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  • Taxpayers Foot The Bill; Big Bird Cleans Up The Profits

    10/06/2012 6:17:40 AM PDT · by Snuph · 10 replies ^ | October 06, 2012 | DMartyr
    Big Bird may be on welfare, but he's cleaning up big with merchandising profits: Shows like Sesame Street are multi-million dollar enterprises capable of thriving in the private market. According to the 990 tax form all nonprofits are required to file, Sesame Workshop President and CEO Gary Knell received $956,513 -- nearly a million dollars -- in compensation in 2008. And, from 2003 to 2006, "Sesame Street" made more than $211 million from toy and consumer product sales. That works out to around $50 million a year in profits. In the end, it's the U.S. taxpayer that loses. It's time...
  • TheDC Opinion: Big Bird can make it rain on his own.

    10/05/2012 3:46:17 PM PDT · by Palmetto Patriot · 7 replies
    Daily Caller ^ | 10/05/2012 | Taylor Bigler
    Big Bird is a billionaire. A Warren Buffett, Eric Schmidt, Steve Jobs billionaire, which is pretty impressive considering that he is not a real person but rather a giant, yellow bird (which is a kind of terrifying concept if you actually think about it for a second.) Advocates for continued federal funding of the Public Broadcasting Service got their undies in a twist Wednesday night when GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney said that he would cut funding to the beloved TV station to reduce the national deficit. “I like PBS. I love Big Bird … But I’m not going to...
  • Change in Moderator for October 16th Presidential Debate

    10/05/2012 2:32:44 PM PDT · by DanMiller · 13 replies
    Dan Miller's Blog ^ | October 5, 2012 | Dan Miller
    Candy Crowley has become unexpectedly unavailable. But the show must go on.Immediately following the October 3rd presidential debacle debate, CNN advised President Obama, as well as some guy scheduled to debate him about foreign policy on October 16th, that Candy Crowley needed an immediate and lengthy period of convalescent leave commencing immediately and extending at least through mid January. Hence, she will be unavailable as debate moderator. Having left for Syria early on the morning of October 4th, Ms. Crowley could not be reached for comment due to the communications and other difficulties currently being experienced there. Despite this unexpected...
  • Obama-Romney presidential debate 2012: Mitt clobbers Obama (Taiwan Animation)

    10/05/2012 10:10:57 AM PDT · by TexasCajun · 8 replies
    Next Media Animation/The ^ | October 5, 2012 | Next Media Animation
    The Taiwanese company New Media Animation (NMA) has a shockingly astute understanding of American politics. NMA has had a field day animating some of the more parody rich moments in this last year of the American election cycle. The site, which boasts the slogan “All the news that is fit to animate,” has beaten many American pundits and humorists to the punch this week with a hysterical, masterfully animated version of the presidential Debates from Wednesday night. Here are some of the highlights
  • Hope Is the Thing With Feathers (Desperate Democrats Hide Behind Big Bird)

    10/05/2012 7:01:56 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 29 replies
    National Review ^ | 10/05/2012 | Michelle Malkin
    Mitt Romney sure ruffled a lot of feathers over his proposal to eliminate taxpayer funding for government-sponsored TV. As soon as the GOP presidential candidate singled out PBS for cuts during the presidential debate in Denver, the hysterical squawking commenced. Left-leaning celebrities immediately erupted on Twitter. “WOW!!! No PBS!! WTF how about cutting congress’s stuff leave big bird alone,” Whoopi Goldberg fumed. “Mitt is smirky, sweaty, indignant and smug with an unsettling hint of hysteria. And he wants to kill BIG BIRD,” actress Olivia Wilde despaired. “Who picks on Big Bird!!! #bulliesthatswho,” actress Taraji Henson chimed in. Social-media activists called...
  • Big Bird Has Stuck His Beak in Politics Before [Focus on this crap, ignore gas and food prices]

    10/05/2012 4:53:09 AM PDT · by SoFloFreeper · 13 replies
    WSJ ^ | October 5, 2012 | Jeremy Olshan
    Big Bird may seem as apolitical as he is unable to fly, but the eight-foot-tall primrose condor (or canary, depending on who you ask) is no stranger to presidential politics. In fact, as the veteran of even more administrations than Dick Cheney, the jibe from Mitt Romney at Wednesday’s debate wasn’t even the first time the oversize muppet ruffled Republican feathers. Back in 1970, the first time Big Bird visited the White House, he got a little too touchy feely for First Lady Pat Nixon’s tastes, longtime puppeteer Carol Spinney wrote in his 2003 memoir The Wisdom of Big Bird.
  • Mitt Romney: I stand with Big Bird (Real Romney petition-not satire)BARF

    10/04/2012 6:27:49 PM PDT · by barmag25 · 54 replies ^ | 10/4/12 | Evan Sutton
    Big Bird isn't just a big, yellow bird. Every day, millions of children -- including my two sons and my daughter -- tune in to PBS. What they get is programming that teaches them. They learn their letters and numbers, yes. But they also learn about character. About treating one another with dignity and kindness. They learn that it's OK to be different, and to stand up for their friends. Governor Romney says he likes Big Bird, but he's going to cut PBS anyway. PBS accounts for about 1/100th of 1% (.0012%) of the Federal Budget. It provides high quality...
  • Obama's Common Ground With Big Bird

    10/04/2012 4:13:32 PM PDT · by The Looking Spoon · 3 replies
    The Looking Spoon ^ | 10-4-12 | The Looking Spoon
    For all the accusations that Romney is non-specific he wasn't vague (or wrong) about his call to end public funding of PBS. Incidentally, this is the only thing liberals in social media have latched on to...and it's still a losing argument.
  • Breaking! has just learned from a credible source....

    10/04/2012 7:12:31 AM PDT · by wayoverontheright · 1 replies
    8-04-12 | wayoverontheright
    .... that Ben Bernanke and Big Bird have both sent out a number of resumes this morning. The information we have received is that, though only a few of the applications were sent to the same entities, the salary requests on the forms were identical.
  • Guantanamo Bay Prisoners Were Tortured With Sesame Street (ROFLMAO ... Crimes Against Humanity)

    05/30/2012 8:19:49 PM PDT · by DogByte6RER · 61 replies
    THE INQUISITR ^ | May 30, 2012 | THE INQUISITR
    Guantanamo Bay Prisoners Were Tortured With Sesame Street Guantanamo Bay prisoners were reportedly tortured with the sounds of children’s Sesame Street songs, in an attempt to get them to talk. Al Jazeera reports that Thomas Keenan, a human rights researcher, explained that: “Prisoners were forced to put on headphones. They were attached to chairs, headphones were attached to their heads, and they were left alone just with the music for very long periods of time. Sometimes hours, even days on end, listening to repeated loud music.” Christopher Cerf, the award-winning composer of the songs used to torture prisoners at both...
  • TOP SECRET: Your Briefing on the CIA's Cold-War Spy Satellite, 'Big Bird'

    01/01/2012 12:14:42 AM PST · by neverdem · 51 replies · 1+ views
    The Atlantic ^ | December 29, 2011 | Alexis Madrigal
    The amazing story of how our supersecret, Cold-War spy satellites took photos of the Soviet empire and dropped them to Earth, all without the help of computers, bandwidth, or digital cameras. Here's your mission, should you choose to accept it: build a camera that can take high-resolution photographs of the Earth from orbit and return them to the Central Intelligence Agency. There's only one catch: you don't get to use a computer or a single kilobyte of network bandwidth. That's the task that the United States government gave to a group of engineers at the optical instruments company Perkin-Elmer...
  • Kill Big Bird

    01/27/2010 4:32:52 PM PST · by Abakumov · 33 replies · 909+ views
    The Washington Times ^ | January 28, 2010 | Editorial
    Public broadcasting's defenders make contradictory claims that the federal government only supplies a fraction of its funding, yet cutting it would put the organization into a death spiral. Public broadcasting receives about a 15 percent subsidy from the federal government, which is a reasonable cut to take in the public interest. Times are tough, and public broadcasting should not be given immunity from shared sacrifices. Some of public broadcasting's programs can be competitive in the marketplace. "Sesame Street" has long been used as an icon by PBS defenders, who stridently decry any attempts to "kill Big Bird." But "Sesame Street"...
  • Big Bird on Obama Qualification to be POTUS

    01/25/2010 9:10:57 AM PST · by etraveler13 · 15 replies · 1,755+ views
    Have you seen this, it was origonally aired on Conan O'brien..
  • Big Bird disputes whether Obama was born in the U.S....

    10/01/2009 6:14:55 PM PDT · by MelSmith · 34 replies · 1,656+ views
    Big Bird astutely asks Michelle Obama: “Are you absolutely sure that he wasn’t born in Kenya?” Hulu.comFrom the Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien Of course, that is probably the only coverage that the state-managed media will give to that story!
  • Caption Michelle Obama in Rome (this one is baaad)

    07/09/2009 11:36:55 AM PDT · by SolidWood · 248 replies · 10,020+ views
    Daylife ^ | July 8, 2009 | Daylife
    US First Lady Michelle Obama walks past a statue during her visit to the Capitoline museum on July 8, 2009 in Rome. The visit, attended by several First Ladies was organized on the sidelines of a G8 summit in L'Aquila.
  • Wall Street takes its toll on Sesame Street

    03/12/2009 12:10:07 PM PDT · by TSgt · 9 replies · 350+ views
    Blogging Stocks ^ | Mar 12th 2009 | Elizabeth Harrow
    There's been no shortage of heartstring-jerking reports from the current economic crisis -- seniors whose retirement accounts have been wiped clean; families relocating from homes to motels; MBAs forced to wear their resumes on sandwich boards. However, in my humble opinion, today's news might be the most pathetic: Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit organization that produces the classic Sesame Street TV show, is slashing 20% of its 355-member workforce. In a statement Wednesday, Sesame Workshop said it was "not immune to the unprecedented challenges of today's economic environment ... After careful review, we have concluded that we will have to operate...
  • Cretaceous Chicken: Bus-Sized Dinosaur Breathed Like Birds Do

    09/30/2008 3:08:33 PM PDT · by Justice Department · 32 replies · 1,592+ views
    foxnews ^ | September 30, 2008
    Dinosaur that lived 85 million years ago was size of a bus, but breathed like a bird A huge carnivorous dinosaur that lived about 85 million years ago had a breathing system much like that of today's birds, a new analysis of fossils reveals, reinforcing the evolutionary link between dinos and modern birds.
  • Huge Flying Reptiles Ate Dinosaurs

    05/27/2008 9:37:16 PM PDT · by pissant · 53 replies · 446+ views
    Live Science ^ | 5/27/08 | jeanna Bryner
    With a name like T. rex, you'd expect to be safe from even the fiercest paleo-bullies. Turns out, ancient, flying reptiles could have snacked on Tyrannosaurus Rex To uncover these feeding habits, Witton and Portsmouth colleague Darren Naish analyzed fossils of a group of toothless pterosaurs called azhdarchids, which are muchbabies and other landlubbing runts of the dinosaur world. A new study reveals a group of flying reptiles that lived during the Age of Dinosaurs some 230 million to 65 million years ago did not catch prey in flight, but rather stalked them on land. Until now, paleontologists pictured the...
  • Caption Bill and Hillary at an ice cream parlor

    07/05/2007 5:26:05 AM PDT · by redstates4ever · 102 replies · 2,457+ views
    Yahoo! News Photos | 7/3/07 | staff
    "Democratic Presidential candidate and U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton place an order at Whitey's Ice Cream during a campaign stop in Davenport, Iowa, July 3, 2007."Later...
  • Hillary's Worst Outfit Yet

    07/03/2007 7:54:50 PM PDT · by AnnaZ · 48 replies · 1,162+ views
    On Drudge ^ | 7/3/07
    Okay, frankly I'm demoralized when we focus too much on Hilliary!'s looks. The fact that she's an unapologetic Marxist should be enough. (Plus, she doesn't look that bad... it's just the maniacal facial expressions.) That said... what the hell was she thinking?!
  • Researcher: Early Man Was Hunted by Birds

    01/12/2006 6:15:18 AM PST · by skinkinthegrass · 100 replies · 2,077+ views
    The Associated Press ^ | Jan. 12, 2006, 6:36AM | ALEXANDRA ZAVIS
    JOHANNESBURG, South Africa — A South African anthropologist said Thursday his research into the death nearly 2 million years ago of an ape-man shows human ancestors were hunted by birds. "These types of discoveries give us real insight into the past lives of these human ancestors, the world they lived in and the things they feared," Lee Berger, a paleo-anthropologist at Johannesburg's University of Witwatersrand, said as he presented his conclusions about a mystery that has been debated since the remains of the possible human ancestor known as the Taung child were discovered in 1924.
  • Police Say Conn. Jogger's Death Homicide

    12/13/2005 7:40:39 PM PST · by SmithL · 39 replies · 1,282+ views
    AP ^ | 12/13/5
    Woodstock, Conn. -- The body of a woman who disappeared while jogging was found Tuesday on property owned by the performer who plays Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch on the television show "Sesame Street," a town official said. The body of Judith Nilan, 44, was found in a storage building during a search by state police, tracking dogs, volunteers and a helicopter. Police said her death was a homicide and an autopsy was scheduled. First Selectwoman Delpha Mae Very cautioned against drawing conclusions, saying the property owned by Caroll Spinney is a very large tract of remote wooded land....
  • Spider Control Made Easy

    09/03/2005 4:50:27 AM PDT · by genefromjersey · 15 replies · 457+ views
    The Morning Paper | 09/03/05 | vanity
    Spider Control Made Simple A 34 year-old German woman decided to rid her garage of spiders- so: First she attacked the pesky critters with hair spray – lots of it. The spiders were unimpressed , so the annoyed hausfrau grabbed a cigarette lighter , and attempted to burn them out. Hair spray being quite inflammable , there was a sort of popping noise,and, within minutes , flaming material was oozing down the garage wall , and setting a nearby hedge ablaze. The woman grabbed her garden hose , and tried to put the blaze out ; but it spread to...
  • Muslim Big Bird Goes Berserk! Advocates Violence of Palestinian Version of Sesame Street!

    12/08/2004 1:02:49 PM PST · by maxflack · 24 replies · 842+ views
    Muslim Big Bird Goes Berserk! Advocates Violence on Palestinian Version of Sesame Street!
  • Students: We Don't Want 'Big Bird' As Commencement Speaker

    04/26/2004 7:20:56 PM PDT · by new cruelty · 72 replies · 403+ views
    Associated Press ^ | April 26, 2004
    Villanova University seniors, who spent up to $112,000 on tuition in their four years, are underwhelmed by news that the actor who plays Big Bird will be this year's commencement speaker. Caroll Spinney, who has portrayed the tall yellow-feathered bird for more than 30 years on "Sesame Street," will address the class on May 16. Senior Joe Mordini, a columnist for the Villanovan, the student newspaper, said there are "other people who also embody truth and loyalty and love and other values of the university without also being iconic to the pre-school class." School officials said Spinney, who published a...
  • Emu Barbecue Halted at County Animal Shelter

    06/06/2003 6:51:36 AM PDT · by freebilly · 53 replies · 919+ views
    The Santa Rosa Press Democrat ^ | 6/6/06 | MARY CALLAHAN
    Vineyards border the enclosed pasture where Michele Mussen imagined an emu grazing, rescued from the Sonoma County Animal Shelter. Before she finalized plans to transport the stray bird, Mussen learned that someone else was about to take it home. The details came later from an anonymous caller: The emu had been given to a shelter worker who shot it, dressed it and was about to serve it up at a staff barbecue. "The whole thing is disgusting," Mussen said. "That was a domesticated emu. It could have been part of a petting zoo, and instead it was eaten." Barry Evans,...
  • Big Bird Tells All, Ruffles Feathers

    04/30/2003 12:29:46 AM PDT · by Timesink · 11 replies · 257+ views
    People ^ | April 29, 2003 | Stephen M. Silverman
    Big Bird Tells All, Ruffles FeathersApril 29, 2003STEPHEN M. SILVERMANNot surprisingly, Big Bird has a big mouth. Actually, it's the man behind the "Sesame Street" Bird -- Caroll Spinney, 69, who's been the overgrown fine, yellow-feathered friend for the past 34 years on the children's show, which is an institution on PBS. Now, Spinney's autobiography, "The Wisdom of Big Bird," is hitting book stores Tuesday. It's anything but feather-brained, and Spinney -- sensitive to what his young fans might think -- is entering the tell-all arena carefully. "For years I've kind of hidden from the public because I've seen disappointed...

    03/22/2003 7:04:44 PM PST · by restornu · 195 replies · 2,394+ views
    Hi I Am SmokeyWelcome to my establishment!
  • Your Attention, Please [Regarding Keywords]

    01/30/2003 1:01:30 PM PST · by Admin Moderator · 298 replies · 2,229+ views
    <p>Is this thing on? Plug in that cord over there. Yes that one. NO NOT INTO THAT PLUG yes that one. Thanks. Testing 1 2 3.</p> <p>Hi everyone. Your friendly neighborhood AM here.</p> <p>Keywords. You've seen them. You love them. Maybe you have even abused them.</p> <p>Please don't abuse keywords. There are children in China doing without keywords.</p> <p>1) Having who added what keyword be revealed at the whim of sadistic moderators, such as myself.</p>
  • What Is the Huge Bird Flying Over Manokotak, Alaska?

    10/28/2002 10:11:14 PM PST · by SteveH · 6 replies · 404+ views
    Earthfiles ^ | Oct 21, 2002 | Linda Moulton Howe
    What Is the Huge Bird Flying Over Manokotak, Alaska? (c) 2002 by Linda Moulton Howe [map of Manokotak, Alaska region] Interviews: John Bouker, Pilot and Owner, Bristol Bay Air Service, Dillingham, Alaska: "I looked out the window there ­ there are no roads here, so we get around by air. There has been numerous mid-airs in Alaska that you don't ever hear about in the United States, the lower 48. MEANING MID-AIR COLLISIONS? So we're always having to look around. Instead of cars, we have airplanes up here. And so, it looked like another airplane, small airplane of some kind....
  • Tale of big bird

    10/19/2002 3:39:02 PM PDT · by keving · 12 replies · 373+ views
    Anchorage Daily News (ADN.COM) ^ | 10/18/02 | Peter Porco
    Tale of big bird catches some air SOUTHWEST: Letterman, radio stations have some fun with Alaska sighting. Southwest Alaskans see bird they say is Super Cub-sized Steller's sea eagle By Peter Porco Anchorage Daily News (Published: October 18, 2002) A newspaper story this week about the sightings of a large bird in Southwest Alaska turned out to have wings. The tale of villagers seeing an eaglelike bird with a wingspan as long as a Dodge van brought dozens of e-mails from readers in Alaska and the Lower 48 and one from the Netherlands. The online newsmagazine Drudge Report posted links....
  • Now, HERE'S a happy picture to caption (vanity)

    09/20/2002 10:19:37 AM PDT · by EggsAckley · 24 replies · 171+ views
    9-20 02 | me
  • Transit Hub Possible by 2005(Where's Waldo, er, Hillary?)

    08/13/2002 10:34:44 AM PDT · by Diddle E. Squat · 18 replies · 327+ views
    New York Newsday ^ | 8/13/02 | Bobby Cuza
    A proposed transit hub linking a rebuilt PATH station with downtown subway lines could be completed as soon as 2005, officials said yesterday. At a news conference announcing the release of $4.55 billion in federal aid for downtown transportation projects, Port Authority and Lower Manhattan Development Corp. officials said the cash infusion could allow most projects now on the drawing board to become reality in three to five years.(See link for full story.)