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  • BBC brands Churchill 'an enemy of the people' ... a deeply hated drunk [leftist lies]

    05/31/2015 8:31:27 AM PDT · by pabianice · 35 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | 5/31/15 | Hastings
    A BBC documentary depicting Winston Churchill as a drunken enemy of the working class has been branded as ‘graceless’ and ‘ill-informed’ by his grandson. Churchill: When Britain Said No, broadcast on BBC2 last week, was an account of how the wartime leader lost the 1945 General Election. It showed him as a deeply hated figure among the working class, in part because of the harsh economic policies he pursued as Chancellor in the 1920s. The most vocal critic of Churchill in the programme was a man presented as ‘activist and writer’, Dave Douglass. He said of Churchill: ‘His role during...
  • 'Britain's first and only Muslim drag queen' banned from discussing homosexuality....

    03/14/2014 3:20:49 PM PDT · by Morgana · 24 replies
    FULL TITLE: 'Britain's first and only Muslim drag queen' banned from discussing homosexuality in BBC 'Free Speech' debate in mosque Muslim drag queen Asifa Lahore is already a prominent figure on the LGBT (lesbian gay, bisexual and transgender) circuit. The British Pakistani drag artist regularly appears on the cabaret and club scene and makes glamorous music videos, often with a comedy edge. However, he raised a serious question at a debate being recorded for BBC Three show Free Speech live at Birmingham Central Mosque, which was: 'When will it be accepted to be gay and Muslim?'
  • Homophobia and intimacy in a Russian sauna (I like Russia more and more)

    01/18/2014 2:03:25 PM PST · by RoosterRedux · 98 replies
    BBC Urals, Russia ^ | 1/17/2013 | By Justin Rowlatt
    A law in Russia banning "homosexual propaganda" has been condemned by critics, who say it incites hatred. But a day hunting and relaxing in the forest - and hearing some extreme views - suggests it has plenty of support. Saunas are supposed to be relaxing but the prospect of this one filled me with dread. I was to share it with two heavily armed Russian hunters - Yuri, a steely-eyed veteran of Russia's bloody war in Afghanistan, and Georgy, a burly businessmen who cut his teeth during the violent chaos that consumed Russia after the fall of communism. That afternoon,...
  • Scandal: BBC’s six-year cover-up of secret ‘green propaganda’ training for top executives

    01/12/2014 7:25:24 AM PST · by null and void · 16 replies
    WUWT ^ | January 12, 2014 | Anthony Watts
    David Rose of the Mail on Sunday tears the BBC a new one, thanks to an “amateur climate blogger”. Pensioner forces BBC to lift veil on 2006 eco-seminar to top executivesPapers reveal influence of top green campaigners including GreenpeaceThen-head of news Helen Boaden said it impacted a ‘broad range of output’Yet BBC has spent more than £20,000 in legal fees trying to keep it secret The BBC has spent tens of thousands of pounds over six years trying to keep secret an extraordinary ‘eco’ conference which has shaped its coverage of global warming,  The Mail on Sunday can reveal.The controversial...
  • BBC sent 3 TIMES as many staff to cover Mandela death than all rival British broadcasters combined

    12/12/2013 10:50:21 AM PST · by Olog-hai · 19 replies
    Daily Mail (UK) ^ | 12:05 EST, 12 December 2013 | (Daily Mail Reporter)
    Nearly three times as many BBC staff have been sent to cover Nelson Mandela’s death than all of its rival British broadcasters put together, it has been revealed. The corporation sent a total of 140 presenters and crew members to South Africa, while Sky News had the second highest number of the British broadcasters with 15. The BBC said it expected to have deployed about 120 journalists, technicians and support staff to work on the story over a ten-day period. The BBC World Service is also reported to have sent a further 20 staff, whose expenses will not be paid...
  • Rise in violence 'linked to climate change'

    08/03/2013 8:19:06 AM PDT · by rktman · 53 replies
    BBC News ^ | 8/2/2013 | Rebecca Morelle
    Shifts in climate are strongly linked to increases in violence around the world, a study suggests. US scientists found that even small changes in temperature or rainfall correlated with a rise in assaults, rapes and murders, as well as group conflicts and war. The team says with the current projected levels of climate change, the world is likely to become a more violent place.
  • Viewpoint: What if women ruled the world?

    03/09/2013 7:30:47 AM PST · by haffast · 175 replies
    BBC News Magazine ^ | 3-7-2013 | Dee Dee Myers
    Not so long ago, the idea that women might rule the world seemed slightly ridiculous - like something out of science fiction. But in an essay to mark International Women's Day, political analyst and former White House press secretary Dee Dee Myers argues it's now a topic that can be seriously discussed. Women clearly lacked the intellectual capacity and emotional fortitude to make the difficult decisions that leadership required. It wasn't bias, it was biology - it was just the way women were made. But that was then. In recent decades, attitudes and ideas have changed - and fast. That's...
  • According to the BBC, Israel has no capital city

    07/20/2012 11:13:33 PM PDT · by Olog-hai · 30 replies
    The Commentator ^ | 18 July 2012 at 10am
    On perusing the BBC Sport website, The Commentator was disgusted to see the inherent anti-Israel bias shine through even when it comes to something as trivial as country profiles on their Olympics website. Every other nation represented on the BBC website has a profile of the country that lists ‘Key Facts’. For instance, Djibouti’s top medal sport is athletics, its population is 879,100 and its capital is Djibouti. In case you were unsure, Iranians are good at wrestling, their capital is Tehran and there are just over 75 million people living there. But if you’re interested in the state of...
  • Kevin Connolly's guide to American culture

    12/19/2010 3:44:51 PM PST · by decimon · 17 replies
    BBC ^ | December 18, 2010 | Kevin Connolly
    After three years of eating steaks the size of elephants' ears, Kevin bids farewell The BBC's America correspondent Kevin Connolly is packing his bags for a new post in the Middle East. During his three years in the US he has visited 46 out of 50 states and covered the country's election of its first black president.Sometime around the spring of 1835, a young Frenchman called Alexis de Tocqueville travelled to the United States on a mission guaranteed to make Americans bristle with irritation. He was going to understand them, and explain them. De Tocqueville was smart, Gallic and aristocratic...
  • BBC Apologises for 'Queen Death Joke'

    05/18/2010 2:45:14 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 31 replies · 633+ views
    NDTV ^ | 5/18/2010
    A BBC radio jockey stirred a sensation over the airwaves in the UK by jokingly announcing that Queen Elizabeth II had died and then switched on the national anthem 'God save the Queen', forcing the organisation to tender an "unreserved apology". Disc jockey Danny Kelly, 39, played the national anthem and told listeners that he had an important announcement to make and then said "Queen Elizabeth II has now died." The announcement was made on Tuesday over BBC WM, local radio service beamed to British city of Birmingham and West Midlands. A BBC spokesman later confirmed that "Danny Kelly had...
  • BBC Trust backs drama in which Christian terrorist beheads Muslim

    06/02/2009 6:46:37 AM PDT · by BGHater · 16 replies · 701+ views
    Telegraph ^ | 02 June 2009 | Damian Thompson
    The BBC Trust has dismissed a complaint about an episode of Bonekickers, a BBC One drama series about a team of archaeologists, that involved a fundamentalist Christian beheading a Muslim (as so often happens in real life, right?). The Trust has backed an earlier BBC ruling that there is "no reason why viewers would have been given the impression that the fanatics in the programme were evangelical Christians or that the programme gave an offensive portrayal of such people". We are deep into the realms of BBC bias and ignorance here. Only a BBC drama series would, to quote the complainant,...
  • Is democracy over-rated? (BBC Asks Their Audience)

    03/10/2009 11:46:15 AM PDT · by Reaganesque · 21 replies · 617+ views
    BBC UK ^ | 3/9/09 | BBC
    The head of the Chinese parliament has said that his country will never adopt Western-style democracy. Does this matter? Wu Bangguo who ranks second to President Hu Jintao in the Communist Party, told the annual session of the parliament that China would never introduce a system of multiple parties holding office in rotation. Mr Wu said that China would draw on the achievements of all cultures but would not "simply copy" the West. Correspondents say Mr Wu's statement appeared to be a deliberate rejection of calls in China and abroad for greater liberalisation. How important is democracy for people's lives?...
  • BBC staff protest failure to air pro-Palestinian video

    02/21/2009 1:49:46 PM PST · by Askwhy5times · 1 replies · 409+ views
    The Intellectual Redneck ^ | February 21, 2009 | The Intellectual Redneck
    BBC staff protest failure to air pro-Palestinian video Many have wondered if the BBC had a pro-Palestinian bias in their reporting. This has now been confirmed. Over 400 of their staff have signed a protest petition because they failed to air a video that the corporation deemed to be too biased in favor of Palestinians. That must have been one very biased news video. Hat tip to Axis of Right.
  • Why rednecks may rule the world

    09/09/2008 12:37:22 PM PDT · by KarenMarie · 111 replies · 742+ views
    BBC Radio4 - Today ^ | September 6th, 2008 | By Joe Bageant
    During this US election cycle we are hearing a lot from the pundits and candidates about "heartland voters," and "white working class voters." What they are talking about are rednecks. But in their political correctness, media types cannot bring themselves to utter the word "redneck." So I'll say it for them: redneck-redneck-redneck-redneck.
  • Christian groups accuse BBC drama of inciting anti-Christian bias

    10/31/2006 11:39:25 PM PST · by Mrs Ivan · 21 replies · 724+ views
    The Daily Mail ^ | 31st October 2006 | PAUL REVOIR
    The BBC are facing accusations of anti-Christian bias after a BBC drama portrayed evangelical extremists murdering Muslims. One Christian group said the corporation had a "sinister" and "malicious" agenda against their faith, while another claimed the BBC1 Spooks programme could be an "incitement to hatred" against them. The row comes in the wake of recent revelations that senior BBC executives had admitted that the corporation was guilty of bias against Christianity at a special "impartiality" summit. Christians were outraged by the episode of the drama, which showed a group of evangelical terrorists who carry out a number of attacks on...
  • The BBC's Support of the Taleban

    10/26/2006 5:57:04 PM PDT · by Mobile Vulgus · 9 replies · 452+ views ^ | 10/26/06 | warner todd huston
    Once again taking "tolerance" to the level of societal self-destruction, the BBC has decided that showing the human side of the Taleban is an important story to cover. They have ridiculously embedded a reporter with the Taleban in Afghanistan. Reporter David Lyon has been reporting from the Taleban and has filed a report filled with laudatory terms and brimming with respect for his subject. Travelling with the Taleban There is no army on earth as mobile as the Taleban. I remember it as their secret weapon when I travelled with them in the mid-1990s, as they swept aside rival mujahideen...
  • Travelling with the Taleban (BBC embedded with Taliban)

    10/26/2006 11:51:23 AM PDT · by ikez78 · 58 replies · 1,594+ views
    BBC ^ | 10-26-06 | BBC
    The BBC's David Loyn has had exclusive access to Taleban forces mobilised against the British army in Helmand Province in southern Afghanistan. There is no army on earth as mobile as the Taleban. The Taleban say history is on their side I remember it as their secret weapon when I travelled with them in the mid-1990s, as they swept aside rival mujahideen to take most of the country.
  • Straw backs BBC Taleban interview

    10/26/2006 10:55:58 AM PDT · by kiriath_jearim · 2 replies · 286+ views
    BBC ^ | 10/26/06 | n/a
    Commons leader Jack Straw has defended the BBC's decision to broadcast an interview with a Taleban spokesman. The report had been "informative" and "good" and it was "important to see the nature of these people", he told MPs. Tory MP Julian Lewis had demanded a ministerial statement on the broadcast of "unalloyed Taleban propaganda". But Mr Straw said "independence of journalism" was one the BBC's strengths and it must not be directly influenced, "particularly" by ministers or MPs. "The difference is that in Taleban-controlled territory, anybody who steps out of line is killed. "We are a democracy, and we are...
  • Tories brand BBC's Taliban interview 'obscene propaganda'

    10/26/2006 3:48:05 AM PDT · by Mrs Ivan · 14 replies · 613+ views
    The Daily Mail ^ | 26th October 2006
    The BBC has come under fire from the Conservative Party after broadcasting an interview with a spokesman for the Taliban. His face hidden by a veil, Dr Mahammed Anif told BBC2's Newsnight that the Taliban would throw foreign armies out of Afghanistan. He also dismissed British and American claims to be rebuilding the country as an "excuse" to invade. Other members of a Taliban group in Helmand province were also filmed, vowing to fight to the death against British troops who are seeking to bring security to the area. Shadow defence secretary Liam Fox denounced the interviews as "obscene" and...
  • BBC admits: We are biased on religion and politics

    10/25/2006 5:45:11 PM PDT · by patriot_wes · 7 replies · 582+ views
    yNet ^ | October 10, 2006 | Hagit Klaiman
    BBC admits: We are biased on religion and politics Internal corporation memo on ‘impartiality’ summit leaked to British media exposes truth on BBC bias Published: 16:10 LONDON – The British Broadcasting Corporation has been struggling for several years against criticisms and claims of biased reporting concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and distorted coverage of the global fight against terror. Following a diplomatic incident with Israel, the BBC appointed an editor known for his objective reporting, however, the true stance of the corporation’s editors remained the same. An internal memo, recently discovered by the British media, revealed what the BBC has been...
  • BBC confesses bias on religion, politics (execs saying Bible tossed in trash OK, not Quran)

    10/24/2006 5:59:16 AM PDT · by NYer · 14 replies · 882+ views
    WND ^ | October 23, 2006
    An internal British Broadcasting Corporation memo reveals senior figures admitted the national news agency was guilty of promoting left-wing views and anti-Christian sentiment. News of the memo, reported by British media, comes as the BBC continues to struggle against claims of biased reporting on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and distorted coverage of the global fight against terror, reports the Israeli The admissions of bias were made at a recent "impartiality" summit the BBC held. Most executives admitted the corporation's representation of homosexuals and ethnic minorities was unbalanced and disproportionate, said. The British news agency, the report said, leaned too...
  • US lists 10 foiled terror plots

    02/09/2006 9:27:58 AM PST · by aculeus · 44 replies · 2,386+ views
    BBC News on line ^ | October 10, 2005 | Unsigned
    The White House has given details of 10 major terror plots that President Bush says have been foiled by the US and its allies since the 11 September attacks. Mr Bush cited the disrupted plans in a speech, designed to boost support for the so-called war on terror. They include a plot to use hijacked aircraft to hit the US East and West coasts and to attack Heathrow Airport. But the sketchy details provided by the White House make it hard to assess how serious or advanced the plans were. Most of the plots have been previously reported in some...
  • Oslo teenager dies 'making bomb'

    08/18/2005 4:11:16 PM PDT · by jb6 · 37 replies · 1,090+ views
    BBC ^ | 18 August 2005
    A 17-year-old has died after explosives he appears to have been trying to make in his Oslo flat detonated. The blast blew out some windows in the block and left the victim's 19-year-old brother injured. Three other friends escaped unhurt. Norwegian police said internet instructions on how to make explosives and some powder were found at the flat. Police are questioning those present but are not reported to think they had links to any extremist groups. Other apartments in the three-storey block were evacuated after the blast. "At the scene we found written instructions on how to make explosives and...
  • Oslo teenager dies 'making bomb'

    08/18/2005 8:48:49 AM PDT · by dennisw · 86 replies · 1,948+ views
    beeb ^ | Thursday, 18 August 2005, 11:09 GMT 12:09 UK
    A 17-year-old has died after explosives he appears to have been trying to make in his Oslo flat detonated. The blast blew out some windows in the block and left the victim's 19-year-old brother injured. Three other friends escaped unhurt. Norwegian police said internet instructions on how to make explosives and some powder were found at the flat. Police are questioning those present but are not reported to think they had links to any extremist groups. Other apartments in the three-storey block were evacuated after the blast. "At the scene we found written instructions on how to make explosives and...
  • British Bias Corporation

    07/26/2005 6:32:55 PM PDT · by anotherview · 1 replies · 162+ views
    Israel & Aliya (blog) ^ | 26 July 2005 | Caitlyn M. Martin
    uesday, July 26, 2005 British Bias Corporation Every so often I get into an online or telephone discussion with British friends or just folks who hang on the same lists I do about the BBC. I frequently hear from them how the BBC is not biased against Israel. I almost always do a double-take. These are generally intelligent, reasonably open minded, fair minded and often liberal people. They sincerely believe what they are saying. I will admit any day of the week that I am a news junkie. I spend an inordinate amount of my free time keeping up on...
  • There was NO Al Qaeda group before 9/11! (Grab Bucket to Hurl In Alert)

    12/07/2004 2:35:25 PM PST · by bigjoesaddle · 59 replies · 2,389+ views
    Requires Realplayer. It just may be the greatest documentary ever made! History will have to judge. If you NEVER watch anything else about 9-11 and the Iraq war, you have to see this ... (only thing is it'll take about and hour just to watch the first part). It's a documentary that was broadcast all over Europe by the BBC on 11-03-04 about Bush and exactly how he and Tony Blair (England's Prime Minister) have created the illusion of a large, organized terrorist group. Tho NOW there is, but unbelievably, there was NO Al Qaeda group before 9/11!! Tho a...
  • NYT: BBC Falls Prey to Hoax on Anniversary of Bhopal Disaster

    12/05/2004 4:59:49 AM PST · by OESY · 12 replies · 741+ views
    New York Times ^ | December 4, 2004 | ALAN COWELL
    LONDON, Dec. 3 - The BBC, Britain's public service broadcaster, acknowledged Friday that it had been tricked into broadcasting an interview with a man pretending to be a spokesman for Dow Chemical, who claimed that the company had taken the blame for the disaster in Bhopal, India, in 1984. The hoax, contradicting Dow Chemical's rejection of any responsibility, came on the 20th anniversary of the catastrophe, when waves of lethal gas escaped from a chemical plant in Bhopal, in central India, killing more than 3,500 people and injuring thousands more. At the time, the plant was owned by the Union...
  • Weep for BBC News

    11/07/2004 7:36:16 PM PST · by quidnunc · 21 replies · 1,654+ views
    The Times [UK] ^ | November 7, 2004 | Stephen Pollard
    This is news? A few days ago Barbara Plett, a BBC Middle East correspondent, broadcast a report about the airlifting of Yassir Arafat to Paris. She informed her listeners: “When the helicopter carrying the frail old man rose above his ruined compound, I started to cry … without warning.” She went on to talk about Arafat’s “ambivalence towards violence” (an interesting phrase for the man who effectively invented modern-day terrorism) and to castigate Ariel Sharon for having “demonised” the man responsible for a campaign to murder as many Israeli citizens as possible. For some reason, Ms Plett’s words have prompted...
  • My childish view of a nasty America is still popular [Editorial]

    05/28/2004 4:18:22 PM PDT · by nwrep · 29 replies · 428+ views
    The Telegraph ^ | May 29, 2005 | Charles Moore
    As with most British people, my first impressions of America were formed by television. For my family in the 1960s, this meant the BBC alone. We had one of those "snobbish" televisions, not unusual at that time, that could not get the only other channel, ITV. And the BBC in America at that time meant Charles Wheeler. With his highly educated voice, shock of white hair (I think it was white even then), serious spectacles and face of lean intelligence, he was the perfect posh broadcaster. I believed every word he said. I still think Wheeler is an excellent journalist...
  • Paul McCartney Speaks out against Iraq war

    05/28/2004 12:32:42 PM PDT · by sandbar · 75 replies · 418+ views
    BBC Online ^ | 05/28/2004
    McCartney speaks out against war Sir Paul wrote a song, Freedom, after the 11 September attacks Former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney has criticised the UK government for being too hasty in going to war in Iraq. "Maybe our government went in too fast with the Americans," he told the weekly Portuguese magazine Visao on Thursday. "It would have been better if the UN had been together," the 61-year-old singer continued. "Now it's become very bloody with Iraq, it's very difficult." The singer, who is currently touring Europe, opens the Rock in Rio music festival in Lisbon on Friday. Sir Paul...
  • Berg's e-mails depict dangerous travels / Excerpts from Nicholas Berg's e-mails

    05/12/2004 3:25:34 PM PDT · by kattracks · 27 replies · 388+ views
    AP | 5/12/04 | JASON STRAZIUSO
    PHILADELPHIA (AP) — The independent businessman who was beheaded in Iraq wrote colorful e-mails to family and friends at home, foreign dispatches that showed a 26-year-old with limited Arabic skills traveling solo through dangerous parts of the country. The January e-mails, in what now seem to be chilling references, also describe Nicholas Berg's work near the Abu Ghraib prison — "a notorious prison for Army and political prisoners," he wrote — and his brief detention by Iraqi police. His killers cited the abuse of prisoners by U.S. personnel at Abu Ghraib as the reason for Berg's killing. The abuse was...
  • Muslims seek to worship in Spanish Cathedral [BARF ALERT]

    05/01/2004 10:42:04 AM PDT · by MegaSilver · 29 replies · 502+ views
    BBC News ^ | 01 May 2004 | Malcolm Billings
    In southern Spain, once the centre of an Islamic civilisation in Europe, the Muslim community has appealed to the Vatican to be allowed to pray alongside Christians in what was once the Great Mosque of Cordoba.It is one of the oldest buildings in the Islamic world and one of the most beautiful. The first thing I saw was a courtyard full of orange blossom. A fountain played in the middle. I felt that I was already back in the Middle Ages making my way towards the entrance of the mosque itself. The interior is stunning - a symmetrical forest of...
  • Ex-soldier convicted as Washington sniper (Ex-Soldier!!)

    11/17/2003 11:22:42 AM PST · by PeteFromMontana · 21 replies · 538+ views
    BBC ^ | 11/17/2003 | Chose to not disclose
    One of the men accused of the Washington sniper killings has been found guilty of murder, terrorism, conspiracy and a firearms charge. John Allen Muhammad, 42, now may face the death penalty. He was convicted of shooting dead Dean Meyers at a petrol station in Manassas, Virginia, on 9 October 2002, and murdering "at least one other person". He may also face other charges relating to the killings, which left 10 dead and three wounded. Along with his alleged accomplice, 18-year-old Lee Boyd Malvo, he is also accused of three murders and three counts of wounding in the state of...

    07/18/2003 1:34:00 AM PDT · by Big Bad Bob · 148 replies · 1,689+ views
    The man, according to BBC Journalist Andrew Gilligan, to have told him that some parts of the so-called 'dodgy dossier' has gone missing, according to Sky News.