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  • BREAKING: Former head of D.C. abortion group arrested in child sex sting

    01/10/2013 10:07:20 AM PST · by Morgana · 14 replies
    lan ^ | 1.10.2013 | Cassy Fiano
    News has just broke that Scott Richard Swirling, former director of the pro-abortion National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association (NFPRHA), has been arrested in a child sex sting. Swirling was caught trying to solicit sex with a twelve-year-old girl online; luckily, it was an undercover police officer and Swirling was taken into custody. Scott Richard Swirling, 61, thought he was discussing plans to meet a District man who was offering to let him have sex with his preteen daughter, authorities said. It turns out Swirling was dealing with an undercover D.C. police officer. Swirling, of Gaithersburg, was arrested Tuesday...
  • Liberal Web Site Lies: Claims Santorum's Wife Had Abortion

    01/06/2012 9:12:30 AM PST · by julieee · 55 replies · 1+ views ^ | January 6, 2012 | Steven Ertelt
    Liberal Web Site Lies: Claims Santorum's Wife Had Abortion The liberal, pro-abortion web site Jezebel, which recently named as its woman of the year an abortion practitioner who injured a woman in a botched abortion, is now making false claims that Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum's wife had an abortion.
  • Obamacare opens door to Planned Parenthood in schools

    09/10/2009 12:31:32 PM PDT · by RobinMasters · 13 replies · 638+ views
    WorldNetDaily ^ | SEPTEMBER 10, 2009 | Chelsea Schilling
    The House's proposed health national health plan would establish "school-based health clinics" on campuses, and one group is warning it could give Planned Parenthood direct access to American schoolchildren at taxpayer expense. The American Family Association, or AFA, is warning that Section 399Z-1 of H.R. 3200, or the House plan, titled "School-Based Health Clinics," allows a "non-profit health agency" to serve as a "sponsoring facility" for health clinics that operate during school hours. AFA has provided a document with actual language from H.R. 3200 that outlines requirements for the program. AFA notes that under this provision Planned Parenthood would be...
  • Family of Owner of Nation's Largest Privately Owned Abortion Chain Died in Montana Plane Crash

    03/26/2009 4:24:21 PM PDT · by patriotgal1787 · 57 replies · 2,996+ views
    Christian Newswire ^ | Gingi Edmonds
    MEDIA ADVISORY, Mar. 24 /Christian Newswire/ -- Some of you may have seen the major news story of the private plane that crashed into a Montana cemetery, killing 7 children and 7 adults. But what the news sources fail to mention is that the Catholic Holy Cross Cemetery owned by Resurrection Cemetery Association in Butte - contains a memorial for local residents to pray the rosary, at the 'Tomb of the Unborn'. This memorial, located a short distance west of the church, was erected as a dedication to all babies who have died because of abortion. What else is the...
  • Taking on Goliath (20 year old working covert ops to expose abortion clinics)

    03/26/2009 7:25:49 AM PDT · by NYer · 22 replies · 933+ views
    Inside Catholic ^ | March 26, 2009 | Deal H. Hudson
        If you think the pro-life movement has run out of energy and new ideas, you should meet Lila Rose. You may not know her name, but you very likely have seen the media coverage of her various sting operations at Planned Parenthood clinics around the country.   Rose is 20 years old, but she is already entering her fourth year of covert operation, as it were, exposing the underhanded -- and, in some cases, potentially illegal -- practices at abortion clinics run by Planned Parenthood. She has already made appearances on The O'Reilly Factor and Hannity's America.  ...
  • Bioethicist calls for an 'Abortion Pride Movement'

    03/25/2009 6:20:45 PM PDT · by anniegetyourgun · 39 replies · 933+ views
    In our youth, some of us may have been awarded honor roll car stickers that gave us great pride. Others might have marched in a St. Patrick’s Day parade proudly displaying our Irish heritage. One bioethicist, Jacob Appel, wants to take prideful behavior to a new level with his call for an “Abortion Pride Movement.” Appel, an Ivy League-educated lawyer and medical historian, recently wrote that “the moment is ripe—more than ripe—for an Abortion Pride Movement.” He believes such a movement is necessary because women should “feel comfortable expressing public pride in their brave and wise choices.” Along with glorifying...
  • Family of Irving 'Bud' Feldkamp, Owner of the Nation's Largest Privately Owned Abortion Chain, Dies

    03/25/2009 9:04:00 AM PDT · by TaraP · 246 replies · 9,410+ views
    Christian Newswire ^ | March 25th, 2009
    MEDIA ADVISORY, Mar. 24 /Christian Newswire/ -- Some of you may have seen the major news story of the private plane that crashed into a Montana cemetery, killing 7 children and 7 adults. But what the news sources fail to mention is that the Catholic Holy Cross Cemetery owned by Resurrection Cemetery Association in Butte - contains a memorial for local residents to pray the rosary, at the 'Tomb of the Unborn'. This memorial, located a short distance west of the church, was erected as a dedication to all babies who have died because of abortion. What else is the...
  • "We have a problem with financing Planned Parenthood” (Orange County supervisor)

    03/10/2009 1:06:12 PM PDT · by GonzoII · 8 replies · 685+ views
    An Orange County supervisor is asking his colleagues on the board to cut funding to Planned Parenthood, saying the county should not be giving money to an organization that provides abortions. In a meeting of the board of supervisors scheduled to begin today at 9:30 a.m., Supervisor John Moorlach will ask the board to end two county contracts with Planned Parenthood approved last year that total $341,788.
  • Wrenching politics surround stillborns-Bereft moms want birth papers,but abortion complicates issu

    04/10/2007 7:53:18 AM PDT · by SmithL · 7 replies · 652+ views
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | 4/10/7 | Ilene Lelchuk
    Cherie Golant has three photos of her daughter Julia at birth. She has a lock of Julia's newborn hair, thick and dark. She has Julia's handprints, footprints and hospital wristbands. She also has memories of 30 hours of grueling labor -- but no official record of Julia's birth. Julia was stillborn, with her umbilical cord around her neck. The state issued only a death certificate. "I remember my discharge nurse said to me, 'You are still a mom. Don't forget that,' " said Golant of San Francisco. "It was amazing to me how important those words were in the days...
  • Pro-life advocates are decrying a grisly new outrage

    08/09/2006 12:19:59 PM PDT · by .30Carbine · 205 replies · 3,297+ views
    Salem Radio Network News ^ | 08/09/06 | Michael Harrington
    Transcription from radio/internet broadcast: Pro-life advocates are decrying a grisly new outrage in Europe: Face lifts and cosmetic surgery using tissue from aborted babies are being offered at clinics in places such as Moscow and Rotterdam, and women from around the globe are flocking. In many cases women in third world nations are being paid up to $200.00 US to carry babies up to 12 weeks of pregnancy, when the unborn children are aborted and sold to the cosmetic clinics. An increasing number of these facilities are now springing up in popular vacation spots including Barbados and the Dominican Republic...
  • Human Fetus A "Parasite" - The State News, MI State U

    08/04/2006 10:28:40 AM PDT · by Mobile Vulgus · 36 replies · 986+ views ^ | 8/2/06 | warner todd huston
    What are they teaching our children at MSU in East Lansing, Michigan? It appears to be that a human fetus is no different than a "tapeworm" or a "parasitical creature". They are also teaching that a newspaper is the proper place for devaluing human life as a recent article by Shane Krouse in The State News proves. Shane Krouse, a sophomore and State News columnist, directly and unequivocally equates the human fetus, which he rather unscientifically describes as "a wad of cells", to parasites. He doesn’t stop with parasites, but goes much further than that, of course, as he lambastes...
  • Jill Stanek: True confessions of Planned Parenthood

    08/02/2006 7:07:36 AM PDT · by Caleb1411 · 10 replies · 758+ views
    World Net Daily ^ | August 2, 2006 | Jill Stanek
    There stands Planned Parenthood, right behind Senate Democrat leaders, whispering seductively in their collective ear the promise of lots of votes and lots of cash. That's an interesting looking wallet Planned Parenthood has. Oh, baby skin. Of course. The addiction to power is arguably the most powerful addiction. This is obviously what's behind the Democrats' obstruction to the Child Custody Protection Act, which would stop non-parents from trafficking minor girls for abortions from states with parental notification laws to states without them. CCPA would also rescue girls from incestuous households by eliminating the loophole around state parental notification laws that...
  • Anti-Life, Anti-Science - A Castle of confusion.

    07/19/2006 12:53:46 PM PDT · by neverdem · 9 replies · 526+ views
    National Review Online ^ | July 19, 2006 | Richard M. Doerflinger
    July 19, 2006, 8:39 a.m. Anti-Life, Anti-ScienceA Castle of confusion. By Richard M. Doerflinger It all seemed so reasonable and straightforward. Congress’s warring factions in the stem-cell debate had agreed on a civilized plan for moving the issue forward. The U.S. Senate would vote on three bills: the bill to fund stem-cell research requiring the destruction of human embryos, already approved by the House last year; a bill to ban the use of fetal tissue from “fetus farming” (implanting human embryos in human or animal wombs in order to develop them further and harvest their body parts); and a...
  • Lord of the Rings Profits Used to Support Embryonic Stem Cell Research

    07/17/2006 4:48:58 PM PDT · by wagglebee · 48 replies · 1,288+ views
    LifeSiteNews ^ | 7/16/06 | Gudrun Schultz
     WELLINGTON, New Zealand, July 17, 2006 ( – Profits from the Lord of the Rings film trilogy are being used to fund destructive human embryonic research at the University of California, reported the Mainichi Daily News. Filmmakers Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh, who brought the J.R.R. Tolkien epic to the screen, together donated US $310,000 last Saturday to fund research using the stem cells of human embryos. “Stem cell therapy has the potential to treat a multitude of diseases and illnesses which up until now have been labelled ‘incurable,’” the pair said in a statement released by the University of...
  • Baby teeth might be source of stem cells

    07/17/2006 12:00:50 PM PDT · by Salman · 27 replies · 741+ views
    Science Daily ^ | 17 July 2006 | UPI
    AUSTIN, Texas, July 17 (UPI) -- A Texas company has reportedly started freezing stem cells taken from baby teeth pulp tissue in hopes the cells might some day lead to disease treatments. BioEden Inc., which opened for business last week, told the Austin (Texas) American-Statesman, it's betting the science eventually will catch up with its aspirations. "We are absolutely confident this will work," Jeff Johnson, president of Austin's BioEden, told the newspaper. "All indications are this is a wonderful source of stem cells." The company said it expects baby teeth stem cells might eventually be used for bone, teeth nerve...
  • Canadians to Create “Fresh” Human Embryos for Research Purposes

    06/28/2006 5:28:43 AM PDT · by wagglebee · 12 replies · 383+ views
    LifeSiteNews ^ | 6/27/06 | Hilary White
    OTTAWA, June 27, 2006 ( – The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) has announced that it will allow the creation of living human embryos specifically for research purposes. Although pro-life advocates working to kill the Liberal government’s 2002 Assisted Reproduction Act predicted that embryonic stem cell research would be the next move--although the bill purported to protect against this type of research--they were roundly criticized as “alarmist” during the debates over the bill. Meanwhile, biotech lobbyists have worked steadily to find ways around the legislation or simply to amend it to get what they wanted: “fresh” embryos made to...
  • Aborting a Baby Is Legal in Britain, but Depicting It Is a Crime (FReep the baby-killers!!!)

    06/01/2006 7:23:15 PM PDT · by Aussie Dasher · 39 replies · 1,215+ views
    Human Events Online ^ | 2 June 2006 | Steven W. Mosher
    Our cousins in Great Britain, from whom we inherited a language, a political culture and, most specifically, the principle of freedom of speech, are going off the deep end, to judge from the jailing of Edward Atkinson. Here's the background. Last year, the U.K. was rocked by a high-profile abortion case. This was because the demise of "Baby A," as she became known, was photographed and videotaped. This evidence of her brutal end was widely distributed in the U.K. The abortion took place at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kings Lynn, Norfolk, not far from where Mr. Atkinson lives. This...
  • A contraceptive pill that can beat cancer (RU 486)

    03/28/2006 7:26:03 AM PST · by oxcart · 65 replies · 1,184+ views
    The Times (UK) ^ | 03/28/2006 | By Mark Henderson
    The added benefits of the new drug include the end of periods and PMS A NEW generation of contraceptive medication that guards against breast cancer as well as pregnancy could be available within five years, scientists predicted yesterday. Patient trials of a drug that is used in higher doses to cause abortions have shown it to be an effective contraceptive with few side-effects, and animal and cell models have even suggested that it can protect against breast tumours. Women taking the new Pill, which contains no female hormones, would have no periods and would thus be unlikely to suffer from...
  • Anti-Abortion Advocates? Bring 'Em On, Texan Says -Planned Parenthood faces Roe v. Wade challenge

    03/12/2006 10:03:10 PM PST · by weegee · 15 replies · 2,798+ views
    New York Times ^ | Published: March 10, 2006 | By ROBIN FINN
    CECILE RICHARDS, the new and instantly embattled president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, would like those retro "folks" — her word — intent on knocking her organization, and the entire abortion rights movement, off the map to know she takes after her maternal grandmother That would be the tall, whip-thin woman who, nine-months pregnant and bedridden, took a timeout from home-birthing a future governor of Texas — Ms. Richards's mother, Ann — to wring the neck of the chicken her family was having for dinner. Plucky. "I love the idea of that story, and I'm sure it's true,"...
  • When Abortion Was a Crime; Doctor, Patients Tell How It Was

    03/08/2006 1:08:13 PM PST · by Diana in Wisconsin · 256 replies · 4,221+ views ^ | March 8, 2006 | Judith Davidoff
    When Lue Allen got pregnant in 1953, she was just 20 and not ready to be a parent. "I was young," she said at a news conference this morning. "I was scared. I wanted one thing. I wanted an abortion." Abortion was illegal at the time but Allen knew that if you could borrow $200 you could find somebody to do the procedure. Allen did just that. "It wasn't a back alley," she said. But it wasn't clean or safe either. Allen said she felt a tremendous sense of relief from the abortion and went on to marry and have...
  • Sexual Predators Roam Free In California

    02/08/2006 10:58:05 AM PST · by NormsRevenge · 24 replies · 913+ views ^ | 2/8/06 | Dennis Mountjoy
    One of the many ugly secrets of the abortion industry – and this is a business obsessed with secrecy – is the fact that abortionists routinely conceal the worst form of sexual child abuse: rape. Many of its “clients” are confused and frightened youngsters who have been victimized by adults. That is a crime. It is statutory rape. California has long outlawed statutory rape because as a society we understand the need to protect vulnerable children from adult predators. They call themselves “boy friends.” These men are neither boys nor friends. They are adults who prey on confused youngsters desperate...
  • Media is Silent on Violent Planned Parenthood Video

    08/09/2005 9:21:58 PM PDT · by infoguy · 30 replies · 2,015+ views ^ | 9 Aug 2005 |
    Overwhelmingly, pro-lifers condemn violence against abortionists and their co-workers. However, it doesn't appear that feeling is mutual at Planned Parenthood Golden Gate (PPGG), who have posted an animated video that displays gross acts of brutality against those who wish to advance the messages of life and abstinence. In addition to its violence, the video also extends its own degree of tastelessness and disrespect. [Note: Due to some unfavorable attention, the video was removed from PPGG's site this afternoon (Tue. Aug. 9, 2005).] In the span of a few minutes, the Planned Parenthood video displays the following: ... A female "superhero...
  • March of Dimes Exposé (Warning: Graphic Content)

    04/30/2005 5:41:34 AM PDT · by NYer · 34 replies · 3,191+ views
    Catholic Exchange ^ | April 30, 2005 | PA Pro-Life Federation
    For years the March of Dimes (MOD) has been boycotted by pro-life groups for its involvement in the abortion industry. Unfortunately, many well-meaning pro-life citizens continue to support MOD, not knowing one of the group's methods of preventing what it calls "Birth Defects" is to promote abortion.MOD was one of the major forces behind the development and widespread use of amniocentesis in the second trimester of pregnancy. Amniocentesis is a test commonly used to determine if an unborn child has a congenital abnormality, knowledge of which can facilitate the decision to abort "defective" children. Pat Robertson of CBN and the...
  • Eric Rudolph to Plead to Atlanta Bombing

    04/08/2005 4:04:32 PM PDT · by BenLurkin · 11 replies · 742+ views
    Associated Press ^ | 4 minutes ago | JAY REEVES,
    BIRMINGHAM, Ala. - Eric Rudolph has agreed to plead guilty to carrying out the deadly bombing at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and setting off three other blasts in a deal that allows the anti-government extremist to escape the death penalty, Justice Department officials said Friday. "The many victims of Eric Rudolph's terrorist attacks ... can rest assured that Rudolph will spend the rest of his life behind bars," Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said. Rudolph, 38, is scheduled to admit his guilt Wednesday in court. The plea deal calls for four consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole. Rudolph had...
  • Notorious Canadian Abortionist Morgentaler Featured in new CTV Movie

    01/04/2005 11:26:22 AM PST · by NYer · 18 replies · 569+ views
    Life Site ^ | January 3, 2004
    TORONTO, January 3, 2004 ( - The life of notorious Canadian abortionist Henry Morgentaler is championed in a new made-for-television movie, Choice: The Henry Morgentaler Story, produced by CTV. Morgentaler gained notoriety for defying Canadian law in 1967 by opening Canada's first abortuary in Montreal. The description of the movie highlights that the "January 2005 airdate coincides with the 17th anniversary of the Supreme Court of Canada decision to change the country's abortion laws (Jan. 28/1988) and the 35th anniversary of Morgentaler's decision to end his practice as a GP and to begin illegal committing abortions (1970)." While visiting...
  • Schwarzenegger Criticized for Saying GOP Should be More Pro-Abortion

    12/20/2004 2:26:56 PM PST · by Ed Current · 123 replies · 1,933+ views ^ | December 20, 2004 | Steven Ertelt
    Sacramento, CA ( -- First, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger came under fire from pro-life advocates for backing a $6 billion measure using taxpayer funds to destroy human life in cloning and embryonic stem cell research. Now he drawing criticism for suggesting the GOP should become more pro-abortion.In an interview with Germany's Sueddeutsche Zeitung daily newspaper published Saturday, Schwarzenegger said the Republican Party should move "a little to the left" on issues such as abortion -- a shift he claims would pick up more voters.Schwarzenegger told the paper that "the Republican Party currently covers only the spectrum from the right wing...
  • Planned Parenthood's Child Sex Abuse Cover-up

    12/03/2004 8:33:06 AM PST · by jbamb · 5 replies · 1,602+ views
    Ravings of John C. A. Bambenek ^ | 12-3-04 | John Bambenek
    Planned Parenthood's Child Sex Abuse Cover-up A truth the bears telling is that the dirty little secret in town is that it looks like Planned Parenthood covers up for child rape. Yes, you read that right. Here's the scoop. Most of this you can read on the people who did the investigation at Child Predator, where you can read the report here. Here is what they did. They called up pretending to be a 13 year old. Said they were pregnant by an older man and wanted an abortion. For those of you that are slow, there is this thing...
  • Fetal Frontier (suggestion that women show even token concern for aborted fetus outrages feminists)

    12/07/2004 1:04:39 PM PST · by dead · 53 replies · 1,571+ views
    Village Voice ^ | December 7th, 2004 10:45 AM | Sharon Lerner
    Pro-choice advocates wrestle with the uncomfortable For 35 years, Frances Kissling has been at the forefront of the pro-choice movement. She directed an abortion clinic, got arrested protesting at the Vatican's diplomatic mission in Washington, D.C., helped found the National Abortion Federation and the Global Fund for Women, and as president of Catholics for a Free Choice, has taken the pope to task and shouted down the likes of Jerry Falwell. So the focus of her latest manifesto on the pro-choice cause may come as a surprise to people on both sides of the abortion debate: the value of the...
  • Murder ... So What? Film Reveals Growing Callousness to Abortion

    12/01/2004 6:58:44 AM PST · by NYer · 74 replies · 1,727+ views
    Agape Press ^ | November 22, 2004 | Ed Vitagliano
    (AgapePress) - "[A]t the end of the day, the truth is that when you perform an abortion you are killing something," said Dr. David Molloy of the Australian Medical Association. For pro-lifers, that is a statement of the obvious. But what if you were confronted with the full horror of what that death represented -- and still didn't care? Is it possible that pro-abortionists could finally admit that abortion is murder, but then collectively shrug their shoulders? That seems to be the case after the release of a British documentary entitled My Fetus, which aired in Britain in April, and...
  • 'Choice on Earth' back for 3rd straight year: Planned Parenthood unveils controversial card

    11/30/2004 1:06:29 AM PST · by JohnHuang2 · 27 replies · 1,614+ views ^ | Tuesday, November 30, 2004
    For the third straight year, Planned Parenthood, the nation's No. 1 abortion provider, is selling greeting cards with the holiday message "Choice on Earth." The 2004 'Choice on Earth' card by Planned Parenthood This year's offering, which includes bright pink snow flakes and the now-infamous phrase, is available at the organization's online store.Two years ago, outcry about the cards in the media, Planned Parenthood claimed, actually spiked sales of the items, as well as "Choice on Earth" T-shirts. "'Tis the season to share with family, friends, colleagues and loved ones the message of 'choice on earth.' Place your orders now...

    11/29/2004 4:44:32 PM PST · by Diago · 46 replies · 2,675+ views
    National Right to Life email ^ | Monday, November 29, 2004
    This is an update from the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) in Washington, D.C., issued Monday, November 29, 2004. For further information, call 202-626-8820, send e-mail to, or visit the NRLC website at Please forward this e-mail to any appropriate lists. ASSOCIATED PRESS AND OTHER MEDIA DISTORT ROE V. WADE AND PUBLIC OPINION ON ABORTION POLICY WASHINGTON (November 29, 2004) -- Nearly thirty-two years after the Supreme Court legalized abortion on demand, some major organs of the news media continue to misreport key elements of what the Court has done, with the Associated Press being the latest...
  • Paralyzed woman walks again after stem cell therapy

    11/29/2004 6:00:17 AM PST · by RepCath · 26 replies · 1,481+ views
    Yahoo News ^ | 11-27-2004 | AFP
    SEOUL (AFP) - A South Korean woman paralyzed for 20 years is walking again after scientists say they repaired her damaged spine using stem cells derived from umbilical cord blood. Hwang Mi-Soon, 37, had been bedridden since damaging her back in an accident two decades ago. Last week her eyes glistened with tears as she walked again with the help of a walking frame at a press conference where South Korea (news - web sites) researchers went public for the first time with the results of their stem-cell therapy.
  • Abortion Business in England Wants to Expand Late-Term Abortion Laws

    11/26/2004 4:50:28 PM PST · by DBeers · 23 replies · 463+ views ^ | November 26, 2004 | Steven Ertelt
    Abortion Business in England Wants to Expand Late-Term Abortion Lawsby Steven Ertelt Editor November 26, 2004 London, England ( -- Just days after a British newspaper exposed a scandal involving a U.K. abortion business that was sending British women to Spain for extremely late-term abortions, abortion advocates say they want laws limiting late-term abortions expanded. Pro-life groups are upset by the call and say such abortions will hurt women. The British Pregnancy Advisory Service, which performs about 25 percent of all abortions in England, wants to push back the limits on abortions performed at 20 weeks of pregnancy. BPAS...
  • Letter Supports Anti-Kerry Bid Over Abortion

    10/19/2004 3:39:48 AM PDT · by Blogger · 26 replies · 1,066+ views
    Letter Supports Anti-Kerry Bid Over Abortion By PAM BELLUCK Published: October 19, 2004 OSTON, Oct. 18 - A canon lawyer seeking to have Senator John Kerry excommunicated by the Roman Catholic Church because of his support for abortion rights said on Monday that he had ammunition in the form of a letter issued at the request of a senior Vatican official. The lawyer, Marc Balestrieri of Los Angeles, who heads a conservative Catholic nonprofit organization called De Fide, also said that, based on the letter, he would now seek to have four other Catholic politicians excommunicated: Senators Edward M. Kennedy...
  • Kerry said to be excommunicated

    10/18/2004 11:29:25 PM PDT · by joyce11111 · 37 replies · 1,641+ views ^ | Oct 18, 2004
    Kerry said to be excommunicated Los Angeles, Oct. 18 ( - A consultant to the Vatican has said Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry has incurred the penalty of excommunication from the Catholic Church. The consultant made his statement in a highly unusual letter to Marc Balestrieri, a Los Angeles canon lawyer who formally sued John Kerry in ecclesiastical court for heresy. Balestrieri, who launched his case earlier this year by filing a heresy complaint in Kerry's home archdiocese of Boston, told EWTN's "World Over" program on Friday that he had received an unusual, indirect communication from the Vatican's Congregation for...
  • UNICEF Demands Abortion for Underage Girls without Parents Knowledge

    10/18/2004 1:00:57 PM PDT · by Tailgunner Joe · 66 replies · 3,242+ views ^ | October 12, 2004
    WELLINGTON, October 12, 2004 ( - Unintentionally providing a timely reminder why people should not participate in its annual Halloween donation boxes campaign , UNICEF is lobbying New Zealand Parliamentarians against a proposal requiring parental consent for abortions. The nation's health spokesman, Judith Collins, is promoting a law to require doctors to inform parents when underage girls are seeking abortion. UNICEF has written all MPs to denounce the proposal. The UNICEF letter, signed by UNICEF's New Zealand executive director Dennis McKinlay, portrays parents as a danger. It suggested that when parents are informed that their daughters are seeking an abortion,...
  • Pro-Abortion Group Plans for When Roe v. Wade Decision Overturned

    09/08/2004 9:32:50 AM PDT · by nickcarraway · 26 replies · 930+ views ^ | September 7, 2004 | Steven Ertelt
    San Jose, CA ( -- The next president could appoint as many as four new Supreme Court judges -- potentially changing the face of the abortion debate for decades. However, abortion advocates aren't waiting around to decide what to do if President Bush is re-elected and his judicial appointees overturn the infamous abortion decision. Sponsored by a Planned Parenthood abortion business in San Jose, California, local pro-abortion leaders have put together a task force to monitor the situation and figure out how to respond. Linda Williams, CEO of Planned Parenthood of Mar Monte, has been meeting with a dozen pro-abortion...
  • Lime 5: Exploited by Choice (book review) ... abortion

    01/24/2004 11:03:59 PM PST · by Lorianne · 3 replies · 166+ views ^ | Mark Crutcher (book author)
    This is Mark Crutcher's compelling 320–page expose' of the American abortion industry. A unique and uncensored look at our nation's most wrenching social issue, it is certain to become required reading for people on both sides of the issue as well as those caught in the middle. It fully documents that women are being sexually assaulted, mutilated, and killed inside perfectly legal abortion clinics in numbers that have never before been made public. It also shows how pro-choice organizations have used raw political power to fight off regulation of their industry. (Warning: This book contains graphic descriptions of sexual molestation...
  • Supreme Court To Hear Key Sodomy and Pro-Life Cases

    12/09/2002 8:03:48 PM PST · by webber · 30 replies · 349+ views
    traditional Values Coalition ^ | Traditional Values Coalition
    Supreme Court To Hear Key Sodomy and Pro-Life CasesSummary:The U.S. Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments for abolishing the sodomy law in Texas. If ruled illegal, this decision will impact 13 states with sodomy laws on the books. The court is also hearing arguments on the legality of using the Racketeer and Influenced Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act against pro-life picketers. During this new session of the U.S. Supreme Court, the justices will hear two key cases involving sodomy and the punishment of pro-lifers under a statute designed to be used against mobsters. The sodomy law challenge comes from the...