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  • Perhaps Clinton WANTED An Attack

    09/28/2006 6:45:01 AM PDT · by Moby Grape · 45 replies · 902+ views
    The is no doubt that Clinton made no effort to get Bin Laden, despite his claims to the contrary.
  • Giuliani Defends Clinton on 9/11 Efforts

    09/27/2006 5:38:21 PM PDT · by Vision · 412 replies · 3,517+ views
    AP ^ | Sep 27 8:06 PM US/Eastern | MATT SEDENSKY
    Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani defended Bill Clinton on Wednesday over the former president's counterterrorism efforts, saying recent criticism on preventing the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks is wrong. Political bickering over which president _ Clinton or George W. Bush _ missed more opportunities to prevent the attacks has been escalating since Clinton gave a combative interview on "Fox News Sunday" in which he defended his efforts to kill Osama bin Laden. "The idea of trying to cast blame on President Clinton is just wrong for many, many reasons, not the least of which is I don't think he deserves...

    09/27/2006 4:00:17 PM PDT · by AndyTheBear · 80 replies · 4,370+ views ^ | 09/27/2006 | Ann Coulter
    It's just like old times. Bill Clinton delivers an impassioned speech, and within 24 hours the Web is bristling with documentation, establishing that nearly every sentence was a lie. The glassy-eyed Clinton cultists are insisting their idol's on-air breakdown during a "Fox News Sunday" interview with Chris Wallace was a calculated performance, which is a bit like describing Hurricane Katrina as a "planned demolition." Like an Osama tape, they claim he was sending a signal to Democrats to show them how to treat Republicans. Listen up, Democrats: Let's energize the undecideds by throwing a hissy fit on national television! The...
  • Fox Chief: Clinton Response an 'Assault'

    09/27/2006 3:01:28 PM PDT · by SmithL · 174 replies · 5,079+ views
    AP ^ | 9/27/6 | DAVID BAUDER
    Fox News chief Roger Ailes says former President Clinton's response to Chris Wallace's question about going after Osama bin Laden represents "an assault on all journalists." Ailes said Clinton had a "wild overreaction" in the interview, broadcast on "Fox News Sunday." Hundreds of thousands of people subsequently watched clips over the Internet, with Fox foes rallying behind Clinton. "If you can't sit there and answer a question from a professional, mild-mannered, respectful reporter like Chris Wallace, then the hatred for journalists is showing," Ailes said in an interview with The Associated Press on Wednesday. "All journalists need to raise their...
  • Fool Me Once Bill Clinton – But Don’t Wag Your Finger at Me Again

    09/27/2006 5:42:11 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 30 replies · 2,543+ views
    The New Media Journal.US ^ | Seember 26,2006 | Joan Swirsky
    Fool Me Once Bill Clinton – But Don’t Wag Your Finger at Me Again Politics Joan Swirsky September 26, 2006 One of the 20th Century’s most enduring images was of Bill Clinton standing at a White House podium and responding to a reporter’s question about his affair with Monica Lewinsky with a crimson face, his neck veins on the verge of exploding, and his finger wagging furiously like an old schoolmarm’s, as he told the entire Congress, nation and world: “I did not have sex with that woman!” For nearly a year, and through depositions under oath, Clinton maintained...
  • Hillary: Bill Won’t Be Pushed Around

    09/26/2006 5:50:10 PM PDT · by Aussie Dasher · 118 replies · 4,246+ views
    NewsMax ^ | 27 September 2006
    Sen. Hillary Clinton has spoken up in support of her husband Bill’s defense of his anti-terror efforts, saying she’s tired of Democrats being pushed around on national security issues. "I just think that my husband did a great job in demonstrating that Democrats are not going to take this,” she said on Monday in remarks reported by Newsday. In a heated discussion with Chris Wallace on "Fox News Sunday,” Bill Clinton said that as president, he did more than many of his conservative critics to pursue al-Qaida, and alleged that President Bush didn’t try to stop terrorism in the eight...
  • Bush on Clinton: 'No Time to Finger-Point'

    09/26/2006 2:32:49 PM PDT · by excludethis · 58 replies · 1,930+ views
    NewsMax ^ | Tuesday, Sept. 26, 2006 4:47 p.m. EDT | Staff
    President Bush dismissed as "finger-pointing" criticism from his predecessor Bill Clinton of his counter-terrorism efforts in the months leading up to the Sept. 11 attacks. Clinton, angrily defending his own administration's attempts to capture or kill Osama bin Laden, had accused the Bush administration of doing far less to stop the al Qaeda leader before the 2001 hijack plane attacks. Bush, who is trying to stave off a Democratic takeover of Congress in November, seemed to bristle when asked about Clinton, only to sidestep his assertions. "We'll let history judge all the different finger-pointing and all that business. I don't...
  • FLASHBACK: Clinton chides media over affair (2004)

    09/26/2006 7:54:06 AM PDT · by Howlin · 110 replies · 2,112+ views
    BBC ^ | June 22, 2004,
    Former US President Bill Clinton has hit out at the media's treatment of his affair with Monica Lewinsky in a BBC television interview. Some snippets: Speaking on a Panorama programme to be broadcast on Tuesday night, Mr Clinton accused the press of helping the far- right and liking "to hurt people". He said the media cared more about the affair than the conflict in Bosnia. Mr Clinton reacted after presenter David Dimbleby asked him why he had an affair with Ms Lewinsky when he knew he was under investigation by special prosecutor Kenneth Starr for other matters. Wagging his finger...
  • Hillary Says Condi Is A Liar

    09/26/2006 11:17:16 AM PDT · by slowhand520 · 240 replies · 10,339+ views
    I am at a loss for words
  • Wallace-Clinton Combat Nets Fox News Big Ratings

    09/25/2006 3:07:14 PM PDT · by Sub-Driver · 51 replies · 2,167+ views
    Wallace-Clinton Combat Nets Fox News Big Ratings POSTED: 5:48 pm EDT September 25, 2006 UPDATED: 5:51 pm EDT September 25, 2006 NEW YORK -- Political combat pays: "Fox News Sunday" drew its best ratings in nearly three years for this weekend's electric confrontation between former President Clinton and newsman Chris Wallace. Both men's words were being dissected in the aftermath on Monday, with a Clinton spokesman saying Fox and Wallace had attacked Clinton with "an accusation," not a question. "I think the interview speaks for itself," Wallace said. "They can spin all the conspiracy theories they want." The Sunday talk...
  • Lewinsky Mulls '08 Run (Alternative to Hillary)

    09/25/2006 1:48:47 PM PDT · by Rb ver. 2.0 · 107 replies · 3,894+ views
    Borrowitz ^ | 9/22/06 | Borrowitz
    Former White House Intern Offers Self as Alternative to Hillary In a development that could drastically alter the playing field of the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, former White House intern Monica Lewinsky confirmed today that she was considering making a bid for the Democratic nod in 2008. According to those familiar with her political plans, Ms. Lewinsky plans to offer herself as an alternative to the presumptive frontrunner in the race, Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-New York). Rumors of Ms. Lewinsky's intentions spread like wildfire this week when the erstwhile intern made a series of stops in New Hampshire,...
  • Bill Clinton Loses His Cool in Democracy Now! Interview (2000 Moonbat Interview)

    09/25/2006 1:29:07 PM PDT · by oldleft · 44 replies · 2,113+ views
    Democracy Now? ^ | 06-22-2004 | Some Crazy Moonbat
    *snip* PRESIDENT CLINTON: Now, you just listen to me. You ask the questions, and I'm going to answer. You have asked questions in a hostile, combative, and even disrespectful tone, but I ... and you have never been able to combat the facts I have given you. Now, you listen to this. The other thing Ralph Nader says is that, you know, he's pure as Caesar's wife on the environment. *snip*
  • Clinton's Finger-Wagging Moment

    09/25/2006 8:14:23 AM PDT · by BJClinton · 103 replies · 3,811+ views
    WaPo ^ | 09/25/2006 | Howard Kurtz
    You did Fox's bidding on this show. You did your nice little conservative hit job on me. . . . You set this meeting up because you were going to get a lot of criticism from your viewers because Rupert Murdoch is supporting my work on climate change. And you came here under false pretenses and said that you'd spend half the time talking about . . . what we did out there to raise $7 billion-plus over three days from 215 different commitments. And you don't care.
  • Transcript: Clarke Praises Bush Team in '02(Hey "BJ"Clinton lookie here)

    09/24/2006 6:20:14 PM PDT · by BlueJ7 · 35 replies · 1,833+ views
    FOX NEWS ^ | March 24, 2004
    RICHARD CLARKE: Actually, I've got about seven points, let me just go through them quickly. Um, the first point, I think the overall point is, there was no plan on Al Qaeda that was passed from the Clinton administration to the Bush administration. JIM ANGLE: You're saying that the Bush administration did not stop anything that the Clinton administration was doing while it was making these decisions, and by the end of the summer had increased money for covert action five-fold. Is that correct? CLARKE: All of that's correct.
  • Clinton Says Republicans `Rediscover' bin Laden Before Election

    09/23/2006 4:22:21 PM PDT · by jdm · 155 replies · 4,002+ views
    Bloomberg | Sept 23, 2006 | Kristin Jensen and Michael Forsythe
    Bloomberg cannot be posted to FR, so here is a link to the story:
  • Legal Disputes Over Hunt Paralyzed Clinton's Aides

    02/22/2004 6:36:33 AM PST · by Gothmog · 12 replies · 305+ views
    The Washington Post ^ | 2/22/04 | Steve Coll
    Between 1998 and 2000, the CIA and President Bill Clinton's national security team were caught up in paralyzing policy disputes as they secretly debated the legal permissions for covert operations against Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan. The debates left both White House counterterrorism analysts and CIA career operators frustrated and at times confused about what kinds of operations could be carried out, according to interviews with more than a dozen officials and lawyers who were directly involved. [Excerpted] It was common in Clinton's cabinet and among his National Security Council aides to see the CIA as too cautious, paralyzed by...
  • "YOU'VE GOT THAT LITTLE SMIRK ON YOUR FACE" (Rough Transcript of Clinton interview)

    09/23/2006 1:49:25 PM PDT · by Brian Mosely · 269 replies · 6,714+ views
    The Corner ^ | 9/23/06
    The liberal website Thinkprogress has published a rough transcript of Bill Clinton's interview with Fox News' Chris Wallace, and it appears to be even more contentious than the brief clip that has been released shows.  Here are some excerpts from Clinton's angry defense of his conduct of the war on terrorism, beginning when Wallace asked him "Why didn't you do more, connect the dots and put [al Qaeda] out of business?"I will answer all of those things on the merits but I want to talk about the context of which this arises. I’m being asked this on the Fox network…[note...
  • Team Clinton

    09/23/2006 1:06:35 PM PDT · by mathprof · 46 replies · 1,229+ views
    msnbc ^ | 9/22/06 | elanor clift
    Bill says ‘a million things can happen,’ but he’s already launched Hillary’s presidential campaign. Can he get her elected? Suddenly Bill Clinton is everywhere, solving poverty, tackling AIDS, hosting Laura Bush, crafting the Democrats' message and deflecting questions about his wife's likely run for president. He doesn't know if he wants her to run, or if she'll run, and if she runs, he doesn't know that she'll win. “A million things can happen,” he said. But he does know one thing, that if she got elected, “she would be a magnificent president,” he told CNN’s Larry King this week. Clinton...
  • "BILL CLINTON FREAKS OUT" Fox Video Most Viewed Clip on 'YouTube.Com' Today (270,000 viewers)

    09/23/2006 8:38:21 AM PDT · by AmericanInTokyo · 199 replies · 9,980+ views
    Check it out (video stream above per link). Bill Clinton going bonkers over his failure to prevent 9-11 and get Bin Laden--historic fact which is just starting to emerge in the public square of debate in the USA. Which is the topic of other threads today....

    09/23/2006 6:06:48 AM PDT · by Mia T · 117 replies · 5,163+ views
    bill clinton, hillary clinton, New York Post | 9.23.06 | Mia T
    THE DRAMATIC INCREASE IN HILLARY CLINTON'S DISCLOSED ASSETS: An Alternative Theory(Why we must defeat the clintons NOW: part 2) by Mia T, 9.22.06   ormer clinton political guru, Dick Morris, and his wife and partner, Eileen McGann, are positing a theory of clinton enrichment that attempts to explain the dramatic increase--from as little as $352,000 in 2003 to as much as $50,000,000 in 2005--in hillary clinton's disclosed assets. 1 The authors ask and answer what they believe to be the central question, "What caused the jump? It might have been Dubai." 2 TURN OF PHRASE The Morris-McGann theory of...

    09/22/2006 5:09:49 PM PDT · by blogblogginaway · 977 replies · 50,024+ views
    The Drudge Report ^ | sept., 22, 2006 | drudge
    <p>FORMER PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON ON NOT CAPTURING BIN LADEN: 'At least I tried. That's the difference between me and some, including all the right wingers. They ridicule me for trying. They had eight months to try, they did not try. I tried. So I tried and failed'...</p>
  • Sen. Clinton Calls for Global Plan for Poor Women

    09/22/2006 5:21:33 PM PDT · by neverdem · 66 replies · 1,338+ views
    NY Times ^ | September 22, 2006 | PATRICK HEALY
    Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton made a star turn this morning at former President Bill Clinton’s conference on global challenges, calling for a concerted attack on the “feminization of poverty” by destroying cultural, political, and economic barriers that trap women and children in desperate conditions. Before a standing-room-only audience in a ballroom of the Sheraton hotel in midtown Manhattan, Mrs. Clinton gave opening remarks at the conference session “Women and the Power of Economic Opportunity” then moderated a panel that included President Bush’s former secretary of agriculture and three leaders in the development and anti-poverty fields. “Far too many women are...
  • Russert to interview Bill Clinton(Sept. 24, 1:00 PM, EDT)

    09/21/2006 4:52:43 PM PDT · by Dane · 32 replies · 780+ views
    MSNBC, Hardball | September 21, 2006
    Channel surfing and Chrissy Matthews mentioned that Tim Russert is going to "interview" Bill Clinton this Sunday after the Ryder Cup coverage(which is happening in Ireland) at 1:00 PM EDT this Sunday. Gee I wonder if Timmy will be more pleasurable to be around in Bill Clinton's mind than Monica. The answer is probably yes.
  • Madeleine Albright criticizes Bush, war on terror (Iraq "greatest disaster in US foreign policy")

    09/21/2006 1:46:05 PM PDT · by presidio9 · 86 replies · 2,295+ views
    GW Hatchet ^ | 9/21/06 | Sarah Scire
    Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright criticized President George W. Bush's handling of the war on terror in a speech at Georgetown University Monday night. Albright was the guest of honor at the fourth annual Snowdon Lecture, a speech by a public figure addressing the intersection of faith and social justice in the world. In the speech sponsored by the InterFaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington, Albright attacked Bush's policies in Iraq and in third world countries. "I hope I'm wrong, but I'm afraid that Iraq is going to go down in history as the greatest disaster in American foreign policy,"...
  • Bill Clinton: U.S. should talk to Iran (maybe we could send Albright over?)

    09/21/2006 9:14:18 AM PDT · by presidio9 · 32 replies · 1,102+ views
    Former President Clinton said Thursday the U.S. should try talking to Iran about its nuclear weapons ambitions without imposing a lot of conditions. "If you think you might have trouble with somebody, and God forbid if you think it could lead to a military confrontation, then there needs to be the maximum amount of contact beforehand," Clinton said in an interview with NBC's "Today" show. The Bush administration has refused to hold direct talks with Iran until it agrees to suspend enrichment of uranium, which the U.S. fears will be used to build nuclear weapons. "The United States should not...
  • Bill Clinton warns against wide torture approval

    09/21/2006 5:36:16 AM PDT · by Sub-Driver · 22 replies · 676+ views
    Bill Clinton warns against wide torture approval By Randall Mikkelsen 7 minutes ago Former U.S. President Bill Clinton joined a chorus of critics of Bush administration proposals for treating suspected terrorists, saying it would be unnecessary and wrong to give broad approval to torture. In an interview with National Public Radio aired on Thursday, Clinton said any decision to use harsh treatment in interrogating suspects should be subject to court review. "You don't need blanket advance approval for blanket torture," Clinton said. Clinton was president during the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and attacks on U.S. embassies in Tanzania and...
  • (Absolutely must see and send everywhere!) Quotes and Facts on Iraq

    09/12/2006 6:19:06 PM PDT · by doug from upland · 90 replies · 12,697+ views   Quotes and Facts on Iraq     "Every nation has to either be with us, or against us.  Those who harbor terrorists, or who finance them, are going to pay a price."       Senator Hillary Clinton (Democrat, New York)    September 13, 2001        "In the next century, the community of nations may see more and more the very kind of threat Iraq poses now -- a rogue state with weapons of mass destruction ready to use them or provide them to terrorists, drug traffickers or organized criminals who travel the world among us unnoticed.   ...
  • The facts About Clinton and Terrorism (You don't need a movie too see his failures)

    09/11/2006 12:45:52 PM PDT · by smoothsailing · 48 replies · 2,652+ views
    National Review ^ | 9-11-06 | Byron York
    September 11, 2006, 8:15 a.m. The Facts About Clinton and Terrorism You don’t need a movie to see his failures. By Byron York Editor’s note: When it comes to Bill Clinton’s record on terrorism, there’s no need to invent fictional scenarios to show how ineffective he was; the truth is bad enough. A few months after 9/11, Byron York went through the record — including the former president’s habit of taking polls to see how he should respond to terrorist attacks — and came up with this report, from the December 17, 2001 issue of National Review: June 25, 1996,...
  • Lewinsky Clip Pulled From 'Path to 9/11'

    09/11/2006 11:48:23 AM PDT · by OPS4 · 67 replies · 2,972+ views
    Newsmax ^ | 9/11/06 | Newsmax
    Reprinted from Monday, Sept. 11, 2006 1:53 p.m. EDT Lewinsky Clip Pulled From 'Path to 9/11' Editing changes made by ABC to the first part of its miniseries "The Path to 9/11" were cosmetic and didn't change the meaning of scenes that had angered several former Clinton administration officials, a spokesman for the former president said Monday. As for Clinton, he didn't bother watching the movie that angered so many people who once worked for him. "He made the choice that most Americans made," said Jay Carson, Clinton Foundation spokesman. "Of a fictionalized drama version of Sept. 11 or...
  • NFL tops ABC 9/11 show in ratings

    09/11/2006 12:08:21 PM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 92 replies · 2,105+ views
    AP on Yahoo ^ | 9/11/06 | David Bauder - ap
    NEW YORK - Editing changes made by ABC to the first part of its miniseries "The Path to 9/11" were cosmetic and didn't change the meaning of scenes that had angered several former Clinton administration officials, a spokesman for the former president said Monday. As for Clinton, he didn't bother watching the movie that angered so many people who once worked for him. "He made the choice that most Americans made," said Jay Carson, Clinton Foundation spokesman. "Of a fictionalized drama version of Sept. 11 or the Manning brothers playing football against one another, he chose the latter." The movie...
  • Caption Hillary at Ground Zero on the 5th anniversary of 9/11 (Gag/Hurl/PHONY alert)

    09/11/2006 10:39:05 AM PDT · by redstates4ever · 94 replies · 4,196+ views
    Yahoo! News Photos ^ | 9/11/05 | staff
    "Sen. Charles Schumer, D-NY, left, and Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY attend the memorial service near the site of the former World Trade Center on the fifth anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, Monday, Sept. 11, 2006 in New York." "Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-NY, right, gives a television interview across from ground zero on the fifth anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, Monday, Sept, 11, 2006 in New York."
  • Sex scandal kept Clinton's eye off bin Laden threat, TV drama says

    09/09/2006 12:57:44 PM PDT · by Lorianne · 77 replies · 1,962+ views
    The Times Online (UK) ^ | 09 September 2006 | Tim Reid
    BILL CLINTON responded furiously yesterday to an American television mini-series about the September 11, 2001, terror attacks, which portrays him as so distracted by the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal that he failed to focus on the emerging threat of Osama bin Laden. Senior Clinton Administration officials, including Madeleine Albright, the former Secretary of State, and Sandy Berger, the former National Security Adviser, also demanded yesterday that ABC either substantially edit or cancel its two-part The Path to 9/11, claiming that the drama was defamatory. The programme is also being shown by the BBC. The five-hour drama, which will be shown...
  • In New Letter, Clinton's Lawyers Demands ABC Yank Film

    09/09/2006 9:03:27 AM PDT · by finnman69 · 404 replies · 8,694+ views
    tpm cafe ^ | 9/9/06 | Greg Sargent
    On Friday evening, Bill Clinton's lawyers sent a new letter to ABC chief Bob Iger demanding that ABC yank "The Path to 9/11." We've obtained a copy of the letter, and it reads in part: "As a nation, we need to be focused on preventing another attack, not fictionalizing the last one for television ratings. `The Path to 9/11' not only tarnishes the work of the 9/11 Commission, but also cheapens the fith anniversary of what was a very painful moment in history for all Americans. We expect that you will make the responsible decision to not air this film."...
  • 'PATH' MISSED REAL 9/11 STORY ( What was accurate in the ABC Docu-drama and what wasn't)

    09/09/2006 6:36:48 AM PDT · by SirLinksalot · 86 replies · 2,356+ views
    New York Post ^ | 09/08/2006 | john Podhoretz
    'PATH' MISSED REAL 9/11 STORY September 8, 2006 -- FIRST things first: ABC's miniseries "The Path to 9/11," which will air Sept. 10 and 11, is a stiff. For those well-versed in the infuriating details of the missteps and missed opportunities in pursing al Qaeda between the first bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993 and the attack five years ago, there is nothing new here. SNIP Of course, the question obsessing everyone today is: Does the movie misrepresent events, conversations and policies of the Clinton administration? Yes and no. Ex-Secretary of State Madeleine Albright's anger is unquestionably justified....
  • Clinton's Artless Equivocation on 'The Path to 9/11'

    09/08/2006 3:48:04 PM PDT · by kellynla · 65 replies · 2,465+ views
    Real Clear Politics ^ | September 08, 2006 | Dennis Byrne
    If the worst criticism of President Bush is that he lied to us about Iraq, then we just got a whopping reminder of Bill Clinton's extraordinary talents for deception. In a letter to ABC's chief Bob Iger, Clinton's attorney, Bruce Lindsey, alleges that the network's program, The Path to 9/11 is "factually and incontrovertibly" inaccurate in suggesting that the Clinton administration let Osama Bin Laden slip through its fingers. Clinton's defenders, from their high horses, arrogantly have demand that the program be edited to their satisfaction, or be pulled entirely. Bristling at evidence that Clinton and his administration were wavering...
  • Live Thread: Writer of Path to 9-11 on Radio

    09/07/2006 7:49:03 PM PDT · by newzjunkey · 137 replies · 2,888+ views
    The John Ziegler Show, KFI 640AM ^ | 7 Sept 2006 | John Ziegler Show
    The author of The Path to 9/11 is going to be LIVE, in-studio on The John Ziegler Show at 8pm Pacific. You can listen live ONLINE or if you're in Southern CA, tune in to KFI at 640AM. From John Ziegler.Com: If you want to tell ABC to not cave to Clinton's demands in the editing of "The Path to 9/11," call 818-460-7477. If you want to complain about the movies lessons plans being dropped by "Scholastic," go to this link for contact information.
  • Pelosi: ABC Must Correct the Factual Inaccuracies in 9/11 Movie

    09/07/2006 4:40:50 PM PDT · by Sub-Driver · 150 replies · 3,150+ views
    Pelosi: ABC Must Correct the Factual Inaccuracies in 9/11 Movie 9/7/2006 7:35:00 PM To: National Desk Contact: Brendan Daly or Jennifer Crider, 202-226-7616; both of the Office of House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi WASHINGTON, Sept. 7 /U.S. Newswire/ -- House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement this evening calling on ABC to correct factual errors in their movie, "The Path to 9-11": "According to all credible reports, ABC and Disney have seriously overstepped the bounds of dramatic license with their so-called docudrama, 'The Path to 9/11,' with an egregious abuse of the facts. "September 11 is hallowed ground....
  • Senate Democratic leadership threatens Disney with legal and legislative sanctions

    09/07/2006 4:12:34 PM PDT · by Mo1 · 1,344 replies · 30,688+ views ^ | September 07, 2006 | John in DC
    Senate Democratic leadership threatens Disney with legal and legislative sanctionsby John in DC - 9/07/2006 06:02:00 PM This letter was sent today by the entire Democratic leadership of the US Senate. This letter is such a major shot across the bow of Disney, it's not even funny. It is FILLED with veiled threats, both legal and legislative, against Disney. US Senators don't make threats like this, especially the entire Democratic leadership en masse, unless they mean it. Disney is in serious trouble. Read it, then read my analysis of it below:September 7, 2006 Mr. Robert A. Iger President and...
  • Following complaints, ABC tweaks its 9/11 mini-series

    09/07/2006 11:21:19 AM PDT · by Sir Gawain · 405 replies · 14,109+ views
    ABC toned down a scene that involved Clinton's national security adviser, Samuel "Sandy" Berger, declining to give the order to kill bin Laden, according to a person involved with the film who declined to be identified. "That sequence has been the focus of attention," the source said. The network also decided that the credits would say the film is based "in part" on the 9/11 panel report, rather than "based on" the report, as the producers originally intended.

    09/07/2006 11:27:47 AM PDT · by areafiftyone · 146 replies · 8,329+ views
  • Clinton Demands ABC Fix 9/11 Movie or Pull It (just delicious)

    09/07/2006 9:32:04 AM PDT · by yoe · 176 replies · 6,873+ views
    News Max ^ | Stember 7, 2006 | Staff
    An angry Bill Clinton is demanding that ABC "correct all errors” in its upcoming miniseries "The Path to 9/11” — or pull it from the air. In a letter to ABC boss Bob Iger, Clinton refuted several of the miniseries’ assertions, including that he was too preoccupied with the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal to care about Osama bin Laden. "The content of this drama is factually and incontrovertibly inaccurate and ABC has the duty to fully correct all errors or pull the drama entirely,” reads the letter, written by Bruce Lindsey, head of the Clinton Foundation, and Douglas Bond, a...
  • Biden says Democrats should counter on terrorism focus

    08/29/2006 8:03:53 AM PDT · by callthemlikeyouseethem · 47 replies · 1,271+ views
    Associated Press ^ | Aug 29, 2006 8:25 AM | AP
    DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) -- Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., said Monday that Democrats shouldn't shy away from pointing out Republican failures on national security. "If anything is shown by the British uncovering the plot on the airliners, it's simple -- we are not protected," Biden said. Biden, who has said he is seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, was in Iowa to campaign for Rep. Leonard Boswell, D-Iowa, who is in a heated re-election campaign in Iowa's 3rd Congressional District. Biden said the report of a bipartisan commission named to review the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks is an example of...
  • Clinton warns against politicizing British terror plot

    08/16/2006 5:35:40 PM PDT · by proud_yank · 49 replies · 905+ views
    Mercury News ^ | Aug 16, 2006 | Michael McAuliff
    WASHINGTON - Former President Bill Clinton got in the current president's face Tuesday, slamming the Bush administration for linking the London bomb plot and the war on terror to the war in Iraq. "The Republicans should be very careful in trying to play politics with this London airport thing, because they're going to have a hard time with the facts," Clinton said in an interview. "I don't think the foiling of that London bomb plot has any bearing on our Iraq policy," he said. Clinton's broadside, delivered on ABC's "Good Morning America," came as President Bush spent his second day...
  • Press Briefing by Tony Snow (response to BJ Clinton's views on terror/Iraq) 8/15/06

    08/15/2006 6:25:04 PM PDT · by WestTexasWend · 32 replies · 1,667+ views
    The White House ^ | August 15, 2006
    Q Tony, former President Clinton told ABC News in an interview there this morning that, "While I don't think the foiling of that London bomb plot has any bearing on our Iraq policy, they seem anxious to tie to al Qaeda. If that's true, how come we've got seven times as many troops in Iraq as in Afghanistan? Why is the administration and congressional leadership consistently opposed to adequate checks on cargo containers in ports and airports? I think Republicans should be very careful in trying to play politics on the airport thing -- " MR. SNOW: Can you hand...
  • Bill Clinton: I’m 60 and I Hate It

    08/15/2006 4:07:03 PM PDT · by wagglebee · 122 replies · 3,203+ views
    NewsMax ^ | 8/15/06 | NewsMax
    Former President Bill Clinton turns 60 years old on August 19. Just don’t remind him. "In just a few days, I will be 60 years old. I hate it, but it’s true,” Clinton said at a world AIDS conference in Toronto. "For most of my working life, I was the youngest person doing what I was doing. Then one day I woke up and I was the oldest person in every room.” Clinton was a youthful 46 when he was first elected president in 1992. "Now that I have more days behind me than ahead of me, I try to...
  • (Bill) Clinton calls on western leaders to broker ceasefire

    07/27/2006 12:45:09 PM PDT · by Ooh-Ah · 56 replies · 1,410+ views
    Canadian Press ^ | July 27, 2006 | Murray Brewster
    HALIFAX - The United States and other western countries should be pushing hard for a ceasefire between Israel and Hezbollah, along with the insertion of an international peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon, former U.S. president Bill Clinton said Wednesday. The Islamic group Hezbollah's tactics are at the root of the latest bloody conflict in the region, but Clinton also questioned the length to which Israel has gone to defend itself. "It's important for us to get some kind of ceasefire now," Clinton said. "I think this idea of an international force needs to be fleshed out." His position stands in...
  • BILL CLINTON - 42nd PRESIDENT, 1993-2001

    06/23/2006 4:23:56 PM PDT · by ConservativeStatement · 151 replies · 4,892+ views
    New York Post ^ | June 23, 2006 | JASMIN K. WILLIAMS
    WILLIAM Jefferson Blythe III was born on August 19, 1946, in Hope, Ark. After his mother remarried, he took the family surname, Clinton. Clinton was a good student. He enjoyed playing the saxophone and even considered a professional musical career. While in high school, a fortuitous meeting with President John Kennedy led him to choose a life of public service.
  • Top 10 Occassions When It's Okay for a Manly Man to Cry

    06/17/2006 12:57:19 PM PDT · by BJClinton · 94 replies · 1,048+ views
    ahem | 06/16/2006 | Mr. and Mrs. BJClinton
    10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. And the number one occasion when it's okay for a manly man to cry: 1. When your baby is born. I'll let y'all fill in the other nine.
  • Clinton uses Pederson fundraiser to blast GOP

    06/02/2006 8:47:26 AM PDT · by elhombrelibre · 34 replies · 665+ views
    Clinton uses Pederson fundraiser to blast GOP Former president Bill Clinton keynoted a Phoenix Democratic fundraiser Thursday evening, saying the Republican Party is dominated by "right-wing, white Southerners." Clinton also hit the GOP for favoring the rich and practicing "crony capitalism". Clinton headlined a fundraiser for Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Jim Pederson at the Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa. The event was attended by 500 persons and raised approximately $500,000 for Pederson, who is challenging incumbent U.S. Sen. Jon Kyl in November. Pederson is a shopping center developer, former Arizona Democratic Party chairman and an ally of Clinton and his...
  • Ten Ways to Stop Hillary Clinton

    05/14/2006 7:04:19 PM PDT · by Aussie Dasher · 126 replies · 3,122+ views
    NewsMax ^ | 15 May 2006
    New York Post columnist John Podhoretz is warning that Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton will win the 2008 presidential election unless Republicans start focusing now on a plan to defeat her. "If you Republicans don't get real serious real fast, if you don't wise up and settle down and get focused, it will be Hillary up there on the podium taking the oath of office" in January 2009, he writes in his new book: "Can She Be Stopped?: Hillary Clinton Will Be the Next President Unless ..." Podhoretz says the answer to that question is yes -- and he offers the...