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  • How Crazies Are Destroying Your Party (Both of them?)

    10/31/2013 11:08:31 AM PDT · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 30 replies
    National Journal ^ | October 31, 2013 | By Ron Fournier
    Politics How Crazies Are Destroying Your Party New poll underscores public's mad-as-hell attitude toward Republicans and Democrats. This is what happens when the two parties ruling Washington lose touch with America and pander to their crazy-extreme bases: President Obama's competency and personality ratings are nose-diving, according to a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll; barely a sliver of the public thinks highly of the Republican Party; and two-thirds of Americans want to replace their own member of Congress.
  • The Tale of Two Headlines, Abused to Death, or Sad Tragic Accident?

    07/12/2011 9:09:36 AM PDT · by OneVike · 11 replies
    ChicoER Gate ^ | 7/12/11 | Chuck Wolk
    On July 10, at 6:39 ET, the BBC ran a story with a headline that stated, "Pony 'beaten' into Hampshire lake dies".I am sure millions around the world had the same reaction as I did when I first read the accounts as reported by the BBC. We really do owe a debt of gratitude to the nameless reporter who informed us of this heinous act. Well, that is what many must have thought as they read the story first thing Monday Morning before they headed off to work. Then again, what if the reporter was telling a tale that...
  • Make Their Time And Effort Count

    11/10/2010 3:20:01 PM PST · by jspeelman
    The DC Post ^ | 11/9/10 | J.J Speelman
    By J.J. Speelman The Election Day victory speaks volumes about the American people’s rejection of radical leftism in our culture. Conservatives, republicans, tea partiers, and independents cheered loudly as they watched their votes materialize into a win for our country. This was a step in the right direction, however, the application of conservative values and fiscal responsibility must begin January 20, 2011. As Speaker Elect, John Boehner made perfectly clear in his victory speech: “It starts with cutting spending instead of increasing it. Reducing the size of government instead of expanding it. Reforming the way Congress works and giving government...
  • Voters pick Obama but local progressive agendas flop

    11/05/2008 9:07:45 PM PST · by NormsRevenge · 11 replies · 903+ views
    AFP on Yahoo ^ | 11/5/08 | Virginie Montet
    WASHINGTON (AFP) – Despite a landslide for Democrats in the White House race, Americans voted more conservatively on Tuesday in a myriad of referendums on banning gay marriage and abortion. Voters in some states rejected gay marriage rights and affirmative action and approved restrictions on adoption for unmarried couples. However, results were mixed as other referenda across the country -- some 35 states were asked to consider 153 ballot questions -- showed voters in favor of assisted suicide and against outright bans on abortion. In California, Florida, Arizona and Arkansas, voters rejected gay marriage. In Arkansas, they voted to prevent...
  • CA: Billionaires put their agendas to a vote (Props. 5&10 backers - George Soros & T. Boone Pickens)

    11/01/2008 1:49:36 PM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 6 replies · 418+ views
    LA Times ^ | 11/1/08 | Evan Halper
    Reporting from Sacramento -- California's ballot is often crowded with measures known as citizen initiatives. But many of the citizens whose causes will come before voters Tuesday are not everyday Californians. International financier George Soros wants to change drug laws. Computer technology titan Henry T. Nicholas III -- who has been indicted on federal fraud and drug charges -- is pushing two measures seeking tougher penalties for criminals and expanded rights for victims. Oilman turned alternative-fuels investor T. Boone Pickens is pushing subsidies for cars that run on substances other than oil. And Peter Sperling, one of the founders of...
  • Anger, Conspiracy and 9/11 Truth

    09/11/2006 7:37:30 AM PDT · by freeper_peeper · 8 replies · 729+ views ^ | September 11, 2006 | David Kupelian
    WND Exclusive Commentary Anger, conspiracy and 9/11 truth Posted: September 11, 2006 A recent Scripps Howard survey reports that one in three Americans believe or suspect their democratically elected government is guilty of the worst crime in American history – of participating in the wanton murder of thousands of its own citizens and the destruction of the national economy in order to advance some nefarious, secret agenda. If that poll is accurate, then I think it's time for us to face some hard truths. First, we need to understand that, when it comes to 9/11 conspiracy theories, the choice is...

    02/02/2006 8:23:41 PM PST · by MrBallroom · 137 replies · 3,406+ views
    The American Partisan ^ | 3 February 1976 | Jennfier King (aka TheRightStuff)
    Hollywood Does It Again by Jennifer King, Managing Editor February 3, 2006 "The Heretical Housewife"Liberals have become so predictable, it’s almost boring prognosticating what they’ll do next. Anything to poke a stick in the eye of the unlettered bourgeoisie. All efforts must be aimed at insulting plebian Red America. Thus, at the “Golden Globe” awards, the alleged precursor to the Oscars, the winners included a plethora of tediously tendentious offerings. Brokeback Mountain, a movie about gay sheepherders whose illicit lust destroys both of their heterosexual marriages, won for best drama, best director, best original song (which some wag dubbed, “Homos...
  • SCOTUS shmotis? - (most SCOTUS opinions on Bush nominees coming from political windbags!)

    07/21/2005 8:56:04 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 2 replies · 324+ views
    For those not news junkies, the overwhelming majority, SCOTUS is the acronym for Supreme Court of the United States. As to getting excited about the coming debate over the latest appointment to this bench, most people's reaction is SCOTUS shmotis. I'm what some partisans of absolutist positions might call wishy-washy on their issues. I prefer to call my attitude rooted in absolute principles and then seeking their practical application. To just take three of the hottest buttons: Abortion is not an absolute "right." It is the taking of a life. I agree with my traditional Jewish laws that allow it...
  • No more Boy Scouts in Britain

    06/16/2005 11:22:21 AM PDT · by SandRat · 113 replies · 3,066+ views
    world Net Daily ^ | June 16, 2005 | Hans Zeiger
    The year 2007 would have marked the 100th birthday of Boy Scouting in England. Unfortunately, the British Boy Scouts, founded by Lord Robert Baden-Powell as the first Scouting group in the world, is now a dead organization. The recent decision by U.K. Scout Association executives to make chaos of the Scout Oath mangles the program far beyond anything Baden-Powell might recognize. Instead of being required to pledge their loyalty to "God and the Queen," members of the Scout Association can now opt to swear allegiance to any combination of things. Muslims can pledge to Allah, Hindus to Dharma, and atheists...
  • Dean Is the Clintons Without the 'Slick' (absolutely!)

    06/09/2005 6:35:15 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 4 replies · 392+ views
    Nebraska Senator Bob Kerrey (who, for the record, never claimed he spent Christmas in Cambodia) once called Bill Clinton "an unusually good liar." Unfortunately, American culture has degenerated to such a point that this statement, coming as it did from a fellow Democrat, was hardly perceived as disparaging the former president. Throughout the Clinton presidency, Democratic Party hacks were thoroughly adoring of the manner in which Bill and Hillary were able to slither out of one outrageous scandal after another by means of half-truths, juvenile excuses and, often, blatant lies. Worse yet, they managed to concoct a fairly formidable political...
  • Public Schools: Awakening America to the Danger - (countercultural indoctrination a reality)

    05/12/2005 9:48:03 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 6 replies · 498+ views
    Far too few among the Christian community are willing to remain steadfast in their beliefs, in the face of the enormous pressures of liberal social change. Fortunately, Bruce N. Shortt exemplifies the meaning of such worthy resolve. Last year Shortt, along with T.C. Pinckney, made waves at the 2004 Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) by stating the obvious. America’s educational system has, over the past several decades, completely degenerated from any pretense of promoting academics. Instead, it is primarily focused on a program of indoctrinating students towards countercultural social transformation. Relentlessly working to eradicate any references to God or traditional morality,...
  • Winning the War - But don’t forget the rules of this strange conflict!(do what's best for U.S.!)

    04/22/2005 1:33:02 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 1 replies · 535+ views
    If we look back at the war that started on September 11, there have emerged some general rules that should guide us in the next treacherous round of the struggle against Islamic fascism, the autocracies that aid and abet it, and the method of terror that characterizes it. 1. Political promises must be kept. Had the United States postponed the scheduled January elections in Iraq — once the hue and cry of Washington insiders — the insurrection would have waxed rather than waned. Only the combination of U.S. arms, the training of indigenous forces, and real Iraqi sovereignty can eliminate...
  • Level the Playing Field--As Long as it's in my Favor! - (former CBS V.P. on "liberal fairness")

    04/09/2005 1:10:47 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 2 replies · 409+ views
    The phrase, “Level Playing Field,” was coined in the 1980s, according to The Phrase Finder, to mean fair competition with no advantage to either side. Today, I hear this phrase used more often in politics—from both the Left and the Right. Somehow, I think this phrase has become contaminated, depending on one’s viewpoint or naiveté. Coming from the Right, this probably means “idealism.” Coming, though, from the Left, I suspect that it means that they want welfare from the USA, or they prefer to blame the USA for its capitalism and imperialism and look to either Socialism or Communism as...
  • POLITICS: Anti-AARP ad misses its mark but hits a liberal hornets' nest

    03/06/2005 8:18:39 PM PST · by CHARLITE · 14 replies · 2,061+ views
    Charles Jarvis, CEO of USA Next, likes to compare the conservative seniors group that he leads to David and the 35-million-member AARP to Goliath. So it probably shouldn't be a surprise that late last month, USA Next flung a rock at the enormous seniors lobby, in the form of an incendiary internet ad. The rock missed its Goliath but infuriated the Philistine army standing behind him. The ad ran for one weekend, Feb. 19-20, on the website of the American Spectator, a conservative magazine. (WORLD's website,, turned down the ad.) It was one of eight USA Next ads on...
  • Children’s Television Shows Unite To Push Homosexual Agenda

    01/13/2005 7:00:37 PM PST · by CHARLITE · 44 replies · 4,559+ views
    All of the major children’s television shows are joining together in a coalition with the “We Are Family Foundation” to promote the homosexual agenda under the guise of teaching children “tolerance” and “diversity” in our culture. Characters from such shows as Arthur, Barney, Bob the Builder, Jimmy Neutron, etc., will appear in a video performance of a song titled “We Are Family” by the We Are Family Foundation, a pro-homosexual, pro-feminist organization. The show will air on the Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, and PBS on March 11.Also in March, a DVD of the “We Are Family” video song will be distributed...
  • Democrats' blueprints - (Isaiah Z.Sterrett's new blockbuster!)

    12/16/2004 6:32:11 PM PST · by CHARLITE · 1 replies · 433+ views
    RENEW AMERICA.US ^ | DECEMBER 16, 2004 | Isaiah Z. Sterrett
    KERRY LOST to the Republicans, so Democrats want Howard Dean, who lost to Kerry, to help them beat the Republicans. They also like Hill, mainly because of Bill, even though she only holds a Senate seat because Rudy Giuliani got cancer — and because New Yorkers were too depressed over Giuliani's illness to ask what, exactly, Hillary was doing in their state. Still delusional about Bush's win, Democrats now claim that they have no idea how anyone could actually believe that Howard Dean and Hillary Clinton are liberals. One columnist has decided that "they" — Republicans and conservatives — "will...
  • Why Calling Conservatives "Nazis" is Such an Inane and Incongruous Remark

    11/26/2004 6:09:22 PM PST · by CHARLITE · 50 replies · 3,411+ views
    Once again, we're being ''treated'' to the same tired old cries of liberal outrage. How dare the stupid people of America not whole-heartedly embrace liberal ideas and policies? Why, they must all be mind-controlled. They must all be... Nazis! The latest in a long string of Hollywood half-wits to invoke the Nazi meme is Linda Ronstadt, who said of the election, ''Now we've got a new bunch of Hitlers.'' Such diverse personalities as David Hoffman (the legal editor of Pravda), Senator (and former Kleagle in the KKK) Bobby ''Sheets'' Byrd (D-WVa), novelist/priest Andrew Greeley, former Vice-President Al Gore, and multi-billionaire...
  • PATRIOTS 51........SOCIALISTS 48

    11/04/2004 1:33:25 PM PST · by CHARLITE · 6 replies · 463+ views
    “We the People” made history on November 2nd 2004 in so many ways. We turned out in record numbers to decide the future of our nation. By doing so, we took control of our country at a time when many believed control had been lost to the politicians, the corporations, or the special interest groups. We proved who runs this country, and the lessons are clear… Since FDR, there has been a slow constant march towards socialism in America. American’s are the most socially conscious people on earth, but that doesn’t mean we believe in socialism as a form of...
  • 9/11 panel Dems promote own agendas (Jamie Gorelick update)

    07/05/2004 6:42:51 PM PDT · by Libloather · 7 replies · 1,016+ views
    9/11 panel Dems promote own agendas Sunday, June 27, 2004 WASHINGTON -- Created and funded by the Congress and empowered by the president, the 9/11 commission, despite being called "bipartisan," has created a life for itself that will encroach on the fall elections. Formally known as the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States, and "officially" neutral, many of the 10 commissioners are concerned with their own agendas and the goals of the Democratic Party rather than with discovering facts. Here's Jamie! And, then we have Jamie Gorelick, appointed by Bill Clinton to act as Janet Reno's brain...
  • MTV Networks to Launch LOGO, A New Television Network for Gay, Lesbian Viewers;

    05/25/2004 2:18:59 PM PDT · by The South Texan · 41 replies · 404+ views
    5/25/04 | yahoo
    MTV Networks to Launch LOGO, A New Television Network for Gay, Lesbian Viewers; Advertiser-Supported Cable Network with A Mix Of Original, Acquired P Tue May 25, 1:25 PM ET To: National Desk Contact: Carole Robinson, 212-846-8760, or Jeanine Smartt, 212-846-7437, both of MTV Networks NEW YORK, May 25 /U.S. Newswire/ -- LOGO, a new cable television network targeted at lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) viewers will be launched by MTV Networks, a division of Viacom Inc. (NYSE: VIA, VIAB) on February 17, 2005. The new channel will be advertiser-supported, targeting primarily gays and lesbians, 25-49, and will provide a...