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  • Possible Syrian nuke facility identified by satellite

    12/02/2010 9:36:57 PM PST · by Nachum · 18 replies · 1+ views
    Jerusalem Post [Israel] ^ | 12/2/10 | Yaakov Katz
    Footage of Masyaf shows missile shaped items; IAEA urges Syria to let inspectors visit reactor that IAF destroyed in 2007. A compound in western Syria with buildings and hundreds of missile-shaped items has been identified as functionally related to a nuclear reactor Israel destroyed northeast of Damascus in 2007. Satellite footage of the site in Masyaf was obtained by the Washington-based Institute for Science and International Security and shows a compound built in a ravine and surrounded by what appears to be a line of trenches. While there are no security measures visible in the commercial satellite imagery, ISIS said...
  • Hezbollah Builds Runway For Suicide Drones

    04/26/2015 12:18:27 PM PDT · by QT3.14 · 26 replies
    Truth Revolt ^ | April 24, 2015 | Peter Malcom
    Jane’s Defence Weekly reports that Hezbollah has built a runway in the morthern Bekaa Valley to be used for drones, likely Iranian-made UAVs. New satellite images shows the runway in an area 10 kilometers south of the Lebanese village of Hermel.
Jane’s states: The short length of the runway suggests the facility is not intended to smuggle in weapons shipments from Syria or Iran as it is too short for nearly all the transport aircraft used by the air forces of those countries. An alternative explanation is that the runway was built for Iranian-made UAVs, including the Ababil-3, which has been...
  • Hezbollah mobilises ahead of potential US Syria strike

    09/02/2013 3:16:22 PM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 11 replies
    Yahoo! News ^ | 9/2/13 | AFP
    Lebanon's Shiite Hezbollah group, a close ally of the Syrian regime, is redeploying its forces ahead of possible US strikes on Damascus, according to witnesses in Lebanon. The reports come as the daily Al-Akhbar, which is close to both Hezbollah and the Syrian regime, said on Monday that the group had "called on all its officers and members to man their positions." Residents speaking to AFP in the southern Lebanese city of Tyre said there appeared to be a general mobilisation of the group's members, even if such a movement was not being publicly discussed. Many Hezbollah fighters have disappeared...
  • FLASHBACK: Where did Saddams WMD go? To Syria

    08/26/2013 10:20:43 AM PDT · by Yosemitest · 67 replies ^ | December 7th, 2012
    U.S. intelligence suspects Iraqs weapons of mass destruction have finally been located. Unfortunately, getting to them will be nearly impossible for the United States and its allies, because the containers with the strategic materials are not in Iraq. Satellite photo of hundreds of trucks systematically leaving an Iraqi weapons dump, early 2003. Instead they are located in Lebanons heavily-fortified Bekaa Valley, swarming with Iranian and Syrian forces, and Hizbullah and ex-Iraqi agents, will report in Wednesdays (Sept. 2, 2003) weekly edition. U.S. intelligence first identified a stream of tractor-trailer trucks moving from Iraq to Syria to Lebanon in...
  • The Hidden Hand (Very good piece on Iran's support of alQaeda)

    08/19/2011 6:43:59 PM PDT · by nuconvert · 18 replies
    Weekly Standard ^ | Aug 15, 2011 | STEPHEN F. HAYES & THOMAS JOSCELYN
    The Obama administration finally highlights Irans key role in supporting al Qaeda On July 28, the Treasury Department designated six al Qaeda operatives involved in shipping money and men from the Persian Gulf to senior al Qaeda leaders in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The move targets a node of the global terror network that is critical to its overall strength, freezing any of its financial assets under U.S. jurisdiction and prohibiting any transactions with the operatives. Of the many conduits for al Qaeda funds and personnel across the world, the U.S. government believes this one is the most important. This network...
  • Google Earth Photos Reveal Syrian Scuds

    10/17/2010 12:47:14 AM PDT · by ErnstStavroBlofeld · 39 replies ^ | 10/12/2010 | Matthew Kalman
    Israeli defense experts were still sounding alarms this week over Google Earth images made public Friday by the Israeli daily Haaretz. The satellite photos, taken March 22, show Scud missiles ready for deployment at a Syrian base at Adra, where earlier reports suggest Syria is training Hezbollah militants in the use of missiles that threaten large parts of Israel. The photos show five 11-meter-long Scuds at the Adra base. Three are on trucks in a car park. Two others are in a training area where 20 to 25 people can be made out along with about 20 vehicles. One of...
  • Syria builds Scud arsenal for Hizbullah near border with Lebanon

    06/18/2010 9:09:37 PM PDT · by ErnstStavroBlofeld · 15 replies · 522+ views
    Geostrategy Direct ^ | 6/19/2010 | Geostrategy Direct
    Western intelligence sources said the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad has overseen the accumulation of a huge missile arsenal along the border with Lebanon. The sources said the arsenal included Scud C and Scud D missiles, with ranges of 550 and 700 kilometers, respectively. "The Scuds are kept just inside Syrian territory to avoid an Israeli attack," an intelligence source said. The sources said the Syrian military has been training the Iranian-sponsored Hizbullah to operate the Scuds. They said some of the Scud missile infrastructure has been transferred to Lebanon's eastern Bekaa Valley. "If the Syrians want to, they...
  • Inside Hizballah's Preparations for the Next War

    05/11/2010 2:29:43 PM PDT · by ErnstStavroBlofeld · 7 replies · 417+ views
    Time Via ^ | 5/10/2010 | Nicholas Blanford
    With a startled shout from the outcrop above, the Hizballah fighter bounded down the rocky slope, cocked his AK-47 rifle in a dramatic flourish as he drew near. "What are you doing here?" he demanded, his face a mix of anger and astonishment. "This is a military zone. You should not be here." It turned out that the youthful militant had been guarding a small outpost created by the Shi'ite militia on a remote mountain top in south Lebanon. The location was well chosen, offering the Hizballah men commanding views over the hills and valleys of the southern Bekaa Valley,...
  • Western intel reports Syria supplied Hizbullah with long-range Scuds

    05/11/2010 2:03:06 PM PDT · by ErnstStavroBlofeld · 6 replies · 285+ views
    GeoStrategy Direct ^ | 5/11/2010 | GeoStrategy Direct
    The Iranian-sponsored Hizbullah was believed to have received long-range variants of the Scud-class ballistic missile. Western intelligence sources said Syria has been supplying Hizbullah with the Scud C missile, with a range of 550 kilometers. They said a Syrian shipment of Scud Cs to Lebanon was detected in early 2010 in a transfer arranged and financed by Iran. "There is a stockpile of [Hizbullah] weapons, short-range, medium-range and perhaps even long-range missiles, and we are concerned," French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said. Kouchner, in a French radio interview on May 2, did not provide details of the Syrian missile transfer...
  • Hezbollah says it's ready for fresh war with Israel and stronger now

    05/09/2010 12:58:28 AM PDT · by ErnstStavroBlofeld · 48 replies · 1,314+ views
    Christian Science Monitor ^ | 5/7/2010 | Nicholas Blanford
    Nearly four years after Hezbollah fought invading Israeli troops to a standstill in south Lebanon, the militant Shiite group says it's prepared for a fresh conflict and confident of victory. "We are ready for another war and we eagerly await it," says veteran Hezbollah fighter Abu Hadi on a drive through the Bekaa Valley. "We expect the next war to be short. The Israelis will not be able to endure what we will do to them." Hezbollah's leadership insists it does not seek a war and that its military preparations are a defense against potential Israeli aggression. Yet, the inconclusive...
  • Lebanon's rapprochement with Syria leads to influx of weapons

    04/16/2010 7:43:00 PM PDT · by ErnstStavroBlofeld · 1 replies · 215+ views
    GeoStrategy Direct ^ | 4/16/2010 | GeoStrategy Direct
    Lebanon faces rising unrest amid renewed Syrian dominance. Officials said the restoration of Syrian ties with Lebanon has increased the flow of heavy weapons and equipment to militias linked to the regime of President Bashar Assad. They said this has sparked unrest in several areas of Lebanon, particularly Tripoli, Tyre and the Bekaa Valley. "The pro-Syrian forces in Lebanon have become bolder and more aggressive," an official said. On April 8, a battle was fought in the Bekaa Valley between factions of the Syrian-sponsored Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command. Officials said Syrian-trained and equipped Palestinian fighters employed...
  • Hezbollah's relocation of rocket sites to Lebanon's interior poses wider threat

    01/24/2010 1:08:36 AM PST · by ErnstStavroBlofeld · 11 replies · 639+ views
    The Washington Post ^ | 1/23/2010 | Howard Schnider
    Hezbollah has dispersed its long-range-rocket sites deep into northern Lebanon and the Bekaa Valley, a move that analysts say threatens to broaden any future conflict between the Islamist movement and Israel into a war between the two countries. More than 10,000 U.N. troops now patrol traditional Hezbollah territory in southern Lebanon along the Israeli border, and several thousand Lebanese armed forces personnel also have moved into the area. A cross-border raid by Hezbollah guerrillas in summer 2006 triggered a month-long war that prompted the United Nations to deploy its force as part of a cease-fire. The United Nations is confident...
  • Iraqi WMD Mystery Solved

    07/02/2009 9:10:32 AM PDT · by Strategy · 62 replies · 6,569+ views
    FrontPageMagazine ^ | By Jamie Glazov
    It has been confirmed across the board that 18-wheelers were seen going into Syria before the war, crossing the border soon after Iraqi intelligence replaced the border guards and cleared nearby areas for their passage. There are also eyewitness reports of the trucks going into Syria, and eyewitness reports of their burial in Lebanon. The trucks with the weapons were tracked to three locations in Syria and Lebanon's Bekaa Valley, currently controlled by the Syrians, Iranians, and Hezbollah. Sources I've spoken with that have seen satellite photos of the movements confirm that the WMD in Syria are at military bases,...
  • New Militant Group in Ain el-Hilweh Reportedly Plans to Target Egyptian Embassy

    02/02/2009 6:07:22 PM PST · by Cindy · 3 replies · 290+ views ^ | February 1, 2009 | n/a
    A new Palestinian militant group whose members have been trained to carry out rocket-launching and bombing operations was reportedly formed in the southern refugee camp of Ain el-Hilweh to carry out among others an attack on the Egyptian embassy. Al-Balad daily reported on Sunday that a Palestinian named Jamal Hamad formed the organization, which he named "Jihad movement for the victory of Gaza" with the assistance of Ghandi Sahmarani, a Lebanese wanted from the authorities on several terrorist charges. The newspaper said several militants from Jund al-Sham and Osbat al-Ansar have joined the new group. The militants have received training...
  • Syria drafting reserves in preparation for Israeli attack

    04/02/2008 12:15:25 AM PDT · by maquiladora · 64 replies · 231+ views
    Damascus is preparing for a large-scale Israeli attack on Syria and Hizbullah, London-based Al-Quds Al-Arabi reported Wednesday. According to the report, the Syrian army has been maneuvering its forces and drafting some of its reserve forces in preparation for such a contingency. Damascus has also raised the alert level along its borders, and has placed three armored divisions, nine infantry brigades and special forces near its border with Lebanon's Bekaa valley, fearing an Israeli infiltration there. The report claimed that this would be a strategic spot for Israeli ground forces to strike, as it is both a Hizbullah stronghold and...
  • France Intervenes in Lebanon - A fantasy of my own

    05/29/2007 6:03:16 AM PDT · by Santiago de la Vega · 15 replies · 630+ views
    England in the Seven Years' War | 5/29/2007 | Santiago de la Vega
    If Sarkozy is serious about using French military power, he's got the perfect opportunity in Lebanon. With Lebanese encouragement and backing Sarkozy can introduce a strong French-backed European force of troops, planes, and ships to help resolve the Syrian-caused mess there. With this force, France can clean out the refugee camps. Next, the French-backed forces can clean out the Bekaa Valley. Third, Sarkozy will find a reason to attack Syria directly. Finally, as French forces invade from the south, in a coordinated action US armored forces sweep in from Iraq and march to the Mediterranean. While this is going on,...
  • Commandos foil arms transfer from Syria to Hizbullah

    08/20/2006 1:09:14 AM PDT · by garbageseeker · 44 replies · 1,716+ views
    The Jerusalem Post ^ | 8/20/2006 | By YAAKOV KATZ AND JPOST.COM STAFF
    UN Secretary General Kofi Annan announced Saturday night that the IDF activities in Baalbek constitute a violation of the UN cease-fire resolution that went into effect on Monday. In a telephone conversation with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, Annan discussed the Lebanese claims that Israel was in violation of UN Resolution 1701 after IDF troops raided Baalbek overnight Friday - less than a week after the ceasefire went into effect between Israel and Hizbullah. Less than a week after a cease-fire went into effect, soldiers from the Sayeret Matkal (General Staff Reconnaissance Unit) raided Baalbek deep in Lebanon overnight Friday and,...
  • Olmert: Operation was neccessary

    08/19/2006 4:11:33 PM PDT · by garbageseeker · 16 replies · 691+ views
    Ynet ^ | 08/19/2006 | Ronny Sofer
    The Prime Minister's Office said Saturday afternoon that the commando operation in Wadi village near Baalbek was necessary and not against the ceasefire: "We needed to carry out this operation, and it's good that we did so." Sources in the office also said, "The operation was necessary because Hizbullah is violating the ceasefire by smuggling Syrian and Iranian arms, which is against the agreement." In the operation, an IDF officer was killed and another two officers were injured, one critically, the other lightly. The Prime Minister's Office responded to claims made by Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora that Israel's actions...
  • Israel determined to stem Hizbullah rearmament

    08/19/2006 4:00:07 PM PDT · by garbageseeker · 13 replies · 698+ views ^ | 08/19/2006 | Ron Ben-Yishai
    The ceasefire ended Israel's military pressure on Hizbullah and the international force mandated by the United Nations has barely started deploying in southern Lebanon. Lebanese political forces seeking to disarm Hizbullah have not been able to prepare themselves for a new round of talks with the Shiite group and the Lebanese army is too weak to impose an arms embargo on Hizbulah. Hizbullah and its Iranian and Syrian patrons feel that with the international community is determined to monitor the Lebanese-Syrian border to curtail arms smuggling from Syria and have intensified their efforts to rearm the group in the short...
  • GOTTA SEE THIS-War4Freedom 8/8/06-Sahlav,Suleiman,Kfar Giladi,al-Aramsha,Tarshiha,Mrar,Chiah

    08/08/2006 8:09:43 AM PDT · by Diogenesis · 46 replies · 5,345+ views
    NASA, Yahoo, AP, Reuters, AFP, IDF and the usual suspects | 8/8/06 | The Armies of Good against the Axis of Evil
    GOTTA SEE THIS - War for Enduring Freedom 8/8/06 - Sahlav, Suleiman, Kfar Giladi, Kiryat Shmona, al-Aramsha, Tarshiha, Haifa, Mrar, Aita al-Shaab, Hadath, Beirut, Lebanon, Debbin, Blat, Hallaniya, Bekaa Valley, Chiah Beirut, Tyre, Masnaa, Baghdad, Sadiquiyah, Kandaksai, Kabul Israeli Response to many years of Hamas and Hizb'allah terror using Iranian/Syrian technology in 'Kofi's War' in Civilization's War on Terror. BREAKING: Somewhere in Lebanon - 'Sahlav' military post in Lebanon BREAKING: Somewhere in Lebanon - Hizb'allah terrorist Hussein Ali Suleiman in the raid that ignited the current conflict BREAKING: Somewhere in Lebanon - Israeli commando raid targets Hizb'allah "safe house" BREAKING:...
  • GOTTA SEE THIS-War4Freedom 8/5/06-Bekaa,Bayada,Wadi al-Akhdar,Saleem,Hermel, Baalbek,Ouzai

    08/04/2006 11:32:58 AM PDT · by Diogenesis · 53 replies · 11,653+ views
    NASA, various TV, Yahoo, AP,AFP, Reuters, and the usual suspects | 8/5/06 | The Armies of Good against the Axis of Evil
    GOTTA SEE THIS - War for Enduring Freedom 8/5/06 - Bekaa Valley, Tyre, Bayada,Tyre,Wadi al-Akhdar, Nabatieh,Saleem, Ayt al-Fakhar, Akkar, Lebanon, Hermel, Baalbek, Hizb'allahland, Nasrallah, Tel Aviv, Beirut, Maameltain bridge, Al-Assy bridge,bridge of Halat, bridge of Madfounat, Ouzai,Bourj Shimali, Kila,Aitrun Israeli Response to many years of Hamas and Hizb'allah terror using Iranian/Syrian technology in 'Kofi's War' in Civilization's War on Terror. BREAKING: Bekaa Valley - Israeli special forces take Hizb'allah-run "hospital" in the town of Baalbek BREAKING: Tyre - Hizb'allah and UN terrorists fire missiles producing 5500 homes damaged in northern Israel BREAKING: Bayada, Tyre - Israeli air retaliation against terrorists...
  • GOTTA SEE THIS-War for End.Freedom 8/3/06-Aamchit,Al-Karak,Bekaa,Jajoune,Kefar Jaouz,Marun Al-Ras

    08/02/2006 7:03:17 PM PDT · by Diogenesis · 104 replies · 10,648+ views
    NASA, Yahoo, AP, Reuters, AFP, IDF, and the usual suspects | August 3, 06 | The Armies of Good against the Axis of Evil
    GOTTA SEE THIS - War for Enduring Freedom 8/3/06 - Aita al-Shaab, Lebanon, Kfar Kila, Maroun al-Ras, Avivim, Chebaa Farms, Kiryat Shmona, Nabatiyeh, Beirut, Qana, Beirut, Tyre, Bekaa, Damascus, Tehran, Jakarta, Seattle Israeli Response to many years of Hamas and Hizb'allah terror using Iranian and Syrian technology in 'Kofi Annan's War' in Civilizations War on Terror BREAKING: Aita al-Shaab, Lebanon - War on Terror BREAKING: Kfar Kila - War on Terror BREAKING: Maroun al-Ras, Lebanon - Terrorists routed BREAKING: Avivim - War on Terror BREAKING: Chebaa Farms - War on Terror BREAKING: Kiryat Shmona - War on Terror BREAKING: Nabatiyeh...
  • Report: U.S suspects Iraqi WMD in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley

    08/25/2003 12:12:28 PM PDT · by RoughDobermann · 255 replies · 16,287+ views
    Drudge via World Tribune ^ | Monday, August 25, 2003
    U.S. intelligence suspects Iraq's weapons of mass destruction have finally been located. Unfortunately, getting to them will be nearly impossible for the United States and its allies, because the containers with the strategic materials are not in Iraq. Instead they are located in Lebanon's heavily-fortified Bekaa Valley, swarming with Iranian and Syrian forces, and Hizbullah and ex-Iraqi agents, will report in tomorrow's new weekly edition. U.S. intelligence first identified a stream of tractor-trailer trucks moving from Iraq to Syria to Lebaon in January 2003. The significance of this sighting did not register on the CIA at the time. U.S....
  • Germany backs Britain's refusal to call for ceasefire

    08/01/2006 10:13:51 AM PDT · by pissant · 97 replies · 2,260+ views
    Guardian ^ | 8/1/06 | Oliver King
    Britain and Germany today watered down a strong European Union call for an immediate ceasefire in the Israel-Lebanon conflict as foreign ministers clashed in Brussels. Instead of calling for an immediate ceasefire a convoluted statement issued by the 25 member states called for "an immediate end to hostilities to be followed by a sustainable ceasefire". The move by Britain and Germany backs the stance of the United States which believes a ceasefire call should only be made if it was "sustainable". It will be also interpreted as a snub to Jacques Chirac, the French president, who has been demanding an...
  • Assad tells Syrian army to get ready

    08/01/2006 10:02:06 AM PDT · by Mount Athos · 46 replies · 1,178+ views
    Reuters ^ | August 1, 2006
    Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has told the Syrian military to raise its readiness, pledging not to abandon support for Lebanese resistance against Israel. In an annual address on the anniversary of the foundation of the Syria Arab Army, Assad called on the military to "work on more preparedness and raise readiness of all units". "We are facing international circumstances and regional challenges that require caution, alertness, readiness and preparedness," Assad said in the written address. Diplomats in Damascus say the Syrian army has been on alert since the Israeli onslaught on Lebanon began on July 12 after Hizbollah fighters captured...
  • Major IDF op underway in Bekaa Valley (Northern Lebanon)

    08/01/2006 2:48:27 PM PDT · by mojito · 306 replies · 18,520+ views
    Jerusalem Post ^ | 08/01/06 | JPost staff
    Lebanese army and security officials said Tuesday night that a major IDF operation was underway against suspected Hizbullah positions near Baalbeek in eastern Lebanon's Bekaa Valley, with one officer saying the IAF presence in the air above the ancient city was "unprecedented." The operation began with at least five rapid air strikes. "The extreme, unprecedented number of aircraft indicates the possibility that the Israelis are planning to land troops, but we cannot yet confirm that," said one security official. Flares held aloft by parachutes lighted the night sky to a daytime brilliance, the official said. Hizbullah's al-Manar television said IAF...
  • Lebanese army stops Israeli helicopters landing

    07/30/2006 1:03:32 PM PDT · by West Coast Conservative · 75 replies · 2,429+ views
    Reuters ^ | July 30, 2006
    The Lebanese army opened fire on Israeli helicopters trying to land near a town in the Bekaa valley, preventing them from setting down, Lebanese security sources and witnesses said. The four helicopters appeared to be trying to land Israeli soldiers near the town of Yammouni, they said. The helicopters flew away before Israeli warplanes launched air raids on the area, the sources said.
  • GOTTA SEE THIS-WarEndur.Freedom 7/29/06-Aamchit,Al-Karak,Bekaa,Fassuta,Jajoune,Kefar Jaouz,Kfarjouz

    07/28/2006 2:03:51 PM PDT · by Diogenesis · 32 replies · 3,400+ views
    NASA, IDF, Yahoo, AP, AFP, Reuters, and the usual suspects | 7/29/06 | The Armies of Good against the Axis of Evil
    GOTTA SEE THIS WarEndur.Freedom 7/29/06 - Aamchit, Al-Karak, Avivim, Beirut, Hizb'Allah, Bekaa Valley, Byblos, Fassuta, Gaza City, Haifa, Jajoune, Kefar Jaouz, Kfarjouz, Khan Younis, Khiam, Kiryat Shmona, Kuala Lumpur, Majdel Krum, Manara, Marun Al-Ras, Moscow, Nabatiyeh, Nahariya, Qlaia Marjayoun,Ramat David, Rome,Tehran,Tel Aviv,Tulkarm,Tyre, Zefta Israeli Response to many years of Hamas and Hizb'allah terror using Iranian and Syrian technology in 'Kofi Annan's War' in Civilizations War on Terror BREAKING: Aamchit - precision retaliation BREAKING: Al-Karak - precision retaliation BREAKING: Jajoune - precision retaliation BREAKING: Kefar Jaouz - precision retaliation BREAKING: Nabatiyeh - precision retaliation BREAKING: Kfarjouz - precision retaliation and MSM...
  • Behind the Israeli Cabinet's Decisions (Is Israel Relaying A Cave-In Message To Hezbollah?)

    07/27/2006 6:50:14 PM PDT · by fight_truth_decay · 46 replies · 1,583+ views
    Stratfor ^ | 07.27.2006 | Stratfor
    Israeli security Cabinet led by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert decided the military campaign in south Lebanon would not be expanded, and any modifications to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) operation, such as deploying more troops, would require Cabinet approval. Israel is essentially broadcasting to the world that its political and military circles are severely divided over the current operation, and it might have no choice but to cave in to diplomatic pressure to put an end to the fighting and draw up a cease-fire. This might not be true to Israeli thinking, but it is certainly a message they are...
  • Dangerous liaisons: covert "love affair" between Russia and Hezbollah

    01/09/2006 5:20:47 PM PST · by Tailgunner Joe · 8 replies · 1,191+ views
    AIA ^ | Michel Elbaz
    The relations between Russia and the Shiite's religious leadership in Lebanon started to develop in the beginning of the seventies. The spiritual leader of the Lebanese Shia community, Imam Moussa Al-Sadr, visited Moscow in 1972 and asked Soviet authorities to issue humanitarian aid to his people. At the same time cooperation between the Marxist factions of the PLO that were active in Lebanon and Soviet military intelligence GRU, intensified greatly. Several soviet officers (speaking fluent Arabic) even visited Palestinian terrorist training camps in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon between 1972-1975. Using their connections in PLO they managed to establish...
  • GOTTA SEE THIS-WarEndur.Freedom 7/20/06-Beirut,Aukar,Burj Barajneh,Nabi Sheet,Soer,Avivim

    07/20/2006 7:26:19 AM PDT · by Diogenesis · 58 replies · 5,741+ views
    Yahoo, AP, Reuters, and the usual suspects | 7/20/06 | The Armies of Good against the Axis of Evil
    GOTTA SEE THIS - War for Enduring Freedom 7/20/06 - Beirut, Lebanon, Aukar, Burj Barajneh, Dahyieh Junibiya, Ghazie, Nabi Sheet, Bekaa Valley, Soer, Zahle, Kiryat Shmona, Rosh Hanikra, Shlomi, Avivim, Safed, Haifa, Nahariya, Nazareth, Rafah, Gaza City Israeli Response to Hamas and Hizb'allah terror using Iranian and Syrian technology BREAKING: Beirut, Lebanon - US Marines bring grateful and happy evacuees out BREAKING: Aukar - U.S. embassy security position at the former U.S. Embassy which was bombed in the '80s BREAKING: Burj Barajneh southern suburb - precision Israeli retaliation BREAKING: Beirut - Hizb'allah-stronghold taken out BREAKING: Dahyieh Junibiya - precision Israeli...
  • Israel attacks militant bases in Lebanon

    05/28/2006 9:08:55 AM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 17 replies · 537+ views
    AP on Yahoo ^ | 5/28/06 | Bassem Mroue - ap
    BEIRUT, Lebanon - Israeli warplanes attacked Palestinian militant bases in Lebanon Sunday in response to a rocket attack on northern Israel, Lebanese officials said. One militant was killed and at least five were wounded. The Lebanese army said six rockets were fired at a base in eastern Lebanon while several others hit a base near the Mediterranean coast. "Lebanese army anti-aircraft units opened fire at the hostile warplanes," the army said. The jets targeted two militant command posts, one of which was used as a storage facility for weaponry and ammunition, the Israeli army said. The planes carried three raids...
  • Lebanon asks UN to extend Hariri murder inquiry; mass grave discovered in Anjar

    12/04/2005 9:45:46 AM PST · by Valin · 4 replies · 469+ views
    BEIRUT,(Agencies) - Lebanon has asked U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan to extend for six months the mandate of an inquiry into the killing of former Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri. Prime Minister Fouad Siniora told Annan in a phone call on Saturday that the Lebanese government wanted the inquiry to continue for six months after its Dec. 15 deadline, and be open to further extensions, a statement from his office said. Lebanon's government agreed on Thursday to ask the United Nations to continue its probe into the Feb. 14 truck bombing that killed Hariri and 22 others, but U.N. diplomats said the...
  • Syria's Role in Destabilizing Iraq (old, but good)

    11/21/2005 6:26:08 PM PST · by pookie18 · 8 replies · 967+ views
    The Eurasian Politician ^ | 2/1/04 | Ryan Mauro
    On January 23, 2004 Jane's Intelligence Report had Donald Rumsfeld quoted as saying that the United States was considering a multi-faceted attack on Lebanon's Bekaa Valley, to wipe out terrorists there including Hezbollah. Limited action in Somalia was also mentioned. [1] The increased pressure on Syria certainly shows an escalating series of events that could culminate in such limited strikes. People in the Bekaa Valley have reported that a US military attach to our embassy in Beirut has been seen visiting the area with military escort. [2] Coupled with an increased US military presence on the border and continuing violations...
  • 'U.S. will get Syria out by May'

    02/25/2005 10:57:00 AM PST · by JohnHuang2 · 69 replies · 4,863+ views ^ | Friday, February 25, 2005 | Aaron Klein
    Friday, February 25, 2005 FROM WND'S JERUSALEM BUREAU'U.S. will get Syria out by May'Former Lebanese PM says war in Iraq will allow his country to be freePosted: February 25, 20059:00 a.m. Eastern By Aaron Klein JERUSALEM -- The U.S. led war against terrorism and its advances in Iraq and Afghanistan have enhanced the climate in the Middle East and will enable the international community to force Syria to withdraw its troops from Lebanon likely by May, former Lebanese Prime Minister Michel Aoun told WorldNetDaily today in an exclusive interview. "The U.S. and EU are backing us in our movement...
  • Ex-French minister is probed over oil-for-food (Pasqua)

    04/27/2005 4:09:43 PM PDT · by Shermy · 7 replies · 2,622+ views
    Financial Times ^ | April 27, 2005 | Claudio Gatti
    Charles Pasqua, a former French minister of interior, has emerged as one of the highest-ranking targets of the widening investigations into the Iraq oil-for-food scandal. United Nations, US and French investigators are examining Iraqi documents that show officials in Baghdad were instructed to transfer his lucrative oil allocations to an offshore company, to shield him from criticism. Mr Pasqua's alleged role has emerged as inquiries turn to the role of foreign governments in the corruption within the humanitarian aid programme. France and Russia, which opposed the 2003 invasion, have long been accused in the US of being too close to...
  • THE UNKNOWN KING OF TERROR and the Coming Lebanon Civil War

    03/29/2005 9:47:48 AM PST · by ckilmer · 5 replies · 852+ views
    Winds Of Change ^ | Dr. Jack Wheeler
    THE UNKNOWN KING OF TERROR and the Coming Lebanon Civil WarBy Dr. Jack WheelerLast week, we discussed how there could be a light at the end of the terrorist tunnel. Now lets talk about how that light could be an oncoming train.One of the most famous quotes of Americas favorite philosopher, Yogi Berra, is: Its never over until its over. Weve all been swept away with democracy seeming to march ineluctably forward in the Middle East, thrilled by the sea of red and white Lebanese flags waved in Beiruts Martyrs Square, and confidant that the Cedar Revolution will be victorious...
  • Syrian Troops Will Shift to Bekaa

    03/09/2005 4:22:37 AM PST · by prairiebreeze · 8 replies · 430+ views
    Arab News ^ | March 8, 2005 | Dahi Hassan
    DAMASCUS, 8 March 2005 Syria will move all its troops in Lebanon to the eastern Bekaa Valley by the end of this month, and the joint Lebanese-Syrian Military Committee will decide within one month when the forces will be finally withdrawn to the Syrian side of the border. The announcement, which did not specify the time when the troops will finally leave Lebanon, was made here yesterday after a meeting between Syrian President Bashar Assad and his Lebanese counterpart Emile Lahoud. The pullback would be the biggest single such move since Syrian forces intervened in Lebanons civil war in...
  • Lebanon's free fall

    04/17/2004 4:11:04 PM PDT · by DeaconBenjamin · 6 replies · 389+ views
    Straits Times ^ | By Pranay Gupte
    Political bickering, poor governance and economic woes - with foreign debt of $53.7b - weigh down the country THERE'S much about Beirut that recalls Singapore: the greenery, the lively, urban lifestyle, good schools and eating places, a colourful port, low crime. But look again. One in four passers-by is not Lebanese, but Syrian - about a million of them in a nation of barely four million native Lebanese. Some 30,000 Syrian troops man roadblocks. Other Syrians work as labourers in the booming construction business. Some beg. And some - installed in Lebanon's intelligence service - help monitor the movements of...
  • US prepares for strike by Hezbollah

    04/19/2003 4:10:59 PM PDT · by MadIvan · 67 replies · 505+ views
    The Sunday Times ^ | April 20, 2003 | Tony Allen-Mills,
    AMERICAN military planners have been told to draw up options for possible retaliatory action against Hezbollah and other Middle Eastern terrorist groups in the event of suicide attacks on US forces in Iraq, according to official sources in Washington. Intelligence specialists have concluded that the greatest threat to US military bases in Iraq may come from groups operating out of Syria. Colin Powell, the US secretary of state, is expected to warn Damascus that Washington will no longer tolerate the use of Syrian-controlled territory as a safe haven for terror groups. US officials said last week they had already acquired...
  • The end of the beginning

    04/12/2003 6:56:34 PM PDT · by ozturk · 14 replies · 298+ views
    the spectator ^ | 12 April 2003 | Michael Ledeen.
    The end of the beginning Syria and Iran are preparing to launch a terrorist campaign against coalition forces, says Michael Ledeen. The only answer is regime change in both countries Washington DC The battle for Iraq is drawing to a close, but the war against terrorism has only just begun. As President George W. Bush has said since the first days after 11 September, this will be a long war, involving many terrorist organisations and many countries that support the terrorists. Saddam Husseins Iraq was never the most threatening of those countries, even though Baghdad gave support to most of...
  • Msnbc Just reported Missiles fired into Israel from lebanon

    04/04/2002 6:39:54 AM PST · by ElisabethInCincy · 94 replies · 322+ views
    msnbc ^ | 4/5/02 | elisabetnincincy
    Msnbc just reported off wires that hizbollah just fired "missiles" now is this same as the katusha's??
  • Syria shifts Lebanon troops toward Israel

    04/03/2002 1:39:05 PM PST · by Thisiswhoweare · 68 replies · 442+ views
    UPI News Wire ^ | 4/3/2002 2:57 PM | Dalal Saoud
    By Dalal Saoud From the International Desk Published 4/3/2002 2:57 PM BEIRUT, Lebanon, April 3 (UPI) -- Syrian trucks were spotted Wednesday heading east from the hills above Lebanon's coast toward the Bekaa Valley and Israel, according to Al-Markaziah, the Lebanese news agency. The agency said the Syrian forces were to evacute positions in Mount Lebanon and coastal areas and organize in the Bekaa. The report follows an announcement earlier Wednesday by Lebanese officials that the Syrian army will redeploy its forces in some areas of Lebanon within a week. The fact that they appear headed for the Bekaa suggests...