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  • The Lordlings

    10/30/2009 3:14:39 PM PDT · by ckilmer · 25 replies · 902+ views
    Belmont Club | 10/30/09 | Wretchard
      Belmont Club October 30th, 2009 12:43 pmThe Lordlings Peggy Noonan adopts a meme that has been sweeping the blogs of late, the idea that America’s elite is broken; so broken she says, that it doesn’t know it’s broken. In a WSJ article, she describes the current and disastrous reign of “callous children”; people who have “never seen things go dark” and are leading their nation into the abyss.  For the first time, she says, the national mood is one of despondency. There are no solutions because the problems come from within. The heirs have grown strange and wayward. They...
  • Global Warming Caused By 12 Trees.

    10/02/2009 12:09:12 PM PDT · by ckilmer · 23 replies · 1,603+ views
    Belmont Club ^ | October 1st, 2009 4:04 am | Wretchard
       Link to Page 1   |  Link to Page 2    |  Link to Page 3   |  Link to Page 4   9 4:04 am The man who broke the bank Steve McIntyre, whose previous careers included mineral exploration and policy analysis for the Canadian government, has been one of the foremost critics “of the temperature record of the past 1000 years and the data quality of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies.” His detailed look into the data quality of the so-called Hockey Stick graph (see below) upon which much of the Global Warming thesis has been...
  • After the Surge

    03/31/2008 9:42:32 AM PDT · by billorites · 4 replies · 693+ views
    The Belmont Club | March 31, 2008 | Wretchard
    About three days ago, when the clash between the Iraqi Army and the Madhi army was in its fourth day, I asked a senior officer returned from Iraq after his presentation whether Maliki would go all the way against Sadr. He said he didn't know, but added that militias were a problem that had to be eventually addressed. Another questioner asked about the quality of the Iraqi Armed forces, and on this point the answer was more definite. The quality was uneven. Many parts of it were rudimentary; some parts of it were extraordinarily good.But the subject of the talk...
  • Whose Side Are They On? [Captured Document Iran supporting al Qaeda]

    01/07/2007 8:21:46 AM PST · by elfman2 · 1 replies · 214+ views
    The Belmont Club ^ | 1/5/07 | Wretchard
    There's an interesting article in the NY Sun describing the conclusions reached by Iran's equivalent of the "Iraq Study Group". One key conclusion the Iranians reached was that in order to forestall Sunni attacks against Shi'a groups it was important to for Teheran to reach out to both sides of the sectarian divide. Equal opportunity terrorism. But maybe it went beyond that. One of the documents captured in the raids, according to two American officials and one Iraqi official, is an assessment of the Iraq civil war and new strategy from the Quds Force. According to the Iraqi source, that...
  • Belmont Club: Forward Together

    08/23/2006 8:01:12 AM PDT · by ckilmer · 242+ views
    Wednesday, August 23, 2006 Forward Together One story that went the rounds in the Philippine National Penitentiary concerned the Cockroach Men. To hear the Bat tell it, the guards were always listening for escape plans being tapped out on the walls. "If you started tapping on walls, the guards would figure out you were trying something." No one asked the Bat how he knew, though he unquestionably belonged in the Big House. But you forgot that part and listened to the story. "So these two guys were about three cells apart on the row and they had to communicate without...
  • The Sad State of the World

    05/30/2006 5:22:31 PM PDT · by 68skylark · 8 replies · 388+ views
    The Belmont Club | May 30, 2006 | Wretchard
    Iraq, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, East Timor. Four states currently in the headlines the most worrying thing about which -- apart from that each has a Western presence which may continue for years -- is that they may be joined by other countries jolted into collapse by any unpredictable crisis. A huge natural disaster, epidemic or internal conflict could precipitate many of the countries referred to as "failed states" into complete collapse. For two successive years (2005, 2006) Foreign Policy has listed the 'most failed' states based on twelve indicators which attempt to measure the degree to which each has broken...
  • A still small voice

    05/13/2006 9:25:46 AM PDT · by Cannoneer No. 4 · 15 replies · 561+ views
    The Belmont Club | May 13, 2006 | Richard Fernandez
    Years ago, while with Mangyan tribesmen I concluded that these hill people could read an alphabet unknown to me. The foliage, sounds, the shift in airs, scents -- all of these -- spoke to them as directly as words in a book, though I scarcely imagined how. Later I discovered that psychologist Julian Jaynes had advanced the theory of the bicameral mind, which helped explain what I'd seen. His book, the Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind suggests that our ancestors were instructed by voices and visions. They understood through a process of unconscious thinking...
  • Belmont Club: Pretty pictures 2 (True Picture of Situation in Iraq)

    04/02/2006 5:25:02 PM PDT · by ckilmer · 3 replies · 1,639+ views
    Belmont Club | 4/2/2006 | Wretchard
    The Belmont Club History and History in the Making Friday, March 31, 2006 Pretty pictures 2 It's kinda nice when an Iraqi resistance conference provides some confirmation for the pictures I've been drawing. Iraq the Model's latest posts throws more light on the relationship of the "political struggle" in Iraq to the insurgency. These days in Beirut, the fourth conference for supporting the "Iraqi resistance" is being held. It came only less than a year after their grand failure 3rd conference which we wrote about back in August.The most notable statement given during this conference was made by Hasan...
  • Belmont Club: Pretty pictures

    03/31/2006 6:05:31 AM PST · by ckilmer · 7 replies · 988+ views
    Belmont Club | 3/31/2006 | Wretchard
    The Belmont Club History and History in the Making Friday, March 31, 2006 Pretty pictures The situation in Iraq is sometimes hard to understand without drawing diagrams. Let's diagram the situation in Iraq according to Jill Carroll, a hostage who was recently released. Voice: Why didn’t they save you?Carroll: Well, I think the Mujahedeen are very smart and even with all the technology and all the people the American Army has here, they still are better at knowing how to live and work here and more clever, despite all the technology of the American Army, still more clever and...
  • Belmont Club: Asymmetrical warfare, 1906

    02/19/2006 6:34:50 AM PST · by Cannoneer No. 4 · 69 replies · 1,154+ views
    Belmont Club | February 19, 2006 | wretchard
    Then the US Army did something the Spaniards had not been able to accomplish in three hundred years. It seized tactical control over the entire area of Mindanao, including the hinterlands, using combined American-Filipino teams whose exploits were almost unbelievable.
  • Belmont Club: Egyptians posted comic strip Allah back in Sept

    02/09/2006 9:43:21 PM PST · by ckilmer · 12 replies · 636+ views
    2/09/2006 | Wretchard
    The past as prologue The Ranting Sandmonkey, an Egyptian blog, illustrates just how bogus the MSM refusal to discuss the Danish cartoons "out of respect for Islam" is: Freedom For Egyptians reminded me why the cartoons looked so familiar to me: they were actually printed in the Egyptian Newspaper Al Fagr back in October 2005. I repeat, October 2005, during Ramadan, for all the egyptian muslim population to see, and not a single squeak of outrage was present. Al Fagr isn't a small newspaper either: it has respectable circulation in Egypt, since it's helmed by known Journalist Adel Hamoudah....
  • Belmont Club: The Root of All...(Where does the Palestinian Authority get its funding?)

    01/29/2006 4:44:03 PM PST · by ckilmer · 7 replies · 737+ views
    Belmont Club ^ | Sunday, January 29, 2006 | wretchard
    Sunday, January 29, 2006 The root of all ... The Council of Foreign Relations describes the Palestinian Authority's financial system this way: Where does the PA government get its funding?From a combination of overseas assistance and tax collection, Abuznaid says. He estimates that taxes—from businesses in the territories, as well as a customs tax collected by Israel and then paid to the Palestinians—account for about 40 percent of the PA budget. Donations from abroad make up the rest. The PA has run into budget trouble lately, running a massive deficit and sparking the wrath of European donors by adding thousands...
  • Netwar (Belmont Club)

    11/27/2005 4:19:59 PM PST · by nicollo · 2 replies · 175+ views
    Belmont Club ^ | Nov. 27, 2005 | Wretchard
    Sunday, November 27, 2005 Netwar One of the coolest posts I've read in a long time is Chester's Globalization and War. His reference links to Philip Bobbitt's The Shield of Achilles and the really nifty eMachineShop alone are worth the read. The fundamental issue he discusses is whether nation-states are in some sense being replaced by distributed networks of people. Many activities, from community building to earning a living have jumped over traditional boundaries. Criminal and terrorist organizations have been among the first to exploit this fact. Viewed from one angle, modern Islamic terrorist cells are not so much a...
  • The End of the Beginning

    10/15/2005 11:54:50 PM PDT · by Maynerd · 9 replies · 665+ views
    The Belmont Club ^ | 10/15/05 | Wretchard
    In a situation rich with irony, voting was heavy in the former rebel stronghold of Fallujah, secured by the USMC in November 2004. Most of the Fallujans chose to reject the proposed Iraqi constitution, though the nationwide results are expected to heavily confirm it. US Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad didn't seem to mind whether people voted for or against the proposed constitution, so long as they voted. "With hours to go before the polls closed Saturday, U.S. Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad made his first trip to Fallujah since he took over the post in July. ... Khalilzad congratulated residents on their participation...
  • Untitled (short & worth reading)

    08/14/2005 11:07:24 AM PDT · by 68skylark · 3 replies · 653+ views
    The Belmont Club | August 14, 2005 | Wretchard
    In February 1945, a woman now dying of lung cancer grabbed two of her children and jumped out the window to escape Imperial Japanese Marines crashing through the door intent on bayoneting everyone in the burning house. Finding no one, they went on to the next house to continue their massacre on a street not far from the Rizal Memorial ballpark, where Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth both played in sunnier days before the forgotten Battle of Manila. The 100,000 civilians who died in the largest urban battle of the Pacific War -- more than at Hiroshima -- are not...
  • Echoes of past war resound as Manila recalls Liberation (Never Forget the 100,000 Killed)

    08/14/2005 2:21:08 PM PDT · by John Filson · 8 replies · 484+ views ^ | Thursday, February 03, 2005 | Manila Times
    Echoes of past war resound as Manila recalls Liberation   Memories of a fierce battle that left Manila a vast wasteland 60 years ago will be summoned at an oral-history conference on Thursday and Friday. The conference, entitled “The Battle for Manila: The Price of Freedom,” is sponsored by the National Historical Institute (NHI). It will be held at the Resource Center, NHI Building on T.M. Kalaw Avenue from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Battle of Manila, which raged from February 3 to March 3 in 1945, was marked by savage street-to-street fighting between US soldiers and well-entrenched Japanese...
  • And Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

    07/23/2005 5:08:38 AM PDT · by Renfield · 237+ views
    Belmont Club ^ | 7-23-05 | Wretchard
    What thread runs through today's top world headlines? (This selection was obtained by running the search URL "" at July 23, 2005 03:00 Zulu) Blasts in Egypt Kill at Least 49 at Sinai Resort Police seeking London bombers shoot man dead Blast rocks Beirut after surprise visit by Rice Kidnapped Algerian envoy had refused Iraqi offers of bodyguards Ummah must initiate joint war against extremists: Musharraf Sunnis to continue boycott until demands met Tribal elders who aided hunt for al-Qaida-linked militants shot ... Terrorism: brigades threaten Rome, Amsterdam and Copenhagen Rice: Israel must coordinate disengagement with PA UN reform to...
  • The Last Valley

    06/06/2005 1:50:43 PM PDT · by 68skylark · 4 replies · 947+ views
    The Belmont Club ^ | June 6, 2005 | Wretchard
    It was lost before it started. And yet it was not, strictly speaking, a military defeat. As Martin Windrow pointed out in his wonderful history of Dien Bien Phu, The Last Valley, of the three Chinese Communist challenges to the West in the immediate postwar period, the other two being the Malayan Emergency and North Korea's invasion of the South, only the French were unambiguously driven from the field. And yet If France herself had not been overwhelmed by a sense of hopeless catastrophe, Dien Bien Phu could easily have proved a Pyrrhic victory for General Vo Nguyen Giap ......
  • Remembrance

    06/01/2005 3:11:17 PM PDT · by 68skylark · 2 replies · 171+ views
    The Belmont Club | May 31, 2005 | Wretchard
    One of the hardest things to read over the past few days have been the Memorial Day blog posts. Some quoted the last letters of soldiers and marines recently dead in Iraq; others cast memory back further. But the events recalled in each case stood the same distance away from everyday life. It's a gulf which no words can bridge. They've left us behind; and we are irremediably alone with a tale begun long ago and whose ending is now in our care. Memory is a burden; and the memory of love the heaviest of all.
  • Speculation on "Thunder" and "Lightning" (The Belmont Club)

    05/30/2005 10:19:47 AM PDT · by 68skylark · 11 replies · 711+ views
    The Belmont Club | May 30, 2005 | Wretchard
    (Speculation alert)  Operation Thunder was supposed to be the code-name of a security sweep by 40,000 Iraqi soldiers and policemen in the Baghdad area. The existence of a parallel or separate operation, codenamed Operation Lightning has been announced to the public in connection with the arrest of one Saddam's intelligence generals, now believed to be a mastermind in the insurgency.  In their biggest coup of Operation Lightning, Iraqi and U.S. soldiers arrested a former general in Saddam Hussein's intelligence service who was also a member of his Fedayeen secret police during a raid in western Baghdad, the scene of some...
  • Belmont Club: The Thing

    05/30/2005 5:33:34 AM PDT · by ckilmer · 8 replies · 544+ views
    Belmont Club ^ | Sunday, May 29, 2005 | wretched
    Backup Belmont Club History and History in the Making Sunday, May 29, 2005 The Thing EU President Jean-Claude Juncker says a rejection by French voters of the European constitution would not mean its rejection by Europe. 'Non' does not mean no. "The European process does not come to a halt today." Europolitix reports: "It may be in France that the no camp has won but if they were to be asked to produce a new text they would be incapable of doing that," he said on Sunday night.  I am still very much in doubt when I look at...
  • Fair and Balanced (The Belmont Club)

    05/27/2005 9:41:14 PM PDT · by 68skylark · 204+ views
    The Belmont Club ^ | May 17, 2005 | Wretchard
    The media industry (a.k.a. MSM) has been accused of bias. But now that Roger Simon is leading the formation of Pajamas Media the possibility of falling into the same hole arises. So he asks Bloggers how they would do it again if they could. Toward that end I would like to start a conversation on the subject on here spread over several days. And I thank those in advance who would be kind enough to participate. Let's start with the "Big Kahuna"... What does "fair and balanced" mean anyway? There are probably two answers to this question, one for those...
  • Flurry (The Belmont Club - Are we winning in Iraq?)

    05/27/2005 11:02:45 AM PDT · by 68skylark · 4 replies · 513+ views
    The Belmont Club | May 26, 2005 | Wretchard
    For Scott Peterson of the Christian Science Monitor the counterinsurgency campaign is taking on a shape. (Hat tip: DL) He believes the Iraqi insurgency is "under pressure" from repeated assaults but has shown the ability to reconstitute itself by moving to new locations. it is under increasing pressure from numerous US offensives in western Iraq, the loss of two-dozen top lieutenants, and intelligence from Zarqawi's captured computer. Iraq's budding government is also tightening its grip, announcing Thursday that it would launch a new offensive with 40,000 troops and set up 600 checkpoints in Baghdad. ... "If he (Zarqawi) dies, it...
  • The High Hand (The Belmont Club)

    05/22/2005 1:14:44 PM PDT · by 68skylark · 8 replies · 444+ views
    The Belmont Club | May 22, 2005 | Wretchard
    Glenn Reynolds notes that the New York Times coverage of prisoner abuse in Afghanistan may not really be about prisoner abuse or even Afghanistan, but about maintaining the prestige of Newsweek. He calls it "circling the wagons", the idea being to teach press critics an object lesson in how expensive it is to humiliate the mass media by catching them at sloppy reporting by flooding the zone with stories similar to the one which was discredited . That may or may not be the case, but it is nearly undeniable that the effect of the media's coverage of American misdeeds...
  • Belmont Club: Hearts and Minds: Battle on Syrian Border

    05/11/2005 8:27:01 AM PDT · by ckilmer · 10 replies · 859+ views
    Belmont Club ^ | Wednesday, May 11, 2005 | wretched
    Wednesday, May 11, 2005 Hearts and MindsBill Roggio and Chester have come up with a refined map of what they believe to have happened in Operation Matador. Their map reflects their common scenario, whose general characteristics, although speculative, are probably correct based on the terrain. In general, they believe the Marines have swept west along both sides of the Euphrates river, along the axis of the river, with blocking positions in the east. The purpose of these deployments is to basically trap enemy forces between a hammer and an anvil, the hammer being the forces sweeping west and the anvil...
  • Roger Simon's Mystery (more really interesting stuff on the Oil For Food Scandal.)

    04/22/2005 11:22:06 AM PDT · by ckilmer · 1 replies · 405+ views
    Belmont Club ^ | April 22, 2005 | wretched
    Friday, April 22, 2005 BELMONT CLUB Roger Simon's Mystery OK. It's tinfoil hat time. Roger Simon begins with a mystery. Where is the Oil for Food investigation going? I know - this blog seems obsessed with the Oil-for-Food scandal, but it is one of the greatest mysteries of our time and this blog is written by a mystery writer. And, as with any good mystery, you never know the identity of Mr. Big until the very last minute. Of course, in this case it has seemed for some time that Mr. Big's initial (pace Kafka) would be K. But...
  • Les Pied Noirs (The Belmont Club - FR Mentioned)

    04/17/2005 7:54:21 AM PDT · by 68skylark · 21 replies · 1,408+ views
    The Belmont Club | April 17, 2005 | Wretchard
    While revisiting the history of the French-Algerian war in 1954, I stumbled on an extensive quote -- at second hand -- from Paul Johnson's Modern Times, which though written before 9/11 provided a valuable key to understanding 'terrorism' as it emerged from the chrysalis of anti-colonialism. Colonialism died in part, Johnson argued, because it provided the demographic basis for its own demise. (Hat tip: FreeRepublic) Algeria was the greatest and in many ways the archetype of all anti-colonial wars. In the 19th century the Europeans won colonial wars because the indigenous peoples had lost the will to resist. In the...
  • The Story Behind the Haifa Street Photo (The Belmont Club)

    04/11/2005 8:37:35 AM PDT · by 68skylark · 7 replies · 1,070+ views
    The Belmont Club ^ | April 11, 2005 | Wretchard
    I have only a few things to add to the analysis of New York Times photographer D. Gorton at Powerline regarding the AP photographs of the execution of two Iraqi electoral workers on Haifa Street. Gorton compares the optical characteristics of the photograph against the AP account of how their stringer happened to be in the area at the time. He concludes it is more than likely that the photographs were taken at close range from an elevated position and that the photos have the appearance at least, of being staged. I have no hope of bettering Mr. Gorton's technical...
  • Flag Raising on Haifa Street (The Belmont Club - on reporters who aid the enemy in combat)

    04/10/2005 5:20:08 AM PDT · by 68skylark · 10 replies · 556+ views
    The Belmont Club ^ | March 10, 2005 | Wretchard
    Almost immediately after Joe Rosenthal's photograph of the flag raising on Iwo Jima's Mount Suribachi was published rumors began to spread that the shot had been staged. Sherrod, the Time-Life correspondent, sent a cable to his editors in New York reporting that Rosenthal had staged the flag-raising photo. Time magazine's radio show, "Time Views the News," broadcast a report charging that "Rosenthal climbed Suribachi after the flag had already been planted. ... Like most photographers (he) could not resist reposing his characters in historic fashion." Time was to retract the story within days and issue an apology to Rosenthal. He...
  • Beat to Quarters (FR mentioned)

    04/04/2005 11:03:50 AM PDT · by prairiebreeze · 15 replies · 1,041+ views
    Belmont Club ^ | April 4, 2005 | wretchard
    Captain's Quarters has really stirred up the Canadian blogosphere by carrying details of court testimony on a governmental scandal that is banned from publication in the Great White North. The scandal is about the use of Canadian government money, laundered through a private ad agency, to hire Liberal Party hacks, and is so serious it may catapault the Canadian conservatives into power. This incident marks one more step by the blogosphere into the realm of news generation as opposed to mere commentary. Captain Ed is well aware of this and adds the uncustomary (for a blog) disclaimer: Thanks to a...
  • Let the spinnin' wheel spin (The Belmont Club)

    03/18/2005 7:39:44 PM PST · by 68skylark · 3 replies · 287+ views
    The Belmont Club | March 17, 2005 | Wretchard
    The two stories were related somehow, the nomination of Paul D. Wolfowitz for presidency of the World Bank and news that after 20 years of investigation the Canadian investigation into the bombing of an Air India flight had come up dry. The question was how. Wolfowitz's nomination only makes sense if the primary cause of world underdevelopment is perceived as political failure rather than the mere lack of investment. Its narrative relationship to the Canadian acquittal of the Air India bombing suspects is one of contrast: the failure of the Crown prosecution to prove its case being cast in opposite...
  • A Tale of Two Worlds (The Belmont Club on the future of the U.S. military)

    03/12/2005 9:12:22 AM PST · by 68skylark · 10 replies · 284+ views
    The Belmont Club ^ | March 11, 2005 | Wretchard
    Two articles paint radically different impressions of changes to United States strategic thinking. The first, by Mark Mazzetti of the Los Angeles Times, depicts a military establishment that has been hijacked by Operation Iraqi Freedom and the 'blunders' of Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. With Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld pushing for a "lighter, more lethal and highly mobile fighting force," the Pentagon scrapped as outdated the requirement that the U.S. military be large enough to simultaneously fight two large-scale wars against massed enemy armies. And it spent little time worrying about how to keep the peace after the shooting stopped. Something...
  • The Foundations of Barad-Dur (The Belmont Club - in a pessimistic mood?)

    03/04/2005 8:42:50 AM PST · by 68skylark · 12 replies · 400+ views
    The Belmont Club | March 4, 2005 | Wretchard
    The leniency of Bali bombing mastermind Abu Bakar Bashir's sentence -- 30 months for the murder of 202 people -- has shocked the Australian public, not in the least because after long labor the mountain has brought forth a mouse. Former magistrate Brian Deegan, who lost his son Josh, 22, in the Bali bombing, said Bashir's sentence was outrageous. "It equates to a bit over a week (in jail) per man, woman and child that were hurt," Mr Deegan said today. "You get no closure out of this, it's absolutely insulting." Australian Federal Police commissioner Mick Keelty is warning that...
  • The theater widens (The Belmont Club)

    03/01/2005 5:22:21 PM PST · by 68skylark · 13 replies · 538+ views
    The Belmont Club | March 1, 2005 | Wretchard
    Austin Bay links to Mark Steyn and Christopher Hitchens' view of events sweeping across the Middle East: Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt and possibly Syria. It is a reminder of why Iraq was commanded through CENTCOM. During the days when the overt action was centered on Iraq, it was easy to forget that it was one battlefield within a theater. Now the theater itself has come to the fore and the atmosphere is one of 'breakout and pursuit'. The breakout creates a new set of opportunities and problems. These can be described as "emergent phenomenon',  -- the result of interactions between...
  • We Shall Overcome (The Belmont Club)

    02/20/2005 6:45:57 AM PST · by 68skylark · 11 replies · 625+ views
    The Belmont Club | February 21, 2005 | Wretchard
    Martin Peretz in Not Much Left says what many have been saying for a while: that Liberalism is out of ideas. The curious thing about his intelligent and literate essay is that he never manages to explain why this condition has taken place. I think it was John Kenneth Galbraith, speaking in the early 1960s, the high point of post-New Deal liberalism, who pronounced conservatism dead. Conservatism, he said, was "bookless," ... At this point in history, it is liberalism upon which such judgments are rendered. And understandably so. It is liberalism that is now bookless and dying. ... Liberalism...
  • Testimony Before Congress (The Belmont Club - reviewing where we are in the war on terrorism)

    02/17/2005 4:02:59 AM PST · by 68skylark · 3 replies · 281+ views
    The Belmont Club | February 17, 2005 | Wretchard
    The Counterterrorism blog links to the testimony of intelligence, finance, defense and military officials before Congress on the status of the War on Terror. The intelligence testimony unanimously identifies the key threat to America as Al Qaeda and the 'Sunni Jihadist movement', referring to both in the same phrase as essentially comprising the same set; their choice of weapons a Chemical, Biological, Radiological or Nuclear (CBRN) attack on America. Operationally, they are adapting to the heightened  Homeland Security defenses using covert methods or under the guise of charities, religious organizations, academe and the like. The intelligence community unanimously believed that...
  • The Curtain Rises (The Belmont Club, on what's next after Iraq)

    02/16/2005 7:27:33 AM PST · by 68skylark · 24 replies · 1,356+ views
    The Belmont Club | February 16, 2005 | Wretchard
    The US has recalled its ambassador to Syria to indicate its anger at Damascus over the assasination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. CNN reports: State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said the United States has "made it clear" it wants Syria, which maintains some 16,000 troops in Lebanon, to use its influence to prevent such attacks. ... "I have been very careful to say we really don't know who committed this murder at this point, but we do know what effect the Syrian presence in Lebanon has," Boucher said. "And we do know that it doesn't bring security for...
  • The Last Throw (The Belmont Club)

    02/09/2005 10:34:22 AM PST · by 68skylark · 7 replies · 453+ views
    The Belmont Club | February 9, 2005 | Wretchard
    Nelson Ascher's The Berlin Wall's Revenge argues that a Left shorn of its Communist goals by the fall of the Berlin Wall has become an enterprise dedicated to revenge. They have only things to destroy, and all those things are personified in the US, in its very existence. They may, outwardly, fight for some positive cause: save the whales, rescue the world from global heating and so on. But let's not be deceived by this: they choose as their so-called positive causes only the ones that have both the potential of conferring some kind of innocent legitimacy on themselves and,...
  • IRAQ: After the Elections ~~ Belmont Club

    02/09/2005 8:58:05 AM PST · by Ernest_at_the_Beach · 2 replies · 156+ views
    Belmont Club ^ | Monday, February 07, 2005 | wretchard
    After the Elections The Iraqi elections are over but who won? Randall Parker at Parapundit cites a number of sources who claim that Islamic extremism used the elections to seize power. Some continued supporters of the war in Iraq are thrilled that Americans are in Iraq because they think America is fighting for democracy. But what gets lost sight of is that democracy is a means to an end rather than an end in itself. Democracy does not automatically and reliably produce the sorts of outcomes that most Westerners envision when they think of a democratic society. Classically liberal...
  • The Next Step for Liberals Against the War?

    02/08/2005 5:16:43 PM PST · by Harkonnendog · 3 replies · 148+ views ^ | 02/06/2005 | Harkonnendog
    The Next Step for Liberals Against the War This post from The Belmont Club may mark the beginning of a new trend. For 30+ years liberals claimed conservatives wanted welfare reform because they were evil. (Evil in this case involving greed and some lack of empathy and compassion.) Welfare reform showed the liberals were wrong. Welfare was an evil system, effectively encouraging people to disempower themselves. For 30+ years liberals have claimed conservatives are against Affirmative Action because they are evil. (In this case racist.) There is no body of knowledge about whether or not Affirmative Action helps minorities...
  • The Insurgency Revisited (The Belmont Club - in top form)

    02/01/2005 4:18:45 PM PST · by 68skylark · 12 replies · 499+ views
    The Belmont Club | February 1, 2005 | Wretchard
    Dan Darling links to an analytic piece by Newsweek on the origins of the Iraqi insurgency, some aspects of which resemble an old Belmont Club post, which I have juxtaposed for comparison.  Here are some of the similarities with the Newsweek article. Unmasking the Insurgents By Rod Nordland, Tom Masland and Christopher Dickey, Newsweek, February 1, 2005 War Plan Orange, the Belmont Club October 25, 2004 A NEWSWEEK investigation shows that long before U.S. and other Coalition troops blasted across the border into Iraq on March 20, 2003, Saddam had put aside hundreds of millions of dollars (some sources claim...
  • Belmont Club: Trading Punches

    01/10/2005 7:50:41 AM PST · by ckilmer · 3 replies · 457+ views
    Belmont Club ^ | Monday, January 10, 2005 | Wrteched
    Belmont Club History and history in the making Monday, January 10, 2005 Trading Punches The terrorist campaign to derail elections scheduled for January 30 approach continues apace. Baghdad, Iraq Jan 10, 2005 -- The deputy police chief of Baghdad and his son, also a police officer, were shot dead Monday, and a suicide car bomb detonated inside a police station courtyard, killing at least four policemen, the latest violence ahead of the country's landmark election. Scores of police and regional government officials have been assassinated in recent months, part of the insurgents' campaign to try to instill fear ahead...
  • Livery but sick and green (The Belmont Club)

    01/03/2005 8:48:27 AM PST · by 68skylark · 8 replies · 406+ views
    The Belmont Club | January 3, 2005 | Wretchard
    Any argument against asserted authority, however minor, necessarily takes on the character of rebellion.  While dialogue between the elected and their electors is a not only tolerated but encouraged; conversations on equal terms between subjects and Kings are by definition treason and a deadly threat. In the matter of providing relief for tsunami victims, the UN cannot afford to assume any other attitude than a reluctant willingness to stoop to command the national contingents. For the United Nations to abandon its claim to primacy in the tsunami relief effort is the equivalent of renouncing its scepter as the 'sole source...
  • Would you like fries with that? (The Belmont Club)

    01/02/2005 9:29:25 AM PST · by 68skylark · 8 replies · 513+ views
    The Belmont Club | January 2, 2005 | Wretchard
    According to the New York Times With $2 Billion Donated, U.N. Now Needs Help to Deliver Aid. "The military and civil defense assets that many countries are providing us are as valuable as cash or gold would be today because it makes us move with the assistance and it makes us get there in the race against the clock." Mr. Egeland said the food and medical relief that was arriving in thousands of shipments was running into "logistical constraints" caused by overloaded airports and other bottlenecks. He gave a list of equipment needs drawn up in a telephone conference meeting...
  • Swine Before Pearls

    01/01/2005 5:06:16 PM PST · by prairiebreeze · 13 replies · 457+ views
    Belmont Club ^ | January 1, 2005 | wretchard
    The UN plan to provide relief to tsunami victims reflects an image of the organization itself. The press release Multifaceted UN response to tsunami focuses on both large and small reads like a repackaging of inconsequential UN field programs to give the appearance of action. They include "monitoring fisheries in India", undertaking disease planning exercises, providing safe delivery kits for expectant mothers and harnessing the International Labor Organization to undertake long-term rehabilitation and employment recovery. As a statement of good intentions it would be adequate but as a program for coping with one of the worst natural disasters in modern...
  • Belmont Club: Sunshine Week: Your Right to Know

    12/26/2004 11:54:23 AM PST · by ckilmer · 16 replies · 645+ views
    Belmont Club ^ | Sunday, December 26, 2004 | wretched
    Belmont Club History and history in the making Sunday, December 26, 2004 Sunshine Week: Your Right to Know A Belmont Club reader sent a link to the Associated Press Photo Managers site which contains guidance to editors on When to Run a Chilling Photo. The author, Naomi Halperin, begins by describing her reaction to a schoolteacher who balked at showing photographs of mutilated Americans hanging from the Fallujah bridge to her class. One image, seen in many newspapers including The Morning Call, appeared when violence erupted in Fallujah and four American contractors were killed. ... The single letter that...
  • "Insurgents want their stories told;" -- Associated Press

    12/24/2004 9:14:56 PM PST · by ckilmer · 33 replies · 1,365+ views
    Belmont Club ^ | Friday, December 24, 2004 | wretched
    Belmont Club History and history in the making Friday, December 24, 2004 "Insurgents want their stories told" -- Associated Press Little Green Footballs links to a Poynter Online press release here reproduced verbatim. From JACK STOKES, director of media relations, Associated Press: [This is a solicited letter regarding Salon's "The Associated Press 'insurgency.'"] Several brave Iraqi photographers work for The Associated Press in places that only Iraqis can cover. Many are covering the communities they live in where family and tribal relations give them access that would not be available to Western photographers, or even Iraqi photographers who are...
  • Belmont Club: Haifa Street

    12/23/2004 4:11:18 PM PST · by ckilmer · 3 replies · 414+ views
    Belmont Club ^ | Thursday, December 23, 2004 | wretched
    Belmont Club History and history in the making Thursday, December 23, 2004 Haifa Street The execution of Iraqi election workers on Baghdad's Haifa street was probably not, properly speaking, a murder. It was a political act. There has been no suggestion that the killers of the electoral workers had any personal grudge against them. Probably any electoral workers would have done. While most killers seek to hide their faces and plan their attacks so no one can see them, these killers scorned masks and chose a busy street in Baghdad to carry out their work because they wanted to...
  • Sixty Four Dollar (The Belmont Club)

    12/22/2004 5:59:29 PM PST · by 68skylark · 1 replies · 141+ views
    The Belmont Club | December 22, 2004 | Wretchard
    Salon claims that "conservative bloggers suggested Monday that an Associated Press photographer was complicit with militants who executed three Iraqi election workers on Baghdad's dangerous Haifa Street on Sunday." A picture taken by the Associated Press photographer is posted on the Salon site. The photo itself raises more questions than any conservative blogger ever could. It shows traffic backed up behind the killers, afraid to proceed further. The attack, according to the Associated Press's own account was carried out by "about 30 armed insurgents, hurling hand grenades and firing guns", but the photograph itself is taken from a fairly...
  • Belmont Club: The Lidless Eye

    12/22/2004 9:05:59 AM PST · by ckilmer · 4 replies · 834+ views
    The Belmont Club ^ | Wednesday, December 22, 2004 | wretched
    Belmont Club History and history in the making Wednesday, December 22, 2004 The Lidless Eye Most everyone on the blogosphere has probably followed the Glenn Reynolds link to a Mosul chaplain's blog. More than 20 people, including US military and civilian personnel, were killed in a mortar attack on a base mess tent in Mosul. Chaplain Lewis was at the site. His narrative of the followup attack on the wounded and the medical personnel who responded stood out. Regardless of what some may say, these are not stupid people. Any attack with casualties will naturally mean that eventually a...