PA). This...
  • Dear Americans, We Are Surrounded

    01/10/2012 3:55:29 PM PST · by JohnKinAK · 29 replies · 1+ views
    Economic Policy Journal ^ | 1-10-2012 | EPJ
    <p>Occasionally in the past, I have received emails from readers asking me if it was time to leave America because of some new infringement on our rights.</p> <p>In the past, I always responded to these emails by saying that it really depended on who the reader was. Anyone, I usually replied, who was in the securities-brokerage industry or the medical profession should start looking, because of how regulated those industries are. If on the other hand, a surfer dude just living for the next wave, would have little reason to be concerned.</p>
  • Book: White House Hosted 'Wonderland'-Themed Extravagant Hollywood Halloween Bash

    01/08/2012 5:10:17 PM PST · by Clintonfatigued · 17 replies
    Fox News ^ | January 8, 2011
    The White House is pushing back against claims from a new tell-all book that staff kept an extravagant, Hollywood-created Halloween Party under wraps due to fear it would create imaging problems.
  • Herman Cain launches ‘Cain’s Solutions Revolution’ to ‘keep 999 alive’

    01/04/2012 8:08:18 PM PST · by Fred · 24 replies
    Yahoo News ^ | 010412 | Dylan Stableford
    Herman Cain appeared on Fox News Wednesday night to make what was billed as a "very big announcement" on Sean Hannity's show. Very big it was not. The former Republican hopeful and pizza chain CEO did not endorse a current GOP candidate, as some had predicted he might. Nor did he announce he was getting back into the 2012 race, as Hannity teased he could. Instead, Cain announced the launch--or continuation--of his 999 economic plan with another catchy tagline: "Cain's Solutions Revolution." "The biggest comment when I ended my candidacy was, 'Keep 999 alive,'" Cain said. "And that's what this...
  • ’666&#8242; Spray-Painted On Jehovah’s Witnesses Building In Latest Arson Fire

    12/30/2011 4:12:52 PM PST · by BenLurkin · 9 replies
    CBS) ^ | December 30, 2011 2:19 PM | KNX 1070&#8242;s Tom Reopelle
    A Southland worship facility has been intentionally set on fire for the second time in 10 days, authorities said Friday. KNX 1070′s Tom Reopelle reports investigators also uncovered what could be evidence of a hate crime at the scene. The two fires have caused an estimated $500,000 in damages to the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses located in the 2000 block of Adams Avenue, according to Lee Swanson of the San Diego Fire Department. Investigators also found graffiti scrawled on the building’s wall following the latest fire on Thursday night. “’666′ was spray-painted on the building,” said Swanson. However, officials...
  • The Future Of Drones In America

    12/20/2011 4:45:06 PM PST · by Jean S · 29 replies
    Forbes ^ | 12/13/11 | Kashmir Hill
    Earlier this year, a North Dakota sheriff was on the search for six missing cows. He turned up with a warrant at a family ranch, but was chased off by someone with a rifle, reports the Los Angeles Times. So he called in back-up, including a drone from Border Patrol, to search the family’s 3,000-acre ranch for the armed suspects. The drone used its sensors to find them and to determine they were unarmed. Police then arrested the family of six, marking the first known use of a drone to arrest U.S. citizens, reports the Times. (Afterwards, I assume the...
  • Mark Levin Show: Death Panels Will Be A Reality With Obamacare [Youtube video]

    11/23/2011 8:21:54 PM PST · by No One Special · 155 replies
    Youtube ^ | November 22, 2011 | Mark Levin Show via Youtube
    A neurosurgeon, vetted by Levin's staff, calls Mark and talks about what he knows about Obamacare Death Panels. From 11/22/11
  • Mark Levin neurosurgeon caller: not yet released Obamacare plans - older folks called 'units'

    11/23/2011 4:04:23 AM PST · by Libloather · 93 replies · 1+ views
    From Mark's website - Also, Mark gets an excellent call from a neurosurgeon who gives an inside look on what exactly Obamacare will do. For example, instead of patients, some people over a certain age will be considered, "units," as they try to dehumanize patients and the care they receive.
  • Lawsuit: Man fired for not wearing "666" sticker

    11/19/2011 12:14:24 PM PST · by thackney · 102 replies · 1+ views
    CBS News ^ | November 18, 2011 | AP
    A Georgia factory worker claims in a federal lawsuit that he was fired after he refused to wear a 666 sticker he feared would doom him to eternal damnation. Billy E. Hyatt claims he was fired from Pliant Corp., a plastics factory in northern Georgia near Dalton, after he refused to wear a sticker proclaiming that his factory had been accident-free for 666 days. That number is considered the "mark of the beast" in the Bible's Book of Revelation describing the apocalypse. Hyatt, who said he's a devout Christian, had worked for the north Georgia plastics company since June 2007...
  • Forrester Report says 'power users' have Macs at office

    11/02/2011 4:19:29 PM PDT · by Swordmaker · 28 replies · 1+ views
    Puget Sound Business Journal ^ | Date: Wednesday, November 2, 2011, 11:19am PDT | by Cromwell Schubarth, Multimedia/Research Editor
    Forrester Research last week recommended corporate IT departments let workers use Macs on their networks because these employees are more likely to be power users, the ones working longer hours, being more productive and making more money. The folks at Forrester Research    reversed themselves last week with the recommendation that corporate IT departments need to make it easier for workers to use Mac computers and devices. The tech research firm had long told the same IT departments not to bother accommodating devices from Apple Inc.    Why the change of mind? Forrester says it is because the most productive...
  • Coming Soon: Computer Chip Implants For Human Tracking

    11/01/2011 2:12:41 PM PDT · by JDW11235 · 75 replies ^ | November 1st, 2011 | Mac Slavo
    ...What that basically means is that in an emergency situation, such as a declaration of martial law, chipping stations will be immediately deployed. It will be for you and your family, and will ensure that you’ll receive emergency rations and other services in the event of a serious catastrophe. Next, they’ll require all government healthcare recipients to be chipped in order to prevent rampant fraud. An off-shoot may be to implement nationwide chipping programs for those receiving any government benefits including social security, Medicaid, Medicare, and Supplemental Nutritional Assistance. Prisoners and even detainees will be part of the first adopter...
  • Obama and the Sinaloa Cartel

    10/22/2011 2:35:55 PM PDT · by helpfulresearcher · 37 replies · 1+ views
    To the Point News (with permission) ^ | 21 October 2011 | Dagny D' Anconia
    The evidence is mounting that the Fast and Furious gun giveaway was orchestrated and/or initiated from the top of the Obama administration. Forbes Magazine is calling it “Obama’s Watergate.” Are we to believe that they gave away enough guns to equip a small army of narcoterrorists out of a simple error? We would have to be pretty gullible to believe that. We have to ask just what they intended to achieve by doing this. It was a truly extravagant gift to the Sinaloa Federation Cartel. It was not just expensive in tax dollars; it was expensive in political capital, and...
  • Cain's Stimulating 9-9-9- Plan

    10/19/2011 5:26:14 AM PDT · by SueRae · 100 replies
    Wall St. Journal Opinion ^ | 10/19/2011 | Art Laffer
    It used to be that the sole purpose of the tax code was to raise the necessary funds to run government. But in today's world the tax mandate has many more facets. These include income redistribution, encouraging favored industries, and discouraging unfavorable behavior. To make matters worse there are millions and millions of taxpayers who are highly motivated to reduce their tax liabilities. And, as those taxpayers finagle and connive to find ways around the tax code, government responds by propagating new rules, new interpretations of the code, and new taxes in a never-ending chase. In the process, we create...
  • Fair, Flat and Final

    10/19/2011 5:07:26 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 61 replies ^ | October 19, 2011 | John Ransom
    It’s moving in the right direction, but after digesting many of the pros and cons of Republican nominee Herman Cain’s 999 plan, I’d have to give it a thumbs down. I think he’s a great candidate, just like many of the other potential nominees, but there is too much uncertainty about 999 to give it an endorsement, yet. There are some features that I like and there are some that I hate. It’s good start, but only just that. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like Cain as the conservative nominee. Today more than ever, policy is written by constituencies, not...
  • Godfather of Supply-Side Economics Supports Cain's '9-9-9' Plan

    10/12/2011 6:50:02 PM PDT · by justsaynomore · 168 replies · 1+ views
    Human Events ^ | 10/12/11 | Tony Lee
    As businessman Herman Cain surges atop state and national polls and becomes a top-tier presidential contender, his signature "9-9-9" plan, which calls for a nine percent tax on income, a nine percent national sales tax, and a nine percent corporate income tax, has come under scrutiny from the right and the left. Famed supply-side economist Art Laffer told HUMAN EVENTS that Cain's "9-9-9" plan was a pro-growth plan that would create the proper conditions for America's economy to grow and thrive again. "Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan would be a vast improvement over the current tax system and a boon to...
  • The night of Herman Cain’s “9-9-9 Plan

    10/11/2011 8:18:29 PM PDT · by Fred · 183 replies
    Yahoo News ^ | 101111 | Chris Moody
    There was one clear winner from Tuesday's Republican presidential debate, based on the simple metrics of name recognition: businessman Herman Cain's "9-9-9 Plan." Virtually all the candidates at the debate table had something to say about Cain's plan to replace the tax code with three, flat nine-percent federal taxes on consumption, business and income. Cain, once delegated to the remote wings of the debate stage, has enjoyed a surge in the polls ever since he won the straw poll in Orlando, Fla., last month, and at the first debate since he joined former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and Texas Gov....
  • Grover Norquist’s New Muslim Protégé (A MUST READ)

    09/26/2011 4:12:07 AM PDT · by Conservative Vermont Vet · 8 replies
    FrontPageMag ^ | Sep 26th, 2011 | Kenneth R. Timmerman
    “To illustrate the danger of the first approach of evil habit, the Arabs have a proverb, ‘Beware of the camel’s nose,’” wrote 19th century British author, Lydia Sigourney. Why? Because once the camel gets its nose inside the tent, his body will soon follow. And once the camel gets inside the tent, the former occupants face a choice: leave the tent, or lie down in the camel’s bed. The Republican primary victory of Imad Afif “David” Ramadan in the 87th legislative district in Virginia on Aug. 23 reminds me of this Arab proverb – not because Ramadan is the camel’s...