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  • The Triumph of Nice (Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the U.S. government)

    05/01/2014 6:30:47 AM PDT · by NYer · 10 replies
    Crisis Magazine ^ | May 1, 2014 | William Kilpatrick
    In the summer of 2012, Michele Bachmann and four other House members sent a letter to the Inspector-Generals of key government agencies asking them to open an investigation into possible Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the U.S. government.The letter to the Department of State specifically raised concerns over Huma Abedin, then-Deputy Chief of Staff and top personal aide to the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. The letter stated that Abedin “has three family members—her late father, her mother, and her brother—connected to Muslim Brotherhood operatives and/or organizations,” and noted that the Department of State had “taken actions recently that have...
  • In defence of a lion killer

    11/21/2013 1:31:29 PM PST · by marktwain · 49 replies
    Daily Maverick ^ | 19 November, 2013 | Ivo Vegter
    The outrage about an American hunter, Melissa Bachman, who bragged on Twitter about bagging a splendid male lion, was terrifying to watch. Terrifying, but also deeply troubling on many levels. Emotive outrage and smug judgmentalism are no substitute for rational thought and pragmatic policy. Every year, game hunters travel to South Africa, pockets stuffed with dollars. Most of them are men, who quietly come and go, leaving behind them R6.2 billion in industry revenue, according to Environmental Affairs minister Edna Molewa. But when one hunter, an American television host named Melissa Bachman, dared to boast about her wonderful African hunting...
  • The Problem of Political Stars (Video)

    07/31/2013 8:26:27 AM PDT · by publius321 · 4 replies
    What happens when we put too much faith in "rising stars" in the GOP...
  • Michelle Bachman's Ludicrous Position & Levin's Plan States (Video)

    07/25/2013 7:08:16 PM PDT · by publius321 · 12 replies
  • Democratic establishment unmasked: prime defenders of NSA bulk spying

    07/25/2013 5:58:51 AM PDT · by MadIsh32 · 12 replies
    The Guardian ^ | 07/25/2013 | Greenwald
    The extraordinary events that took place in the House of Representatives yesterday are perhaps the most vivid illustration yet of this dynamic, and it independently reveals several other important trends. The House voted on an amendment sponsored by Justin Amash, the young Michigan lawyer elected in 2010 as a Tea Party candidate, and co-sponsored by John Conyers, the 24-term senior Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee. The amendment was simple. It would de-fund one single NSA program: the agency's bulk collection of the telephone records of all Americans that we first revealed in this space, back on June 6. It...
  • The quitters: The Bachmann and Palin pathology

    05/30/2013 7:30:16 AM PDT · by BuckeyeTexan · 113 replies
    The Hill ^ | 05/30/2013 | Peter Fenn
    It is one thing to raise millions from grassroots activists or appear on record numbers of TV talk shows or give rhetorically charged speeches before adoring crowds – it is quite another to do the hard work of governing. Both Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin were political lightweights who were full of sound and fury and accomplished very little. Both quit their posts like spoiled children, after meteoric rises that had precious little to do with actually getting anything done. Both were bad examples of what public service should be all about and both exhibited a certain pathology steeped more...
  • Why Obama released embarrassing IRS bombshell

    05/12/2013 1:55:52 PM PDT · by Mozilla · 33 replies
    World Net Daily ^ | 5/12/13 | Bob Unruh
    The Internal Revenue Service under the Obama administration – described by Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., as the “most feared government agency” – admitted Friday it targeted conservative and tea-party groups during last year’s election because of their politics. Bachmann, a former tax attorney, told WND in an interview the IRS admission means the credibility of the 2012 election is in doubt. Americans, she said, should be wondering whether Obamacare, which is to be enforced by the IRS, will target conservative voices opposed to President Obama with delays or denials of medical care. But why would an administration ever confess to...
  • Is Bachman the reason for Obama's 2nd Term? (vanity)

    11/08/2012 5:50:34 PM PST · by indianrightwinger · 83 replies
    Would we have had a mid-western son of a milk truck driver (Pawlenty) as our nominee has she not surged up until Ames Straw poll? I am trying to trace down to the seed that germinated into re-electing Obama. That is the closest I have come. During this cycle, a more modestly wealthy mid-western governor of a Blue state may just have been the ticket. Thoughts?
  • Cardinal Dolan at the Values Voter Summit? (Nat. Cath. fishwrap issues him a warning)

    08/23/2012 2:33:41 PM PDT · by NYer · 15 replies
    NC Reporter ^ | August 22, 2012 | Sr. Maureen Fiedler
    Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York has apparently been invited as a major speaker at the Values Voter Summit, Sept. 14-16 in Washington, D.C. So says the summit's website.If he accepts the invitation, he would share the stage with such right-wing luminaries as Michele Bachman (R-Minn.), who thinks Islamic radicals are lurking everywhere; Gov. Jan Brewer of Arizona, who signed the anti-immigrant "papers, please" law in her state; and none other than Republican vice-presidential pick Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, author of a budget that would end Medicare as we know it and cut funds for the needy to make...
  • Spineless John Mccain Denounces Michelle Bachmann over Muslim Brotherhood

    07/20/2012 5:46:09 AM PDT · by BarnacleCenturion · 77 replies ^ | 06/18/2011 | WILLIAM BIGELOW
    John McCain has now denounced Michelle Bachmann for requesting that the State, Homeland Security, Defense and Justice Departments, investigate potential “policies and activities that appear to be the result of influence operations conducted by individuals and organizations associated with the Muslim Brotherhood.” ... Bachmann had sent a 16-page letter to Keith Ellison, the only Muslim congressman, outlining her concerns: “The concerns about the foreign influence of immediate family members is such a concern to the U.S. Government that it includes these factors as potentially disqualifying conditions for obtaining a security clearance, which undoubtedly Ms. Abedin has had to obtain to...
  • Bachmann: Newt Gingrich is a “frugal socialist”

    12/06/2011 11:46:09 AM PST · by RobinMasters · 128 replies
    Hot Air ^ | DECEMBER 5, 2011 | TINA KORBE
    In an interview on GBTV, Michele Bachmann criticized Newt Gingrich’s support for the Medicare Part D prescription drug entitlement program, calling him a “frugal socialist.” “It doesn’t help to have a frugal socialist,” Bachmann said. “That’s really what we’re talking about is managing socialism and trying to be a frugal socialist.” Host Glenn Beck invited her to repeat the accusation, asking her pointblank whether she was calling Newt Gingrich a socialist. “I’m saying a frugal socialist, yes! Because you’re looking at proposals and programs that are in effect redistribution of wealth and socialism-based, and are we going to have real...
  • NBC “Grounds” Drummer for Bachman Misstep

    11/27/2011 4:56:37 PM PST · by John Semmens · 22 replies
    Admitting that the playing of the song “Lyin’ Ass Bitch” as GOP presidential candidate Minnesota Representative Michelle Bachman made her entrance on the “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” TV show, was a “miscalculation,” NBC executives announced that the band’s drummer would be “grounded for a week.” “While it may seem unfair to place all the blame on one person, the offense isn’t serious enough to warrant sanctions further up the line,” said NBC Senior Vice-President Doug Vaughan. “If Ms. Bachman had been a more important person sterner measures might’ve been considered.” The precise nature of the so-called “grounding” remains unclear....
  • Bachmann may have leaked classified information on Pakistan’s nuclear weapons during debate

    11/23/2011 8:30:37 AM PST · by Nachum · 43 replies
    Daily Caller ^ | 11/23/11 | Steven Nelson
    Minnesota Repubican Rep. Michele Bachmann may find herself in hot water for information she provided during Tuesday evening’s national security-focused Republican primary debate. Discussing the security threat posed to the United States by Pakistan, Bachmann said, “We have to recognize that 15 of the sites, nuclear sites are available or are potentially penetrable by jihadists. Six attempts have already been made on nuclear sites.” “This is more than an existential threat,” she said. ”We have to take this very seriously.” According to Yochi Dreazen of the National Journal, Bachmann, who serves on the House Intelligence Committee, may have leaked classified...
  • The Cain Smear, Romney, and Bachmann's new found campaign cash & South Carolina staff.

    11/03/2011 1:45:37 PM PDT · by RobaWho · 16 replies
    MSNBC, Talk Radio & Common Sense ^ | November 3, 2011 | Rob Cunningham
    Over the last couple of months, the Bachmann campaign has been all but left for dead, failing to muster more than 2 to 4 percent in most credible polls since her "flash in the pan" Iowa straw poll victory. Going largely unnoticed, and after Bachmann's SC campaign staff had already attended a "farewell and thank you" dinner that many recognized as a "we did our best" appreciation gesture for her SC staff, Bachmann suddenly receives an enormous cash infusion into her campaign, allowing her to hire an extremely expensive, high brow political consultant, Wesley Donehue. Even more interesting - Wesley...
  • Tea party group to Bachmann: Quit the presidential race

    10/27/2011 3:01:10 PM PDT · by Fred · 103 replies
    cnn ^ | 102711 | Shanno Travis
    (CNN) – A tea party group has a surprising and harsh urging for long-time tea party favorite Michele Bachmann: quit the presidential race. "It's time for Michele Bachmann to go," reads the first line of a statement from American Majority President Ned Ryun. His group operates in seven states, trains thousands of tea party supporters and is "liked" by over 371,000 people on Facebook. "Bachmann, the leader of the so-called tea party caucus in the House and the most vocal about her affiliation with the Tea Party than any other Presidential candidate, has consistently presented herself as a champion of...
  • Jon Stewart on the Las Vegas Debate (Video)

    10/20/2011 10:01:09 AM PDT · by Dagnabitt · 1 replies
    Comedy Central ^ | Oct 19, 2011 | Jon Stewart
    Fear and Pandering in Las Vegas
  • Opponent Is Obama, Not Bernanke

    10/12/2011 6:32:39 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 14 replies
    IBD Editorial ^ | October 12, 2011 | Editor
    Politics: You'd think a Republican debate on the economy would be a perfect time to blast Obama policies as an unmitigated disaster. Yet Obama escaped largely unscathed. Whom do these folks think they're running against? If aliens landed Tuesday night and managed to find the GOP debate on Bloomberg TV, they might think the GOP candidates were running against Ben Bernanke, someone named Dodd-Frank, Obama-Care and China. Newt Gingrich focused his ire, for example, on Bernanke, saying he's "the first person to fire." Michele Bachmann went on about Dodd-Frank, calling it "the jobs and housing destruction act." Rick Santorum said...
  • Obamacare includes $105 billion in advance funding

    As the presidential candidates continue to debate defunding Obamacare , it’s important to remember that the bill has already received $105 billion in advance appropriations. Imagine how this law may expand if President Obama wins a second term or if the law’s architect, Mitt Romney, is elected president. Video follows
  • Are you a Mitt Romney guy or a Rick Perry guy?

    09/26/2011 9:13:37 PM PDT · by smoothsailing · 146 replies
    Politico ^ | 9-26-2011 | Marin Cogin
    'Are you a Mitt Romney guy or a Rick Perry guy?' By: Marin Cogan September 26, 2011 11:29 PM EDT Fewer lawmakers are endorsing a presidential candidate this year, but that hasn’t stanched the whisper primary on Capitol Hill: “Are you a Rick Perry guy or a Mitt Romney guy?” On the House floor, in the cloakrooms and in private conversations, House Republicans are just as gossipy about the presidential contest as any dedicated primary voter, and how lawmakers are choosing sides tells the larger story of the party’s philosophical divide. “I gravitate more toward folks who support Mitt, and...
  • Adamo: The Rick Perry/Mitt Romney Political 'Horserace'

    09/23/2011 9:11:14 PM PDT · by smoothsailing · 58 replies
    GOP USA ^ | 9-23-2011 | Chris Adamo - Commentary
    Adamo: The Rick Perry/Mitt Romney Political 'Horserace' Chris Adamo September 23, 2011 It would be a mistake to believe that the “mainstream” media and press are only interested in boosting ratings as they play up the contest between Texas Governor Rick Perry and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney in their quest for the Republican presidential nomination. While increased viewership is a definite “plus,” their ultimate concern is the re-election of Barack Obama. And they have made it abundantly clear that Romney would be their preferred candidate in a general election race. Romney’s political philosophy bears a far stronger resemblance to...
  • Greta Interview with Palin and Bachman: Disgusting innuendo about Perry

    09/12/2011 7:40:37 PM PDT · by indianrightwinger · 270 replies
    Self | Self
    I saw the GOP debate and the Greta interview with Palin and Bachman. I am absolutely against Perry's mandate of the Gardasil vaccine. On policy grounds. Period. But, to see the two ladies pile on with corruption charges against Perry was truly disgusting. If they have any proof that Perry mandated the vaccine to profit Merck, I am the first one who wants it. And, if proof emerges that he did so, I will be the first one to revoke my support for him. It happens in the industry all the time. Acquaintances get you an audience. So, in this...
  • Behind the Michele Bachmann 'submissive' question (Byron York provides dithering justification)

    08/16/2011 6:21:14 AM PDT · by Mamzelle · 62 replies
    washington examiner ^ | 8/15/11 | Byron York
    "Whatever the case, Bachmann's answer in Ames Thursday night was by far the most human moment of her appearance in the debate -- a far cry from her tough exchanges with former Minnesota Gov. (and now former candidate) Tim Pawlenty. At their best, debates tell us new things about candidates and allow us to learn more about aspects of their personalities we haven't seen before. Is there any doubt that moment in Ames on Thursday night did just that for Michele Bachmann?"
  • Marcus Bachmann and Don Lemon's 'Unusual' Moment of Violence

    08/14/2011 8:50:53 AM PDT · by Paul46360 · 40 replies
    The Atlantic Wire ^ | 8-13-2011 | By Ujala Sehgal
    "CNN anchor Don Lemon reports that members of the campaign team for Michele Bachmann -- including her husband Marcus Bachmann -- shoved him after an event for the candidate in Des Moines on Friday. It's hard to tell exactly what happened, as both sides have a different account, but Lemon is sticking to his story, so here goes:...."
  • Newsweek's Smear

    08/11/2011 4:43:31 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 12 replies
    IBD Editorials ^ | August 11, 2011 | Staff
    Media: Talk about the elite lagging behind a more sophisticated public. Newsweek, trying to overcome its slide into obscurity, thought it could grab attention by smearing Tea Party favorite Michele Bachmann. Big mistake. The smear came in the form of this week's cover story, which tried unconvincingly to depict GOP presidential candidate and Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann as "The Queen of Rage," with a cover shot that made her look maniacal. But if anything, Bachmann comes across as Thatcheresque in her unmovable opposition to more deficit spending. Question her opposition a journalist may do, but don't make it out as...
  • Rasmussen polled me re Tea Party & Bachman

    07/29/2011 8:32:52 AM PDT · by SFmom · 11 replies
    Robo-polling by Rasmussen | July 28, 2011 | Self
    Was robo-polled by Rasmussen yesterday. Asked if I were a Tea Party "member" I said yes. Then the question was whether I was an Evangelical!!! So much misunderstanding of grassroots activism. The crux of the poll was whether Bachman could beat Perry or Romney in the primary. Although over 16 candidates were offered for one to choose from, PALIN was curiously omitted from the options!!!
  • Is Michelle Bachman an anti-Catholic? Or merely a Protestant? {ECUMENICAL thread}

    07/15/2011 3:14:18 AM PDT · by Cronos · 65 replies
    Catholic Culture ^ | 14 Jul 2011 | CC
    An unusually ignorant story in The Atlantic--with a completely misleading headline—questions the religious affiliation of Rep. Michelle Bachman Republican presidential candidate. Bachman was—but no longer is—a member of a Minnesota Lutheran congregation that belongs to the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. The latter, a theologically conservative group, teaches that the Roman Catholic Church embodies the spirit of Antichrist—although a representative of the group reports that this view is rarely expressed today. Columnist Joshua Green asks whether Catholic voters will find Bachman’s beliefs offensive. But Bachman herself never professed that belief. When questioned about it, she repudiated it, and said that she...
  • New poll finds that Rick Perry would trounce Ron Paul, other GOP presidential contenders in Texas

    07/08/2011 4:57:36 AM PDT · by Clairity · 59 replies
    Houston Chronicle ^ | July 8, 2011 | not stated
    Thirty-one percent of poll respondents in the PPP survey said they want Perry to be the Republican nominee, more than double the number who said they would vote for former Massachusetts Gov. Romney. Only 15 percent said Romney would take their vote in the primary. Tea Party favorite Rep. Michele Bachmann was the first choice of 11 percent of Texas Republicans - the only other candidate to crack double digits. In the recently poll, conservative voters strongly packed Perry with 34 percent of those self-identified voters saying they would cast a ballot for their governor.
  • With God at her side (Michele Bachman)

    07/01/2011 7:29:55 AM PDT · by Clairity · 11 replies
    Haaretz ^ | July 1, 2011 | Natasha Mozgovaya
    Some say Minnesota's Michele Bachmann - a third-term congresswoman who flanks the Republican Party from the right - isn't ready to be president. But that's what they said about Obama. Bachmann, 55, was born to a Democratic family in Waterloo, Iowa... She studied law, and specialized in tax law. She volunteered in 1976 for Jimmy Carter's presidential campaign, which she and her future husband joined after they had met during their studies. But Carter's positions disappointed her deeply and she realized she was a Republican. In Iowa, an evangelical stronghold, she is nipping at the heels of the current leader...
  • Are Michele Bachmann Gaffes Really Gaffes?

    06/28/2011 11:42:28 PM PDT · by SeanG200 · 15 replies
    Religio-Political Talk ^ | 6-28-2011 | Papa Giorgio
    Here is the Left’s understanding of her statement: • Michele Bachmann hopes Melissa Etheridge's cancer will teach her to stop being gay Here is the fuller quote about this 2004 point: • "Unfortunately she is now suffering from breast cancer, so keep her in your prayers. This may be an opportunity for her now to be open to some spiritual things, now that she is suffering with that physical disease. She is a lesbian**." [....] After some fun I asked this of another friend who posted info on Bachmann’s “gaffes”: …. Tell me, what most bugs you about Bachmann besides...
  • Fox News' Chris Wallace: Useful Dhimmi and Inept Interviewer

    06/27/2011 4:52:42 PM PDT · by Amerisrael · 13 replies
    Most everyone has now heard about or watched FNS host Chris Wallace' insulting question to Rep. Michelle Bachman:"Are you a flake?" Wallace has since offered a sort-of apology. But the damage was done and lefties, GOP elitists, no doubt took delight.The fact of the matter is that some in Congress and the Administration do embrace views that are "anti-American". We are fortunate to have those members of Congress who acknowldege and understand this threat.This is not the first time Wallace has served the role of a useful dhimmi interviewer:Just a few weeks ago during his FNS interview with Herman Cain, Wallace regurgitated the false Islamic...
  • The wrong John Wayne (Rollins appears to be Bachman's Idiot)

    06/27/2011 11:54:18 AM PDT · by RummyChick · 357 replies
    washington times ^ | 6/27 | Dinan
    Rep. Michele Bachmann kicked off her presidential campaign on Monday in Waterloo, Iowa, and in one interview surrounding the official event she promised to mimic the spirit of Waterloo's own John Wayne. The only problem, as one eagle-eyed reader notes: Waterloo's John Wayne was not the beloved movie star, but rather John Wayne Gacy, the serial killer. Mrs. Bachmann grew up in Waterloo, and used the town as the backdrop for her campaign announcement, where she told Fox News: "Well what I want them to know is just like, John Wayne was from Waterloo, Iowa. That's the kind of spirit...
  • Damn! Michelle Bachman just destroyed Chris Wallace

    06/26/2011 11:34:11 PM PDT · by ConservativeMan55 · 36 replies
    Chris Wallace just asked Bachman if she was a flake.. and she made him look like a fool. What a little man. Hey Chris.. put some ice on that!
  • Chris Wallace asks Michele Bachmann: ‘Are you a flake?’

    06/26/2011 10:26:04 AM PDT · by mandaladon · 82 replies
    The Daily Caller ^ | 26 Jun 2011 | Jeff Poor
    One might expect to hear the term flake bandied about in a private conservation when talking about another person not present, but it is not a term that often comes up on Sunday morning public affairs talk shows — especially so directly. However, on “Fox News Sunday,” it was a description moderator Chris Wallace asked 2012 Republican presidential candidate Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, who Wallace said has a reputation in Washington of making “questionable statements,” to respond to. “Finally, let’s talk about Michele Bachmann because — and you say — it’s interesting,” Wallace said. “You say that people saw in...
  • Michele Bachmann on Veterans Affairs

    06/20/2011 7:36:17 AM PDT · by Silentgypsy · 7 replies
    bachmann house gov website ^ | Unknown | Michele Bachman
    Veterans Affairs It is imperative that America's military men and women receive the support they deserve for the sacrifices they have made. Our members of the Armed Forces have fought to preserve the freedoms we cherish and I believe Congress must be steadfast in honoring our commitment to them. Last year, I supported the largest increase in funding for veterans programs in theVA’s history: over $37 billion for veterans programs. This legislation also adds more than 1,000 new claims adjusters to help ease the backlog of over 400,000 VA benefits claims. Congress must work to alleviate VA bureaucratic procedures, improve...
  • Chris Matthews' New Thrill? Hardball Hosts Flips and Praises 'Serious,' 'Informed' Bachmann

    06/14/2011 5:49:23 PM PDT · by mandaladon · 103 replies
    NewsBuusters ^ | 14 Jun 2011 | Scott Whitlock
    What is Chris Matthews up to? The MSNBC anchor, who once trashed Michele Bachmann as a "zombie" and a "nutcase," on Tuesday praised the Congresswoman as "poised, informed and serious." Touting Bachmann's performance in Monday's Republican presidential debate, he gushed that the Representative did "great." The Hardball host, who once battled with Bachmann and wondered if she was "hypnotized," hyped that the debate saw "the emergence of a star." He added, "[Bachmann] was, of course, created here. She came off as...poised, informed and serious. Could she be the candidate that Sarah Palin was supposed to be?" In an amusing moment,...
  • Bachmann consultant Ed Rollins: Palin hasn’t been serious for years

    06/07/2011 1:53:00 PM PDT · by Graneros · 102 replies
    Hot Air ^ | June 7, 2011 | Allahpundit
    Via the Daily Caller and Politico, if jabs like this are already being thrown before Palin’s even in the race, how brutal will things be in six months when the two of them and Herman Cain are battling for the grassroots vote in Iowa? Good lord. It’s going to be a long, hot, nasty summer, my friends. “Sarah has not been serious over the last couple of years,” Rollins told Brian Kilmeade on his radio show, Kilmeade and friends. “She got the Vice Presidential thing handed to her, she didn’t go to work in the sense of trying to gain...
  • The Conscience of Kansas radio program- Patriot Act renewal, Paul Ryan, Gender Spectrum

    06/01/2011 6:51:37 PM PDT · by 1pitech
    The Conscience of Kansas radio program ^ | 05-31-11 | Paul A. Ibbetson
    In this episode of the Conscience of Kansas radio program we talk about the renewal of the Patriot Act and Obama's position on the law in the past. I talk about the GOP's economic plan. Next we talk about the organization Gender Spectrum, the Gender War in our schools and the push for institutionalized gender blending. Next, we talk about the tornados in Joplin Missouri. We invite you to listen and comment on the show!
  • The Conscience of Kansas radio program- Patriot Act renewal, Paul Ryan, Gender Spectrum

    06/01/2011 6:51:26 PM PDT · by 1pitech
    The Conscience of Kansas radio program ^ | 05-31-11 | Paul A. Ibbetson
    In this episode of the Conscience of Kansas radio program we talk about the renewal of the Patriot Act and Obama's position on the law in the past. I talk about the GOP's economic plan. Next we talk about the organization Gender Spectrum, the Gender War in our schools and the push for institutionalized gender blending. Next, we talk about the tornados in Joplin Missouri. We invite you to listen and comment on the show!
  • Palin Bachman 2012

    05/29/2011 6:56:29 AM PDT · by Silverfiddle · 23 replies
    Western Hero ^ | 29 May 2011 | Silverfiddle
  • First Post-Huckabee Iowa Poll ShowsCain And Bachmann Big Winners

    05/19/2011 8:51:50 AM PDT · by Stymee · 53 replies
    Iowa Report ^ | May 18, 2011 | Grassroots Action
    Herman Cain and Michele Bachman appear to be the big winners following the decisions by Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump to not enter the presidential race, according to a new poll of Iowa conservatives. Meanwhile, last week’s presidential announcements by Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich did not resonate with Iowa conservatives.
  • Michele Bachmann trumps The Donald, declares birther dispute ‘settled’

    04/21/2011 5:16:03 AM PDT · by AAABEST · 180 replies · 1+ views
    Atlanta Journal Constitution Blog ^ | April 20, 2011 | Jim Galloway
    [SNIP] George Stephanopoulos: Well, I have the president’s certificate right here. It’s certified, it’s got a certification number. It’s got the registrar of the state signed. It’s got a seal on it. And it says “this copy serves as prima facie evidence of the fact of birth in any court proceeding.” Bachmann: Well, then that should settle it. Stephanopoulos: So it’s over? Bachmann: That’s what should settle it. I take the president at his word and I think– again I would have no problem and apparently the president wouldn’t, either. Introduce that, we’re done. Move on.
  • Click Here to see the Next President of the US (vanity, but not a joke)

    04/16/2011 7:40:12 PM PDT · by Scythian · 79 replies
    Right now, Michele Bachmann is my Candidate, I hope she runs, I think she's smart, a true Tea Party Candidate, and she has integrity. I will vote for Sarah too, but I think Michele is more electable.
  • Bachmann Calls Obama Wall Street's Best Friend

    04/18/2011 4:23:48 PM PDT · by ButThreeLeftsDo · 6 replies ^ | 4/18/11 | Leslie Rolander, AP
    Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann told a South Carolina tax day tea party rally that President Barack Obama is Wall Street's best friend. Bachmann later told reporters in Columbia that she can't wait to take him on even though she's not ready to announce plans to seek the GOP presidential nomination until around June. Bachmann also said she would vote against raising the nation's debt ceiling, saying it would not bring the disruption people fear.
  • Bachmann: Obama has neglected to prove eligibility

    04/17/2011 7:32:49 PM PDT · by RobinMasters · 152 replies
    WND ^ | April 17, 2011 | Joe Kovacs
    U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., says President Obama has neglected to clearly demonstrate he's eligible to hold his office, and says it would be simple for him to do so. "It's an interesting issue that has gone on for so long and it's one that the president could have solved very early on," Bachmann told Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro last night. "All he had to do is just answer some questions and show his [long-form birth] document and then have people do an attestation that this in fact is a legal document and it's over, it's done. And...
  • Video of Michelle Bachman appearance in Bluffton South Carolina, April 16, 2011

    04/18/2011 3:25:10 AM PDT · by RaceBannon · 10 replies
    Self ^ | 4/18/2011 | RaceBannon
    This is a video of Michelle Bachman as she spoke at the Teaa Party meet and Greet in Bluffton, South Carolina, April 16, 2011.
  • Bachmann Tops Romney in First Quarter Fundraising

    04/01/2011 2:53:10 PM PDT · by mandaladon · 11 replies
    Fox News ^ | 1 Apr 2011 | Wes Barrett
    Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., raised a combined total of $2.2 million in the first quarter of 2011, outgaining presumed presidential contender Mitt Romney who raised $1.9 million over the same period. Bachmann's political action committee, MichelePAC, raised $500,000 while her Congressional reelection fund took in $1.7 million. The funds raised for her Congressional reelection could be transferred to any federal campaign, including one for president. Bachmann is a formidable fundraiser. The Washington Post recently ranked her the top fundraiser in the House during the 2009-2010 election cycle. This latest fundraising haul, coupled with her frequent visits to Iowa and New...
  • TheDC Exclusive: Bachmann on possible 2012 White House bid: ‘This isn’t a game for me

    03/31/2011 8:23:33 AM PDT · by mandaladon · 17 replies
    The Daily Caller ^ | 31 Mar 2011 | Matthew Boyle
    In an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Minnesota Republican, ripped detractors of her potential presidential bid saying her decision on whether to run, coming “early summer,” is a “serious” one. “This isn’t a game for me – this is a very serious decision, a momentous decision and I’m not making a rash decision,” Bachmann said. “I’m working with my advisers and my family. This is a very prudent, thoughtful, deliberate decision and a lot is going into this.” Bachmann said what sets her apart from other potential candidates is that she’s got a “spine made out...
  • They've got strong feelings (re: Gallup Positive Intensity Poll)

    03/30/2011 6:13:53 AM PDT · by justsaynomore · 26 replies
    Politico ^ | 3/29/11 | Politico
    Gallup has been measuring the "positive intensity" that Republicans and Republican-leaning independents feel for the presidential hopefuls. "Positive intensity" is calculated based on the difference between the potential candidates' strongly favorable and strongly unfavorable ratings among those familiar with them. The most notable finding of their latest survey? Underdog Herman Cain, included in the poll for the first time, actually has a pretty passionate following. Here are the 2012ers with the highest "positive intensity" scores. Mike Huckabee: 26 positive intensity score Michele Bachmann: 20 positive intensity score Mitt Romney: 20 Herman Cain: 20 Sarah Palin: 18 Tim Pawlenty: 16 Mitch...
  • Michele Bachmann steals the show in Iowa

    03/26/2011 6:07:46 PM PDT · by mandaladon · 116 replies
    Politico ^ | 26 Mar 2011 | MAGGIE HABERMAN
    DES MOINES, Iowa — Michele Bachmann served up red meat to the crowd at the Iowa conservative principles conference Saturday, slamming President Barack Obama as a Jimmy Carter retread, dissing the Mitch Daniels "truce" call for social issues, and saying she wants a "waiver" from the last two years of White House leadership. Talking loudly and waving her hands, a pumped Bachmann used a slide presentation of various numbers — the national debt, the cost of a gallon of gas two years ago the day before Obama took office, the corporate tax rate — to make her points and pull...

    02/21/2011 7:31:01 PM PST · by RaceBannon · 2 replies
    self ^ | Feb 21,2011 | RaceBannon
    This is a video of a teleconference of Michelle Bachman at the Baxter Center in Rock Hill, South Carolina, Feb 18. She was supposed to appear in person, but she stayed in DC to finish voting last Friday. The video is over 1 hour long.