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  • The silent exodus of Jewish refugees from Muslim lands

    03/22/2009 2:19:48 PM PDT · by PRePublic · 18 replies · 1,120+ views
    jihadwatch ^ | March 11, 2009
    The silent exodus of Jewish refugees from Muslim lands Here is the trailer for the superb filmmaker Pierre Rehov's Silent Exodus. Silent Exodus was selected at the International Human Rights Film Festival of Paris in 2004 and presented at the UN Geneva Human Rights Annual Convention that same year. Here is a summary of the film: In 1948 nearly one million Jews lived in Arab lands. But In barely twenty years, they have become forgotten fugitives, expelled from their native lands, forgotten by history and where the victims themselves have hidden their fate under a cloak of silence. A...
  • The Racist, Arab-Supremacist Nature of Islam and non-Arab Muslims

    03/17/2009 3:35:32 PM PDT · by Righting · 2 replies · 785+ views
    islamwatch ^ | 07 Dec, 2008 | Mumin Salih
    The Racist, Arab-Supremacist Nature of Islam and non-Arab Muslims by Mumin Salih 07 Dec, 2008 There are many interesting ironies associated with Islam; the one that used to catch my eye most was that women, who are disdained in Islam, tend to be more devout Muslims than men. However, the irony that I now find even more interesting is that the non-Arabs in general tend to be more devout Muslims than the Arabs. The Arabs commonly say: Aazana Allahu bil Islam, which means that 'Allah has made us (the Arabs) valued because of Islam'. The Arabs point of view is...
  • Jewish students warned of growing threat of violence

    02/28/2009 7:44:40 PM PST · by Nachum · 11 replies · 545+ views ^ | 2/26/09 | Chris Boutet
    The Canadian Federation of Jewish Students warned Thursday about the growth of violence and threats against Jews who overtly support Israel or who are wearing clothing that identifies them as Jews. “Such dangerous including swarming, confinement, verbal and physical abuse poses threats not only to Jewish students but also to the fabric of civil discourse that Canadians proudly cherish,” said CFJS chair of Israel Affairs, Noah Kochman, at a Toronto press conference. Tensions between Jewish and Palestinian groups have become increasingly fraught since hostilities between Israel and Hamas-led Gaza escalated last month
  • United States Pulls Out of (Arab racist) Durban II // Europeans consider boycotting

    02/28/2009 8:10:38 PM PST · by PRePublic · 18 replies · 779+ views
    inn ^ | 28,02,09
    United States Pulls Out of Durban II by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu ( The Obama administration announced Friday that it is boycotting the Durban II conference on racism unless there are significant changes to what the State Department called “unsalvageable” anti-Israeli resolutions. The decision by the State Department pleased Kadima leader and acting Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni and Knesset Member Silvan Shalom, Livni's predecessor, who said it is "a sign for the entire world.” Livni stated that the policy move "must lead the way for more countries that share the same values” to boycott the convention, scheduled for April. Canada already...
  • Allah’s White Faces--The roots of Arab racism.

    12/04/2008 5:32:29 AM PST · by SJackson · 12 replies · 1,062+ views ^ | December 04, 2008 | Jamie Glazov
    Allah’s White Faces   By Jamie | Thursday, December 04, 2008 Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Abul Kasem, an ex-Muslim who is the author of hundreds of articles and several books on Islam including, Women in Islam. He was a contributor to the book Leaving Islam – Apostates Speak Out as well as to Beyond Jihad: Critical Views From Inside Islam. His latest contribution is in Why We Left Islam published by WND Books.FP: Abul Kasem, welcome to Frontpage Interview.Kasem: Thank you Jamie.FP: I would like to talk to you today about the racial apartheid that exists in...
  • Reparations from ... Islamo Arabs???

    12/06/2008 6:21:11 PM PST · by Righting · 2 replies · 438+ views
    REPARATIONS FROM... ISLAMO ARABS???     Introduction   In light of the recent renewed talk about a ludicrous idea of "reparations" to African Americans because of past - slavery   On the stupidity of being obsessed with this past, the great M. Medved cleared the air [on his radio program on July 30, 2008, around 1:30 -1:35 PM PT]: Shall we include only those that are able to provide tracks of slavery - ancestry?That would come out to be a very small percentage of blacks?Shall we than also find those that can be proven to be with a linkage to 'slave owners',...
  • Saudi Arabia (racism): Asian immigrant forced to clean mosques for 'skipping prayers' Riyadh

    11/26/2008 10:49:37 AM PST · by Righting · 6 replies · 607+ views
    adnkronos ^ | 18 Nov. 2008
    Saudi Arabia: Asian immigrant forced to clean mosques for 'skipping prayers' Riyadh, 18 Nov. (AKI) - A Saudi civil court has ordered an Asian immigrant to clean mosques next month during this year's Hajj pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca after religious police caught him skipping Friday prayers several times, Saudi daily al-Watan reports. The man will have to clean five mosques along the highway into Mecca twice daily for eleven days, the court ruled... Earlier this month, a judge ordered a young man to memorise part of the Koran and 40 sayings of the Prophet Mohammed as a...
  • Arab Students at UC Berkeley Disrupt Israel Event, Attack Jews

    11/16/2008 8:53:29 PM PST · by Sammy67 · 41 replies · 1,510+ views ^ | 11/16/08
    In a statement, the Zionist Freedom Alliance said “we call on state officials, the President of the University of California, the Chancellor, the Dean of Students, faculty, and the student body to take a unified stand against the continued harassment of Jewish and pro-Israel students on this campus" Arab students disrupted a pro-Israel event at the campus of the University of California at Berkeley Thursday night, unfurling a large Palestinian flag in front of a crowd of hundreds of supporters of Israel who were enjoying a pro-Israel hip-hop concert. The event was sponsored by the Zionist Freedom Alliance student group....
  • (Arab racism reaction) Cartoon In Jordanian Paper: Whether McCain Or Obama – Jews Win, Arabs Lose

    11/16/2008 7:59:34 AM PST · by PRePublic · 6 replies · 1,047+ views
    memri ^ | Nov. 2008
    MEMRI - Cartoon In Jordanian Paper: Whether McCain Or Obama – Jews Win, Arabs Lose. Cartoonist: Jalal Rifa'i. Source: Al-Dustour, Jordan, November 5, 2008 ...
  • Arab racism and black Muslims

    10/23/2008 3:17:42 PM PDT · by PRePublic · 12 replies · 851+ views
    dhimmiwatch ^ | Oct 23, 2008
    October 23, 2008 Fitzgerald: Arab racism and black Muslims You can find online complaints about Arab racism from black Muslims (or Black Muslims, that is members of the Nation of Islam, who are not considered real Muslims by the Arabs) in this country. Despite the universalist claims made for Islam, it is, and has always been, a vehicle for Arab supremacism. The reasons are not hard to find. As Anwar Shaikh (an ex-Muslim who was born in Pakistan and died in Wales in 2006) noted in his book Islam, The Arab National Religion, the Arabs consider themselves to be superior...
  • Arab racism against Jews inside Israel: Arabs' rampage in Acre Oct 2008

    10/23/2008 4:09:41 AM PDT · by PRePublic · 177+ views
    Arab racism against Jews inside Israel: Arabs' rampage in Acre Oct 2008 [Oct 2008]... the violence continued as Arabs heading back to their neighborhoods ran riot through Jewish areas of the city. Calling "Death to the Jews" and Allah hu akbar ("Allah is great"), the rioters vandalized hundreds of Jewish-owned shops and vehicles, and threw rocks at people on their way to or from Yom Kippur prayers. Police arrest Acre Yom Kippur driver... Police on Monday arrested 48 year-old Jamal Taufik, the driver who entered Jewish east Acre on the evening of Yom Kippur and who is blamed by police...
  • Watch 'Arab Racism & Islamic Bigotry' [Arabism & Islamism] on YouTube

    10/16/2008 6:48:58 AM PDT · by PRePublic · 3 replies · 577+ views
    On BerbersBerber Exploitation [by Arabs, Arabization]- Morocco On Kurds[Kurds, victims of Arab racism] "Halabja" Moments before the Genocide / March/ 16 / 1988 On AfricansThe Devil Came on Horseback [Arab racism in Sudan] JewsArab Muslim war crimes against the Jewish people (since the 1940's) Truth About Arab "Palestinian" Terrorism Israel is a victim of Palestinian Terrorism & Islamic Jihad - background on Arabs' war on the Jews
  • [One moderate Arab vs Arabism's racism] Bahrain minister: 'Arabs, Israel should sit together'

    10/07/2008 11:13:32 AM PDT · by PRePublic · 5 replies · 336+ views
    The Single Arab daring, waking up Web posted at: 10/2/2008 1:35:54 Arabs, Israel should sit together, says Bahrain minister Source ::: AFP dubai • The foreign minister of staunch US ally Bahrain has called for the creation of a regional grouping of Arab states with historic foe Israel, as well as Iran and Turkey, a newspaper reported yesterday. “Israel, Iran, Turkey and Arab states should sit together in one organisation,” Sheikh Khaled bin Ahmad Al Khalifa was quoted in the pan-Arab daily Al Hayat as saying. “Aren’t we all members of a global organisation called the United Nations? Why not...

    10/06/2008 10:19:52 AM PDT · by Masti · 1 replies · 674+ views
    DARFUR - ARAB RACISM & ISLAMIST OPPRESSION UN peacekeepers are needed urgently, but the key to lasting peace in Darfur is the overthrow of the Islamist dictatorship This is an edited version of Peter Tatchell's Comment Is Free article, published on The Guardian website, Friday 15 September 2006 After the horrors of Rwanda , Tony Blair and other world leaders promised they would never again allow genocide to happen. Despite these fine words, another genocide is happening right now in Darfur and the international community is failing to protect the victims. If these massacres were happening to white people...
  • Police Arrest Arab Israeli Hacker

    12/31/2007 9:34:55 PM PST · by Nachum · 4 replies · 259+ views
    Arutz 7 ^ | 12-31-2007 | staff
    ( Police have arrested a 17-year-old Arab youth with Israeli citizenship for involvement in an international group of hackers dedicated to damaging Israeli websites. The group of hackers includes members from Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Turkey, and other Muslim countries, and police suspect that other Arabs with Israeli citizenship are involved as well. The group has attacked numerous Israeli sites, including websites belonging to political parties and sports forums, causing millions of shekels in damage. The Israeli youth was arrested after an 18-month investigation. The young man’s mother attempted to hide his personal computer when police arrived at the house, but...
  • Arab lecturer forbids student from wearing Star of David

    01/11/2008 6:29:39 AM PST · by Alouette · 42 replies · 212+ views
    YNet ^ | Jan. 11, 2008 | Matan Zuri
    Sapir College instructor who gained notoriety when he refused to teach a student wearing an IDF uniform in spotlight once more after student claims he barred display of Israeli flag in his classroom, berated her for wearing Star of David necklace Matan Zuri Published: 01.11.08, 12:06 / Israel News Cinematography lecturer Nizar Hassan is still on suspension from him academic duties at the Sapir College in southern Israel pending a hearing on his divisive decision to bar a student wearing an IDF uniform from his class – but a new controversy has already reared its head and is further threatening...
  • Al Jazeera = Example of ARAB RACISM

    09/22/2008 5:27:49 AM PDT · by Righting · 1 replies · 324+ views
    YouTube - aljazeera channel is an example of racism in the ARAB WORLD... This Arab admits on video that: "the Arabs are the most racist people in the world".  

    08/25/2008 5:19:34 AM PDT · by Righting · 5 replies · 1,513+ views
    Arab Racism According to the literal Arabic translation of Sura 3:106, 107, on Judgment Day, only people with white faces will be saved. People with black faces will be damned.  Arabs are the chosen people of Allah; Allah resembles an Arab.–ibn Sa’d, vol.1, p.2. Allah favours Arab racism—prophet is to be of Quraysh stock and of white complexion (ibn Sa’d, vol.1, p.95-96, Sahih Muslim, 20.4483.  The Quran and hadiths all say kill non muslims. Sura 8:12 says cut off the heads and Sura 9:1-30 says kill them. Sura 8:60 says Jews and Christians are apes and pigs....
  • Soyinka Links Darfur Crisis to Arab Racism, Slavery

    08/21/2008 3:11:52 AM PDT · by PRePublic · 2 replies · 105+ views
    afrikanews ^ | 25 April 2007
    Soyinka Links Darfur Crisis to Arab Racism, Slavery Written by Evan Mwangi: Afrika News Books and Arts Editor Wednesday, 25 April 2007 Nigerian author Wole Soyinka has linked the Darfur genocide to the history of Arabs enslaving Negroid Africans in Sudan, the Harvard Crimson has reported. The first African winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature and a consistent critic of the Sudanese government asked the Arab section of Sudan to confront its enslaving past and acknowledge its current role in the violence in Darfur as racist instead of remaining in a “state of amnesia.” An articulate intellectual and dramatist,...
  • Canadian MP: Mahmoud Abbas Purveys Anti-Jewish Incitement

    08/21/2008 2:26:37 AM PDT · by PRePublic · 3 replies · 216+ views
    inn ^ | August 21, 2008
    Canadian MP: Mahmoud Abbas Purveys Anti-Jewish Incitement ArutzSheva Israel ...He also met with PA officials and told them that "hate breeds hate." Saying that Hamas, with "their charter with its genocidal objective, anti-Semitic ...

    07/27/2008 9:53:46 PM PDT · by Righting · 5 replies · 1,428+ views
    <p>BBC NEWS | Africa | Profile: Sudan's President Bashir Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir came to power in an Islamist-backed coup in 1989. Since then he has introduced elements of Sharia law which are opposed by ...</p> <p>Arab racism: 'We Want to Make a Light Baby' ( The New York-based organization Human Rights Watch said in a June 22 report that it investigated "the use of rape by both Janjaweed and Sudanese soldiers ...</p>
  • Arab racism & Islamic Jihad in Sudan - Locking up Sudan’s Al-Bashir could let some light

    07/26/2008 10:39:33 PM PDT · by PRePublic · 4 replies · 255+ views ^ | July 25, 2008 | OKELLO OCULI
    AFRICA INSIGHT - Locking up Sudan’s Al-Bashir could let in some light into war-torn Darfur Story by OKELLO OCULI Publication Date: 7/25/2008 The charges brought by the International Criminal Court against Sudan President Hassan al Bashir present a crack for sunlight to shine through the dark clouds of official terrorism perpetrated for over two decades by the Khartoum regime against helpless peasants, writes OKELLO OCULI “The oil found in Darfur will turn into a curse for the region, bringing about the loss of many lives, hand in hand with large-scale land alienation and devastation,” so wrote Prof Fouad Ibrahim...
  • A paler shade of black - Arab racism (rooted in Islamic heritage)

    07/23/2008 8:22:35 AM PDT · by Righting · 121 replies · 1,001+ views
    guardian ^ | March, 2008
    Arabs.. racism.. it exists...word 'abd - Arabic for "slave" - often used in our household... so common ..its negative connotations.. to anyone darker skin than themselves - from southern Sudanese house servants to migrants from Darfur- clear intent to demean.. addressing a particularly dark-skinned or thick-lipped child.was a kind of racism that no one challenged, addressed,..through a child's eyes.. on a scale of colour, lighter was good, darker was bad. The word 'abd, although strictly meaning "slave" or "servant", became synonymous with negritude. my Islamic heritage reinforced this with quotes from Muhammad such as "You should listen to and obey...
  • Guilty Arab leaders of racist Genocide

    07/12/2008 11:57:58 PM PDT · by PRePublic · 2 replies · 128+ views
    sigcarlfred. ^ | July, 2008
    Arab League members are beside themselves. The idea that Arab regimes and leaders might be held accountable for indiscriminate murders, racism and genocide is an intolerable notion- emp- SC&A
  • [Arab racism against Jews even inside Israel] Fear of calling a terrorist a terrorist

    07/11/2008 5:15:41 PM PDT · by PRePublic · 14 replies · 156+ views
    haaretz ^ | July, 2008
    [Arab racism against Jews even inside Israel] Fear of calling a terrorist a terrorist Ha'aretz, Israel - Jul 7, 2008 If justifying the murder of innocents because they belong to a certain hated group is not abject racism, I'd like to know what is.
  • [Arab racism in] Egypt crackdown on African migrants hits Eritreans

    07/10/2008 11:28:18 PM PDT · by PRePublic · 1 replies · 169+ views
    reuters ^ | July, 2008
    Egypt crackdown on African migrants hits Eritreans Thu 26 Jun 2008, 11:14 GMT By Cynthia Johnston CAIRO, June 26 (Reuters) - When 17 Eritrean migrants crept down from a hillside to a central Egypt highway, after slipping undetected into the most populous Arab country, security forces quickly swept in to pick them up. The Eritreans, including a baby whose mother died on her journey to Egypt, were snared in a growing Egyptian crackdown on African migrants that has seen up to 1,000 Eritrean asylum seekers deported since June 11 despite U.N. objections. ... he Eritreans include Pentecostal Christians fleeing religious...
  • Sudan Arab Militia Assaults, Abducts UN Peacekeeper in Darfur

    07/07/2008 3:30:16 PM PDT · by PRePublic · 8 replies · 198+ views
    bloomberg ^ | July, 2008
    Arab militia briefly abduct UN peacekeeper in Darfur Jun 18, 2008 KHARTOUM (AFP) — Armed Arab militiamen briefly abducted a member of the UN-led peacekeeping mission in Darfur on Wednesday, the latest in a series of attacks in the six months since the ill-equipped force deployed. "A UNAMID staff member was abducted, stripped of official and personal belongings, and physically assaulted by members of an armed Arab militia," said the joint United Nations-African Union mission in Darfur in a statement.
  • {ARAB RACISM OUT IN THE OPEN IN FRANCE} A Young Jew Is Savagely Beaten in Paris

    06/25/2008 1:26:35 PM PDT · by PRePublic · 3 replies · 109+ views
    frontpage ^ | June 24, 2008
    A Young Jew Is Savagely Beaten in Paris FrontPage, CA - June 24, 2008 Haddad, like Halimi, and like their attackers, are also of African or possibly Arab descent–as was Sebastien Selam who was murdered in Paris in 2003. ...
  • Arab racism Islamic bigotry &amp; Bush's admin. pro Arab-"Palestinian" foreign policy

    06/15/2008 3:18:42 PM PDT · by PRePublic · 5 replies · 80+ views
    Arab racism Islamic bigotry & Bush's admin. pro Arab-"Palestinian" foreign policy   The same Arab racism & Islamic bigotry that can't get itself to accept Jews' existance in the middle east, is the same Arab racism that has posted a personal racist anti-black cartoon in "Palestinian" Arab official media.   So now [June, 2008] Condoleeza Rice is buying 'Pallywood' that expanding Jewish neighborhoods are "obstacles"?   Maybe one should ask the admin. to start being really balanced in the middle east, and denounce as strongly any Arab "settlements" from E. Jerusalem?   Does anyone in this Bush admin. really believe that...
  • The Arab Slaver (Arab racism)

    06/10/2008 2:09:30 PM PDT · by PRePublic · 32 replies · 2,087+ views
    Morton's two cents ^ | June 08, 2008
    The Arab Slaver June 08, 2008 09:30 AM EST My country is called the great Satan by many in the Islamic world. We were once called capitalist pigs or similar metaphors used by much of the communist world. It has been stated by a certain group of people living within America that we have white devils running the establishment. Far to many Black Americans have yet to move beyond the race issue while at the same time (unfortunately) racism is still practiced by just about every group within our borders. I have experienced racism in Asian restaurants. I have had...
  • & Wikipedia attack truth, promote anti Semitic hate [feeding Arab 'anti-Israel bigotry']

    06/06/2008 12:51:32 AM PDT · by PRePublic · 6 replies · 688+ views and Wikipedia attack truth and promote anti Semitic hate When searching for something in a search engine wikipedia and stories are usually the first results. It looks as if anti-Semitic moderators at these two sites are trying to rewrite history with anti-Israeli lies. It is important to do what ever we can in order to prevent jihadi propaganda from brainwashing billions of internet users.
  • South Sudan and the problem of Arab racism in Black Africa

    05/26/2008 7:03:15 AM PDT · by Righting · 11 replies · 146+ views
    The BN Village ^ | Mar-2008
    South Sudan and the problem of Arab racism in Black Africa PART I 31 Mar 2008 by AGBOTON Sudan is the microcosm of Black Africa’s unacknowledged Arab problem, a problem of racism, colonialism, enslavement and an Arab agenda of cultural, political and territorial expansion at the expense of Black Africa. ...

    05/22/2008 10:59:10 AM PDT · by Righting · 5 replies · 163+ views
    jamesdmiller ^ | 13 Mar 2008
    James D. Miller: Obama and Arab racism - 13 Mar 2008 ... I suspect there is a tremendous amount of anti-black racism in the ... They're the darkest Arabs you can find. Sudan is a terrible govt, ...
  • [Arab] Racism and Historical Truth: Jewish Refugees from Arab Lands

    04/01/2008 12:20:12 AM PDT · by PRePublic · 2 replies · 232+ views
    unwatch ^ | Mar 19, 2008
    Racism and Historical Truth: Jewish Refugees from Arab Lands UN Watch (press release), Switzerland - Mar 19, 2008 We thank the Special Rapporteur for his work against racism, and address two areas of his report...
  • CNN's 'Arab racism stench' - Hala Gorani at it again, equalizing terrorism with anti terrorism

    03/09/2008 9:12:26 AM PDT · by PRePublic · 129+ views
    CNN's 'Arab racism stench' - Arab: Hala Gorani at it again, Arabism in equalizing Arab lowlife terrorists with anti terrorists operations     Mar. 2008   At the midst of the Arab Muslim "Palestinian" freedom fighting massacre of innocent Israeli students (Mar-6-8) who's crime was being Jewish in Jews' historic own holy city of Jerusalem, the odd-pair of: Hala Gorani and Jim Clancy just had to minimize the Arab atrocity on the Jews that has been going since the 1920's, all for the same Arab-racist reason, for being Jewish.   Hala Gorani: 'We have to put things in context that Israel just...
  • U.N. - hijacked by Arab Muslim 'Islamic apartheid' lobby - enables genocide against Israel

    02/29/2008 9:19:38 AM PST · by PRePublic · 192+ views
    When the U.N. - hijacked by the racist Arab Muslim 'Islamic apartheid' lobby - enables genocide against Israel UN expert calls Palestinian terrorism 'inevitable consequence' of 'Israeli Occupation' International Herald Tribune, France - Feb 26, 2008 He cited checkpoints and roadblocks... What do you do when the United Nations "official report" sounds like a Pallywood cheap low life blogger? When it hands out, gives the anti Jewish Arab "Palestinian" Jihad, pushing for annihilation, finally to hear that exact same garbage with which they try us all to brainwash with: Namely: "WE ARE ALL VICTIMS SO WE CAN COMMIT...
  • Arab Racism and Middle East Politics

    02/24/2008 3:02:30 PM PST · by PRePublic · 112+ views ^ | 2006-07-26
    Arab Racism and Middle East Politics Racism and Middle East Politics The skirmishes in the occupied land are part of a war of destiny. The outcome of hundreds of years of war will be defined in Palestinian land. ... As the Imam said, 'Israel must be wiped off the map.' — Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as quoted by Aljazeera Anger towards Israel by its Arab neighbors is out of proportion to Israel's sins. What we are witnessing in the Middle East is anti-Semitism, not politics. It is Jew-hatred, not a dispute over borders or rights or Palestinian statehood. This...
  • [Arab racism - Syria] 'Non-Arabs arrested in Syria'

    02/20/2008 5:05:12 AM PST · by PRePublic · 4 replies · 104+ views
    jpost ^ | Feb 16, 2008
    'Non-Arabs arrested in Syria' Jerusalem Post, Israel - Feb 16, 2008 COM STAFF AND AP Syria also arrested non-Arab foreigners suspected of being involved in the assassination of Hizbullah terror chief Imad Mughniyeh this week ...
  • Bush has called the (Arab racism) situation in Darfur genocide

    02/19/2008 6:15:14 PM PST · by PRePublic · 5 replies · 91+ views
    dailymail ^ | 02,19,08
    At genocide site, Bush urges world action to stop bloodshed in Africa Daily Mail - Charleston, WV (February 19, 2008) Bush has called the situation in Darfur genocide... At least 200000 have been killed in the five-year campaign by militias supported by Sudan's Arab-dominated government against black African communities ...
  • Arab Muslim racial supremacism vs Israel's Equality

    02/19/2008 5:20:49 PM PST · by PRePublic · 2 replies · 154+ views
    slantedright. ^ | Jan. 2008
    SlantRight: Neuwirth on the ‘Arab Right of Return’ The only real racial supremacism practiced in the Middle East is associated with Islam. In Israel there are Arab and non-Jewish voters with equal rights, ...
  • More on 'Pan-Arabism&' - 'Arab racism' campaign against Israel, masquerading as 'anti racism'

    02/14/2008 4:06:13 AM PST · by PRePublic · 87+ views
    More on the latest 'Pan-Arabism' 'Arab racism' campaign against Israel, masquerading as "anti racism" Center Field: What the Global Forum must do Jerusalem Post, Israel - Feb 12, 2008 By GIL TROY While March is supposed to come in like a lion and go out like a lamb, in Jewish terms, this February has come in with a big lie and, hopefully, ..." id="r-0_1132132401 UN Perfidy Knows No Bounds Jewish Press, NY - 20 hours ago That the UN is hostile to Israel hardly comes as a surprise. The perfidy that permeates the house over which Kurt Waldheim once presided...
  • Arabs racism and hypocrisy

    02/13/2008 3:04:56 AM PST · by Righting · 63+ views
    Arabs racism and hypocrisy This is a letter from an Arab-American guy to an Arab newspaper, very interesting because it raised a very good issues about racism (Arabs vs Arabs and Arabs vs African-Americans), since I don’t live in the US so I don’t have any idea about the background of the problem but I could see that his argument can fit even here in Europe. Greetings and I hope you are well and in good favor…………….Having lived in the U.S. for the past 24 years………It remains a solid fact that as Arabs we became very comfortable with our hypocrisy...
  • Failure looms in Darfur

    12/25/2007 1:58:56 PM PST · by zendari · 7 replies · 221+ views
    Three years after the United States accused Sudan of committing genocide in Darfur and a full year after the United Nations began pushing to deploy its own peacekeeping force there, the conflict remains one of the world's worst humanitarian crises. There will be only about 6,500 UN peacekeepers in Darfur 10 days from now, when a new joint UN-African Union force (UNAMID) is scheduled to take over in western Sudan. That's barely a quarter of the promised force of 26,000 peacekeepers who were supposed to replace 7,000 under-equipped, dejected and ineffective African Union troops who have been struggling to stop...
  • UN evacauates most of its staff from Chad because of security worries

    02/05/2008 3:50:38 PM PST · by Lorianne · 3 replies · 89+ views
    The United Nations has evacuated most of its staff from Chad because of worries for their safety, Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said Tuesday. "I am alarmed by the deteriorating security situation in the capital, N'Djamena, and elsewhere," he said. "We can no longer guarantee the safety and security of U.N. staff in Chad and we have evacuated, with the help of the French Government, most of the personnel into neighboring countries, in Cameroon and Gabon." Ban said he was leaving in place a small number of U.N. peacekeepers and other personnel in Chad's capital, and that the U.N. would do...
  • U.N. rights chief hit on Arab [racist] charter support

    02/05/2008 2:53:09 PM PST · by PRePublic · 2 replies · 183+ views
    JTA ^ | 01/29/2008
    U.N. rights chief hit on Arab charter support Published: 01/29/2008 UN Watch has criticized the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights for endorsing the Arab Charter of Human Rights. The charter, according to a letter sent to High Commissioner Louise Arbour, includes "blatantly anti-Semitic statements" and equates Zionism with racism, a concept that was rejected by the United Nations in 1991. The preamble of the Arab Charter states that the signatories are "Rejecting racism and zionism, which constitute a violation of human rights and pose a threat to world peace." The Arab League adopted the charter in 1994, but it...
  • Gaddafi says Africa must unite or be dominated ('Arab power' racism!)

    01/31/2008 9:57:07 PM PST · by Righting · 12 replies · 125+ views
    Reuters ^ | January, 30, 2008
    Gaddafi says Africa must unite or be dominated Wed 30 Jan 2008, 7:03 GMT [-] Text [+] TRIPOLI (Reuters) - Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi said on Tuesday African leaders meeting in Ethiopia this week should stop wasting time and unite in a single government to stop foreign powers taking control of the continent. "The (summit) will be decisive. It will either put an end to stalling and time wasting on the unification of Africa or prove there is a conspiracy which vetoes African unity," Gaddafi was quoted as saying by the Libyan state news agency Jana. The alternative to a...
  • Holocaust Hypocrisy [Arab Muslim racism, fascism against Israel]

    01/31/2008 7:53:06 PM PST · by PRePublic · 6 replies · 155+ views
    thetrumpet. ^ | Jan. 2008
    Holocaust Hypocrisy January 31, 2008 | From theTrumpet.comAnti-Semitism destroyed 6 million Jews in World War II. Today, a subtler yet similarly dangerous anti-Semitism pervades the international community and threatens to end the Jewish state.  Brad Macdonald On Sunday, Western governments and institutions around the world held ceremonies to honor the memories of the 6 million Jews massacred during World War ii. International Holocaust Remembrance Day—January 27, the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest of the Nazi death camps—was created by the United Nations in 2005 as a yearly reminder of the Holocaust in an effort to ensure it...
  • : 'Arab racists &amp; Islamic bigots' lobby hijacks UN (again) for "racism conference"

    01/29/2008 11:02:34 AM PST · by PRePublic · 1 replies · 171+ views
    Re: 'Arab racists & Islamic bigots' lobby hijacks UN (again) for "racism conference"Canada Abandons UN Racism Conference [which is hijacked by Arab racism & Islamic bigotry 'lobby'] OTTAWA (AP) — Canada has withdrawn its support for a U.N. anti-racism conference scheduled to take place in South Africa next year after deeming it to be anti-Israel, a government official said Wednesday. The so-called Durban II conference "has gone completely off the rails" and Canada wants no part of it, said Jason Kenney, Canada's secretary of state for multiculturalism and Canadian identity. "We'll attend any conference that is opposed to racism and...
  • Islamic Movement head charged with incitement to racism, violence [Arab racism Islamic bigotry]

    01/29/2008 6:25:32 AM PST · by PRePublic · 5 replies · 37+ views
    Haaretz ^ | Jan.,29,08
    Islamic Movement head charged with incitement to racism, violence [Arab racism & Islamic bigotry inside Israel] January 29, 2008 By Yoav Stern, Haaretz Correspondent Tags: Ra'ad Salah, anti-Semitism The head of the Islamic Movement in Israel's Northern Branch, Ra'ad Salah, was charged Tuesday in Jerusalem Magistrate's Court with incitement to violence and racism, over a fiery speech he gave a year ago in which he invoked the blood libel. During the speech at the February 16, 2007 protest in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Wadi Joz, Salah accused Jews of using children's blood to bake bread. "We have never allowed...
  • Pali-Arab Hate Watch

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    sheikyermami ^ | 01-28-08
    Pali-Arab Hate Watch Pali-parasites get 7.6 billion in aid. For what? For this? Palestinian Authority under Mahmoud Abbas continues to portray the United States as the merciless enemy of the Palestinians. A cartoon in the PA official daily last week shows Gaza drowning in blood, while the US is cruelly stamping on the outstretched Arab arm trying to help Gaza.(Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Jan-19-2008) *This demonization of the USA is a continuation of PA policy for many years. See the PMW web site for more cartoon examples. Palistan Reality: The dude with a case of cigs talking on a cell phone....