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  • Obama talks tough on 'AWOL' fathers

    06/15/2008 12:11:40 PM PDT · by Sub-Driver · 34 replies · 93+ views
    Obama talks tough on 'AWOL' fathers By MIKE ALLEN | 6/15/08 2:08 PM EST Talking tough on Father’s Day, Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) challenged African-American men on Sunday to play more of a role in raising their children and warned them that “responsibility doesn’t just end at conception.” “Too many fathers are MIA. Too many fathers are AWOL,” he told a huge African-American congregation in Chicago. “There’s a hole in your heart if you don’t have a male figure in the home that can guide you and lead you and set a good example for you.” “What makes you a...
  • The Tragedy of America's Disappearing Fathers

    06/14/2008 9:15:18 PM PDT · by gpapa · 28 replies · 286+ views
    The Wall Street Journal ^ | June 14, 2008 | Juan Williams
    Walter Dean Myers, a best-selling author of books for teenagers, sometimes visits juvenile detention centers in his home state of New Jersey to hold writing workshops and listen for stories about the lives of young Americans. One day, in a juvenile facility near his home in Jersey City, a 15-year-old black boy pulled him aside for a whispered question: Why did he write in "Somewhere in the Darkness" about a boy not meeting his father because the father was in jail? Mr. Myers, a 70-year-old black man, did not answer. He waited. And sure enough, the boy, eyes down, mumbled...
  • Bill Cosby to Blacks: Stop Blaming 'The White Man' (Conference Michelle Obama Attended)

    06/05/2008 7:10:34 AM PDT · by jrooney · 50 replies · 627+ views
    CNS News ^ | July 02, 2004 | Marc Morano
    Bill Cosby pleaded with blacks to stop blaming the "white man" for their problems on Thursday, and he reiterated his harsh critique of the current state of African-American culture. "It is almost analgesic to talk about what the white man is doing against us, and it keeps a person frozen in their seat. It keeps you frozen in your hole that you are sitting in to point up and say, 'That's the reason why I am here.' We need to stop this," Cosby said in an address before Jesse Jackson's 33rd Annual Rainbow/PUSH Coalition conference in Chicago.
  • Cosby to blacks: Come on people, it's time for change

    06/02/2008 1:54:37 PM PDT · by ventanax5 · 23 replies · 108+ views
    I haven’t heard one fellow yet say, “I went to medical school all because my gang members encouraged me to do so while we were breaking into the gas station.” While some people don’t want to hear what I’m saying, others have said: Why don’t blacks listen to Bill Cosby and not Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. But I say, don’t pit me against Jesse and Al because they speak the truth. The things that Jesse has come out for and he’s been against, these are things I’m talking about, too. Yes, there is such a thing as institutionalize racism.
  • On black issues, Obama plays the white card

    05/07/2008 6:25:22 AM PDT · by Clive · 21 replies · 166+ views
    National Post ^ | 2008-05-07 | Barbara Kay
    "We are living in a new time, where people are behaving in abnormal ways and calling it normal…No longer is a person embarrassed because they're pregnant without a husband. No longer is a boy considered an embarrassment if he tries to run away from being the father of the unmarried child" -- Bill Cosby, speaking to African-Americans at St. Paul Church of God in Christ, Detroit, July, 2007. As Mother's Day approaches, it seems a fitting moment to point out the truth of Bill Cosby's observation. Left unsaid but well understood by him: This "new time" and these "abnormal ways"...
  • ‘This Is How We Lost to the White Man’

    04/17/2008 9:25:59 AM PDT · by Dawnsblood · 57 replies · 222+ views
    The Atlantic ^ | May 2008 | Ta-Nehisi Coates
    “Men, if you want to win, we can win,” Cosby said. “We are not a pitiful race of people. We are a bright race, who can move with the best. But we are in a new time, where people are behaving in abnormal ways and calling it normal … When they used to come into our neighborhoods, we put the kids in the basement, grabbed a rifle, and said, ‘By any means necessary.’ “I don’t want to talk about hatred of these people,” he continued. “I’m talking about a time when we protected our women and protected our children. Now...
  • This is How We Lost To The White Man

    04/12/2008 2:42:58 PM PDT · by freerepublic_or_die · 62 replies · 219+ views
    The Atlantic Monthly ^ | Ta-Nehisi Coates
    <p>Last summer, in Detroit’s St. Paul Church of God in Christ, I watched Bill Cosby summon his inner Malcolm X. It was a hot July evening. Cosby was speaking to an audience of black men dressed in everything from Enyce T-shirts or polos to blazers and ties...</p>
  • ‘This Is How We Lost to the White Man’

    04/10/2008 11:48:52 AM PDT · by george76 · 73 replies · 802+ views
    Atlantic Monthly ^ | May 2008 | Ta-Nehisi Coates
    <p>Last summer, in Detroit’s St. Paul Church of God in Christ, I watched Bill Cosby summon his inner Malcolm X.</p> <p>He began with the story of a black girl who’d risen to become valedictorian of his old high school, despite having been abandoned by her father.</p>
  • Obama, Less Than Audacious - The real discussion on race is still to come.

    03/24/2008 6:11:07 PM PDT · by neverdem · 8 replies · 748+ views
    City Journal ^ | 19 March 2008 | Harry Stein
    Even as Barack Obama’s speech on race Tuesday morning was being widely hailed for its candor on a subject about which Americans—and, it must be said, especially liberal Americans—are notoriously less than candid, it strived to set, and limit, the terms of this long overdue conversation. Yes, Obama acknowledged, there is vast miscommunication between the races, a constant misreading of signals and intent. Things get said on both sides that, while regrettable, aren’t meant precisely as they may sound to ears of a different color. Obama readily admitted that his pastor, Jeremiah Wright, as a man who came of age...
  • 'Catastrophic Times' for Black America

    01/18/2008 10:56:09 AM PST · by Lorianne · 32 replies · 48+ views
    The Nation ^ | Jan. 18, 2008 | Max Fraser
    ... pessimism was hard to avoid during the early sessions of this latest economic summit, convened January 5-9 in New York City by the Rev. Jesse Jackson's Rainbow/PUSH Coalition. The summit's theme, Jackson reiterated time and again, was the "structural inequality" that has persisted in American society long after the end of legal segregation. The main item on the opening day's agenda was the subprime mortgage implosion, its impact on black communities and its larger ramifications for a national economy barreling toward recession. Black homeowners have been hit particularly hard by the mortgage crisis, largely because predatory lenders have been...
  • OUR OPINION: Nation's children being harmed by unmarried adults

    11/25/2007 7:45:05 AM PST · by madprof98 · 61 replies · 376+ views
    Atlanta Journal-Constitution ^ | 11/25/07 | Jim Wooten
    Former professional basketball player Jason Caffey had two children with his wife, and at least six other children with women in metro Atlanta, Alabama, Louisiana and Illinois. Professional football player Travis Henry, a Denver Broncos running back with a $25 million contract, has nine children by nine women in four Southern states, including a Lithonia boy fathered out of wedlock three years ago. Caffey, who earned as much as $5 million a season in a 10-year NBA career with the Chicago Bulls, Golden State Warriors and Milwaukee Bucks, filed for bankruptcy in Alabama in August. His wife, who lives in...
  • US Among Worst in World for Infant Death

    11/10/2007 9:18:10 PM PST · by Santa Fe_Conservative · 59 replies · 615+ views
    The rate at which infants die in the United States has dropped substantially over the past half-century, but broad disparities remain among racial groups, and the country stacks up poorly next to other industrialized nations. In 2004, the most recent year for which statistics are available, roughly seven babies died for every 1,000 live births before reaching their first birthday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says. That was down from about 26 in 1960. Babies born to black mothers died at two and a half times the rate of those born to white mothers, according to the CDC...
  • Scolding by Cosby rings true 3 years on

    09/25/2007 2:54:07 PM PDT · by llevrok · 44 replies · 121+ views
    The Roanoke Times ^ | 9/23/07 | Shana Flowers
    If Bill Cosby walked up to Virginia Smith today, the Roanoke woman would affably extend her hand. Three years ago, Smith would have given him a piece of her mind. She was among blacks who condemned Cosby for calling out the black underclass for its troubling ranks of unwed mothers, absent fathers, disengaged parents, high school dropouts and prison convicts. Smith, 63, was outraged. The entertainment icon was being "uppity," she thought at the time. She stopped watching him on television afterward. "He didn't understand," Smith said last week, recalling her reaction. She was in the camp that believed Cosby's...
  • Black activists focus on family, reparations

    07/14/2007 12:12:45 PM PDT · by Altura Ct. · 111 replies · 1,800+ views
    Houston Chronicle ^ | 7/13/2007 | ALLAN TURNER
    In speeches demanding government reparations for 400 years of American slavery to ruminations on the revolutionary nature of a rose in a woman's hand, black activists Friday took up the the thorny topic of how best to "resurrect" the African-American family. Chicago activist Conrad Worrill urged those gathered at the Shape Community Center for the 28th convention of the National Black United Front to continue to push for government compensation for centuries of slavery. "It's clear they owe us for 400 years of free labor," he said. "They owe us." Worrill, United Front national chairman, was the opening speaker for...
  • Having kids move blacks to the LEFT

    09/08/2006 6:45:12 PM PDT · by · 2 replies · 173+ views
    Inductivist ^ | September 8 , 2006 | Ron Guhname
    In an earlier post, I presented numbers from the General Social Survey (GSS) that squared with Steve Sailer's thesis ( that low housing prices facilitate family formation among whites which then turns them into political conservatives. So my next question is: what does a large family do to black parents? According to the GSS, lots of kids moves blacks to the left. Data on the 2000 presidential election (the most recent available to the public) reveals that blacks who voted for Gore had a mean of .75 children living at home with them, while Bush supporters averaged only .38. (The...
  • Williams urges blacks to rely on themselves ("Enough": diatribe against Jesse Jackson, etc.)

    09/02/2006 4:21:49 PM PDT · by Mrs. Don-o · 35 replies · 1,304+ views
    The Baltimore Sun ^ | Sep 2, 2006 | Gregory Kane
    Enter Juan Williams, a senior correspondent for National Public Radio and a political analyst for Fox News...[it's] his latest book that's creating quite a buzz. Enough: The Phony Leaders, Dead-End Movements, and Culture of Failure That Are Undermining Black America - and What We Can Do About It is Williams' diatribe against black "leaders" of the Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton model: the self-serving, race-hustling type. Williams also takes to task reparations advocates, black criminals and rappers who are responsible for the most viciously stereotypical images of black people... ..."Overall, about 35 percent of the city's black population lives in...
  • Bill Cosby: Men, Claim Your Children

    08/24/2006 4:20:18 PM PDT · by wagglebee · 82 replies · 2,104+ views
    NewsMax ^ | 8/24/06 | AP
    Comedian Bill Cosby, making an all-day visit to Baltimore on Tuesday, took absentee fathers to task, urged elementary school students to study and suggested unusual methods to prevent teenage pregnancy. "If you hear a female say, 'I want to have something that loves me,' stop her," Cosby said during a visit to a West Baltimore elementary school. "Stop her quickly. Duct tape her to the closet. This is no time to fool around. You can't dump this (baby) on your mother, you can't dump this on your grandmother." Cosby was serious most of the time, however, including, at a panel...
  • Live thread.... watch Fox now... Dumb and Dumber... Juan Williams debates Al Sharpton

    08/21/2006 5:37:13 PM PDT · by nctexan · 41 replies · 1,294+ views
    Al and Juan are going to debate Juan's new book....
  • Banish the Bling

    08/21/2006 7:05:19 AM PDT · by RKV · 21 replies · 1,287+ views
    Washington Post ^ | 21 August 2006 | Juan Williams
    Have we taken our eyes off the prize? The civil rights movement continues, but the struggle today is not so much in the streets as in the home -- and with our children. If systemic racism remains a reality, there is also a far more sinister obstacle facing African American young people today: a culture steeped in bitterness and nihilism, a culture that is a virtual blueprint for failure.... Cosby asked the chilling question: "What good is Brown " and all the victories of the civil rights era if nobody wants them? A generation after those major civil rights victories,...
  • Let's make Cosby's passion our own

    08/20/2006 12:16:11 PM PDT · by rellimpank · 10 replies · 706+ views
    Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel ^ | 19 Aug 06 | Eugene Kane
    This time he wasn't here to save black Milwaukee from the demons that plague us. This time it was just another gig. But Bill Cosby still cares about the issues he's been talking about all over the country in a one-man campaign to send a message to African-Americans about personal responsibility, good parenting and the need for education. Even when Cosby's mainly in town to make people laugh, the plight of black America is never far from his mind.