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  • Former AZ Democrat, Felon, Charged with First Degree Murder in Alaska

    06/13/2016 5:50:53 AM PDT · by marktwain · 14 replies
    Ammoland ^ | 13 June, 2016 | Dean Weingarten
    One of the most deadly of assaults is a surprise attack from someone who has gained the trust of the victim.  The Thugee of India perfected this technique over hundreds of years and are believed to have murdered more than a million people.  An attack reminiscent of Thugee, involving a former Arizona Democrat legislator, has been reported in Alaska.  The former Democrat legislator, Mark De Simone or Desimone, resigned from his legislative seat after being accused of domestic violence eight years ago. He was originally from New York.  From Mark De Simone, a 53-year-old man couch surfing in...
  • ATF gets Black Eye for Abusive Conduct on Alaskan Highway

    06/08/2016 4:40:43 AM PDT · by marktwain · 44 replies
    Gun Watch ^ | 28 May, 2016 | Dean Weingarten
    On 19 May, 2016, a member of the ATF, or at least someone driving one of their vehicles at a time that it was supposed to be in service, may have engaged in abusive behavior on the Glenn Highway in Alaska.  From Police say that at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, a driver on the Glenn Highway said he pulled over for an unmarked white Ford SUV. The SUV flashed red and blue interior dash lights. When the motorist stopped, police wrote that the driver, “sped past him, laughed, and flipped him the middle finger.” The man called 911, and...
  • AK: Board of Regents Refuses Gift of Power over Guns and Knives

    04/01/2016 10:51:22 AM PDT · by marktwain · 6 replies
    Ammoland ^ | 1 April, 2016 | Dean Weingarten
    A bill in the Alaskan legislature, SB174, has passed the Senate Judiciary committee.  In the Committee, amendments were added that give the Board of Regents of the University of Alaska extraordinary power and immunity.  The legislation would give the Board of Regents the power to ban the open carry of knives and guns.  No city in Alaska has that power. From SB174(pdf): (c) The Board of Regents may adopt and enforce policies (1) regulating the possession, ownership, use, carrying, registration,storage, and transportation of openly carried firearms and knives; It would grant the Board of Regents, all their staff, and...
  • Alaska Campus Carry; More Power for The Board of Regents?

    03/11/2016 8:10:42 AM PST · by marktwain · 3 replies
    Ammoland ^ | 11 March, 2016 | Dean Weingarten
    Alaska instituted a ban on concealed carry sometime after statehood in 1959.  They reformed the law to a shall issue permit system in 1994.  The University of Alaska instituted a no weapons policy in 1995.  Alaska was the first state to restore permitless carry in 2003.  It added a strong pre-emption law forbidding government entities from enacting law more restrictive than state law, about 10 years ago. The National Conference of State Legislators claims that 23 states allow campuses to decide for themselves whether to ban concealed weapons or not.  They include Alaska on that list.  Their claim does...
  • AK: Campus Carry; Senate Moves to Grant Power to Disarm Alaskans to Board of Regents

    03/07/2016 5:55:59 AM PST · by marktwain · 1 replies
    Gun Watch ^ | 4 March, 2016 | Dean Weingarten
    Campus carry is moving in Alaska.  Many would argue that the campus regulations that forbid campus carry are already illegal.  The State Constitution and the Alaskan preemption law are clear.  Here is the opening paragraph of AS 29.35.145:  (a) The authority to regulate firearms and knives is reserved to the state, and, except as specifically provided by statute, a municipality may not enact or enforce an ordinance regulating the possession, ownership, sale, transfer, use, carrying, transportation, licensing, taxation, or registration of firearms or knives. The Statute appears to have been in force since 2006. The current rule by the...
  • Salmon spawns on Obama in Alaska

    09/03/2015 7:39:38 AM PDT · by McGruff · 37 replies
    CNN ^ | September 3, 2015 | Deena Zaru
    During his historic trip to Alaska, President Barack Obama spent some time fishing at Kanakanak Beach in Dillingham and in a comical moment, a salmon spawned on his shoes. Wearing a pair of orange gloves, Obama examined some of the fish that he caught. The second one he picked up began squirting at his shoes. "Uh-oh, what's happening there?" he asked.
  • (D'Rat) Berkowitz headed to victory over Demboski in runoff race for (Anchorage) mayor

    05/06/2015 12:39:59 AM PDT · by balch3 · 10 replies
    Anchorage Daily News ^ | May 6, 2015 | Devin Kelly
    Ethan Berkowitz headed to victory with a big lead over opponent Amy Demboski in the Anchorage mayoral runoff election Tuesday night. With 93 percent of the vote counted, Berkowitz had nearly 60 percent of the vote to Demboski’s 41 percent, a margin that was insurmountable. Berkowitz had held a commanding lead over Demboski throughout the counting Tuesday night. As his margin over Demboski held strong, Berkowitz stood on a chair at his campaign party in a downtown restaurant to wild applause and waving signs. He asked his supporters’s to continue to help after the night’s celebration to work on unifying...
  • Energy Department says it’s time to start drilling in the Arctic

    03/27/2015 9:08:54 AM PDT · by rktman · 2 replies ^ | 3/27/2015 | Jazz Shaw
    Get ready for the White House to ignore their own science experts again. The Department of Energy commissioned a study by the National Petroleum Council which was meant to help determine our long range energy strategy. Their conclusion? We need to head on up to the Arctic basin and drill baby drill.
  • Latest Obama executive order: 12 million acres of ANWR now off limits

    01/27/2015 8:24:08 AM PST · by rktman · 60 replies ^ | 1/27/2015 | Dan Calabrese
    President Obama announced Sunday that he’ll use his executive authority to designate 12 million acres in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) as wilderness, walling it off from resource development. This abrogates a 1980 deal in which Congress specifically set aside some of this acreage for future oil and gas exploration. It’s also a slap at the new Republican Congress, where Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski has been corralling bipartisan support for more Arctic drilling.
  • AK: Girls just like to have Guns

    12/13/2014 6:29:57 PM PST · by marktwain · 19 replies
    Gun Watch ^ | 13 December, 2014 | Dean Weingarten
    Tia and pistols near Yuma, AZ In Alaska, a couple is not content with teen age girls learning how to shoot .22 rifles and pellet guns.   Not that their is anything wrong with that.  Air rifles and .22 rifles are excellent tools for teaching beginners to shoot, and for target practice and hunting small game.   But this course goes further and involves a wider variety of firearms.   From In addition to safety, the course includes trigger technique, accuracy practice, shooting from a full range of positions, and a chance to gain experience with a variety of guns. Ted...
  • The AK-47 Softens Its Image

    12/04/2014 6:48:42 AM PST · by C19fan · 15 replies
    The Atlantic ^ | December 3, 2014 | Jason Karaian
    One of the most recognizable instruments of war is getting a makeover. Kalashnikov Concern, the company behind the ubiquitous AK-47 assault rife, unveiled a new corporate identity at a high-profile event in Moscow yesterday. A more stylized logo for the parent company was revealed, along with a somewhat Orwellian new marketing slogan—"promoting peace." In the original Russian, the new corporate catchphrase can translate to "weapons of peace," an even more curious construction. The parent company’s military weapons unit, dubbed simply Kalashnikov, also got a new logo, one that, according to The Guardian, "looks more like the logo of a supermarket...
  • GOP adds another Senate seat as Sullivan wins Alaska

    11/12/2014 7:04:33 AM PST · by Din Maker · 19 replies
    FOX News ^ | November 12, 2014
    <p>Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dan Sullivan defeated Sen. Mark Begich, the Democratic incumbent, in Alaska’s U.S. Senate race Wednesday – a win that gives the GOP eight Senate pickups in the midterm elections.</p> <p>The Republican Party also is seeking a ninth seat in Louisiana’s runoff in December.</p>
  • Leftovers: A roundup of uncalled races

    11/06/2014 1:09:52 PM PST · by smoothsailing · 28 replies
    Politico ^ | 11-6-2014 | Kevin Robillard
    Leftovers: A roundup of uncalled races By: Kevin Robillard November 6, 2014 02:28 PM EST More than 36 hours after the last polls closed, two statewide races in Alaska, the Virginia Senate race and a slew of West Coast House races have yet to be called.Here’s how things stand:THE HOUSEAZ-2: Highly touted Republican recruit Martha McSally leads Democratic Rep. Ron Barber by just under 1,300 votes. The Arizona Republic reports that only a few thousand votes remain uncounted in Cochise County, while 47,000 votes still need to be counted in Democrat-friendly Pima County.CA-7: Former GOP Rep. Doug Ose has...
  • Why Alaska's Senate Race might be closer than anyone thinks

    10/31/2014 6:14:46 PM PDT · by Din Maker · 17 replies
    Yahoo News ^ | October 29, 2014 | Andrew Romano
    There's a time-honored cliche that political pundits tend to trot out whenever they're asked, usually on cable TV, to prognosticate about a race they aren't particularly familiar with: "It's going to come down to the ground game." Most of the time, this isn't really true. Fundamentals such as party registration numbers and the state of the economy usually play a larger part in election outcomes than the campaigns' respective efforts to ensure that their voters actually vote. But suddenly there's reason to believe that the ground game is going to matter more in this year's Alaska Senate contest between Democratic...
  • Treadwell gaining on Sullivan, Begich leads GOP foes

    08/09/2014 2:40:01 PM PDT · by Clintonfatigued · 30 replies
    Public Policy Polling ^ | August 5, 2014
    When it comes to the general election, Mark Begich continues to have modest leads over all of his potential Republican opponents. In the most likely match up with Sullivan he gets 43% to Sullivan's 37% with a bevy of third party candidates combining to get 7%. When you take them out of the mix Begich's lead is 45/41. Begich has held a lead in the 4-7 point range over Sullivan in all four of PPP's polls of this race over the last year. The numbers for Begich against Treadwell are pretty similar. He has a 42/37 lead when the entire...
  • AK: .45 vs 9-Foot Brown Bear

    07/18/2014 5:47:30 AM PDT · by marktwain · 34 replies
    Gun Watch ^ | 17 July, 2014 | Dean Weingarten
    Many people claim that handguns are useless for protection against bears.   Numerous examples have shown that this is a false notion.   Handguns may not be ideal as defensive weapons for bears, but they can be effective.  In a defensive situation, you have to use what is available.   In this case, a homeowner in Alaska used a .45 against a brown bear that was trying to get into his house on July 7th of this year.  He and his son were in the home.   He had scared off the animal with some warning shots just three hours before. ...
  • Hear: Russian ambassadors talk about next annexing parts of U.S., world

    04/06/2014 1:17:28 PM PDT · by Laissez-faire capitalist · 30 replies
    New York Daily News ^ | 4/6/2014 | David Harding
    After Crimea, what next? In an unauthenticated audio, Ambassadors Chubarov and Sergei Bakharev laugh about taking over areas in Alaska, Venice, Scotland, Catalonia and Miami. Watch out, the Russians are coming! ... The pair...joke that Russia will take control of Alaska, Venice, Scotland and Catalonia, a region of Spain which wants a vote on independence, reports The Guardian {link at URL]... The recording has been posted on Youtube, reports The Guardian [link at URL] ...
  • Pot petition has enough signatures to make ballot

    02/05/2014 7:01:28 PM PST · by gooblah · 21 replies
    Yahoo ^ | Mark Theisen
    ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) -- Enough petition signatures have been verified to place an initiative seeking to legalize marijuana on the ballot this summer in Alaska, election officials said Tuesday.
  • Calls mount to end ban on oil exports as US production booms

    02/05/2014 5:24:15 PM PST · by jazusamo · 39 replies
    Fox News ^ | February 5, 2014 | Dan Springer
    When the Arab oil embargo of 1973 shocked the U.S. into long gas lines and rationing, Congress approved what was a no-brainer at the time -- a ban on exporting crude oil produced at home. But today, with domestic oil production booming, some are questioning whether that ban should stay in place. The new concern is that the U.S. has more oil than its refineries can handle. “This ban threatens record-breaking U.S. oil production and American jobs by creating inefficiencies, gluts and distortions,” Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, recently testified at a congressional hearing. Murkowski has sent a letter to the...
  • AKs Not Protected By 2nd Amendment Says CA Court

    10/22/2013 11:34:05 AM PDT · by lowbridge · 57 replies ^ | october 22, 2013 | Brian Anderson
    On Monday the California 4th District Court Of Appeals ruled that 2nd Amendment does not apply to semi-automatic “AK” type rifles. They opined, “that the right secured by the Second Amendment is not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose, but is instead the right to possess and carry weapons typically possessed by law-abiding citizens for lawful purposes such as hunting or self-defense.” The court based its decision largely on the precedent set in the case of US v. Miller which allowed the banning of sawed-off shotguns on the grounds...
  • CA Court of Appeals: 2A Doesn’t Apply to AK Platform Rifles

    10/22/2013 11:33:12 AM PDT · by Red in Blue PA · 27 replies
    California’s 4th District (Division 1) Court of Appeal just held that the Second Amendment does not apply to semi-automatic firearms like “AK” platform rifles. Click here to read the decision. “We construe Heller as standing for the proposition that the right secured by the Second Amendment is ‘not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose’ (Heller, supra, 554 U.S. at p. 626), but is instead the right to possess and carry weapons typically possessed by law-abiding citizens for lawful purposes such as hunting or self-defense . . . We agree...
  • Bureaucrat begs Congress to fire him — and everyone he works with

    10/09/2013 5:31:24 AM PDT · by Texas Fossil · 9 replies
    Hot Air ^ | September 27, 2013 | Ed Morrissey
    The Denali Commission in Alaska, set up in 2008 thanks to earmarks by former Senator Ted Stevens, came under withering criticism from … the Denali Commission, or at least one member of it. The Washington Post reported yesterday afternoon on a letter sent by its Inspector General to Rep. Darrell Issa, chair of the House Oversight Committee, asking Congress to fire him and everyone else at the Denali Commission. Calling the bureaucracy “a Congressional experiment that hasn’t worked out well,” Mike Marsh wants Congress to save $7.4 million a year and eliminate a “middleman” agency.
  • Military Style Raid to check the water…what did you think the Federal Gov was going to use that

    09/07/2013 7:56:57 PM PDT · by marktwain · 26 replies ^ | 6 September, 2013 | bulletsfirst
    Chicken Alaska…no, it’s not some savory culinary dish a la chicken alexander but rather a small gold mining town with a population of 17.The members of this town were treated to a rather rude awakening when their little slice of the last frontier was descended upon by a cavalcade of Federal and State agencies.  Or more accurately, the Federal Agencies descended while bringing on some token State agencies in order to make it look less like an invasion and subjugation of state sovereignty.This raid, in which the agencies involved (10) nearly outnumbered the residents of the town (17) is somehow...
  • Killing the grizzly and using enough gun

    08/24/2013 7:26:28 PM PDT · by marktwain · 42 replies
    Emptycases ^ | 24 August, 2013 | gunwriter
    So, my good friend Johnny Walker is in Kodiak, Alaska teaching kids how to ride horses and shoot guns while riding horses. He had to rent the horses for his project and the deal was, he had to help the rancher round up some cattle first. Seems like the bears were eating too many of them.Johnny: “What do you do when you see a grizzly?”Rancher: “Shoot ‘em. Shoot everyone I see.”Johnny: “What do you shoot them with?”Rancher: “My two, forty, three.”Johnny: “Really? Why do you use a .243?”Rancher: “Well, I can find ammo for it anywhere and at anytime. And,...
  • AK:Hunters Killed Bear that Attacked one of their Party

    08/19/2013 10:50:37 AM PDT · by marktwain · 19 replies
    Gun Watch ^ | 20 August, 2013 | Dean Weingarten
    The bear was known to the hunters, and had even been given a name.  It was shot when it advanced on their camp after the attack. The caribou had been shot by the hunting party that Mr. Tuttle was with.  More details will emerge, I am sure.     I wonder if he was armed when he was attacked.    From citytalk: Mr Tuttle told Mr Bowerfind he was walking to the caribou carcass when the bear attacked him on Alaska's remote Brooks Range. "The only thing he remembers is hearing a grunt and a grumble from the brush, and...
  • Survivor of SE sinking had harrowing time; Coast Guard calls off search.

    08/04/2013 7:52:09 PM PDT · by gettinolder · 10 replies
    Anchorage Daily News ^ | August 3, 2013 | NATHANIEL HERZ
    Alaska fishing trip ends in tragedy for old high-school pals Three old friends from Montesano High School in Grays Harbor County were on a fishing and camping trip in Alaska when high winds and seas dumped them into the water off Baranoff Island. Only one man made it to shore.
  • Legendary gunmaker Kalashnikov flown to Moscow for treatment

    06/26/2013 8:03:13 AM PDT · by archy · 65 replies
    ROPTLY- TV NOVOSTI [Russia] ^ | 23 June 2013 | Staff
    Legendary gunmaker Kalashnikov flown to Moscow for treatment Mikhail Kalashnikov, world famous inventor, with an AK-47 assault rifle. (RIA Novosti / Vladimir Vyatkin) Russia 93-year-old Mikhail Kalashnikov has been flown to Moscow for hospital treatment on an Emergencies Ministry plane after being taken ill in his home city of Izhevsk. The iconic gunsmith is said to be in a serious condition. The inventor of the AK-47 assault rifle endured the flight well and has been sent to undergo medical treatment in a Central military hospital in the Russian capital, reports Itar-Tass. Kalashnikov had been admitted to a cardiology hospital in...
  • Slow Motion of an AK-47 Underwater (Part 1) - Smarter Every Day 95 [Video]

    06/25/2013 12:34:29 PM PDT · by servo1969 · 7 replies ^ | 6-24-2013 | Smarter Every Day
    Previously SmarterEveryDay filmed pistols being fired underwater with a high-speed camera. This time they have gone a little bigger. Using a custom-made stand an AK-47 variant is first filmed being fired in the air. Then the rifle is fired while completely submerged underwater. So here's the science question: Does the bolt cycle faster in the air or underwater? Why? Make your guess and then watch.
  • Venezuela Begins Production of AK-103 Rifles

    06/13/2013 1:13:38 PM PDT · by marktwain · 20 replies
    TFB ^ | 12 June, 2013 | Steve Johnson
    Venezuela’s centrally planned economy may have run out of the essentials like toilet paper, milk and sugar, but a shortage of AK-103 rifles is not something they need worry about now that the government’s new rifle and ammunition factory has come online. The factory, long overdue to have begun production, is a collaboration between the Venezuelan government and Russia’s Izhmash. Izhmash has supplied the tooling and will be paid royalties for each rifle manufactured. The factory is expected to produce 25,000 rifles per year. This works out to be 80 – 90 completed rifles per day. This is on top...
  • Flash Mob of 40 Bald Eagles Gather for Free Lunch

    05/11/2013 7:38:32 PM PDT · by Jet Jaguar · 42 replies
    mashable ^ | May 11, 2013 | Charlie White
    You've probably never seen so many bald eagles in one place. Bald eagles might be scarce in the lower 48 of the United States, but the noble national bird is in abundance in the unusually named and lovely town of Unalaska, Alaska. Typically depicted as noble lone hunters, bald eagles will be happy to accept a free lunch just like the rest of us would. This flash mob of angry birds apparently couldn't pass up their favorite food. The group of about 40 bald eagles is seen at leisure, casually lunching on a giant load of fish fillets carelessly left...
  • "Tea Party" group drafts Gov. Palin for Senate, but does she want the job?

    05/01/2013 5:34:30 AM PDT · by Josh Painter · 31 replies | 5/1/13 at 6:01 AM CDST | Josh Painter
    A group organized as The Tea Party Leadership Fund is trying to draft former Alaska governor and 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin to run for the U.S. Senate in 2014. The fund claims that the former Fox News analyst would be favored to unseat incumbent Mark Begich (D-AK), whose polling numbers have suffered recently. But the organization has not even discussed its effort with Gov. Palin, and she has never expressed any real desire to be a U.S. Senator. The fund's Niger Innis says the interest of Tea Party members in a Palin run, however, is clear. "We...
  • Alaska Ping list

    03/09/2013 11:16:25 PM PST · by Jet Jaguar · 5 replies ^ | Mar 19,2013 | me
    If any Alaska member cares to receive a ping. I am creating a list.
  • 3D Printed AK Magazine in Development by Defense Distributed (video)

    03/08/2013 6:16:30 AM PST · by marktwain · 20 replies
    Gun Watch ^ | 9 March, 2013 | Dean Weingarten
    Defense Distributed is making progress on a 3D printed AK magazine, as shown in the pictures below. They call this magazine "The Feinstein". Link to video
  • Many Alaskans Against More Gun Control

    12/16/2012 6:37:24 AM PST · by marktwain · 4 replies ^ | 15 December, 2012 | Mallory Peebles & Phil Walczak
    In the wake of the most recent mass shooting in Newtown, CT, Gun control has become a hot topic nationwide. In a press conference Friday President Barack Obama said, "We're going to have to come together and take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this, regardless of the politics." Even though the President's statement was vague many feel that more strict gun control laws is the direction he is pursuing, especially customers at Wild West Guns in Anchorage. “I mean if you figure we have 300,000,000 guns in this country, how many are used in crimes? Statistically it’s insignificant...
  • Big Lake men subdue serial burglar(AK)

    12/04/2012 7:43:47 AM PST · by marktwain · 11 replies ^ | 29 November, 2012 | Greg Johnson
    BIG LAKE — A bail-jumping burglar may be feeling lucky at the possibility of spending the next several decades in jail after an armed confrontation that nearly left him shot. Joshua Beaty, 25, was in the process of robbing the Big Lake area home of James Conner Oct. 26 when Conner and a couple of his friends caught Beaty in the act. “He already had the TV loaded up and some other stuff,” said Jim Bowe Jr., owner of Mark’s Big Lake Repair and friend of Conner. “He came out of the house and tried to sneak into his truck,...
  • SLP Father Pulls out AK-47 on Supposed Candy Thieves

    11/13/2012 10:13:12 AM PST · by TurboZamboni · 8 replies
    kstp ^ | 11-13-12 | Cassie Hart
    a father in St. Louis Park faces a felony charge for allegedly confronting children with an assault weapon, because he thought they took candy from his children on Halloween. Police say 44-year-old Orrin Hager is accused of pulling out an AK-47 on a group of boys he saw walking, and confronted them about the candy. According to the complaint, Hager told police he pulled out the gun because the boys weren't taking him seriously. The gun was not loaded. No one was hurt.
  • Seattle woman attacked by bear near Tangle Lakes

    08/28/2012 8:31:39 AM PDT · by marktwain · 15 replies ^ | Tim Mowry
    FAIRBANKS — A Seattle woman working for a Canadian mining company was attacked and bitten in the hand by a grizzly bear about 20 miles north of the Denali Highway near Tangle Lakes on Sunday. Julia Stafford, 20, and a male co-worker she knows only as Kerry, were collecting rock samples in the rain when they encountered the bear in a foggy ravine about 1:30 p.m. “The bear sort of walked out of the fog and it had two cubs with it,” Stafford said by phone Monday from her bed at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, where she was being treated for...
  • Alaska wing message freaks passengers [photo attached]

    08/08/2012 10:40:19 AM PDT · by matt1234 · 18 replies ^ | Aug. 8, 2012 | unknown
    A passenger on an Alaska Airlines flight looked out the window and saw what looked like a damaged area on the wing with a handwritten note saying, "We know about this." A photo was posted on social media sites about the note a passenger spotted on July 28th. Seattle-based Alaska Airlines says the plane was safe and there was nothing to worry about. There was an approved trim repair to the corner flap on the right wing. A maintenance technician wrote a note on the wing to let the flight crew know that it wasn't a problem - they were...
  • North Pole woman uses insect repellent to fend off Granite Tors grizzly

    07/22/2012 8:46:39 AM PDT · by marktwain · 43 replies ^ | 15 July, 2012 | Tim Mowry
    FAIRBANKS — Holding her walking stick in one hand and a bottle of natural insect repellent in the other, Alyson Jones-Robinson wished she had a gun. There was a grizzly bear standing only a few feet in front of her, snapping its teeth and growling at her and her two nieces, 13 and 9, who were huddled behind her, as was her husky, Rowyn. “It was a very surreal experience,” 43-year-old Jones-Robinson said on Friday, a day after the ordeal. “All I could think about was this bear is so close to me I can see its teeth. I could...
  • Brown bear mauls hiker near Bird Creek(AK)

    06/11/2012 7:50:51 AM PDT · by marktwain · 12 replies
    Anchorage Daily News ^ | 10 June, 2012 | LISA DEMER
    A brown bear mauled a hiker on an offshoot of the Bird Creek Trail south of Anchorage early Sunday, and the man escaped by scrambling up a tree, Alaska State Troopers said. Ben Radakovich, 30 of Eagle River, was about three miles from the trail head hiking alone when he rounded a curve and met up with a bear cub. "(The encounter) scared the cub and the cub turned around and high-tailed it out of there," said Beth Ipsen, trooper spokeswoman. Then the sow attacked. Radakovich was wearing a backpack, which provided some protection, and carrying ski poles, which he...
  • Rep. Don Young Meets With ATF Over Alaskan Gun Store Visits

    06/01/2012 6:31:10 PM PDT · by marktwain · 8 replies
    Ammoland ^ | 31 May, 2012 | Ginny Simone
    Fairfax, VA --( NRA-News is a valued partner that continues to cover breaking gun rights news with a new and improved short video format in the “NRA News Minute” videos. To view the current firearms or gun rights news video, please click above: Ginny Simone talks to Congressman Don Young (R-AK) about his recent discussions with ATF over their requests for Firearms Retailers Bound Books – For more information, go to:
  • 2 Alaska girls injured by stampeding moose

    05/29/2012 2:52:16 PM PDT · by TurboZamboni · 15 replies
    pioneer press ^ | 5-29-12 | ap
    2 Alaska girls injured by stampeding moose EAGLE RIVER, Alaska—Police in Alaska say two girls playing in the street were injured when they were stomped by a moose. The Anchorage Daily News ( reports the girls, ages 11 and 6, were playing Monday when the moose chased them. Police in Eagle River say the girls ran to a nearby yard but the moose followed. Police spokesman Dave Parker says the 6-year-old was severely stomped on her back and arm. He says the older girl was struck by the collapsing playground equipment, and was treated and released at the scene.
  • ATF invites Alaska gun dealers to seminar after gun records flap

    05/19/2012 6:32:40 AM PDT · by marktwain · 7 replies
    Seattle Gun Rights Examiner ^ | 17 May , 2012 | Dave Workman
    Anchorage-area firearms dealers are being invited to a June 5 seminar by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives nearly two months after a controversy erupted that set off alarms among Northwest gun rights activists and got the attention of Alaska Congressman Don Young. The ATF field office in Anchorage takes direction from the Seattle Field Division office, and in January, an agent in Anchorage approached several local gun shops including Great Northern Guns, asking for their bound books, containing information on all gun transactions, so he could make copies. Great Northern Guns, as this column noted, refused. The...
  • Ted’s Own Words On “The Alaska Incident”

    04/28/2012 8:19:11 AM PDT · by marktwain · 19 replies ^ | 27 April, 2012 | Bart Skelton
    If you haven’t heard all the recent chatter about Ted Nugent, you’re likely living in a hovel in the far reaches of Siberia. As a result of his highly outspoken views in support of freedom, the Second Amendment, and the American way of life in general, Ted has been persecuted by many. I have a number of things in common with Ted, as many of us do. I love music, guitars, and firearms, especially the 10mm automatic – Ted’s all-time favorite pistol cartridge. I caught up with Ted at his Mescalero, New Mexico concert the other night and had the...
  • BREAKING! Rep. Young wants ATF explanation about AK records checks

    04/26/2012 9:30:14 AM PDT · by marktwain · 65 replies
    Seattle Gun Rights Examiner ^ | 25 April, 2012 | Dave Workman
    Alaska Congressman Don Young today demanded to know why agents with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives have been asking gun shop owners in the 49th State for copies of their gun sales records. As this column reported, ATF agents had contacted gun shops in Anchorage for the bound books which contain information on gun buyers. Federal law prohibits federal agents from doing that, and they know it. Gun rights activists across the Northwest are furious. The situation has caused an uproar in the firearms community, and Young – a member of the National Rifle Association Board of...
  • OMG OMG! It’s a Hunk of Blue Metal! OMG!(AK)

    04/18/2012 6:39:05 AM PDT · by marktwain · 40 replies
    The Truth About Guns ^ | 17 April, 2012 | Dan Zimmerman
    AI member Tyler relays a tale of wanton death and destruction that was only narrowly averted by the vigilance of our friends who work for the Transportation Safety Administration. We’re not sure what Tyler was thinking – trying to carry such a dangerous item on board a commercial aircraft – but here’s his story . . . I had the friendly people at TSA notify me when I tried to get on a flight to Alaska (where I work around bears) this morning that a disassembled bolt for a Ruger m77 is not, in fact, a nicely machined paper weight...
  • Alaska has Only Three Days Left to Pass Essential Self-Defense Legislation

    04/13/2012 7:10:23 AM PDT · by marktwain · 1 replies
    Ammoland ^ | 12 April, 2012 | NRA-ILA
    Charlotte, NC --( House Bill 80, critical self-defense legislation, passed in the state House at the end of last session, and was reported by the state Senate Judiciary Committee on March 23. This bill has since been languishing in the Senate Finance Committee. With only three days left in this legislative session, it is imperative that HB 80 be heard in committee immediately. Introduced by state Representative Mark Neuman (R-15), HB 80 is important self-defense legislation that would provide that a law-abiding person, who is justified in using deadly force in self-defense, has “no duty-to-retreat” from an attack if the...
  • BATFE Violates The Law Again(AK)

    04/03/2012 4:06:17 PM PDT · by marktwain · 21 replies ^ | 3 April, 2012 | Don Young
    Anchorage, AK --( BATFE is violating the law again. Anchorage gun shops are being visited by BATFE agents that are requesting the shops 4473 forms as far back as 2007. They claim they want to make copies of the “book”. This is defacto registration, against the law, and BATFE knows it. Please inform everyone you know about this and notify any gun dealers you know that they don’t have to comply. Contact your congressman and senators and demand a full investigation. Don Young and our Senators have been informed about what is happening. Congressman Young is acutely interested but our...
  • Prior attorney general opposed 'stand your ground' legislation(AK)

    04/03/2012 7:40:48 AM PDT · by marktwain · 4 replies ^ | 2 April, 2012 | RICHARD MAUER
    JUNEAU -- Two years ago, when the Legislature was debating the first incarnation of "stand your ground" legislation, then-Attorney General Dan Sullivan decried the bill as an invitation to violence. Covering a broad swath of beliefs from religion to atheism, from conservatism to liberalism, Sullivan's unequivocal letter to the House Judiciary Committee, written by a subordinate, said the bill had no place in the statute books. "Whatever source one thinks our laws should be drawn from -- the ten commandments which say 'thou shalt not kill,' simple morality, utilitarianism principles of the greater good, or simply the concept that life...
  • Exciting AKTI Knife Legislation Moving Forward(LA,AK,SC,PA,WA)

    04/02/2012 8:55:27 AM PDT · by marktwain
    Ammoland ^ | 29 March, 2012 | Jan Billeb
    WASHINGTON, DC --( Several of the states where we have been working to introduce bills to remove restrictions for law-abiding knife owners are moving forward. There’s exciting things happening in several states. Take action TODAY to tell your legislators to vote YES. LOUISIANA KNIFE BILL WILL PROVIDE CLEAR DEFINITION OF SWITCHBLADES SB 78 sponsored by Senator Dan “Blade” Morrish will clearly separate utility, work and hunting knives from being classified as illegal switchblades. Incorporating our “bias toward closure” language will align Louisiana knife law with the 2009 definition amended to the Federal Switchblade Act. Dan Lawson, AKTI’s Legal Contributing Counsel,...