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Keyword: antizionism

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  • Obama Campaign Site: "Throw the Jews in the oven"

    08/07/2008 10:21:43 AM PDT · by Winged Hussar · 34 replies · 167+ views
    Obama for America ^ | 8/7/08 | Winged Hussar
    The Obama campaign exercises editorial control over this site. The staff admittedly threw Al Jefferson's blog under the bus, but probably only because Aaron Klein quoted this in World Net Daily ( the only way to free america By Al from Tucson, AZ - Aug 4th, 2008 at 1:53 pm EDT Comments | Mail to a Friend | Report Objectionable Content is to shed ourselves from the racist zionists in america. they control everything. but they won't keep us down any longer. throw the jews in the oven this november. its the only way we can free america and make...
  • Finding New Ways To Express Jew-Hatred (Why Anti-Zionism Is A Euphemism For Anti-Semitism Alert)

    05/23/2008 9:43:55 PM PDT · by goldstategop · 44 replies · 172+ views ^ | 5/23/2008 | Dr. Dvir Abramovich
    I am often reminded of Martin Luther King’s statement about anti-Zionism: “You declare that you do not hate the Jews, you are merely anti-Zionist. And I say, let the truth ring forth from the high mountain tops…When people criticize Zionism they mean Jew; we are talking anti-Semitism….Zionism is nothing less than the dream and ideal of the Jewish people returning to live in their own land… Anti-Zionist is inherently anti-Semitic and ever will it be so. And what is anti-Zionist? It is the denial to the Jewish people of a fundamental right that we justly claim for the people of...
  • Jeffrey Goldberg's Meltdown (Caroline Glick Rebuts Standard Leftist Attacks Alert)

    05/13/2008 9:24:20 PM PDT · by goldstategop · 6 replies · 152+ views ^ | 5/12/2008 | Catoline Glick
    Jeffrey Goldberg over at the Atlantic is positively apoplectic that I dared to question his Zionism in my column last week, “Anti-Zionism at 60.” That column critically analyzed present day anti-Zionist discourse as it manifested itself – among other places -- in Goldberg’s Atlantic cover article this month entitled “Will Israel Survive?” Goldberg made his fury known in his blog on the Atlantic’s website. I focused on Goldberg’s article in my column because in my view it is a typical example of the anti-Zionist boilerplate often espoused by Jews with an unhealthy relationship to their Jewishness. Brushing aside the majority...
  • Historian: UK is now European center of anti-Semitism

    03/31/2008 5:00:35 PM PDT · by camerakid400 · 6 replies · 243+ views
    Jerusalem Post ^ | March 31 08 | ETGAR LEFKOVITS
    Britain has become the epicenter for anti-Semitic trends in Europe as traditional, age-old anti-Semitism in a country whose literature and cultural tradition were "drenched" in anti-Semitism has developed into a contemporary mix of anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism, an Israeli historian said Monday. The problem of anti-Semitism in Britain is exacerbated by a growing and increasingly radical Muslim population, the weak approach taken by a timid British Jewish leadership, and the detachment of the British from their Christian roots, said Hebrew University historian Prof. Robert S. Wistrich in a lecture on British anti-Semitism at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.
  • Jews and Bolshevism: Falsely Accused

    12/10/2007 5:48:46 PM PST · by Zionist Conspirator · 8 replies · 278+ views
    Front Page Magazine ^ | 12/10/'07 | Bruce Walker
    I wrote recently about the hostility that the Nazis had for Christians and wrote again about Christian opposition to Nazism. My point was to demonstrate that people of the Judeo-Christian faith are fundamentally different from people outside the Judeo-Christian faith. It was important to demonstrate that the supposed Christian influence on the rise of Nazism was not just a myth, but a conscious rewriting of history by those who hate Christians. The same is true about the rise of Bolshevism. It has become an article of faith for some people who hate the Judeo-Christian faith to accuse Jews of causing...
  • Muslims discover Ron Paul (Anti-Zionists encouraged to register republican and send Paul money)

    11/19/2007 6:00:13 AM PST · by tlb · 254 replies · 496+ views ^ | November 18, 2007 | mariahussain
    After the Republican debate on Tuesday evening in Dearborn, Mich., a reporter from the Arab-American News asked Ron Paul what he thought of the term “Islamic fascism.” “It’s a false term to make people think we’re fighting Hitler,” Paul responded. “It’s war propaganda designed to generate fear so that the war has to be spread.” The call has gone out to all the Muslim Americans to hurry up and register to vote Republican so that they can vote in the Republican Primary to support Ron Paul, the anti-interventionist, non-isolationist candidate for President of the United States. Muslims are opening their...
  • Pali - Dictionary (2007)

    09/06/2007 1:04:59 PM PDT · by PRePublic · 11 replies · 717+ views
    Pali Dictionary (2007)   The guide to the Arab Muslim 'Palestinian' propagandist    A security 'check point' (the one you have in the airports that effects all Israelis too) = "oppression".   Arrests of terrorists = "subjugation".   Equal rights, equal treatment, freedom for all & democracy = "apartheid".   Terror camps = "refugee camps".   Terror attacks aiming at the unarmed innocent civilians = "freedom fighting".   Cowards hiding among civilians = "fighters".   Reluctance to shoot at terrorists surrounded by civilians = "weak Zionists".   Use of human shields = "heroism".   Unintended deaths of human shields = "victims...
  • Anti - Freedom; Catholics; Semitic; US. Totalitarian: Hugo Chavez paid for & backed by ARAB LOBBY

    07/23/2007 12:03:30 PM PDT · by PRePublic · 163+ views Anti Freedom anti Catholics anti Semitic Hugo Chavez paid for & backed by ARAB LOBBY Chavez forging his own links / Venezuelan president makes arms ..."The Arabs have appreciated Chavez's declarations of support, and the Arab League has promised to lobby in behalf of Venezuela in the United Nations." President Chavez and Archbishop Porras spar punches in return bout Critical foreigners will be expelled: Chavez Defector: Chavez gave money to Al Qaeda Chavez on Al Jazeera Al Arabyia Supports Chavez The Chavez Regime: Fostering Anti-Semitism and Supporting Radical ..."In that Zionist, criminal and terrorist state, the Arabs who...
  • On Israel, America and AIPAC

    03/21/2007 4:41:55 PM PDT · by Salem · 20 replies · 490+ views
    The New York Review of Books ^ | 15 March, 2007 | George Soros
    The Saudi government views this accord as the prelude to the offer of a peace settlement with Israel, along the lines of the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative, a settlement to be guaranteed by Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries, based on the 1967 borders and full recognition of Israel. The offer was meant to be elaborated by Saudi King Abdullah at the Arab League meeting to be hosted by Saudi Arabia at the end of March. But no progress is possible as long as the Bush administration and the Ehud Olmert government persist in their current position of refusing to...
  • General Anti-Zionism = racism, Orthodox Anti-Zionism = piety!

    12/26/2006 8:32:35 PM PST · by PRePublic · 311+ views
      General Anti-Zionism = racism, Orthodox Anti-Zionism = piety!     Those that try to confuse conventional hateful racist anti-Zionism with the pure Ultra Orthodox Jewish pious Talmudic anti-Zionism     Let's put it this way, there is as much "common ground" between these two separate anti-Zionism, as any "bond" a Nazi can have with a Jew.   When the famous Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. clarified that anti-Zionism is racism, he was as right on target as the rest of his famous lines on racism as a whole.   The cynical use by racist anti-Zionists of ultra-religious-Jewish anti-Zionism is one of...
  • Allah's England?

    11/21/2006 1:58:36 PM PST · by T.L.Sink · 50 replies · 1,746+ views
    Commentary ^ | Nov.'06 | Daniel Johnson
    The British establishment suffered a collective nervous breakdown. Unnerved by the threat of internal as well as external terrorism, chafing under the yoke of a strong leader [Blair] who had forced it to leave its European comfort zone and face up to the clash of civilizations, it panicked.
  • Double loyalty charge can be a hurtful one (Canadian Jews)

    07/24/2006 11:20:38 AM PDT · by West Coast Conservative · 34 replies · 616+ views
    CBC News ^ | July 24, 2006 | Larry Zolf
    The crisis in the Middle East poses a new challenge to multiculturalism. That new challenge is double loyalty, a loyalty to Canada and loyalty to the mother countries of Canadian immigrants, old and new. Already the Lebanese community in Canada is protesting Prime Minister Stephen Harper's defence of Israel's "measured response." Harper's war in Afghanistan is intensely disliked by Canada's Muslim community. But the group most open to the charge of double loyalty is the Canadian Jewish community, which does put Israel second only to Canada in its loyalty and affection. Love of Israel is natural for the Canadian Jewish...
  • Media never learns Israel NEVER "massacres" (see list), "Palestinians" kill their own, (Gaza 2006)

    06/13/2006 8:20:30 AM PDT · by PRePublic · 5 replies · 234+ views
    "Palestinians" = LIES ABC Middle East Brief facts prior current conflict "palestinians", History ISRAEL or "palestine" Which is it? Jerusalem, FACTS 'palestinians' in Israel, natives or ALIENS? History & Meaning palestine, "palestinians" Biblical/Historical Facts about the Land Multimedia/ Videos The “al-Aqsa Intifada” – An Engineered Tragedy [How many of the 'Palestinians' were/are really unarmed] Some examples: Lying, 'palestinian' Style Palestinians Distributing Acting (via actors) Torture To Kids to Incite & Hate The man who sees through the Palestinians lies. Racists cry racism at U.N. conference "For 'palestinian' cronies, the world is indeed a stage where outright lying and gross...
  • Vote No To The Blacklist (of Israeli Universities and Professors)

    05/16/2006 11:29:00 PM PDT · by anotherview · 8 replies · 319+ views
    Engage Online ^ | 15 May 2006 | David Hirsh
    David Hirsh replies to Steven Rose - Vote No to the Blacklist Jacqueline Rose, at a conference last September became exasperated by patient logical arguments against boycotting Israeli academics. In the end she fell back on the desperate exclamation, "We have to do something!" Never mind that a blacklist of Israeli academics will do nothing to help Palestinians or Palestinian universities. Never mind that a blacklist will do nothing to help unite all those who oppose the Israeli occupation in a campaign for a free and democratic Palestine. Never mind that the proposal to draw up a blacklist of Israeli...
  • Response To An Ignorant Young American Woman, Part 4

    04/22/2006 11:01:35 PM PDT · by anotherview · 3 replies · 151+ views
    Blogs of Zion ^ | 22 April 2006 | Chana (Caitlyn) Martin
    Response To An Ignorant Young American Woman, Part 4 Posted by Chana | Sat, Apr 22, 2006, 4:19pm This continues my posting of an edited form of my response to an anti-American, anti-Israel rant by a young American woman on a mailing list in the beginning of the month. Part 3 received more responses than any of my other posts to Blogs of Zion to date, so since there is interest I have decided to post the remainder. This young woman went on to call American and Israeli leaders "psychopaths". Addressing Israeli leadership I wrote: Israel's leaders are psychopaths? The...
  • Denying The Holocaust (Burt Perlutsky On The Insanity Of Arguing With Moonbats Alert)

    04/19/2006 1:50:44 AM PDT · by goldstategop · 5 replies · 567+ views ^ | April 19, 2006 | Burt Prelutsky
    Not too long ago, David Irving was sentenced to three years in an Austrian jail for claiming that the Holocaust never happened. Although I am usually in favor of harsh sentences even for those people who insist on honking their car horns while driving through tunnels, I was against throwing Irving's butt in the slammer. For some time now, the shmoe has made his living by writing and speaking on the subject. One of his goonier notions is that the concentration camps were erected after the end of World War II to serve as tourist attractions. Irving isn't the only...
  • Poisoning The Well (Anti-Semitism at Universities)

    04/11/2006 11:23:47 PM PDT · by anotherview · 4 replies · 321+ views
    Israel & Aliya (blog) ^ | 11 April 2006 | Caitlyn Martin
    Tuesday, April 11, 2006 Poisoning The Well By now much has been made of the paper "The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy," recently produced for Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government by Stephen Walt, its academic dean, and Professor John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago, which charges that such a lobby influences American foreign policy against American interests. If you read the paper, all 35,000 words of it, it isn't much different that what one might read on a neo-Nazi or anti-Semitic hate site. A few Jews in government have undue influence, Jews bias the media, and...
  • France: Anti-Israel acts like anti-Semitism

    03/22/2006 11:00:32 AM PST · by West Coast Conservative · 2 replies · 324+ views
    AFP ^ | March 22, 2006
    A new report on racism in France has sparked controversy by recommending anti-Israel acts and comments be punished by courts as severely as instances of anti-Semitism. The 50-page report, released on Tuesday, four months after being ordered by Interior Minister Dominique de Villepin, warns that racism of all sorts in France "radically threatens the survival of the democratic system". Its author, award-winning writer, doctor and president of a humanitarian aid association, Jean-Christophe Rufin, suggested a raft of measures to combat racism and singles out anti-Semitism as a problem to be combated separately. But one recommendation, that "unfounded" anti-Israel stances be...
  • The Correct Response To Hamas

    02/25/2006 2:41:26 PM PST · by anotherview · 9 replies · 301+ views
    Israel & Aliya (blog) ^ | 19 February 2006 | Caitlyn Martin
    Sunday, February 19, 2006The Correct Response To Hamas One of CNN's world news headlines today reads: Israel PM rules out Hamas contacts. The implication is that this sort of Israeli action is a bad thing, a deterrent to some sort of illusive peace. Quite the contrary. Prime Minister Olmert correctly states: ...the Palestinian Authority is, in effect, becoming a terrorist authority. Israel will not agree to that. Israel will not compromise with terror and will continue to fight it with all its might. However, we have no intention of harming the humanitarian needs of the Palestinian population. Israel will not...
  • Anti-Zionism IS anti-Semitism pure and simple

    01/21/2006 4:45:57 AM PST · by tedbel · 235+ views
    IsraPundit ^ | Jan 21/06 | Lee Kaplan
    The anti-Semitic world has developed a euphemism for the destruction of Jews in the modern era of tolerance. The term “politically correct” has emerged in the Western world where religious and racial tolerance as an idea has become common, mostly as an outcropping of the Holocaust, South Africa and the US Civil Rights Movement. But old ways die hard, and the remnants of the political movements of the totalitarian world still cling to Jew-hatred. The only dilemma for those movements is how to sell a “politically correct” version of that hatred. Hence, “anti-Semitism” is separated from “anti-Zionsim,” even though they...