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  • Virginia Honors 9/11 Mosque

    03/17/2014 4:30:22 PM PDT · by jazusamo · 31 replies ^ | March 17, 2014 | IBD Editorial
    Political Correctness: The only thing more revolting than building a mosque next to the World Trade Center would be honoring the mosque that helped the 9/11 hijackers. Yet that's just what Virginia has done. Outrageously, the Virginia state legislature has passed a Democrat-sponsored resolution "commending" the notorious 9/11 mosque — Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center — "as an expression of the General Assembly's admiration for the" center. The Saudi Embassy-funded, Muslim Brotherhood-owned mosque is universally known by federal and local law enforcement — and even the media — as a turnstile for terrorists. Fort Hood shooter Maj. Nidal Hasan once worshipped...
  • Hillary Clinton: America's Worst Secretary of State

    08/01/2012 5:59:32 AM PDT · by opentalk · 26 replies
    American Thinker ^ | August 1, 2012 | Ken Blackwell and Bob Morrison
    The scene could hardly have been more bizarre: U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's motorcade was pelted with rotten tomatoes and shoes as she was being driven to the opening of a U.S. Consulate General in the ancient Egyptian city of Alexandria....Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's ostensible reason for being in Alexandria was to take part in the flag-raising ceremony for our Consulate General. This is a disgrace. Alexandria was once home to a flourishing Jewish community. Jews flourish there no more. Her symbolic presence there embodies everything wrong about this administration's foreign policy. Until recently, it was hard to...
  • Hard Times At the Ground Zero Mosque

    10/17/2011 7:32:08 PM PDT · by neverdem · 15 replies
    Human Events ^ | 10/17/2011 | John Hayward
    Park51, the organization looking to develop the $100 million “Ground Zero Mosque” at the site of the old Burlington Coat Factory in New York City, has become embroiled in a remarkable “retroactive rent” dispute with Con Ed. Park51 owns the five-story building that takes up half of the Burlington Coat Factory site, while the utility company owns the other half. Con Ed has been leasing its half to the mosque developers for $2750 per month, but in August they decided to raise the rent just a tad, as reported by the New York Post: Park51, which leases the substation from...
  • Ground Zero Mosque Opens for Business (Today!)

    09/21/2011 2:27:19 AM PDT · by Recovering_Democrat · 101 replies ^ | 9/21/11 | R Mauro
    September 21 at 6:30 PM, the Ground Zero Mosque will open its doors to show a photo exhibit in its community space. Park51 is hoping to discourage its opponents by declaring an early victory in spite of its recent embarrassments and setbacks. This grand opening does not mean that the fight is over. The project still has a long way to go until completion.
  • Allahu Akbar… Michael Bloomberg Tells Ramadan Audience: "We Are All… Muslims"

    08/28/2011 10:47:05 AM PDT · by opentalk · 38 replies
    Gateway Pundit ^ | August 26, 2011 | Jim Hoft
    This guy puts the fruit in fruitcake. Michael Bloomberg shamed those who oppose the Ground Zero Victory Mosque and told a Ramadan audience this week, “We are all Muslims.”CNN reported: We are now in the Islamic holy month of fasting called Ramadan, and Bloomberg hosted last night an annual iftar, or fast-breaking dinner, at Gracie Mansion. In his his remarks, Bloomberg, who has previously supported the Park51 project in the name of both property rights and religious freedom, once again spoke truth to fear and hatred. He admitted that “there are people of good will on both sides of the...
  • Islamic Supremacism Trumps Christianity at Ground Zero

    07/21/2011 8:44:47 AM PDT · by opentalk · 15 replies
    Atlas Shrugs, American Thinker ^ | July 21, 2011 | Pamela Geller
    While New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg works in anxious haste to build the cultural obscenity that is the Ground Zero mosque, the iconic St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, which was built in 1916 and destroyed in the attack on the World Trade Center towers by Muslim terrorists, remains vanquished, unable to rebuild. Bloomberg is lobbying for 9/11 taxpayer funds for the Islamic supremacist grifters behind the Ground Zero mosque, but St. Nicholas Church is in purgatory ten years after the worst day in modern American history.
  • Why scholar thinks Mormons should support Ground Zero Mosque (OPEN)

    03/13/2011 12:48:44 PM PDT · by greyfoxx39 · 83 replies · 1+ views
    Deseret News ^ | March 13, 2010 | Michael De Groote,
    (edited for excerpt).............................................Prothero was speaking on Friday at the 11th annual Mormon Studies Conference .-SNIP-Prothero said the traditional story of Mormonism is that it was reviled until it renounced plural marriage in the 1890s. After that, it was relatively smooth sailing to acceptance. "Today the Mormons are quintessentially American — more American than I am, perhaps, given my residence in the irredeemably liberal state of Massachusetts," Prothero said to laughter. "Mormons are seen through much of America — with the exception of Boston, Cambridge and San Francisco — as a model minority."He said that some even say that Mormonism...
  • GOP Expected to Be Even More Anti-Muslim for 2012 Election (Barf Alert)

    03/11/2011 5:00:07 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 17 replies
    Care2 ^ | March 11, 2011 | Robin Marty
    It seems like it was just weeks ago that the most important question to be asked in any senate debate was where the candidate stood on the issue of the Park51 "Ground Zero Mosque." Many of us signed in relief when the 2010 campaign was over, happy to see what we hoped would be a break in the Muslim-bashing that became a cornerstone of so many Republican candidacies. Sadly, it appears that it will be back again with a vengeance as we look ahead to 2012. Via CNN: In the run-up to last November's elections, Republicans including Palin and Gingrich...
  • New Ground Zero Mosque Imam (Another wolf in sheep's clothing...)

    01/26/2011 6:22:52 AM PST · by yoe · 3 replies
    Patriot Action ^ | January 19, 2011 | Joseph Klein
    ( Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf) is out as the religious face of the Park 51/Cordoba House mega mosque community center complex proposed to be built near Ground Zero. Rauf became too radioactive for the project's developers, so he was pushed aside. Despite efforts by some apologists to defend this faux 'moderate, the evidence of his true (stealth jihad agenda) was overwhelming. Therefore, to keep moving ahead with their Ground Zero mosque project, the developers turned to Shaykh Abdallah Adhami as Rauf's replacement. This is just like rubbing more salt into the wound. All that the new imam represents is a...
  • The Terror Behind an Imam’s Mask [new 9/11 Mosque Iman]

    01/19/2011 4:36:08 PM PST · by SJackson · 2 replies
    Frontpagemag ^ | 1-19-11 | Jamie Glazov
    The Ground Zero Mosque developers should have really taken the time to take Public Relations 101 in some college somewhere — before they tried to sell this Cordoba House idea (oh wait it’s called “Park51” now) to the American public. Now that Imam Rauf has been exposed for the terror-loving stealth jihadist that he is, the strategists behind this sick charade have moved him to the side (because, we are told, he is going on a “tour”) and have replaced him as the poster boy for the jihadist victory mosque with Imam Abdullah Adhami. And who, pray tell, is this...
  • Unethical: Bloomberg/Rauf Collusion

    12/24/2010 8:09:09 PM PST · by neverdem · 23 replies · 2+ views
    American Thinker ^ | December 24, 2010 | Pamela Geller
    They're emailing each other? The New York Daily News reported Thursday that "Mayor Bloomberg's top deputies went to great lengths to help those trying to build a mosque at Ground Zero - even drafting a letter to the community board for them, newly released documents show. City Hall on Thursday released a flurry of emails between its brass and Feisal Abdul Rauf, the imam pushing to build a mosque near the sensitive site, and his supporters." It's worse than we imagined. The release of these documents, emails and various exchanges between Mayor Bloomberg's office and the radical Imam Rauf and...
  • "Wal-Mart: Warfare on Big Business"

    12/03/2010 4:16:41 PM PST · by foundedonpurpose · 9 replies
    Atlas Shrugs ^ | 12-3-10 | Pamela Geller
    AFDI/SIOA Rally for Wal-Mart "Love Wal-Mart Day" Yes to Wal-Mart, No to Ground Zero Mosque
  • Church Attack Seen As Strike At Iraq's Core

    11/02/2010 9:56:36 AM PDT · by Heuristic Hiker · 14 replies
    New York Times via Tuscaloosa News ^ | November 2, 2010 | ANTHONY SHADID
    BAGHDAD — Blood still smeared the walls of Our Lady of Salvation Church on Monday. Scraps of flesh remained between the pews. It was the worst massacre of Iraqi Christians since the war began here in 2003. But for survivors, the tragedy went deeper than the toll of the human wreckage: A fusillade of grenades, bullets and suicide vests had unraveled yet another thread of the country’s once eclectic fabric. “We’ve lost part of our soul now,” said Rudy Khalid, a 16-year-old Christian who lived across the street. He shook his head. “Our destiny, no one knows what to say...
  • Pamela Geller – fearless, feisty, stylish and standing up for freedom

    10/20/2010 1:22:21 AM PDT · by AustralianConservative · 10 replies
    Australian Conservative ^ | October 20, 2010 | Ben-Peter Terpstra
    Just ask your average tourist. Most New Yorkers aren’t known for their manners. And they tend to vote for weird liberal Democrats (so forgive me for my cynicism). But the more I learn about Pamela Geller – the more I’m changing my mind, and seeing another side of politics and culture I don’t often associate with the Big Apple. Some background: Pamela Geller is the founder, editor, and publisher of the very successful Atlas blog, but more than that, she’s a champion of free speech rights and that gets her in heaps of trouble. Just read London’s terrorist-friendly Guardian!
  • ABC removes video from “This week” Amanpour ... “one day flag of Islam will fly over White House”

    10/04/2010 4:20:16 PM PDT · by opentalk · 15 replies
    Fire Andrea Mitchell ^ | October 4, 2010 | Fire Andrea Mitchell
    We know that the lame stream media are a bunch of Obama suck ups. NBC is probably best known for it’s bowing to Obama. They are also know for making excuses for Muslim extremists and especially Imam Rauf and the entire Ground Zero Victory Mosque “team.” ABC seems to have become the leader of this coalition, especially since they hired former CNN hack Christiane Amanpour. So why should it come as any surprise that ABC decided to hold some sort of “Muslim townhall” meeting on Sunday. According to Newbusters, one moment of the townhall stood out above and beyond all...
  • Obama: Not Moses, Merely Elmer Gantry

    09/29/2010 5:33:14 AM PDT · by libstripper · 11 replies
    American Thinker ^ | September 29, 2010 | Monty Peleriin
    The abject failure of the Obama administration is painfully obvious. Herman Cain described the situation: Millions of voters have come to realize that this presidency lacks leadership, direction, decisiveness, economic urgency and, most of all, solutions. This combination of deficiencies has produced a more than uninspired citizenry, except for the most loyal and misled supporters of the president. While many recognize the failure, few are aware of the potential dangers ahead
  • 9/11 Mosque Continued To Produce Jihadis

    09/29/2010 5:45:52 AM PDT · by Milagros · 2 replies
    abc ^ | Sep. 29. 10
    Officials now believe at least one team of German jihadists was dispatched to Europe over the summer, travelling on German passports. Steinberg said it was "quite shocking" that the former al Quds mosque was still producing jihadis. "There is a certain amount of continuity in German jihadism,' said Steinberg. "Young men were being turned into religious fanatics there," said Christoph Ahlhaus, secretary of the interior for the city of Hamburg at the time the mosque was shut. "Hamburg cannot become a cradle for Islamists capable of violence," said Ahlhaus, who has since become mayor of Hamburg. Intelligence and law enforcement...
  • The Scam Artist at the Ground Zero Mosque

    09/22/2010 8:32:40 AM PDT · by Ooh-Ah · 21 replies
    Family Security Matters ^ | September 22, 2010 | Rael Jean Isaac
    While there has been much emotion and argument over the proposed mosque two blocks from Ground Zero, it has largely swirled over issues that miss the nature and significance of the issues involved. Thus we hear endless variations on the theme “How can a moderate imam whose stated goal is to promote healing in the wake of 9/11 be so insensitive to the feelings of those who lost those they loved at the hands of Islamic fanatics?” But, as the public is slowly learning, Imam Rauf is no moderate and bridge-building is not his agenda. The project with which Rauf...
  • Ground Zero Imam Exposed Off-Mic--reveals “game plan” for achieving an Islamic State without borders

    09/22/2010 8:17:08 AM PDT · by Ooh-Ah · 107 replies
    Frontpage ^ | September 22, 2010 | Nonie Darwish
    “Bridge builder” Imam Feisal Abdel Rauf, the Muslim cleric behind plans for the Ground Zero mosque, has now been exposed as a man of shrewd cunning and as a calculating stealth jihadist who supports the creation of an Islamic State, “The Ummah,” right here in America. An interview has surfaced in which, after being assured that it has ended, Imam Rauf speaks “off-the-record” and reveals some intriguing plans and views that he has regarding America and the world. The interview, given on June 20th, 2006, sees Rauf speaking about his “game plan” for achieving an Islamic State without borders, which...
  • Imam says resolution to NYC mosque debate in works

    09/13/2010 9:23:01 AM PDT · by jackspyder · 72 replies · 1+ views
    Associated Press/Yahoo News ^ | Sept. 13, 2010 | JENNIFER PELTZ
    NEW YORK – The imam leading the effort to build an Islamic center and mosque near the World Trade Center site said Monday that a resolution to the raging debate over its location is being examined. "We are exploring all options as we speak right now, and we are working to what will be a solution, God willing, that will resolve this crisis, defuse it and not create any unforeseen or untoward circumstances that we do not want to see happen," Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf said during a question-and-answer session following a speech before the Council on Foreign Relations. He...
  • On September 11th

    09/13/2010 8:05:07 AM PDT · by BlackFemaleConservative · 2 replies ^ | 9/12/2010 | BarbarafromHarlem
    Hi, All - Please check out Barbara from Harlem's latest on-line broadcast. She attended the rally on Saturday, September 11th, and she shares her thoughts on it and the controversy surrounding the proposed mosque near Ground Zero on her site. Please check it out today! Thank you.
  • Muslim cleric's mantra--Since Sept. 11, imam has frequently denounced America

    09/13/2010 8:27:37 AM PDT · by Ooh-Ah · 8 replies
    Washington Times ^ | September 10, 2010 | Joel Mowbray
    Inflaming an already heated debate, the imam behind the proposed Ground Zero Mosque claimed in a CNN interview Wednesday that moving the site of his project would be a victory for "the radicals." Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf's statement was steeped in irony, though, as the dangerous narrative he predicts would result from moving the mosque - that "Islam is under attack" from the U.S. - is precisely the story line he has put forth himself multiple times since Sept. 11, 2001. What should trouble all Americans is that those comments echo the most powerful motivation for young Muslims who embrace...
  • One Imam, Multiple Messages (What does Imam Rauf really believe? Here’s the truth beind the man...)

    09/13/2010 6:55:07 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 7 replies
    National Review ^ | 09/13/2010 | Ibn Warraq
    Journalist and author Fareed Zakaria has made some grave accusations against those who oppose the building of the Islamic center near Ground Zero, and has predicated his own approval of the project on the moderateness of Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf. Zakaria wrote that Abdul Rauf “has said one or two things about American foreign policy that strike me as overly critical — but it’s stuff you could read on The Huffington Post any day.” Yes, indeed — you are likely to read similar “stuff” on the Huffington Post, since Rauf has written there. But how can that possibly constitute a...
  • Ground Zero mosque Imam blames Sarah Palin for 'growing Islamophobia'

    09/12/2010 6:03:11 PM PDT · by opentalk · 176 replies · 1+ views
    Telegraph UK ^ | 9/12/2010 | Telegraph UK
    The Muslim cleric behind plans to build a mosque close to the Ground Zero site has blamed politicians such as Sarah Palin for fuelling a "growing Islamophobia" that led to the burning of Korans on the ninth anniversary of the September 11 attacks. The Reverend Terry Jones abandoned his "international burn a Koran day" in Gainesville, Florida on Saturday but there were isolated instances in Tennessee and New York of the Muslim holy book being set alight. "What has happened is that..certain politicians decided that this project would be very useful for their political ambitions," Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf said,...
  • Imam TV Shock: Moving Mosque Would Endanger U.S. Troops. (Is he threatening us???)

    09/08/2010 11:55:01 PM PDT · by American Dream 246 · 208 replies · 1+ views
    The Blaze ^ | 09/09/10 | Scott Baker
    “If we move from that location, the story will be that the radicals have taken over the discourse.” VIDEO
  • Koran Burning: Pastor's Two-Hour Deadline [ given to Ground Zero Imam ] VIDEO

    09/10/2010 11:26:36 AM PDT · by rface · 43 replies
    SkyNews ^ | 9.10.10 | SkyNews
    The pastor at the centre of the Koran-burning row has challenged a New York Imam to call off the building of a mosque at Ground Zero.Pastor Terry Jones and his colleague Pastor K A Paul read out their telephone number live on television and said the Imam has just two hours to respond. Sky News' US correspondent Robert Nisbet, who was at the news conference, said: "This is absolutely extraordinary. "It appear that the pastor has reconsidered his earlier deal over the New York mosque." [ snip ] VIDEO of Press conference at link
  • Imam Rauf on CNN(subtle threat)

    09/09/2010 3:16:26 PM PDT · by Outlaw Woman · 83 replies
    In an interview last night with CNN’s Soledad O’Brien, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf stressed that he could not move the Ground Zero mosque because it would threaten “national security.” From the CNN transcript: RAUF: As I just mentioned, our national security now hinges on how we negotiate this, how we speak about it, and what we do. It is important for us now to raise the bar on our conversation– O’BRIEN: What’s the risk? When you say “national security,” what’s the risk? RAUF: As I mentioned, because if we move, that means the radicals ...
  • Say No to the Ground Zero Victory Mosque

    09/08/2010 4:24:28 PM PDT · by NYer · 12 replies
    Inside Catholic ^ | September 8, 2010 | John Zmirak
    This weekend, my home town will be the site of an extraordinary event. Let me beg everyone who is able to make the pilgrimage to Ground Zero on the ninth anniversary of the Islamist mass-murder attack on our country. It is there that thousands of citizens will gather at 3 p.m. at Park Place (between Church and West Broadway) to register their outrage at the attempt by foreign-funded, terrorist-friendly Muslims to build a triumphalist mosque at the site of an Islamist slaughter, replacing a building that was damaged by one of the planes hijacked by 19 orthodox Muslims. (Nineteen...
  • Plane Crashes into World Trade Center

    09/11/2001 5:56:49 AM PDT · by hellinahandcart · 966 replies · 91,202+ views
    NewYork1 | 9/11/01
    Just in. I am looking at a picture of the WTC with smoke pouring out of the western tower. Looks like a huge amount of damage. Debris raining down on people in the street.
  • Bloomberg’s Ground Zero Mosque Dividend

    08/31/2010 11:09:55 AM PDT · by BigFinn · 16 replies
    Human Events ^ | 08/31/2010 | by Robert Spencer
    New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has continued to portray his support for the construction of an Islamic supremacist mega-mosque at Ground Zero as the moral high ground. But Bloomberg may be getting more out of this than just the glow of moral sanctity—billions more, in fact, courtesy his business dealings in Muslim countries.
  • Ground Zero Imam a Taxpayer-Subsidized Slumlord

    08/30/2010 4:58:51 AM PDT · by opentalk · 13 replies
    Human Events ^ | August 30, 2010 | Connie Hair
    The elitist, media-generated grand illusion of the Ground Zero mosque imam has begun to collapse under scrutiny. New reports from The Record out of Hackensack, N.J., reveal Feisal Abdul Rauf, the would-be Ground Zero imam, owns taxpayer-subsidized apartment buildings in Hudson County where the tenants have made municipal health complaints including rat, roach and bedbug infestations, seeping toilets, leaks, urine-soaked hallways, no heat and no hot water. Despite millions of dollars in government subsidies, Rauf has trouble maintaining several small apartment buildings in North Bergen, Palisades Park and Union City. From the report: Page after page of municipal health...
  • Sessions, Local Muslims Sound Off On Ground Zero Mosque

    08/24/2010 4:52:45 PM PDT · by Tailgunner Joe · 6 replies ^ | August 24, 2010
    HUNTSVILLE, AL - One of Alabama's two U.S. Senators has entered the debate over a proposed mosque near Ground Zero, with local Muslims also keeping a close eye on the controversy. U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R) challenged President Obama's recent statements over the mosque while visiting Huntsville Monday, calling on the project's supporters to rethink their position. "I think it's a genuine, legitimate concern," said Sessions, when asked about the proposed mosque. "I'm uneasy about it, the American people are uneasy about it, and I really hope the people who are promoting this will reconsider...Yes, you have a Constitutional right...
  • 9/11 MOSQUE IMAM BOASTS, "Obama's historic speech in Egypt came from me!"

    08/24/2010 8:42:32 PM PDT · by BigFinn · 17 replies
    Special Guest ^ | Aug 24, 2010
    QUESTION: So who really was speaking on that historic day of June 4th 2009 in Cairo, Egypt? President Obama or the Imam of the proposed Ground Zero Mosque, Feisal Abdul Rauf? ANSWER: Feisal Abdul Rauf! (Link to audio excerpt of Raul interview at bottom of page) The Shoebat Foundation has obtained a shocking audio recording of Rauf's own voice boasting in Arabic that Obama’s historic speech in Cairo was provided by the Imam's work with the Cordova Initiative in what the Imam called “The Blue Print” which, according to him, was the solution to the Islamic-American divide. Rauf claimed that...
  • Good Grief: GZ Imam’s Wife Now Being Sent on Taxpayer Funded Trip to Middle East to Trash America…

    08/24/2010 9:54:26 AM PDT · by La Lydia · 21 replies
    Weasel Zippers ^ | August 24, 2010
    Yup, the same woman who just said America is “beyond Islamophobic” is being sent by the Obama regime’s State Department to give her views on Muslim life in the U.S. to the United Arab Emirates…Yes, fresh from denouncing America on national television as a place rife with “hate of Muslims,” a place so Islamophobic that “it’s beyond Islamophobia,” Daisy Khan, co-planner of the Ground Zero mosque project, will soon be hopping a plane at taxpayer expense, courtesy of the State Department, to jet from New York to the United Arab Emirates and deliver to the Emiratis her views about Muslim...
  • Roger Ebert’s Moral and Intellectual Bankruptcy: 10 Ridiculous Statements Supporting Cordoba House

    08/24/2010 9:36:32 AM PDT · by cyogerst · 36 replies
    Newreal Blog ^ | Walter Hudson
    Here at The Concession Stand, NRB’s pop culture division, we are sustained by a steady stream of boneheaded remarks from celebrities grand and small. One of the gifts that keeps on giving is Chicago-Sun Times film critic turned political pseudo-blogger Roger Ebert. Ebert was recognized by the National Society of Newspaper Columnists as one of the best bloggers of 2010 for his “clarity and depth.” Such an accolade is laughable when you objectively consider an average Ebert post. Far from deep or clear, a typical Ebert rant is a long piece of well crafted gibberish. In his most recent post,...
  • Ground Zero mosque modeled after notorious 9/11 mosque?

    08/22/2010 9:33:09 PM PDT · by hope · 23 replies
    wnd ^ | 8/22/10
    The New York imam behind the Ground Zero mosque has struck a partnership with the founder of the so-called 9/11 mosque in the Washington suburbs that gave aid and comfort to some of the 9/11 hijackers, WND has learned. Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf counts the lead trustee of the Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center among partners in his Cordoba Initiative, which features a 13-story mosque and a "cultural center" for his project to bring shariah, or Islamic law, to America. Families of 9/11 victims oppose construction of the proposed site so close to Ground Zero. Jamal Barzinji, one of the founders...
  • Patriots Demonstrate Against GZ Mosque; Little Daisy Whines

    08/22/2010 5:20:07 PM PDT · by curth · 17 replies ^ | 8/22/2010 | Tammy Bruce
    I do have a few choice words at the end of this post. Here’s coverage of the protest today at Ground Zero and the pathetic complaints of Obama’s favorite Hillary Clinton Department funded Islamists. Ground Zero Mosque Opponents, Supporters Turn Out to Demonstrate Several hundred opponents of the project turned out in drizzling rain, chanting, “No mosque at Ground Zero.” They carried signs saying, “You Can Build Your Mosque at Ground Zero When We Can Build Our Synagogue at Mecca,” and “Building a Mosque at Ground Zero Is Like Building a Memorial to Hitler at Auschwitz.” “We don’t care what...
  • Ground Zero Mosque Opponents, Supporters Turn Out to Demonstrate

    08/22/2010 11:55:56 AM PDT · by barmag25 · 57 replies
    abcnews ^ | 8/22/10 | DEAN SCHABNER
    Opponents of a planned Islamic community center two blocks from Ground Zero in New York shouted "Enough is enough" at supporters of the project, as the two sides squared off today in dueling demonstrations.
  • Now Muslim Miss USA says DON'T build mosque near Ground Zero

    08/21/2010 1:50:58 PM PDT · by markomalley · 44 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | 8/21/2010
    The growing movement against the building of a mosque near Ground Zero has gained another prominent supporter: the first Muslim Miss USA. Rima Fakih, 24, the daughter of Lebanese immigrants and a Muslim, criticised the location of the planned Ł70 million Islamic Cultural Center planned just two blocks away from Ground Zero. 'It shouldn't be so close to the World Trade Center,' Fakih, 24, told Inside Edition during a break from the Miss Universe pageant preparations in Las Vegas.
  • 'Mosque' Debate Is a Red Herring

    08/21/2010 11:14:03 AM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 58 replies · 2+ views
    The Cato Institute ^ | August 17, 2010 | Gene Healy
    By 2012, our national debt will be larger than the entire U.S. economy, according to the International Monetary Fund. So what's on the front burner in Washington these days? Zoning issues in lower Manhattan! Is it OK to put a Muslim community center close to Ground Zero? I don't know, but local authorities don't seem to mind. That should settle it, but what Sarah Palin calls the "9/11 mosque" has somehow become a headline-grabbing controversy. On Friday, President Obama insisted that Muslims have the "same right to practice their religion as anyone else" and can build a mosque near the...
  • EDITORIAL: A monument to terrorism--The Ground Zero Mosque celebrates Islam by dividing America

    08/19/2010 4:47:43 PM PDT · by jazusamo · 19 replies
    The Washington Times ^ | August 19, 2010 | Editorial
    The Ground Zero Mosque project already has failed in its intended outreach mission, and its backers now seem to be committed to alienating as many Americans as possible. The latest galling revelation is that the cash-strapped Cordoba Initiative is willing to accept funding for the mosque from overseas sources, including Saudi Arabia and Iran. This was not necessarily something the project's backers wanted known. In 2008, the Cordoba Initiative raised only $18,255, which generated questions why the group believed it could undertake a $100 million project. If the developers had a funding source already lined up, they were keeping it...
  • AP Orders Staff: ‘Stop Using the Phrase “Ground Zero Mosque”’

    08/19/2010 3:59:41 PM PDT · by Justaham · 25 replies ^ | 8-19-10 | Alana Goodman
    In an unusual move, the Associated Press has publicly released an advisory memo to its reporters on how to cover of the Ground Zero mosque story - and the first rule is that journalists must immediately stop calling it the "Ground Zero mosque" story. "We should continue to avoid the phrase ‘Ground zero mosque' or ‘mosque at ground zero' on all platforms," reads the advisory, which was issued by the AP's Standards Center. Instead of the "Ground Zero mosque," AP recommends that reporters use the terms "mosque 2 blocks from WTC site," "Muslim (or Islamic) center near WTC site," "mosque...
  • [Radical Islamic] Mosque Developer Rejects Meeting With Paterson (9/11 Victory Mosque still on!!)

    08/18/2010 8:11:41 AM PDT · by pillut48 · 79 replies
    AP/NBCNewYork ^ | 8-18-10
    The developers of an Islamic cultural center that would include a mosque near Ground Zero have rejected Gov. David Paterson's offer to help them find a different site. Paterson said today the group is apparently committed to building in the proposed site. "I think they would like to stay where they are, and I certainly respect that and I certainly respect them," Paterson said. But, Paterson said the dialogue would have been useful as the project has ignited nationwide debate over freedom of religion and anger over the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.. "Having said that, how much more foresighted would...
  • Pelosi Tells America to Shut Up on Ground Zero Mosque

    08/19/2010 1:03:40 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 195 replies · 1+ views
    US News and World Report ^ | August 19, 2010 | Chris Battle
    Nancy Pelosi had some choice words for the American public yesterday: Shut up. If you’ve got an opinion about the N.Y. mosque controversy, better keep it to yourself or you could end up under investigation in the House Star Chamber. Pelosi says she wants to know how opposition to the mosque is being “ginned up.” She wants to know who’s funding this anger. She wants to know what the hell is wrong with the 61 percent of Americans who evidently disagree with her views. (Her disingenuous view being that this is a “zoning issue” only and all the national controversy...
  • AP to reporters: Refer to GZ mosque as 'NYC mosque' now

    08/19/2010 2:49:30 PM PDT · by paltz · 28 replies
    Washington Times - Water Cooler ^ | 8/19/10 | Kerry Picket
    The Associated Press sent an advisory out on Thursday telling its staff to stop referencing the controversial Cordoba House as the "Ground Zero Mosque." Instead, the AP wants their reporters to call it the "NYC Mosque." In an advisory the AP wrote: Colleagues, Here is some guidance on covering the NYC mosque story, with assists from Chad Roedemeier in the NYC bureau and Terry Hunt in Washington: 1. We should continue to avoid the phrase "ground zero mosque" or "mosque at ground zero" on all platforms. (We’ve very rarely used this wording, except in slugs, though we sometimes see other...
  • Whats Forgotten About the 9/11 Mosque

    08/19/2010 8:16:39 AM PDT · by PurpleMountains · 6 replies
    From SeaTto Shining Sea ^ | 8/19/2010 | Purple Mountains
    Americans have a short memory span, and most Americans are entirely ignorant of the significance to Muslims of the building of a mosque on the hallowed ground of those they have conquered. The dispute about the building of a mosque adjacent to the site of the Twin Towers is not about religious freedom, it is about stopping Islamic fundamentalists from celebrating their victory there – while shoving our noses into the dust left behind by their murderous attack. Muslims have long memories, and they teach their children to remember long-forgotten events. They have a long history of destroying symbols of...
  • Son of Hamas Mosab Yousef: “Every mosque is a danger on American soil”

    08/18/2010 10:22:04 PM PDT · by george76 · 15 replies
    the right scoop ^ | Aug 18th, 2010 | Yousef
    Yousef doesn’t mince words as he refers to Imam Rauf as a crazy person who is trying to put a ‘rock of division’ in the US that will cause lots of problems and violence. Yousef says that as a former x-Shin Bet officer he believes every mosque posses a danger to America. Wow.
  • Pelosi Trying to Intimidate 9/11 Families: N.Y. Rep. Peter King

    08/18/2010 12:13:38 PM PDT · by kristinn · 56 replies · 1+ views
    Wednesday, August 18, 2010 | Kristinn
    Rep. Peter King (R-NY), the Ranking Member of the House Homeland Security Committee, accused Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) of trying to intimidate 9/11 families from expressing their criticism of the location of the Cordoba House mosque planned for construction in a building near the World Trade Center site that was severely damaged in the September 11, 2001, terror attack that killed nearly 3,000 people. King made his remarks on the Fox News Channel this morning (video courtesy Mediate):"I...see it as a threat by the Speaker to try to intimdate people who are speaking out against the location...
  • 9/11 victims families release ad against Ground Zero Mosque entitled "We Remember"

    08/18/2010 1:53:53 PM PDT · by Pyro7480 · 9 replies
    Fire Andrea Mitchell ^ | 08/18/2010 | n/a
    This is a very powerful ad video released by family members of the 9-11 terrorist attack victims. The ad obviously is against the Ground Zero Mosque. Progressive liberal Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi want to investigate anyone who opposes the Ground Zero Mosque, but not where the actual mosque funding is coming from. those who are against it. The board members of Keep America Safe, Liz Cheney, Bill Kristol and Debra Burlingame announce the release of “We Remember,” an ad featuring first responders and family members of the victims of the terrorist attacks of 9/11 who are speaking out in...
  • Islamic Center Backers Won't Rule Out Taking Funds from Saudi Arabia, Iran

    08/18/2010 1:54:15 PM PDT · by SmartInsight · 32 replies
    ABC News ^ | Aug 18, 2010 | RUSSELL GOLDMAN
    The developers behind the Islamic center planned for a site near Ground Zero won't rule out accepting financing from the Mideast -- including from Saudi Arabia and Iran -- as they begin searching for $100 million needed to build the project. When asked if they would then turn to foreign donors, Sultan replied, "I can't comment on that." Pressed on whether the developers were willilng rule out accepting donations from the governments of Saudi Arabia or Iran, he repeated, "I can't comment on that." Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf, chairman of the Cordoba Initiative, the cultural organization behind the mosque is...