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  • Why I've Decided to Vote For Obama

    05/08/2012 4:14:11 PM PDT · by Hot Tabasco · 241 replies
    5/8/2012 | Me
    Why I will no longer give my support for Romney but instead will cast my vote for Obama.
  • I Thank All of You Profusely

    11/12/2008 4:15:48 PM PST · by jadedtom · 69 replies · 1,474+ views
    SON OF TOM TOM, THE CYBERS' SON ^ | 11-12-08 | Thomas Axtell
    My father thanks you, my mother thanks you, my sister thanks you and I do, too.
  • For Real? Really? Really??? ZOT!

    10/21/2008 3:01:43 PM PDT · by gsdallas · 2,392 replies · 14,729+ views
    DUh | 10/21/2008 | gsdallas
    Some of the posts on here are so so so amusing! Let's see, the implication that any woman who doesn't support Sarah is a lesbian? That any one who supports Obama is "unwashed"? The more comments I read, the more taken aback. What happened to actual conservatism? Did you all catch the McCain bug where if you disagree with someone you vilify them? Anyone care to come out of the woodwork and speak realistically?

    09/19/2008 9:11:12 AM PDT · by awildanimal · 2,095 replies · 10,931+ views
  • Vanity WARNING: All Of The Reasons Why Obama WILL Win And Be A GREAT President!!

    09/11/2008 9:35:03 AM PDT · by waus · 103 replies · 242+ views
    vanity | September 11, 2008 | waus
  • How do I change my tagline?

    08/21/2008 10:54:36 AM PDT · by submarinerswife · 1,985 replies · 2,819+ views
    Can someone help?
  • the tricky situation for China During Russia-Georgia Conflict

    08/28/2008 5:11:04 AM PDT · by badguy2200 · 62 replies · 286+ views
    The U.S. and NATO were the one that first violated UN Charter by recognizing Kosovo independence. Russia was against it and warned that the U.S. would open the Pandora's Box by recognizing Kosovo. Of course, the US was arrogant and full of itself, and the US didn't give a damn. It was the U.S. that opened the Pandora's Box in the first place. So now Russia is returning the favor by recognizing the breakaway Georgian regions. The U.S. didn't give a damn about Russia before, so why should Russia give a damn about the U.S. right now? The U.S. can...
  • America's Founding Values

    08/24/2008 10:13:21 AM PDT · by Jon Rowe · 41 replies · 303+ views
    It's often said that America was founded on "Judeo-Christian" values.
  • The Caucasus raises the U.S. gangsters out of George Soros! A new Caucasian alliance is born

    08/15/2008 2:06:24 PM PDT · by lupo-de-mare · 40 replies · 242+ views
    Setimes ^ | 14.08.2008 | Hurriyet
    Russia, Georgia back Turkish-sponsored Caucasian alliance 15/08/2008 TBILISI, Georgia -- Both Russia and Georgia have backed Turkey's proposal for an alliance of Caucasian countries, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Thursday (August 14th) after a meeting with Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili. Erdogan, accompanied by Foreign Minister Ali Babacan, visited the Georgian capital for talks with Saakashvili on the situation in South Ossetia and Turkey's proposal for a Caucasian stability forum. Erdogan later told a joint press conference, "We asked Georgia to participate in this platform. Our proposal was also welcomed by Russia." His visit to Tbilisi came a...
  • Nine Reasons to Investigate War Crimes Now

    07/27/2008 6:42:07 PM PDT · by ag123 · 155 replies · 355+ views
    The Nation ^ | July 18, 2008 | Jeremy Brecher & Brendan Smith
    Retired General Antonio Taguba, the officer who led the Army's investigation into Abu Ghraib, recently wrote in the preface to the new report, Broken laws, Broken Lives: "There is no longer any doubt as to whether the current administration has committed war crimes. The only question that remains to be answered is whether those who ordered the use of torture will be held to account." Should those who ordered war crimes be held to account? With the conclusion of the Bush regime approaching, many people are dubious, even those horrified by Administration actions. They fear a long, divisive ordeal that...
  • Americans

    07/26/2008 8:26:44 AM PDT · by Shruet · 2,017 replies · 2,364+ views
    <p>Zots alone moves the wheels of history! Have you ever asked yourselves in an hour of meditation which everyone finds during the day, how long we have been striving for zotness? Not only the years we've been at zot. But from the moment as a child when we realized that trolls could be zotted. It has been a lifetime struggle , a never-ending zot!, I say to you! , and you will understand that it is a privilege to zot! We are moderators!! Americans I ask you, once more zot and be worthy of this historical hour! The liberals will conjure up images of our freepers and they will insult our patriots as murderers. This is our duty to zot their sorry arses into the next time zone. I say, Americans of the world, unite! We must never acquiesce!, for it is together, together that we zotvail! We must never cede control of the capacitor bank for it is together that we prevail!</p>
  • New American Flag!!!

    07/23/2008 6:58:43 PM PDT · by Swanny711 · 22 replies · 88+ views
    Is anyone making American Flags with a Hammer/Sickle in the Blue field and taking out the 50 stars?? I want to fly one everyday Barack Hussien Osama is President!!!
  • McCain about to get smeared by Newsweak for CA house in tax default

    06/28/2008 5:32:57 PM PDT · by GunsOrBust · 107 replies · 159+ views
    Will post link when it's a legitimate, trusted site.
  • [Zot]

    06/24/2008 5:29:23 PM PDT · by beebuster2000 · 136 replies · 222+ views
    not AP
    ZOT What is a ZOT really? I mean where does the term come from, and what, exactly, does it mean? Metaphysically, is it a position, a statement, so at variance with reality and the facts that it needs to be identified by ZOT!! Does it not, really, betray our own insecurities, our need for easy labels? Just a thought.
  • firefox explore

    06/23/2008 9:21:08 AM PDT · by caballota · 49 replies · 407+ views
    hello i just try to log in to my firefox and didn't have no results can u help me with that theres no way i can opend my firefox and before i could opend and now i can't is there any way u can help

    06/22/2008 5:51:38 PM PDT · by 2191dr · 1,774 replies · 919+ views
  • Rush owes Ronald Reagan an apology

    06/21/2008 9:24:57 PM PDT · by thelejunes · 76 replies · 297+ views
    June 21, 2008 Over the past several days, I have gone through several emotions, confusion, disgust, disappointment, and finally anger. At first my confusion and disgust were aimed at the arrogance of our State Legislature. Now, I find anger has overtaken my disappointment for my Governor, Bobby Jindal. My anger also extends to the national media, which includes the press and conservative radio talk show host that have long touted the “savior of the Republican party’s future.” Since Hurricane Katrina, Louisiana has made the national news and exposed the corrupt and inept leadership in Baton Rouge. The impression the rest...
  • George W Bush may have been a blessing in disgise

    06/17/2008 1:25:54 PM PDT · by sometimes · 191 replies · 459+ views
    Bush may have done a service to us all. The eight years gave us lay offs and unemployment not seen since the great depresion, wars and attrocities commited in the name of advancing american multi corporate agenda and white Christianity, we saw the rich get richer and the poor become even more poor, we heard slogans such as jobless recovery, strategery, modern economy, trickledown effect Ad nauseum. The values of Bush are the values of the capitalist system, another word for fascism. the eight years of Bush proves capitalism is a failed system. We see more debt, unemployment and 100...
  • My best to all of you.

    06/14/2008 8:17:49 PM PDT · by Dawnsblood · 350 replies · 636+ views
    6/14/08 | Dawnsblood
    I wish you all the best. I have tried to post tributes to the Army, info on Obama's horrendous run for office and McCain's slightly less horrible attempt. I wish you all the best but FR is just as likely to exclude people from the deabte as anyone else. They have that right, freedom to cleave to whoever you like is a right I agree with but I am guessing I am not one Jim wants associate with. I wish you all the best but I am bowing out of this forum. Have a great life. God bless u all!
  • Fascism is Dying

    06/11/2008 1:14:21 PM PDT · by awer775 · 198 replies · 286+ views
  • Vanity: this page is such a good cause, please hear me out.

    05/28/2008 9:37:57 AM PDT · by true2theirword · 2,409 replies · 808+ views
    this site is personal to me it seems no strings attached, their sponsors take care of it all. just click and you will help many worthwhile causes, like hunger, breast cancer, literacy and pets. really, i run firefox with adblock plus and this site has given me no malware or issues/popups. it seems legit, if i can donate a can of food a day and more, i'm sure someone here can help spread the word. i appreciate it. and i'm in no way affiliated with them or paid, this isn't spam. i'm just a news junkie with this place and...
  • CHRISTIAN BROADCASTERS Generation of Vipers

    05/07/2008 1:09:39 AM PDT · by argoweaver · 218 replies · 253+ views
    CHRISTIAN BROADCASTERS: Generation of Vipers
  • Obama as the AntiChrist

    Is Barack Obama the AntiChrist? He was born in Honolulu a city of seven hills with seven streams leading to the bay. He has taken a metaphorical wound to the head (Pastor Wright) and has recovered with no marks. He has deceived intelligent people with his aura of empty promises. You be the judge.
  • problems with my ZOT

    03/14/2008 9:50:42 AM PDT · by beccix · 2,189 replies · 2,625+ views
    i can not connect to my interent it keeps telling me my domain name server configuration is wrong how do i repair this

    02/16/2008 11:35:13 AM PST · by Teslaedson · 2,219 replies · 7,441+ views
    So, with gasolene prices bobbing up and down. And the economy also bobbing! When and what will it take to get rel action n Aternative energy?Nikola tesla(1856-1943) had the answer more then a 100 years ago!That of broadcasting wirelessly eletric power! He even set up a braodcasting tower for this at Wardecylle,Long Island(Now Shoreham, L.I.) But when he mentioned FREE ELECTRIOC POWER to hs financial backer the great Robber Baron J.P. Morga. Whos meatered eletric power intreste would have been ruined. The money was removed and Tesla went into a life long debt!To honor Dr. Tesla in 2005 and 2006...
  • Unauthorized programming must come to an end.

    02/03/2008 11:30:34 AM PST · by Mike Acker · 411 replies · 342+ views
    2008-02-03 | Mike Acker
    Un-authorized programming must come to an end. To argue that "it can't be done" or "it's not cost-effective" is to concede either (a) incompetence, or (b) indifference, or (c) dis-honesty Suggested reading: GEEKONOMICS, David Rice
  • Zombie attacks might increase due to global warming, study shows

    A new study by scientists has suggested that zombie attacks might increase if the current projections of global warming are realized. “If the earth gets warmer, it means longer springs, summers, and falls, and shorter winters,” said John Carpenter-Romero, Ph.D., a zombie-ologist who co-authored the study. “And shorter winters means more time for the undead to prey on the populace.” Dr. Harrister, the other co-author, and head of Zombie Robotics at Wayward Robot, Inc., explained that cold winters typically stalled the walking dead. “It is well known that zombies can’t operate in cold weather. It freezes their brains.” The pair...
  • Why aren't the tax cuts working? (Meow Mix)

    01/25/2008 10:26:50 AM PST · by heartsafire · 323 replies · 246+ views
    unemployed mother
    Seven years ago George bush and the republicans gave a tax cut to the wealthy. We had a recesion and as far as Im concerned we never recovered. I was working as a telemarketeer and my husband was at an assembly plant. In 2001 my husband was laid off after his job was outsourced. Then I lost my job too. My husband now works at Target and I held a job at Burger King. A week ago my job was terminated after buisness wasn't so well. Now were in another recession and Bush wants yet another tax cut? If cutting...
  • Real-time Mind Control Zombie Zot

    12/23/2006 11:31:23 AM PST · by BibleBabe1 · 5,856 replies · 18,448+ views ^ | 12/23/06 | BibleBabe1
    Remote detection satellites are used by the intelligence branch of the military to conduct mind control exercises in the theater of war. All this technology is dependent upon the higher branches of particle physics and quantum mechanics. The array of satellites safe in deep space cover the entire earth making the mind control intelligence program widely successful. Be amazed as you view this military program break out of the box. Go to the following web site that shows a real-time mind control zombie being manipulated by satellite and the military.
  • Before Today I though Ron Paul was Nuts Now I think He is the only choice for President

    12/24/2007 10:39:05 AM PST · by Reform Canada · 312 replies · 817+ views
    I saw the interviews with Ron Paul on Glen Beck and Meet the Press and found myself agreeing with much of what he said. He referred to a movie called Freedom to Fascism so I decided to watch. I am a very skeptical person yet I am now convinced. For the sake of your future and the future of your family watch this movie and decide for yourself. Link to VideoIf this post is removed I will be more convinced than ever
  • Wounded in the Stones, Euthanized by a Merciful Mod

    01/14/2006 8:54:41 AM PST · by Gobadan · 55 replies · 3,072+ views
    Deuteronomy 21:1 1 He that is wounded in the stones, or hath his privy member cut off, shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord. 2 A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord; even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the Lord.
  • Private conversations with moderators (vanity)

    12/15/2007 12:21:31 AM PST · by Kurt Evans · 306 replies · 1,566+ views
    Is there a standard procedure here for having a private conversation with a moderator?

    11/04/2007 11:30:22 AM PST · by Fennie · 2,958 replies · 2,785+ views
    Nazi UFO Electromagnetic Propulsion & Antigravity Technology
  • I'm so stupid, I signed up and got the Zot.

    12/21/2004 12:25:42 PM PST · by hk409 · 36,171 replies · 219,508+ views
  • The Incredibile Cowardness of the Christian Right. (ZOT!!! Who's a pinhead now?)

    11/03/2007 5:16:05 PM PDT · by dannygirl · 219 replies · 214+ views
    November 3, 2007 | Dannygirl
    I'm angry when I see the unfair united effort to shut out true conservatives like Duncan Hunter. Many Christian Conservatives are acting like cowards. They fear men rather choosing the very best person. Even if that person is not well know with a lot of money behind them. They ignore Duncan Hunter's stand on the issues.The people are not listening to him. He has a definite plan and vision for America. All the Rinos are starting copying him. He makes them look bad. The Rinos only see money. For themselves. They are more afraid of Hillary Clinton and the believe...
  • drug testing marijuana cocaine

    10/13/2007 12:55:02 PM PDT · by kinganil · 2,633 replies · 1,991+ views
    the asking times ^ | oct 13 2007 | john doe
    hello does anyone know about drug testing cocaine and marijuana.
  • Fred Thompson Caught Unaware of Everglades Oil Reserves (Paulista perishes in dating mishap)

    10/03/2007 4:50:59 PM PDT · by AFreeCountry74 · 111 replies · 2,165+ views
    Fox News ^ | --> September 18, 2007 <--
    TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Republican presidential hopeful Fred Thompson seemed taken by surprise when asked Tuesday about oil drilling in the Everglades, apparently unaware it's been a major Florida issue. Before answering, he laughed at the question. "Gosh, no one has told me that there's any major reserves in the Everglades, but maybe that's one of the things I need to learn while I'm down here," Thompson said after talking over state issues with Gov. Charlie Crist.
  • War foe may block funding (No shortage of funds for zottage)

    10/03/2007 10:56:52 AM PDT · by LM_Guy · 63 replies · 1,025+ views
    The Washington Times ^ | 10/03/2007 | S.A. Miller
    Rep. David R. Obey, chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, yesterday threatened unilaterally to block President Bush's $189 billion emergency war-funding bill to force a U.S. pullout from Iraq and called for levying a surtax to cover the war's costs. Mr. Obey, breaking with the Democratic leadership that has failed repeatedly to end the Iraq war, said unless Mr. Bush establishes a goal to abort combat operations in Iraq by January, he would act alone to cut off war spending. "Future generations should not be saddled with paying for an ill-advised war in Iraq that seems to be never-ending," said...

    09/29/2007 10:22:10 PM PDT · by andoranoyes · 80 replies · 552+ views
    CBS News ^ | 9/29/2007 | Andora Noyes
    Hunt is a privately-held independent oil company based in Dallas, Texas. A third partner, Impulse Energy Corp., also has a stake in the project. "We're very pleased to have the opportunity to be a part of these landmark events by actively participating in the establishment of the petroleum industry," Ray L. Hunt, Hunt's CEO, said in a statement. Hunt, who is also on the board of Halliburton, has been a key fundraiser for President George W. Bush, who named him to the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board.
  • Stop Commemorating 9/11

    09/13/2007 11:21:05 AM PDT · by Invisigoth · 88 replies · 1,926+ views
    North Star Writers Group ^ | September 13, 2007 | Dan Calabrese
    Two days removed from the latest 9/11 anniversary commemorations, I wonder if it’s too much to ask that this anniversary be the last. Are we going to do this every year forever? America loves anniversaries, and the news media find it easier to write stories about them than to report what’s happening, say, now. But the somber, sad, reverent ceremonies every year are not helping America win this battle. We don’t need any more moments of silence or roll calls of the dead. We’ve done it every year for five years now. Enough already. There are those who would like...
  • Thompson: Due process for bin Laden

    09/10/2007 3:02:19 PM PDT · by plain old dave · 135 replies · 2,444+ views
    Yahoo News/ The Associated Press ^ | 09/10/2007 | JIM DAVENPORT
    GREENVILLE, S.C. - Republican presidential contender Fred Thompson said Monday that while Osama bin Laden needs to be caught and killed, the terrorist mastermind would get the due process of law.
  • Troll Shoots Self While Playing with Taki’s Gun

    09/10/2007 9:04:44 AM PDT · by bornacatholic · 172 replies · 4,675+ views
    Taki's Top Drawer ^ | 09-10-2007 | Patrick Foy
    For all of you out there who think G.W. Bush deserves to be impeached--I’m with you, of course--we may now have the “smoking gun” which would force the Democrats in Congress to act, even if they do not want to. This is a matter of principle, not politics. I believe a fair reading of Sidney Blumenthal’s investigative report on of last Thursday, September 6th, provides that smoking gun. The title says it all; it is what many of us have suspected for years: “Bush Knew Saddam had No Weapons of Mass Destruction”. The story concerns the Foreign Minister of...
  • ZOT! scarface2035 a stand up comedian?!?!

    08/31/2007 8:17:09 PM PDT · by scarface2035 · 76 replies · 1,681+ views
    <p>Well I was watching my local new station in Phoenix Arizona, and there was this professor talking about mortgages, and the mortgage crisis. Well he said something kind of bad and funny at the same time. He was talking about President Bush and said that he is practicing for his new job as a stand up comedian!! Although somewhat funny because I dont entirely agree with what George W. has done. Just thought I would let you guys know that.</p>
  • “Do not post to me”

    08/28/2007 5:47:37 PM PDT · by Admin Moderator · 3,059 replies · 26,248+ views
    Free Republic ^ | 8/28/07 | Admin Moderator
    We've received many requests from freepers requesting that other freepers not post to them. There are several problems with this. 1. It's impossible for us to enforce.2. We don't have the time to enforce these requests.3. We don't have the software to keep track of these requests.4. Thick skin helps.5. Ignore the poster, if you don't reply, they won't reply. Free Republic does not need a bozo filter, bozo filters are for wimps. Final note: Trolls, troublemakers, disruptors, forum pests, malcontents, RINOs, liberals, stalkers, et al, would continue posting to (harassing) someone after being asked to stop. Conservative FReepers would...
  • ZOT Surfaces of Cheney, in 1994, Warning That An Invasion of Iraq Would Lead to 'Quagmire'

    08/13/2007 11:42:23 AM PDT · by in pari delicto · 173 replies · 4,340+ views
    Editor and Publisher ^ | August 12, 2007 | E&P Staff
    Here is the transcript. The YouTube address is at the end. * Q: Do you think the U.S., or U.N. forces, should have moved into Baghdad? A: No. Q: Why not? A: Because if we'd gone to Baghdad we would have been all alone. There wouldn't have been anybody else with us. There would have been a U.S. occupation of Iraq. None of the Arab forces that were willing to fight with us in Kuwait were willing to invade Iraq. Once you got to Iraq and took it over, took down Saddam Hussein's government, then what are you going to...
  • Is 20 pound for the weight like 30 pounds if a guy lifts?

    07/18/2007 5:22:46 PM PDT · by charming_harmonica · 2,522 replies · 16,860+ views
    Jul 18 2007 | Vanity
    No gym for home, work out floor with 30, but is it for 20 like 30 lb when you no lift it to be for men, for 30 lbs instead? or half is 10 for 20 pounds?
  • Do you remember the Comet? Are the 787 wings SAFE!

    07/12/2007 9:18:46 PM PDT · by jdlaughead · 42 replies · 1,356+ views
    The British Comet was the first passanger jet aircraft. The trouble was it had a dangerous end. Five of them blew apart in the air, due to defective engineering. The windows were square, instead of oval, as they are to day. The weak point in a square window is the corners, which gave out, due to pressuration of the aircraft at high altitude. Composite Aircraft, was developed, by a member of the EAA (Experimental Aircraft Association) Ken Rand, the first plane was called the KR-1. The big problem with composite material, is it can deteriate, after long exposure to UV...
  • acetone in cadillac fleetwood

    06/29/2007 7:12:24 PM PDT · by kinganil · 2,978 replies · 15,331+ views
    me ^ | 6/29/07 | Neil
    I was trying to put some pure acetone which I just bought for 5 dollars for 32oz into my car
  • Emergency detention plan: 'This way to the ZOT!'

    05/30/2007 9:47:34 AM PDT · by cposnarkey · 2,708 replies · 13,661+ views
    World Net Daily ^ | 05-30-2007
    Houston-based KBR was awarded an initial $385 million contract in January 2006 for one year, with four one-year options extended into 2007. KBR held a previous emergency detention contract with ICE from 2000 to 2005. ICE spokeswoman Jamie Zuieback told Corsi the primary intent of the contract was to build temporary detention facilities that could be used in the event of a mass migration crisis, but she confirmed the facilities could be employed in national emergencies, including natural disasters.
  • Pope Set to Make Mark on U.S. Church

    04/13/2007 6:54:57 AM PDT · by Frank Sheed · 2,576 replies · 12,559+ views
    Guardian Unlimited ^ | April 12, 2007 | ERIC GORSKI (AP Religion Writer)
    Two years into his reign, Pope Benedict XVI is finally poised to make a major mark on American Catholicism with a string of key bishop appointments and important decisions about the future of U.S. seminaries and bishops' involvement in politics. Benedict's election on April 19, 2005, shook liberals and comforted conservatives who expected a doctrinal hard-liner. So far, they have found an easier hand - and someone who has not made the United States much of a priority. When Benedict has gained attention, it has mostly been on the world stage, focusing on the re-Christianization of Europe, Islam and mending...