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  • FCC May Allow 'Brief' Nudity, More Cursing on Broadcast TV

    04/05/2013 3:53:18 AM PDT · by markomalley · 33 replies
    Big Hollywood ^ | 4 Apr 2013 | William Bigelow
    The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is considering whether to loosen restrictions for obscenity on broadcast television and radio. This rule change would allow brief “non-sexual-nudity” and isolated expletives in prime time, while children are still awake and watching TV. The FCC claims that it will consider the public’s sentiment as its members make a decision and has given Americans the month of April to file their comments. Outgoing FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski previously had to order the Enforcement Bureau only to tackle “egregious cases” because of the “backlog” of reported obscenity cases. In the last 6 months, the FCC’s caseload...
  • On March 28, Ed Perlmutter(D) and 182 other Democrats Voted to Seize the Internet. (vanity)

    03/29/2012 9:47:29 AM PDT · by Lazamataz · 59 replies
    Free Republic quality editoral | March 29, 2012 | By Lazamataz
    For many months, Republicans have fought the Obama-directed attempt by the FCC to expand it's control over the internet. Many pundits argue that the FCC has no compelling interest in the internet, and that the FCC has a long history of chilling debate in the various media venues it has asserted control over.In November of 2010, the FCC and their accomplices in Congress again tried to let 'the camel's nose in the tent', by allowing the FCC to regulate the internet in the guise of 'Net Neutrality'. This effort was defeated.Obviously, the Democrats will not be allowed to squelch the...
  • DeMint vows to reverse FCC’s ‘Internet takeover’

    12/21/2010 4:47:53 PM PST · by pissant · 23 replies
    Wash Examiner ^ | 12/21/10 | Mark Tapscott
    Sen. Jim DeMint, R-SC, says Federal Communications Commission should be renamed the "Fabricating a Crisis Commission," following a vote by the panel's three Democrats to approve proposed rules that amount to a hostile takeover of the Internet by a government agency acting illegally. The proposal - misleadingly described by proponents as an attempt to insure "net neutrality" by guaranteeing equal access to the Internet - was introduced a year ago by Julius Genachowski, President Obama's appointee as FCC chairman. A federal court has ruled that the commission has no authority to regulate the Internet, and a bipartisan group of senators...
  • The End Of The Internet As We Know It: The FCC Power-Grab On Our Liberty Will Now Have No End

    12/21/2010 8:15:26 PM PST · by seamus · 47 replies · 2+ views
    The Federal Communications Commission today moved in to regulate the Internet, which is the wonder of the modern age exactly because the FCC hasn’t been able to get its hands around its throat. Don’t just take it from me and others at The Heartland Institute. Some guy named Steve Wozniak wrote in The Atlantic that the little tech company he helped found would have never fundamentally transformed our economy and our lives if the rules the FCC just imposed were in place years ago. I believe this is the end of the Internet as we know it. If the...
  • GOP lawmakers threaten to repeal Net neutrality

    12/21/2010 3:42:42 PM PST · by NoLibZone · 138 replies · 3+ views ^ | 12-21-2010 | By TONY ROMM
    Less than an hour after the Federal Communications Commission approved net neutrality rules, Republican lawmakers began staking their claim in the next potential leg of the debate: repeal. The first calls to roll back the FCC's new net neutrality order came Tuesday from the House's most senior Republicans: House GOP Leader John Boehner of Ohio and Whip Eric Cantor of Virginia, as well as the incoming leaders of the chamber's top tech and telecom committees. The members each threatened to limit the agency's funds or restrict its jurisdiction in the aftermath of the FCC’s vote, with Boehner proclaiming the "new...
  • Google-Verizon should prompt FCC to demand Net Neutrality

    08/17/2010 1:28:47 PM PDT · by detritus · 20 replies · 1+ views
    San Jose Mercury News ^ | 8/12/10 | Susan Crawford and Lawrence Lessig
    Candidate Barack Obama told America that he believed in an open and "neutral" Internet -- one where the owners of the wires didn't get to pick and choose which applications would run on the network. Soon after Julius Genachowski was appointed as President Barack Obama's choice to head the Federal Communications Commission, he outlined a clear and ambitious plan to turn that commitment into a reality. But now Verizon and Google have struck a deal for a legislative template that would allow Verizon to be the gatekeeper for services running over its Internet Protocol pipe, and Google to be the...
  • The President's Trick Or Tweet

    05/10/2010 5:45:09 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 30 replies · 782+ views ^ | May 10, 2010 | Investors Business Daily staff
    Free Speech: President Obama, while addressing college graduates, condemns our access to new media as a subversion of democracy. Is the iPad a threat to democracy or exactly what Thomas Jefferson had in mind? At Hampton University in Virginia on Sunday, the president lamented that in an age of text messaging, the Internet and the iPad, information and its unfettered exchange had become a diversion that was putting a strain on democracy. We are not making this up. The "24/7 media environment," he told the students, "bombards us with all kinds of comments and exposes us to all kinds of...
  • Team Obama Keeps Pushing to Take Over the Internet

    01/15/2010 9:59:10 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 29 replies · 1,587+ views
    Fox News ^ | January 12, 2010 | Phil Kerpen
    If our government does end up in control of the Internet, they could potentially restrict it as a medium of dissent, blocking the ability to communicate, educate, and organize. Glenn Beck and I exposed how radical White House Internet czar Susan Crawford was in 2009 and she resigned. Unfortunately, in 2010 her former colleagues appear undaunted in their efforts to take over the Internet. Despite the fact that the Federal Communications Commission’s claims to have jurisdiction in this area were revealed to be extremely flimsy just last week, the FCC is moving ahead with proposed "Open Internet" rules, which would...
  • Genachowski's frequent treks to White House (FCC Chairman)

    11/26/2009 3:55:49 PM PST · by opentalk · 23 replies · 911+ views
    The Hill ^ | 11/25/09 | Kim Hart
    FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski appeared to have visited executive branch offices 47 times between January 20 and August 31, according the the White House visitors log released today. By comparison, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner made only five appearances. Genachowski has had plenty to discuss with White House officials. Future disclosures will likely show a good number of more recent visits to talk about telecom issues--namely, his net neutrality proposals that reportedly caught some top technology and economic officials off-guard. The visitors log includes visits to the Executive Office Buidling, the Office of Management and Budget, and other White House-affliated offices.
  • Net Neutrality For Campaign Donors ( Top Donor awarded FCC chairman position )

    10/29/2009 6:35:38 PM PDT · by opentalk · 2 replies · 536+ views
    Big Government ^ | October 28, 2009 | Capitol Confidential
    Just how far is the Obama administration willing to go to reward big donors? In the wake of yesterday’s explosive report regarding “scores of top Democratic donors” being rewarded with “VIP access to the White House, private briefings with administration advisers and invitations to important speeches and town-hall meetings,” it’s a question that’s on the minds of many politically-engaged Americans, and one likely to grab yet more attention, thanks to this article in today’s USA Today. It notes that: “More than 40% of President Obama’s top-level fundraisers have secured posts in his administration, from key executive branch jobs to diplomatic...
  • McCain Moves to Block FCC Net Neutrality

    10/23/2009 3:28:23 PM PDT · by BornToBeAmerican · 14 replies · 824+ views
    PCWorld ^ | Oct 23, 2009 | Tony Bradley
    The FCC voted unanimously yesterday to move forward with the debate in an effort to formalize net neutrality guidelines. Senator John McCain followed up by introducing a bill that would prohibit the FCC from governing communications. Oddly, the bill also contains text stating that any regulations in effect on the day before the Internet Freedom Act is officially enacted are grandfathered in and exempt from the provisions of the Internet Freedom Act. The implication seems to be that if the FCC can formalize net neutrality rules before McCain can get the Internet Freedom Act signed into law, the net neutrality...
  • A Power Grab Called 'Net Neutrality'

    10/21/2009 5:43:57 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 47 replies · 2,331+ views
    IBD Editorials ^ | October 21, 2009 | INVESTORS BUSINESS DAILY Staff
    First Amendment: Diversity czar Mark Lloyd's FCC votes Thursday on the issue of net neutrality. Advertised as providing access to all, it will do to the information superhighway what Lloyd proposed for talk radio. Not much was said when $7.2 billion was included in the stimulus bill "to accelerate broadband deployment in unserved and underserved areas and to strategic institutions that are likely to create jobs or provide significant public benefits." The administration has big plans for the Internet — like controlling it. Susan Crawford, the so-called Internet czar, told the Wall Street Journal in April that the broadband billions...
  • FCC to pass first regs to put Internet under government control

    10/19/2009 3:11:04 PM PDT · by pabianice · 80 replies · 3,257+ views
    Glenn Beck | 10/19/09
    According to Beck, this Thursday, October 22, Obama's FCC will pass the first set of new regs taking control of the internet. Alleged reason is "to protect consumers from false or misleading information." The FCC will not allow any public comment or input. Obama has given them their orders. Obama also to give bail-out to the "progressive" newspapers which are all going bankrupt. Again, "to make sure consumers get the real news." Spokesman for internet watch dog group said that there is nothing to stop Obama in his drive to control all media and thus silence all criticism and opposition.
  • Republicans Move To Block FCC 'Net Cop Initiative

    09/21/2009 2:29:52 PM PDT · by pissant · 13 replies · 794+ views
    Broadcast News ^ | 9/21/09 | staff
    Some Republican lawmakers moved swiftly Monday to try and block FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski's proposal that the FCC adopt new network neutrality rules. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Tex.) Monday introduced an amendment to an appropriations bill that would prohibit the FCC from spending any funds "to develop and implement new regulatory mandates." The bill was co-sponsored by Senators John Ensign (R-Nev.), Sam Brownback (R-Kan.), David Vitter (R-La.), Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) and John Thune (R-S.D.). “I am deeply concerned by the direction the FCC appears to be heading,” said Hutchison in a statement. “Even during a severe downturn, America has experienced...
  • FCC To Introduce Net Neutrality Rule

    09/19/2009 11:02:26 AM PDT · by Admiral_Zeon · 33 replies · 1,640+ views
    Julius Genachowski, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, plans to propose a new so-called net neutrality rule Monday that could prevent telecommunications, cable and wireless companies from blocking Internet applications, according to sources at the agency. Genachowski will discuss the rules Monday during a keynote speech at The Brookings Institute. He isn't expected to drill into many details, but the proposal will specifically be for an additional guideline on how operators like AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast can control what goes on their networks. That additional guideline would prevent the operators from discriminating, or act as gatekeepers, of Web content and...
  • Van Jones is history- Is FCC Diversity czar Mark Lloyd next on Beck's hit list?

    09/06/2009 3:41:31 PM PDT · by jessduntno · 51 replies · 2,013+ views
    Various ^ | JessDuntno
    Van Jones is a gone pecan and the right wing libertarian movement led by the new de fecto head of the conservative party Glenn Beck smells blood . Fresh off the ousting of former special assistant for "green jobs" Van Jones Glenn Beck supporters are calling for the public lynching of FCC Diversity Czar Mark Lloyd . For conservatives to effectively target Mark Lloyd it looks like it will take more than it did to bounce Van Jones out of his position . Lets look into Mark Lloyd's back ground to see if there is enough rope.
  • "Net Neutrality" - Government Promises to Control the Internet

    04/04/2009 3:53:55 PM PDT · by T.L.Sink · 78 replies · 2,104+ views
    By way of "Net Neutrality," the federal government is preparing to do to the Internet what it has done to the auto industry, public schools, the home mortgage industry, the postal service and the financial industry bailout. The Obama administration now seeks to regulate the Internet as well. "Net Neutrality" refers to the dangerous movement to have government dictate Internet providers' business models, and the manner in which they can transmit data. Obama's infamous "stimulus" package includes a $7.2 billion grant to expand broadband services that require carriers accepting government money to adhere to FCC Net Neutrality guidelines that empower...
  • Politico Gets It Way Wrong On Conservatives' Complaints About Diversity Czar Lloyd

    09/07/2009 11:24:19 AM PDT · by UnalienablyRight · 23 replies · 1,864+ views ^ | 09/07/2009 | Seton Motley
    In yesterday's More czars on conservative hit list, the Politico's Lisa Lerer states "conservatives have accused (Mark) Lloyd, appointed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as the agency’s Chief Diversity officer in late July, of secretly wanting to reinstate the controversial Fairness Doctrine." This is not at all accurate. We at the Media Research Center broke the news of Lloyd’s FCC gig (created just for him just the way the “green jobs czar” slot was for the recently dispatched conspiracy-addled Truther-Communist Van Jones). And we specifically stated that he had "no need for the mis-named 'Fairness' Doctrine." From that essay:
  • Sen Grassley's Letter to FCC About Concerns About Mark Lloyd [Fairness Doctrine]

    09/07/2009 11:14:10 AM PDT · by BunnySlippers · 38 replies · 2,417+ views ^ | 09/07/09 | Sen Grassley
    PDF so I can't cut/paste. Grassley letter to Chairman of FCC about problems with Mark Lloyd. Now's the time to take out another czar.
  • An Unprecedented Power Grab

    08/30/2009 8:36:15 AM PDT · by AmericaTalks · 33 replies · 1,337+ views
    America Talks ^ | 08/30/09 | David Zublick
    We stand at a crossroads in our nation's history. Barack Obama and his minions are attempting an unprecedented power grab. If they are allowed to succeed, it will forever change our country, and it will definitely diminish the rights of every American citizen. Obama has appointed no less than 37 czars that answer only to him. Even the House and Senate have no power over them. These czars have very radical backgrounds. John Holdren, the science czar, advocated population control and mandatory abortions. Van Jones, the environmental czar, was profiled byGlenn Beck extensively last week on his popular Fox News...
  • FCC “Diversity” Czar Loves Communist Hugo Chavez

    08/28/2009 8:37:24 AM PDT · by HorowitzianConservative · 9 replies · 1,611+ views
    NewsReal Blog ^ | August 28, 2009 | Matthew Vadum
    Seton Motley (shown above left) of the Media Research Center explains the radical agenda of President Obama’s “diversity” czar Mark Lloyd to Glenn Beck. * * * * * President Obama’s “diversity” czar is a huge fan of free press-crushing communist Hugo Chavez’s so-called revolution in Venezuela, viewers of the “Glenn Beck Program” learned. Mark Lloyd, chief diversity officer of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), said at a conference: In Venezuela, with Chavez, really an incredible revolution, a democratic revolution to begin to put in place saying that we are going to have impact on the people of Venezuela. The...
  • FCC's 'Diversity Czar' Proves Obama Gov't Has Declared War on America

    08/27/2009 11:45:05 AM PDT · by Welshman007 · 11 replies · 703+ views
    Columbia Conservative Examiner ^ | August 27, 2009 | Anthony G. Martin
    Yesterday we examined the appointment of Mark Loyd as Barack Obama's new 'chief diversity officer' or 'czar' at the Federal Communications Commission (the FCC). After one examines the numerous statements made through the years by Loyd to seminar audiences, discussion panels, and in his published material, it is clear that he sees the role of the FCC as one of spearheading massive social and political change in America, modeled after Hugo Chavez in Venezuela.
  • FCC appointment re-ignites Fairness Doctrine concerns

    08/27/2009 1:11:26 PM PDT · by Crush · 5 replies · 1,133+ views
    The US Report ^ | Aug 25, 2009 | Chris Carter
    Democrats continually tell America the Fairness Doctrine is dead. But if the threat of the return of government broadcast censorship was truly dead, there would be no need to keep reminding us. The latest reminder that the threat of the Fairness Doctrine survives, or more accurately its intended result – the destruction of conservative and Christian talk radio—is the appointment of Mark Lloyd as the FCC's new Associate General Counsel and Chief Diversity Officer. Prior to his appointment, Lloyd was a Senior Fellow with the Center for American Progress (CAP), a liberal think tank funded by far-left billionaire George Soros...
  • Obama’s New FCC “Diversity” Chief Believes Government Should Control All Media

    08/26/2009 9:07:06 PM PDT · by Starman417 · 51 replies · 2,203+ views
    Flopping Aces ^ | 08-26-09 | Curt
    Have you met our newly appointed, Obama stamp approved, "Diversity" Czar for the FCC? No? Well...check him out. Mark Lloyd, chief diversity officer of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), called for a “confrontational movement” to combat what he claimed was control of the media by international corporations and to re-establish the regulatory power of government through robust public broadcasting and a more powerful FCC. Lloyd expressed his regulatory call to arms in his 2006 book, “Prologue to a Farce: Communications and Democracy in America” (University of Illinois Press). In the book, Lloyd also said that public broadcasting should be funded...
  • Glenn Beck Exposes New FCC Diversity Chief- Part 1

    08/26/2009 6:07:12 PM PDT · by JoeSeales · 103 replies · 4,156+ views
    You Tube Video ^ | August 26, 2009
    Mark Lloyd..This guy is nuts..Hugo Chavez led a great revolution?? Thank GOD I have no power. These people would be arrested and tried for treason. Part 1- Part 2-
  • nspired by Saul Alinsky, FCC 'Diversity' Chief Calls for ‘Confrontational Movement

    08/26/2009 3:22:07 AM PDT · by Man50D · 43 replies · 1,302+ views ^ | August 26, 2009 | Matt Cover
    Rest of title: to Give Public Broadcasting Dominant Role in Communications Mark Lloyd, chief diversity officer of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), called for a “confrontational movement” to combat what he claimed was control of the media by international corporations and to re-establish the regulatory power of government through robust public broadcasting and a more powerful FCC. Lloyd expressed his regulatory call to arms in his 2006 book, “Prologue to a Farce: Communications and Democracy in America” (University of Illinois Press). In the book, Lloyd also said that public broadcasting should be funded through new license fees charged to the...
  • If ObamaCare Goes Down in Flames, Will Calls for the Fairness Doctrine Return?

    08/20/2009 9:56:44 AM PDT · by Rufus2007 · 31 replies · 1,381+ views
    NewsBusters ^ | Aug. 20, 2009 | Jeff Poor
    As each day passes and President Barack Obama's health care proposal faces more and more opposition, some of the talking heads that appear on the cable news networks are looking for a "boogeyman" to blame for allegedly ginning up backlash. And that "boogeyman" has been conservative talk radio. However, if recent history is any indication, there could be an effort to take silence conservative talk radio. Some of the circumstances surrounding the current debate on "reforming" health care are eerily familiar to the 2007 bipartisan effort to "reform" immigration. In fact, the last big policy issue that was defeated when...
  • Grassley: FCC Diversity Chief May Stifle Talk Radio

    Grassley: FCC Diversity Chief May Stifle Talk Radio Tuesday, August 18, 2009 5:26 PM By: Rick Pedraza Sen. Charles Grassley is worried that Obama administration’s new federal communications "diversity" director may try to regulate talk radio with a "backdoor" method akin to the Fairness Doctrine. The Iowa Republican expressed his concerns because of a paper in which Mark Lloyd, the diversity director, alleged a “structural imbalance” in political talk radio and suggested increasing government involvement to regulate it. Lloyd co-authored the paper for the liberal Center for American Progress. Grassley sent a letter Friday to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski voicing...
  • Sen Grassley's Letter to FCC Chair-Questions Media Should Ask About FCC 'Chief Diversity Officer'

    08/17/2009 1:27:13 PM PDT · by UnalienablyRight · 72 replies · 4,138+ views ^ | 08/17/2009 | Seton Motley
    Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley has publicly released a letter he penned to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Julius Genachowski regarding the July 29th announced appointment of new FCC Associate General Counsel and Chief Diversity Officer Mark Lloyd. In the press release accompanying the missive, the Senator said he was "concerned with the appointment due to Lloyd’s writings on political talk radio and the Fairness Doctrine."
  • Top Senate Republican Fears FCC's 'Diversity' Chief May Use 'Back Door' to Regulate Talk Radio

    08/18/2009 3:18:42 AM PDT · by Man50D · 21 replies · 900+ views ^ | August 18, 2009 | Matt Cover
    In a letter sent last week to the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Sen. Charles Grassley (R.-Iowa) said he is concerned that the FCC new "diversity" director, Mark Lloyd, may seek to regulate talk radio through the "back door." Grassley, who expressed his concerns in a letter to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski on Friday, said he was concerned that the new diversity chief would implement a back-door return of the much-maligned “Fairness Doctrine,” which had mandated that broadcasters devote equal airtime to both sides of controversial issues, a move which would spell the end of opinionated talk radio. “Taken...
  • Glenn Beck: The Death of Talk Radio?

    08/17/2009 4:21:33 AM PDT · by Yosemitest · 56 replies · 3,431+ views
    / ^ | Friday August 14, 2009 | Seaton Motley
    Glenn Beck: The Death of Talk Radio? The New and Improved Fairness Doctrine Glenn Beck talks with Media Research Center’s Seton Motley about our new FCC Diversity Czar [Chief Diversity Officer], Mark Lloyd. Lloyd wants to require privately owned radio stations to pay a tax equal to their operating costs each year. That money would then be given to publicly funded stations (like PBS or NPR). Private radio stations, in essense, would be paying to fund the competition, not that they could survive this tax anyway.
  • FCC’s Chief Diversity Officer--New Czar wants Private Fund Public Broadcasting

    08/16/2009 10:24:32 AM PDT · by Ooh-Ah · 45 replies · 2,477+ views ^ | August 13, 2009 | Matt Cover
    FCC’s Chief Diversity Officer Wants Private Broadcasters to Pay a Sum Equal to Their Total Operating Costs to Fund Public Broadcasting( - Mark Lloyd, newly appointed Chief Diversity Officer of the Federal Communications Commission, has called for making private broadcasting companies pay licensing fees equal to their total operating costs to allow public broadcasting outlets to spend the same on their operations as the private companies do. Lloyd presented the idea in his 2006 book, Prologue to a Farce: Communications and Democracy in America, published by the University of Illinois Press. Lloyd’s hope is to dramatically upgrade and revamp the...
  • Seton Motley on Glenn Beck about Mark Lloyd: ASSAULT ON CONSERVATIVE AND CHRISTIAN TALK RADIO

    08/15/2009 7:51:58 AM PDT · by Yosemitest · 18 replies · 2,742+ views
    Glenn Beck ^ | Friday August 14, 2009 | Seton Motley
    Seton Motley on Glenn Beck about Mark Lloyd: ASSAULT ON CONSERVATIVE AND CHRISTIAN TALK RADIO Originally aired on Friday August 14, 2009 Comment from poster, Yosemitest: I recommend you open the video link to the right from in a separate window and reduce its size to view just the 9:00 minutes of video. Then you can read along on the transcript below. BEGIN TRANSCRIPT MODERATOR: For years, the world has seen reality distorted, facts manipulated, and truth hidden. But there’s even more to the story than anyone has ever suspected. Because no one has been able to see...
  • FCC's New Hire Targeted Conservative Radio Stations in Writings

    08/14/2009 5:27:02 PM PDT · by antidemoncrat · 12 replies · 720+ views
    Fox News ^ | 8/14/09
    The FCC's new chief diversity officer laid out a battle plan two years ago for liberal activists to target conservative talk radio stations, and critics say they are concerned that he now will want to bring back the "Fairness Doctrine."
  • FCC’s 'Diversity Officer' Wants to Force Private Stations to Fund Public Stations Dollar for Dollar

    08/13/2009 2:32:41 PM PDT · by UnalienablyRight · 26 replies · 1,239+ views ^ | 08/13/2009 | Seton Motley
    Matt Cover at the Media Research Center's News Division,, has a piece out today entitled "FCC’s Chief Diversity Officer Wants Private Broadcasters to Pay a Sum Equal to Their Total Operating Costs to Fund Public Broadcasting." This is insane. The "Chief Diversity Officer" in question, Mark Lloyd, is calling for the gross operating budget for every private radio station each year to be the fee (tax) they pay for their broadcast license for the year, with the monies going to the always liberal public stations. With whom they then must compete for listeners.
  • The demise of talk radio

    08/10/2009 8:30:44 AM PDT · by markomalley · 14 replies · 1,494+ views
    Hernando Today ^ | 8/8/2009 | JOHN REINIERS
    Democrats still can't stomach conservative talk radio's clout. It really came to a head when Air America, the liberal talk radio network, had to file for bankruptcy, and its marquis performer, comedian Al Franken, decided to quit and take a job as Minnesota's Democratic Senator, since the pay and benefits are better. Let's have a round of applause for the sound judgment of Minnesota's Democrats. It was quite a journey from "Saturday Night Live" to the Senate for Franken, but logical, since a skill set as a comedian is patently transferable to Washington politics. On Aug. 30, 2007, Hernando Today...
  • New FCC 'Chief Diversity Officer' Co-Wrote Liberal Group's 'Imbalance of Political Talk Radio'

    08/06/2009 4:01:29 PM PDT · by UnalienablyRight · 26 replies · 1,442+ views ^ | 08/05/2009 | Seton Motley
    The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced a new "Chief Diversity Officer," communications attorney Mark Lloyd. But Doctor of Jurisprudence Lloyd is far more than merely a communications attorney. He was at one time a Senior Fellow at the uber-liberal Center for American Progress (CAP), for whom he co-wrote a June 2007 report entitled "The Structural Imbalance of Political Talk Radio." Which rails against the fact that the American people overwhelmingly prefer to listen to conservative (and Christian) talk radio rather than the liberal alternative, and suggests ways the federal government can remedy this free-market created "problem." * Restore local...
  • FCC Commissioner Circulates Document on ‘The State of Media Journalism’

    07/09/2009 1:57:14 PM PDT · by Nachum · 13 replies · 650+ views
    cnsnews ^ | 7/9/09 | Matt Cover
    ( – Michael Copps, a commissioner with the Federal Communications Commission and its former acting chairman, has circulated an internal report examining the state of media journalism in America and discussing ways to address issues such as the rise of media conglomerates and the prevalence of opinion journalism.
  • Little People Want to Ban Word ‘Midget’

    07/06/2009 4:28:50 PM PDT · by llevrok · 59 replies · 2,002+ views
    New York - Little people are calling on the Federal Communications Commission to ban the use of the word "midget" on broadcast TV. The group Little People of America said Sunday the word is just as offensive as racial slurs. The request was prompted by an April episode of NBC's "Celebrity Apprentice" that the group said was demeaning. In the episode, contestants created a detergent ad called "Jesse James and the Midgets." The contestants, including Joan Rivers, suggested bathing little people in the detergent and hanging them to dry. Calls to the FCC and "Celebrity Apprentice" host Donald Trump were...
  • Little people call for FCC to ban ‘midget’

    07/05/2009 11:53:52 AM PDT · by ConservativeStatement · 53 replies · 1,995+ views
    AP ^ | July 5, 2009
    NEW YORK - Little people are calling on the Federal Communications Commission to ban the use of the word "midget" on broadcast TV. The group Little People of America said Sunday the word is just as offensive as racial slurs.
  • Obama's FCC pick happens to be daughter of key House Democrat Clyburn

    06/29/2009 3:23:28 PM PDT · by Nachum · 22 replies · 1,629+ views
    Los Angeles Times ^ | 6/29/09 | staff
    Last year South Carolina Rep. James E. Clyburn was expected to stay neutral in the long, bitter Democratic presidential primary struggle between Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama. An influential endorsement from Clyburn, a civil rights hero and top member of the House Democratic leadership, would have been welcomed by former President Clinton, who worked closely with him in the 1990s and thought they were close friends.
  • FCC: America’s New Speech Police [Obama Trying to Silence Talk Radio]

    06/01/2009 10:08:49 PM PDT · by Yaelle · 9 replies · 967+ views
    Big Hollywood ^ | June 1, 2009 | Brian Jennings
    At the heart of the controversy is conservative talk radio. Arbitron’s new PPM measurement system is showing that conservative talk is even more popular in the nation’s largest markets than previous measurements have shown while minority targeted stations are less popular. But, the PPM doesn’t lie. This is a pager-like device that the listener wears. It registers whatever radio station is being heard in real time and encodes that information into a data base. It is the most accurate means of measuring true listening habits ever devised. But minority stations are crying foul and we have a government that grabs...
  • FCC attack on talkers beginning? 'I hope you will not hesitate to propose aggressive solutions',

    05/09/2009 5:07:56 PM PDT · by Delacon · 19 replies · 1,386+ views
    WorldNetDaily ^ | May 09, 2009
    The acting chairman of the Federal Communications Commission has told members of a "diversity" committee who almost exclusively represent left-leaning organizations to tackle the status quo in America's broadcast industry and suggest "aggressive" solutions to what they see as problems. According to The O'Leary Report, published by author Brad O'Leary, author of "Shut Up, America!: The End of Free Speech," the FCC's "Diversity Committee," headed by "Fairness Doctrine," supporter Henry Rivera, has begun its work. The report said the committee made it clear at a meeting yesterday its members will force President Obama's supporters into positions of power within the...
  • FCC Attack on TalkRadio

    05/09/2009 12:53:50 PM PDT · by dvan · 27 replies · 1,187+ views
    Worldnet Daily ^ | May 9, 2009 | NA
    The acting chairman of the Federal Communications Commission has told members of a "diversity" committee who almost exclusively represent left-leaning organizations to tackle the status quo in America's broadcast industry and suggest "aggressive" solutions to what they see as problems. According to The O'Leary Report, published by author Brad O'Leary, author of "Shut Up, America!: The End of Free Speech," the FCC's "Diversity Committee," headed by "Fairness Doctrine," supporter Henry Rivera, has begun its work. The report said the committee made it clear at a meeting yesterday its members will force President Obama's supporters into positions of power within the...
  • 31 horsemen of talk radio's apocalypse?

    05/02/2009 2:09:56 PM PDT · by Conservative Coulter Fan · 39 replies · 1,944+ views
    WorldNetDaily ^ | May 02, 2009 | Drew Zahn
    The Federal Communications Commission has announced the roster of a new advisory committee on "diversity" in communications, a move many critics have warned would mark the beginning of government regulation of talk radio and a reinstallation of the "Fairness Doctrine" by another name.
  • FCC Announces May 7 'Diversity Committee' Meeting - Behold a New 'Fairness' Doctrine

    05/01/2009 11:17:34 AM PDT · by UnalienablyRight · 103 replies · 6,300+ views ^ | 05/01/2009 | Seton Motley
    Behold one of the new "Fairness" Doctrines - "media diversity" - coming soon to a radio station near you. President Barack Obama's Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has released the names of the thirty-one members of their Advisory Committee On Diversity For Communications In The Digital Age. This May 7 gathering is made up of a laundry list of left-wing grievance groups, with a smattering of radio and television companies included to break up the monotony. Not a single conservative organization is taking part in this Commission - more than a dozen Leftist groups are. A little ironic for a "diversity"...
  • Censors for talk radio expected within 90 days

    04/30/2009 3:23:34 AM PDT · by Man50D · 20 replies · 1,316+ views ^ | April 29, 2009 | Bob Unruh
    The leader of a newly formed public awareness campaign to alert U.S. citizens about an effort to stifle free speech says he expects local "boards" will be assembled within 90 days to begin censoring talk radio, a move that will come as an "Arctic blast" against the expression of opinion in the United States. WND reported just days ago on a meeting at which more than two dozen principals of the nation's top talk radio shows held a private strategy meeting to discuss government plans to squelch critical political speech on radio. Organized by Brad O'Leary, author of the new...
  • Senate Democrats ahead in fundraising

    04/18/2009 7:44:35 AM PDT · by anniegetyourgun · 30 replies · 882+ views
    UPI ^ | 4/17/09
    WASHINGTON, April 17 (UPI) -- Reports filed with the Federal Election Commission indicate Democrats in the U.S. Senate are raking in contributions at a rapid clip for the 2010 election. First-quarter filings reveal that even incumbents considered to be vulnerable are pulling in more than their potential GOP challengers, The Washington Times reported Friday.
  • Dave Zweifel's Plain Talk: End of the road for right-wing radio?

    04/17/2009 3:50:09 PM PDT · by SJackson · 19 replies · 1,034+ views
    Capital Times ^ | 4/17/2009 | Dave Zweifel
    Is right-wing talk radio losing its clout? That's the talk among observers of Wisconsin politics after looking closely at the results of last week's spring elections. Milwaukee radio hosts Charlie Sykes and Mark Belling beat up on Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson and superintendent of schools candidate Tony Evers, but except in heavily Republican suburban Milwaukee, they easily dispatched their conservative opponents, Randy Koschnick and Rose Fernandez. Here in Dane County, WIBA's Vicki McKenna used hours of her afternoon drive-time show to regularly savage County Executive Kathleen Falk on the 911 Center, while usually moderate morning host Mitch Henck attacked her...
  • UPDATE: FCC Acting Chairman To Act Boldly On Media Diversity

    04/11/2009 9:35:50 PM PDT · by Delacon · 70 replies · 3,032+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | APRIL 8, 2009 | Fawn Johnson
    WASHINGTON (Dow Jones)--Federal Communications Commission Acting Chairman Michael Copps said Wednesday he intends to act boldly to help improve the diversity of broadcasters in the U.S. "Today we commit to getting independent and credible information to gird what I intend to be meaningful action to right the injustice" of the lack minority- and women-owned broadcasters in the U.S., Copps said at an FCC meeting. The FCC approved a proposal to improve data collection about broadcasting entities owned by women and minorities. The FCC voted to expand the number of broadcast entities that must file data to the commission about the...