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  • Pelosi’s wealth declined 25 percent in 2011

    06/14/2012 8:15:19 AM PDT · by Sub-Driver · 25 replies
    Pelosi’s wealth declined 25 percent in 2011 By Kevin Bogardus - 06/14/12 10:45 AM ET House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) lost nearly a quarter of her wealth in the past year, according to a financial disclosure report released Thursday. Pelosi’s minimum net worth dropped by roughly $8.8 million in 2011, the report suggests. It valued Pelosi’s wealth as at least $26.4 million at the end of the 2011 calendar year, down from at least $35.2 million the previous year. Pelosi reported almost $39.3 million in assets as well as close to $12.9 million in liabilities for 2011, according to...
  • See No Evil, Speak No Truth, And Us

    06/13/2012 9:45:25 AM PDT · by Beaten Valve · 2 replies
    The Daily Rant ^ | June 8, 2012 | Mychal Massie
    I freely admit to being rigid and borderline inflexible pursuant to my low opinion of those elected or appointed to political office. But even using that as a high bar of contempt, Obama, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, and Janet Napolitano fail to come even close to exceeding it. The overwhelming majority of Americans have no idea how incestuously corrupt and self-serving politicians can be, and that the majority of those in the Executive Branch and Legislative Branch of the Federal Government, in fact, are. Specific to that point, Fast and Furious, the illegal international gun-smuggling operation, is a case study...
  • Bachmann: 'Is Government God? ... That's Really the Issue at Hand'

    06/12/2012 3:54:45 AM PDT · by rhema · 11 replies
    CNS News ^ | 6/8/12 | Elizabeth Harrington
    In explaining her opposition to a Health and Human Services regulation that requires virtually all health-care plans to cover sterilizations, artificial contraception and abortifacients, Rep. Michele Bahmann said Friday that the issue involved in this mandate was whether the government could place itself before God and prevent institutions and people from following their faith and their consciences. “The people want to have their liberties back and they don’t like to see religious institutions, particularly the Catholic Church, have to be forced to deny their sincerely held faith and the doctrine of their faith in order to be in compliance with...
  • Reporter violated NYT ethics code with false Fast and Furious story

    06/06/2012 6:55:36 PM PDT · by marktwain · 25 replies
    The Daily Caller ^ | 6 June, 2012 | Matthew Boyle
    Charlie Savage, a reporter for The New York Times, violated the newspaper’s own code of ethics by printing a false story about the ongoing congressional investigation into Operation Fast and Furious on Tuesday evening. For the Times, Savage reported late on Tuesday that House Speaker John Boehner had “opened direct negotiations with the Department of Justice aimed at resolving a dispute over subpoenaed information related to the botched gun-trafficking investigation dubbed Operation Fast and Furious.” The story ran under the headline “Boehner in talks with Justice Dept. on gun-running inquiry,” implying that the speaker was directly participating in talks. Boehner...
  • Boehner And Republicans Are Helping Obama Destroy America

    06/02/2012 2:34:27 AM PDT · by 867V309 · 33 replies
    The DAILY RANT ^ | JUNE 1, 2012 | Mychal Massie
    But Obama has had a committed group of electeds aiding and abetting his treasonous assault on our freedoms and it’s not ipse dixit when I say that. John Boehner, Mitch McConnell in the Senate, the RNC, and Karl Rove are as responsible for our decline as the Socialist Leftists and Barack Obama, if not more so. And I will tell you why.
  • Arizona: Jesse Kelly Uncommitted to Vote for John Boehner

    05/29/2012 2:39:16 PM PDT · by SharpRightTurn · 16 replies
    Roll Call ^ | May 29, 2012 | Abby Livingston
    Veteran Jesse Kelly (R) is noncommittal about how he would vote in party leadership races should he be in Congress after the November elections, much like his Democratic opponent in Arizona’s competitive special election. “It depends on who is running,” he said in an email on Monday when asked if he would vote for Speaker John Boehner (Ohio) to lead his party in the new Congress. Democrat Ron Barber voiced a similar sentiment in an interview with Roll Call on Monday when he was asked if he would support Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.). Kelly’s general consultant, Ed Brookover, criticized...
  • Foes target Boehner/Lungren event in Woodside

    05/22/2012 7:37:48 PM PDT · by SmithL · 4 replies
    Inside Bay Area ^ | 5/22/12 | Josh Richman
    Liberal activists organized by CREDO SuperPAC are planning to protest outside a fundraiser that House Speaker John Boehner is holding Wednesday on Portola Road in Woodside with Rep. Dan Lungren, R-Gold River. The event with Boehner, R-Ohio, costs up to $35,000 a plate or $5,000 for a photo opportunity, and is occurring just six miles from the Atherton home in which President Obama is scheduled to hold a $35,800-a-plate fundraiser at about the same time.CREDO SuperPAC says it has launched a campaign against Lungren with four full-time organizers and a Carmichael field office to mobilize local voters to defeat a...
  • THE CRISIS OF LEGITIMACY: Boehner said to be blocking Issa committee vote on contempt

    05/22/2012 6:01:28 PM PDT · by Nachum · 39 replies
    Sipsey Street Irregulars ^ | 5/22/12 | Dutchman6
    Lapdog AP reporter Jordy Yager writes: Rep. Issa might not have the votes to push forward Holder contempt charge> Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) might not have the votes in his own committee to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress. A number of Republicans on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee are wary of moving forward with Issa’s proposed measure, putting the powerful chairman in an awkward position as he attempts to build support for the move. . . Two of the committee’s 23 Republicans have declined to support the measure at this point, while five other...
  • Boehner: Sure, I might support Schumer’s bill to tax Eduardo Saverin’s wealth (Another idiot!)

    05/22/2012 9:27:21 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 24 replies
    Hotair ^ | 05/22/2012 | AllahPundit
    Skip to 7:15 for the key bit. In fairness, he emphasizes that he'll support it only if it's "necessary." There's already an "exit tax" on the books, which Saverin paid, and a separate law that says an expatriate can be barred from re-entering the U.S. if the DOJ determines that he renounced his citizenship for tax purposes. Saverin quit the U.S., evidently with his tax liability in mind, because leaving before the IPO meant the "exit tax" would apply only to the gains on his Facebook shares as of his departure. (It also spared him from a potentially enormous estate...
  • Boehner pushes Obama to make Holder comply with Fast and Furious subpoena

    05/18/2012 8:48:42 AM PDT · by neverdem · 25 replies
    The Daily Caller ^ | 05/16/2012 | Matthew Boyle
    House Speaker John Boehner reportedly pushed President Barack Obama on Wednesday to make Attorney General Eric Holder comply with the congressional subpoena of Operation Fast and Furious documents. Boehner was meeting for lunch with the president and “other congressional leaders” to discuss upcoming issues. An aide in Boehner’s office told The Daily Caller the president talked about his “to-do-list” and the group discussed several other major topics on the political horizon. The Boehner aide said one topic the Speaker brought up was Holder’s failure to comply with the Fast and Furious subpoena. “The Speaker also asked the President to encourage...
  • Report: GOP might keep parts of ObamaCare if law is struck down

    05/17/2012 6:44:59 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 62 replies
    Hotair ^ | 05/17/2012 | AllahPundit
    The sourcing on this one is awfully thin, which raises two possibilities. One: The details are exaggerated or outright made up to try to start a firestorm among ObamaCare-hating conservatives. Two: The details are spot-on and are being deliberately leaked to see how ObamaCare-hating conservatives react. Can some parts of this thing be preserved or must the stench of The One's greatest victory be completely expunged before Congress takes another run at health care? If the law is upheld, Republicans will take to the floor to tear out its most controversial pieces, such as the individual mandate and requirements that...
  • Boehner: Keeping any parts of Obama health law ‘unacceptable’

    05/17/2012 11:47:47 AM PDT · by jazusamo · 35 replies
    The Hill ^ | May 17, 2012 | Sam Baker
    House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) reiterated Thursday that he wants to repeal all of President Obama’s healthcare law if the Supreme Court doesn’t toss out the entire statute. “We voted to fully repeal the president’s healthcare law as one of our first acts as a new House majority, and our plan remains to repeal the law in its entirety,” Boehner said to reporters. “Anything short of that is unacceptable.” Republicans are focusing more intently on their healthcare strategy as the high court’s ruling approaches. The court is expected to rule next month on whether the law’s individual mandate is unconstitutional...
  • Earmarks still have friends in high places

    05/16/2012 9:07:22 AM PDT · by radioone · 2 replies
    Politico ^ | 5/15/12 | JONATHAN ALLEN
    A provision for a uranium-enrichment plant in Ohio keeps cropping up all over Capitol Hill: $150 million in the Senate’s highway bill, $150 million in a Senate energy bill, $100 million in that bill’s House counterpart. There’s even talk of putting it in a final House-Senate transportation bill. Weren’t grants like this — earmarks by another name — supposed to be banished by Republicans in Congress? Yes. And for most lawmakers, they are. But the earmark has the top two Republicans in Congress on its side: House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.). And...
  • Boehner digs in for next battle on debt House Speaker will insist on spending cuts

    05/16/2012 4:33:23 AM PDT · by bestintxas · 25 replies
    wastimes ^ | 5/15/12 | By Stephen Dinan and Sean Lengell
    House Speaker John A. Boehner on Tuesday set the stage for an end-of-year debt showdown, saying he will once again insist any increase in the federal borrowing limit be matched dollar-for-dollar with spending cuts elsewhere. The last time he made that vow — ahead of last August’s debt deadline — the government teetered on the brink of a partial shutdown before he and President Obama agreed to a deal that matched an immediate debt boost to possible future spending cuts. Mr. Boehner, Ohio Republican, said he considers that deal a precedent, and from now on every request for more debt...
  • Mr. Boehner and the Debt

    05/15/2012 7:52:28 PM PDT · by mdittmar · 17 replies
    The New York Times ^ | May 15, 2012 | The New York Times
    It clearly does not bother Speaker John Boehner that he pushed the United States to the brink of default last year. It does not matter that the deep spending cuts in the resolution he demanded to end that crisis will hurt economic growth. It does not even matter that the House he leads is determined now to break that agreement with even deeper cuts in vital programs.
  • IT'S OFFICIAL--John Boehner is stalling Fast and Furious contempt citation of Eric Holder

    05/13/2012 10:01:46 AM PDT · by Oldpuppymax · 64 replies
    Coach is Right ^ | 5/13/2012 | Doug Book
    If Darrell Issa has any thoughts of the full House voting on his Oversight Committee’s citation of contempt against Eric Holder, he will first have to clear the idea with the Attorney General’s staunchest allies and political defenders—Republican Speaker John Boehner, Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Republican Majority Whip, Kevin McCarthy. Upon the Speaker’s office being provided a draft of the citation last week, a spokesman for the Republican leadership said “While there are very legitimate arguments to be made in favor of such an action, no decision has been made to move forward with one by the Speaker...
  • TRAITORS TO THEIR OATHS. "Democrats’ Support for Holder Collapsing" but GOP leadership Gang

    05/12/2012 10:50:18 AM PDT · by marktwain · 10 replies
    Sipsey Street Irregulars ^ | 11 May, 2012 | Mike Vanderboegh
    Dolly the GOP Leadership Ewe with three of her best customers. (Image courtesy of David Codrea.) With a bit of hyperbole, Newswmax reports that Dem support for the principal Gunwalker at DOJ is "collapsing" when maybe it is just cracking the facade a bit. David Codrea, however, draws our attention to this Politico story entitled "GOP leaders go slow on Eric Holder contempt vote." I seem to recall my being vilified for running stories early on that Boehner and his GOP "leadership" were trying to help the Gunwalker Conspiracy by roadblocking the investigation. They denied it then. Now, they are...
  • Obama parties, campaigns all the time on taxpayer’s dime

    04/27/2012 2:25:28 PM PDT · by Marketfly1 · 8 replies
    Bayoubuzz LLC ^ | April 27, 2012 | Jeff Crouere
    The President certainly enjoys the perks of his position in the White House. From extravagant vacations to approximately 100 rounds of golf, it has been a pretty enjoyable tenure for Mr. Obama. He has been able to meet celebrities, travel the world and play his favorite games. While our nation’s problems are not his primary concern, the President sure acts interested when giving speeches in battleground states. Most of these speeches are political and not official business, but the President continues to charge the travel expenses to the American people.
  • Issa, Boehner at odds over holding Holder in contempt of Congress

    04/27/2012 9:54:00 AM PDT · by george76 · 57 replies
    The Daily Caller ^ | 04/27/2012 | Matthew Boyle -
    House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Darrell Issa has drafted a 48-page contempt of Congress citation for Attorney General Eric Holder over Operation Fast and Furious. It now appears Issa is currently moving forward without the support of House Speaker John Boehner. Holder’s Department of Justice has provided only about 7,000 pages worth of the more than 70,000 pages of documents Issa has subpoenaed related to Operation Fast and Furious. Issa and many others on Capitol Hill have threatened for months that they’ll hold Holder in contempt without actually doing it. This 48-page contempt citation is the first official step in...
  • Boehner: '1-in-3 chance' GOP could lose House

    04/23/2012 4:11:17 PM PDT · by ding_dong_daddy_from_dumas · 34 replies
    Fox News ^ | April 23, 2012 | staff
    "But there's a one-in-three chance we could lose," Boehner said. "I'm being myself -- frank. We've got a big challenge, and we've got work to do."