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Apologetics (Religion)

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  • We Remember Mother Teresa: What we can learn from the “saint of Calcutta”

    09/06/2012 5:07:31 PM PDT · by Salvation · 9 replies
    WAU.oef ^ | September 2012 | WAU staff
    We Remember Mother Teresa What we can learn from the “saint of Calcutta” In 2007, a new book about Mother Teresa was published, grabbing headlines and causing people around the world to look at her in a completely new light. Published ten years after her death, on September 5, 1997, the book was called Come Be My Light: The Private Writings of the “Saint of Calcutta.In it, Fr. Brian Kolodiejchuk, a priest-member of the Missionaries of Charity, released a collection of Mother Teresa’s letters and personal writings that showed how she spent the last fifty years of her life...
  • The Easiest Way For You And Your Church To Always Be Ready by Damon Whitsell

    09/06/2012 5:05:58 PM PDT · by damonw · 2 replies
    GraceApologetics ^ | 9/6/12 | Damon Whitsell
    "The following was submitted to my second favorite apologetics ministry Apologetics315, it is about my most favorite apologetics site, how I started an apologetics program at my church and will be featured here along with many other fabulous testimonies and resources to help you get apologetics into your church. ________________________________ Hello there, my name is Damon Whitsell. I am a member of, and now long dreamed of Apologetics teacher at, Grace Community Baptist Church in Dayton Texas. Although I have studied General and Christian Cult Apologetics since 1985 and have been DOING Apologetics online and in life since 1998 because...
  • Catholic Word of the Day: PROVOCATION, 09-06-12

    09/06/2012 9:07:41 AM PDT · by Salvation · 2 replies ^ | 09-06-12 | Fr. John Hardon's Modern Catholic Dictionary
    Featured Term (selected at random):PROVOCATION Exciting or stirring someone to do a certain action. It is one of the ways that a person can share in another's guilt. The provocation can be words or by actions; it can also be done by silence or inactivity. Its gravity depends on the degree of awareness that another person is being provoked to do wrong, and especially on the malice or indifference with which the incitement to evil is performed. (Etym. Latin provocation, a summoning, challenging.) All items in this dictionary are from Fr. John Hardon's Modern Catholic Dictionary, © Eternal Life. Used...
  • Catholic Word of the Day: SUMMUM BONUM, 09-05-12

    09/05/2012 1:16:36 PM PDT · by Salvation · 1 replies ^ | 09-05-12 | Fr. John Hardon's Modern Catholic Dictionary
    Featured Term (selected at random):SUMMUM BONUM The supreme good. Applied to God as the object of the human being's highest aspirations and the fulfillment of all desires. It is therefore the object of perfect beatitude. All items in this dictionary are from Fr. John Hardon's Modern Catholic Dictionary, © Eternal Life. Used with permission.
  • Cardinal Dolan’s Paul Ryan Problem [Amy Sullivan rant]

    09/04/2012 12:31:37 PM PDT · by Alex Murphy · 50 replies
    The New Republic ^ | August 31, 2012 | Amy Sullivan
    In the weeks since Mitt Romney selected Paul Ryan to be his running mate, there has been a lot of talk about whether Ryan will face problems with Catholic voters over the fact that church leaders have repeatedly criticized his budget for its extreme cuts to social programs and “fail[ure] to meet moral criteria.” But there has been very little discussion about the much bigger problem Ryan poses for the U.S. Catholic bishops themselves, especially the man who offered the benediction Thursday night after Romney’s acceptance speech—Cardinal Timothy Dolan. Dolan is both the president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and...
  • Catholic Word of the Day: JACOBITES, 09-04-12

    09/04/2012 9:16:55 AM PDT · by Salvation · 2 replies ^ | 09-04-12 | Fr. John Hardon's Modern Catholic Dictionary
    Featured Term (selected at random):JACOBITES The group of Syrian Monophysites who did not accept the teaching of the Council of Chalcedon (451) on the two natures united in one divine Person of Christ. They took their name from Jacob Baradaeus, who formed them into the national Church of Syria. One of their distinctive customs in to make the sign of the Cross with one finger to express their belief that Christ had only one nature, not two. Sometimes the term "Jacobites" is applied to the Monophysites elsewhere, e.g., in Egypt. All items in this dictionary are from Fr. John Hardon's...
  • Catholic Word of the Day: ABIGAIL. 09-03-12

    09/03/2012 8:51:41 AM PDT · by Salvation · 2 replies ^ | 09-03-12 | Fr. John Hardon's Modern Catholic Dictionary
    Featured Term (selected at random):ABIGAIL The beautiful, intelligent wife of a rich landowner named Nabal, who raised sheep on the slopes at Carmel. Nabal, stupid and insensitive, foolishly antagonized David by refusing to share his wool, although David's soldiers had conscientiously protected Nabal's livestock. Learning that the angry David was leading his men to seek revenge, the quick-witted Abigail speedily set out with generous gifts to appease David. Her humility and eloquence in begging forgiveness moved David to abandon his intended attack. "Go home in peace," he said; "see, I have listened to you and granted your request." Within a...
  • Catholic Word of the Day: PRIMOGENITUS, 09-01-12

    09/01/2012 12:47:19 PM PDT · by Salvation · 1 replies ^ | 09-01-12 | Fr. John Hardon's Modern Catholic Dictionary
    Featured Term (selected at random):PRIMOGENITUS The firstborn son. The policy in some societies of handing down property to the first born son in the family. Primogeniture. (Etym. Latin primus, first + Greek genesis, origin.) All items in this dictionary are from Fr. John Hardon's Modern Catholic Dictionary, © Eternal Life. Used with permission.
  • Labor Day: The Dignity of Human Work is Rooted in the Dignity of the Human Person

    09/01/2012 8:14:10 AM PDT · by tcg · 13 replies
    Catholic Online ^ | 9/1/12 | Deacon Keith Fournier
    On this Labor Day weekend we take a break from our "jobs" to honor work and workers. It is a unique secular holiday with profound Christian potential. Most of us will have a day off during which we will gather for late summer cookouts and celebrations. It is a time that we get to sleep in a bit later than usual and relax from what is so often a frenzied pace in our contemporary pattern of life. For many parents, Labor Day weekend marks a transition from the hectic pace of the summer to the new hectic pace of the...
  • A Mormon Scholar’s Journey to Catholic Faith

    09/01/2012 2:23:41 AM PDT · by iowamark · 122 replies
    First Things ^ | August 30, 2012 | Richard Sherlock
    Early in the evening of May 28, 2010, I am attending Mass in the majestic Basilica di Sant’Apollinare next to the Pontificia Universitŕ della Santa Croce in Rome. From Utah I have come as a scholar to deliver a paper at an international conference on the work of the great Catholic philosopher Dietrich von Hildebrand, and I have come as a tourist to see the Eternal City for the first time. Mass is being celebrated in the basilica for those attending the conference. I am not Catholic—in fact, I was raised a Mormon, though I have had serious doubts about...
  • Dispensational Principle No. 34 - The Prayers of the Lord's Prisoner (Dispensational)

    08/31/2012 2:04:41 PM PDT · by John Leland 1789
    THINGS TO COME - A Journal of Biblical Literature | May, 1913 | Charles Welch
  • Jesus+Nothing=Everything & Theology of Culture

    08/31/2012 12:47:28 PM PDT · by Alex Murphy · 6 replies
    Patheos ^ | August 28, 2012 | Daniel A. Siedell
    >When asked what he had learned from his years of studying the Bible, the great Swiss Reformed theologian of grace Karl Barth responded, “Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so.” The title of Tullian Tchividjian’s award-winning book, Jesus+Nothing=Everything, offers in similar Barthian fashion a reminder that the Christian faith is not a worldview, political philosophy, social program, or a family values agenda. It is belief in the promises of God fulfilled in the Word of God, Jesus Christ. Tullian is the grandson of Billy Graham and Senior Pastor at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort...
  • Catholic Word of the Day: HYPOSTASIS, 08-31-12

    08/31/2012 7:57:26 AM PDT · by Salvation · 1 replies ^ | 08-31-12 | Fr. John Hardon's Modern Catholic Dictionary
    Featured Term (selected at random):HYPOSTASIS An individual, complete substance existing entirely in itself; an incommunicable substance. The term used by the Church to identify the persons in the Trinity and the union of two natures in one divine person in Christ. A person is a hypostasis endowed with reason. Moreover, hypostasis and nature are related to each other in such a manner that the hypostasis is the bearer of the nature and the ultimate subject of all being and acting, while the nature is that through which the hypostasis exists and acts. (Etym. Latin hypostasis, basis; single substance; rational single...
  • Does Jesus Condemn Tradition?

    08/30/2012 2:39:06 PM PDT · by NYer · 31 replies
    Catholic Exchange ^ | August 30, 2012 | MARCELLINO D'AMBROSIO, PH.D.
    One of the great battle cries of the Protestant Reformation was “sola scriptura!” Many thought that the Catholic Church had cluttered up the simple Christian faith by adding all sorts of practices, customs and doctrines over the centuries. They thought the Church in their day was guilty of exactly the same Pharisaical obsession with traditions condemned by Jesus in this Sunday’s gospel (Mark 7:1-23). The solution, it seemed, was simple. Let’s purify the Church by ditching all these traditions and keeping the Bible alone. But if we read this portion of the Bible closely, the Lord is not telling us...
  • Where Did the New Calvinism Come From? [Calvinist Caucus]

    08/30/2012 1:12:14 PM PDT · by Alex Murphy · 7 replies
    The Christian Post ^ | 8/29/12 | Tim Challies
    Justin Taylor recently revived Mark Dever’s 2007 series of articles titled “Where’d All These New Calvinists Come From?” This was a ten-part series that looked to the rise of New Calvinism and sought to discover the sources of a theological resurgence. Dever said, Of course, theologically, the answer is “because of the sovereignty of God.” But I’ve never been convinced by hyper-Calvinism’s argument that because God has determined the ends, the means don’t matter. Means do matter. And as a Christian, as an historian who had lived through the very change I was considering, I wondered what factors had been used...
  • Catholic Word of the Day: PAROCHIAL MASS, 08-30-12

    08/30/2012 8:49:17 AM PDT · by Salvation · 1 replies ^ | 08-30-12 | Fr. John Hardon's Modern Catholic Dictionary
    Featured Term (selected at random):PAROCHIAL MASS The Mass offered on all Sundays and holy days of obligation for the parishioners of every parish. If a pastor cannot celebrate the Mass, he must have another priest do so. the obligation is a grave one. (Etym. Latin parochialis, pertaining to a parish.) All items in this dictionary are from Fr. John Hardon's Modern Catholic Dictionary, © Eternal Life. Used with permission.
  • Catholic Word of the Day: INDWELLING, 08-29-12

    08/29/2012 7:28:40 AM PDT · by Salvation · 3 replies ^ | 08-29-12 | Fr. John Hardon's Modern Catholic Dictionary
    Featured Term (selected at random):INDWELLING Presence of the Holy Spirit in a person who is in the state of grace. He is present not only by means of the created gifts of grace, which he dispenses, but by his uncreated divine nature. This personal indwelling does not produce a substantial but only an accidental union with the souls of the just. As the indwelling of the Holy Spirit is an operation of God outside himself and as all activity of God outside the Trinity is common to the three persons, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit implies the indwelling of...
  • What Do You Know About Your Guardian Angels?

    08/28/2012 1:24:20 PM PDT · by NYer · 56 replies
    Catholic Exchange ^ | August 27, 2012 | Alexandra Richards
    [1]When you were a kid you were told that you have a mysterious spirit that supposedly floats around wherever you go. You learned that this mysterious spirit was good and that he would keep you safe. You probably even learned that famous prayer [2]. In short, you and I learned that we have a lifelong companion whom we still know very little about. What do you know about your guardian angel?Our own guardian angels are chosen by God from the last of the nine choirs of the spirits of light. They form part of the third hierarchy of angels...
  • Catholic Word of the Day: GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT, 08-28-12

    08/28/2012 8:40:24 AM PDT · by Salvation · 3 replies ^ | 08-28-12 | Fr. John Hardon's Modern Catholic Dictionary
    Featured Term (selected at random):GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT The third person of the Trinity, who eternally proceeds from the Father and the Son and is really distinct from them yet coequal with them as God. To him are attributed all the works of the Trinity that pertain to the sanctification of the human race. All items in this dictionary are from Fr. John Hardon's Modern Catholic Dictionary, © Eternal Life. Used with permission.
  • Christian Suicide Watch: New Jersey Church Honored Ramadan ~ Video

    08/28/2012 5:52:17 AM PDT · by Morgana · 12 replies
    Logan's Warning ^ | 8.28.2012 | Christopher Logan
    As you can see the Reverend is reaching out to Muslims. Does he really think that no other Christians have tried doing this in 1400 years? Does he not know about the centuies long Islamic persectuion Egypt’s Coptic Christians? Does he not know of the plight of the Assyrian Christians of Iraq? Or the wide spread persecution of Christians across the Islamic world? Is he not aware that the Islamic prayer preaches hatred against Christians? Is he not aware that Islam instructs Muslims not to befriend Christians? That Islam instructs Muslims to lie, and that the Koran calls for Muslim...