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  • Don't be fooled - Elon Musk's electric cars aren't about to save the planet

    04/07/2016 9:58:28 AM PDT · by Hojczyk · 45 replies
    The UK Telegraph ^ | April 6,2014 | BJŘRN LOMBORG
    Reducing 1.2 tonnes of CO₂ on the EU emissions trading system costs £5; but instead, the UK Government subsidises each car with £4,500. All of the world’s electric cars sold so far have soaked up £9 billion in subsidies, yet will only save 3.3 million tonnes of CO₂. This will reduce world temperatures by 0.00001°C in 2100 – the equivalent of postponing global warming by about 30 minutes at the end of the century. Electric cars will be a good idea, once they can compete – which will probably be by 2032. But it is daft to waste billions of...
  • Bjřrn Lomborg: Mr. Gore, Your Solution to Global Warming Is Wrong

    07/22/2009 10:59:13 PM PDT · by neverdem · 11 replies · 804+ views
    Esquire ^ | August 2009 | Bjřrn Lomborg
    The plan we are most likely to adopt to address climate change will cost far too much and do next to nothing. The fight over the science of warming is over, yes. But the debate over the solution to global warming hasn't even begun. I. A False Choice On a family visit to Kenya long before he became president of the United States, Barack Obama declared that he wanted to go on safari. His Kenyan half sister, Auma, chided him for being a neocolonialist."Why should all that land be set aside for tourists," she asked, "when it could be used...
  • Let's Not Be All Wet About Water

    03/29/2015 7:16:43 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 16 replies ^ | March 29, 2015 | Paul Jacob
    Which is worse, paying for stuff you use . . . or being constantly harassed for using it? There is talk of drought, these days, in several states of our union. And governments, local and state, are becoming draconian. Further, the moralistic crowd is out, telling us to conserve water as if it were a moral imperative on the order of Do No Murder or Thou Shalt Not Steal. This is the world of hyper-regulation of hydro-usage, the penalizing — even criminalizing — of consuming “too much” H2O. To deal with its drought, California now regards it as criminal to...
  • Nestle chairman: Time to turn off the water taps

    03/24/2015 10:41:42 PM PDT · by Citizen Zed · 61 replies
    cnbc ^ | 3-24-2015
    The world will run out of fresh water long before it runs out of oil, with the potential for major deficits by 2030, the chairman of bottled water giant Nestle said. "We have a major water management crisis," Peter Brabeck-Letmathe told CNBC on the sidelines of the Credit Suisse Asian Investment Conference on Tuesday. "We are destroying 20 percent more water for human consumption than there is available." Around 1.2 billion people, or almost one-fifth of the world's population, live in areas of physical scarcity, and 500 million people are approaching this situation, according to data from the United Nations....
  • Bill Gates: From stinky poop to fresh water – Omni Processor

    01/08/2015 9:29:26 AM PST · by Brad from Tennessee · 61 replies
    Examiner ^ | January 7, 2015 | By Joseph Lamy
    Bill Gates and friends have developed a simple system to convert human feces into electricity, fresh water and pathogen-free ash – and no stink! In a quest to find a way to end the tragic death of more than 700,000 children annually from drinking bad water, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has sponsored a variety of waste treatment programs in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. Janicki Bioenergy develops and manufactures a variety of sizes of this system. It uses the combustible biomass (roughly 20% of the feces) to heat mass quantities to ~2000 degrees Fahrenheit. The super-heated steam from...
  • Watch Bill Gates Test A New Machine That Turns Poop Into Clean Water

    01/06/2015 1:51:35 PM PST · by SeekAndFind · 36 replies
    Business Insider ^ | 01/06/2015 | Rob Price
    YouTube/thegatesnotesBill Gates has taken to his blog to discuss the latest project from the philanthropic Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: a machine that transforms human waste into clean water and electricity. According to Gates, at least 2 billion people worldwide don't have access to adequate sanitation, with human waste often polluting the water supply and remaining untreated.The "Omniprocessor" aims to help with this problem. Its development is led by Seattle-based engineering firm Janicki Bioenergy.The machine extracts water from sewage that's piped in or delivered to the facility. The dry sewage is then incinerated to generate steam, which powers the entire...
  • Court Voids a Bush Move on Energy

    01/14/2004 9:09:00 AM PST · by SunkenCiv · 7 replies · 369+ views
    The New York Times ^ | January 14, 2004 | Matthew L. Wald
    Should be titled, "Court acts illegally on energy": Court Voids a Bush Move on Energy by Matthew L. WaldJanuary 14, 2004The rule, which applies to central air-conditioners for houses, was one of several published by the Clinton administration during its last few days in office. It was effectively rescinded in a memorandum sent by Andrew H. Card Jr., chief of staff in the Bush White House, to the Energy Department, which formally acted in the early months of the new administration. Tuesday's decision, by a panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, in New York,...
  • Michael Crichton -- Planet Earth's novelist of doom

    12/09/2004 10:03:31 AM PST · by bagadonutz · 64 replies · 2,613+ views
    Slate ^ | Dec. 8, 2004 | Bryan Curtis
    Who dinosaured Michael Crichton? Was it a comet or just the responsibility of being America's prophet of doom? In his new book, State of Fear, Crichton once again ascends to the pulpit to warn us of an impending horror. Like the diabolical Japanese businessmen in Rising Sun and the corporate vixen in Disclosure, these new shadowy forces, Crichton says, lurk among us, poised to wreak havoc. They're among America's fiercest enemies. They're … environmentalists. State of Fear is a 600-page tirade about global warming. Crichton thinks environmentalists have become overheated about the threat and have substituted demagoguery for hard science....
  • 'Ignore Global Warming,' Says Former Greenpeace Member

    12/15/2004 8:53:10 AM PST · by worldclass · 23 replies · 1,633+ views
    CNSNews ^ | 12/15/2004
    A former member of Greenpeace who became disillusioned with what he saw as bad eco-science urged a United Nations climate change conference to "save the world" by ignoring global warming. "Climate change is a huge thing, but there is very little that we can do about it," Bjorn Lomborg told following a speech in Buenos Aires on Monday.
  • Like magic: A purifying powder can turn muddy water clear, and safe.

    01/07/2005 4:15:31 PM PST · by nickcarraway · 85 replies · 2,943+ views
    The Philidelphia Inquirer ^ | Wed, Jan. 05, 2005 | Tom Avril
    They took a bucket of muddy, bacteria-laden water. Added a bit of white powder. Stirred. And within minutes, standing amid 100 refugees in war-torn Liberia, researchers from Johns Hopkins University had produced what seemed like a magic trick: Clear, drinkable water. "I couldn't believe it when I saw it," Hopkins researcher Shannon Doocy said of her work last year. "The people in Liberia couldn't believe it." The powder, developed by Procter & Gamble Co. with the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is now headed for its biggest test yet: the tsunami zone. Relief agencies, led by AmeriCares of...
  • A Cadre of Environmentalists Exhort: 'I Saw the Light!'

    08/30/2005 6:15:36 AM PDT · by Pat_Cleary · 1 replies · 104+ views
    Manufacturers Blog ^ | 8/30/05 | Pat Cleary
    Sometimes we stumble upon really good stories from others to whom they are just old news. One of those came at the Council of Manufacturing Associations meeting earlier this month (and exhaustively chronicled here), courtesy of NEI President Skip Bowman. In the course of his remarks, he mentioned Patrick Moore. We were scribbling feverishly, spoke to Bowman about it later. Patrick Moore, it turns out, is a co-founder of (fill in adjective of choice) Greenpeace. However, after years of open conflict there, as he says, "It was time to switch from confrontation to consensus, time to stop fighting and start...
  • The Original Sin of Global Warming

    02/27/2014 3:17:22 PM PST · by neverdem · 19 replies
    The Federalist ^ | February 26, 2014 | Robert Tracinski
    It might seem strange to say it, but I am a global warming skeptic because of Carl Sagan. This might seem strange because Sagan was an early promoter of the theory that man-made emissions of carbon dioxide are going to fry the globe. But it’s not so strange when you consider the larger message that made Sagan famous. As with many people my age, Sagan’s 1980 series “Cosmos,” which aired on public television when I was eleven years old, was my introduction to science, and it changed my life. “Cosmos&88221; shared the latest developments in the sciences of evolution, astronomy,...
  • Bjorn Lomborg (The skeptical environmentalist): The False Promise of Green Jobs

    02/11/2011 6:56:30 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 5 replies
    Project Syndicate ^ | 02/11/2011 | Bjorn Lomborg
    COPENHAGEN – Political rhetoric has shifted away from the need to respond to the “generational challenge” of climate change. Investment in alternative energy technologies like solar and wind is no longer peddled on environmental grounds. Instead, we are being told of the purported economic payoffs, above all, the promise of so-called “green jobs.” Unfortunately, that does not measure up to economic reality. The Copenhagen Consensus Center asked Gürcan Gülen, a senior energy economist at the Center for Energy Economics, Bureau of Economic Geology at the University of Texas at Austin, to assess the “state of the science” in defining, measuring,...
  • Cool, Dispassionate Reason (Bjorn Lomborg's 'Cool It' is the antidote to Al Gore's climate alarmism)

    11/19/2010 6:54:34 AM PST · by WebFocus · 10 replies
    National Review ^ | 11/19/2010 | Brian Bolduc
    Skeptics of cap-and-trade have found their cinematic answer to Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth in Bjorn Lomborg’s new documentary, Cool It. Lomborg, 45, has an innocent-sounding résumé: He is director of the Copenhagen Consensus Center, a Danish think tank that researches cost-effective ways for governments to spend aid money. However, the film begins with clips of scientists denouncing him as a traitor, a parasite, and an idiot. In one shot, Stephen Schneider, the late Melvin and Joan Lane Professor for Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies at Stanford University, tells the camera crew that they’re “not helping the world” by publicizing Lomborg’s efforts....
  • Trailer for ‘Cool It,’ a New Documentary to Counter Al Gore's Nonsense

    11/12/2010 10:42:24 PM PST · by seamus · 18 replies
    Somewhat Reasonable ^ | November 12, 2010 | Jim Lakely
    Climate catastrophe? The end of civilization as we know it? The new documentary, “Cool It,” tries to cut through the fog of the alarmists and get some real answers. The film features among its scientists friends of Heartland Richard Lindzen of MIT, Freeman Dyson of Princeton and Paul Reiter of the Pasteur Institute.
  • Disputing The Skeptical Environmentalist

    10/29/2010 5:14:32 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 2 replies
    IBD Editorials ^ | October 29, 2010 | WILLIE SOON, ROBERT CARTER AND DAVID LAGATES
    This is a response to "Why Can't We Innovate Our Way To A Carbon-Free Energy Future?", a "Perspective" by Bjorn Lomborg that ran in this space a week ago. Bjorn Lomborg, author of "The Skeptical Environmentalist" and "Cool It," is right about the need to focus on critical health and economic priorities. But he is wrong about human carbon dioxide emissions causing what is now being called "global climate disruption." By demonizing the gas of life, in league with Al Gore and Bill Gates, Lomborg commits several serious scientific errors. As independent scientists, with broad training in mathematics, physics, chemistry,...
  • Bjřrn Lomborg: $100bn a year needed to fight climate change (Climate Skeptic Changes Tune?)

    08/31/2010 7:07:11 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 22 replies
    The Guardian ^ | 08/31/2010 | Juliette Jowitt
    The world's most high-profile climate change sceptic is to declare that global warming is "undoubtedly one of the chief concerns facing the world today" and "a challenge humanity must confront", in an apparent U-turn that will give a huge boost to the embattled environmental lobby. Bjřrn Lomborg, the self-styled "sceptical environmentalist" once compared to Adolf Hitler by the UN's climate chief, is famous for attacking climate scientists, campaigners, the media and others for exaggerating the rate of global warming and its effects on humans, and the costly waste of policies to stop the problem. But in a new book to...
  • ORT (FReeper survival thread)

    08/20/2010 11:28:27 AM PDT · by djf · 67 replies
    As part of ongoing efforts of some FReepers to help people prepare, I figured this is good info. Let's start with a simple question: What is the biggest cause of infant mortality worldwide? A) Accidents B) Malaria C) Aids D) None of the above The answer is D. None of the above. The worldwide number one cause of death in infants is diarrhea. This causes dehydration and can lead to convulsions, kidney failure, blindness, and coma. Diarrhea is also a very significant problem in adults, especially in third world countries where access to potable, clean water supplies is limited or...
  • Skeptics score a win against alarmists

    12/08/2009 7:22:03 PM PST · by Still Thinking · 11 replies · 1,138+ views
    National Post ^ | December 3, 2009 | Terence Corcoran, Financial Post
    On Tuesday night about 1,100 people participated in a sold-out global warming debate that, in the end, turned downtown Toronto's new concert hall at the Royal Conservatory of Music into a microcosm of a larger tranformation that is sweeping the world. The debate pitted two well known global warming activists of international repute against two well-known skeptics. The skeptics won, shifting the audience's support away from the drastic global warming action demanded by activists and toward the moderate reponse of the skeptics, a move that is rapidly becoming a trend everywhere. If global warming is a problem -- and many...
  • Under heat, climate-change contrarian won't wilt (Bjorn Lomborg interview)

    11/28/2009 3:37:54 PM PST · by Stultis · 12 replies · 1,007+ views
    The Globe and Mail ^ | November 27, 2009
    Former Danish statistics professor Bjorn Lomborg created a storm of controversy when he published The Skeptical Environmentalist , a 1998 work that was denounced by scientists for its cost-benefit critique of the Kyoto Protocol but also praised for its willingness to challenge environmental orthodoxy.
  • Warming Up for a Climate Change Fight - Obama's getting ready for the U.N. global warming...

    09/03/2009 10:24:40 PM PDT · by neverdem · 10 replies · 882+ views
    Reason ^ | September 1, 2009 | Ronald Bailey
    Obama's getting ready for the U.N. global warming conference. So is Bjorn Lomborg. The coming fight over climate change and energy policy may make August's health care reform row look like a playground scuffle. In June, the House of Representatives passed the American Clean Energy and Security (ACES) Act by a razor thin margin of 219 to 212 votes. The central feature of the 1,428-page bill is a cap-and-trade program that would limit the emissions of carbon dioxide by American industry and consumers.The Obama administration and the Democratic leadership in Congress are pressing strongly to get ACES passed and signed...
  • CO2 Rules: The Anti-Stimulus

    03/24/2009 6:23:31 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 7 replies · 1,088+ views
    IBD Editorials ^ | March 24, 2009
    Climate Change: The EPA has prepared a finding for review that global warming is a public health threat, the first step toward regulating the American economy down to your lawn mower.We are often told how the pursuit of alternative energy will help save the earth from climate change and create lots of green jobs. Advocates rarely use the phrase "global warming" any more because the earth is in fact no longer warming, and hasn't for a decade due to a decline in solar activity and other natural factors. They prefer the phrase "climate change" because it can cover a multitude...
  • The Climate-Industrial Complex (companies are pushing this scam to collect taxpayer cash, i.e. GE)

    05/20/2009 8:56:23 PM PDT · by St. Louis Conservative · 13 replies · 983+ views
    The Wall Street Journal ^ | May 21, 2009 | Bjorn Lomborg
    Some business leaders are cozying up with politicians and scientists to demand swift, drastic action on global warming. This is a new twist on a very old practice: companies using public policy to line their own pockets. The tight relationship between the groups echoes the relationship among weapons makers, researchers and the U.S. military during the Cold War. President Dwight Eisenhower famously warned about the might of the "military-industrial complex," cautioning that "the potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist." He worried that "there is a recurring temptation to feel that some spectacular and costly...
  • Global Warming Is Manageable -- if We're Smart (interview of Bjorn Lomborg)

    05/16/2009 5:37:44 AM PDT · by reaganaut1 · 11 replies · 1,508+ views
    Barron's ^ | May 18, 2009 | Gene Epstein
    Barron's: Bjorn, what do you think will be the outcome of the negotiations to curb global warming this December? Lomborg: The participating nations will again agree to spend quite a bit of money to cut carbon emissions and again achieve virtually nothing. We already tried that twice -- in Rio in 1992, and in Kyoto in 1997. Both of these treaties failed. We will see a lot of posturing, but presumably this isn't about having a lot of environmental ministries or even presidents and prime ministers come out and claim credit for making costly commitments that we won't be able...
  • Don’t Waste Time Cutting Emissions

    04/25/2009 4:48:50 AM PDT · by reaganaut1 · 18 replies · 901+ views
    New York Times ^ | April 24, 2009 | Bjorn Lomborg
    WE are often told that tackling global warming should be the defining task of our age — that we must cut emissions immediately and drastically. But people are not buying the idea that, unless we act, the planet is doomed. Several recent polls have revealed Americans’ growing skepticism. Solving global warming has become their lowest policy priority, according to a new Pew survey. Moreover, strategies to reduce carbon have failed. Meeting in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, politicians from wealthy countries promised to cut emissions by 2000, but did no such thing. In Kyoto in 1997, leaders promised even stricter...
  • A Danish Galileo

    01/17/2003 2:16:06 AM PST · by JohnHuang2 · 21 replies · 543+ views
    The American Prowler ^ | Friday, January 17, 2003 | By Steven Martinovich
    By his own admission, Danish statistical professor Bjorn Lomborg never set out to take on the environmentalist movement. A member of Greenpeace, Lomborg happened to read an interview with the late Julian Simon, who'd made a career at disproving the doomsaying of environmentalists. Seeking to disprove Simon's conclusions in books like The Ultimate Resource 2, Lomborg instead -- to his great surprise -- confirmed all but a few. His work resulted in 2001's The Skeptical Environmentalist. The Skeptical Environmentalist may be the most complete refutation of what Lomborg refers to as the "Litany," his name for the chronic complaints...
  • The Rational Environmentalist - Bjorn Lomborg on the priorities that should come before global...

    10/03/2008 2:49:20 PM PDT · by neverdem · 6 replies · 385+ views
    Reason ^ | October 2008 | Ronald Bailey
    Bjorn Lomborg on the priorities that should come before global warmingWhere in the world can we do the most good? That is the basic question addressed by the Copenhagen Consensus Center, a think tank founded six years ago by the Danish statistician Bjorn Lomborg. To answer the question, the center periodically convenes panels of leading economists, who weigh and prioritize the solutions experts have proposed to the world's biggest problems. Lomborg, a boyish 43-year-old, first burst onto the intellectual scene in 2001 with his best-selling book The Skeptical Environmentalist: Measuring the Real State of the World. There the former Greenpeace...
  • The global warming hype

    09/18/2008 4:57:22 PM PDT · by kathsua · 9 replies · 235+ views
    The Hutchinson News ^ | 9/15/08 | Yvonne Wittig
    The "Finished Science" about global warming, as per Big Al and James Hansen, will be the hot topic at the up-and-coming energy conference the governor has scheduled for September. Representatives from city councils across Kansas will go, paid for by their cities. They will have a two-day brainwashing, come back to their respective cities and have reams of things we have to do to rein in a "speculative" problem. The Center for Climate Strategies to the rescue, Gov. Kathleen Sebelius hired this group to organize and access Kansas' problem. The Kansas Energy and Environmental Policy advisory group is the first...
  • A Chilling View of Warming (Review of Thomas Friedman book "Hot, Flat, and Crowded")

    09/13/2008 10:37:45 AM PDT · by reaganaut1 · 31 replies · 415+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | September 13, 2008 | Bjorn Lomborg
    In his latest [book], "Hot, Flat, and Crowded," Thomas L. Friedman makes it clear that he wants to improve conditions for mankind. "I start from the bedrock principle," he writes, "that we as a global society need more and more growth." But because of climate change (hot), ever-more people (crowded) and higher material aspirations of all in a competitive global economy (flat), he believes that the world's growth is leading us toward catastrophe. Mr. Friedman, a columnist for the New York Times, describes this threat in the grimmest of terms. We should expect disasters "of a biblical scale," humans are...
  • Lights out? ( B. Lomborg Pops the Enviros bubble )

    04/12/2008 9:49:45 AM PDT · by Para-Ord.45 · 6 replies · 60+ views ^ | April 12, 2008 | Björn Lomborg
    When it comes to all things "green", common sense seems to have been abandoned. Our failure to think clearly about such matters would be amusing if the potential consequences were not so serious. Consider the recent "lights out" campaign that supposedly should energise the world about the problems of climate change by urging citizens in 27 big cities to turn out their lights for an hour... -Nobody, it seemed, wanted to spoil the party by pointing that the event was immensely futile, that it highlighted a horrible metaphor, or that it caused much higher overall pollution. -Ironically, the lights-out campaign...
  • Time Magazine's Polar Bear Paradox: Curbing Global Warming ... To Hunt Polar Bears

    09/25/2007 11:20:04 AM PDT · by Saint X · 12 replies · 281+ views
    Time Managing Editor Richard Stengel writes how climate change is threatening man's ability to kill polar bears. By Jeff Poor Business & Media Institute 9/25/2007 Now we must save the polar bear – so that we can kill it? In the October 1 Time Magazine – an issue that is dedicated to “who owns the Arctic” – Managing Editor Richard Stengel compares two Arctic regions that have been affected by the warmer swing in temperatures in the northern regions of Norway and Canada. Stengel reported on two different Arctic attitudes based on what two Time reporters are telling him. In...
  • The Anti-Cassandra: Bjorn Lomborg's advice on global warming ignores much bad news

    09/04/2007 1:26:17 PM PDT · by fgoodwin · 8 replies · 214+ views
    Newsweek ^ | 11:43 a.m. CT Aug 31, 2007 | Sharon Begley
    To the prospect of more killer storms like Hurricane Katrina, of rising sea levels that inundate coastal regions where hundreds of millions of people live and farm, of more frequent deadly heat waves, of alternating droughts and floods that will devastate agriculture, and of rampant insect-borne diseases, Bjorn Lomborg has the same taunt that President George W. Bush offered to Iraqi insurgents in 2003: bring it on. Lomborg, a political scientist in Denmark, became a conservative darling in 2001 with the publication of his book "The Skeptical Environmentalist." Contrary to the apocalyptic pronouncements of green groups, he argued that human...
  • Stern Review (Bjřrn Lomborg on the Global Warming Report)

    11/02/2006 11:02:21 AM PST · by The Raven · 12 replies · 717+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | Nov 2, 2006 | Bjřrn Lomborg
    The report on climate change by Nicholas Stern and the U.K. government has sparked publicity and scary headlines around the world. Much attention has been devoted to Mr. Stern's core argument that the price of inaction would be extraordinary and the cost of action modest. Unfortunately, this claim falls apart when one actually reads the 700-page tome. Despite using many good references, the Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change is selective and its conclusion flawed. Its fear-mongering arguments have been sensationalized, which is ultimately only likely to make the world worse off. The review correctly points out that...
  • Climate change can wait. World health can't (What to do with $50 Billion)

    07/02/2006 7:27:19 PM PDT · by SirLinksalot · 16 replies · 625+ views
    THE GUARDIAN ^ | 07/02/2006 | Bjorn Lomborg,,1810738,00.html Climate change can wait. World health can't With $50bn, we could make the planet a better place but money spent on global warming would be wasted Bjorn Lomborg Sunday July 2, 2006 The Observer A city council has a Ł10m surplus, which it wants to allocate to a good cause. Ten groups clamour for the cash. One wants to buy new computers for an inner-city school. Another hopes to beautify a park. Each puts a persuasive case for the benefits they could achieve. What should the councillors do? The straightforward answer might seem to be to divide the cash...
  • Aliens Cause Global Warming (MUST READ)

    12/13/2004 2:48:24 PM PST · by swilhelm73 · 113 replies · 8,755+ views ^ | January 17, 2003 | Michael Crichton
    My topic today sounds humorous but unfortunately I am serious. I am going to argue that extraterrestrials lie behind global warming. Or to speak more precisely, I will argue that a belief in extraterrestrials has paved the way, in a progression of steps, to a belief in global warming. Charting this progression of belief will be my task today. Let me say at once that I have no desire to discourage anyone from believing in either extraterrestrials or global warming. That would be quite impossible to do. Rather, I want to discuss the history of several widely-publicized beliefs and to...
  • Pacific Ocean Temperature Changes Point To Natural Climate Variability

    11/13/2002 7:59:45 AM PST · by boris · 9 replies · 613+ views
    Science Daily ^ | 11-13-2002 Source: Texas A&M University Date: 11/13/2002 Pacific Ocean Temperature Changes Point To Natural Climate Variability COLLEGE STATION, November 12, 2002 - Analysis of long-term changes in Pacific Ocean temperatures may provide additional data with which to evaluate global warming hypotheses. "Abrupt changes in water temperatures occurring over intervals of up to 25 years suggest that global warming may result as much from natural cyclical climate variations as from human activity," said Benjamin Giese, oceanography professor in the College of Geosciences. "Climate models constructed here at Texas A&M University were used to analyze ocean surface temperature records in the tropical...
  • Putting the world to rights [Copenhagen Consensus]

    06/04/2004 9:25:38 PM PDT · by Russian Sage · 3 replies · 194+ views
    Copenhagen Consensus Putting the world to rightsJun 3rd 2004 | COPENHAGEN From The Economist print editionWhat would be the best ways to spend additional resources on helping the developing countries? Some answers IN RECENT weeks The Economist has been following and supporting the Copenhagen Consensus project—an unusual, ambitious and, some have argued, misguided attempt to set priorities among a range of ideas for improving the lives of people living in developing countries. Starting on April 17th, we began publishing, both in print and on our website*, reviews of essays commissioned by the organisers from leading economic researchers. Each of...
  • Case Against Scientifically Honest Bjorn Lomborg Dismissed

    03/13/2004 10:00:24 AM PST · by optimistically_conservative · 43 replies · 906+ views
    The Reason ^ | 12 March 2004
    Press Release March 12, 2004 Scientific Dishonesty Committee Withdraws Lomborg Case The Danish Committee on Scientific Dishonesty (DCSD) today announced it would not reopen the case concerning Bjřrn Lomborg's book, "The Skeptical Environmentalist". In December 2003 The Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation completely rejected the DCSD finding that "The Skeptical Environmentalist" was "objectively dishonest" or "clearly contrary to the standards of good scientific practice". The Ministry, which is responsible for the DCSD, found that the committee's judgment was not backed up by documentation and was "completely void of argumentation" for the claims of dishonesty and lack of good...
  • Need source of quote by Tim Wirth (Even if global warming is a hoax - lie about it)

    02/08/2003 7:59:30 PM PST · by StopGlobalWhining · 6 replies · 436+ views
    Vanity | February 8, 2003 | StopGlobalWhining
    I made a posting to a website Denmark's Ministry of Truth where I cited a quote by former Colorado Democrat Senator Tim Wirth where he said What we've got to do in energy conservation is to try to ride the global warming issue. Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, to have approached global warming as if it is real means energy conservation, so we will be doing the right thing anyway in terms of economic policy and environmental policy. Shortly afterwards I received an e-mail from a Danish journalist saying he might want to use that quote...
  • Please Freep my review of Bjorn Lomborg's book "The Skeptical Environmentalist."

    06/19/2002 9:46:37 AM PDT · by grundle · 17 replies · 770+ views has just posted my new review of Bjorn Lomborg's book "The Skeptical Environmentalist." (I submitted it 11 days ago, but they just posted it today.) At the end of my review on their website it asks "Was this review helpful to you?" Please go to the website and vote on my review. Thank you! Here is my review: Doomsayers are afraid that you might actually read this book June 8, 2002 Reviewer: grundle2600 Since Bjorn Lomborg's book "The Skeptical Environmentalist" was published in the United States last year, a lot of people have been very critical of Lomborg and...
  • Bjorn Lomborg's critics have ignored 95% of his book, "The Skeptical Environmentalist."

    06/01/2002 12:47:58 PM PDT · by grundle · 15 replies · 807+ views
    Bjorn Lomborg is author of the book "The Skeptical Environmentalist." Since the book was published in the United States last year, a lot of people have been very critical of Lomborg and his book. That's fine. Healthy debate and disagreement over important issues is essential to the preservation of a free, open, democratic society. Some of Lomborg's critics have politely raised legitimate disagreements about some of Lomborg's statements, such as on Lomborg's statements about global warming, the amount of public land that's covered in forest, and the size of wild fish populations. However, even these polite and civil critics have...
  • The Skeptical Enviromentalist Replies

    04/17/2002 7:46:28 AM PDT · by realpatriot71 · 34 replies · 353+ views
    Scientific American Web Site ^ | May 2002 | Bjorn Lomborn/John Rennie
    The Skeptical Environmentalist Replies Recently Scientific American published "Misleading Math about the Earth," a series of essays that critized Bjżrn Lomborg's The Skeptical Environmentalist. Here Lomborg offers his rebuttal. After Scientific American published an 11-page critique of my book The Skeptical Environmentalist in January, IŐve now been allowed a one-page reply. Naturally, this leaves little space to comment on particulars, and I refer to my 32-page article-for-article, point-for-point reply at and on the Scientific American Web site ( I believe many readers will have shared my surprise at the choice of four reviewers so closely identified with environmental...
  • Green with Ideology - The hidden agenda behind the attacks on The Skeptical Environmentalist.

    04/15/2002 8:10:40 AM PDT · by grundle · 6 replies · 380+ views
    Reason Magazine ^ | May 2002 | Ronald Bailey
    The article is too long to post here.