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  • Useless eaters: disability as genocidal marker in Nazi Germany

    03/30/2005 4:20:19 PM PST · by BCrago66 · 45 replies · 990+ views
    Journal of Special Education ^ | Fall, 2002 | Mark P. Mostert
    The methods used for mass extermination in the Nazi death camps originated and were perfected in earlier use against people with physical, emotional, and intellectual disabilities. This article describes the historical context of attitudes toward people with disabilities in Germany and how this context produced mass murder of people with disabilities prior to and during the early years of-World War II. Several key marker variables, the manipulation of which allowed a highly sophisticated Western society to officially sanction the murder of people with disabilities, are examined. Important implications must continually be drawn from these sad events as we work with...
  • Hey Mel Gibson!!! Here is an IDEA For you

    03/30/2005 4:56:56 PM PST · by ChinaGotTheGoodsOnClinton · 27 replies · 910+ views
    At this point, we are all praying and hoping beyond hope that something will happen to save Terri. But it is time to think of what we can do to change things so that this never happens again that Terri's life and death might not be in vain. Of course, we'll keep our fingers crossed and maybe the judge and Mike will face some consequences, but that might not happen either. But a movie bringing out the facts on this case including the lack of role the local bishop and clergy had might be enough to change things. And it...
  • Parents Lawyer Thwarted Plans to Send (2,000) Milita to Aid Terri Schiavo

    03/30/2005 4:17:55 PM PST · by gopwinsin04 · 198 replies · 6,239+ views
    The Petoskey (MI) News Review ^ | 3.30.05 | Fred Gray
    Norm Olsen, pastor of a right to life church in Wolverine, Michigan and senior adivser to the Michigan Militia, said Tuesday that he had put together an unarmed coalition of state militias that were prepared to storm the Florida hospice where Terri Schiavo has been left to die, and take her to a safe house. Olsen said he only needed the OK from Schiavo's father, either directly or indirectly through his attorney David Gibbs, to put the plan, called 'Operation Resurrection,' into action on Easter Sunday.But Olsen said Gibbs called the FBI (to report the plans) instead of passing his...
  • Jeb Bush's political obituary

    03/30/2005 4:07:26 PM PST · by churchillbuff · 1,080 replies · 13,075+ views
    WND ^ | Mar 30 05 | Farah
    I never had any desire to run for political office, but, if I did, it would be to make a difference. If I didn't think I could make a difference, what would be the point? Florida Gov. Jeb Bush told us last week he just didn't have the power and authority to save one innocent woman forced by court order and armed guard to starve to death in his state. I don't believe that's true. Not for a minute do I believe it. Jeb Bush blinked. And that weakness that he showed for the whole world should represent the end...
  • 11th Circuit Court Rejects Schiavo Appeal

    03/30/2005 12:25:05 PM PST · by jpsb · 622 replies · 16,062+ views
    ABC ^ | Mar 30, 2005 | RON WORD Associated Press Writer
  • Morphine = brain damage?

    03/30/2005 8:40:16 AM PST · by bmweezer · 42 replies · 1,108+ views
    The Mighty Pachyderm ^ | March 29, 2005 | Mighty
    Morphine Posted 11:27 a.m., Wednesday, March 30, 2005 A 'Schiavo' thought that I haven't heard or seen mentioned on mainstream television: if Terri cannot feel anything (her husband's attorney says that she is 'comfortable') why all of the morphine? Mightly has gone back and forth with this case (against removing the tube, then for it), but on this point, one has to wonder. Sean Hannity has discussed Terri's need for morphine, but where the hell is everyone else? If she truly is brain-dead, one has to wonder.
  • City Man arrested outside Fla. hospice (College Prof Tasered after trying to bring Terri water)

    03/30/2005 6:01:21 AM PST · by Born Conservative · 164 replies · 3,868+ views
    Scranton Times-Tribune ^ | 3/30/2005 | Josh Brodesky
    Dr. Dow Pursley, Ed.D, returned home from teaching an ethics class Monday night at Baptist Bible College and Seminary and told his wife Joanne he was flying to Florida to protest against Terri Schiavo's impending death. The family counseling professor booked the first flight out of town -- a 4 a.m. red-eye Tuesday -- and the couple of 37 years then spent the balance of the night praying. Advertisement Click Here! Later Tuesday morning Dr. Pursley, 56, was shocked with a Taser stun gun and arrested by Pinellas Park (Fla.) police on charges of attempted burglary and resisting arrest without...
  • (Vanity) TERRI,COME FORTH!

    03/30/2005 6:38:16 AM PST · by Kings18-37 · 24 replies · 502+ views
    Lazarus, come forth! When God wrote the Bible He wrote to us from His point of view. However, when we read things, we have a tendency to look at what we read through rose colored glasses. If we take off those glasses and look at things through God's eyes instead, we may see things we really don't like about ourselves. We are corpses, that's what God Himself call us in Eph 2:5, 5:14, and Col 2:13. These are some of the many verses that address our spiritual estate before salvation. God demands we look at the whole Bible in this...
  • Death, Terri Schiavo, Marburg Hemorrhagic Fever and Choices (A Vanity) 

    03/30/2005 6:14:39 AM PST · by Mother Abigail · 29 replies · 574+ views
    03-30-05 | Mother Abigail
    The Disclaimer: If you do not believe in God, then this post will be meaningless gibberish in your mind. The Premise: Our relationship with God has always been centered upon the concept of Freedom of Choice. We are free to choose from all manner of things both good and evil, but God also chooses. The Facts: Terri Schiavo, a severely brain-damaged young woman, teeters on the edge of death. She is being killed by withholding food and water, a judgement decreed upon her by the people of the United States. The highest courts of the land have approved her death,...
  • Today is Terri's Day: In Death or Life, Americans & Leaders Should Speak for Terri Mercy & Justice

    03/30/2005 5:42:07 AM PST · by Terri · 35 replies · 1,272+ views | Terri's Day = Wednesday, March 30, 2005 | Terri         FR Situation Room:   Terri Schindler (/schiavo) in Florida Americans and Leaders Need to Speak out in Support of Terri Schindler in Florida. She needs our interest and concern; Terri and the Schindler Family need Justice and Mercy and Help! Terri needs her life! Terri S. in Florida O Lord, you told us to ask, so I am asking for help for our poor Terri, you told us to seek and we find you, to comfort, guide and heal us, We are knocking, and we know the door will be opened. O...
  • Hair Stem Cells Can Turn Into Brain Cells (Implications for Shiavo)

    03/30/2005 5:30:02 AM PST · by ex-Texan · 11 replies · 380+ views ^ | 3/30/2005 | Nigel Wright
    Researchers at AntiCancer Inc have found a method of turning adult hair follicle stem cells into brain cells, a ScienCentral News report has said. Using mice for experiments, scientists managed to coax their adult stem cells into becoming neurons, the brain’s nerve cells. Stem cells differ from other cells since they have the capability to turn into specialized cells required by the body for maintenance and repair. Stem cells in hair follicles are located in a tiny protrusion on the side and are required for helping the follicle maintain itself. According to the researchers, the results of the experiment indicate...
  • Don't trust chariots or horses, or Bush brothers, or GOP; they let Terri die and Michael thrive

    03/28/2005 10:11:35 PM PST · by churchillbuff · 73 replies · 1,786+ views
    March 28, 2005 | churchillbuff
    Judge Greer has accomplished a coup: He commandeered local cops to repel a state agency (Family and Children Services) and Jeb's state police. And what happens to him for usurping extra-judicial authority? nothing. He's allowed to continue the killing process, with a bizarre zeal to see Terri Schiavo die. Michael will be rid of her, and recipient, likely of book and TV movie deals, from a Hollywood that is pushing assisted suicide as the cause du jour. Greer thumbs nose at Congress; what happens? Nothing. The man shows signs of lunacy - - - is he fiddling with metal balls,...
  • Michael Schiavo: Terry Wanted Cremation (Gag Me Alert)

    03/29/2005 10:27:26 AM PST · by stefeb · 44 replies · 1,281+ views
    Newsmax ^ | 3/29/05
    As far back as 2002, Michael Schiavo was claiming that his estranged wife, Terri, told him that she wanted to be cremated – and not have the traditional Catholic burial now requested by her family. "She never wanted to be put in the ground with bugs," Schiavo told the Tampa Tribune at the time. "She always told me that."...
  • Meet Judge Greer's pastor

    03/28/2005 11:46:30 PM PST · by gr8eman · 59 replies · 1,736+ views
    WND ^ | March 29, 2005 | Joseph Farah
    I am convinced God uses trials like the Terri Schiavo case to test men. Pinellas County Circuit Court Judge George Greer was tested – and found wanting. He had seven years to consider this case and got it wrong every time. I don't know Greer personally, but I know many people like him. They go to church on Sunday and then between Monday and Friday lead lives with no seeming connection to what they hear preached in the pulpit, what they read in the Bible, what they claim to believe of the Christian faith. This may be the biggest single...
  • A Dali Painting in 3-D (after-action report from the hospice where Terri Schiavo is being held

    03/28/2005 9:05:11 AM PST · by woollyone · 83 replies · 15,427+ views
    self | March 28, 2005 | woollyone
    On Wednesday of last week, my friend and I just couldn’t stand it any more. The frustration, the anger, the sorrow overwhelmed us to point that we needed to do something. We had called the POTUS, the Governor, the Florida Senators and DCF numerous times. The responses to those calls ranged from “we’re doing everything we can.”…to…interrupting our message with a rude, disinterested “thank you for calling”. There was no place we would rather be on Good Friday that supporting Terri’s fight and Terri’s family. We took Friday off of work, loaded up the truck Thursday night and drove from...
  • CAUSE OF DEATH (What will be written on Terri's Death Certificate?)

    03/28/2005 4:35:57 PM PST · by Uncledave · 172 replies · 2,974+ views
    CAUSE OF DEATH [Robert P. George ] As the end nears for Terri Schiavo, one question remains: What will officials record on her death certificate as the cause of death? The truth is that the cause of her death will be malnutrition and/or dehydration. But will officials tell the truth? Or will they sugar coat it with euphemisms, or even record as the cause of death something that did not cause her death, such as brain damage resulting from a loss of oxygen? Scholars studying the practice of euthanasia in the Netherlands noticed from the beginning a tendency of some...
  • The Latest Michael Schiavo Scam: Terri's

    03/28/2005 4:06:37 PM PST · by WL-law · 16 replies · 1,026+ views
    self | 03-28-05 | wl-law
    There has been ample discussion about whether and under what conditions an autop*y will be performed upon Terri. Putting aside the hopelessnness and resignation implicit in having reached this point in Terri's story, one important fact needs to be understood by those Freepers who are expecting that the procedure will provide damning details about Michael Schiavo. First, understand that Michael (ever the sociopath that he is) is expecting that vindication, not condemnation, will follow the results. And understand that he has reason to expect this. Here's why: at the level of gross anatomical observation, Terri's brain will show significant, massive...
  • Zot Megan Wright

    03/28/2005 1:30:04 PM PST · by Megan Wright · 104 replies · 2,813+ views
    3-28-05 | Megan Wright, as told to Reddy Kilozot.
    There is no other way to show Jeb Bush that people are serious about saving Terri but to start vigoruos campaign to recall him from governorship. Let him know thats this is his own "Read my lips" betrayal.
  • Where there is life, there is hope! (Terri SCHINDLER)

    03/28/2005 8:43:01 AM PST · by TAdams8591 · 34 replies · 617+ views
    me | 3-28-2005 | me
    Please don't give up. Continue to call. Phone the following numbers and ask your family to also: Governor Jeb Bush: 850-480-7146 President George Bush: 202-456-1414 Congressman Tom Delay: 202-225-5951 Senator Bill Frist: 202-224-3344 Senator Rick Santorum: 202-224-6324 And please continue to pray!!! Terri SCHINDLER has NOT given up and neither should we!!!!!
  • What it was like to be at Terri's Hospice vigil

    03/28/2005 12:51:40 PM PST · by FR_addict · 144 replies · 3,859+ views
    FR_Addict ^ | March 28,2005 | FR_Addict
    DAY 1: FR_Addict and husband After driving 11 hours, we arrived about 12:30am on Thursday morning. We were able to park very close to the vigil. Perhaps 30 people were there. We went around and met some of the people there. The police told us to move behind the barricade, which we did. It felt surreal to be there after all this time. I decided to talk to the police to find out what they were thinking, so half-joking and half-serious; I asked why don’t you guys go on a “sick out”. One of the police said they couldn’t. I...