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  • Coming Soon: Computer Chip Implants For Human Tracking

    11/01/2011 2:12:41 PM PDT · by JDW11235 · 75 replies ^ | November 1st, 2011 | Mac Slavo
    ...What that basically means is that in an emergency situation, such as a declaration of martial law, chipping stations will be immediately deployed. It will be for you and your family, and will ensure that you’ll receive emergency rations and other services in the event of a serious catastrophe. Next, they’ll require all government healthcare recipients to be chipped in order to prevent rampant fraud. An off-shoot may be to implement nationwide chipping programs for those receiving any government benefits including social security, Medicaid, Medicare, and Supplemental Nutritional Assistance. Prisoners and even detainees will be part of the first adopter...
  • New Police Drone Near Houston Could Carry Weapons

    10/30/2011 10:06:38 AM PDT · by markomalley · 77 replies
    KPRC ^ | October 29, 2011 | Stephen Dean
    CONROE, Texas -- A Houston area law enforcement agency is prepared to launch an unmanned drone that could someday carry weapons, Local 2 Investigates reported Friday. The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office in Conroe paid $300,000 in federal homeland security grant money and Friday it received the ShadowHawk unmanned helicopter made by Vanguard Defense Industries of Spring. A laptop computer is used to control the 50-pound unmanned chopper, and a game-like console is used to aim and zoom a powerful camera and infrared heat-seeking device mounted on the front. "To be in on the ground floor of this is pretty exciting...
  • Government paws on our every tweet

    10/29/2011 4:59:10 AM PDT · by Pfesser · 3 replies
    World Net Daily ^ | October 28, 2011 | Steven Wyer
    ... If that's not enough to get your antenna up, here's another bit of news that most people missed. In April 2010 it was announced that every 140-character snippet you have ever posted on Twitter has been committed to the U.S. Library of Congress. The Library of Congress and our friends at Twitter have agreed to archive every single tweet since its inception on March 21, 2006, when the first tweet was launched. It is now estimated that together we send a billion tweets a week – and all of it is be preserved forever. ... In September of this...
  • “Big Brother is Listening To Phone Calls And Reading Text Messages”‏

    10/28/2011 6:02:49 AM PDT · by Lexluthor69 · 23 replies
    The Silent Majority ^ | 10-28-11 | J.D. Longstreet
    On November 9th, 2011 Americans will get an up close and personal demonstration of the new powers the US government has given itself over America’s broadcast services. There will be a complete take over of the nation’s air waves, both television and radio – plus — cable television systems, wireless cable systems, satellite digital audio radio service (SDARS) providers, and direct broadcast satellite (DBS) providers. The power to do this is now in the hands of the President. Only he has the authority to do this. On November 9th there will be a test of how effectively the system will...
  • Gov't cameras in your car? E-toll patent hints at Big Brotherish future

    10/14/2011 10:59:32 AM PDT · by Recovering_Democrat · 18 replies
    pmsnbc | 10/14/11 | Bob Sullivan
    Imagine that you couldn't drive on major highways without agreeing to put a camera in your car -- one that could film either the occupants or the vehicle’s surroundings and transmit the images back to a central office for inspection... It's hard to imagine Americans would tolerate such a direct, Big-Brotherish intrusion. But they might not notice if the all-seeing cameras were tucked inside another kind of government tracking technology that millions of Americans have already invited into their cars. Kapsch TrafficCom AG, an Austrian company that just signed a 10-year contract to provide in-car transponders such as the E-Z...
  • Government Aims to Build a ‘Data Eye in the Sky’

    10/11/2011 3:02:54 PM PDT · by anymouse · 11 replies
    NY Times ^ | October 10, 2011 | JOHN MARKOFF
    (snip) The government is showing interest in the idea. This summer a little-known intelligence agency began seeking ideas from academic social scientists and corporations for ways to automatically scan the Internet in 21 Latin American countries for “big data,” according to a research proposal being circulated by the agency. The three-year experiment, to begin in April, is being financed by the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity, or Iarpa (pronounced eye-AR-puh), part of the office of the director of national intelligence. The automated data collection system is to focus on patterns of communication, consumption and movement of populations. It will use...
  • US Department of Homeland Security developing system to predict criminal intent

    10/09/2011 7:40:09 PM PDT · by Free ThinkerNY · 25 replies ^ | Oct. 8, 2011 | Donald Melanson
    We're not exactly lacking in opportunities for Minority Report references these days, but sometimes they're just unavoidable. According to a new report from CNET based on documents obtained by the Electronic Privacy Information Center, the US Department of Homeland security is now working on a system dubbed FAST (or Future Attribute Screening Technology) that's designed to identify individuals who are most likely to commit a crime. That's not done with something as simple as facial recognition and background checks, however, but rather algorithms and an array of sensors and cameras that can detect both physiological and behavioral cues that are...
  • FBI to launch nationwide facial recognition service

    10/08/2011 8:01:46 PM PDT · by madison10 · 18 replies
    Nextgov ^ | October 7, 2011 | Aliya Sternstein
    The FBI by mid-January will activate a nationwide facial recognition service in select states that will allow local police to identify unknown subjects in photos, bureau officials told Nextgov. The federal government is embarking on a multiyear, $1 billion dollar overhaul of the FBI's existing fingerprint database to more quickly and accurately identify suspects, partly through applying other biometric markers, such as iris scans and voice recordings. Often law enforcement authorities will "have a photo of a person and for whatever reason they just don't know who it is [but they know] this is clearly the missing link to our...
  • Supremes Deciding How Close Government Can Watch You

    10/07/2011 8:41:55 PM PDT · by Iam1ru1-2 · 20 replies ^ | Bob Unruh
    <p>The Obama administration says that it has the right to attach a GPS unit to your vehicle and watch where you go, with whom you meet, where your children visit friends, whether you go to church or a bar or a bank – all in the hope that investigators could develop the "probable cause" they would need to get a formal court order to search you and your possessions.</p>
  • Get Big Brother out of my medical records

    10/07/2011 1:55:11 PM PDT · by rzman21 · 8 replies
    Conservative Home USA ^ | 10/7/2011 | Conservative Home USA
    Get Big Brother out of my medical records John Rossomando Follow John on Twitter According to Kansas GOP Congressman Tim Heulskamp, Big Brother could be peering into your health records and finding out everything about you – including things you would rather keep private. HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, he says, wants a national database where every American’s health records could be warehoused, for states to have their own databases, and for federal bureaucrats to have access to these records. But this sets off the specter of political mischief using your most sensitive personal information. We’ve seen things like this done...
  • Get Big Brother out of my medical records

    10/07/2011 1:54:59 PM PDT · by rzman21
    Conservative Home USA ^ | 10/7/2011 | Conservative Home USA
    Get Big Brother out of my medical records John Rossomando Follow John on Twitter According to Kansas GOP Congressman Tim Heulskamp, Big Brother could be peering into your health records and finding out everything about you – including things you would rather keep private. HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, he says, wants a national database where every American’s health records could be warehoused, for states to have their own databases, and for federal bureaucrats to have access to these records. But this sets off the specter of political mischief using your most sensitive personal information. We’ve seen things like this done...
  • Eye on the road (Progressive/AllState/State Farm Attaching Devices to Cars for coverage)

    10/04/2011 3:04:05 PM PDT · by Recovering_Democrat · 34 replies
    Columbus Dispatch ^ | 10/3/11 | Ameet Sachdev
    CHICAGO — A few months ago, Saman Jayasekara was shopping online for cheaper car insurance when he came across a new product from Progressive Corp. that offered him the chance to save as much as 30 percent. But there was a catch. He would have to install a device in his Hyundai Sonata that would monitor his driving habits, such as when he drove, miles driven and number of sudden stops. Progressive would analyze the data to determine whether he deserved a discount.
  • The Federal Reserve Plans To Identify “Key Bloggers” And Monitor Billions

    09/29/2011 9:31:55 AM PDT · by Lucky9teen · 33 replies
    The Federal Reserve Plans To Identify “Key Bloggers” And Monitor Billions Of Conversations About The Fed On Facebook, Twitter, Forums And Blogs The Federal Reserve wants to know what you are saying about it.  In fact, the Federal Reserve has announced plans to identify "key bloggers" and to monitor "billions of conversations" about the Fed on Facebook, Twitter, forums and blogs.  This is yet another sign that the alternative media is having a dramatic impact.  As first reported on Zero Hedge, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York has issued a "Request for Proposal" to suppliers who may be interested...

    09/28/2011 9:10:38 AM PDT · by RaceBannon · 94 replies
    FACEBOOK ^ | 9/28/2011 | RACEBANNON
  • The 8 Ways Big Brother Facebook’s New Changes Alienate Its Users (Long Article)

    09/27/2011 12:51:47 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 24 replies
    PJ Livestyle ^ | September 26, 2011 | Michael van der Galien
    By Michael van der Galien Facebook is supposed to be one of the most innovative social networking websites on the Net. It is, at the very least, the biggest — by far.But for how long will Mark Zuckerberg’s Harvard project remain number one? It’s a fair question to ask now that the changes Facebook announced Thursday at its f8 conference are being criticized by virtually everybody — except for Zuckerberg himself, that is.When Google+, the new social network of Google, was launched, many were critical. The criticism disappeared at the very moment people starting using it, however: all its new...
  • Scientists Reconstruct Brains’ Visions Into Digital Video In Historic Experiment

    09/23/2011 1:17:16 AM PDT · by lbryce · 46 replies
    Gizmodo ^ | September 23, 2011 | Staff
    UC Berkeley scientists have developed a system to capture visual activity in human brains and reconstruct it as digital video clips. Eventually, this process will allow you to record and reconstruct your own dreams on a computer screen. I just can't believe this is happening for real, but according to Professor Jack Gallant—UC Berkeley neuroscientist and coauthor of the research published today in the journal Current Biology—"this is a major leap toward reconstructing internal imagery. We are opening a window into the movies in our minds." Indeed, it's mindblowing. I'm simultaneously excited and terrified. This is how it works: They...
  • Riders call HOT lane bike transponders a waste

    09/21/2011 9:47:32 AM PDT · by cc2k · 5 replies
    WSB TV (Local Disney Affiliate) ^ | Posted: 8:34 am EDT September 21, 2011Updated: 9:40 am EDT September 21, 2011
    GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. -- Motorcyclists are allowed to use the new freeway HOT lanes toll-free so many are wondering why they have to register with The State Road and Tollway Authority. They also want to know who is paying for the thousands of transponder devices that are being sent to them if they’re not required to mount the Peachpass on their motorcycles.
  • Tea party, conservative groups call on Congress to reject E-Verify

    09/19/2011 2:04:14 PM PDT · by tedw · 103 replies
    The Michigan Messenger ^ | 9/19/2011 | Nicolas Mendoza
    With legislation pending both in the U.S. Congress and the Michigan House of Representatives to require employers to use a new federal immigration database, even conservative and Tea Party groups are speaking out against the idea.
  • City Demands Christians Get Permit For Bible Study

    09/18/2011 2:31:40 PM PDT · by Just4Him · 96 replies
    WND ^ | 9/18/2011
    Chuck and Stephanie Fromm already have been fined $300 for holding Bible studies for their friends at their home, and they face the potential for additional fines of $500 for each study held, according to a legal team taking their case to court. The newest conflict over Bible studies in homes in America arose in San Juan Capistrano, Calif., where city officials say city code section 9-3.301 prohibits religious organizations in residential neighborhoods without a conditional-use permit, a sometimes very expensive procedure. The code cites "churches, temples, synagogues, monasteries, religious retreats, and other places of religious worship and other fraternal...
  • AttackWatch! My Aunt Bessie’s Fanny!

    09/15/2011 7:59:57 AM PDT · by BUSHdude2000 · 34 replies
    US Daily Review ^ | September 15, 2011 | Candace Salima
    Barack Obama's "Obama for America" group has launched a website called AttackWatch. And what this site is supposed to do, ostensibly, it is to provide a place for Americans to snitch on their fellow Americans. Well, to be honest, if I report that Barack Obama is the worst president ever because of his economic, military, constitutional rights, energy, immigration, healthcare policies, then little Obamaites can run to and report me. AttackWatch will kindly then provide them all the facts and figures to counter my "attack." Because to Barack Obama, facts are not acceptable, they are ATTACKS! (His emphasis, not mine.)...
  • (YouTube) If you oppose Obama, turn yourself in

    09/14/2011 7:44:50 AM PDT · by doug from upland · 11 replies
    youtube ^ | 9-2011 | dfu
    FR thread on new attackwatch site TURN YOURSELF IN YouTube
  • Florida studying a possible universal ID

    09/06/2011 6:14:58 AM PDT · by TheBombshellProject · 8 replies
    St. Petersburg Times ^ | 9-6-2011 | Steve Bousquet
    Gov. Rick Scott is on the prowl for new ways to reduce the cost and size of government. He has a group patrolling for duplication in law enforcement. He wants agencies to scrutinize their budgets. And he helped create a Government Efficiency Task Force of 15 business leaders and legislators, who will suggest cuts in state spending by up to $3 billion. Your input is welcome at Now, see what you think of this cost-cutting idea: Issue Floridians a single ID card that would hold several kinds of vital information: your driver's license, car insurance, health insurance and voter...

    09/02/2011 6:41:06 PM PDT · by yorkie · 71 replies
    Liberty News ^ | September 2, 2011 | Staff
    “The electromagnetic field is the perfect secret agent: you cannot see it, you cannot smell it, you cannot hear it, and its effects are slow but relentless.” -By Volter Hertenstein, MP Bavarian Parliament I ask NWVs to post this column on a Friday because it does require many hours of reading to fully understand the issue. By necessity, this new column is two parts as I'm trying, as I did in my first column, to put as much credible information all together in one place to make it easier for everyone fighting this new silent killer. We're all pressed for...
  • U.S. aims to track 'untraceable' prepaid cash cards

    09/02/2011 6:07:52 AM PDT · by capecodder · 22 replies
    MSNBC ^ | September 1, 2011 | M. Alex Johnson
    ..."Had the 9/11 terrorists used prepaid ... cards to cover their expenses, none of these financial footprints would have been available." Six years after Treasury identified that vulnerability, concern that drug smugglers and terrorists are exploiting it is driving the federal government to change the rules for issuing and using prepaid cards, particularly high-value reloadable cards like the cash cards you might take with you on vacation. By making it harder to get prepaid cards without subjecting buyers to government scrutiny, regulators and lawmakers hope to make it easier to detect patterns of money movement that could signal something nefarious....
  • Scanning 2.4 Billion Eyes, India Tries to Connect Poor to Growth (worlds largest biometric database)

    09/02/2011 4:26:37 AM PDT · by markomalley · 2 replies
    The New York Times ^ | 9/2/11 | LYDIA POLGREEN
    Ankaji Bhai Gangar, a 49-year-old subsistence farmer, stood in line in this remote village until, for the first time in his life, he squinted into the soft glow of a computer screen. His name, year of birth and address were recorded. A worker guided Mr. Gangar’s rough fingers to the glowing green surface of a scanner to record his fingerprints. He peered into an iris scanner shaped like binoculars that captured the unique patterns of his eyes. (snip) Across this sprawling, chaotic nation, workers are creating what will be the world’s largest biometric database, a mind-bogglingly complex collection of 1.2...
  • article about Obama speech clash receives more than 1,000 comments, but you can't view them

    09/01/2011 6:45:17 PM PDT · by toma29 · 28 replies
    Useful Info Nation ^ | 9/01/2011 | Thomas Bryan
    Hmm. I viewed many of the comments earlier and they weren't so flattering toward the One. I wonder just who at the WH was reading the "flattering" comments and decided to call because now they're closed and not viewable. You can see the number of comments left in the Most Commented tab. Still #2 as of this writing. UPDATE: Now the most commented tab is now scrubbed free and you'd never know there was any interest in the article. UPDATE II: You can find the cached page with only three comments here. Reminds one of Stalin's practice of airbrushing...
  • Big Brother Bloomberg. Large Numbers of Traffic Cameras Have No Place In a Free Society.

    08/25/2011 7:06:18 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 8 replies
    National Review ^ | 08/25/2011 | Charles C. Cooke
    In keeping with that very modern desire to find complex solutions to problems that don’t exist, New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg expressed his desire on Monday to put cameras on “every corner of the city” to enforce observance of red lights and, eventually perhaps, speed limits. And so, in the same year that the Los Angeles City Council considered the evidence from its trial run and unanimously voted to do away with L.A.’s camera system, explaining bluntly that the “program did not work as anticipated,” Mayor Bloomberg is blithely seeking to expand New York’s camera network. As the Los...
  • NOM’s Brown laughed at on ‘Stossel Show’ for argument against marriage equality

    08/22/2011 10:21:04 AM PDT · by HerbieHoover · 210 replies · 1+ views
    American Independent ^ | 8/19/11 | Sofia Resnick
    On Thursday night's "Stossel Show," which airs on the Fox Business channel, Brian Brown was unable to convince host John Stossel or his libertarian guest (and nationally syndicated columnist) David Harsanyi that civil marriage for gays and lesbians harms, or even changes, marriage between heterosexual couples. In fact, Harsanyi's suggestion that the marriage debate could be solved if the U.S. decided either to privatize all schools or all marriage contracts was treated as a more legitimate idea by Stossel and Stossel's audience.... "It is a mistake to allow government to define what marriage should be -- gay or not," Harsanyi...
  • Facebook ‘Like’ Button Declared Illegal

    08/19/2011 3:01:58 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 24 replies
    The Local ^ | 19 Aug 11
    Facebook’s ubiquitous ‘like’ button found on countless websites accessible in Germany was declared in violation of the country’s strict privacy laws by a state data protection official on Friday. Hackers gather around the computer campfire (11 Aug 11) Thilo Weichert, who works for the data protection centre of the northern German state of Schleswig-Holstein, said the social network’s application allowing internet users to express their appreciation of something online, illegally cobbled together a profile of their web habits. “Facebook can trace every click on a website, how long I’m on it, what I’m interested in,” he said. According to Weichert,...
  • In Auto Test in Europe, Meter Ticks Off Miles, and Fee to Driver (Coming to the O'USA)

    08/14/2011 11:51:51 AM PDT · by Oiao · 61 replies
    New York Times ^ | August 10, 2011 | Elisabeth Rosenthal
    EINDHOVEN, the Netherlands — As Sander Van Dedem recalled watching the charges tick up every 10 seconds (in his licenced and already taxed personal auto) on the dashboard meter on the way to the airport, he resolved to try public transportation next time. “Looking at the money makes you realize that a car isn’t always a good idea,” said Mr. Van Dedem, a commercial sales manager for I.B.M. here. The car had been outfitted with the meter so that Mr. Van Dedem could take part in a trial of a controversial government tax proposal to charge drivers a fee for...
  • SF cell shutdown: Safety issue, or hint of Orwell?

    08/13/2011 4:02:31 PM PDT · by Eleutheria5 · 45 replies
    Aol News/AP ^ | 13/8/11 | Terry Collins
    SAN FRANCISCO -An illegal, Orwellian violation of free-speech rights? Or just a smart tactic to protect train passengers' safety from rowdy would-be demonstrators during a busy evening commute? The question resonated Saturday in San Francisco and beyond as details emerged of Bay Area Rapid Transit officials' decision to cut off underground cell phone service for a few hours at some stations Thursday. Commuters at stations from downtown to the city's main airport were affected as BART officials sought to tactically thwart a planned protest over the recent fatal shooting of a 45-year-old man by transit police. Two days later, the...
  • To defuse 'flash' protest, BART cuts riders' cell service. Is that legal?

    08/12/2011 6:21:11 PM PDT · by tje · 49 replies · 1+ views
    Christian Science Monitor ^ | August 12, 2011 | Patrik Jonsson
    The decision by Bay Area Rapid Transit officials to cut off cellphone service Thursday evening – to forestall a planned protest – raises a fundamental question: Do Americans have a basic right to digital free speech or to digitally organized assembly? Because July protests against BART police shootings had turned violent, BART officials took the unusual step to protect public safety, they said. The tactic may have worked: No protests took place Thursday night at BART stations. Temporarily shutting down cell service and beefing up police patrols were "great tool[s] to utilize for this specific purpose," BART police Lt. Andy...
  • BART admits halting cell service to stop protesters

    08/12/2011 3:31:28 PM PDT · by SmithL · 80 replies
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | 8/12/11 | Michael Cabanatuan, Chronicle Staff Writer
    BART officials acknowledged this afternoon that they shut down cell phone and wireless data service in its downtown San Francisco stations to disrupt a planned protest. Their announcement sparked denunciations from civil libertarians and the apparent threat of a cyber-attack on the BART website. A statement posted on the transit agency's website said the communications blackout was ordered in the interest of public safety: "Organizers planning to disrupt BART service on August 11, 2011 stated they would use mobile devices to coordinate their disruptive activities and communicate about the location and number of BART Police," the statement reads. "A civil...
  • Oath Keepers: FBI Wants Surplus Stores To Spy on Customers

    08/11/2011 9:20:24 AM PDT · by bayouranger · 139 replies
    Oath Keepers ^ | Aug 8, 2011 | Stewart Rhodes
    FBI_Terrorist_Indicators Oath Keepers Exclusive: An FBI Denver Joint Terrorism Task Force handout being distributed to Colorado military surplus store owners lists the purchase of popular preparedness items and firearms accessories as “suspicious” and “potential indicators of terrorist activities,” instructing store owners to keep records on and report people who: “Make bulk purchase of items to include: Weatherproofed ammunition or match containers Meals Ready to Eat Night Vision Devices; night flashlights; gas masks High capacity magazines Bi-pods or tri-pods for rifles” The FBI handout, entitled “Communities Against Terrorism: Potential Indicators of Terrorist Activities Related to Military Surplus Stores” also instructs surplus...
  • ISP Data-Retention Bill Rankles Privacy Advocates (H.R. 1984... No, I mean, 1981)

    08/04/2011 12:59:21 PM PDT · by LibWhacker · 1 replies
    PC World ^ | 7/30/11 | Christina DesMarais
    A proposed law designed to fight child pornography has rankled privacy advocates because it would require Internet service providers to keep 12-month logs of customers' names, credit card information, and other identifying information that are tied to temporarily assigned network addresses. Opponents say the law wouldn't markedly help lock up child pornographers and pedophiles, but rather would treat all Americans as criminals so that if law enforcement feels it has a need to find out who visited a website or posted a particular bit of content online, it can. The Electronic Frontier Foundation notes that the same data could become...
  • What You Need to Know About the Internet Snooping Bill (and How You Can Protect Yourself)

    07/31/2011 4:38:42 PM PDT · by lbryce · 19 replies
    Lifehacker ^ | July 29, 2011 | Adam Dachis
    On Thursday, the US House of Representatives approved an internet snooping bill that requires internet service providers (ISPs) to keep records of customer activity for a year so police can review them as needed. Here's what this bill means for you and what you can do about it. What Is This Internet Snooping Bill, Exactly, and Why Is It Bad? The lovingly titled Protecting Children From Internet Pornographers Act of 2011 (PCFIPA of 2011) requires ISPs to retain customer names, addresses, phone numbers, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, and dynamic IP addresses. It's a record of your personal information...
  • Homeland Security surveillance detected on Christian website

    07/31/2011 9:29:40 AM PDT · by tutstar · 34 replies · 1+ views
    WND ^ | July 30, 2011 | Bob Unruh
    The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has begun watching a blog posted by a Christian who was forced to flee Brazil because of the conflict between that nation's pro-homosexual "hate crimes" agenda and his advocacy for traditional marriage. Exactly why the U.S. government, which several times has linked Christians and conservatives with terrorism, is watching Julio Severo's unabashedly Christian Last Days Watchman blog isn't clear. A WND request to the DHS for comment did not generate a response. The website's records reveal the DHS visited the site yesterday. A different computer, also at the DHS, was on the site again...
  • House panel approves broadened ISP snooping bill

    Internet providers would be forced to keep logs of their customers' activities for one year--in case police want to review them in the future--under legislation that a U.S. House of Representatives committee approved today. The 19 to 10 vote represents a victory for conservative Republicans, who made data retention their first major technology initiative after last fall's elections, and the Justice Department officials who have quietly lobbied for the sweeping new requirements, a development first reported by CNET. A last-minute rewrite of the bill expands the information that commercial Internet providers are required to store to include customers' names, addresses,...
  • House panel approves broadened ISP snooping bill

    07/29/2011 9:22:36 AM PDT · by Notary Sojac · 13 replies
    CNet ^ | 28 July 2011 | Declan McCullagh
    Internet providers would be forced to keep logs of their customers' activities for one year--in case police want to review them in the future--under legislation that a U.S. House of Representatives committee approved today. The 19 to 10 vote represents a victory for conservative Republicans, who made data retention their first major technology initiative after last fall's elections, and the Justice Department officials who have quietly lobbied for the sweeping new requirements, a development first reported by CNET. A last-minute rewrite of the bill expands the information that commercial Internet providers are required to store to include customers' names, addresses,...
  • Facebook director calls for an end to internet anonymity

    07/28/2011 1:58:33 PM PDT · by Rider of the Storm · 27 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | 28th July 2011 | Daily Mail Reporter
    Facebook's marketing director has called for an end to on-line anonymity, saying internet users would "behave a lot better" if everyone had to use real names when surfing or posting on the internet. Randi Zuckerberg, Facebook’s marketing director and sister of multi-millionaire founder Mark, made the comments during a round table discussion on cyber bullying... Mrs Zuckerberg argued the end of on-line anonymity could help curb the trend of trolling and harassment on the web. Speaking at a Marie Claire panel discussion on social media, she said: "I think anonymity on the Internet has to go away." "People behave a...
  • The Government Just Admitted For The First Time It Is Using Cell Phone Data To Track Your Location

    07/26/2011 2:06:08 PM PDT · by tutstar · 31 replies
    Business Insider ^ | 7/26/2011 | Robert Johnson
    A group of Senators questioned the general attorney for the National Security Agency Tuesday about whether U.S. intelligence agencies are using cell phone geo location data to track U.S. citizens without their knowledge. According to The Wall Street Journal, the leader of the National Counterterrorism Center Matthew Olson told the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence that: "There are certain circumstances where that authority may exist."
  • Red-Light Cameras Aren’t the Bonanza Cities Expected

    07/23/2011 11:57:32 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 58 replies
    Miami Herald ^ | Saturday, 07.23.11 | DAVID WALTER
    The defendants stood before the hearing officer, traffic citations in hand, each accused of running a red light in Miami Gardens, as captured by one of the city’s 29 intersection cameras. Within minutes, seven of the cases were dismissed, with the hearing officer ruling they had tripped the cameras while making a legal right turn on red. The remaining three, who will now have to pay a $277 ticket, were sent off with a cheerful “Have a good day … and drive carefully.’’ While presumably those three violators weren’t happy with the outcome, neither are the municipalities in South Florida...
  • Freep a Poll! (auto scanning lisence plates by police ok?)

    07/22/2011 3:30:36 PM PDT · by dynachrome · 6 replies ^ | 7-21-11 | Boston Herald
    Should cops be allowed to randomly scan thousands of license plates? Yes, if it takes criminals off the road No, enough with Big Brother already Let’s give it time to work then see
  • Lawyer: Cop scanner ‘crosses line’ (Big Brother database alert)

    07/22/2011 1:08:15 PM PDT · by newzjunkey · 15 replies
    Boston Herald ^ | Thursday, July 21, 2011 | O’Ryan Johnson
    Civil libertarians are raising the alarm over the state’s plans to create a Big Brother database that could map drivers’ whereabouts with police cruiser-mounted scanners that capture thousands of license plates per hour — storing that information indefinitely where local cops, staties, feds and prosecutors could access it as they choose... The computerized scanners, known as Automatic License Plate Recognition devices, instantly check for police alerts, warrants, traffic violations and parking tickets, which cops say could be an invaluable tool in thwarting crime. The Executive Office of Public Safety has approved 27 grants totaling $500,000 to buy scanners for state...
  • Michelle Malkin » Obama’s Ministers of Culture and Agitprop

    07/20/2011 2:46:01 PM PDT · by hiram569 · 5 replies
    Michelle Malkin ^ | 7/20/11 | Michelle Malkin
    On July 6, I told you about all the well-heeled spinners in the White House Office of Public Engagement. Their ranks keep on swelling. My column today introduces you to the newly-designed “America’s Champions of Change for the Arts.” Yes, it’s as creepy as it sounds.
  • JAMA report: Parents should lose custody of super obese kids

    07/13/2011 12:23:07 AM PDT · by E Rocc · 44 replies
    CHICAGO - Should parents of extremely obese children lose custody for not controlling their kids' weight? A provocative commentary in one of the nation's most distinguished medical journals argues yes, and its authors are joining a quiet chorus of advocates who say the government should be allowed to intervene in extreme cases. It has happened a few times in the U.S., and the opinion piece in Wednesday's Journal of the American Medical Association says putting children temporarily in foster care is in some cases more ethical than obesity surgery. Dr. David Ludwig, an obesity specialist at Harvard-affiliated Children's Hospital Boston,...
  • Washington Attempts to Make us All Culpable for Online Child Pornography

    07/12/2011 1:31:16 PM PDT · by The Magical Mischief Tour · 35 replies
    Reason Magazine ^ | 07/12/2011 | Matt Welch
    Have you heard about The Protecting Children from Internet Pornographers Act of 2011? It's the latest in a l-o-n-g line of just terrible bills proposed to calm (though never quite eliminate) the fears of middle-aged people about what that scary Internet might potentially do to Our Children. There's a hearing on the legislation taking place as we speak. Here's Cato's Jim Harper: It's got everything: porn, children, the Internet. And it's got everything: financial services providers dragooned into law enforcement, data retention requirements heaped on Internet service providers, expanded "administrative subpoena" authority. (Administrative subpoenas are an improvisation to accommodate the...
  • Forget the 'Fairness' Doctrine - Net Neutrality is the Future of Censorship

    07/11/2011 3:49:17 PM PDT · by Halfmanhalfamazing · 9 replies
    Big Government ^ | July 11th | Seton Motley
    The Godfather of the Media Marxist movement – Robert McChesney – describes Net Neutrality thusly: "(T)he ultimate goal is to get rid of the media capitalists in the phone and cable companies and to divest them from control." Meaning eradicate all private sector Web suppliers – and have the government commandeer control of the Internet so as to then be the sole Service Provider (ISP). That ain’t good. Because not today, not tomorrow, but soon – all radio and television will be on the Internet. And ask the newspapers and publishers of the world where "print" journalism is headed. All...
  • License plate readers help police scan 30 plates a second

    07/10/2011 5:13:45 AM PDT · by MichaelP · 86 replies
    Metrowest Daily News ^ | 07/10/2011 | David Riley
    Fueled by federal grants, high-speed cameras that can automatically read up to 30 license plates a second and check them for violations or law enforcement alerts are scanning more streets and highways across Massachusetts this year. The Executive Office of Public Safety and Security doled out $500,000 in federal highway grants earlier this year to 26 police departments for automatic plate readers, which can be stationary or mounted on a cruiser on patrol. Some MetroWest and Milford-area cities and towns already had the high-tech scanners. Those that won grants are now using plate readers or will be soon Rest at...
  • As Plastic Reigns, the Treasury Slows Its Printing Presses

    07/06/2011 6:43:55 PM PDT · by markomalley · 11 replies
    NY Times ^ | 7/6/2011
    The number of dollar bills rolling off the great government presses here and in Fort Worth fell to a modern low last year. Production of $5 bills also dropped to the lowest level in 30 years. And for the first time in that period, the Treasury Department did not print any $10 bills. The meaning seems clear. The future is here. Cash is in decline. You can’t use it for online purchases, nor on many airplanes to buy snacks or duty-free goods. Last year, 36 percent of taxi fares in New York were paid with plastic. At Commerce, a restaurant...