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  • We The Whipped (Part 1)

    11/13/2011 4:19:56 PM PST · by QT3.14 · 17 replies · 1+ views
    Barnhardt Capital Management ^ | November 12, 2011 | Ann Barnhardt
    I continue to be amazed at how many people in this culture, and most especially those on the “right”, seem to have completely and totally psychologically surrendered to the government. These are the phrases I keep hearing: ....[Part 2 follows right below Part 1].
  • JIHAD WORKS BOTH WAYS (Ann Barnhardt Vs Islamic death threats)

    10/23/2011 3:00:22 AM PDT · by Righting · 61 replies · 11+ views
    LibertyNewsOnline ^ | October 19, 2011 | John Wallace
    USA :: Radical IslamJIHAD WORKS BOTH WAYS10-19-2011 9:57 am - John WallaceDon't mess with this Colorado woman...Ann Barnhardt is a livestock and grain commodity broker and marketing consultant, American patriot, traditional Catholic, and unwitting counter-revolutionary blogger. She can be reached through her business at She has taken on Islam, and they have noticed. Below is a Death Threat email that she received from a Radical Moslem in the UK. ---- DEATH THREAT: To:annbarnhardt Subject: Watch your back I'm going to kill you when I find you. Don't think I won't, I know where you and your parents live...
  • Tips from Afghanistan & The Execution of SEAL Team Six

    08/07/2011 10:44:41 AM PDT · by plsjr · 46 replies
    Ann Barnhardt's Capital Management Inc. ^ | 6-7 Aug 2010 | Ann Barnhardt
    Tip: ... "Almost immediately, after news of the crash began to spread, we were placed in an internet and phone blackout. This means communication with family, friends and "others" back home, in real time, is prevented until further notice. ... One of confirmed details they have been discussing is that the chinook shot down belonged to a National Guard unit. Which is causing people to whisper in astonishment, "why were some of the most elite of America's military, in such large numbers, tooling around on a National Guard aircraft?" ... ... Hollywood Pic Commissioned Yep. Published this very day, written...
  • Islamic Sexuality: A Survey of Evil (Parts 1-4)

    09/16/2011 6:08:39 AM PDT · by wtd · 36 replies · 1+ views
    Barnhardt Capital Management ^ | 9/15/2011 | Ann Barnhardt
    Islamic Sexuality: A Survey of Evil (Parts 1-4)"Here it is. Thanks to Mara and Jack at for the photography and editing. Extreme disturbing content warning. Not safe for work. Not appropriate for children. Not appropriate for anyone, but mature adults [who] need to know the truth about these things. Video links to parts 1-4 of Ann Barnhardt's lecture: Islamic Sexuality: A Survey of Evil (Part 1 of 4)Islamic Sexuality: A Survey of Evil (Part 2 of 4)Islamic Sexuality: A Survey of Evil (Part 3 of 4)Islamic Sexuality: A Survey of Evil (Part 4 of 4) This is in the...
  • Obama hates Israel billboards go up in New York City.

    09/14/2011 12:03:26 PM PDT · by TaraP · 49 replies
    Jewish Voice ^ | Sept 13th, 2011
    The Emergency Committee for Israel has been ramping up its criticism of the Obama administration, launching ad campaigns in the run-up to today’s NY-9 election and the Palestinian unilateral statehood declaration at the UN. The group’s latest billboard ads, which went up today, feature a giant photo of President Obama and Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas sharing a jovial handshake in front of a Palestinian flag. “Attacking Israel at the United Nations: Not Pro-Israel,” blares one of the billboards. “Calling for a divided Jerusalem: Not Pro-Israel,” reads another. The billboards have popped up at locations across the city, including 11th...
  • We The Stupid

    08/01/2011 3:36:09 PM PDT · by hiram569 · 39 replies
    American Thinker ^ | August 1, 2011 | Ann Barnhardt
    I stand here in abject stupefaction. The so-called "right" or "Tea Party" in this republic is being so thoroughly rolled and defeated that I am struggling to come up with an adequate violent submission metaphor that does not involve prison rape . . . and they honesty think that they're "winning." Really? You call this winning? - Obama gets over $2 Trillion to spend before the 2012 election - There are no real spending cuts - There is a massive tax increase effective January 1, 2013...
  • Budget Deal Doesn’t Cut Spending

    08/01/2011 4:34:33 PM PDT · by goodnesswins · 114 replies
    The Cato Institute ^ | Aug 1, 2011 | Chris Edwards
    House Speaker John Boehner’s bullet points on the deal say that it cuts discretionary spending by $917 billion over 10 years, as “certified by CBO.” These discretionary “cuts” appear to be the same as those in Boehner’s plan from last week. The chart shows CBO’s scoring of those spending cuts (see here and here).
  • We The Stupid

    08/01/2011 1:41:13 PM PDT · by bimboeruption · 132 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 8-1-2011 | Ann Barnhardt
    I stand here in abject stupefaction. The so-called "right" or "Tea Party" in this republic is being so thoroughly rolled and defeated that I am struggling to come up with an adequate violent submission metaphor that does not involve prison rape . . . and they honesty think that they're "winning." Really? You call this winning? •- Obama gets over $2 Trillion to spend before the 2012 election •- There are no real spending cuts •- There is a massive tax increase effective January 1, 2013 Obama is going to be handed something in excess of $2 Trillion -- and...
  • Ann Barnhardt Tells Mitt Where to Go.

    06/02/2011 4:18:24 PM PDT · by JoanVarga · 104 replies
    AnnBarnhardt ^ | 6/2/2011 | Ann Barnhardt
    "Men like you make me SICK! Go home, Willard!"
  • Tonight's Andrea Shea King Show is All Business with Ann Barnhardt

    05/27/2011 2:25:38 PM PDT · by patriotgal1787 · 2 replies
    The Radio Patriot ^ | May 27, 2011 | Andrea Shea King
    TONIGHT'S ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW IS ALL BUSINESS The Andrea Shea King Show--9 PM ET Ann Barnhardt spent last weekend at the Front Sight Firearms Training Institute in Las Vegas Joining us again will be Ann Barnhardt of Barnhardt Capital Management, Inc.Tonight we'll be talking to Ann about economics, specifically the commodities markets. Ann posted this morning about an alarming trend in the cattle/corn markets, and since all commodities translate to the cost of everything we buy, we thought we should have Ann stop by and explain just what's going on in the trading pits of Chicago. As Ann...
  • Ann Barnhardt: The Boston Speech (An Inspirational Must Read)

    05/18/2011 10:25:12 AM PDT · by mojito · 5 replies
    American Digest ^ | 5/15/2011 | Ann Barnhardt
    Hello, my name is Ann Barnhardt and I am the person who says the things that everyone else is too terrified to say. This is the speech that I was going to deliver in Boston today, May 15, 2011 had a facility been available to me. Unfortunately, no facilities were willing to host my speech, sponsored by Rabbi Jon Hausmann, because I was deemed to be “hateful”, “bigoted” and “potentially violent”. Well, we’ll see about that. In this speech we are going to cover a lot of intellectual and theological ground. I tend to set my goals extremely high, and...

    05/13/2011 1:15:16 PM PDT · by patriotgal1787 · 3 replies
    Third Wave Dave ^ | May 13, 2011 | Dave Logan
    Ann Barnhardt was scheduled to give a speech on Sunday the 15th in the Boston area. Then the venue had to be changed, and again the speech was a go. Not long after the venue change, organizers cancelled the event. When you speak the truth these things are going to happen. The show, however, will go on: TONIGHT: Ann Barnhardt will join us on THE ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW--9 PM ET. Ann will be discussing the speech and much, much more. Here's a woman who is without fear, speaks the truth in no uncertain words and is pretty much...
  • Ann Barnhardt. Pulling no punches.

    05/13/2011 1:09:05 PM PDT · by patriotgal1787 · 26 replies · 2+ views
    The Radio Patriot ^ | May 13, 2011 | Andrea Shea King
    "Lady Gaga is satanic sonic sewage. SATANIC. She has recently taken to mutilating herself by implanting demonic horns in her face and shoulders. These implanted "horns" are the next body mutilation/piercing fad. If you let your kids listen to her, you are in a state of profound mortal sin." -- Ann Barnhardt "Lady Gaga"Ann Barnhardt, businesswoman, ardent and devout Catholic, and a woman who chooses her words with the pinpoint accuracy of a bulls eye from a pink semi-automatic rifle (that's her gripping the weapon in the poster to the left) tells it like it is, whether you like it...
  • Logic, Fact, Truth and the Ability to Discern Them

    04/29/2011 10:10:56 PM PDT · by B4Ranch · 14 replies ^ | April 28, AD 2011 | Ann Barnhardt
    I must admit, the past 24 hours or so have been particularly dispiriting - and not because of anything the Obama regime has done, but because of the response by the so-called "right", or "conservatives", or "patriots" or whatever you want to label it. I sit astounded at the massive cowardice and moral failure of the right, and I also sit astounded at the seeming total incapacity of most people to think in a logical, reasoned, critical way. I knew that the Marxist infiltration of the education system had actively attacked critical thinking and logic and purged these concepts from...
  • The Keystone of the Islamic Milieu: Inbreeding

    04/13/2011 8:30:39 AM PDT · by rae4palin · 41 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 4/13/11 | rae4palin
    Everywhere in the western world, people look at the savage violence that is a daily occurrence in the Muslim world and shake their heads in stunned disbelief. A pastor of a very small Christian flock in Florida burns a Koran. Weeks later at literally the global antipode, Muslim imams drive through neighborhoods in a vehicle with loudspeakers attached, calling the townsfolk to riot. The townsfolk respond, and before it is all over, at least 22 innocent people are dead at the hands of these townsfolk, with at least two of them beheaded. How is this possible? How can this be?...
  • Gulag Night Monday 10pm ET: Ann Barnhardt + Soros Watch

    04/11/2011 6:15:46 PM PDT · by unspun · 2 replies
    Gulag Bound and Gulag Media ^ | April 11, 2011 | Gulag Staff
    Click in to listen. Feel free to post, email, etc. Gulag Night Reports the Breaking News on the Soros Front, Monday & Thursday, 10pm ET We’ve been breaking the news for years and we’ve got critically important subject matter to discuss this week, in the soft war against freedom and sovereignty — and our return fire of knowledge and First Amendment action.  No blackboard, but we do have a chat room during the programs. (Or… you’re not one of those people who say it’s about the “entertainment,” are you?) Join us at 10pm each night.  Here’s our agenda and links.Monday...
  • Ann Barnhardt Fights Totalitarian Islam and Its Useful Idiots

    04/08/2011 2:36:08 PM PDT · by ventanax5 · 14 replies · 1+ views
    Andrew Bostom ^ | Andrew Bostom
    Once again a mere flicker—in this case burning a copy of the Koran in Florida—has ignited the inferno of deeply seated infidel-hatred that pervades the contemporary Muslim world, precipitating violence, death, and general mayhem amongst our Afghan “ allies.” This eruption was hardly pastor Terry Jones’ fault. The insane orgy of murderous Muslim violence in Afghanistan was a direct result of Islamic doctrine. Jones’ simple non-violent act effectively administered a diagnostic societal stress test revealing—yet again—the pathological mindset engendered by an Islam that remains ossified in its Medieval fortress, defiantly unreformed and unrepentant. Kansas-born Ann Barnhardt was raised on a...
  • Pro-Terry Jones Forces Begin to Coalesce; Ann Barnhardt Denounces

    04/06/2011 11:05:03 AM PDT · by ventanax5 · 14 replies
    Ann Barnhardt of Colorado, who made a video response to General Petraeus and Senator Lindsey Graham, after the two called for restraint of the First Amendment with regard to Islam. Barnhardt blasts both men with fury and righteousness, then reads hateful passages from the Koran, just before ripping out the offending page and burning it. Her readings show why the Koran is such an evil book and why it deserves the flames -- it calls for murder, deceit, torture, rape and homosexual pedophilia. This young woman does indeed have more balls than most men. Her two videos are embedded below.
  • Bacon Bookmarks and Crying in the Mens Room

    04/04/2011 11:15:38 PM PDT · by Poparhoid · 25 replies
    This woman practices her right to free speech, and maybe a little BLT on the side. She also smacks down Lindsay Graham with an unused pinky. Can you find love on Free Republic?? You bet you can.....just listen to this video.
  • Colorado Woman Has More Courage Than Ten Lindsey Grahams

    04/05/2011 10:32:17 AM PDT · by EternalVigilance · 68 replies
      The Face Of Cowardice And Dhimmitude With thanks to Diana West, I received a couple of links to YouTube videos that feature a brave Colorado woman named Ann Barnhart.  Thomas Jefferson would have loved this lady.  In the first one, she pretty well grinds Senator Lindsey Graham to little pieces for his suggestion that Congress should pass a law that outlaws burning of the Koran.  From Barnhart’s oration, we learn that Senator Graham’s position is that during times of war (he had the unbelievably audacity to cite World War II to bolster his argument) there must be limits...