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Keyword: blitheringidiot

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  • Obama Touts Energy Taxes To Fight Global Warming

    11/15/2014 8:42:01 AM PST · by rktman · 41 replies
    dailycaller.com ^ | 11/14/2014 | Michael Bastasch
    “The countries that are most efficient in energy use, not only do they not subsidize energy — in fact, they tax energy use,” Obama said. “So you look like — in a country like Norway, which produces a lot of oil, but gasoline there is still $6 or $7 a gallon, which in liters — who wants to do a liter conversion for me?” “Anyway, it’s very expensive,” Obama added. “And we’ve doubled fuel-efficiency standards on cars,” he continued. “So in a few years, by the middle of the next century, by 2025, you won’t be able to sell a...
  • John Kerry Laments That Islamist Terrorists Who Kidnapped Nigerian Schoolgirls

    05/07/2014 5:21:45 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 31 replies
    Rush Limbaugh.com ^ | May 7, 2014 | Rush Limbaugh
    BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: I think John Kerry is one of these guys who thinks he's smartest person in the world, and is actually a blithering idiot and doesn't know it. Those are the worst kind. They're also the funniest. They take themselves soooo seriously. They really do. They think they're the cat's meow. They are just the cock of the walk. In truth, people snicker and laugh at 'em behind their back once they finish. Now, I'll give you an example here. There is a story occurring out there that is not getting much reportage at all. "Amid a swelling...
  • David Stockman Explains The Keynesian State-Wreck Ahead - Sundown In America

    10/05/2013 7:12:33 PM PDT · by RKBA Democrat · 21 replies
    Zero Hedge ^ | 10-5-13 | David Stockman
    David Stockman, author of The Great Deformation, summarizes the last quarter century thus: What has been growing is the wealth of the rich, the remit of the state, the girth of Wall Street, the debt burden of the people, the prosperity of the beltway and the sway of the three great branches of government - that is, the warfare state, the welfare state and the central bank... What is flailing is the vast expanse of the Main Street economy where the great majority have experienced stagnant living standards, rising job insecurity, failure to accumulate material savings, rapidly approach old age...
  • Joe Biden confuses Poland with Portugal in latest embarrassing gaffe for the vice president

    02/05/2013 10:33:20 AM PST · by Sub-Driver · 25 replies
    Joe Biden confuses Poland with Portugal in latest embarrassing gaffe for the vice president By Nile Gardiner World Last updated: February 4th, 2013 Joe Biden is in Europe this week, meeting with leaders in Berlin, Paris and London. Tomorrow he drops by Downing Street to see David Cameron, and Nick Clegg is also on the agenda. Over the weekend the US vice president attended the Munich Security Conference where he delivered a speech on the Obama administration’s foreign policy, expressing a willingness to sit down in direct negotiations with the Iranian regime over its nuclear programme, an approach that can...
  • Terry Waite Shakes Hands with Hizbollah 25 Years After Kidnap

    12/08/2012 1:42:26 PM PST · by nickcarraway · 38 replies
    The Telegraph ^ | 08 Dec 2012 | Robert Mendick
    Terry Waite has met the leadership of Hizbollah, the militant group accused of kidnapping and holding him for five years, in an extraordinary gesture of “reconciliation”.The former hostage spoke for two hours to one of its most senior figures at their stronghold in Beirut, his first encounter with the organisation held responsible for masterminding his kidnapping 25 years ago. Accompanied by The Sunday Telegraph, he travelled to Lebanon to highlight the plight of Christians who have fled the Syrian civil war. Mr Waite offered the reconciliation to Hizbollah to help with the Christians’ plight at a secretly arranged, late night...
  • Democrat Can't Remember Name Of White Woman Murdered In Her District.

    03/28/2012 4:16:54 PM PDT · by Lazlo in PA · 32 replies
    Breitbart TV ^ | 13-27-12 | Breitbart TV
    On CNN while discussing the racial aspect of the Trayvon Martin case Congresswoman Corrine Brown brought up that she also helps white families with members murdered in her district but when the CNN host pushed her to remember the name of a white girl murdered the Congresswoman at first tried to ignore the host and fumbled her words finally admitting she did not remember. (Video at link. About 4 minutes.)
  • Great Speeches: Patrick Kennedy

    03/13/2010 3:58:27 PM PST · by Bon mots · 15 replies · 584+ views
    Liveleak ^ | March 13, 2010 | me
    What an emotional speaker. When you watch this video of this impassioned speech, you can only wonder who on earth voted for this hysterical cretin. Patrick Kennedy Speech If you've not seen this guy speak, watch this. It's almost as funny as a speech by Caroline Kennedy. Another brilliant Kennedy speech by Caroline ummm, you know, ummm Kennedy:Caroline ummm, you know, Kennedy
  • The Gradulation Proclamation

    03/27/2009 3:58:51 AM PDT · by Peelod · 5 replies · 395+ views
    iowahawk ^ | 3.25.09 | iowahawk
  • God warns of coastal storms, possible tsunami, Robertson says

    05/17/2006 4:05:08 PM PDT · by WestVirginiaRebel · 263 replies · 4,566+ views
    PilotOnline.com ^ | 05-17-06 | WestVirginiaRebel
    VIRGINIA BEACH-Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson is warning that, according to God, storms and possibly a tidal wave will pound America's coastline this year.
  • Tom Friedman on Lou Dobbs

    03/01/2006 7:31:58 AM PST · by george76 · 21 replies · 1,161+ views
    Red State from Yale Law School ^ | Feb 28th, 2006 | Pat Cleary
    Globalization guru Tom Friedman called Lou Dobbs, "a blithering idiot" in a lecture at Yale Law School last week... Friedman, three time Pulitzer Prize winner and author of bestsellers "The Lexus and the Olive Tree" and more recently "The World is Flat" (which sold a million and a half copies, far more than Dobbs' viewership), begins his answer. "One of the problems", he begins, explaining that we need leaders who can explain the complexity, not who will just stir the pot, "is we have politicians that are making us stupid, who are throwing sand in our eyes." But then he...
  • 'It is Critical That Congress Act Immediately to Address the Systemic Republican Culture of...

    01/12/2006 8:35:43 AM PST · by Sub-Driver · 29 replies · 841+ views
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 12, 2006 CONTACT: Brendan Daly/Jennifer Crider 202-226-7616 'It is Critical That Congress Act Immediately to Address the Systemic Republican Culture of Corruption' Washington, D.C. – House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi sent the following letter to Speaker Hastert yesterday afternoon urging him to take action to address the Republican culture of corruption that has pervaded the House by passing real lobbying reform, addressing Republican ethical abuses, and ensuring checks and balances in the legislative process. Below is the text of the letter: January 11, 2006 The Honorable J Dennis Hastert Speaker United States House of Representatives H-232,...
  • Bush's Good Fortune. Three Lucky Economic Breaks

    08/01/2005 12:09:12 PM PDT · by Tumbleweed_Connection · 86 replies · 2,541+ views
    Washington Post ^ | 8/1/05 | Sebastian Mallaby
    When it comes to economic policy, ...Bush has all the luck. He's like a drunk who wanders across a six-lane highway and somehow never quite gets smushed. 1-Bush proposed enormous tax cuts to shore up his conservative credentials in the 2000 primaries. ...after the first reckless cuts were enacted, along came the perfect after-the-fact justification: terrorism. Suddenly people were terrified about air traffic grinding to a standstill, consumers being too frightened to go shopping and buildings being uninsurable. The economic boost from the tax cuts seemed almost prescient. 2-the post-Sept. 11 economic trough ended in time for Bush's reelection. Bush...
  • John Kerry On Iraq: More Dangerous Than The Insurgents

    07/01/2005 5:58:18 AM PDT · by bitt · 24 replies · 1,090+ views
    http://www.chattanoogan.com ^ | 6/30/05 | David W. Moon
    Tuesday, Sen. John F. Kerry (D) Massachusetts demonstrated in the OP/ED Pages of the New York Times in a piece “The Speech the President Should Give” one reason he stills sits at the same Senate desk he’s held down since 1984. Mr. Kerry’s remarks seem a grab bag of initiatives untried by the Bush administration in Iraq for one giant reason: They will not work. With so many initiatives, Mr. Kerry must be duck hunting again with his scatter gun. Where to begin breaking down his missive is the least troubling question presented. Mr. Kerry calls for a U.N. Multinational...
  • Please Explain!!!

    05/13/2005 6:47:37 AM PDT · by independantbitch · 89 replies · 1,999+ views
    5/13/05 | G.M. Young
    Hello. I am a college student that has gotten interested in politics within the last few years. I come from a long line of independants who raised me to vote for whom I agree with the most, not based on party affiliation. Last night, I attended a performance of Margaret Cho in Indianapolis. One of the last things she mentioned was all of the hatemail she recieved from members of Free Republic. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Surely this has to be a joke. So when I got home, I read the hatemail on her website. Then I...
  • Bush's Addiction Rages On

    05/01/2005 1:24:15 AM PDT · by stm · 135 replies · 3,463+ views
    Progressive Daily Beacon ^ | 4/22/05 | Bruce MacKay
    According to psychiatrist Dr. Justin Frank, writing in his book, "Bush on the Couch: Inside the mind of the President," Dubya not only suffers from a "sadistic streak," and "megalomania" and "grandiosity," but while "his alcoholism [may have] been arrested," it nevertheless remains "untreated." You have to wonder, don't you, if old Dubya hasn't merely swapped one addiction for another - one opiate for the enthralling enamor of God? Professionals working in the field of recovery have often observed the addicted personality turn towards God as their savior. Typically, though, they, like Dubya, are merely substituting one addiction for another....
  • New Zot for Anti-Capitalists

    04/15/2005 5:27:27 PM PDT · by Mukhin · 157 replies · 2,848+ views
    Indymedia (Link destroyed by imperialist running dogs) | 16th March 2005 | John Bissett
    Calling all ant-capitalists. This is to alert you to a new film – “Capitalism and other Kids’ Stuff” – that has recently been uploaded to the www and can be seen at www.socialist-tv.com , and which argues the anti-capitalist case in simple language.
  • Communism and human nature (Bolshie Mod sez, Arise ye kittens of the earth!)

    04/05/2005 10:50:57 AM PDT · by Sammy sam · 153 replies · 8,234+ views
    Many argue that communism will never be possible because of "human nature". The essence of this false argument is the belief that a communist society would consist of an all-powerful central government that would tell everybody what to do--and would therefore undermine the creative initiative of individuals and the search for happiness. • This argument is based on two false assumptions: (1) It assumes that a communist society will look like the former Soviet Union, or the current China, North Korea, etc (ie: corrupt police states with a feudal-style ruling class) (2) It assumes that people will only work in...
  • Ho Hum, More War And Death

    01/19/2005 12:07:47 AM PST · by SmithL · 11 replies · 761+ views
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | 1/19/5 | Mark Morford
    What happens when habitual warmongering and BushCo lies become part of our daily diet? And then you read the appalling little story about how BushCo is now "taking steps" to further the investigation into why their original intelligence on Iraq was so painfully, treasonously, colon-clenchingly wrong, why they thought Saddam had giant Costco-sized warehouses stacked to the rafters with snarling nukes and nasty biotoxins and active warheads when, in fact, he had nothing but a couple Dumpsters full of rusty 20-year-old shell casings and a bucket of stale glue.
  • Stray Dogs Deserve Back Rubs

    01/14/2005 9:53:29 AM PST · by SmithL · 20 replies · 1,158+ views
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | 1/14/5 | Mark Morford
    We kill millions of pets every year Who cares if a few get posh shelters and humane laws? OK. So I tend to think people who insist on calling themselves pet "guardians" instead of "owners" are exasperating and a bit wrongheaded, and that such uber-PC thinking does almost nothing to change or improve the behavior of the thousands of animal abusers in this country. And I tend to agree with fabulous dog writer Jon Katz that such semantic sidestepping does more harm to the animals than good, and leads to naive treatment, lack of decent training and an outright ignorance...
  • Resolutions For The Damned

    01/05/2005 8:06:15 AM PST · by SmithL · 20 replies · 1,032+ views
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | 1/5/5 | Mark Morford
    A new year, a Bush-gutted, storm-ravaged world and you in need of some juicy, heartfelt pledges -- This is the year. No, really. This is the it. This is the year you resolve to let it all hang out and lick the fingertips of the divine and stop holding back and stop quivering with unchecked anticipation/dread as you realize that, if you care a whit for self-definition and spiritual nuance and hot wet intelligence and deep karmic color in this tsunami-hammered, Bush-ravaged world, you are desperately needed right now. It's true. Alas, many are dejected. Many of the blue or...
  • Here comes the Draft!!! (Troll's zot-proofing needs work)

    01/05/2005 8:38:49 AM PST · by HogDog · 239 replies · 5,132+ views
    Beliefnet.com ^ | Posted by Gomer HogDog, now a Pyle of ashes.
    Brethren Agree to Revive 'Alternative Service' Draft Programs By Kevin Eckstrom Religion News Service Leaders of the Church of the Brethren say they will follow through on a request from the Selective Service to have "alternative service" programs in place for conscientious objectors if a draft is reinstated. As one of the historic "peace churches" that shun military service, Brethren officials were "cautious" after an unannounced visit by a draft official to a church center in Maryland last October. Officials were worried that the visit signaled that a draft may be at hand. In follow-up meetings, draft officials urged the...
  • Amazon.com Is For Republicans

    12/22/2004 8:05:50 AM PST · by SmithL · 83 replies · 3,109+ views
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | 12/22/4 | Mark Morford
    Attention, liberal shoppers! Next year, screw those GOP-supportin' companies, and try buying blue Do you care much that greasy ol' Pizza Hut gave tens of thousands in PAC money to the GOP last year? How about the fact that Taco Bell stopped pumping out their happily toxic semirancid meatlike substances just long enough to write a fat check to the conservative Right? Isn't that weirdly fascinating, in a depressing and indigestible sort of way? Does it matter a whit that, say, Fruit of the Loom underwear gave nearly 100 percent of its corporate donations to tighty-whitey-wearing Republicans, nearly every one...
  • It is time for ZOT!

    12/22/2004 7:52:10 AM PST · by Mind Rut · 237 replies · 4,800+ views
    <p>How many more American soldiers need to die before this country wakes up to the massive fraud that is the Iraq war. Let us not forget, as 19 soldiers lay dead in body bags that before this war and 9/11 for that matter, this fraud was started and conceived by Bush, Rumsfield and the other chicken hawk neo cons down in Texas BEFORE the attacks of 9/11. Do the math right- wingers. You are cheerleaders for a regime that is bent on world dominion and to line their pockets with massive oil profits. Let's not forget that Israel is also involved in this international fraud. As they continue their assault on the Palestinian people they have their Mossad operatives in the DOD named Pearle and Wolfowitz controlling the strings of the simple minded Bush.</p>
  • Come See Our Hideous Slab

    12/17/2004 7:47:42 AM PST · by SmithL · 104 replies · 3,334+ views
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | 12/17/4 | Mark Morford
    As the world swoons over France's soaring beauty of a bridge, S.F. gets slapped with an eyesore And did you hear the one about how those gul-dang baguette-sucking antiwar French just completed work on this astounding new bridge, a soaring, airy, delicate thing erected in southern France, and it's all over the international press and the French people are justifiably proud and even the venerable Le Monde has deemed the new Millau bridge a "work of art," and the amazing pictures are being featured everywhere, for good reason? And you look at the photos and see the breathtakingly elegant architecture...
  • Canada Goes To Hell Legal pot? Legal gay marriage? Universal health care? What's next,...

    12/15/2004 7:32:53 PM PST · by SmithL · 24 replies · 1,023+ views
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | 12/15/4 | Mark Morford
    Legal pot? Legal gay marriage? Universal health care? What's next, free porn and candy? Did you hear the screams? Did you feel the menacing chill? Did you see the black and ominous clouds, moving north? Did you sense, in other words, the very presence of Satan himself as he laughed maniacally and tossed around bucketfuls of ultrathin condoms and little travel-size packets of Astroglide like confetti while riding his Harley Softail up to Toronto or maybe Edmonton to join the ghastly and sodomitic celebrations? Because it's happened. Canada's high court just ruled that the government can, if it so desires,...
  • Legal pot? Legal gay marriage? Universal health care? What's next, free porn and candy? (Morford)

    12/15/2004 10:26:23 AM PST · by RightWingAtheist · 44 replies · 11,717+ views
    SFGate.com ^ | December 15 2004 | Mark Morford (hot for Sven Robinson)
    Did you hear the screams? Did you feel the menacing chill? Did you see the black and ominous clouds, moving north? Did you sense, in other words, the very presence of Satan himself as he laughed maniacally and tossed around bucketfuls of ultrathin condoms and little travel-size packets of Astroglide like confetti while riding his Harley Softail up to Toronto or maybe Edmonton to join the ghastly and sodomitic celebrations? Because it's happened. Canada's high court just ruled that the government can, if it so desires, redefine marriage to include gay couples, which it has declared it will do almost...
  • Morford: What Are You, On Drugs?

    12/08/2004 8:33:37 AM PST · by presidio9 · 38 replies · 1,096+ views
    San Francisco Chronic-le ^ | Wednesday, December 8, 2004 | Mark Morford (does not take her Thorazine orallly)
    The odds are very good that you are on drugs. Right now. This minute. As I type this and as you read this and as false Texas dictators rise and sad empires crumble and as this mad bewildered world spins in its frantically careening orbit, there's a nearly 50/50 chance that some sort of devious synthetic chemical manufactured by some massive and largely heartless corporation is coursing through your bloodstream and humping your brain stem and molesting your karma and kicking the crap out of your libido and chattering the teeth of your very bones. Maybe it's regulating your blood...
  • Anti-Inflation Program: Voluntary Wage And Price Guidelines (Jimmy Carter)

    12/06/2004 9:25:04 PM PST · by Moonman62 · 32 replies · 707+ views
    PBS ^ | 10/24/1978 | Jimmy Carter
    Good evening. I want to have a frank talk with you tonight about our most serious domestic problem. That problem is inflation. Inflation can threaten all the economic gains we've made, and it can stand in the way of what we want to achieve in the future. This has been a long-time threat. For the last 10 years, the annual inflation rate in the United States has averaged 6-1/2 percent. And during the 3 years before my inauguration, it had increased to an average of eight percent. Inflation has, therefore, been a serious problem for me ever since I became...
  • Morford: Very, Very Dirty Pictures

    12/03/2004 7:37:58 AM PST · by presidio9 · 111 replies · 5,208+ views
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | Friday, December 3, 2004 | Mark Morford; the Marboro Man gets her hot
    This is what you won't see in the paper. This is what you won't see on CNN or on MSNBC or CBS News or on any major media Web site anywhere and especially no goddamn way ever in hell will you see it within a thousand miles of Fox News. You aren't supposed to see. You aren't supposed to know. You are to remain ignorant and shielded, and, if you're like most Americans, you have been very carefully conditioned to think Bush's nasty Iraq war is merely this ugly little firecracker-like thing happening way, way over there, carefully orchestrated and...
  • Destroying Iraq to save it [Michael Kinsley... spineless for 30 years, speaks out!]

    11/30/2004 3:39:49 AM PST · by johnny7 · 45 replies · 2,691+ views
    Miami Herald ^ | Nov. 30, 2004 | BY MICHAEL KINSLEY
    Has there ever before been a war that so many people disapproved of but so few wanted to stop? Have the reasons for starting a war ever been so thoroughly discredited without turning into reasons for ending it?The Vietnam-era antiwar movement had an agenda: Bring the troops home. Or, in two words -- suitable for a picket sign or a T-shirt -- ``Out now.'' What seems to be today's antiwar position -- it was a terrible mistake and it's a terrible mess, but we can't just walk away from it -- was actually the pro-war position during Vietnam. In fact,...
  • Mark Morford: Monday Night Softcore

    11/21/2004 9:47:34 AM PST · by gopwinsin04 · 29 replies · 2,130+ views
    The San Francisco Chronic ^ | 11/20/04 | Mark Morford, the pillow biter
    So, who are they? Who are the ones who have no problem watching a Monday Night Football game in which huge sweaty steroid pakced men in cute homoerotic tights smash each other as hard as possible hoping they break bodies, induce aneurysms and draw blood during out most violent, drug addled and corrupted national televised sporting spectatcle, but actually picked up the phone to complain to ABC about the 'racy' ad promoting 'Desperate Housewives' that led into the game? They are the same people that complained about 1.5 seconds of Janet Jackson's nipple, the same ones who complain about low...
  • Morford: Dear World: Sorry About Bush

    11/17/2004 7:16:05 AM PST · by presidio9 · 51 replies · 1,767+ views
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | Wednesday, November 17, 2004 | Mark Morford, SF Gay Columnist
    It's a movement. It's a phenomenon. It's a Web site. Or maybe it's far more than that. No one can really be sure. No matter what it is, it's called sorryeverybody.com and it expresses, better than any outpouring so far, a sentiment that's omnipresent and palpable and still going strong, and every single Democrat and every single Kerry supporter and every single liberal of any stripe whatsoever probably felt it like a white-hot stab in the heart the minute Kerry's concession speech hit the airwaves and it undoubtedly went something like this: Dear world: We are so very, very sorry....
  • Z is for Zot

    11/03/2004 2:00:28 PM PST · by mawnsie · 180 replies · 3,215+ views
    Nov 3 | Mawnsie
    This is my first post here and I am very confused. How does someone with a 44 % approval rating, loser of all three debates, down even in the almighty Fox news polls, manage to get more votes than Gore did? BLACK BOX VOTING MACHINES WITH NO PAPER TRAIL THATS HOW. Hats off to the GOP (God's own party) for finding another way to cheat to victory. And we are trying to spread democracy in Iraq? There is no democracy here. America has become a big joke. What's next? Bowing to king weasel the drunk????? I will NEVER DRINK THE...
  • Wallow In Chaos, And Laugh (Mark Morford is having a nervous breakdown)

    11/03/2004 7:12:02 AM PST · by presidio9 · 71 replies · 1,056+ views
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | Wednesday, November 3, 2004 | Mark Morford, Sore Loser
    Oh dear God please not again. Oh dear God please don't let it be all convoluted and depressing and messy and stupid and please don't let it all embarrass us on an international level all over again even more than it already has and even more than it already is and even more than we've endured lo these past four debilitating and soul-crushing years. Hello? Please? Is it already too late? Why yes, yes it is. And lo and behold, it's apparently another completely tortuous and entirely knotted presidential election, still not finished and still not all ironed out and...
  • Streisand: Is This The Man You Think Will Keep You Safe?

    10/27/2004 6:32:29 AM PDT · by presidio9 · 84 replies · 2,330+ views
    barbrastreisand.com ^ | October 26, 2004 | Barbra Streisand
  • ZOT!!! bush is a [bleep]wit so are his supporters

    10/26/2004 6:22:28 PM PDT · by lukeforbes · 398 replies · 6,667+ views
    A kindergarten dropout, as told to Reddy Kilozot.
  • There's No Debating Who's the Better Candidate

    10/08/2004 6:55:28 AM PDT · by No Surrender Monkey · 32 replies · 875+ views
    barbrastreisand.com ^ | 10/01/04 | Barbra Streisand
    I only hope that Thursday night’s debate finally sent a clear message to the undecided and swing voters in this country about who deserves to win the election come November 2 and lead this country back from where it has strayed. Thursday night we saw two very different men standing before us. John Kerry showed us his true colors. He was humble, where Bush was arrogant, he was elegant, where Bush was awkward, he was articulate, where Bush was unintelligent, he was experienced, where Bush was immature, he was clarifying where Bush was redundant, he was concise, where Bush was...
  • Letter: Time To Compromise (with Bin Laden)

    10/07/2004 5:48:34 AM PDT · by Phantom Lord · 84 replies · 1,641+ views
    Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin | 10/07/2004 | John M. Weil
    Letter: Time to compromise We cannot achieve 100 percent safety from those who seek to destroy us. A half -ton of garden fertilizer with suitable additives fitted into the trunk of a car would blow a hole the size of a bus through the pavement down into the subway lines below and up to the buildings above. The reason we've not been victim of such an attack is our enemy's probable lack of funds. All the money in the U.S. Treasury cannot prevent such an eventual, inevitable tragedy despite the costly efforts of our Homeland Security. Remember, many great empires...
  • MELANIE'S FULL-BLOWN RAVING (blubbering has-been Hollyweirdo drools over Kerry)

    09/26/2004 2:13:05 AM PDT · by Liz · 135 replies · 4,176+ views
    NY POST ^ | September 26, 2004 | RICHARD JOHNSON PAGE SIX
    Eeven the ditziest blondes in Hollywood feel the need to pipe up with their opinions about presidential elections. On her cheesy Web site, Melanie Griffith opines: "I am a full-blown Democrat. I always have been. I did visit President George Bush Sr. [sic] and his wife when they were in the White House. However, I feel their son is in there without truly having won the election. I think he is a C-minus president. Don't you have to have straight A's to be valedictorian of a college class? " "How is it possible that we, the great country of America,...
  • "I'm worried about Americans" Al-Jazeerah

    09/19/2004 12:26:35 PM PDT · by rface · 35 replies · 1,071+ views
    Al-Jazeerah ^ | September 19, 2004 | Bill Henderson
    In Canada, if the Prime Minister took over a record $230 billion surplus and four years later had turned it into a $300 billion plus deficit there would be no fn way that he'd be elected to another term. He'd be toast. Bush will be the first president since Herbert Hoover to have a net loss of jobs during his tenure. If this was an election in any western democracy but the States they'd throw the bums out just for this singularly inept economic performance. No question. But Bush faced no challenge for the Republican nomination and is not just...
  • ZOT: Republicans

    09/09/2004 11:14:07 PM PDT · by patheticlosers · 161 replies · 2,923+ views
    I think it is absolutely hilarious how you people get so upset by what others have to say about you. Are you really THAT insecure about being a republican that you have to bash down anyone else's views. REPUBLICAN IS NOT the only party out there. Deal with it. Bush is a moron. The war on terrorism is stupid. I think Ani Difranco summarized it best in her poem. So how about you quit your whinning and deal with the fact that the whole worlds population IS NOT REPUBLICAN. If I remember correctly, freedom of speech is one of our...
  • Is this guy even human.

    05/28/2004 6:56:30 AM PDT · by Roamin53 · 21 replies · 215+ views
    thefoggiestidea ^ | 5/22/04 | Thefog
    Like a lot of you, I was willing to cut Nick Berg's father a lot of slack considering the tragedy of his son's death, but this is disgusting: George Bush never looked into Nick's eyes. Even more than the murderers who took my son's life, I condemn those who make policies to end lives.
  • My son's mission of peace [ By Michael Berg]

    05/26/2004 4:30:32 AM PDT · by johnny7 · 44 replies · 215+ views
    The Boston Globe ^ | May 26, 2004 | Michael Berg
    WHEN I eulogized my son Nick, I said that he was my teacher and my hero. He was the kindest, gentlest man I know -- no, the kindest, gentlest human being I know or have ever known. Did you know that he quit the Boy Scouts of America because they wanted to teach him to fire a handgun? Nick, too, poured into me the strength I needed and still need to tell the world about him.
  • George Bush never looked into Nick's eyes (His dad rants on)

    05/21/2004 1:57:18 AM PDT · by dennisw · 143 replies · 756+ views
    guardian ^ | Friday May 21, 2004 | Michael Berg
    George Bush never looked into Nick's eyes Even more than the murderers who took my son's life, I condemn those who make policies to end lives Michael Berg Friday May 21, 2004 The Guardian My son, Nick, was my teacher and my hero. He was the kindest, gentlest man I know; no, the kindest, gentlest human being I have ever known. He quit the Boy Scouts of America because they wanted to teach him to fire a handgun. Nick, too, poured into me the strength I needed, and still need, to tell the world about him. People ask me why...
  • War Propaganda (ZOT!!! Warmonger mod drops the bomb.)

    05/03/2004 11:42:06 AM PDT · by raysol · 92 replies · 584+ views
    5/1/04 | Charley Reece
    > > by Charley Reese > > If you step back a moment and think about it, you will realize that you are > constantly being propagandized to approve of war - not just the wars in > Afghanistan and Iraq, but war generically. > > We should resist. War is killing, maiming and disfiguring human beings. It > is so disgusting and horrible in reality that even the most "realistic" > Hollywood movie sanitizes it. The news media sanitize it. The government > sanitizes war because it doesn't want you to see the coffins. Most of all, > it...
  • (Spain's) Solana assures that Europe "is not in war" against the terrorism

    03/20/2004 3:45:42 PM PST · by areafiftyone · 28 replies · 940+ views
    ABC ^ | 3/20/04
    The High Representative of the European Union for the Foreign policy and Seguridad Comu'n (PESC), Javier Solana, noticed of the inconvenience of an out of proportion reaction the terrorist threat and affirmed that Europe is not "in war" against the terrorism after the attacks of Madrid. After the attacks, in which 202 people died, "Europe is not in war", emphasized Solana in an interview granted to the newspaper German ' Bild a.m. Sonntag'. "We must energetically oppose the terrorism to us, but we do not have to change our form of life. We are democrats who love their freedom. If...
  • Why Can’t Bubba Vote Democrat? (WARNING - get a grip and hold on tight...)

    01/07/2004 5:05:22 PM PST · by Libloather · 143 replies · 512+ views
    Opednews.com ^ | 1/07/04 | Allen Snyder
    Why Can’t Bubba Vote Democrat? by Allen Snyder OpEdNews.Com ‘Bubba’, you may recall, is the generic name for the guy Democratic presidential contender Howard Dean appealed to; the blue-collar white guy with the pick-up, Confederate Flag (if he’s a Southerner – the North has its Bubbas, too), gun rack, spit cup, NASCAR ball cap, ‘I Pledge to One Nation Under God’ bumper sticker, and big chip on his shoulder. It’s false that people who like NASCAR, Confederate flags, and guns are Bubbas and, being a professional critical thinker, I see the gross overgeneralization involved in saying so. Instead, we’ll say...