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  • Trump Campaign Manager Reveals Fox News Debate Chief Has Daughter Working for Rubio

    01/28/2016 6:13:01 AM PST · by BlackFemaleArmyCaptain · 139 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 1/28/2016 | Matthew Boyle
    Corey Lewandowski, the campaign manager for 2016 GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, exposed a blatant conflict of interest on Wednesday that the Fox News Channel has been hiding for months. Lewandowski showed how Fox News has been hiding the fact that Fox News Channel Vice President Bill Sammon has a daughter working for the campaign of the Washington establishment-backed Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL). Sammon's daughter, Brooke Sammon, is Rubio's national press secretary, and obviously both have a vested interest in the success of the Rubio campaign and the demise of the other campaigns. CNN's Erin Burnett asked Lewandowski about Fox News's...
  • Liberal media watchdog: Fox News e-mail shows network's slant on climate change

    12/17/2010 9:40:14 PM PST · by Beave Meister · 30 replies
    Washington Post ^ | 12/15/2010 | Paul Farhi
    Fox News Channel's top Washington editor ordered the network's reporters to couple any mention of global climate change with skepticism about the data underlying such a scientific conclusion, according to an e-mail released by a liberal media-watchdog group Wednesday. Media Matters for America said the internal e-mail from Bill Sammon, Fox News's Washington bureau chief, called into question the network's impartiality in reporting on climate change. In an e-mail sent last December to Fox News's journalists in the wake of a global conference on climate change, Sammon asked Fox journalists to "refrain from asserting that the planet has warmed (or...
  • Analysis: Obama Appeals to Liberal Media in First Prime Time Press Conference

    02/10/2009 7:06:16 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 9 replies · 769+ views
    Fox News ^ | February 10, 2009 | Bill Sammon
    He seated a left-wing radio host in the coveted front row. He called on a liberal blogger from the Huffington Post. He even brought far-left columnist Helen Thomas out of the wilderness and let her ruminate about "so-called terrorists." Clearly, President Obama was making a point of showing deference to the Left at his first prime-time press conference, which was broadcast to millions from the stately East Room of the White House on Monday. Longtime members of the White House press corps who are accustomed to sitting in the front row of presidential press conferences were surprised to find their...
  • Interview with Bill Sammon and some funny political satire.

    08/08/2007 9:38:07 AM PDT · by tralfaz77 · 11 replies · 672+ views ^ | August 8th, 2007 |
    A friend of my son's turned me on to these guys, don't know who they are aside from people who work in Washington. But they're pretty funny and smart, plus this show they have on their homepage is pretty good. The new show features and interview with Fox News' Bill Sammon about the primaries and the vote stealing in the House last week. He also lets it be known that Former Virginia Governor Mark Warner might be looking to get involved in the '08 race since he seems to have reemerged in the last week with press releases. Interesting. Plus...
  • The Democrats tried to steal the 2000 Presidential election !

    06/11/2006 6:13:57 AM PDT · by marc costanzo · 80 replies · 2,885+ views
    Bill Sammon's book: AT ANY COST ^ | 6-11-06 | Marc Costanzo
    A political reporter who was on the road with Gore during campaign 2000 takes a highly critical look at the post-election-day efforts by Gore and his team to, in the author's view, "steal the election." He chronicles the events as they unfolded day by day, and provides much behind-the-scenes reporting on the Gore team. Word from the Publisher AT ANY COST is the inside story of exactly how Al Gore dragged a one-day presidential election into a five-week ordeal and nearly pulled off the largest act of political larceny ever in American politics. Award-winning reporter Bill Sammon spent months on...
  • (Vanity)"Strategery" by Bill Sammon recognizes FreeRepublic and Freepers

    03/18/2006 6:36:55 PM PST · by Danae · 49 replies · 2,269+ views
    2006 | Bill Sammon
    Kudos again to FR, Buckhead, Howlin, Texasforever, NYCVirago, and of course Jim for having this site to begin with. "Chapter 9 "We're Toast" pg 143 - 145 directly credits Freepers above with uncovering the "missing Documents" out of President Bush's National Guard Service that were distinctly unflattering to the President, and also flat forgeries. I am reading the book at the moment, and I wanted to pause and give credit where credit is due. I thank all those who helped bring to light these roaches that considered themselves so important as to try to influence a Presidential Election. I thank...
  • Weekend Talk Show *Preview* for 3/2/06 - 3/3/06 (not the live thread)

    03/04/2006 10:12:22 AM PST · by Phsstpok · 61 replies · 2,066+ views
    Network and Cable News Networks | Network and Cable News
    Journal Editorial Report (Paul Gigot) - FNC show page Meme: Iran is the real problem and we can't win in Iraq because we haven't "taken care" of themBush made a very important foreign policy trip - did anyone notice? Topics: Is Iran outsmarting the U.S. in the fight for the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people? (per FNC web page)Is Iran waging war against Americans in Iraq? (per Opinion Journal web page)President Bush makes history abroad, but is dogged by controversy at home (per FNC web page)A debate over President Bush's South Asia trip and his nuclear deal with...
  • Sammon Excoriates Media on Katrina Video: “Journalistic Fraud” & “Disingenuous”

    03/03/2006 5:56:03 AM PST · by teddyballgame · 22 replies · 1,290+ views
    NewsBusters ^ | 3/2/06 | Brent Baker
    The media at all levels on Wednesday pounced on video released by the AP of government conference calls held as Hurricane Katrina hit last August, with most stories portraying them as containing a smoking gun about how President Bush was warned about potential levee failure. But as FNC's Brit Hume noted on his show Thursday night, the video, which MSNBC's Hardball hyped Wednesday as “breaking news,” was hardly any such thing, or “confidential video” as the AP hyped, since the video was made public at the time and the sessions were open to the press. During Hume's panel segment, Bill...
  • Strategery & FreeRepublic (Semi-Vanity)

    03/02/2006 8:01:42 AM PST · by Valin · 32 replies · 1,038+ views
    Just a note to let you know Bill Sammons new book "Strategery: How George W. Bush Is Defeating Terrorists, Outwitting Democrats, and Confounding the Mainstream Media" makes mention of a certain evil/wicked/extremist rightwing site. Dealing with how these terrible people exposed Dan Rather (Remember him? He used to be somebody.) use of fraudulent memos.

    02/28/2006 6:31:02 AM PST · by Geronimo · 167 replies · 4,821+ views
    drudgereport/strategery ^ | 2/28/2006 | drudge
    <p>President Bush, for the first time, is hailing the rise of the alternative media and the decline of the mainstream media, which he now says “conspired” to harm him with forged documents.</p> <p>“I find it interesting that the old way of gathering the news is slowly but surely losing market share,” Bush said in an exclusive interview for the new book STRATEGERY. “It’s interesting to watch these media conglomerates try to deal with the realities of a new kind of world.”</p>
  • Clinton Says Bush Adviser Obsesses About Her and '08

    02/27/2006 11:50:05 PM PST · by indcons · 19 replies · 792+ views
    New York Times ^ | February 28, 2006 | JENNIFER MEDINA
    ALBANY, Feb. 27 — Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton took a swipe at the White House on Monday, saying that Karl Rove, the president's political adviser, "spends a lot of time obsessing about me." Mrs. Clinton's comments came during an interview with an Albany radio station, after she was asked about a new book that quotes Mr. Rove as saying she is certain to be the Democratic presidential candidate in 2008. "I don't know where he gets his information from," Mrs. Clinton said of Mr. Rove during the interview on WROW-AM. "If I were thinking about this, I'd say, 'Why are...
  • Bill Sammon: Katrina's harsh lessons make Bush all the wiser

    09/25/2005 2:45:29 PM PDT · by RWR8189 · 109 replies · 1,789+ views
    Washington Times ^ | September 25, 2005 | Bill Sammon
    President Bush, stung by accusations that he responded too slowly to Hurricane Katrina, yesterday traveled to Texas hours after Hurricane Rita slammed ashore to monitor relief operations. "Our federal government is well-organized and well-prepared to deal with Rita," Mr. Bush told reporters in Colorado before flying to Austin, Texas. "We've got teams on the ground, beginning to analyze the situation and prepare the necessary response." Last night, the president issued a statement declaring major disasters in Louisiana and Texas. The declaration makes both states, local governments and some private nonprofit groups eligible for federal assistance, including grants for temporary housing...
  • Bush backs Rumsfeld, sees lack of Iran leverage

    12/21/2004 12:37:01 AM PST · by JohnHuang2 · 200+ views
    Washington Times ^ | Tuesday, December 21, 2004 | By Bill Sammon
    President Bush yesterday defended Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld against congressional critics and conceded the United States cannot force Iran to abandon its nuclear ambitions.     In a year-end press conference, Mr. Bush expressed confidence in Mr. Rumsfeld, who has come under fire for his handling of the war in Iraq.     "I believe he's doing a really fine job," the president said in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. "And I believe that in a new term, members of the Senate and the House will recognize what a good job he's doing."     Mr. Bush said Mr. Rumsfeld will be needed in the...
  • (V)FLA Election Research Requested

    11/11/2004 3:45:32 PM PST · by Tall_Texan · 12 replies · 602+ views
    11-11-04 | Tall_Texan
    Someone with better access to Florida's election data that I am can now settle a question leftover from the 2000 Election. As you'll recall, the tv networks called Florida for Gore before the polls had even closed in the Central Time Zone part of the state, depressing the amount of votes Bush likely would have received. Now that the 2004 Election is over, it's possible to extrapolate how much that early call may have cost Bush. 1. Take the Florida counties that are in the Central Time Zone. Count the total number of votes cast in the presidential elections in...
  • Pessimistic Kerry supporters predict Bush will be the victor

    10/20/2004 3:24:53 AM PDT · by sure_fine · 30 replies · 2,324+ views
    THE WASHINGTON TIMES ^ | By Bill Sammon
    American voters, while split over who should be the next president, overwhelmingly predict that President Bush will vanquish Sen. John Kerry, an expectation that could affect the outcome of a close election. While the various national polls show that voters prefer the president over Mr. Kerry by an average of four points, those same surveys place Mr. Bush some 20 points ahead on the question of which candidate is expected to win. "This could be a big cause of concern for Kerry," professor Vicki Morwitz of New York University said. "If people really think Bush is going to win, they...
  • Bush campaign attacks Kerry on Cheney remark

    10/15/2004 11:01:15 PM PDT · by kattracks · 6 replies · 533+ views
    Washington Times ^ | 10/16/04 | Bill Sammon
    CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — President Bush's advisers, seeking to keep Sen. John Kerry on the defensive, yesterday said they would continue criticizing his reference to the sexual orientation of Vice President Dick Cheney's daughter.     Mr. Bush did his part to keep the story alive by expressing his displeasure with the Massachusetts Democrat for invoking Mary Cheney's homosexuality at Wednesday's presidential debate.     "The president does not believe it was appropriate," White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan told reporters aboard Air Force One. Mr. Kerry found himself on the defensive in an interview yesterday with CNN's Candy Crowley, who asked about...
  • BookTV Schedule, 16-18 Oct (Sammon, Horowitz, Wirthlin, Hardy, Michael Moore and more)

    10/16/2004 4:18:46 AM PDT · by leadpenny · 9 replies · 461+ views
    C-SPAN2 BookTV ^ | Various Dates | Various Authors Of note: At 9:00am Sat: Description: Bill Sammon, Senior White House Correspondent for the Washington Times, spoke at the National Coil Coating Association conference in Chicago. The NCCA is an association of more than 100 manufacturers committed to the efficiencies and value of precoated sheet metal. Bill Sammon is the author of "Misunderestimated: The President Battles Terrorism, John Kerry, and the Bush Haters." Mr. Sammon asserts that the liberal media has misrepresented President Bush and says that the president's leadership should be taken more seriously. At 10:00am Sat: Description: Coverage of last Saturday's National Book Festival on the mall...
  • Bush readies 'significant speech'

    10/05/2004 12:26:49 AM PDT · by JohnHuang2 · 217 replies · 9,787+ views
    Washington Times ^ | Tuesday, October 5, 2004 | By Bill Sammon
    The Washington Bush readies 'significant speech'By Bill SammonTHE WASHINGTON TIMESPublished October 5, 2004 President Bush, stung by the erosion of his lead over Sen. John Kerry in post debate polls, has abruptly scheduled a major speech for tomorrow in hopes of halting Mr. Kerry's momentum.     In a rare, last-minute alteration to the presidential schedule, Mr. Bush has scrapped a planned talk on medical liability and instead will give what the White House called a "significant speech" about the two central issues of the campaign -- the war on terrorism and the economy.     The president is said to be eager...
  • White House rips Rather for report, his advice

    09/17/2004 8:41:29 AM PDT · by Beckwith · 19 replies · 1,986+ views
    The Washington Times ^ | Not dated | Bill Sammon
    ROCHESTER, Minn. — The White House yesterday slammed CBS anchorman Dan Rather for offering President Bush campaign advice and for relying on the "feelings" of a Bush critic to impugn his military record.
  • Rather defends 'thrust' of report on Bush service

    09/15/2004 10:18:28 PM PDT · by kattracks · 51 replies · 1,029+ views
    Washington Times ^ | 9/16/04 | Bill Sammon
    A defensive Dan Rather suggested last night that although he may have used forged documents in a CBS report criticizing President Bush's military service, the "thrust" of his report was true.      "Those who have criticized aspects of our story have never criticized the heart of it, the major thrust of our report," he told viewers on "60 Minutes." "George Bush received preferential treatment to get into the National Guard and, once accepted, failed to satisfy the requirements of his service." [snip]House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi lashed out at Republicans for going after CBS.     "The Republicans' latest attempt to intimidate...

    08/19/2004 3:07:55 PM PDT · by GretchenM · 681 replies · 7,811+ views, ^ | August 19, 2004 | GretchenM for ohioWfan
    The President's hardworking National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice spoke about and took questions on the Global War on Terror's war of ideas, addressing the efforts the Bush Administration has taken to lead the world toward values and understanding that will bring a just and lasting peace, at the United States Institute of Peace in Washington D.C. today. Dr. Rice counseled Americans to be 'less critical of every twist and turn' in Iraq. Retiring Senator Zell Miller, D-GA, will deliver the keynote address at the GOP Convention. Dr. Condoleeza Rice talks with Sean Hannity (radio link) on military transformation. The First...
  • Bush defends reaction to news of 9/11 attacks

    08/12/2004 11:19:24 PM PDT · by kattracks · 8 replies · 537+ views
    Washington Times ^ | 8/13/04 | Bill Sammon
    LOS ANGELES -- President Bush yesterday defended his decision to wait five minutes before leaving a Florida classroom upon learning of the September 11 terrorist attacks, a move that was criticized last week by Sen. John Kerry.     "I think it's easy to second-guess," Mr. Bush said on CNN's "Larry King Live." "What's important is how I reacted when I realized America was under attack.     "It didn't take me long to figure out we were at war," he added. "It didn't take me long to develop a plan that we would go after al Qaeda. We went into action very quickly."...
  • Kerry charges desperation in Bush's ad

    08/11/2004 11:54:34 PM PDT · by kattracks · 37 replies · 897+ views
    Washington Times ^ | 8/12/04 | Bill Sammon
    [snip]"This is Bush's idea of an optimistic campaign?" he said. "The president has his back against the wall, so now he invokes September 11 in his ads."     He added: "If you ever wanted proof that the Bush campaign has reached the point of desperation, now we have it."     But Mr. Kerry himself injected September 11 into the campaign last week by accusing the president of responding too slowly to news of the terrorist attacks. Specifically, the Massachusetts Democrat slammed Mr. Bush for remaining in a second-grade classroom in Florida for five minutes after learning the news.     The Bush ad was...
  • It's YOUR FAULT the Left is so bold.

    07/17/2004 12:15:08 PM PDT · by olde north church · 61 replies · 1,794+ views
    trentonrevolution ^ | 7 17 2004 | trentonrevolution
    I recently finished reading Bill Sammon's "Misunderestimated". It's a microbiography of President George W. Bush's FIRST TERM. I don't want to give away more of storyline than necessary, so let's just say Mr. Sammon describes a confrontation that occured when President Bush appeared in Washington State. If it were simply a solitary event, one might say it was one of those things. But if you start to think about how many violent protests have occured, how much venom is spewed forth at President Bush and the American conservatives in general, it leaps from anecdotal to a broad pattern of violence,...
  • British report undermines Wilson on prewar data

    07/14/2004 11:35:51 PM PDT · by kattracks · 3 replies · 432+ views
    Washington Times ^ | 7/15/04 | Bill Sammon
    The British government yesterday bolstered President Bush's assertion that Iraq sought uranium from Niger, casting further doubt on former Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson IV's claims to the contrary.     The conclusion was reached by Robin Butler, who once was Britain's top civil servant, in a major report on prewar intelligence that came five days after the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence reached a similar conclusion in its report.     Taken together, the British and U.S. reports appear to undermine Mr. Wilson's criticism of Mr. Bush, which led to a criminal investigation of the White House and made the retired diplomat a media...
  • Bush makes blocked judges a key issue

    07/12/2004 7:46:44 PM PDT · by neverdem · 24 replies · 799+ views
    The Washington Times ^ | July 12, 2004 | Bill Sammon
    The Washington Times Bush makes blocked judges a key issueBy Bill SammonTHE WASHINGTON TIMESPublished July 12, 2004 President Bush has decided that excoriating Democrats for blocking his judicial nominees is a potent political strategy that he will exploit in both the presidential race and congressional elections.     The Bush campaign thinks the Democratic ticket of Sens. John Kerry and John Edwards is particularly vulnerable on this issue because Mr. Edwards sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee.     "It's just another example of how they stand out of the mainstream," said Mathew Dowd, the Bush campaign's chief strategist. "They stand out...
  • GOP quick to ridicule (pretty boy) selection

    07/06/2004 10:32:27 PM PDT · by JohnHuang2 · 13 replies · 468+ views
    Washington Times ^ | Wednesday, July 7, 2004 | By Bill Sammon
    The Washington GOP quick to ridicule selectionBy Bill SammonTHE WASHINGTON TIMESPublished July 7, 2004 President Bush's re-election campaign moved swiftly yesterday to define Sen. John Edwards as a liberal lightweight who was chosen to be Sen. John Kerry's Democratic running mate only after a Republican, Sen. John McCain, refused.     Even as Mr. Kerry stepped to the microphone to announce Mr. Edwards as his vice presidential pick, the Bush campaign began airing a TV ad showing President Bush being enthusiastically endorsed by Mr. McCain, who had been courted repeatedly by the Massachusetts Democrat.     "He has led with great moral clarity...
  • Bush backers see trial taking focus off WMDs

    07/01/2004 11:19:00 PM PDT · by kattracks · 4 replies · 154+ views
    Washington Times ^ | 7/02/04 | Bill Sammon
    President Bush's supporters think Saddam Hussein's trial will remind Americans of why the president ousted the Iraqi dictator by force and will put into context the failure to find weapons of mass destruction.     After being pilloried for more than a year for not discovering stockpiles of chemical or biological weapons, which was a main rationale for war, Bush supporters are quietly relieved by the prospect of a public trial that will examine the full scope of Saddam's brutality.     "As people are reminded of what Saddam Hussein's regime was like -- the danger he posed not only to the people of...
  • Coalition allies are standing with U.S.

    06/28/2004 7:03:40 AM PDT · by presidio9 · 2 replies · 283+ views
    The Washington Times ^ | June 28, 2004 | Bill Sammon
    South Korea and Hungary, whose citizens have recently been killed in Iraq, on June 22 refused to cancel troop deployments to the terror-racked nation, prompting praise from President Bush. "What's important for the Iraqis to know is that the world stands with them as a free society emerges," Mr. Bush said in a joint Oval Office appearance with Hungarian Prime Minister Peter Medgyessy. Responding to the beheading of South Korean businessman Kim Sun-il by insurgents, Mr. Bush called on South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun to carry out the planned deployment of 3,000 troops to Iraq. "I would hope that President...
  • Bush camp hits back at Kerry with a quip

    06/28/2004 1:43:41 AM PDT · by Liz · 34 replies · 443+ views
    <p>President Bush's re-election campaign is ridiculing what it calls "John Kerry's coalition of the wild-eyed," which includes filmmaker Michael Moore and former Vice President Al Gore. The campaign has compiled a collection of video clips featuring angry Democrats and over-the-top ads by, a liberal advocacy group, to showcase what it calls the "rage" of the left.</p>
  • Bomb hits hotel on Bush agenda

    06/25/2004 12:24:41 AM PDT · by kattracks · 1 replies · 134+ views
    Washington Times ^ | 6/25/04 | Bill Sammon
    <p>President Bush plans to spend tomorrow night in an Ankara hotel where a bomb exploded yesterday, and then travel to a second Turkish city, Istanbul, where another bomb killed four persons.</p> <p>White House officials said the bombings would not deter Mr. Bush from attending a summit in Turkey, where he plans to challenge NATO members to train Iraqi security forces after next week's transfer of sovereignty.</p>
  • Cheney sees Carter 'malaise' in Kerry plan

    06/21/2004 10:37:06 PM PDT · by kattracks · 1 replies · 146+ views
    Washington Times ^ | 6/22/04 | Bill Sammon
    <p>HENDERSON, Nev. -- Vice President Dick Cheney yesterday opened up a new line of attack against John Kerry, saying the pro-tax economic plan of the senator from Massachusetts would return America to the "malaise" of the Carter era.</p> <p>Mr. Cheney mocked Mr. Kerry's "misery index" as a tortured throwback to the inflation and soaring interest rates of President Carter's term.</p>
  • Misunderestimating Bush

    06/17/2004 2:43:52 PM PDT · by swilhelm73 · 2 replies · 156+ views
    FPM ^ | June 16, 2004 | Shawn Macomber
    Misunderestimated is meant to serve as a seemingly unique purpose: amid the sea of raging screeds attacking President George W. Bush, this book is meant to be a balanced, polite and positive look at the past two years of George W. Bush’s presidency. It is a mission Bill Sammon accomplished with skill and verve. In a larger sense, however, the book is a stinging indictment of a press that is less and less content to simply report the news, favoring instead to put each story “in context.” Due to the overwhelmingly liberal nature of the fourth estate, this has amounted...
  • Misunderestimating Bush

    06/16/2004 1:16:27 AM PDT · by kattracks · 10 replies · 183+ views ^ | 6/16/04 | Shawn Macomber
    Misunderestimated by Bill Sammon is available from the FrontPage Magazine Bookstore for $22.95.Misunderestimated is meant to serve as a seemingly unique purpose: amid the sea of raging screeds attacking President George W. Bush, this book is meant to be a balanced, polite and positive look at the past two years of George W. Bush’s presidency. It is a mission Bill Sammon accomplished with skill and verve. In a larger sense, however, the book is a stinging indictment of a press that is less and less content to simply report the news, favoring instead to put each story “in context.” Due...
  • Bush demands assurances Saddam won't be freed

    06/15/2004 10:14:50 PM PDT · by kattracks · 24 replies · 157+ views
    Washington Times ^ | 6/16/04 | Bill Sammon
    <p>President Bush yesterday said the United States will not turn over Saddam Hussein to Iraq's interim government without assurances that the former dictator will remain behind bars.</p> <p>"We want to make sure that he doesn't come back to power," Mr. Bush said during a press conference with Afghan President Hamid Karzi in the White House Rose Garden.</p>
  • Kerry's liberalism a weapon for Bush

    06/14/2004 12:07:09 AM PDT · by kattracks · 14 replies · 188+ views
    Washington Times ^ | 6/14/04 | Bill Sammon
    <p>President Bush's re-election campaign has begun a concerted effort to divide the Democratic Party by forcing its congressional candidates to either embrace or reject Sen. John Kerry's liberalism.</p> <p>"This is one of the huge stories of the campaign," said Bush campaign manager Ken Mehlman. "You're going to see a lot of efforts by Republican candidates and by the campaign to ask where people stand."</p>
  • 'Country he loved' mourns Reagan

    06/11/2004 11:49:28 PM PDT · by kattracks · 3 replies · 108+ views
    Washington Times ^ | 6/12/04 | Bill Sammon
    <p>Ronald Wilson Reagan, the 40th president of the United States, left Washington for the final time yesterday after a moving state funeral in the National Cathedral, where he was remembered as the man who defeated Soviet communism and restored America's belief in itself.</p>
  • Reagan family begins farewell

    06/07/2004 10:19:32 PM PDT · by kattracks · 16 replies · 274+ views
    Washington Times ^ | 6/08/04 | Bill Sammon
    <p>A frail and tearful Nancy Reagan laid her cheek on the flag-draped casket of her husband yesterday and murmured private tendernesses as America began its long goodbye to former President Ronald Reagan.</p> <p>"A great president, a great world leader and a faithful servant of Almighty God," observed the Rev. Michael Wenning, who comforted Mrs. Reagan during a brief ceremony at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, Calif.</p>
  • Tenet steps down as director of CIA

    06/03/2004 10:52:57 PM PDT · by kattracks · 1 replies · 109+ views
    Washington Times ^ | 6/04/04 | Bill Sammon
    <p>George J. Tenet, the second-longest serving director of the CIA, resigned yesterday, ending what he described as seven years "of success and disappointment, of happiness and sorrow."</p> <p>Mr. Tenet, whose tenure encompassed the tragedy of the September 11 terrorist attacks and the euphoria over Saddam Hussein's capture, dismissed the swirl of intrigue over his departure and insisted he simply wanted to spend more time with his wife and teenage son.</p>
  • Bush denies picking leaders

    06/01/2004 11:24:16 PM PDT · by JohnHuang2 · 2 replies · 104+ views ^ | Wednesday, June 2, 2004 | By Bill Sammon
    <p>President Bush yesterday said he had nothing to do with the selection of Iraq's interim government and insisted that the new leaders are not puppets of the U.S. government, hours after congratulating some of them in personal telephone conversations.</p> <p>"I had no role in picking -- zero," Mr. Bush said in the Rose Garden. "It's going to be up to the leaders to prove their worth to the Iraqi citizens. In other words, the leaders are going to have to show the Iraqis that they're independent."</p>
  • Bush campaign takes aim at Kerry

    05/26/2004 9:58:29 PM PDT · by kattracks · 11 replies · 385+ views
    Washington Times ^ | 5/27/04 | Bill Sammon
    <p>President Bush's political strategists have concluded that the way to battle back from record low job-approval ratings and months of bad news from Iraq is to talk about Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry.</p> <p>"The more people know about him, the more they find a Kerry presidency troubling," said Bush campaign manager Ken Mehlman. "Poll after poll after poll after poll shows that."</p>
  • Bush Camp Wary On Approval (The pucker factor is now Code Orange.)

    05/18/2004 11:17:25 AM PDT · by quidnunc · 23 replies · 113+ views
    The Washington Times ^ | May 18, 2004 | Bill Sammon
    The chief strategist for President Bush's re-election campaign yesterday said that if the president's declining approval ratings, which are already at record lows, slip an additional seven percentage points, it will be "very difficult to win." Citing a Gallup poll that shows Mr. Bush's approval rating at 46 percent, strategist Matthew Dowd said the election could be decided by a relatively small shift in support. "I have no idea where it will end up, but all the president's numbers have to move is plus or minus five or six ... which can easily happen, because of events," he said. "If...
  • Bush aims to avoid father's mistakes

    05/10/2004 6:09:58 AM PDT · by xsysmgr · 4 replies · 126+ views
    The Washington Times ^ | May 10, 2004 | Bill Sammon
    <p>Like father, not like son: President Bush, with his father in 2000, has learned from the mistakes of the one-term president - abandoning Iraq and not fighting off Democratic attacks.</p> <p>President Bush is resolved not to repeat what he thinks were the two fundamental blunders of his father's one-term presidency: abandoning Iraq and failing to vanquish the Democrats.</p>
  • Bush makes case for second term (Some Press for Bill Sammon's New Book)

    05/10/2004 12:13:58 PM PDT · by jmstein7 · 13 replies · 313+ views
    PMSNBC ^ | 5-10-04
    --SNIP-- The Washington Times said it was the first of a series of reports based on a new book “Misunderestimated: The President Battles Terrorism, John Kerry and Bush Haters,” written by its White House correspondent, Bill Sammon. The title is based, in part, on a remark Bush made on Nov. 6, 2000, the final day of his first presidential campaign. “They misunderestimated me,” Bush said at the time, of his detractors.
  • Bill Sammons' 'Misunderestimated'

    05/10/2004 12:06:38 PM PDT · by publius1 · 27 replies · 205+ views
    Just got the book, but I read the first chapter and want to recommend it to my colleague Freepers. I read "Plan of Attack," which is okay, well reported but badly written. By contrast, I've finished Sammons' first Chapter--"Rise of the Bush-Haters"--and it's terrific: well-written, well-conceived, exciting (which "Plan of Attack" never was). Not just thumbs up on this--my whole hand!

    05/05/2004 12:26:32 PM PDT · by NYC Republican · 49 replies · 214+ views
    DrudgeReport ^ | 5/5/04 | DrudgeReport
    President Bush vows to make John Kerry “regret” disparaging the coalition that liberated Iraq, a new book set for release next week will reveal.In exclusive interviews with President Bush and lengthy, one-on-one, on-the-record sessions with his closest aides, bestselling author Bill Sammon threatens to “out-Woodward” Woodward, who convinced only Bush and Donald Rumsfeld to speak on the record. MISUNDERESTIMATED: The President Battles Terrorism, John Kerry, and the Bush Haters," has been obtained by the DRUDGE REPORT. Hot on the heels of a wave of Bush-bashing tomes, MISUNDERESTIMATED, released next week by REGAN BOOKS, takes readers inside the Oval Office for...
  • Bush defends proposal for aliens

    03/27/2004 5:52:13 AM PST · by MikeJ75 · 28 replies · 510+ views
    The Washington Times ^ | March 27, 2004 | Bill Sammon
    <p>ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — President Bush yesterday insisted his proposal to relax immigration laws would not allow illegal aliens from Mexico to "cut in line" in front of legal immigrants.</p> <p>But he said businesses should be able to hire illegals because "people coming up from Mexico want to put food on their table for their sons and daughters."</p>
  • 'Culture wars' shaping election

    03/24/2004 10:18:29 PM PST · by kattracks · 16 replies · 202+ views
    Washington Times ^ | 3/25/04 | Bill Sammon
    <p>The Supreme Court case over whether to keep a reference to God in the Pledge of Allegiance is the latest skirmish in the "culture wars" that are helping shape the presidential election, much to the delight of Republicans.</p> <p>From homosexual "marriage" to the immensely popular film "The Passion of the Christ," cultural issues are emerging as an important subplot in a campaign dominated by national security and the economy.</p>
  • Bush on offensive as Kerry stumbles

    03/17/2004 10:08:02 PM PST · by kattracks · 148 replies · 1,067+ views
    Washington Times ^ | 3/18/04 | Bill Sammon
    <p>President Bush's re-election campaign has kept Sen. John Kerry on the defensive for days by employing an aggressive communications strategy that was largely absent just weeks ago.</p> <p>The hard-charging approach entails simultaneous attacks on Mr. Kerry by the Bush campaign team, the Republican National Committee, the White House and the president. An abundance of Bush surrogates and well-financed TV ads round out the strategy.</p>
  • Bush backers object to ads

    03/09/2004 10:00:43 PM PST · by kattracks · 2 replies · 110+ views
    Washington Times ^ | 3/10/04 | Bill Sammon
    <p>President Bush's re-election campaign yesterday asked the Federal Election Commission to investigate a liberal advocacy group for airing anti-Bush TV ads the campaign calls illegal. The ads, which were scheduled to begin airing today in 17 battleground states, are financed in part by Democratic billionaire George Soros, who last year likened the president to Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler. The complaint was filed last night and accuses the Media Fund, the organization that is running the ads, of violating a ban on the use of "soft money" — unlimited donations from corporations, unions and individuals — for federal election activity. "We believe this is illegal," Bush campaign spokesman Terry Holt said yesterday in an interview. "We believe that the FEC would look at this and say this is a violation" of campaign finance laws. Media Fund strongly disagreed. "They are entirely legal," said Harold Ickes, director of the organization. "We are advised by a battery of legal experts who have no reservations about the legality." FEC spokesman Ian Stirton said the commission is in the process of determining whether ads by groups such as Media Fund — which are known by their tax-code designation as 527s — violate the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law and whether they should be regulated before the election. Media Fund has accepted large contributions from Mr. Soros, who has also given millions to, another 527 organization that has aired anti-Bush ads. came under fire in recent months for sponsoring a competition that resulted in several advertisements comparing the president to Hitler. "We have not taken heat because of it," Mr. Ickes said of the billionaire's penchant for Bush-Hitler comparisons. The Media Fund's initial buy, worth $5 million, features a 30-second commercial that begins: "President Bush. Remember the American dream? "It's about hope, not fear. It's about more jobs at home, not tax breaks for shipping jobs overseas. It's about giving our children their chance, not our debt. It's about providing health care for people, not just profits. It's about fighting for the middle class, not special interests." The ad then declares: "It's time to take our country back from corporate greed and make America work for every American." Larry Noble, executive director of the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics, agreed with the Bush campaign that ads by both and Media Fund are illegal. "These groups have stated that their purpose is to defeat President Bush," he said. "As political committees, they are required to abide by the contribution limits and prohibitions in terms of the money that they take in." That would mean 527s could accept only small, tightly regulated "hard money" contributions. Instead, they are taking unlimited "soft money" gifts from Mr. Soros and other wealthy individuals. Tom Josefiak, general counsel to the Bush-Cheney campaign, called the ads an attempt to "use soft money to win a federal election" and circumvent "the recently passed campaign finance laws that all the Democrats, from Senator Kerry and Senator Daschle to Nancy Pelosi, were so sanctimonious about." Mr. Holt said that "the issue is the difference between clean, hard, legal dollars being spent by the Bush campaign, versus shadowy Democratic groups that are obviously using soft money that was supposedly outlawed." "We would be interested in seeing whether they've received any legal opinions or release letters from their lawyers," he said. "It's hard to envision somebody doing this without some kind of paper trail." But Mr. Ickes said he has no intention of disclosing his group's legal rationale for the ads, which name Mr. Bush. Future ads will probably name the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts. "We feel confident we can name Kerry. It has to be in the context of issues, and that's what we're going to do," Mr. Ickes said. "We think that the Republican lawyers and Ed Gillespie either can't read the law or are just making it up. I think that they want to divert attention." Mr. Gillespie, chairman of the Republican National Committee, has long questioned the legality of such TV ads. Although Republicans have also formed 527s, Democrats have turned them into major political forces. "The activity is a lot greater on the Democratic side, in large part because they perceive that they need it to counter Bush's expected $200 million for a primary where he has no opponent," said Mr. Noble of the Center for Responsive Politics. "And that money's all going to be spent attacking Kerry." But the first round of Bush campaign ads, which began airing last week, make no mention of Mr. Kerry or the Democratic Party. Bush campaign manager Ken Mehlman hinted this week that the Bush ads will be sharpened. Mr. Ickes, a former aide to President Clinton and the mastermind behind former first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton's successful Senate bid, was one of many Democratic officials who weathered congressional scrutiny in the campaign fund-raising scandal of 1996. He helped produce Democratic ads that year and in 2000, and has concluded that the McCain-Feingold law of 2002 does not restrain him from continuing to produce such spots. "We did that in 1996 and we did that in 2000, and the Congress didn't change the law," he said last night. "Congress had debated the McCain-Feingold law. They could have changed the law if they wanted to, in the area that we're operating under. "They chose not to," he said. "We therefore don't think the FEC has the statutory basis to change the law itself. It has to wait for the Congress to act." The FEC has a regulation barring corporations or labor unions from making "any communication expressly advocating the election or defeat of any clearly identified candidate." "We are not saying people should vote for or against any candidate. We are talking about the policies of George Bush," Mr. Ickes said. "These are classic issue ads."</p>