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  • FBI Insider: Clinton Emails Linked To Pedo Sex Ring (Clinton Crime Foundation was the front?)

    11/02/2016 1:17:20 PM PDT · by drewh · 102 replies
    anon ^ | November 1, 2106 | Sean Adl-Tabatabai
    FBI Insider: Clinton Emails Linked To Political Pedophile Sex Ring FBI Discover Political Pedophile Sex Ring During Clinton Email Investigation An FBI source has confirmed that evidence has emerged from the Clinton email investigation that a massive child trafficking and pedophile sex ring operates in Washington. According to reports, at least 6 members of Congress and several leaders from federal agencies are implicated in the pedophile ring, which they say was run directly with the Clinton Foundation as a front. According to an NYPD source, emails found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop detail trips made by Weiner, Bill and Hillary Clinton...
  • Trump’s vow to end mutual absolution between parties threatens Democrats

    11/01/2016 6:45:32 PM PDT · by CanaryBlog · 49 replies
    The Canary in The Mine ^ | 11/1/2016 | The Canary
    Following the FBI’s resurrection of Hillary Clinton’s e-mail affair, the Democratic leadership, suddenly, less than a week before the presidential election, faces the previously almost inconceivable possibility of a Trump victory and, therefore, of a Trump presidency. This appears particularly ironic because during the Republican primaries, the Clinton team had literally prayed for the opportunity to run against Trump. Since they considered Trump the weakest Republican opponent, they, indeed, actively encouraged their media minions to favor Trump’s bid for the Republican nomination. But once he won, something rather unexpected happened: True to his claim of being a political outsider, Trump...
  • Whatever happened to "Coach is Right" website?

    06/28/2016 10:05:55 AM PDT · by Red Badger · 21 replies
    06-28-2016 | Red Badger
    Does anybody here know what ever happened to the Coach Is Right website/blog?
  • Blogger Gary Welsh Dies In Apparent Suicide

    05/08/2016 2:04:50 PM PDT · by SatinDoll · 308 replies
    IBJ ^ | May 1, 2016 | Indiana Business Journal
    The Indiana blogger, Gary Walsh, was found dead by apparent gunshot to the head in a stairwell outside his office in Indianapolis. Next to his body was a gun. Gary Walsh exposed a great many corrupt politicians in Indiana, who were shredding official documents. Too, he exposed the photo of Raphael Cruz, Sr., handing out leaflets while accompanying Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans, from 1963.
  • Ayatollah So: Americans live under an Iranian type of system and didn’t know it

    04/16/2016 12:38:31 PM PDT · by Trumpinator · 31 replies ^ | April 14th, 2016 @ 8:21am | Scott Adams
    Ayatollah So Posted April 14th, 2016 @ 8:21am in #Trump In Iran you can vote for anyone for President so long as that person has been approved by the Ayatollah Khameini. We Americans call that system a dictatorship. Voters in America recently discovered that they live under an Iranian type of system and didn’t know it. In the primaries, voters participate in some sort of ritualistic placebo voting while party leaders select the candidates. In the general election, the richest and smartest of the elite use money and psychology to brainwash the masses into imagining they have independent opinions and...
  • Ted Cruz Jokes About Murdering Donald Trump - Stefan Molyneux
  • The Truth About The Ted Cruz Sex Scandal (Stefan Molyneux Video - Comprehensive and Good)

    03/27/2016 1:19:49 PM PDT · by RoosterRedux · 174 replies ^ | Stefan Molyneux
    Video Link
  • Gold's Permanent Breakout

    04/29/2014 8:25:37 PM PDT · by publius321 · 5 replies
    You don't have to be on crack to believe the dollar isn't spiraling toward worthlessness but it would probably help if embracing that delusion were to be your goal. (Video-selfie)
  • New Army Commercial Sends Pitiful Message to the World

    09/14/2014 2:41:41 PM PDT · by publius321 · 136 replies ^ | September 14, 2014 | Scott Ryan
    When I saw this commercial, I honestly thought perhaps the Army is now making ads specifically targeting homosexuals. (We all know that it's just a matter of time.) I'm definitely ---not--- saying that graphic artists are all homosexuals. However...
  • Michael Sam the Sham

    05/17/2014 5:21:43 AM PDT · by C. Edmund Wright · 52 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 5-17-2014 | Edmund Wright
    A funny thing happened on the way to Michael Sam just wanting to play football -- and on being judged by his performance on the field and not his sexual orientation. After all, we were told ad nauseam, by Sam and his promoters in the sports media, that this is what Sam is about. If you Google “Michael Sam just wants to play football,” some 67 million results pop up. He also flatly stated that he "wanted to stop talking about his sexual orientation" and "let (his) work on the field speak for itself” in a radio interview, among other...
  • Blogger Compares Abortion to Cavity Removal, Calls Babies “Time-Sucking Monsters”

    03/18/2014 2:03:00 PM PDT · by Morgana · 53 replies
    life news ^ | Kristine Marsh
    Lest there be any doubt, Amanda Marcotte really hates pro-lifers. In a two-part rant posted March 14 and 17 on Raw Story, the morally challenged feminist writer attacked pro-lifers as “consummate liars,” “anti-choice kooks” with “boring,” “half-baked nonsense” and “shit arguments.” But Marcotte’s hate doesn’t stop at pro-lifers. It extends to the babies they want to protect. amandamarcotte2“Either way, what she [the woman]wants trumps the non-existent desires of a mindless pre-person that is so small it can be removed in about two minutes during an outpatient procedure. Your cavities fight harder to stay in place.” Did she just compare an...
  • Jazz Patriot Kicked off of Free Republic Website (blogger tears are the best tears)

    01/08/2014 11:43:17 AM PST · by I Am Not A Mod · 385 replies
    Here's a link to something. ^ | Jan. 8, 2013 | someone of no consequence
    Yesterday after complaining that one of the hoodlums called Freepers at Free Republic had copied my article without my permission, I was publicly chastised and escorted off by his excellency Jim Robinson, the psychotic founder of Free Republic himself. I was upset at first until I read other accounts online of Robinson’s war on Conservative Bloggers and how I am now in pretty good company with the likes of Michelle Malkin and Sean Hannity, who belonged to Free Republic at one time and were both banished by Mr Robinson. “Everyone I knew basically left because of so many childish, immature...
  • Report: Blogger gets visit from cops for Googling “pressure cookers” and “backpacks?”

    08/02/2013 7:28:18 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 36 replies
    Hotair ^ | 08/01/2013 | MARY KATHARINE HAM
    This story got a lot of buzz on the Internets today, as it seemed to suggest that the dragnetting of America’s phone metadata and browsing habits via Prism by NSA might be resulting in young couples with simultaneous interests in new pressure cookers and backpacking were being raided by armed law enforcement.The blogger in question is Michele Catalano, who some of you may remember from her blog, “A Small Victory,” on which she wrote during the mid-2000s. As the story evolved throughout the day, police released a statement clarifying that it wasn’t NSA’s dragnetting that got her family ensnared but...
  • Journalist Michael Hastings Died in a Car Accident(ended Gen. McChrystal's career)

    06/18/2013 6:52:56 PM PDT · by CreviceTool · 55 replies
    Los Angeles Magazine ^ | June 18, 2013 | Shayna Rose Arnold
    Journalist Michael Hastings died in car accident in Los Angeles today. Details of the accident have not been released. He was 33. Best known for his 2010 profile of General Stanley McChrystal in Rolling Stone—it effectively ended the military career of the man who had led the U.S. war effort in Afghanistan—Hastings won the 2010 Polk award for magazine reporting and wrote a book about his experience reporting on the war, The Operators: The wild and Terrifying Inside Story of America’s War in Afghanistan. A second book, I Lost My Love in Baghdad, details Hastings’ time as a war correspondent...
  • Is the Maryland GOP really that stupid? (hint, you betcha)

    04/18/2013 5:32:39 PM PDT · by servo1969 · 1 replies
    Legal Insurrection ^ | 4-18-2013 | William A. Jacobson
    Denies media credentials to political bloggers, including Legal Insurrection I literally had to walk outside for some fresh air to calm down after I received the email below from David Ferguson, Executive Director of the Maryland GOP.I wrote, expecting an explanation that it all was just a misunderstanding: I have read about the restrictions for credentialing bloggers, operative limitation seems to be this sentence:“MARYLAND REPUBLICAN PARTY will not allow journalists to register as “media” for the purpose of writing a personal online blog, ….”Can you explain what you mean by “personal online blog”? For example, would a blog which covers politics be...
  • Need help from Conservative to expose the agenda of Yoani Sanchez

    03/28/2013 8:01:43 AM PDT · by Corazon · 4 replies
    My blog ^ | 03/28/2013 | Miriam Mata
    Need help from Conservatives to expose the agenda behind Yoani Sanchez. No Conservative group or news in English is exposing her silence at the The New School in New York. Most of the opposition is in Spanish like from the well know Journalist Zoe Valdes and others.
  • The Grover's Choice Award: Jihad Watch wins CPAC award, barred from receiving it

    03/06/2013 8:49:01 AM PST · by Nachum · 32 replies
    Jihad Watch ^ | 3/6/13 | Robert
    I was surprised and honored that Jihad Watch was among the nominees for the People's Choice Blog Award, sponsored by Right Wing News and, to be awarded at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) 2013. As you can see from the vote above, Jihad Watch won decisively, getting over 50% of the vote in a field of fifteen. And I received confirmation of the victory from one of the organizers of the CPAC blog awards when I asked him when voting officially ended: From: XXXXXXXXX Subject: Re: You've Been Nominated For A People's Choice Award At the CPAC Blogger...
  • Anti-Islamist blogger beheaded in Bangladesh, 2nd killed in less than a month

    02/17/2013 9:13:31 AM PST · by Nachum · 3 replies
    Creeping Shariah ^ | 2/17/13 | creeping
    Muslims have beheaded two Christians in New Jersey, a cat in Sweden, and now an anti-jihad blogger...just this week. via Anti-Islamist blogger killed in Bangladesh: police | h/t Atlas Shrugs Dhaka: A blogger who had been critical of Bangladesh’s Islamist groups was killed in the capital late on Friday, police said, a day after he attended a big rally against leaders of the country’s largest Islamic party. Protests championed by the country’s bloggers have seen thousands of people take to the streets demanding the execution of leaders of the Jamaat-e-Islami party who are under trial for war crimes. Clashes...
  • Blogger Creates Interactive Map of Employees of Paper Which Published Names and Addresses

    12/26/2012 7:06:11 PM PST · by Nachum · 13 replies
    newsbusters ^ | 12/26/12 | Tom Blumer
    In response to Gannett´s Jounal News headquartered in White Plains, New York publishing an interactive map containing the names and addresses of all pistol permit holders in Westchester and Rockland Counties (previous related posts are here and here), blogger Robert Cox at (HT Instapundit) has produced an interactive map at a post entitled "Where are the Journal News employees in your neighborhood?" It contains names, addresses, and various forms of Internet presence. Some of his narrative follows the jump:The map indicates the addresses of all Journal News Employees in the New York Tri-State area.
  • Sad Story About a Great Person...

    11/14/2012 1:26:04 PM PST · by Reaganite Republican · 7 replies
    Reaganite Republican ^ | 14 November 2012 | Reaganite Republican
    Just received some truly horrible news- blogging pioneer Amusing Bunni has been diagnosed with late-stage liver cancer- they just told her it's 'inoperable'. I myself first came in touch with her in 2008, and like any who've had the pleasure, was always 'amused' by her principles, good cheer, and STRONG Christian faith... and what a doll. Carol -her real name- is a true TEA Party conservative, yet one who has been down-on-her luck, unemployed and living with her cat right in the belly-of-the-best, inner city Chicago. But now fate has really dealt this fine woman a harsh blow... one only friends can...
  • Where's Robin of Berkeley?

    09/06/2012 5:36:46 PM PDT · by crusher · 15 replies
    self | 09/06/2012 | crusher
    Hey Freepers, Does anyone know the current status of blogger "Robin of Berkeley," the recovering leftist psychotherapist whose insights into lefty anti-thought is a treasure. Her last post was six months ago, and I've not heard a peep from her since. Crusher
  • Blogger Vanderboegh reports murdered ICE agent investigating Fast and Furious

    06/15/2012 7:51:52 AM PDT · by Nachum · 33 replies ^ | 6/15/12 | David Codrea
    In a second bombshell report this week, citizen investigative journalist Mike Vanderboegh is reporting this morning on the Sipsey Street Irregulars blog that Congressional investigators have viewed “an Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) Report of Investigation (ROI) from August 2010 describing 80 weapons seized in an arms smuggling interdiction between Phoenix, Arizona and San Antonio, Texas. Of these weapons, the majority (approximately 50) were noted to have come from Operation Fast & Furious in Arizona…” “The ROI was written and signed by Homeland Security Investigations Special Agent Jaime Zapata, who was shot dead in an ambush at a fake roadblock...
  • Caveman Blogger Fights for Free Speech and Internet Freedom

    05/29/2012 11:42:51 AM PDT · by Theoria · 11 replies
    Institute for Justice ^ | 29 May 2012 | Institute for Justice
    Cooksey v. Futrell, et al. Can the government throw you in jail for offering advice on the Internet about what food people should buy at the grocery store? That is exactly the claim made by the North Carolina Board of Dietetics/Nutrition. In December 2011, diabetic blogger Steve Cooksey started a Dear Abby-style advice column on his popular blog ( to answer reader questions. One month later, the State Board informed Steve that he could not give readers advice on diet, whether for free or for compensation, because doing so constituted the unlicensed, and thus criminal, practice of dietetics. The State...
  • Stalking the Blogosphere – BlogBurst Friday for Free Speech

    05/23/2012 5:07:08 PM PDT · by Whenifhow · 2 replies ^ | 5.23.12 | Terresa Monroe-Hamilton
    Join Us For: BlogBurst Friday to Target a Terrorist – In honor of those protesting the terrorism of Stacy McCain/Aaron Walker/Patterico/Liberty Chick by the Speedway In the 11 years I have been blogging, I have had numerous death threats. But they are nothing compared to what Stacey McCain at The Other McCain is going through. I have watched good friends like Michelle Malkin and other bloggers be threatened, stalked and terrorized mercilessly by the left. They have had to move multiple times, hire private security and fear for their lives and their families simply because they dared to speak the...
  • Barack Obama blackmailed by Vladimir Putin, betrays United States and her Allies

    04/10/2012 1:57:14 PM PDT · by IbJensen · 15 replies
    Coach Is Right ^ | 4/7/2012 | Doug Book
    While the American media provide cover for the Constitutionally ineligible Barack Hussein Obama, Vladimir Putin and the nation of Russia are reaping a treasure trove of defense secrets and missile technology by threatening to reveal the true history of the Manchurian Candidate. Obama has spent millions to prevent his personal story being revealed to the American public. Records have been destroyed, information hidden, false claims advanced, potential whistleblowers threatened and official documents forged. Enabled by a complicit media and the craven cowardice of political opponents, the most egregious felonies in the nation’s history have served to make the American people...
  • Nikki Haley says she’s victim of ‘dirty blogger politics’ again

    03/30/2012 3:39:55 PM PDT · by Nachum · 16 replies
    The Daily Caller ^ | 3/30/12 | Alex Pappas
    South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley says she’s being smeared once again by another blogger posting “lies” and spreading “trash” about her online. “Sorry fellas,” Haley wrote on her Facebook page Thursday. “I’m not going anywhere no matter how many lies you put on a blog.” Haley’s comments are in response to a report by The Palmetto Public Record, a South Carolina political blog, that she could be indicted in a federal investigation soon. She has denounced the post as totally false. The blog said she could be indicted in federal court over the finances of the Sikh Religious Society of...
  • Newt wants YOU to vote Santorum in Michigan (Opinion)

    02/27/2012 5:49:15 AM PST · by publius321 · 48 replies ^ | 2/27/2012 | Scott Ryan
    I heard Newt Gingrich say on Saturday that he expects Romney will likely have a good day on Tuesday. This I believe is Newt’s subtle way of releasing his supporters to vote for Rick Santorum in Michigan where he is polling 8% and also low in Arizona. Newt is sagacious enough to know that while he cannot ask his voters to do this, he knows that Santorum dealing Romney's campaign a mortal wound on Tuesday would be the best chance of making this a one on one race between himself (a strong conservative) and Santorum (a strong conservative). Mitt blew...
  • FBI Seizes Computers of Portland Blogger For Allegedly Posting Sheriff Death Threat

    02/24/2012 3:22:45 AM PST · by Cindy · 6 replies ^ | February 23, 2012 | n/a
    "FBI Seizes Computers of Portland Blogger For Allegedly Posting Sheriff Death Threat" SNIPPET: "If you're going to target the police, guess what happens next."
  • GOP ‘Sons-A-Bitches’ Going Soft On Gunwalking, Says Blogger Who Broke ‘Fast And Furious’

    02/03/2012 11:06:44 AM PST · by Nachum · 64 replies
    TPM Muckraker ^ | 2/3/12 | Ryan J. Reilly
    Mike Vanderboegh is drinking Diet Mountain Dew in the cafeteria of the Rayburn building on Capitol Hill, and he is pissed. Not because his flight from Alabama was almost “as bumpy as [his] first marriage,” nor because he almost got into a physical altercation with an “idiot street urban adventurer” outside the National Archives who said Vanderboegh looked like Newt Gingrich. The former militia man turned gun rights blogger is angry because he thinks the Republican “sons-a-bitches” on the House Oversight Committee put on the “ultimate display of public limp dickery” during a Thursday hearing in which Attorney General Eric...
  • Crackdown – Shooting in the Dark (UK Police, US Justice Dept & AGW blogger)

    12/15/2011 8:21:06 AM PST · by Texas Fossil · 4 replies
    No Consensus ^ | December 14, 2011 | Jeff Id
    It seems that the world governments are escalating cliamtegate to the next level. Tallbloke a fellow recipient blog of the climategate emails, and linked on the right, was raided today in what seems to be a coordinated effort by Metropolitan Police, the Norfolk Constabulary and the Computer Crime division and the U.S. Department of Justice Criminal Division. His home was raided and computers were taken for ‘examination’. Updates are coming shortly which will explain further. The same is coming to a blogger near you. Perhaps this post should be titled - “The Empire Strikes Back”
  • Federal judge: Montana blogger is not journalist

    12/07/2011 6:47:34 PM PST · by Nachum · 48 replies
    ap ^ | 12/7/11 | JEFF BARNARD
    A federal judge in Oregon has ruled that a Montana woman sued for defamation was not a journalist when she posted online that an Oregon lawyer acted criminally during a bankruptcy case, a decision with implications for bloggers around the country. Crystal L. Cox, a blogger from Eureka, Mont., was sued for defamation by attorney Kevin Padrick when she posted online that he was a thug and a thief during the handling of bankruptcy proceedings by him and Obsidian Finance Group LLC. U.S. District Judge Marco Hernandez found last week that as a blogger, Cox was not a journalist and...
  • Activists: US-born Syrian blogger arrested

    12/06/2011 8:15:37 AM PST · by nuconvert
    A statement issued by the Syrian Center for Media and Freedom of Expression said Razan Ghazzawi was arrested by police and immigration officials at the border. She was on her way to Amman to attend the conference as a representative of the center.
  • NY Daily News: "Blogger Pamela Geller vows to sue MTA if subway ad calling Israel's enemies

    09/20/2011 6:07:09 PM PDT · by Nachum · 3 replies
    Atlas Shrugs ^ | 9/21/11 | Pamela Geller
    The Daily News is covering the prohibition of our pro-Israel ads with their usual anti-Islam submission to the sharia. There is a vote on the story here. Go. Vote. 85% agree with my message, do you? Blogger Pamela Geller vows to sue MTA if subway ad calling Israel's enemies 'savages' isn't approved New York Daily News An anti-Islam activist is threatening to sue the MTA if it doesn't approve her bus and subway advertisement calling Israel's enemies savages. Pamela Geller submitted the proposed ad to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's media management company more than a week ago but still hasn't...
  • Ryan Bomberger Joins as Pro-Life Guest Blogger

    07/05/2011 10:06:40 AM PDT · by julieee ^ | July 5, 2011 | Steven Ertelt
    Ryan Bomberger Joins as Pro-Life Guest Blogger Washington, DC -- Abortion has devastated the black community in America -- as African-American women, both nationally and in places like Texas, Georgia and New York City, have higher abortion rates than women of other racial backgrounds. Ryan Bomberger, as a black pro-life advocate, an adoptee and an adoptive parent, understands this problem and he has worked overtime to do something about it. The billboard, multimedia and other campaigns he has undertaken to draw attention to the plight of black women and unborn children has helped focus a national spotlight on how...
  • Blogger jailed over critical restaurant review

    06/23/2011 11:42:25 AM PDT · by LibWhacker · 53 replies
    Taipei Times ^ | 6/23/11 | Lin Liang-che
    OBJECTIVITY:The judge said the blogger should not have criticized the restaurant’s food as ‘too salty’ in general, because she had eaten dried noodles and two side dishesThe Taichung branch of Taiwan High Court on Tuesday sentenced a blogger who wrote that a restaurant’s beef noodles were too salty to 30 days in detention and two years of probation and ordered her to pay NT$200,000 in compensation to the restaurant. The blogger, surnamed Liu (劉), writes about a variety of topics — including food, health, interior design and lifestyle topics — and has received more than 60,000 hits on her Web...
  • Abby Johnson Joins as Guest Pro-Life Blogger

    06/21/2011 8:28:25 AM PDT · by julieee · 2 replies ^ | June 21, 2011 | Steven Ertelt
    Abby Johnson Joins as Guest Pro-Life Blogger Washington, DC -- Abby is donning a new hat -- as a contributing guest blogger with, the international pro-life news service whose news and opinion is read each and every week by more than 500,000 people across the globe.
  • Egypt Sentences Blogger to 3 Years

    04/11/2011 11:49:32 AM PDT · by Palter · 12 replies
    The New York Times ^ | 11 April 2011` | LIAM STACK and ETHAN BRONNER
    An Egyptian blogger was sentenced Monday to three years in prison for criticizing the military in what human rights advocates called one of the more alarming violations of freedom of expression since a popular uprising led to the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak two months ago. The blogger, Maikel Nabil, 26, had assailed the Egyptian armed forces for what he called its continuation of the corruption and anti-democratic practices of Mr. Mubarak. Mr. Nabil often quoted from reports by established human rights groups. “Maikel is the first prisoner of conscience in Egypt after the revolution,” Adel Ramadan, one of his...
  • In Conference with Herman Cain

    03/14/2011 8:37:13 PM PDT · by justsaynomore · 26 replies · 1+ views
    The Sundries Shack ^ | 3/14/11 | The Sundries Shack
    I had the chance to sit in tonight on a blogger conference call with potential 2012 Presidential candidate Herman Cain. It shouldn’t surprise any long-time readers of The Shack when I say I’m a fan of Cain’s as a candidate and as a person. Though he has yet to announce his candidacy, he has formed an exploratory committee and has visited several of the early primary and caucus states to gauge interest in a run and to lay some groundwork if he decides to do so. I had hoped to connect to the call with Skype and record it, so...
  • 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year- El Sharko!

    02/01/2011 12:31:14 PM PST · by Allthegoodusernamesaregone · 18 replies
    Amigos, I don’t know what else to say other than a hearty “gracias” to all of you who’ve supported the Shark Tank and think the blog has made a difference in both Florida and national politics. I am honored beyond words to have been nominated, let alone selected, as the 2011 CPAC Blogger of the Year. The Shark Tank has done its best to report on local politics throughout the State of Florida (and elsewhere!) and we’ve promoted solid conservative candidates who we thought would best represent the Republican Party of Florida. We are proud to have influenced elections throughout...
  • HuffPo Blogger Fired for Using Press Creds to Abet Union Protesters

    01/24/2011 5:33:07 PM PST · by Nachum · 6 replies
    Newsbusters ^ | 1/24/11 | Lachlan Markay
    Just because the site was founded by an alleged plagiarist doesn't mean it's totally devoid of ethical clout. Though you do have to wonder: from where does the Huffington Post recruit its bloggers? The site reportedly informed one of its unpaid contributors last week that he was being let go. The offense: he had used his press credentials as a HuffPo blogger to get labor union demonstrators access to a Mortgage Bankers Association event, where they staged a rowdy protest. Yahoo News reporter Joe Pompeo wrote of the event on Monday: The commotion attracted a fair amount of media attention...
  • CAIR goes after conservative blogger

    01/10/2011 9:12:25 AM PST · by Nachum · 5 replies
    daily caller ^ | 1/10/11 | Caroline May
    The Council on American Islamic Relations is once again using the American legal system to go after one of its critics. The Muslim advocacy group is suing conservative blogger and outspoken CAIR opponent Debbie Schlussel in federal court, alleging trademark infringement for incorporating groups with similar names. U.S. District Court Judge Avern Cohn will hear arguments in Detroit, Michigan Monday to determine whether CAIR will be granted a temporary restraining order against Schlussel that will prevent her from using the names she incorporated.
  • Blogger gets 33 months for threatening judges

    12/21/2010 12:05:12 PM PST · by STARWISE · 31 replies · 1+ views
    A right-wing New Jersey blogger has been sentenced to 33 months for making death threats against three federal judges in Illinois. Hal Turner was sentenced today in Brooklyn federal court. The case stemmed from the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling in 2009 by three judges that upheld a district court decision dismissing lawsuits that challenged handgun bans in Chicago and Oak Park. Turner protested the decision with inflammatory remarks posted on the Internet. Prosecutors said he crossed the line by declaring, "These judges must die."
  • Are You Now or Have You Ever Been a Blogger?

    12/08/2010 9:33:43 AM PST · by Nachum · 15 replies
    Verum Serum ^ | 12/8/10 | John
    A woman who blogs in her spare time has Child Protective Services arrive at her house to interview her: You can read the whole scary story here. Sounds to me like CPS got a “tip” from a real lunatic. I guess they have to pursue everything, but it shouldn’t have been so difficult to see what was going on in this case. In a just world, the person who made this accusation would be prosecuted for malicious damage to this family.
  • Egypt blogger says jail won't stop future activism

    11/25/2010 2:16:32 AM PST · by Ronbo1948 · 1 replies
    REUTERS ^ | November 24, 2010 | By Sarah Mikhail
    (Reuters) - An Egyptian blogger, released after four years in prison for insulting Islam and President Hosni Mubarak, said on Wednesday he had no regrets, and that his jail time would not deter him from activism in the future. "If I went back in time, I would not change a thing," Abdel Kareem Nabil, 26, known as Kareem Amer, told a news conference. Amer, the first Egyptian blogger to have been jailed for opinions expressed online, was arrested in 2006. He was also expelled from the state-run religious al-Azhar University. The activist said he had been freed on November 5...
  • PBS to conservative blogger: Help us. Conservative blogger to PBS: Buzz off

    11/01/2010 1:23:16 PM PDT · by Nachum · 20 replies
    Michelle Malkin ^ | 11/1/10 | Michelle Malkin
    The following e-mail arrived in my mailbox this morning from taxpayer-supported PBS — home of Obama sycophant and drool bucket-carrier David Brooks and Palin-basher/Obama cheerleader Gwen Ifill. Yep, the government media that has spent the last two years promoting the progressive agenda and sought a $550 million taxpayer bailout to push social justice activism now wants conservative bloggers to help publicize their election night coverage. Michelle, I wanted to send out a note to invite you to participate – even embed – the PBS NewsHour’s online-only live show tomorrow night (starting at 10 p.m. EST). It’s the first time we...
  • Catholic bloggers aim to purge dissenters

    10/24/2010 8:40:45 AM PDT · by Albion Wilde · 68 replies ^ | 10/24/10 | AP News
    Pressure is on to change the Roman Catholic Church in America, but it's not coming from the usual liberal suspects. A new breed of theological conservatives has taken to blogs and YouTube to say the church isn't Catholic enough. Enraged by dissent that they believe has gone unchecked for decades, and unafraid to say so in the starkest language, these activists are naming names and unsettling the church...
  • FBI Spies on Student, Retrieves GPS Device

    10/08/2010 5:52:54 PM PDT · by Cindy · 30 replies
    CBS ^ | October 8, 2010 6:17 PM | n/a
    PHOTO CAPTION: "Yasir Afifi said the FBI planted a GPS device on his car and later confiscated it when a friend posted this photo online. (Credit: khaledthegypsy/REDDIT)" SNIPPET: "Yasir Afifi, a 20-year-old student and U.S.-born citizen found a GPS tracking device on his car. A friend posted pictures of the device, which resulted in the FBI coming by Afifi's Santa Clara, Calif., apartment to retrieve the surveillance equipment. It seems the FBI was tracking Afifi's movements..."
  • Washington Post blogger duped by fake Twitter congressman, and: Blame Bush!

    09/09/2010 3:38:34 PM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 4 replies
    Right Wing News ^ | September 9, 2010 | troglopundit
    On a scale of forgetting your pencil at home to forgetting your 50th wedding anniversary, this ranks somewhere around forgetting your lunchbox. But it’s still funny. Last week, a Washington Post columnist started a Twitter hoax. This week, a Washington Post columnist fell for one. Jonathan Capehart, an editorial writer and columnist, took "@RepJackKimble (R-Calif.)" to task Monday for tweeting that "Bush fought 2 wars without costing taxpayers a dime." Capehart responded in a blog post that President Bush advocated for "two giant tax cuts that weren't paid for and two big wars that were largely kept off the main...
  • NJ blogger convicted of threatening Ill. judges - Hal Turner

    08/13/2010 2:23:21 PM PDT · by Beaten Valve · 15 replies ^ | August 13, 2010 | AP via MSNBC
    NEW YORK — A New Jersey blogger being tried for a third time has been convicted of making threats against federal appeals court judges in Illinois. A New York City jury deliberated less than two hours Friday before finding Hal Turner guilty of making death threats. The three judges from the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals testified during the trial in Brooklyn that they were alerted by their staffs in 2009 to postings by Turner protesting their ruling supporting gun control. Turner wrote, "These judges must die." He also posted their photos and work addresses.
  • Steele ‘punked’ by blogger posing as GOP donor

    08/03/2010 7:08:19 PM PDT · by Nachum · 5 replies · 132+ views
    yahoo ^ | 8/3/10 | Holly Bailey
    It might be a good idea for Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele to start screening his calls. Last week, the embattled GOP chairman took a call at his home from someone he thought was a prospective GOP donor and, during the conversation, dismissed the idea that former Sen. Norm Coleman might be after his job. "Norm is an old friend. Norm is not going to challenge me for RNC chairman," Steele said. "If he does, I'll put my record up against anyone who comes after me."