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  • Question: Who did George Steponallofus say won the debate?

    10/04/2012 9:52:41 AM PDT · by SoFloFreeper · 5 replies
    I turned off the debate as soon as it was over. Did anyone catch what the shill George said? I ask because of the Newsbusters story showing he called 8 of the last 9 for the Demon Rat nominee.
  • Hold The Presses, We’ve Found An Honest Democrat

    10/03/2012 11:33:14 AM PDT · by Starman417 · 4 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 10-02-12 | Skookum
    In this modern time, no one expects a Democrat to be honest, not the public, not the media, not Democrats, and especially not the Progressives and Liberals. Lying is the accepted modus operandi, every bit of news or public announcement from the Obama administration and its mainstream media is considered propaganda at best and often just a bald-faced lie. It's no big deal; the public has accepted the fact that Obama lies as a matter of course. He is a liar and they love him for his arrogant manner of pretending people believe his lies. Pat Caddel, former advisor to...
  • The "Obama Phone" Lady vs. Angry White Men with Guns

    10/03/2012 8:00:57 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 37 replies
    Salon ^ | October 2, 2012
    ..............In the Right-wing's dreamworld, the Obama Phone Lady is a "surplus" person with no place in an Ayn Rand fantasy, what is the Tea Party GOP's dystopian soon-to-be made true reality. Culture is also transmitted through historical memory. The white gun shop owner who believes that Obama is a socialist usurper represents a type ofwhiteness that is not benign. While white folks imagine themselves through the lens of white privilege (where they are kind, innocent, and good). For others, Whiteness (and by implication, white people) has been a harbinger of violence, death, destruction, and exclusion. White men with guns who...
  • The Skewed-Polling Conspiracy Theory Goes Mainstream

    10/03/2012 7:16:18 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 16 replies
    Slate ^ | October 2, 2012 | Josh Voorhees
    A new poll out today suggests that GOP accusations of intentional manipulation on the part of pollsters are resonating with the American public. Roughly 42 percent of those surveyed by left-leaning Public Policy Polling said pollsters were manipulating their data in order to show President Obama with a lead, while 40 percent said that wasn't the case. The remaining 18 percent said they were not sure what to think. The exact wording of the question: "Do you think pollsters are intentionally skewing their polls this year to help Barack Obama, or not?" The results show that self-identified Republicans were particularly...
  • Poll: Plurality say polls biased for Obama

    10/02/2012 1:35:53 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 10 replies
    The Hill ^ | 10/02/2012 | Justin Sink
    A plurality of Americans and more than seven in 10 Republicans say pollsters are intentionally skewing results to benefit President Obama, according to a new poll released Tuesday. Some 42 percent of voters surveyed by Daily Kos and SEIU believe pollsters are manipulating their sample sizes to benefit the incumbent president, while 40 percent do not. An additional 18 percent said they were not sure. That's evidence that Republican claims that Democrats and minority voters are being oversampled in national polls could be resonating — and potentially undermining the momentum of the president's early lead. Some Republicans — most prominently...
  • Romney Campaign Depends On TV Debate Success

    10/02/2012 4:35:57 AM PDT · by granada · 6 replies
    Skynews, UK ^ | 9:05pm UK, Monday 01 October 2012 | Dominic Waghorn
    Mitt Romney faces the most important week of his political life. Wednesday night's first television debate in Denver could be his last chance to rescue his presidential campaign. Since the Republican Party convention Mr Romney has suffered a gradual but steady decline in the polls. His secretly-recorded comments to donors last month that he did not worry about 47 per cent of the electorate has done enormous damage. The race is still close nationally but in the all-important swing states he is losing ground to his Democrat opponent, Barack Obama.
  • Journalism's darkest hour

    10/01/2012 6:35:56 PM PDT · by Navy Patriot · 53 replies
    The San Mateo Daily Journal ^ | September 29, 2012 | Dwight L. Schwab
    In case anyone just arrived from Mars, the mainstream media wants Mitt Romney to fail in his quest for the White House. Surprised? They will do whatever possible as “legitimate journalists” to collaborate with the Obama re-election campaign — shamefully so.(Snip)The mainstream media is in the tank for Obama. Every student journalism can recognize that. It’s too late for most already involved “professionally.” Most of them have already violated most of the ethical rules and sold their souls to Obama long ago. As a journalism graduate from the University of Oregon, I am personally ashamed.
  • Bias: WaPo's Astounding Hit Piece on Paul Ryan

    10/01/2012 6:05:49 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 15 replies ^ | October 1, 2012 | Guy Benson
    If asked, how might you describe Paul Ryan's role and level of involvement within the national conversation about Washington's budget process and the looming debt crisis?  If you were the Washington Post, you'd attempt to capture it with this surreal headline:    "Amid Debt Crisis, Paul Ryan Sat on Sidelines" Welcome to Bizarro World.  Of all the potential attacks on Paul Ryan "journalist" Lori Montgomery had at her disposal, she decided to run with the preposterous-on-its-face "he just sits in the corner and does nothing" angle.  Where to begin?  Keith Hennessey has an outstanding and comprehensive piece deconstructing Montgomery's, ahem, "reportage" over...
  • NH Poll: Obama opens up 15 point lead

    10/01/2012 5:59:41 PM PDT · by Joe27 · 200 replies
    Reported on RealClearPolitics ^ | October 1st | University of New Hampshire
    "President Barack Obama has opened a lead over Mitt Romney in New Hampshire. Independent voters who had been supporting Romney have swung to Obama in recent weeks." ....... "With one month remaining before the November 6 election, Barack Obama has opened up a statistically significant lead over Mitt Romney in the battleground state of New Hampshire. In the most recent Granite State Poll, 52% of likely New Hampshire voters plan to vote for Obama, 37% say they will support Romney, 3% prefer some other candidate, and 9% say they are undecided."
  • WE ARE THE 91%: Only 9% of Americans Cooperate with Pollsters

    09/30/2012 7:18:51 PM PDT · by TChad · 66 replies
    PJ Tatler -- PJ Media ^ | September 30, 2012 | Zombie
    One of the most amazing — and significant — statistics of this election season has gone almost completely unnoticed: Only 9% of sampled households gave an answer to pollsters in 2012: It has become increasingly difficult to contact potential respondents and to persuade them to participate. The percentage of households in a sample that are successfully interviewed – the response rate – has fallen dramatically. At Pew Research, the response rate of a typical telephone survey was 36% in 1997 and is just 9% today.
  • Tea Party Voting Bloc

    09/29/2012 5:53:03 AM PDT · by no-llmd · 35 replies
    Strata Sphere ^ | 9-27-2012 | A J Strata
    The Libertarian/Tea Party insurgent voting bloc of 2010, that swept the GOP into office in mind boggling historic numbers, is still out there in force. But this bloc is resistant to being sampled in the polls, and this causes the polls to be skewed towards Obama.
  • Another MSNBC Scandal? Blaze Readers at Campaign Event Claim Network Misled in Video of Rally Chant

    09/27/2012 2:51:45 PM PDT · by Perdogg · 13 replies
    On Wednesday, MSNBC aired a clip of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney leading what looks like a failed “Romney-Ryan” chant at a campaign stop in Ohio on Tuesday, prompting an embarrassed Joe Scarborough to mutter “Oh, sweet Jesus” and a purse-lipped Mika Brzezinski to ask “What’s wrong with those people?” You can see our coverage of Scarborough’s outburst here, but we’ve included the clip as a refresher:
  • The Recurring--and Misleading--Focus on Party Identification [Gallup says we are full of crap]

    09/27/2012 12:46:06 PM PDT · by SoFloFreeper · 22 replies
    Gallup ^ | 9/27/12 | Gallup's Editor in Chief
    The discussion of the party identification composition of poll samples comes up in every presidential election with which I've been involved. Interested observers often opine that when a given poll shows that Candidate X is ahead, it cannot be correct because there is a higher percentage of voters who identify with Candidate X’s party in the sample than there should be, based on comparison to some previous standard. There are several reasons why this is a faulty approach to evaluating a poll's results. Party identification is basically an attitudinal variable, not a stable population parameter... Party identification changes as political...
  • Filmmaker arrested for fake terrorist video [Only arrested after putting it up on youtube?]

    09/27/2012 5:57:58 AM PDT · by SoFloFreeper · 7 replies ^ | 9/25/12 | Christine LaCroix
    Police arrested Michael D. Turley Monday after he allegedly dressed his teenage relative in a sheet, armed him with a fake rocket-propelled grenade launcher, and sent him to create a terrorist hoax to prompt police response... Police have been waiting since July 28 to make an arrest because Holmes said they needed more evidence of Turley’s intent. They got that evidence last week when Turley posted his film on YouTube, in which he clearly states that he is, “about to mimic a modern day terrorist brandishing an intimidating weapon.” That gave police what they needed to make an arrest. In...
  • Rove: 'Be careful' with polls; Carter once beat Reagan

    09/26/2012 8:09:58 PM PDT · by TBBT · 13 replies
    Fox News ^ | 9/26/12 | The O'Reilly Factor
    Are the polls dishonest?
  • Why the polls have an Obama bias

    09/26/2012 6:04:30 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 33 replies
    Daily Caller ^ | 09/26/2012 | Brandon J. Gaylord
    The overwhelming majority of public opinion polls show President Obama cruising to re-election. State polls of Ohio, Florida, Virginia, Wisconsin and Iowa are now consistently showing Obama with leads of five points or more.But Romney is not behind in the polls because liberal Republicans are being turned off or independents are moving toward Obama. Most polls show Romney doing very well within his own party and holding his own with independents. Romney is dropping in the polls because pollsters are predicting a Democratic edge in turnout that will make 2008 look like a good year for the GOP.For example, the...
  • How Biased Is Your Announcer?

    09/25/2012 6:15:09 PM PDT · by Beave Meister · 30 replies
    The Wall Street Journal ^ | 9/24/2012 | JARED DIAMOND
    If you're wondering what's going on in the American League Central pennant race over the next week, all you need to do is tune into a Chicago White Sox telecast and listen for the voice of the team's play-by-play man, Ken "Hawk" Harrelson. Harrelson is, to put it diplomatically, a bit of a "homer." In other words, he's unapologetic about his devotion to the White Sox, the team he routinely calls "the good guys." According to one measure, Harrelson and his booth partner, Steve Stone, make more nakedly biased statements during a single game than every other TV broadcast team...
  • Obama campaign had twice the staff as Romney last month at same cost (Media Bias)

    09/24/2012 1:47:06 PM PDT · by justlittleoleme · 17 replies
    Los Angeles Times ^ | September 24, 2012 | Matea Gold
    But the president appears to be getting a much bigger bang for his buck. According to an analysis by the Times Data Desk, part of the Los Angeles Times, the Obama campaign had 901 people on its payroll last month, and paid them a median salary of $3,074 a month, or $36,886 a year. The Romney campaign, in contrast, had 403 people on its payroll, and paid them a median salary of $6,437 in August, which would mean $77,250 a year. **SNIP** Nevertheless, the RNC appears to have a smaller staff than the Democratic National Committee. Last month, it employed...
  • Ed Henry on Fox's Studio B is Flat Out WRONG

    09/24/2012 12:49:31 PM PDT · by My Favorite Headache · 8 replies
    Fox News Studio B | 9/24/2012
    Ed Henry of Fox News is in NYC today because he is the White House reporter and goes where Obama goes. So he just did a live shot on Studio B with Shep Smith and he said and I quote: "The attack in Libya was the first terrorist attack on Obama's watch" This is just flat out wrong. Fort Hood was a terror attack that took place right here on our soil and yet Ed seems to believe that since the U.S. Government hasn't called it officially a terrorist attack then it can't be called one. What about the Times...
  • Website That Filters Party Bias Out of Presidential Polls has Romney Up 5-11% Nationally

    09/24/2012 9:41:17 AM PDT · by Reaganite Republican · 41 replies
    Reaganite Republican ^ | Reaganite Republican
    Rasmussen Reports has long been the most credible of polling agencies- the record speaks for itself. Part of this famed accuracy springs from the fact that as they are not a part of the liberal media establishment in this country, and also because Rasmussen extrapolates polling data from only those intending to vote in November... not merely 'registered voters' or 'adults' as so many others do, a technique that consistently distorts results to the political left.  Obviously, this means talking to only people likely to affect the upcoming election, producing accurate predictions that skewing MSM spinmeisters can never hope to match... because...
  • 'Game Change' wins big at Emmy's [What a shock: Sarah Palin bashing movie is rewarded]

    09/24/2012 4:10:35 AM PDT · by SoFloFreeper · 18 replies
    Politico ^ | 9/24/12 | Patrick Gavin
    Politics didn’t escape Sunday night’s Emmy Awards in Hollywood. Actress Julianne Moore, upon accepting her Emmy for Outstanding Actress in a Miniseries or Movie for her depiction of Sarah Palin in HBO’s “Game Change,” told the crowd: “Wow. I feel so validated because Sarah Palin gave me a big thumbs down.” (Palin was a frequent critic of the film, which focused on the McCain/Palin ticket in 2008.)
  • CBS edits out Obama admission of lies in ads in interview (Lying Obama and lying MSM)

    09/24/2012 3:09:07 AM PDT · by tobyhill · 15 replies
    Digital Journal ^ | 9/24/2012 | Gar Swaffar
    Politics is a dirty business, but do the major media outlets need to be part of that 'dirty business', and do the major media outlets need to be more honest in their own selective editing? The admission of mistakes and just plain lies which President Obama made to 60 Minutes interviewer Steve Kroft somehow wound up on the cutting room floor during editing. That seems to indicate a functional bias of omission by CBS, as in the ongoing discussion at this DJ blog posted by sumdume. The 'sin' of omission in editing is seemingly the most difficult to deduce is...
  • What John McLaughlin Sees in the Polls Right Now

    09/21/2012 8:00:37 PM PDT · by lasereye · 12 replies
    National Review ^ | September 21, 2012 | Jim Geraghty
    I reached out to Republican pollster John McLaughlin for yesterday’s piece on how undecided voters are likely to break, and he made some separate comments about polls, their impact on motivation for each side, and how the campaigns want to use skewed poll numbers to depress the opposition. How he’s defining likely voters right now: “For the most part we’re polling likely voters. It’s a loose screen. We keep people who say they’re only somewhat likely to vote. But the vast majority say that they are definitely or very likely to vote. They’re voting.” How campaigns try to sway polling...
  • Who Owns the News Media

    09/21/2012 11:09:41 AM PDT · by B4Ranch · 24 replies
    Who Owns The Media? The 6 Monolithic Corporations That Control Almost Everything We Watch, Hear And Read Back in 1983, approximately 0 corporations controlled the vast majority of all news media in the United States. Today, ownership of the news media has been concentrated in the hands of just six incredibly powerful media corporations. These corporate behemoths control most of what we watch, hear and read every single day. They own television networks, cable channels, movie studios, newspapers, magazines, publishing houses, music labels and even many of our favorite websites. Sadly, most Americans don't even stop to think about who...
  • Obama makes surprise visitat burger joint [Local Media Swoons, Gives Free Commercial]

    09/21/2012 5:24:32 AM PDT · by SoFloFreeper · 16 replies
    WSVN-TV ^ | 9/20/12
    ... Obama made a surprise visit at a local burger restaurant after campaigning at the University of Miami... Obama sat down with three UM students and talked about tuition prices and student loans and shared a plate of French fries.
  • Miami station just brushed off Libya, Fast/Furious, and Obama whorehouse as "federal gov't" issues

    09/20/2012 6:03:14 AM PDT · by SoFloFreeper · 1 replies
    No link...just put on air. Exercising in the morning, my Y (like most, I'm sure) has a bank of tv stations up in front of the cardio machines. Anyway, just saw the Fox station there run a story called "revealing reports"....what was it? Basically a very quick blowoff of three big stories that reflect poorly on Obamugabe. Paraphrased, in about 90 seconds, viewers were told Libya was attacked by terrorists, the DOJ has lots of people to blame for Brian Terry's death--but not Eric Holder, and by the way that Secret Service prostitution scandal appears to have involved members of...
  • The Journolist's Pimps with Limps

    09/20/2012 5:38:05 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 7 replies ^ | September 20, 2012 | Shawn Mitchell
    Dear Media Mavens: Watching you folks hyperventilate over a months-old, pirated video of a campaign fundraiser got me wondering: Who decides what news gets the gang-bang-everyone-come-join-the-dog-pile-of-ridicule treatment? Is there, like a conference call, or secret email list? Because, man, you’re missing some big opportunities. Just yesterday, our big-stick president said—to a comedian, appropriately—“The message we have to send to the Muslim world is we expect you to work with us to keep our people safe.” Now, that is comedy gold! Our commander in chief is telegraphing critical policy and diplomatic overtures on a late night talk show? He pretends to...
  • Nevada and New Mexico GOPers knock Romney for “47 percent” comments [Gutless or Media Spin?]

    09/19/2012 11:43:29 AM PDT · by SoFloFreeper · 16 replies
    ap/yahoo ^ | 9/19/12 | Max Zimbert
    Republicans Sen. Dean Heller (R-NV) and New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez both said they support government funded safety nets that GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney seemed to criticize in secretly videotaped remarks during a private fundraiser held in May.
  • Andrea Mitchell: NBC Hasn't "Authenticated" Obama Redistribution Clip, Won't Air

    09/19/2012 11:08:05 AM PDT · by justlittleoleme · 15 replies
    Real Clear Politics ^ | Posted on September 19, 2012
    On her MSNBC program this afternoon, NBC News' Andrea Mitchell said the network would not air the clip of then-State Senator Barack Obama endorsing redistribution in 1988 because the network could not "authenticate" the clip. "Let's explain this redistribution issue because we have not authenticated this 14-year-old tape from Loyola College when Barack Obama was a state senator. So because we have not independently at NBC news and MSNBC authenticated it, we're not airing it," Mitchell said. "But the basic issue is they're accusing President Obama, as John Sununu said to be yesterday, of class warfare. That is trying to...
  • Is There a Double Standard in the MSM?

    09/19/2012 9:28:05 AM PDT · by Starman417 · 9 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 09-19-12 | Wordsmith
    It is happening, again. In the aftermath of the 2008 Election: Media bias was more intense in the 2008 election than in any other national campaign in recent history, Time magazine’s Mark Halperin said Friday at the Politico/USC conference on the 2008 election. “It’s the most disgusting failure of people in our business since the Iraq war,” [ed. failure to force the United States to run like cowards?] Halperin said at a panel of media analysts. “It was extreme bias, extreme pro-Obama coverage.” MSM in '08 did not properly vet Senator Obama. Posts to reflect upon: UPDATED! The Ties That...
  • How Biased Are Polls?

    09/19/2012 4:59:50 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 33 replies
    National Review ^ | 09/19/2012 | Katrina Trinko
    It has become a familiar pattern this election cycle: A poll shows President Obama several points ahead of Mitt Romney, conservatives look at the poll’s sample and discover that a significantly higher percentage of those polled are Democrats than Republicans, and, finally, the poll is dismissed as biased. But here is another possibility: At this particular point in the race, a higher percentage of voters may be identifying themselves as Democrats. That doesn’t mean they will still see themselves as Democrats on Election Day, but for whatever reason (such as excitement over the convention) they do now. Exit polls, after...
  • Jeff Atwater Defends Mitt Romney’s Campaign Strategy Comments

    09/19/2012 2:54:51 AM PDT · by SoFloFreeper · 7 replies
    Sunshine State News ^ | 9/19/12 | Jim Turner
    Florida's Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater defended Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney from the national media onslaught coming his way for unguarded closed-door statements made months ago in Boca Raton... “It seems to me like what he was expressing is ‘my job,’” Atwater said, following the state Cabinet meeting Tuesday in the Capitol. “My job is to go talk to those individuals who I have a chance of persuading. My job is to talk to those folks who may still be open-minded to what I am talking about. Now if that was the intent of what he was saying, I...
  • Miami media ignores Obamugabe admin on Libya, Trumpets Romney tape

    09/18/2012 4:22:01 AM PDT · by SoFloFreeper · 8 replies
    I am so pissed at the Miami media...we had NO coverage of the contradictory Obamugabe statements all weekend...none of these so-called local news stations bothered to mention the vile lies from the administration. But I go to exercise and what do I see in the bank of TVs in front of me? By golly, the little fascists in Miami "journalism" are eager and happy to denigrate Mitt Romney and carry the water for Obamugabe.
  • How Republics Fail: The media's degrading hero worship trivializes an election.

    09/17/2012 6:39:48 AM PDT · by chickadee · 14 replies
    National Review ^ | September 17, 2012 | Michael Knox Beran
    Having been corrupted into a semi-official state press, America’s mainstream media is now transforming the most important election in a generation into the political equivalent of an episode of The Bachelor. Liberalism’s scribal class is actually pleased that the contest has become a referendum not on the president’s record or his plans but on his charisma and popularity. In the kingdom of vapor, substance has no place. This is how republics die, in thrall to the inane, the frivolous, and the inconsequential. A liberalism incapable of persuading the public to embrace its policies has been converted by its media tribunes...
  • New York Times Sent Unpublished Columns to the Obama Administration for Vetting

    09/15/2012 5:13:23 AM PDT · by chessplayer · 35 replies
    The New York Times is developing a bad habit of sending its columns to the Obama administration for approval. Daniel Harper at the Weekly Standard reported yesterday on a no-no committed by then-contributing Times columnist Peter Orszag, former director of Obama's Office of Management and Budget and an Obama-care booster in an October 20, 2010 column, "Malpractice Methodology." Halper wrote in part: The latest Bob Woodward books reveals that Peter Orszag, at the time a columnist for the New York Times, sent a draft of an article to White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett for review and comments before publishing....
  • Proof of Media Bias (as if we needed any)

    09/16/2012 10:49:24 AM PDT · by zencycler · 8 replies
    Vanity, Self, Google | 9/16/2012 | self
    I saw the phrase "House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi: in an article I was reading, and it occurred to me, I don't recall the media frequently using that official (and relatively insignificant) title when Republicans held that post. To prove this, I'm comparing Google exact phrase (in quotes" search results, and under "Tools", I'm setting a custom range of January 1, 2008 to present. By doing this, I'm actually comparing a time period where Boehner held the post for FOUR years and Pelosi held if for less than TWO, so naturally, I should expect more results to appear for Boehner....
  • Slow rebound may determine whether NC really swung [Media finds poor white guy who likes BO]

    09/15/2012 2:54:18 PM PDT · by SoFloFreeper · 15 replies
    yahoo/AP ^ | 9/15/12 | Allen G Breed
    In many ways, Keith Fountain's personal economic odyssey is North Carolina's. After a decade at Lucent Technologies, Fountain was making $22 an hour working in the company's warehouse in Concord, northeast of Charlotte, when he was laid off in July 2009... Fountain says he does not blame the president for his financial setbacks. "I mean, there are some things he could have handled a bit different," Fountain says of the man he voted for in 2008, and for whom he intends to vote again this November. "But, for the most part, he's made every effort he can to turn things...
  • Campaign Coverage Goes Beyond Biased

    09/14/2012 4:17:29 AM PDT · by IBD editorial writer · 12 replies
    Investor's Business Daily ^ | 09/13/2012 | IBD Staff
    n an interview this week, the president of CBS News insisted his network isn't biased. We agree. When it comes to the current election campaign, calling the mainstream press biased doesn't go nearly far enough. These days, the media aren't just tilting stories, they're acting like paid employees of the Obama campaign's PR shop. Think about it. Over the past several months, there hasn't been one major political story line pushed by the mainstream press that hasn't been perfectly in sync with the Obama campaign's strategic messaging plan.
  • Chicago Loses Olympic Bid; CNN Freaks Out: "WHAT!?" [Flashback Demonstrates Obama Worship]

    09/12/2012 5:58:09 PM PDT · by SoFloFreeper · 11 replies
    youtube/cnn ^ | 10/2/09
    [CNN has been carrying the water for Obama for a long time...and this is an early example.]
  • Press Coordinates Question to Ask Romney (At what point does this idiocy become a crime?)

    09/12/2012 1:59:56 PM PDT · by rrdog · 26 replies
    Weekly Standard ^ | 09-12-2012
    CBS REPORTER: I’m just trying to make sure that we’re just talking about, no matter who he calls on we’re covered on the one question.
  • EXCLUSIVE: Open mic captures press coordinating questions for Romney

    09/12/2012 11:27:01 AM PDT · by KansasGirl · 181 replies
    Before Romney issued his statement today, an open mic capture the press coordinating questions to ask Romney, with one saying “no matter who he calls on we’re covered on the one question”. I’ve transcribed it to the best of my ability but the audio is below for verification: I’ve labeled one as the CBS News reporter as I believe it is Nancy Cordes who works for CBS News. I’ve I gotten that wrong I apologize and will correct. UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: …pointing out that the Republicans… *unintelligible* …Obama…. CBS REPORTER: That’s the question. UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: *unintelligible* CBS REPORTER: Yeah that’s the...
  • Former University of Chicago Law School dean: Obama was never offered tenure

    09/12/2012 7:41:34 AM PDT · by afraidfortherepublic · 37 replies
    Daily Caller ^ | 9-12-12 | Charles C. Johnson
    A longtime professor and one-time dean of the University of Chicago Law School told The Daily Caller that Barack Obama was never offered tenure, despite the assertions of a New York Times reporter who covers the president and the first family. “Other faculty members dreamed of tenured positions; [Obama] turned them down,” wrote Times White House Correspondent Jodi Kantor, author of “The Obamas,” in a July 30, 2008 profile of the president’s twelve years as a lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School. And yet, according to longtime University of Chicago law professor Richard Epstein, Obama was never actually...
  • Local Media Newswatch: Are they covering Obama's snub of Israel?

    09/12/2012 4:28:16 AM PDT · by SoFloFreeper · 9 replies
    September 12, 2012
    Miami and West Palm morning news....where there are TONS of Jewish voters....NOT A MENTION OF OBAMA snubbing Israel. How about where you live? Is the media just as biased?
  • Clinton brings ‘explainer’ show to Florida [Local Media Buries Nose in BO's Backside]

    09/12/2012 2:36:11 AM PDT · by SoFloFreeper · 6 replies
    Palm Beach Post ^ | September 11, 2012 | George Bennett
    In addition to Bill Clinton’s new role as President Obama’s “Secretary of Explaining Stuff,” the former president served as a micro-targeter for the Obama campaign Tuesday with a speech that focused largely on college students and seniors in the up-for-grabs Sunshine State.
  • CNN Commits Birth Certificate Fraud To Cover For Obama’s Constitutional Ineligibility

    09/11/2012 8:02:05 AM PDT · by ednoonan7 · 31 replies
    Obama Ballot Challenge ^ | 9-11-12 | Pamela Barnett
    CNN Commits Birth Certificate Fraud To Cover For Obama’s Constitutional Ineligibility Posted by Pamela Barnett - 11 September 2012 CNN states on their program that a picture of a real Hawaii birth certificate is Obama’s when it belongs to a Japanese-American (possibly Keith Suganuma) child born in 1960 to a father Francis (possibly last name Suganuma), 42, who was a police officer and a mother Mildred, 20. Please review screen shots from CNN’s video and help fill in the rest of the pieces. I think the mother’s middle and maiden names may be Kazuo and Yashiki respectively. Notice that CNN...
  • After Bin Laden, Democrats Drive 9/11 Politics [Dream On, Media]

    09/11/2012 5:26:19 AM PDT · by SoFloFreeper · 5 replies
    ABC ^ | September 11, 2012 | GREGORY J. KRIEG
    ... A new ABC News poll shows Obama with a 51-40 percent lead over Romney on the question of whom registered voters prefer to handle terror threats. At this time in 2008, Republican candidate John McCain led Obama by 20 points on the same question. That's a 31-point swing in just four years....
  • The Ryan Sinkhole [NYT clown claims Ryan budget vague, Obama's is courageous]

    09/10/2012 12:02:36 PM PDT · by SoFloFreeper · 10 replies
    NYT ^ | 9/9/12 | Thomas B Edsall
    ...the Paul Ryan budget is the core document of the 2012 campaign. It is the most explicit expression of the Republican agenda... What people have not been talking about enough is that the Ryan budget contains an $897 billion sinkhole: massive but unexplained cuts in such discretionary domestic programs as education, food and drug inspection, workplace safety, environmental protection and law enforcement.
  • Miami Morning TV THRILLED with Obamugabe & the Pizza Clown

    09/10/2012 2:13:00 AM PDT · by SoFloFreeper · 5 replies
    Miami morning tv | September 10, 2012
    Just tuning in to south Florida tv, and lo and behold, the stations are all THRILLED to report Obama's interaction with the pizza well as the impending appearance of Bill the impeached sink stainer Clinton. No reporting on the lousy jobs numbers. We heard from those in Obamugabe's urban base....strangely, no one who disagreed with him was available for comment. One station had a little extended video of BO and the Pizza, the video of the encounter looks even MORE like a setup than the still photos.
  • Gettysburg College, Bias In Academia & Scholarship

    09/07/2012 4:28:22 PM PDT · by Davy Buck · 23 replies ^ | 09/07/2012 | Richard Williams
    Does anyone really believe it's a stretch to suggest that academic history bloggers are also "motivated by 'culture war' dynamics that tended to conflate religious and political conservatives in responding to adversaries?"
  • Castro's daughter flips hair into fame [Media swoons over Democrat kids...]

    09/06/2012 7:15:41 AM PDT · by SoFloFreeper · 11 replies
    CNN ^ | September 5, 2012 | Jeanne Moos
    Julian Castro's daughter flips her hair and steals the show at the Democratic convention, as CNN's Jeanne Moos reports.