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  • Is The Obama Campaign Influenced By Foreign Donations?

    10/09/2012 4:46:42 AM PDT · by LD Jackson · 14 replies
    Political Realities ^ | 10/09/12 | LD Jackson
    There are certain issues that President Obama has consistently hammered on during his first four years in the White House. You can almost always count on him to beat the "the rich need to pay their fair share" drum at his campaign stops, or in his news conferences. Wait, never mind about the news conferences. He doesn't hold those any more. Anyway, he has reminded us of the obligation the rich have to pay their fair share more than a few times. He has also lamented the Citizens United ruling by the Supreme Court, going so far as to blast...
  • Dear Leader TANKING, Oh My...

    10/09/2012 3:55:57 AM PDT · by Reaganite Republican · 39 replies
    Reaganite Republican ^ | October 9, 2012 | Reaganite Republican
    POLLS: Pew Research: Romney 49%, Obama 46 amongst likely voters, with women now 47-47 tie, when last month Obama led Romney by 18 points (56% - 38) among female likely voters (!). Gallup: Romney and Obama now tied (= five-point debate bump): by a 'record-setting margin' debate watchers say Romney did better last Wednesday, Independents named him the victor by a devastating 70-19 margin... ouch! Washington Times/Zogby: Romney up 45.1 - 44.5% (+9 bounce) Battleground: Romney crushing Obama with Independents 51-35% Military Times: Romney 66%, Obama 26 Military Times COMMENTARY: American Thinker: 'Why Obama Will Lose All Three Debates' Daily...
  • Rewriting History (The Real Cesar Chavez)

    10/09/2012 3:47:33 AM PDT · by OddLane · 9 replies
    American Rattlesnake ^ | October 9, 2012 | Gerard Perry
    With a little under a month remaining until Election Day, the Obama campaign has transitioned into full-blown hispandering mode. This week’s symbolically potent, yet empty, exercise in gestural politics entailed President Obama designating the home of former California labor leader Cesar Chavez a national monument. The ostensible purpose of this decision is to rally support among one of his party’s most reliable voting blocs, i.e. Hispanic Americans. Because even though they still decisively support the President’s reelection, that support does not always translate into votes, as other analysts have trenchantly observed. What makes Obama’s trip to California so fascinating though...
  • $5 Trillion Is Also How Much Obama Promised to Cut the Debt in 2008! - Did He Give Details?

    10/09/2012 2:05:53 AM PDT · by zencycler · 2 replies
    Vanity | 10/9/2012 | self
    Romney and Ryan will continue to be pressed for details about the 20% tax cut proposal with regard to how they will come up with $5 trillion in offsets by telling specifically which deductions would be reduced or eliminted. Did Obama give any details when he promised to cut the $10 trilion debt in half (which would also be $5 trillion)? I don't recall, but I guess what's most important is that HE DID NOT DO IT! This gives Romney/Ryan a great comeback if they get pressed for details on the offsets in future debates: $5 trillion - where have...
  • Romney plans Navy buildup

    10/08/2012 10:51:01 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 13 replies
    DoD Buzz ^ | October 9, 2012 | Michael Hoffman
    Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney wants to buy three more submarines over the next three years as part of his plan to boost shipbuilding to 15 ships per year, he said Monday in a speech at the Virginia Military Institute. Romney also plans to add an 11th aircraft carrier wing, build more Marine Corps amphibious ships, F/A-18 Super Hornets, a missile defense ship and a frigate. The Republican spoke in detail about his plans to grow the Navy while adding few details about the other services in his speech to VMI Keydets billed as a national security address. Chris Cavas,...
  • Not exactly correct, Barry! 39 truths about "Obama"

    10/08/2012 9:54:45 PM PDT · by Jyotishi · 12 replies
    Email ^ | Unknown | Terry Anderson
    Email forward begins: Not exactly correct, Barry! 39 truths about "Obama" Terry Anderson, A Black Los Angeles Talk Radio Host, Went Down A List Of Things Senator Obama Has Said That Aren't Exactly Correct. 1. Selma March Got Me Born - NOT EXACTLY, your parents felt safe enough to have you in 1961 - Selma had no effect on your birth, as Selma was in 1965. (Google 'Obama Selma ' for his full March 4, 2007 speech and articles a bout its various untruths. ! ! 2. Father Was A Goat Herder - NOT EXACTLY, he was a privileged, well...
  • Vanity - President Obama biting his bottom lip. Never noticed before, driving me crazy!

    10/08/2012 9:39:03 PM PDT · by jcsjcm · 33 replies
    I guess I've never noticed him doing this. Probably because I have refused in the past to even watch him when he has been on TV. Well, now since the debate I've been watching closely and all I see is him running up on stage like a rock star and biting his bottom lip. It absolutely has gotten to an annoying point for me, so I decided to ask you all if anyone else has noticed this.
  • Looking for sites useful for research

    10/08/2012 7:28:53 PM PDT · by Optimus Prime · 24 replies
    None | October 8th, 2012 | Me
    Could someone help me out, please? I'm hoping to find a couple good reference sites as useful tools for the future. I'd like to be able to research the following: 1) How much revenue the US government received on a particular year. 2) What the deficit/surplus was per month or year. 3) How much was the National Debt on a particular year. So could someone please point me to any such sites? I'd appreciate it very much. Thank you.
  • EXTREME Black Anger in Chicago at Obama: “He done did it. He ruined it for us...

    10/08/2012 7:05:03 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 69 replies
    HillBuzz ^ | October 8, 2012 | Kevin DuJan
    Here in Chicago, I regularly meet with a group of friends who call themselves “The Think Squad”; these are men and women who are prominent members of the black community in Hyde Park and the City’s south side. None of them supported Barack Obama’s presidential bid in 2008 but most begrudgingly voted for him because they freely admit race-pride was their motivating factor. These people knew Obama when he was a state senator and saw him do absolutely nothing for blacks in Chicago back then…and they similarly saw Obama do nothing for blacks (or any of his constituents in general)...
  • The Ultimate Conspiracy

    10/08/2012 6:49:30 PM PDT · by WXRGina · 25 replies
    Renew America ^ | October 8, 2012 | Stephen Stone
    I have a theory that's been nagging me for months, and I hope I'm completely wrong. My theory would help explain why Barack Obama appeared unfocused, overconfident, even annoyingly arrogant during the first presidential debate — obviously taking what could be a "game changer" too lightly — with the result that Mitt Romney didn't so much win their first in-person encounter as Obama lost it by default. An election with no precedent Here's my theory: Suppose you were the most powerful man on the planet — someone who could change the ruling structure of Egypt and Libya by the command...
  • Your Kid Needs Indoctrination, Not Education

    10/08/2012 6:47:46 PM PDT · by Absolutely Nobama · 4 replies
    Alan Levy, Sales Rep By Day, Rightwing Avenger By Night | 10/08/12 | Alan Levy
    There are many things one can expect from a Barack Hussein Obama diatribe. The first thing you'll notice is a whole lot of mumbling and stuttering, much like a poor soul suffering a mini-stroke. The second is the occasional phoney-baloney "Malcolm X voice" (H/T Ann Coulter) if he's PO'ed about something. (You know, things like FOX News, no more chicken poodle soup, Benjamin Netanyahu, a lousy day at the links, that sort of thing.) The third thing you'll notice is his incessant cheerleading for federal interference in education, Constitution be damned. This cheerleading happens in almost every one of his...
  • A parable in a woodpile

    10/08/2012 6:31:18 PM PDT · by lightman · 9 replies
    8 October A.D. 2012 | Lightman
    Last September the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee dumped over 6 inches of rain in the lower Susquehanna valley of Pennsylvania in a little than 12 hours. Streams and creeks swelled to levels that had not been seen since the September 1975 deluge by Tropical Storm Eloise. The rising waters were the final blow for several trees that were along my eroding stream bank. The undercutting of the flood waters toppled a couple which I knew would some day be brought down. Among the fallen was a good sized black walnut. Because it had grown in a grove with stiff...
  • NFL's Victor Cruz blindly advances Evil & Deception

    10/08/2012 6:24:13 PM PDT · by publius321 · 8 replies ^ | 10/5/2012 | Scott Ryan
    An outspoken NY Giant's receiver blinded by race urges youth to work diligently to elect the nation's leading proponent of abortion, homosexuality and persecution of Israel. Enough is enough. "Christians" who place more importance on skin color than obedience to the God to Whom they profess worship - need to chose this day whom they will follow and be called on their deception. (Video)
  • The Use of Power in the International Game of Chess

    10/08/2012 6:07:39 PM PDT · by LD Jackson · 2 replies
    Conservatives on Fire ^ | 10/08/12 | Jim Gourdie
    Those who look at history with a critical eye and those try to peel back the layers of government policies to understand the true motives behind them, understand that the face our government shows the public every day is not the only face our government has. There is a face that for good reason is not exposed to light of day, or at least is very rarely exposed. Inside and outside of our government, as well as other major powers, there are strategic think tanks that look at the world as a chess board. They look way into the future...
  • Vanity: House Bills stuck in Senate

    10/08/2012 5:04:57 PM PDT · by theDentist · 2 replies
    n/a | Oct 8 2012 | theDentist
    Does anyone know of a list of all the bills passed by the House that have languished in the Senate, never brought up for a vote, per Harry Reid?
  • The Most Important People In This Election…or Not.

    10/08/2012 5:03:33 PM PDT · by uptoolate · 5 replies
    THE 3 TABOOS ^ | 10/08/2012 | uptoolateagain
    The Most Important People In This Election…or Not Obama, Romney…Liberalism, Conservatism…Democrat, Republican…Pro-Choice, Pro-Life…Big Government, Small Government…Small Military, Huge Military…Keynesian Economics, Capitalism…Pro-Union, Pro-Business…you get the idea. There could NOT be any more stark difference in choices this election. Many have voice their choice in the polls…47% to 47% (+/- 2). So that leads me to a very interesting question. Who are these 4-6 percent called “The Undecided”? Better yet, what make up of mindset does one have to actually have to NOT be able to form a choice? How many Liberal, Pro-Life, Big Government, Huge Military, Pro-Business, Keynesian Economic Republicans can...
  • Obama Doesn't Always Call Romney A Liar... (pic)

    10/08/2012 4:39:12 PM PDT · by The Looking Spoon · 2 replies
    The Looking Spoon ^ | 10-8-12 | The Looking Spoon
  • “In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue…”

    10/08/2012 4:11:00 PM PDT · by Starman417 · 36 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 10-08-12 | Wordsmith
    "In fourteen hundred ninety-two/ Columbus sailed the ocean blue. "He had three ships and left from Spain/ He sailed through sunshine, wind and rain." -- Source Unknown I'm old enough to remember a time when Christopher Columbus Day was a national holiday that was widely celebrated rather than shamefully downplayed and derided. Columbus has become the symbolic white devil harbinger of all that is evil about America's founding: genocide and manifest destiny imperialism; slavery and racism; annihilation and exploitation of peaceful, "noble savages" living in harmony with the environment. President Obama seems to echo the sentiments of multiculturalist leftists...
  • Thar She Blows… Obama Torpedoes Flag Cruise Industry

    10/08/2012 4:05:45 PM PDT · by radioone · 17 replies
    Gateway Pundit ^ | 10-8-12 | Jim Hoft
    Don’t look now but the Obama Administration torpedoed the American Flagship project’s long-planned, private sector funded initiative to build cruise ships here in America. Marine Link reported: As Royal Caribbean Cruises confidently orders its third Finnish-government-financed Oasis-class ship, the Obama Administration slams the door on American competition in this $40 billion-a-year industry supported almost entirely by US passenger revenues. The American Flagship project claims Obama bulldozed its long-planned, private sector funded, job-creating initiative – perhaps to spur already prolific foreign-flag campaign contributions. According to World City America Inc., the Finnish government has agreed to finance a third Royal Caribbean...
  • Chávez got reelected; What about the U.S. November Election?

    10/08/2012 4:00:21 PM PDT · by DanMiller · 6 replies
    Dan Miller's Blog ^ | October 8, 2012 | Dan Miller
    Chávez is said to have got fifty-four percent of the vote. Assuming that he did, why and does it augur anything for our own election? Here are some thoughts from my favorite Venezuelan blogger, Daniel Duquenal (pseudonym) about yesterday's election. A student of Venezuela, he lives and votes there. He also dislikes el Presidente Chávez, with good reason. The people who reelected Chavez today know exactly what they voted for. They know about crime and violence. They know about inflation and scarcity. They know about vulgarity as a way of life. They know about political prisoners while the most corrupt...
  • French Government Floats Plan to Discourage Layoffs

    10/08/2012 3:34:48 PM PDT · by John Semmens · 4 replies
    Semi-News/Semi-Satire ^ | 6 Oct 2012 | John Semmens
    In a bid to stem the rising tide of unemployment, France’s Socialist President Francois Hollande has advanced legislation that would impose severe penalties on businesses trying to fend off bankruptcy by trimming labor costs. Labor Minister Michel Sapin says “the intent is to make layoffs so expensive that keeping unproductive employees on the payroll will be the less costly option.” Sapin admitted that “many in our Party favored simply outlawing layoffs, but others advised against this saying that if no one could be laid off for any reason too many workers would slack off on the job.” Industry Minister Arnaud...
  • Claim: Obama campaign illegally solicited foreign donors via social media website

    10/08/2012 3:26:41 PM PDT · by markomalley · 8 replies
    The Daily Caller ^ | 10/8/2012 | Matthew Boyle
    President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign has been soliciting foreigners for donations, an explosive report from the conservative Government Accountability Institute (GAI) shows. Those foreign donors are allegedly visiting the Obama campaign’s donation solicitation Web pages through a social media website the campaign controls, and through an outside website that serves mostly Internet users from outside the United States.About 20 percent of visitors to the “” social media website “originated from foreign locations,” the report found. That Web address is owned and controlled by the Obama re-election campaign.“At no point during the [website's] subscription process is a visitor asked whether he...
  • Matt, I'll be blunt(Obama Campaign Email from Axelrod)

    10/08/2012 3:26:16 PM PDT · by matt04 · 17 replies
    Obama Campaign Email
    Matt -- We're about to get hit with an avalanche of negative ads. Romney-allied outside groups have already lined up more than $23 million in television spending for this week alone. That's been the other side's strategy from the beginning: slamming the airwaves with ads trashing the President and his record. Matt, I'll be blunt: They are trying to buy this election, and we're the only ones who are standing in their way. Don't wait any longer to take ownership of this campaign. Can you chip in $5 or more right now to help? We've worked too hard to slow...
  • (Erick Erickson:) I Donated to Barack Obama

    10/08/2012 3:19:09 PM PDT · by markomalley · 13 replies
    Red State ^ | 10/8/2012 | Erick Erickson
    The President has come under fire for the shoddy verification processing his campaign does for donations. In light of this Newsweek story about the Illegal-Donor loophole with Team ObamaA while back, among conservatives, it was even a story that he was doing this shoddy credit card verification for overseas donors.So, after talking with some lawyers about the process, etc. I donated to Barack Obama. Sort of.It is rare that I do something where I feel the need to talk to lawyers first. But giving money to Barack Obama was one of those times.I didn’t actually do it. I made up...
  • "UNBELIVEABLE (sic) Hillary Clinton laughs about possible war against Iran"

    10/08/2012 3:12:44 PM PDT · by bronxville · 15 replies ^ | October 3, 2012 | youtube
    "Warmonger Hillary Clinton (while laughing about it) and James Baker discusse the prospect of war with Iran while suggesting that the United States of America needs to instigate the war with a false flag attack."
  • Honoring fearless Montenegro on the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the First Balkan War

    10/08/2012 3:05:22 PM PDT · by Ravnagora · 5 replies ^ | October 8, 2012 | Aleksandra Rebic
    Beautiful Montenegro Source: Aleksandra's Note: In the beginning of the first decade of the twentieth century, the Prime Minister of Serbia began talks with the other Balkan nations of Bulgaria, Greece and Montenegro. When a pro-Russian government was formed in Bulgaria in March 1911, these talks became serious and evolved into a series of secret treaties. On March 13, 1912 a pact was signed between Serbia and Bulgaria. The plan was to jointly attack the Turks as soon as it was feasible to do so. On May 29, a military convention was signed between Bulgaria and Serbia, thus formalizing...
  • Gallup Poll's New 7-Day Average Defies Logic!

    10/08/2012 1:47:32 PM PDT · by zencycler · 21 replies
    Self,Vanity | 10/8/2012 | self
    Look at the new 7-Day average numbers Gallup now has, as of Oct 7th, showing Obama getting 50% to Romney's 45%. (Link - 7 day at Upper Right) Here's the problem: Gallup says the 3-day average, pre-debate, was 0-50% and R-45%, and also says the average for the 3 days after the debate (Oct 4 to Oct 6) was 0-47% and R-47%. So by my calculation, in order to get the 7-day average back to where Gallup now has it, here's what would have to happen: Date___10/1___10/2___10/3___10/4___10/5___10/6___10/7___Avg. Obama___50____50____50____47____47____47____59____50.0 Romney__45____45____45____47____47____47____39____45.0 There is NO WAY that the one-day polling on 10/7 suddenly...
  • The Difference Between A Republican And Democrat Cartoon Character

    10/08/2012 1:28:43 PM PDT · by The Looking Spoon · 5 replies
    The Looking Spoon ^ | 10-8-12 | The Looking Spoon
    This is what liberals get for bellyaching about an otherwise innocuous observation about prioritizing government spending...Continual meme smackdowns that they bring upon themselves.Sent to me from a Facebook friend who created this himself.
  • Wargaming the Electoral College

    10/08/2012 1:20:32 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 2 replies
    PJ Media ^ | October 8, 2012 | Stephen Green
    Polls are are starting to reflect the results of last week’s debate, so it must be time for another exciting edition of WtEC. That’s pronounced “We-Tech,” which couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ll get the controversial bit out of the way first, and go with my gut that Colorado is most likely out of reach for Team Obama. What I’m seeing on the ground and hearing from locals just doesn’t mesh with Empty Chair taking the Centennial State again. Just a few months ago, it looked like Colorado might prove to be the most difficult purple-state pickup for Mitt...
  • Romney’s Strong Debate Performance Erases Obama’s Lead (Pew Poll: R 49%, 0 45%)

    10/08/2012 1:14:56 PM PDT · by Arthurio · 57 replies
    Mitt Romney no longer trails Barack Obama in the Pew Research Center’s presidential election polling. By about three-to-one, voters say Romney did a better job than Obama in the Oct. 3 debate, and the Republican is now better regarded on most personal dimensions and on most issues than he was in September. Romney is seen as the candidate who has new ideas and is viewed as better able than Obama to improve the jobs situation and reduce the budget deficit. Fully 66% of registered voters say Romney did the better job in last Wednesday’s debate, compared with just 20% who...
  • Iran Set to Agree to Five-Week Postponement in Uranium Enrichment Program

    10/08/2012 12:36:32 PM PDT · by John Semmens · 4 replies
    Semi-News/Semi-Satire ^ | 6 Oct 2012 | John Semmens
    While reaffirming its inherent right to pursue the full benefits of nuclear power for his country, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei announced a five-week postponement of uranium enrichment activities. Khamenei was quick to assure that “this in no way yields our right and obligation to obtain the means to annihilate the Jewish pestilence that occupies Muslim lands in Palestine. However, it has been brought to our attention that a slight delay in our timetable could be of inestimable value over the longer term.” The announcement was perceived as a boost to President Obama’s reelection chances. Secretary of State Hillary...
  • Sticky Data in Item Pricing 'Study'

    10/08/2012 12:32:07 PM PDT · by MichCapCon
    Michigan Capitol Confidential ^ | 10/6/2012 | Jarrett Skorup
    A "study" by Michigan Citizen Action, which says that it works to "advance a progressive agenda," claims the repeal of Michigan's item pricing law is a bad deal for workers and consumers. Though the report is receiving attention from the media with little analysis, it proves nothing that it purports to show and relies on a poor understanding of economic productivity. As a reminder, the item pricing law forced Michigan retailers to individually mark most items sold on store shelves. It also required paper tags and outlawed technological advances like electronic price labeling and modern computer systems. Michigan was the...
  • Shanghai Calling (China-based donor to pro-Obama Super PAC has Cayman Islands connections)

    10/08/2012 12:23:13 PM PDT · by parisa · 14 replies
    The Washington Free Beacon ^ | September 11, 2012 | Andrew Evans
    A top Obama campaign bundler living in Shanghai, China, is an international businessman with ties to the Cayman Islands. Robert W. Roche has lived in China and Japan for the past 27 years, although he maintains a residence in Chicago. He has used his extensive connections to raise money for the Obama campaign, and has pledged to raise $500,000 for the Obama campaign this year, an upgrade from the $100,000-200,000 he agreed to raise four years ago. He donated the maximum $50,000 allowable to Obama’s inauguration fund in 2009. Roche’s wife, Ritsuko Hattori-Roche, along with Roche’s business partner Don Yang,...
  • Triple Lutz Report Obama Is Unmasked-More on Gold & Silver

    10/08/2012 12:13:32 PM PDT · by appeal2 · 1 replies ^ | 10/04/2012 | Kerry Lutz
    Hello again! We’re broadcasting from Sunny South Florida. We made the move and couldn’t be happier. A two mile walk in the morning is great for your host’s semi-arthritic knees. And the weather, while we’ve had some rainy skies, has been wonderful. We talked about the Romney-Obama debate. While we seldom ever stray into the world of politics, this is a notable exception. It’s kind of like you discover this beautiful person one evening, they appear to have everything, but you’e in a dark restaurant and can’t see the whole picture. Next time you meet in broad daylight and you...
  • What I Miss About America (a book review)

    10/08/2012 12:05:59 PM PDT · by Trafalgar123 · 1 replies
    American Thinker ^ | October 7, 2012 | Eileen Toplansky
    Enter Stella Paul, author of the newly published gem of an e-book entitled What I Miss About America. Stella's pithy sayings capture the angst of Americans who are angry and terrified at what Obama has wrought. Each of her pointed observations begins with What I Miss About America and include simple nuggets of truth. The words "Executive Order" not bringing on a panic attack The American Dream wasn't Food Stamps and Disability. A government that doesn't push junk science, junk bonds, and TSA agents who touch your junk A president whose background isn't more closely guarded than the formula for...
  • Diary From The HMNZ Tahiti During The 1918 Pandemic

    10/08/2012 12:00:43 PM PDT · by neverdem · 19 replies
    Avian Flu Diary ^ | OCTOBER 08, 2012 | Michael Coston
    For years historians, epidemiologists, and virologists have been attempting to peel back the cobwebs of time in order to analyze the deadliest pandemic in human history; the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic. John Barry’s The Great Influenza: The Epic Story of the Greatest Plague in History, has probably done more to reawaken memories of that awful time than any other source, but many gaps in our knowledge remain. Jeffrey K. Taubenberger and David Morens - both researchers at NIAID – have added considerably to our understanding of the H1N1 virus and the events surrounding its emergence. Taubenberger was the first to...
  • Why Gallup’s chief economist says the big drop in the unemployment rate ‘should be discounted’

    10/08/2012 11:31:50 AM PDT · by Olog-hai · 17 replies
    AEIdeas ^ | October 8, 2012, 10:02 am | James Pethokoukis
    You can count pollster Gallup as another observer questioning Friday’s job report, in particular the big drop in the unemployment rate. In a blog post, Dennis Jacobe, Gallup’s chief economist, writes that he seriously doubts whether the economy created nearly 900,000 jobs in September, as measured by the Labor Department’s seasonally adjusted household survey. While the payroll survey of businesses and government showed just 114,000 net new jobs created, the household survey showed a jobs boom, and it’s the latter which is used to calculate the unemployment rate. … His bottom line: “The Household results should be discounted. … The...
  • I had lunch with my fellow Americans today

    10/08/2012 10:52:39 AM PDT · by Jeff Chandler · 4 replies
    An NC Gun Blog ^ | August 12, 2012 | Sean D Sorrentino
    I sat down to a meal with some of my fellow Americans today. - I went to the Sikh temple in Durham, NC. I showed up at about 11:30 and went inside. - The Sikh speakers, especially the President of the temple, exceeded me in patriotism by a long shot. - Thomas Jefferson might have had a problem understanding the accents, but not the sentiments. - The guys I was sitting next to were both Sikh and gun owners. We talked about guns, and we’ll be getting together sometime soon to go shooting. - In short, it was a discussion...
  • ObamaCare headed back to Supreme Court

    10/08/2012 10:24:20 AM PDT · by Oldpuppymax · 9 replies
    Coach is Right ^ | 10/8/2012 | Doug Book
    On the day Barack Obama signed his ObamaCare bill into law, Matthew Staver, the Founder and Dean of the Liberty University School of Law filed one of the first private lawsuits against the new Act, claiming ObamaCare mandated the forced, direct funding of abortion, a clearly unconstitutional violation of the free exercise of religion. Though the University’s lawsuit has been held up by the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals which argued that the Anti-Injunction Act prevented the court hearing the merits of the case, that barrier was torn down by the June Supreme Court decision on ObamaCare. As a result,...
  • Next presidential debate: Mitt vs. O’s Teleprompter?!?!

    10/08/2012 10:18:34 AM PDT · by Starman417 · 24 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 10-08-12 | Wordsmith
    President Obama's faithful want him to take the mittens off in his next debate and trounce his Republican opponent by bringing out his secret weapon: The Teleprompter! Apparently some Obama supporters felt the president was at a disadvantage without usage of his teleprompter in last week's debate. (Well...truth be told, they're probably right). They think it was unfair in the last debate that the president debated at a handicap: As one man stated, “How’s he going to memorize an hour and a half debate?” Watch Rebel Pundit interview some of the president’s most loyal supporters at an Obama for America...
  • Something To Consider When The Obama Campaign Attacks Romney's Integrity

    10/08/2012 10:18:28 AM PDT · by The Looking Spoon · 4 replies
    The Looking Spoon ^ | 10-8-12 | The Looking Spoon
  • Obama: Why Not Socialism?

    10/08/2012 10:15:36 AM PDT · by Shout Bits · 9 replies
    Shout Bits Blog ^ | 10/8/2012 | Shout Bits
    And private insurers have to make a profit. Nothing wrong with that. That's what they do. And so you've got higher administrative costs, plus profit on top of that. – Pres. Obama, Oct. 3, 2012   Amid the hoopla about the candidates' relative perspicacious energies during last week's debate, the above quote by Pres. Obama seems to have been lost. In his worst line in the debate, Obama reveals his socialist instincts and complete ignorance of how the private sector works. That line alone renders him unfit for public office because it shows his ideologue faith in big government and...
  • School Districts Dodging Health Care Cost Savings

    10/08/2012 9:31:45 AM PDT · by MichCapCon · 3 replies
    Michigan Capitol Confidential ^ | 10/6/2012 | Tom Gantert
    On the day before a state law mandated that school districts pay no more than 80 percent of teacher health care costs, the Flushing Public School Board signed off on a two-year union contract that forced taxpayers to pay up to 90 percent of those costs. Flushing is one of a number of school districts that signed multi-year deals that spared its teachers from having to contribute more to their health care as required by Public Act 152. That law, which took effect Jan. 1, allowed a hard cap of $15,000 for districts to pay on health care costs for...
  • Reagan vs. Obama – Another Reminder of Obama's Failed Economic Policies

    10/08/2012 9:23:05 AM PDT · by 92nina · 3 replies
    ATR ^ | 2012-10-05 | Kyle Pomerleau
    Today’s unemployment report resembled Obama’s debate performance: poor and misleading. Wednesday, the President tried to convince the American people that they are better off than they were 4 years ago, but Americans are not buying it. When the numbers are all against you, it is hard to disguise failure. Today’s job report reflects that failure. The report showed the unemployment rate dropped to 7.8 percent, with the economy adding only 114,000 more jobs in the month of September. This is being hailed as good news by the President and the media. It speaks to how bad the economy is if...
  • Just Like the original Columbus Day, Boatloads of Gold Arrive From Across the Pond.

    10/08/2012 9:11:29 AM PDT · by NOBO2012
    Michelle Obama's Mirror ^ | 10-8-2012 | MOTUS
    It’s the federal holiday previously known as Columbus Day, so there’s not much going on around town. Because Big Guy and Elizabeth Warren are charter members of the First Peoples anti-colonialist coalition, we’ve decided to follow Brown University’s lead and rename the second Monday in October “Fall Holiday.” We don’t have anything planned for the event, butt Lady M will be sporting her annual “Fall Holiday” costume anyway. “We’re all Fauxcahontos now”In case you were wondering, the fundraisers were a huge success yesterday. First a private soiree at Jeffrey Katzenberg’s house for a dozen of our biggest bundlers (who shall...
  • Claim: Obama campaign illegally solicited foreign donors via social media website

    10/08/2012 8:56:29 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 8 replies
    Daily Caller ^ | October 8, 2012 | Matthew Boyle
    President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign has been soliciting foreigners for donations, an explosive report from the conservative Government Accountability Institute (GAI) shows. Those foreign donors are allegedly visiting the Obama campaign’s donation solicitation Web pages through a social media website the campaign controls, and through an outside website that serves mostly Internet users from outside the United States. About 20 percent of visitors to the “” social media website “originated from foreign locations,” the report found. That Web address is owned and controlled by the Obama re-election campaign. “At no point during the [website's] subscription process is a visitor asked...
  • While Obama Golfs, Vladimir Spies on America

    10/08/2012 8:17:32 AM PDT · by expat1000 · 12 replies ^ | Oct 8th, 2012 | Daniel Greenfield
    So much for the Reset Button. Clearly some Russian agents were taking premature advantage of Obama’s flexibility. An indictment was unsealed today in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York charging 11 members of a Russian military procurement network operating in the United States and Russia, as well as a Texas-based export company and a Russia-based procurement firm, with illegally exporting high-tech microelectronics from the United States to Russian military and intelligence agencies.The microelectronics allegedly exported to Russia are subject to strict government controls due to their potential use in a wide range of military systems,...
  • University of Mary Washington finalizes their gun ban

    10/08/2012 8:05:57 AM PDT · by JohnPierce · 8 replies
    Monachus Lex ^ | October 8, 2012 | John Pierce
    “Because professors, staff and students are precluded from protecting themselves on campus, Cho, a student at Virginia Tech himself, was able to simply walk on campus and go on a killing rampage with no worry that anyone would stop him.” - Holly Adams (mother of VA Tech Victim) -- IMAGE HERE -- Located in Fredericksburg Virginia and with campuses in Stafford and Dahlgren, the University of Mary Washington is undeniably part of Virginia’s strong commitment to excellent public colleges and universities. Unfortunately, UMW (which prides itself on being named after the mother of George Washington), has joined many of Virginia’s...
  • As Online Retailers Launch Vendor Financing, Is Apple Credit Corp Imminent?

    10/08/2012 8:03:27 AM PDT · by RobertClark · 3 replies
    ZeroHedge ^ | 10/08/12 | Tyler Durden
    As we have been saying for over a year now, there are two key issues (one of which follows logically from the other) that central bankers are banging their heads against: the increasing scarcity of money good-assets, i.e., credible collateral, that can be pledged in exchange for debt at both the private and public level, and the collapsing cash flows at the corporate and household level (both incidentally direct artifacts of ubiquitous central planning and central banker intervention). This, among various other reasons chief among which is the parallel collapse in CapEx and R&D spending at the corporate level, is...
  • Adventures in Gov't-Run Health (S)care: Malnourishment, Bedsores, and Death, Oh My!

    10/08/2012 7:28:26 AM PDT · by EricTheRed_VocalMinority · 4 replies
    Vocal Minority ^ | 10/8/12 | EricTheRed
    In case you didn't know, the beginning of October marked the point where, under Obama(Doesn't)Care Section 6001, physician-owned hospitals are banned from being started, existing ones prohibited from expanding. This improves our health care system how? It doesn't. But just keep saying everyone's covered, covered, covered. We're all covered, covered, covered. Covered, covered, covered. Like a bunch of freaking sheep. Free colonoscopies! Free condoms! Free free free! Covered covered covered! Republican war on women! Ryan hates Grandma! Romney hates Big Bird! Free free free! Covered covered covered! Meanwhile, things aren't going terribly swimmingly in the U.K., whose utopian health care system was...