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  • A $100 Million Infusion for SETI Research (two parts: Breakthrough Listen and Breakthrough MESSAGE)

    07/20/2015 5:02:44 PM PDT · by LibWhacker · 13 replies
    Centauri Dreams ^ | 7/20/15 | Paul Gilster
    A $100 Million Infusion for SETI Researchby Paul Gilster on July 20, 2015 SETI received a much needed boost this morning as Russian entrepreneur Yuri Milner, along with physicist Stephen Hawking and a panel including Frank Drake, Ann Druyan, Martin Rees and Geoff Marcy announced a $100 million pair of initiatives to reinvigorate the search. The first of these, Breakthrough Listen, dramatically upgrades existing search methods, while Breakthrough Message will fund an international competition to create the kind of messages we might one day send to other stars, although the intention is also to provoke the necessary discussion and debate...
  • Search for extraterrestrial intelligence gets a $100-million boost

    07/20/2015 3:24:26 PM PDT · by LibWhacker · 23 replies
    Nature ^ | 7/20/15 | Zeeya Merali
    Russian billionaire Yuri Milner announces most comprehensive hunt for alien life.You could say that the silence has been deafening. Since its beginnings more than half a century ago, the dedicated search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI) has failed to detect the presence of alien civilizations. But at London’s Royal Society today (20 July), Russian billionaire Yuri Milner announced a shot in the arm for SETI: a US$100-million decadal project to provide the most comprehensive hunt for alien communications so far. The initiative, called Breakthrough Listen, will see radio telescopes at Green Bank in West Virginia, the Parkes Observatory in Australia, and...
  • BREAKING THROUGH WITH INTIMACY [ charistmatic caucus]

    05/06/2015 10:56:23 AM PDT · by Jedediah · 1 replies
    Intimacy is the key to your breaking through in your days ahead . So persevere as Daniel and Gabriel for I will send My angels of My Presence as Michael (AS GOD) as you spend time in mine . . . DANIEL 10:12-21 12 Then he said to me, “Do not fear, Daniel, for from the first day that you set your heart to understand, and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard; and I have come because of your words. 13 But the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me twenty-one days; and behold, Michael,...
  • Stanford team develops super-fast charging aluminium battery. (7000+ cycles without capacity decay.)

    04/11/2015 6:43:06 PM PDT · by concernedcitizen76 · 30 replies
    The Royal Society of Chemistry ^ | April 7, 2015 | Tim Wogan
    Aluminium ions are stored between layers of graphite when the battery is charged A new rival to the lithium-ion battery has been created that charges in under a minute and still performs almost perfectly after being recharged thousands of times. The new battery is based on aluminium instead of lithium, which should make it both cheaper and safer than their lithium-ion competitors. The U.S. team behind the aluminium-ion battery say that the technology could find its way into the home, help store renewable energy for the power grid and even power vehicles. The aluminium-ion battery is conceptually similar to the...
  • Antibiotics that target mitochondria effectively eradicate cancer stem cells...

    02/08/2015 4:37:54 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 25 replies
    Impact Journals ^ | January 22, 2015 | Various
    Abstract Here, we propose a new strategy for the treatment of early cancerous lesions and advanced metastatic disease, via the selective targeting of cancer stem cells (CSCs), a.k.a., tumor-initiating cells (TICs). We searched for a global phenotypic characteristic that was highly conserved among cancer stem cells, across multiple tumor types, to provide a mutation-independent approach to cancer therapy. This would allow us to target cancer stem cells, effectively treating cancer as a single disease of “stemness”, independently of the tumor tissue type. Using this approach, we identified a conserved phenotypic weak point – a strict dependence on mitochondrial biogenesis for...
  • GOD Economics

    01/11/2015 10:46:09 AM PST · by Jedediah · 4 replies
    Bible , the joshua chronicles ^ | 1-11-15 | Jedediah
    My Kingdom Economics are derived through "Thanksgiving"for it was in this manner the waters parted for Moses and the snakebites were of no consequence(I will lift my eyes to the hills) for as The Son Of God is lifted up doors open and miracles begin ! My endowment to Him( Jesus) is you( My children of Light ) and so it is as your love for Us is poured out ," Truly " it is returned flowing down upon your heads pressed down shaken together and flowing over into My very Will. So enter My Courts with Thanksgiving "YES" but...
  • First new antibiotic in 30 years discovered in major breakthrough

    01/08/2015 8:10:35 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 27 replies
    The Telegraph ^ | 01/08/2015 | Sarah Knapton,
    The first new antibiotic to be discovered in nearly 30 years has been hailed as a ‘paradigm shift’ in the fight against the growing resistance to drugs. Teixobactin has been found to treat many common bacterial infections such as tuberculosis, septicaemia and C. diff, and could be available within five years. But more importantly it could pave the way for a new generation of antibiotics because of the way it was discovered. Scientists have always believed that the soil was teeming with new and potent antibiotics because bacteria have developed novel ways to fight off other microbes. But 99 per...
  • Everything in the way Shall be removed !

    02/20/2014 6:30:29 PM PST · by Jedediah · 1 replies
    I AM with you, my angels surround you, go behind enemy lines and take back my land ! My army is rising up to take back land now that my testimony is sure in my front line(Chosen Ones)assaults( words of declaration) removing the lies of the enemy, and all distractions now shall be dealt with in their time and season of correction or removal for My Testimony is paramount as my spirit moves across the waters of my voice for you are the many waters of my Testimony and I AM sure and true to my word that I will...
  • I Am going to move My sphere of authority into place now upon My Foundation

    08/09/2013 4:26:55 PM PDT · by Jedediah · 4 replies
    the Joshua Chronicles ^ | 8-9-13 | Jedediah
    I Am going to move My sphere of authority into place now upon My Foundation and "TRUTH" shall be its Robe ! Zechariah 4:9 9The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundations of this house; his hands shall also finish it. Then you shall know (recognize and understand) that the Lord of hosts has sent me [His messenger] to you. The unction of My Spirit is something to be followed not ignored ! My blessings flow through My Spirit and Guiding counselor of My very Heart ! So understand this ; To reject My Spirit is to deny Me ,...
  • O’Keefe Sting Catches ‘Obamaphone’ Salesmen on Camera: ‘I Don’t Care What You Do With It’

    06/18/2013 9:02:59 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 11 replies
    National Review ^ | 06/18/2013 | John Fund
    James O’Keefe is back. His new book Breakthrough chronicling his undercover video takedowns of ACORN, NPR, and local election officials who ignore voter fraud is being published today. He also has a new video out that should embarrass two companies who distribute government-paid-for “Obamaphones” to people who claim they lack cellular service. Company reps are seen handing them out to O’Keefe allies who say they will sell them for drug money, to buy handbags, or to pay their bills. No objection is heard. O’Keefe will appear on tonight’s O’Reilly Factor to discuss just how much of a scam the $2.2...
  • You "ARE" the waters of My voice

    03/25/2013 10:14:35 AM PDT · by Jedediah · 1 replies
    bible,Jedediah ^ | 3-25-13 | Jedediah
    Do you see My children I have come to take you by the hand, to say things, to do things and to reveal things, new things not from long ago but My very fresh Manna no longer hidden but true and uncontainable for it is Kingdom Fruit from The Tree of Life and My river flows through it for you "ARE" the waters of My Voice (that "is" The will of The Father). . . Revelation 2:17 17 He who is able to hear, let him listen to and heed what the Spirit says to the assemblies (churches). To him...
  • IBM makes atomic chip breakthrough

    03/22/2013 5:02:54 PM PDT · by LibWhacker · 11 replies
    TGDaily ^ | 3/22/13 | Mike Magee
    Scientists at IBM claimed today that it has cracked a materials conundrum that may well create a new class of memory and logic chips. The scientists discovered a way to operate chips using small ionic currents. That’s streams of charged atoms mimicking the way the human brain works. Moore’s Law is close to bust at the CMOS level, IBM thinks and low power and high performance semiconductors using different techniques will soon be needed. The IBM scientists have figured out that you can reversibly transform metal oxides between inslating and conductive states by inserting and removing oxygen ions through electric...
  • Doctors say infant cured of HIV at UMC

    03/03/2013 4:49:57 PM PST · by grandpa jones · 90 replies
    WAPT ^ | 3/3/13
    JACKSON, Miss. —Doctors at the University of Mississippi Medical Center said they have cured a baby suffering from HIV and the breakthrough is reverberating worldwide. Related Woman says ex kidnapped her 18-wheeler overturns off of I-20 3 arrested in Jackson drug bust Grenade launcher found during drug bust Fire hydrant testing begins in West... "There is excitement around this," said Dr. Deborah Persaud of John's Hopkins Children's Center. Doctors across the country are heralding the medical breakthrough in Jackson. "We have, perhaps inadvertently, but in fact, cured the child," said Dr. Hannah Gay, associate professor of pediatrics. "We don't know...
  • The Miraculous NASA Breakthrough That Could Save Millions of Lives (UPDATED)

    02/09/2012 10:15:06 AM PST · by LibWhacker · 22 replies
    Gizmodo ^ | 2/8/12 | Brent Rose
    There are no hospitals in space. The closest E.R. is back on Earth, and astronauts can't exactly jump in a cab to get there. So what happens if the sun burps out a massive blast of radiation while an astronaut is space-amblin' by? The NASA Biocapsule—made of carbon nanotubes—will be able to "diagnose" and instantly treat an astronaut without him or her even knowing there's something amiss. It would be like having your own personal Dr. McCoy—implanted under your skin. It represents one of the most significant breakthroughs in the history of medicine, and yes, it'll work on Earth, too....
  • Physicists 'record' magnetic breakthrough

    02/07/2012 10:44:06 PM PST · by LibWhacker · 20 replies
    PhysOrg ^ | 2/7/12
    An international team of scientists has demonstrated a revolutionary new way of magnetic recording which will allow information to be processed hundreds of times faster than by current hard drive technology. The researchers found they could record information using only heat - a previously unimaginable scenario. They believe this discovery will not only make future magnetic recording devices faster, but more energy-efficient too. The results of the research, which was led by the University of York's Department of Physics, are reported in the February edition of Nature Communications. York physicist Thomas Ostler said: "Instead of using a magnetic field to...
  • Now patients are denied 'breakthrough' prostate cancer drug as health watchdogs brand

    02/01/2012 9:30:37 PM PST · by Nachum · 12 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | 2/1/12 | Jenny Hope
    A ‘breakthrough’ drug that gives extra months of life to men with advanced prostate cancer has been rejected for use on the NHS. The once-daily pill was developed by UK scientists at the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) and trials were partly funded by British charities. But it has been branded as too expensive by the rationing watchdog the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. Abiraterone is the latest prostate cancer drug to face an NHS ban despite being proven to extend life for men with advanced disease. Last month another drug--Jevtana--was turned down as ‘not cost-effective’.
  • IAEA: Iran reaches breakthrough in suspected nuclear weapons push

    09/03/2011 9:49:02 PM PDT · by Nachum · 10 replies · 1+ views
    Haaretz ^ | 9/3/11 | Yossi Melman
    The United Nations nuclear watchdog released a report Saturday stating that Iran is pursuing the development of nuclear weapons, adding that the Islamic Republic has upgraded its nuclear facilities in order to defend them from possible cyber attacks. According to the report by the International Atomic Energy Agency, Iran has installed new and improved 2IR as well as 4IR centrifuges, which according to experts, will be immune to cyber attacks that were able to breach the older centrifuges. The centrifuges have allegedly been installed, the report states, in a fortified underground facility for uranium enrichment near the city of Qom.
  • IBM makes breakthrough in new kind of “universal” memory chip

    07/01/2011 11:41:34 PM PDT · by LibWhacker · 12 replies
    VentureBeat ^ | 6/29/11 | Dean Takahashi
    IBM researchers have made a breakthrough in a new kind of memory chip that can record data 100 times faster than today’s flash memory chips. That means scientists are one step closer to creating a universal memory chip that is fast, permanent, and has lots of capacity. If they really work as billed, these multi-bit phase-change memory chips could transform enterprise computing and storage by around 2016, according to IBM. The technology could lead to chips that are lower cost, faster, and more durable in storing applications for consumer devices, including mobile phones and cloud storage. It could also benefit...
  • My Will Fully Fulfilled Through You . . .

    06/06/2011 5:48:21 PM PDT · by Jedediah · 9 replies
    My will is being done through you , No longer in part but all the way through , You have passed by the Ark and now onto Zion you have come , For I AM continually with you releasing My kingdom , So now as you venture into My Will , It is My fullness that you fulfill , Not a jot or a tittle a thought or a vow , You are My Kingdom "alive" ( (( Operating NOW )) ) , So as you reach out your hands My coals of fire reveal * , All of My...
  • 'Cow valve' heart implant hailed as breakthrough

    04/03/2011 9:01:21 PM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 5 replies
    Yahoo ^ | 4/3/11 | Kerry Sheridan - AFP
    NEW ORLEANS (AFP) – A new type of heart valve made with cow tissue and inserted by catheter was hailed on Sunday as a major breakthrough that could eliminate the need for open heart surgery in some patients, US doctors said Sunday. The method is aimed at high-risk patients who suffer from severe aortic stenosis, a clogged valve that impedes the pathway of oxygen-rich blood by making the heart work harder to pump blood through a narrowing opening. The condition affects nine percent of Americans over 65. Without treatment, up to half of patients die within two years. The technique...
  • Possible breakthrough in breast reconstruction surgery

    02/21/2011 8:59:51 PM PST · by Nachum · 19 replies
    CBS News ^ | 2/21/11 | Staff
    There's an exciting prospect for breast reconstruction for women. As CBS News Medical Correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton explained on "The Early Show" Monday, stem cells and the body's own fat are used to essentially re-grow breast tissue. "A patient's own fat and stem cells are combined in the lab," Ashton told co-anchor Erica Hill, "growth factors are added. It's then injected into a biodegradable chamber in the breast. A blood supply is attached to feed these cells, and in about six-to-twelve months, that tissue then creates the form and shape of a breast."
  • Doctors produce first-ever MRI scan of baby at the moment of birth

    12/07/2010 3:36:53 PM PST · by Niuhuru · 14 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | 7:26 PM on 7th December 2010 | By Daily Mail Reporter
    Doctors at a Berlin hospital have made a medical breakthrough after capturing live MRI images of the miracle of birth. The pictures, taken after a German mother agreed to give birth inside a magnetic-resonance imaging machine, could provide valuable new insights into the birthing process and allow future lives to be saved. Gynaecologist Ernst Beinder at Berlin's Charité Hospital said the birth proceeded normally and the machine filmed all the movements and processes that went on inside the womb.
  • Getting Your Breakthrough

    10/05/2010 8:08:13 PM PDT · by Frank Broom · 5 replies
    10-05-10 | Frank Broom
    God does not have to create your breakthrough. Your breakthrough or your answer already exists. You may not be able to see it but it already exists. Because faith is the substance of things (Hebrews 11:1). And a thing is only a thing when it exists. If it did not exists you couldn't have faith for it. The Bible says while we look not at the things which are seen but at the things which are not seen (2Corinthians 4:18). Notice it says to look at the things which are not seen. You can't judge whether something exists or not...

    12/29/2009 3:03:29 PM PST · by Jedediah · 12 replies · 515+ views
    Your going to see " Yeah " witness a new Regime come into the church and body worldwide , My angels carrying the "Fire" of My Testimony in deliverance and freedom setting the captives free \o/ , releasing My glory upon the Earth for where ever I place My footstep so My glory shall show and accomplish ALL I have set out to do " Yeah " every Jot and Tittle ! My Spirit of Deliverance (Psalm 34:7) is here for you " Today " ! Merely raise your hands \o/ and repent call , call out My name so...
  • Did a Devoted Husband Find a Cancer Breakthrough?

    12/01/2009 8:50:12 PM PST · by Main Street · 39 replies · 2,410+ views
    Good Morning America ^ | Dec. 1, 2009 | CLAIRE SHIPMAN
    See Video at link: Throughout his years of groundbreaking research, endocrinologist Dr. David Vesely never gave curing cancer a lot of thought. But then it became personal. "We started to work on cancer when my wife died of breast cancer seven years ago," Vesely said. His wife, Clo, died in 2002, leaving Vesely and their five children behind. Vesely said he directed his sorrow into his work at the James A. Haley Hospital in Tampa, Fla., and seven years later he may have a breakthrough. An Idea From the Heart Vesely said it was originally his son's idea to...

    10/03/2009 6:18:46 PM PDT · by Jedediah · 3 replies · 521+ views
    Jordans (walls of resistance) are breaking wide open today , But not in the old fashioned way , For now not an Ark will hold troubled waters aside , But my very own overcomers will cause them to subside , So stand in the gap for my children I call my own , And do not move from this appointed place until I bring them all home \o/ 4) Yet there shall be a distance between you and it, about 2,000 cubits in length. Do not come near it, in order that you may know the way you shall go,...
  • Obama, allies, see November health care breakthrough

    09/10/2009 4:45:58 PM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 22 replies · 701+ views
    AFP on Yahoo ^ | 9/10/09 | Olivier Know
    WASHINGTON (AFP) – Despite fierce opposition, the White House and top Democratic allies in the Senate on Thursday predicted they would pass the most sweeping health care overhaul in decades by late November. And President Barack Obama signaled that opposition to his plan -- chiefly from Republicans -- would not derail his goal of a comprehensive remaking of the way the world's richest country manages medicine. "If there are real concerns about any aspect of my plan, let's address them. If there are real differences, let's resolve them," said the president. "But we have talked this issue to death, year...
  • The End of Medical Miracles?

    06/01/2009 9:04:14 AM PDT · by Jbny · 23 replies · 806+ views
    Commentary Magazine ^ | June 1st, 2009 | Tevi Troy
    Americans have, at best, a love-hate relationship with the life-sciences industry—the term for the sector of the economy that produces pharmaceuticals, biologics (like vaccines), and medical devices. These days, the mere mention of a pharmaceutical manufacturer seems to elicit gut-level hostility. Journalists, operating from a bias against industry that goes as far back as the work of Upton Sinclair in the early years of the 20th century, treat companies from AstraZeneca to Wyeth as rapacious factories billowing forth nothing but profit. At the same time, Americans are adamant about the need for access to the newest cures and therapies and...
  • Scientists: Women more attracted to men in expensive cars (Plus, Men attracted to good looks!)

    03/25/2009 4:23:54 PM PDT · by GOPGuide · 37 replies · 2,665+ views
    Daily Telegraph ^ | 25 Mar 2009 | Daily Telegraph
    Men who drive expensive cars really are more attractive to women, according to a study by university researchers. Psychologists proved what car-dealers have boasted for generations the car one drives is key when it comes to turning a woman's head. The university team showed women pictures of the same man sitting in two cars - a £70,000 silver Bentley Continental and a battered Ford Fiesta. The women, who were aged between 21 to 40, picked the man sitting in the Bentley ahead of the same man in the Ford. Dr Michael Dunn, of the University of Wales Institute in Cardiff,...
  • On Abortion and Gay Rights, Evangelicals and Liberals Join to Advise Obama

    01/15/2009 2:38:09 PM PST · by markomalley · 22 replies · 802+ views
    US News and World Report ^ | 1/15/2009 | Dan Gilgoff
    A coalition of prominent evangelical leaders who've partnered with Third Way, a Washington think tank influential in shaping Democratic Party policy and messaging, is presenting policy recommendations to Barack Obama's transition team today that purport to offer a consensus approach to hot-button issues that have long divided evangelicals and liberals. More News * Hot Docs: Obama and Human Rights, Skewed Nuclear Spending * Is Mike Huckabee Right About Sarah Palin and the Media? * Democrats Push for Stimulus Package to Include Education Spending The recommendations include a framework for reducing demand for abortion without further restricting abortion rights, through initiatives...
  • Cancer Breakthrough: Researchers can now target only cancer cells (Kanzius Update)

    12/19/2008 4:22:52 AM PST · by Main Street · 154 replies · 7,816+ views
    Naples News ^ | 6:12 a.m., Friday, December 19, 2008 | By MATT CLARK
    They've demonstrated the cancer research "holy grail." In a manuscript published today, researchers say they have successfully targeted and killed two of the most deadly types of cancer cells, colon and pancreatic, using the treatment invented by Sanibel Island and Erie, Pa. resident John Kanzius. "This is what everybody's been waiting for," Kanzius said. "Can you target cancer cells? And the answer is 'yes.' Can you kill them? Yes. Can you target specific cancers? Yes." Though the researchers said the destroyed cancer cells were not in animals or humans, the findings published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Experimental Therapeutics and...
  • Battery Life Breakthrough Could Increase Li-Ion Capacity by 1000%

    11/25/2008 8:12:11 PM PST · by LibWhacker · 52 replies · 1,560+ views
    ZoomLife ^ | 11/25/08 | Sebastian Schepis
    In what could potentially be a revolutionary breakthrough for everything from laptops to electric cars, a South Korean team of researchers have made a major discovery in Lithium-Ion battery technology. A team of researchers at South Korea’s Hanyung University, led by professor Cho Jaephil, has claimed a discovery that could extend lithium ion battery energy capacity by up to 1000% or more. The key to Jaephil’s discovery was the application of a three-dimensional porous silicon graphite cathode, which has the ability of holding up to ten times the number of lithium ions as conventional graphite cathodes. Patents have already been...
  • Aussie cancer breakthough holds promise for leukemia, arthritis

    08/12/2008 10:44:30 AM PDT · by Schnucki · 7 replies · 182+ views
    Courier Mail ^ | August 12, 2008 | Tamara McLean
    NEW treatments for leukemia and asthma are in development after scientists discovered a way to stop the production of malfunctioning blood cells. Researchers at the St Vincent's Institute in Melbourne and Hanson Institute in Adelaide have unravelled the structure of a protein in the blood control system that is key to some blood and inflammatory disorders. Pharmaceutical company CSL will use the breakthrough to develop new treatments which stop the protein from being activated, hindering the spread of cancer. Professor Michael Parker, of the St Vincent's Institute, said his team established the structure of a receptor that controls the actions...
  • Anorak fabric a boost for fuel cells

    07/31/2008 9:50:53 PM PDT · by DGHoodini · 21 replies · 66+ views
    Sydney Morning Times | August 1, 2008 | Deborah Smith
    Can only post link, due to copyright stipulations:
  • BREAKTHROUGH Energy Development ignored

    I and many others, have been growing more and angry at the main stream media’s total lack of interest in what could be the important development in energy production the last 100 years. I am referring to Researcher J.C. Bell and his company, Bell Bio-Energy. To quote the source article below: “After three years of clandestine development, a Georgia company is now going public with a simple, natural way to convert anything that grows out of the Earth into oil." Yes, you read it right, anything.....anything that grows in the earth: All matter of plant refuge from plants and cities:...
  • 'Breakthrough' At Stonehenge Dig

    04/09/2008 2:07:22 PM PDT · by blam · 25 replies · 58+ views
    BBC ^ | 4-9-2008 | Rebecca Morelle
    'Breakthrough' at Stonehenge dig By Rebecca Morelle Science reporter, BBC News (Go To The BBC Site To View The Video)Professor Darvill explains what is happening at the Stonehenge dig Archaeologists carrying out an excavation at Stonehenge say they have broken through to a layer that may finally explain why the site was built. The team has reached sockets that once held bluestones - smaller stones, most now missing or uprooted, which formed the site's original structure. The researchers believe that the bluestones could reveal that Stonehenge was once a place of healing. The dig is the first to take place...
  • Autism Breakthrough: Girl's Writings Explain Her Behavior and Feelings

    02/19/2008 10:44:13 PM PST · by LibWhacker · 13 replies · 195+ views
    ABC ^ | 2/19/08 | John McKenzie
    Doctors Amazed by Carly Fleishman's Ability to Describe the Disorder From the InsideCarly Fleischman has severe autism and is unable to speak a word. But thanks to years of expensive and intensive therapy, this 13-year-old has made a remarkable breakthrough. Two years ago, working with pictures and symbols on a computer keyboard, she started typing and spelling out words. The computer became her voice. "All of a sudden these words started to pour out of her, and it was an exciting moment because we didn't realize she had all these words," said speech pathologist Barbara Nash. "It was one of...
  • Nanotechnology yields a breakthrough in battery life

    12/27/2007 11:43:25 PM PST · by PeaceBeWithYou · 52 replies · 290+ views
    Nanotechwire ^ | 12/27/2007 | Staff
    Stanford researchers have found a way to use silicon nanowires to reinvent the rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that power laptops, iPods, video cameras, cell phones, and countless other devices. The new version, developed through research led by Yi Cui, assistant professor of materials science and engineering, produces 10 times the amount of electricity of existing lithium-ion, known as Li-ion, batteries. A laptop that now runs on battery for two hours could operate for 20 hours, a boon to ocean-hopping business travelers. "It's not a small improvement," Cui said. "It's a revolutionary development." The breakthrough is described in a paper, "High-performance...
  • Big Ideas for a Better World

    10/11/2007 4:04:40 PM PDT · by dickmc · 2 replies · 103+ views
    Popular Mechanics ^ | October, 2007 | unidentified
    For PM's third annual innovation celebration, we honor eight bold inventors (with video from the lab) and 10 cutting-edge products with one big, IQ-packed party and three important discussions for our future. * PLUS: 10 Most Brilliant Gadgets of 2007 * UPDATE: Where Are Past Winners Now? Some neat stuff and interesting links: vibrational wind generator, do-it-yourself 3-D 'inkjet' printer prototyper, length morphing helicopter rotor, etc.
  • Inventor may have breakthrough in killing cancer cells

    08/22/2007 6:47:15 PM PDT · by Main Street · 46 replies · 1,879+ views ^ | :8/22/2007 | Michael O'Mara
    Inventor from Erie, P.A. teams up with leading cancer center. The work has been quietly been going on for the last three years in a no-frills laboratory in Erie, Pennsylvania. Inventor, John Kanzius, working with Jim and Charlie Rutkowski, have been perfecting a device that will kill cancer cells with a radio frequency. This humble workspace could soon become the epicenter of one of the most stunning scientific breakthroughs in cancer treatment in years. Using the Kanzius RF machine and special nanoparticles, it appears that cancer cells can be targeted and killed without harming the rest of the body. This...
  • Inventor May Have Breakthrough in Killing Cancer Cells

    08/20/2007 8:23:48 PM PDT · by Paved Paradise · 138 replies · 4,996+ views ^ | August 20, 2007 | Michael O'Mara
    Inventor from Erie, P.A. teams up with leading cancer center. The work has been quietly been going on for the last three years in a no-frills laboratory in Erie, Pennsylvania. Inventor, John Kanzius, working with Jim and Charlie Rutkowski, have been perfecting a device that will kill cancer cells with a radio frequency. This humble workspace could soon become the epicenter of one of the most stunning scientific breakthroughs in cancer treatment in years. Using the Kanzius RF machine and special nanoparticles, it appears that cancer cells can be targeted and killed without harming the rest of the body. This...
  • Solar power breakthrough at Massey (Dye-based solar cells)

    04/05/2007 6:25:44 AM PDT · by Uncledave · 64 replies · 1,995+ views
    Manawatu Standard ^ | 4/5/2007 | Mervyn Dykes
    Solar power breakthrough at Massey By MERVYN DYKES - Manawatu Standard | Thursday, 5 April 2007 New solar cells developed by Massey University don't need direct sunlight to operate and use a patented range of dyes that can be impregnated in roofs, window glass and eventually even clothing to produce power. This means teenagers could one day be wearing jackets that will recharge their equivalents of cellphones, iPods and other battery- driven devices. The breakthrough is a development of the university's Nanomaterials Research Centre and has attracted world-wide interest already - particularly from Australia and Japan. Researchers at the centre...
  • Potential Treatment Found For Muscular Dystrophy

    01/24/2007 2:34:52 PM PST · by Main Street · 8 replies · 463+ views
    CBS Broadcasting Inc. ^ | Jan 22, 2007 | Kathryn Brown
    WJZ) Baltimore, MD Researchers at Johns Hopkins have discovered a potential medical breakthrough that could help those who suffer from muscular dystrophy. WJZ's Kathryn Brown talked to doctors at Hopkins who are calling it one of the biggest breakthroughs ever when it comes to treating the devastating condition, which weakens ones muscles over the coarse of time. The potential new treatment is from a medicine now commonly used to treat high blood pressure. Marion and John Bailey know a lot about the disease, which has affected their son Stephen for years. That is why they are so excited about a...
  • Breakthrough Sheds Light On Cause Of Diabetes

    12/15/2006 4:40:10 PM PST · by blam · 4 replies · 557+ views
    New Scientist ^ | 12-15-2006 | Alison Motluk- Linda Geddes
    Breakthrough sheds light on cause of diabetes 17:56 15 December 2006 news service Alison Motluk and Linda Geddes One of the root causes of type 1 diabetes may need rethinking – the condition may be triggered by faulty nerves in the pancreas, a new study reveals. Type 1 diabetes has long been described as an autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system targets islet cells in the pancreas, eventually destroying their ability to produce insulin. Without insulin, the body cannot convert glucose into energy, so people with type 1 diabetes have to regularly inject themselves with insulin to...
  • Diabetes breakthrough: Toronto scientists cure disease in mice

    12/15/2006 8:44:05 AM PST · by A Mississippian · 13 replies · 2,771+ views
    National Post (Canada) ^ | Friday, December 15, 2006 | Tom Blackwell
    In a discovery that has stunned even those behind it, scientists at a Toronto hospital say they have proof the body's nervous system helps trigger diabetes, opening the door to a potential near-cure of the disease that affects millions of Canadians.Diabetic mice became healthy virtually overnight after researchers injected a substance to counteract the effect of malfunctioning pain neurons in the pancreas."I couldn't believe it," said Dr. Michael Salter, a pain expert at the Hospital for Sick Children and one of the scientists. "Mice with diabetes suddenly didn't have diabetes any more."The researchers caution they have yet to confirm...
  • Hubble telescope makes new discovery

    11/16/2006 9:07:52 PM PST · by NormsRevenge · 88 replies · 3,827+ views
    AP on Yahoo ^ | 11/16/06 | Matt Crenson - ap
    NEW YORK - The Hubble Space Telescope has shown that a mysterious form of energy first conceived by Albert Einstein, then rejected by the famous physicist as his "greatest blunder," appears to have been fueling the expansion of the universe for most of its history. This so-called "dark energy" has been pushing the universe outward for at least 9 billion years, astronomers said Thursday. "This is the first time we have significant, discrete data from back then," said Adam Riess, a professor of astronomy at Johns Hopkins University and researcher at NASA's Space Telescope Science Institute. He and several colleagues...
  • CA: Senators fault claim of stem cell research breakthrough (firm misrepresented its work)

    09/06/2006 4:33:03 PM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 3 replies · 316+ views
    ap on Riverside Press Enterprise ^ | 9/6/06 | Kimberly Hefling - ap
    WASHINGTON A company that claimed it developed a way to harvest stem cells from days-old human embryos without harming the embryos was accused at a Senate hearing Wednesday of misrepresenting its work. Advanced Cell Technology Inc. of Alameda, Calif., drew fire from Sens. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., and Tom Harkin, D-Iowa., authors of a bill vetoed by President Bush that would have expanded embryonic stem cell research through government funding. Supporters of such research say it could lead to treatments and cures for a wide variety of ailments, including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease and spinal cord injuries. Bush and abortion foes,...
  • Iran to announce nuclear 'breakthrough'

    08/23/2006 9:54:43 AM PDT · by Adam-ondi-Ahman · 160 replies · 10,399+ views
    AFX ^ | 23 August 2006 | AFX
    TEHRAN (AFX) - Iran will soon announce an atomic breakthrough, the semi-official Mehr news agency reported today, a day after the country responded to an offer aimed at resolving a nuclear standoff. 'This great scientific achievement is the fruit of a long-term research project ... It will be formally announced by a top official,' Mehr quoted an informed source as saying.
  • Stem cell 'breakthrough' challenges ban

    08/23/2006 1:49:08 PM PDT · by Aussie Dasher · 53 replies · 1,156+ views
    Herald Sun ^ | 24 August 2006 | Maggie Fox
    A UNITED STATES company said overnight that it had developed a way to make human embryonic stem cells without harming the original embryo, a finding it said could dispel ethical objections to promising medical research using such cells. "It is possible to generate stem cells without destroying the embryo and without destroying its potential for life," said Dr. Robert Lanza, chief scientist at Advanced Cell Technology in Massachusetts. US President George W. Bush last month vetoed an expansion of federal funding for embryonic stem-cell research, saying that US taxpayers who object to such research should not have to pay for...
  • California on brink of global warming breakthrough (plans aggressive climate change program)

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    Reuters on Yahoo ^ | 8/17/06 | Mary Milliken
    SACRAMENTO, California (Reuters) - California is forging ahead with the most aggressive U.S. program to reduce global warming -- a plan that pits Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger against fellow Republican George W. Bush. Both the governor and his state's Democratic-led legislature want to make California -- the world's eighth largest economy -- a model to follow with caps in greenhouse gas emissions that the U.S. president rejects. State politicians still are hammering out differences over the proposed Global Warming Solutions Act. If passed, it is likely to play a role in November's vote for governor and in national politics for years...