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  • 'Biggest US aid package in history - will go to Israel'

    06/15/2016 2:14:05 PM PDT · by Eleutheria5 · 22 replies
    Arutz Sheva ^ | 15/6/16
    Following reports Wednesday morning of possible cuts in American military aid to Israel, Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken reiterated that the Obama administration was prepared to give the biggest military aid package in history, calling it “the largest single pledge of military assistance from the United States to any country in our history, cementing an unparalleled security relationship all the way to 2029". Blinken’s comments came during his address at the Herzliya Conference Wednesday afternoon. While the Deputy Secretary indicated the White House was likely to increase aid to Israel, he emphasized the Jewish state’s need to take concrete...
  • Obama-Care,Lie Of The Year.So Is Global Warming Second Biggest Lie Of 2013?

    12/14/2013 11:42:11 AM PST · by Cruz_West_Paul2016 · 16 replies
    First of all,Where Is Al Gore this week?Somewhere warm?Maybe Florida?,never the less,just as predicted,we are seeing the beginnings of what will be one of the most brutal winters in the USA and Europe. Even Obama believes in Global Warming! That's two strikes against Barry.If what were are seeing is just the start,can anyone imagine what our weather will be like in January/February/March?
  • ‘Iran, Russia, China, Syria to launch biggest joint war game in Mideast’

    06/18/2012 10:02:04 AM PDT · by Errant · 54 replies
    The Tehran Times ^ | 18 June, 2012
    TEHRAN – An informed source has announced that Iran, Russia, China, and Syria plan to stage a joint war game in Syria in the near future, the Persian service of the Fars News Agency reported on Monday. 90,000 forces from the four countries will be involved in the war game, the informed source said. No official from the countries has confirmed the news report, but a Syrian official, who spoke on conditional anonymity, announced that the joint war game will be launched in Syria.
  • Europe to build world's biggest telescope powerful enough to see mountains on planets beyond solar..

    06/13/2012 8:16:42 AM PDT · by LibWhacker · 54 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | 6/12/12 | Eddie Wrenn
    £872million project will be built on Chilean mountaintop by 2022A coalition of 15 European countries has announced plans to build the biggest telescope in the world. The mirror inside the telescope will measure 39metres across - four times wider than today's biggest telescope - and it will be so powerful that astronomers will even be able to observe dark, rocky planets far beyond our solar system. The European Southern Observatory project is supported by 15 members of the European Union and has the catchy name 'European Extremely Large Telescope'... even if it will be built in Chile, to avoid light...
  • 5 of the biggest unsolved mysteries in physics

    01/31/2012 2:06:57 PM PST · by NormsRevenge · 69 replies · 1+ views
    Yahoo ^ | 1/31/12 | Tecca - Today in Tech
    The mysteries of the universe are as vast and wide as existence itself. Throughout history, mankind has searched and struggled to find the answers tucked away inside the universe and everything we see around us. .. True, we have yet to come up with the answers to life, the universe, and everything — but oh do we have questions! Solving these mysteries may help to explain not only the creation of the universe, but also how it works, why it works, and possibly how it will end. 1. The Higgs boson The Higgs boson is a hypothetical particle whose accompanying...
  • 'Starbursts' and black holes lead to biggest galaxies

    01/25/2012 2:08:21 PM PST · by NormsRevenge · 21 replies · 2+ views
    BBC News ^ | 1/25/12 | BBC
    Frenetic star-forming activity in the early Universe is linked to the most massive galaxies in today's cosmos, new research suggests. This "starbursting" activity when the Universe was just a few billion years old appears to have been clamped off by the growth of supermassive black holes. An international team gathered hints of the mysterious "dark matter" in early galaxies to confirm the link. The findings appear in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. ... Using the 12-metre Atacama Pathfinder Experiment telescope in Chile, an international team led by Ryan Hickox of Dartmouth College studied the way distant galaxies from...
  • Scientists find monster black holes, biggest yet (10 billion times the size of our sun)

    12/05/2011 9:27:17 AM PST · by NormsRevenge · 57 replies
    Yahoo ^ | 12/5/11 | AP
    CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — Scientists have found the biggest black holes known to exist — each one 10 billion times the size of our sun. A team led by an astronomer at the University of California at Berkeley discovered the two gigantic black holes in clusters of galaxies 300 million light years away. That's relatively close on the galactic scale.
  • Inflation: Biggest rise in CPI in 3 years (economy slowdown plus inflation-Carter Part II?)

    10/19/2011 3:13:18 PM PDT · by Signalman · 12 replies
    CNNMoney ^ | 10/19/2011 | Chris Isidore
    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Inflation took a bigger bite out of consumers' wallets over the last 12 months, with September marking the biggest rise in three years. But at the same time, monthly price increases are starting to slow. The Consumer Price Index, the government's key measure of inflation at the retail level, jumped 3.9% in September from the year before. Higher food and energy prices again were the biggest culprits, with food 4.7% more expensive than a year earlier, and energy prices jumping 19.3%. Even core CPI, which strips out volatile food and energy prices, posted a 2% gain...
  • Kristof Claims Republicans Are 'Biggest Threat To America's National Security'

    07/24/2011 4:27:16 AM PDT · by governsleastgovernsbest · 13 replies · 1+ views
    NewsBusters ^ | Mark Finkelstein
    Latest dispatch from the Department of Dissent Is No Longer Patriotic: because they won't raise taxes, Republicans are more dangerous to US national security than al Qaeda. That is the view of Nicholas Kristof in his column, "Republicans, Zealots and Our Security", in today's New York Times. View excerpts here.
  • If Obama were a reality show what would he be?

    04/18/2011 11:12:34 AM PDT · by tysonbam · 45 replies
    Rancor News ^ | 04/17/2011 | Tyson Bam
  • Drop in U.S. birth rate is the biggest in 30 years

    03/31/2011 4:11:02 PM PDT · by Nachum · 14 replies
    Los Angeles Times ^ | 3/31/11 | Shari Roan
    The maternity business has experienced a recession, too, it appears. Births fell 4% from 2007 to 2009, the biggest drop for any two-year period since the mid-1970s, according to federal government data released Thursday. The rate, 66.7 births per 1,000 women ages 15 to 44, isn't the lowest in recent memory. The 1997 rate was an all-time low of 63.6. But the authors of the report say preliminary data show the birth rate continued falling through the first half of 2010. (Snip) Fewer families are having more than two children. Almost 75% of births in 2009 were first or second
  • Border collie takes record for biggest vocabulary (1022 names)

    12/22/2010 6:53:43 PM PST · by decimon · 45 replies · 2+ views
    New Scientist ^ | December 22, 2010 | Jessica Griggs
    N THE age-old war between cats and dogs, canines might just have struck the killer blow. A border collie called Chaser has been taught the names of 1022 items - more than any other animal. She can also categorise them according to function and shape, something children learn to do around the age of 3. Chaser follows in the footsteps of Rico, who trained at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany. Rico had a "vocabulary" of 200 words and could identify new objects in a group of familiar objects by a process of elimination, according to...
  • US Treasuries hit by biggest sell-off in two years

    12/08/2010 4:03:01 PM PST · by Nachum · 20 replies ^ | 12/8/10 | Richard Milne
    <p>US Treasuries suffered their biggest two-day sell-off since the collapse of Lehman Brothers, following a torrid month that has seen borrowing costs for western governments soar.</p> <p>Germany, Japan and the US have all seen their benchmark market interest rates rise by more than a quarter in the past month while the UK’s has risen by nearly a fifth.</p>
  • Obama's trip to be biggest ever

    10/28/2010 9:52:57 AM PDT · by Nachum · 95 replies
    India Today ^ | 10/28/10 | Saurabh Shukla
    US President Barack Obama's trip to India next month is set to be the biggest ever by any US president in terms of the protocol and logistics.(Snip) He will be accompanied by US first lady Micehlle Obama and their daughters Malia and Sasha. Earlier, Obama's daughters Sasha and Malia were not to be part of the trip. But sources revealed that Michelle's opinion prevailed and now the girls would accompany the first American couple to India.
  • Deal will create biggest airline

    09/19/2010 9:59:01 PM PDT · by Nachum · 2 replies
    Associated Press ^ | 9/20/10 | Staff
    The biggest airline in the world will have the United name, Continental's globe logo and potentially far-reaching effects on air travel. Shareholders who on Friday approved combining the two companies hope the new airline attracts more top-dollar corporate travelers with its larger network while reducing costs. Some industry watchers expect the deal to lead to higher fares, but United and Continental say competition from low-cost airlines is sufficient to keep prices from rising.
  • Biggest job gain in 3 yrs pushes up interest rates

    04/02/2010 10:13:50 AM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 15 replies · 540+ views
    AP on Yahoo ^ | 4/2/2010 | Stephen Bernard and Tim Paradis - AP
    NEW YORK (AP) -- The biggest increase in jobs in three years pushed interest rates to their highest level since before the worst days of the credit crisis in 2008. With the stock market closed for Good Friday, investors had a shortened day of trading in the bond market to react to the Labor Department's report that employers added the most jobs in March since before the recession began in December 2007. Treasury prices fell after the report, sending their yields higher. Bond prices tend to fall as investors' confidence grows and demand for safe-haven investments wanes. The yield on...
  • US Tops Biggest Monthly Budget Deficit Ever ($220.9 billion)

    03/10/2010 8:49:11 PM PST · by NormsRevenge · 9 replies · 244+ views
    KFWB 980 ^ | 3/10/10 | AP
    WASHINGTON (AP) - The government ran up the largest monthly deficit in history in February, keeping the flood of red ink on track to top last year's record for the full year. The Treasury Department said Wednesday that the February deficit totaled $220.9 billion, 14 percent higher than the previous record set in February of last year. The deficit through the first five months of this budget year totals $651.6 billion, 10.5 percent higher than a year ago. The Obama administration is projecting that the deficit for the 2010 budget year will hit an all-time high of $1.56 trillion, surpassing...
  • California tribes among biggest political donors nationwide

    02/11/2010 9:19:20 AM PST · by NormsRevenge · 5 replies · 219+ views
    California Watchdog ^ | 2/11/10 | Chase Davis
    Earlier this week, the California Fair Political Practices Commission released its top 10 list of the biggest individual political spenders in the state between January 2000 and the end of 2009. It's a lot of money flying around: $266 million from the 10 donors alone. KQED's John Myers summed it up nicely. But if that wasn't enough, just a few months ago, the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics in Washington, D.C., released a similar, but less-noticed study, which should cement the Golden State's place atop the national political spending pantheon. The study revealed, among other things, that California's tribal gaming...
  • "Asteroid Impacts are the Biggest Threat to Advanced Life in the Milky Way" -Stephen Hawking

    09/26/2009 9:43:01 PM PDT · by LibWhacker · 24 replies · 1,597+ views
    Daily Galaxy ^ | 9/26/09 | Stephen Hawking
    Stephen Hawking believes that one of the major factors in the possible scarcity of intelligent life in our galaxy is the high probability of an asteroid or comet colliding with inhabited planets. We have observed, Hawking points out in Life in the Universe, the collision of a comet, Schumacher-Levi, with Jupiter (below), which produced a series of enormous fireballs, plumes many thousands of kilometers high, hot "bubbles" of gas in the atmosphere, and large dark "scars" on the atmosphere which had lifetimes on the order of weeks. It is thought the collision of a rather smaller body with the Earth,...
  • World's Biggest Cave Found in Vietnam

    07/26/2009 8:10:11 PM PDT · by LibWhacker · 21 replies · 966+ views
    National Geographic ^ | 7/24/09 | James Owen
    A massive cave recently uncovered in a remote Vietnamese jungle is the largest single cave passage yet found, a new survey shows. At 262-by-262 feet (80-by-80 meters) in most places, the Son Doong cave beats out the previous world-record holder, Deer Cave in the Malaysian section of the island of Borneo. Deer Cave is no less than 300-by-300 feet (91-by-91 meters), but it's only about a mile (1.6 kilometers) long. By contrast, explorers walked 2.8 miles (4.5 kilometers) into Son Doong, in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, before being blocked by seasonal floodwaters—and they think that the passage is even...
  • Obama wants to raise money via pollution caps (the Biggest money tax grab of all time)

    02/27/2009 12:33:39 PM PST · by patriotmediaa · 43 replies · 1,208+ views ^ | Feb 26 09 |
    President Barack Obama will propose raising new revenue through a greenhouse gas cap and emissions trading scheme when he unveils his first budget on Thursday, US media reported. The budget he will present assumes an emissions trading system will generate revenue by 2012, the Washington Post reported. Fifteen billion dollars of the money generated would be directed to clean-energy projects, the Post said, citing sources familiar with the document. Another 60 billion would go to tax credits for lower- and middle-income working families, and the rest to help families, small businesses and communities deal with higher energy costs, the paper...
  • World's biggest squid reveals 'beach ball' eyes

    04/30/2008 1:23:18 PM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 20 replies · 140+ views
    afp on yahoo ^ | 4-30-08 | David Brooks
    WELLINGTON (AFP) - The largest squid ever caught began to reveal its secrets Wednesday, including beach ball-sized eyes that scientists said were the biggest known in the animal kingdom. The 495-kilogram (1,090-pound) colossal squid -- accidentally caught by a fishing boat in Antarctic waters in February 2007 -- is slowly thawing under the fascinated gaze of a team of scientists at the Museum of New Zealand. While defrosting took longer than expected Wednesday, one of the earliest revelations were eyes measuring 27 centimetres (11 inches) across with lenses of 10 to 12 centimetres in diameter. In comparison, a human eye...
  • Texas is biggest carbon polluter (Well, Everything is Bigger in Texas, right?)

    01/16/2008 12:37:11 PM PST · by NormsRevenge · 91 replies · 141+ views
    AP on Yahoo ^ | 1/16/08 | April Castro - ap
    AUSTIN, Texas - Everything's big in Texas — big pickup trucks, big SUVs and the state's big carbon footprint, too. Texans' fondness for large, manly vehicles has helped make the Lone Star State the biggest carbon polluter in the nation. The headquarters state of America's oil industry spewed 670 million metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere in 2003, enough that Texas would rank seventh in the world if it were its own country, according to the most recent figures from the U.S. Energy Information Administration. The amount is more than that of California and Pennsylvania — the second-...
  • Biggest black hole in the cosmos discovered (18 billion suns)

    01/10/2008 12:52:18 PM PST · by LibWhacker · 89 replies · 301+ views
    New Scientist ^ | 1/10/08 | David Shiga
    The quasar OJ287 contains two black holes (this slightly dated illustration lists the larger black hole's mass as 17 billion Suns, though researchers now estimate it is 18 billion Suns). The smaller black hole crashes through a disc of material around the larger one twice every orbit, creating bright outbursts (Illustration: VISPA) The most massive known black hole in the universe has been discovered, weighing in with the mass of 18 billion Suns. Observing the orbit of a smaller black hole around this monster has allowed astronomers to test Einstein's theory of general relativity with stronger gravitational fields than ever...
  • 'Biggest Diamond Ever' Is Found In South Africa

    08/28/2007 4:21:19 PM PDT · by blam · 41 replies · 3,049+ views
    The Telegraph (UK) ^ | 8-28-2007 | Sebastien Berger
    'Biggest diamond ever' is found in South Africa By Sebastien Berger in Johannesburg Last Updated: 8:48pm BST 28/08/2007 It is either the greatest diamond find in history, or a case of fool's gold. The diamond claim was met with scepticism South Africa's diamond industry was surprised by reports that a small mining firm had found a stone estimated at 7,000 carats, twice the size of the Cullinan diamond, the largest ever found. Gems cut from the 3,106-carat Cullinan, including the Great Star of Africa, became part of the Crown Jewels after it was found in Gauteng Province in 1905. But...
  • Meet Samson, Britain's biggest dog

    07/10/2007 6:30:58 PM PDT · by DancesWithCats · 25 replies · 13,827+ views
    London Daily Telegraph ^ | july 10th, 2007 | DancesWithCats
    Standing 6ft 5in on its hind legs and tipping the scales at 19st 10lb, Samson is a giant in every sense of the word. As Britain's biggest dog with a fearsome set of jaws to match, even the slightest growl is enough to make the bravest of postmen think twice before heading up the garden path.He boasts a 59in chest and a 29in neck, meaning he has to wear pony coats when it rains and has had to have an extra large collar fitted. The dog's paws are almost the size of dinner plates. While Samson's awesome build is impressive...
  • Can Taleban recover from biggest setback?

    05/14/2007 8:38:30 AM PDT · by bedolido · 27 replies · 1,224+ views ^ | 5-14-2007 | Rahimullah Yusufzai, Peshawar
    The killing of Mullah Dadullah Akhund in a joint military operation by US, Nato and Afghan army forces on 12 May is the biggest blow to the Taleban since it lost power in Afghanistan in December 2001. In recent months the Taleban have suffered a number of setbacks. Previous reports of his death or capture had proved untrue
  • CA: Rural roads nab biggest bond bucks (Bay Area officials disappointed, angered)

    02/18/2007 10:31:21 AM PST · by NormsRevenge · 8 replies · 377+ views ^ | 2/18/07 | Erik N. Nelson
    Bay Area officials reacted with disappointment and anger to state planners' recommendation that $500 million worth of transportation bonds pay for rural highway projects such as the Willits Bypass, leaving the Bay Area with less than half of what officials requested. The staff of the California Transportation Commission on Friday released its project choices for the $4.5 billion Corridor Mobility Improvement Account, the biggest program within the $20 billion transportation bond state voters approved Nov. 7. The commission is scheduled to make the final choice on projects to be funded on Feb. 28 in Irvine. Only $707 million worth of...
  • Britain 'Is Now Biggest Security Threat To US'

    08/28/2006 6:14:35 PM PDT · by blam · 36 replies · 1,439+ views
    The Telegraph (UK) ^ | 8-29-2006 | Francis Harris
    Britain 'is now biggest security threat to US' By Francis Harris in Washington (Filed: 29/08/2006) Britain now presents a greater security threat to the United States than Iran or Iraq, an American magazine said yesterday. In an article on Islamists headlined "Kashmir on the Thames", the New Republic painted Britain's Muslim communities as a breeding ground for violent extremism. Citing recent opinion poll evidence suggesting that one in four British Muslims believed that last year's London Tube bombings were justified, the magazine said: "In the wake of this month's high-profile arrests, it can now be argued that the biggest threat...
  • Small aircraft take on some of the biggest missions

    06/07/2006 5:24:26 PM PDT · by SandRat · 6 replies · 379+ views
    Air Force Links ^ | Lt. Col. Bob Thompson
    6/7/2006 - BALAD AIR BASE, Iraq (AFPN) -- Patrolling the sky over Iraq for more than 2,250 hours in May, the 46th Expeditionary Reconnaissance Squadron here leads the largest unmanned aerial vehicle operation in the world with one of the Air Force’s smallest aircraft -- the MQ-1 Predator. Providing “real-time eyes-in-the-sky,” the squadron of about 20 aircraft is often the critical link between ground commanders and what is around the next corner in combat. “We’re the largest game in town and an integral part of just about every large joint operation in Iraq,” said Capt. Fred Atwater, 46th ERS commander....
  • Massachusetts seeks Big Dig refund

    03/18/2006 8:20:30 AM PST · by george76 · 41 replies · 1,275+ views
    Yahoo news ^ | 3-18-06 | Reuters
    Massachusetts' attorney general is demanding that contractors refund $108 million for poor work on Boston's "Big Dig," which is the biggest public works project in U.S. history and has been plagued by leaks and delays. Attorney General Tom Reilly's office plans to sue Bechtel/Parsons Brinckerhoff and other companies if the two sides do not reach an agreement over some 200 complaints of shoddy work in putting a major highway running through downtown Boston underground... Costs for building the 7.8 mile underground roadway through Boston ballooned from under $3 billion to the current $14.6 billion.
  • Bush: Al Qaeda Still Biggest Threat Facing United States Today

    03/10/2006 5:47:09 PM PST · by SandRat · 4 replies · 250+ views
    WASHINGTON, March 10, 2006 – Al Qaeda is still the biggest short-term threat facing the United States, President Bush said here today, adding that North Korea and Iran pose equal security threats to the U.S. "They would like to attack us again," Bush said of al Qaeda at the National Newspaper Association's Government Affairs Conference. "I think about al Qaeda and their potential to attack all the time." The president also recalled his "axis of evil" remark in his 2002 State of the Union Address, in which he said North Korea, Iraq and Iran were threats to the United States....
  • Terrorism Biggest Threat to National Security, Officials Say

    02/28/2006 4:38:31 PM PST · by SandRat · 1 replies · 181+ views
    American Forces Press Service ^ | Sgt. Sara Wood, USA
    WASHINGTON, Feb. 28, 2006 – Terrorism remains the pre-eminent threat to U.S. national security and interests abroad. But if progress continues at the current pace in Iraq, the terrorists can be defeated there and the U.S. can gain a foothold in the war on terror, a top U.S. official said here today. Entrenched grievances such as corruption, injustice and the slow pace of economic, social and political change in many Muslim nations continue to fuel the global jihadist movement, and nowhere is that movement more acutely seen than in Iraq, said John D. Negroponte, director of national intelligence, at a...
  • Khajeh Mountain, Biggest Unbaked Mud Architecture Of Parthian Era

    11/04/2005 3:08:13 PM PST · by blam · 17 replies · 656+ views
    Payvand ^ | 11-3-2005
    11/3/05 Khajeh mountain, biggest unbaked mud architecture of Parthian era Zahedan, Sistan-Baluchestan prov, Nov 2, IRNA-Khajeh Mountain Complex, the biggest model of unbaked mud architecture remaining in Sistan area, is one of the most remarkable relics of the Parthian, Sassanid and Islamic eras. It is the only natural height left behind in Sistan area, where a palace, fire temple, pilgrimage center called Khajeh Mehdi and graveyard reminiscent of the past are still in good condition. The trapezoid-shaped basalt lava, situated 609 meters from the sea level, with a diameter ranging from two to 2.5 kilometers stands 17 kms to the...
  • CA: Arkley single biggest donor for Prop. 75

    10/04/2005 6:05:30 PM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 5 replies · 416+ views
    Times - Standard ^ | James Faulk
    EUREKA -- Rob Arkley has apparently given more to help pass Proposition 75 than any other single individual in the state of California. According to the California secretary of state’s website, Arkley heads up a long list of big donors supporting Proposition 75 with a total of $302,000 given to groups supporting its passage. The contributions came in two different contributions, one for $250,001 in September and another for $52,000 made earlier in August. Arkley did not return a call for comment by deadline. But an employee for Security National, owned by Arkley, called the Times-Standard and said his boss...
  • ISP makes state's biggest marijuana bust

    08/17/2005 8:27:22 PM PDT · by freepatriot32 · 32 replies · 7,639+ views ^ | 8 17 05 | Kari Huston
    LaPorte County, IN - About 3,000 to 5,000 marijuana plants, some the size of Christmas trees, have been found about a half mile north of State Road 4 between 600 and 700 East in LaPorte County, just west of Fish Lake. Officials are calling it the largest outdoor marijuana bust in Indiana since the 1980s. The plants are growing in three to five clusters, hidden on the ground in a two-acre plot full of trees. Police discovered the hidden plants over a week ago but it wasn’t until yesterday that they decided to bust up the drug ring. Police say...
  • Hurricane Ivan, Largest Wave Ever Measured

    06/17/2005 8:41:18 AM PDT · by blam · 101 replies · 6,310+ views
    Science News Magazine ^ | 6-11-2005 | Sid Perkins
    . . . and churn up big waves, too Sid Perkins From New Orleans, at the Joint Assembly of the American Geophysical Union As Hurricane Ivan approached the U.S. Gulf Coast last September, it passed right over an array of seafloor sensors. The network detected the largest wave ever measured by instruments—one that towered more than 27 meters from trough to crest. The 50-kilometer-wide group of 14 instruments was deployed in May 2004 to measure currents on the ocean floor, says William J. Teague, an oceanographer at the Naval Research Laboratory at Bay St. Louis, Miss. Late on the evening...
  • CalPERS: Biggest U.S. pension fund warns on private equity

    02/09/2005 10:21:27 AM PST · by NormsRevenge · 13 replies · 731+ views
    San Diego Union -Tribune ^ | 2/9/05 | Steve Hays - Reuters
    GENEVA – The booming U.S. private equity market could be heading for a crash as interest rates rise and hedge funds, desperately seeking higher returns, pour money into the sector, the chief investment officer for the biggest pension fund in the United States warned on Wednesday. "The biggest one (asset bubble) I'm afraid of at the moment is private equity," Mark Anson, CIO for the California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS), told the International Fund Management 2005 conference organised by ICBI. "The current overhang of leveraged buyouts committed but not invested is $182 billion (end-2003 figure). A lot of money...
  • California’s Biggest Embarassment - Another Six Long Years with Barbara Boxer...

    01/17/2005 8:42:44 PM PST · by NormsRevenge · 66 replies · 1,487+ views ^ | 1/17/05 | Carol Platt Liebau
    Barbara Boxer needs to give it a rest – heck, she needs to give us a rest. We’ve got six more years to go with Boxer in the Senate, and perhaps the worst part is that she seems intent on making us, and everyone else, remember it. Week before last, Boxer put on her tin-foil hat and objected to the certification of President Bush’s victory in Ohio, thereby forcing a debate of the issue. And although some of her Democratic Senate colleagues paid lip service to the needless (and meaningless) disruption, when it came time actually to vote on whether...
  • Archaeologists May Have Found What Was Once The Biggest City In Italy

    11/07/2004 5:27:22 PM PST · by blam · 51 replies · 2,055+ views
    The Economist ^ | 11-4-2004
    Scientific treasure hunters Nov 4th 2004 | CLUSIUM, OR POSSIBLY NOT From The Economist print edition Archaeologists may have found what was once the biggest city in Italy REAL archaeology bears about as much resemblance to an Indiana Jones movie as real spying bears to James Bond. Excavation—at least if it is to be meaningfully different from grave robbing—is a matter of painstaking trowel work, not gung-ho gold-grabbing. But there is still a glimmer of the grave robber in many archaeologists, and the search for a juicy royal tomb can stimulate more than just rational, scientific instincts. Few tombs would...
  • A Frenchman Weaseling on Oil-for-Food

    10/22/2004 12:07:45 PM PDT · by stevejackson · 7 replies · 1,355+ views ^ | October 22, 2004 | Andrew L. Jaffee
    Frédéric Desagneaux, consul general of France for San Francisco, is not happy with the light being shown on his country’s involvement with U.N. corruption in Iraq. Poor thing. Yesterday, the independent committee investigating corruption in the U.N.’s “oil-for-food” program for Iraq made public the names of 3,545 companies that sold goods to Saddam. Also published were the names of 248 companies which received Iraqi oil under the program. Through oil-for-food, Saddam stole “$10.1 billion through oil smuggling and kickbacks from suppliers.” Leave it to the U.N. to pull off one of the biggest scandals in world history. Evidence is emerging...
  • Sandy Berger - the biggest case in the US at the moment

    08/23/2004 4:34:56 PM PDT · by Libloather · 18 replies · 1,364+ views
    The Lawyer ^ | 8/23/04
    The American way On the other side of the Atlantic, where juries are revered, UK lawyers’ squeamishness about serving is given short shrift, as everyone over there is expected to do their bit. “Juries are one of the hallmarks of a well-functioning democracy,” says Covington & Burling white collar crime partner Lanny Breuer, who is the lawyer who represented Bill Clinton in his impeachment proceedings. “A citizen can’t be imprisoned or have his or her liberty taken away simply by the act of an official such as a judge, and that’s why we put juries on such a pedestal.” In...
  • World's 'Longest Snake' Comes Up Short

    01/07/2004 12:17:19 PM PST · by where's_the_Outrage? · 23 replies · 956+ views
    Yahoo/Reuters ^ | January 7, 2004 | UNK
    KENDAL, Indonesia (Reuters) - It's still a big snake, just not a record-breaker. When a recreation park in Indonesia put a huge reticulated python on show last week, keepers insisted to reporters it was 49 feet long. That made it the longest ever caught. But amid growing skepticism of the claim, a photographer working for Reuters returned to the Curugsewu park in the small central Java town of Kendal Wednesday with a measuring tape. The snake's true length -- around 21 feet "I have no idea why the snake has shrunk," said one keeper when asked about the discrepancy, as...
  • Biggest Chill: MIT Team Achieves Coldest Temperature Ever

    09/12/2003 9:40:09 AM PDT · by bedolido · 2 replies · 275+ views
    CAMBRIDGE, Mass. -- MIT scientists have cooled a sodium gas to the lowest temperature ever recorded -- only half-a-billionth of a degree above absolute zero. The work, to be reported in the Sept. 12 issue of Science, bests the previous record by a factor of six, and is the first time that a gas was cooled below 1 nanokelvin (one-billionth of a degree). "To go below one nanokelvin is a little like running a mile under four minutes for the first time," said Nobel laureate Wolfgang Ketterle, co-leader of the team. Ketterle is MIT's John D. MacArthur Professor of Physics....
  • Cuban Rolls World's Biggest Cigar

    08/29/2003 7:00:48 AM PDT · by bedolido · 6 replies · 518+ views
    Associated Press ^ | 08/29/03 | ANDREA RODRIGUEZ
    HAVANA (AP) -- A Cuban cigar maker has shattered his own record for the world's longest cigar by rolling a 45-foot-long stogie, the Guinness Book of World Records said. It took Jose Castelar Cairo five days to manufacture the cigar - a feat that far surpassed his 35-foot cigar that set the record in 2000. The latest and greatest cigar was rolled in November, but only recently certified by Guinness. Castelar proudly displayed both Guinness certificates on Thursday. Castelar's first milestone was a 9-foot cigar he and his buddies rolled in 1999 as a way to attract passing tourists. "We...
  • Bush Prescription Drug Program Biggest Social Spending Plan In 40 Years (RUSH LIMBAUGH)

    06/16/2003 3:21:29 PM PDT · by TLBSHOW · 61 replies · 578+ views
    Rush Limbaugh ^ | June 16, 2003 | Rush Limbaugh
    Bush Prescription Drug Program Biggest Social Spending Plan In 40 Years June 16, 2003 The proposal to add a prescription drug Medicare benefit keeps growing. This leads me to an Associated Press story by Tom Raum, who writes that President Bush has a tradition going back to his days as Texas governor of taking a firm stand, holding fast - but eventually making crucial concessions to opponents and then claiming victory. This goes back to "The BIG Theory" I exposed in recent weeks, about Bush taking Democrat issues away from them by passing 20%, 30% or 40% of what they...
  • US Threatens To Use Biggest Bomb As Hunt Switches North

    04/10/2003 5:09:34 PM PDT · by blam · 7 replies · 208+ views
    Independent (UK) ^ | 4-11-2003 | Donald Macintyre
    US threatens to use biggest bomb as hunt switches north By Donald Macintyre at US Central Command Qatar 11 April 2003 The United States stepped up the military and psychological pressure on the Baathist stronghold of Tikrit yesterday as the hunt for Saddam Hussein and leading members of his regime began to focus on areas to the north and west of Baghdad. In what looked to be a calculated propaganda move, the Pentagon issued a thinly disguised threat to deploy – for the first time in the war – the biggest non-nuclear bomb in its arsenal, the 21,000lb massive ordnance...
  • Marines fight their biggest battle of war

    04/04/2003 5:26:30 PM PST · by NormsRevenge · 47 replies · 953+ views
    SJ Mercury News ^ | 4/4/03 | Juan O. Tamayo - Knight Ridder
    <p>MARINE COMBAT HEADQUARTERS, Iraq - A battle Friday for a crucial crossroads 12 miles southeast of Baghdad involved the heaviest combat Marines had undertaken so far in Iraq, commanders said, as members of the Republican Guard put up what one commander called "a coordinated defense."</p>
  • Europe's Biggest Volcano Spews Lava As Earthquakes Signal Latest Return To Life

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    Independent (UK) ^ | 10-28-2002 | Cahal Milmo
    Europe's biggest volcano spews lava as earthquakes signal latest return to life By Cahal Milmo 28 October 2002 Mount Etna, the largest active volcano in Europe, exploded into life again yesterday, spurting molten rock 650ft into the air above Sicily and producing streams of lava that engulfed small buildings on the island. Officials evacuated the area in the path of the lava flows after a new vent opened early yesterday morning. There were no reports of injuries. By late afternoon, the eruption had destroyed a line of ski-lift pylons used to reach the summit, as well as a pine forest....