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  • Come run into My Arms[Charismatic Caucus]

    09/06/2016 8:00:44 AM PDT · by Jedediah · 2 replies
    My opinion of you is righteousness for I have loved you through all eternity . So catch up with my love for you just drink it in and fall into the pool of my complete acceptance for you have already been washed in my forgiveness so don't challenge my love just receive it for you are mine and I am yours woven through all eternity together as one. Come to me and the sound of my voice both through others gestures of my love through them and by my Spirit speaking to your heart for I have already given you...
  • Clinton BlackBerry photo led to State officialís query about email account

    06/10/2016 4:14:55 AM PDT · by simpson96 · 15 replies
    Politico ^ | 6/9/2016 | Josh Gerstein
    An iconic photograph of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton using her BlackBerry while wearing sunglasses on a military plane in 2011 prompted a recordkeeping official in her office to inquire about whether Clinton had been assigned a email address, the State Department disclosed this week.Clarence Finney, who oversaw an office responsible for Freedom of Information Act searches, raised the question about an official account after seeing the photo in the media, according to testimony at a deposition held Wednesday and released Thursday. The image went viral on social media in 2012, prompting a "Texts from Hillary" meme."When Mrs. Clinton's...
  • "The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) rewards sultan‚Äôs anti-Christian, sharia-law edict

    01/08/2016 10:18:08 AM PST · by Trumpinator · 3 replies ^ | December 23, 2015 | 02:09 PM | David E.H. Smith
    TPP rewards sultan’s anti-Christian, sharia-law edict December 23, 2015 | 02:09 PM "The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is called a free trade deal. It is nothing of the sort. It gives foreign nations and foreign corporations the greatest gift they could ever get. Not only do they get access to American markets, they get access with advantages over American businesses. Do you want to buy American? Forget about it. Under this deal, there can be no labeling to tell you a product is made in America. Do you want to boycott Brunei because of the way it treats Christians and...
  • The Hillary Clinton Building

    01/06/2016 9:21:43 PM PST · by doug from upland · 14 replies
    real clear politics ^ | 1-6-16 | Morris/McGann
    By Dick Morris and Eileen McGann January 06, 2016 One thing Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have in common -- they both like to have big things named after them. The latest batch of emails released by the State Department uncovers a massive ego trip by the former secretary of state. Anxious to etch her name in glass, as well as in history, she and her closest aides raised $37 million from corporations and foreign governments to build a U.S. Diplomacy Center to be named after Clinton. In a Feb. 1, 2013 email -- the last days of Clinton's tenure...
  • Today's Islamist-Puritans Brunei, Somalia and Tajikistan ban Christmas

    12/24/2015 4:34:20 PM PST · by Jyotishi · 21 replies
    News from via The Daily Pioneer ^ | December 24, 2015 | News from
    Brunei, Somalia and Tajikistan ban Christmas In yet another sign of increasing Islamist intolerance around the world, the celebration of Christmas has come under attack in at least three countries this year: Following in the footsteps of the English Puritans who banned Christmas in the Middle Ages, Brunei, Somalia and Tajikistan are now clamping down on the Christian festival. Now, the announcement from Somalia, which is struggling to get back on its feet after decades of civil war, is possibly the least surprising. The country is officially under sharia'h law; it has almost no native Christians; and Islamist militants still...
  • The super-rich ruler who stones gays, now bans Christmas: Sultan of Brunei threatens [tr]

    12/21/2015 11:09:34 AM PST · by C19fan · 27 replies
    UK Daily Mail ^ | December 21, 2015 | Imogen Calderwood
    Lighting candles, putting up decorations and even wearing Santa hats will be off the cards in Brunei this Christmas ‚Äď with offenders threatened with up to five years in jail. The tiny oil-rich nation has banned the public celebrating of Christmas, following concern that it will affect the faith of its Muslims. Any Muslims caught celebrating Christmas, and non-Muslims who are discovered organising celebrations, could face the lengthy prison sentence.
  • Sailing in South China Sea not provocative, U.S. says

    10/15/2015 4:12:06 AM PDT · by WhiskeyX · 8 replies
    Reuters ^ | Thu Oct 15, 2015 4:28am EDT | Tim Kelly and Megha Rajagopalan
    U.S. naval vessels sailing through international waters in the South China Sea, including areas claimed by China, cannot be considered provocative, the U.S. Navy's most senior uniformed officer said on Thursday, while a Chinese newspaper called for a firm response to any "unscrupulous" U.S. behavior. China has overlapping claims with Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan and Brunei in the South China Sea, through which $5 trillion in ship-borne trade passes every year. Beijing has warned it will not stand for violations of its territorial waters in the name of freedom of navigation. The United States says international law prohibits claiming...
  • China's "Ancestral" Claim to South China Sea Islands (Video)

    07/01/2015 1:31:49 PM PDT · by Mount Athos · 6 replies
    China Uncensored ^ | Jul 1, 2015
    China has vowed to never back down from its aggressive territorial expansion into the South China Sea because it would shame their ancestors. What their ancestors would say about angering all their neighbors by building fake islands in the middle of the ocean is still unknown. China is locked in territorial conflicts with the Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei, and Malaysia over what amounts to $5 trillion dollars a year in shipping lanes. And sharing does not seem to be an option.
  • China is putting weapons on its artificial islands in the South China Sea

    05/28/2015 1:02:18 PM PDT · by Enlightened1 · 47 replies
    Business Insider ^ | 05/28/15 | John Garnaut, David Wroe
    Diplomatic tensions surrounding disputed territories in the South China Sea could escalate dramatically following reports China is now putting weapons on its artificial islands in the area. Australiaís defence force is considering joining the U.S. in flying and sailing ďfreedom of navigationĒ missions over the disputed territory, where China has been building islands by dragging sand from a reef and piling it up to create structures now being monitored by satellites. Fairfax Media reports the Australian fly-over expeditions may occur as a result of heightened concerns that China is enhancing its military capabilities and reach across the maritime expanse.
  • The Obama-Boehner-McConnell 'Fast Track' to a Poorer America

    05/20/2015 12:28:41 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 29 replies ^ | May 20, 2015 | Terry Jeffrey
    President Barack Obama is negotiating a multilateral trade agreement with the governments of 11 nations. These include Malaysia and Vietnam -- as well as Japan, Brunei, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Chile and Peru. This so-called Trans-Pacific Partnership would govern most of the commercial relations between the nations that sign it. "With over 20 chapters under negotiation," explains a Congressional Research Service report published in March, "the TPP partners envision the agreement to be 'comprehensive and high-standard,' in that they seek to eliminate tariffs and nontariff barriers to trade in goods, services, and agriculture, and to establish or expand...
  • U.S. vows to continue patrols after China warns spy plane

    05/21/2015 11:44:16 PM PDT · by shove_it · 12 replies
    Reuters via Yahoo ^ | 21 May 2015
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States vowed on Thursday to keep up air and sea patrols in international waters after the Chinese navy repeatedly warned a U.S. surveillance plane to leave the airspace over artificial islands China is creating in the disputed South China Sea. The Chinese navy issued eight warnings to the crew of a U.S. P8-A Poseidon, the U.S. military's most advanced surveillance aircraft, when it conducted the overflights on Wednesday, according to CNN, which was aboard the U.S. aircraft. When the American pilots responded by saying the plane was flying through international airspace, a Chinese radio operator...
  • China cautions U.S. Navy on patrols in South China Sea

    05/21/2015 8:27:27 PM PDT · by iowamark · 12 replies
    CNN ^ | May 14, 2015 | Brad Lendon and Jim Sciutto
    The U.S. is considering deploying aircraft and ships to contest Chinese claims to disputed islands in the South China Sea, U.S. officials said Wednesday. Options are on the table to fly surveillance aircraft and sail Navy ships nearby in a move that puts the U.S. directly into a contentious territorial contest in East Asia, in which, until now, the U.S. has avoided overtly taking sides. The South China Sea is the subject of numerous rival -- often messy -- territorial claims, with China, Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam disputing sovereignty of several island chains and nearby waters. China...
  • Bill Clintonís shady friendships including with the Sultan of Brunei (Epsteinís jet)

    02/18/2015 2:44:35 AM PST · by Libloather · 10 replies
    As if Bill Clintonís friendship with Jeffrey Epstein werenít embarrassing enough, the two flew on Epsteinís jet in 2002 to meet with the Sultan of Brunei. Sultan Bolkiah, one of the richest men in the world, not only plans to execute homosexuals, but his brother, Prince Jefri, has been accused of duping American women into ďwhite slavery.Ē The National Enquirer reports flight logs reveal Epstein ó before he was arrested and jailed for soliciting teenage masseuses ó picked up the former president at a Japanese naval airport and flew with him to Brunei on May 25, 2002.
  • The World Misery Index: 108 Countries [ Venezuela, Argentina ..]

    01/23/2015 3:40:49 PM PST · by george76 · 5 replies
    Cato Institute ^ | January 22, 2015 | Steve H. Hanke
    The five most miserable countries in the world at the end of 2014 are, in order: Venezuela, Argentina, Syria, Ukraine, and Iran. In 2014, Argentina and Ukraine moved into the top five, displacing Sudan and Sao Tome and Principe. The five least miserable are Brunei, Switzerland, China, Taiwan, and Japan. The United States ranks 95th, which makes it the 14th least miserable nation
  • Is China Sending America A Message? (Chinese B*t**Slap Barry)

    11/10/2014 3:20:47 PM PST · by mojito · 24 replies
    ZeroHedge ^ | 11/10/2014 | Tyler Durden
    There was China's president, Xi Jinping, Russia's president Vladimir Putin to his right, next to Philippine president Aquino and the uberwealthy Sultan of Brunei Hassanal Bolkiah. And then there is Barack Obama, right in the middle of the "wives club"...
  • State Department: Queen Of Brunei Gave Michelle Obama More Than $70G Worth Of Jewelry In 2013

    11/12/2014 8:20:06 AM PST · by Zakeet · 37 replies
    CBS News ^ | November 12, 2014
    The State Department reported Tuesday that the queen of Brunei gave Mrs. Obama jewelry worth $71,468 in 2013. The flower-shaped white gold earrings, ring and necklace were studded with yellow sapphires and diamonds, according to the departmentís annual accounting of gifts published in the Federal Register. Thatís almost seven times more valuable than the most expensive gift received by President Barack Obama, a glass amber-colored sculpture of a falcon on a branch worth $10,400 from Qatarís ambassador to the U.S. Not that the president fared poorly. He also received a large Azerbaijani rug with red, white and blue geometric designs...
  • Actress / feminist activist, Rose McGowan, calls gay men more misogynistic than straight men

    11/06/2014 9:24:34 AM PST · by Jack Hydrazine · 30 replies ^ | 6NOV2014 | alexrpt
    Former 'Charmed' TV star, Rose McGowan, spat out more feminist Ďstraight talkí hate talk, with one small adjustmentÖ the misogynists are now gay men. Thatís a new twist. Discussing the protest against the Dorchester Collection hotel chain (owned by the Ďant-gayí Sultan of Brunei) with gay author Brett Easton Ellis in his weekly podcast, McGowan made these comments.
  • Vindicated-Jay Leno and Michelle Obama confirm: itís okay to oppose Sharia now.

    05/16/2014 5:09:56 AM PDT · by SJackson · 28 replies
    FrontPage Magazine ^ | May 16, 2014 | Robert Spencer
    - FrontPage Magazine - - VindicatedPosted By Robert Spencer On May 16, 2014 @ 12:30 am In Daily Mailer,FrontPage | No Comments Victory is at hand!¬†All the¬†freedom-lovers¬†who have been assailed for years¬†with claims that their opposition to jihad mass murder,¬†Islamic supremacism, and Islamically-justified¬†wife-beating, female genital mutilation, honor killing, stoning for adultery, amputation for theft, devaluation of women¬ís testimony, and all the rest of it¬†constituted ¬ďracism,¬Ē ¬ďbigotry,¬Ē and ¬ďhatred¬Ē can now come in from the cold.¬†As hard as it is to believe, opposing jihad terror and Sharia are now ‚Äúin.‚ÄĚ Everybody¬ís getting in on it.Fox¬†News¬†reported last week that the Beverly...
  • Who got $$ from Brunei's Islamic law government? The Clinton Foundation

    05/17/2014 6:38:09 AM PDT · by Sub-Driver · 18 replies
    Who got $$ from Brunei's Islamic law government? The Clinton Foundation By Joshua Rhett Miller Published May 17, 2014 As Hollywood hotshots protest the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel over its ownership by Brunei's sultan -- and his recent full-fledged embrace of Islamic law -- it turns out the Brunei government has financial connections to another American institution: The Clinton Foundation. The nonprofit foundation lists Brunei alongside Kuwait, Oman and Qatar as donors that gave between $1 million and $5 million through last year. The foundation confirmed the donation from Brunei was made in 2002, in connection with the construction...
  • Hollywood's Beverly Hills Hotel Boycott: Sharia or Islam?

    05/15/2014 4:30:53 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 17 replies ^ | May 15, 2014 | Larry Elder
    The Beverly Hills Hotel, owned by the sultan of Brunei, is a ghost town. The sultan recently imposed Sharia on the citizens of this small country in Southeast Asia with a population of less than 500,000. The law includes the punishment of death for any who engages in the "crime" of homosexuality or adultery. Jay Leno, one of the celebrities attending a rally in front of the hotel, said: "It's people being stoned to death. Hello!" Meanwhile, Bill Maher, another member of the almost-all-Hollywood left, discussed the kidnapping of mostly Christian Nigerian schoolgirls by a radical Muslim group. But, Maher...
  • The Sultan Of Brunei Just Imposed A Draconian Set Of Laws ó Here's What They Mean (Shariah)

    05/06/2014 9:57:50 AM PDT · by blam · 9 replies
    BI ^ | 5-6-2014 | Julie Zeveloff
    The Sultan Of Brunei Just Imposed A Draconian Set Of Laws ¬ó Here's What They Mean Julie Zeveloff May 6, 2014, 11:02 AM ÔÄÉ ÔÉĀ Ôāě Ôāô ÔÉē Brunei ¬ó the tiny, wealthy nation on the island of Borneo ¬ó officially implemented a strict form of Islamic law known as Shariah last week. The new code includes harsh penalties like amputation and stoning for offenses like theft and gay sex. The law went into effect May 1, with even more draconian punishments being phased in over the next two years. International human rights groups decried the change, with Amnesty International...
  • Who in Hollywood Will Boycott the Beverly Hills Hotel?

    05/02/2014 3:54:00 PM PDT · by smokingfrog · 12 replies
    Hollywood Reporter ^ | 4/30/14 | Gregg Kilday
    Hollywood's glitziest party could soon find a new home. Since 2003, the Motion Picture & Television Fund's Night Before the Oscars event has been held at the Beverly Hills Hotel. But now the Sunset Boulevard resort is being boycotted by gay groups and others because its owner, Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei, is poised to implement Sharia law, calling for death by stoning for gays and adulterers. The state-owned Brunei Investment Agency owns the Dorchester Collection, which includes the Beverly Hills Hotel, Hotel Bel-Air and properties in Rome, Paris, Milan and Geneva. And that has led to calls for boycotting...
  • 19 Islamic words banned for non-Muslims in Brunei

    02/24/2014 1:06:18 PM PST · by Dallas59 · 61 replies
    The Sun Daily ^ | 2/23/2014 | The Sun Daily
    BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN (Feb 23, 2014): The Brunei government will ban the use of 19 Islamic words, including "Allah" and "masjid", by non-Muslims, according to the Brunei Times today. The ban will take effect from April, the paper said. Under the Syariah Penal Code Order, these words cannot be used with respect to other religions. They are azan; baitullah; Al Quran; Allah; fatwa; Firman Allah; hadith; haji; hukum syara'; ilahi; Ka'bah; kalimah al syahadah; kiblat; masjid; imam; mufti; mu'min; solat; and wali. The Brunei Times quoted Hardifadhillah Mohd Salleh, a senior syariah legal officer of the Islamic Legal Unit as...
  • WikiLeaks publishes draft version of TPP agreement revealing more details about secret document

    11/13/2013 4:25:19 PM PST · by Libloather · 5 replies
    Highly secretive trade agreement have been published on the WikiLeaks website with 95 pages that were taken from the recent TPP or better known as Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement. The main aim of the TPP is to unite nations such as the United States, Japan, Mexico, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Chile, Singapore, Peru, Vietnam, New Zealand and Brunei that combine with itself about 40% of gross domestic product. Barack Obama and other leaders of the outstanding 11 states were keeping the TPP in secrecy for a lot of years. According to the officials, the agreement would stir up the economies of those...
  • Stoning, Flogging and Severing of Limbs to Be Introduced in Brunei

    10/22/2013 2:48:14 PM PDT · by Pan_Yan · 22 replies
    AFP via Time ^ | Oct. 22, 2013 | Per Liljas
    Laws to apply to the Sultanate's majority Muslim population The Sultan of Brunei announced on Tuesday the gradual introduction of harsh Islamic punishments, such as death by stoning for adulterers, severing of limbs for theft and flogging for a wide range of crimes including abortion and consumption of alcohol.
  • The King and I: Teacher's Incredible Time as Governess to the Brunei Royals

    09/29/2013 5:24:55 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 3 replies
    WalesOnline ^ | 5/29 | Elena Cresci
    Welsh schoolteacher Norma Walmsley has opened up on her time when she worked for one of the richest families on the planet - the Brunei Royal Family.It's a tale straight out of Oscar Hammersteinís classic musical The King and I. Former Holywell schoolteacher Norma Walmsley has lifted the lid on her time as a governess to the Brunei Royal Family, who have ruled the country for more than 600 years. She tutored their 12 children for 10 years after being personally head- hunted by the Sultan of Brunei himself. Now 73 and settled in Pantsasaph, near Holywell, Normaís life now...
  • Obama cancels visits to Indonesia, Brunei...

    10/03/2013 9:07:23 PM PDT · by Rabin · 12 replies
    Reuters ^ | Thu Oct 3, 2013 | Staff
    Obama canceled plans to attend summits in Indonesia and Brunei on Thursday, the White House said in a statement... will no longer visits to Malaysia and the Philippines... //snip// Chinese Premier to Attend East Asia Leaders Meetings, Visit Brunei, Thailand, Vietnam
  • Obama Pivots to Asia, Announces Trip to Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia, and the Philippines

    09/13/2013 12:05:27 PM PDT · by maggief · 54 replies
    Weekly Standard ^ | September 13, 2013 | Daniel Halper
    President Barack Obama will be traveling to Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia and the Philippines, at the beginning of next, the White House announced today. "The President will travel to Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia and the Philippines from October 6 Ė 12 as part of his ongoing commitment to increase U.S. political, economic and security engagement with the Asia Pacific," reads the press secretary's announcement.
  • The Israel-Arab Conflict Should be the Last Item on John Kerryís To-Do-List

    07/09/2013 5:54:16 AM PDT · by SJackson · 6 replies
    Algemeiner ^ | July 5, 2013
    John Kerry speaks on his latest trip to Israel. Photo: Israel Hayom video.This week the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister blamed mass protests in his country on the ¬ĎJewish Diaspora.¬í Millions of Egyptians took to the streets demanding the ousting of President Morsi who was subsequently removed from power by the Egyptian military. Jordan blocked 254 news websites and Iran was discovered to be importing missile-grade ore from Germany and France. The world was also reminded of the savagery that is Syria¬ís civil war when a video of rebels decapitating a Catholic priest with a kitchen knife went viral.And John...
  • Long-forgotten Filipino sultanate's quest for old land sparks deadly crisis in Malaysia

    03/06/2013 12:36:01 PM PST · by Pan_Yan · 14 replies
    Fox News ^ | March 06, 2013 | AP
    ... Although largely forgotten and dismissed as a vestige from a bygone era, Kiram's sultanate, once based in the southern province of Sulu, has sparked the biggest security crisis in Malaysia and the Philippines in decades -- early last month, he sent his younger brother with about 200 followers, dozens of them armed, by boat from southern Philippines to a village in Sabah state in neighboring Malaysia to claim the land the sultanate insists belongs to them. A stunned Malaysia, which runs the frontier resource-rich region of timberlands and palm oil plantations as its second-largest federal state, poured in elite...
  • Obama fires 20,000 Marines, promises billions to Muslim green energy

    11/25/2012 6:35:19 PM PST · by massmike · 64 replies ^ | 11/25/2012 | Timothy Whiteman
    Is Obama Always Faithful to our Marines? The current political winds in Washington, DC, have dictated that less will be spent on the various Branches of the Armed Forces of the Unites States. Case in point: the Commander-in-Chief has decided to fire 20,000 of our U.S. Marines. In an article published by San Diego, California's North County Times, ironically on Thanksgiving Day, Military Affairs reporter Gretel C. Kovach cites; "The Corps is shrinking by 20,000 Marines, to 182,100." The North County Times also cited that America's premier fighting force is; "scraping to repair or replace battle-worn equipment." In spite of...
  • UPDATE 2-Syria to be suspended from int'l Islamic body -diplomat

    08/13/2012 6:00:08 PM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 11 replies
    Reuters ^ | Monday, August 13, 2012 | unattributed
    Syria will be suspended from the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation on Wednesday for its violent suppression of a 17-month uprising against President Bashar al-Assad, a diplomat said on Monday ahead of an emergency OIC summit in Mecca. "The resolution regarding the suspension of the Syrian membership in the OIC is not facing obstacles ... It will be approved," said the diplomat, speaking on the sidelines of a preliminary foreign ministers meeting in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He said the decision was likely to be formally announced at the end of the second day of the summit, which was called by Saudi...
  • Canada, Mexico eye joining US-led Pacific pact

    11/12/2011 8:27:19 PM PST · by DeaconBenjamin · 7 replies
    Gulf Today (UAE) ^ | November 13, 2011
    HONOLULU: Canada, Mexico and at least two other countries have expressed interest in joining US-led talks for a pan-Pacific trade pact, a US Republican lawmaker said on Friday after Japan asked to take part. ďThereís a good deal of momentum for the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership),Ē Representative Kevin Brady said after meetings with members of President Barack Obamaís administration at the annual Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum. That momentum was evidenced by Japanís announcement earlier on Friday that it was interested in joining the talks ďand what seem to be very solid inquiries from Canada, Mexico and a few others,Ē Brady...
  • Chinese Energy Policies Harming Neighbors

    06/23/2011 7:39:02 AM PDT · by bananaman22 · 1 replies ^ | 22/06/2011 | John Daly
    Chinaís omnivorous energy requirements have been attracting increasing attention as of late, as Beijing attempts to secure any and all sources of power for its growing industrial base. Nowhere is this more noticeable than Beijingís policies in the South China Sea, where Chinese assertions of sovereignty are unsettling the Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei, all of whom have counter claims on the various shoals and islets. Chinaís landward neighbors are also feeling the hot breath of Beijingís mandarins, however, most notably its economic rival India, with whom China fought a brief war in 1962 in the Himalayas over...
  • Revolutions, walk-outs and fatwas

    01/17/2011 8:41:13 AM PST · by SJackson · 7 replies
    Jerusalem Post ^ | 01/16/2011 | BARRY RUBIN
    Recent events in Tunisia, Lebanon and Egypt spell a dangerous new trend in the region. There have been major developments in Tunisia, Lebanon and Egypt, each of which is of tremendous importance. In Tunisia, a popular uprising fueled by unemployment, economic suffering and long-term discontent has overthrown the dictator, but not necessarily the dictatorship. In 55 years of independence, the country has been governed by two dictators, the current one being Zine al-Abedin Ben Ali, who has been president for 23 years and was a key power in the regime even before that. Is this going to spread? Does it...
  • New Sea Power For Brunei

    01/08/2011 7:06:26 AM PST · by sukhoi-30mki · 7 replies ^ | 08 January 2011 | Waleed PD Mahdini
    New Sea Power For Brunei Last Updated on Saturday, 08 January 2011 09:15 Written by Waleed PD Mahdini MinDef accepts 2 Darussalam-class offshore patrol vessels Bandar Seri Begawan - In a significant bid to realise the goals that were stated in the Defence White Paper 2004, the Ministry of Defence yesterday officially accepted two new Darussalam class Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs) for the Royal Brunei Navy (RBN). According to a press release, issued yesterday, the construction and acceptance of these two new OPVs, bearing the names `KDB Darussalam' and `KDB Darulehsan', "manifested the commitment of His Majesty's government in further...
  • Bill Clinton: Bought and paid for (Clinton For Sale in Middle East)

    12/18/2008 1:53:45 PM PST · by Sammy67 · 4 replies · 780+ views
    JihadWatch ^ | 12/18/08
    Clinton for sale By posting this am I saying that Bill Clinton is different from any other powerful politician, in taking money from foreign donors who obviously hope to influence the political process? No, in this Bill Clinton is not singular. But look at this list: $10 million to $25 million from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Between $1 million and $5 million each from Saudi businessman Nasser Al-Rashid, Friends of Saudi Arabia, the Dubai Foundation, and the governments of Kuwait, Qatar, Brunei and Oman. And the New York Post here is worried about money from India keeping Hillary from...
  • Sultan Of Brunei Lets Slip His £4bn Lifestyle

    10/24/2007 8:48:33 PM PDT · by blam · 21 replies · 2,726+ views
    The Telegraph (UK) ^ | 10-25-2007 | Andrew Pierce
    Sultan of Brunei lets slip his £4bn lifestyle By Andrew Pierce Last Updated: 1:46am BST 25/10/2007 The Sultan of Brunei, who is embroiled in the most expensive family feud in legal history, transferred $8 billion (£3.9 billion) of state funds into his personal bank account to help fund his lavish lifestyle, The Daily Telegraph can reveal. The Sultan of Brunei and his wife, Queen Hajah Mariam, is the worldís wealthiest monarch, with a £10 billion fortune The sultan, one of the world's richest men, has been forced to disclose his personal finances in a court case at the Privy Council...
  • Asean agrees on landmark charter (Assoc. of SE Asian Nations).

    07/30/2007 2:48:29 PM PDT · by Jedi Master Pikachu · 8 replies · 328+ views
    BBC ^ | July 30, 2007. | Michael Barker
    Asean members hope to adopt the charter formally later this year Ministers from South-East Asian countries have reached agreement on a landmark draft charter. The document gives the Association of South-East Asian Nations (Asean) a set of binding rules for the first time in the bloc's 40-year existence. The agreement comes after nearly two years of deliberations among members. It includes a contentious provision to set up a commission monitoring human rights in the region - despite strong misgivings from some Asean countries. Credibility boost With governments in the region running the gamut from fully-fledged democracies to a military...
  • Treasuring Brunei's Past

    03/04/2007 10:49:01 AM PST · by blam · 10 replies · 1,507+ views
    Bornco Bulletin Weekend ^ | 3-3-2007 | Jon Tampoi
    Treasuring Brunei's past By Jon Tampoi The tomb of the 5th Sultan of Brunei Darussalam, a historical monument situated at Kota Batu's hillside. - Photos: Jason LeongShards of pottery from business activities with China in the past. Brunei has a rich history of trade, and often received tribute. Many of the great civilisations in our world's history had marine origins, whether they evolved in Europe, the Americas or Asia. The kingdom of Brunei Darussalam is no exception, as historical evidence lends veracity to this claim. Relics of Bruneian culture have been found around river estuaries and ancient settlements, as proven...
  • US classifies six more Asian nations as religious freedom violators (Afghanistan, India, Pakistan...

    WASHINGTON - The United States on Friday classified six Asian countries as religious freedom violators, aside from China, Myanmar, North Korea and Vietnam already blacklisted as worst offenders in the region. Afghanistan, Brunei, India, Laos, Pakistan and Sri Lanka were included in a Ďsignificantí list of violators of religious freedom in the US State Departmentís annual International Religious Freedom Report 2006. John Hanford, US envoy for international religious freedom, said there was a possibility that one or more from the six nations could be added to a blacklist of Ďcountries of particular concerní that includes China, Myanmar, North Korea and...
  • Patriot Arrives in Brunei for Port Visit

    06/29/2006 8:13:34 PM PDT · by SandRat · 1 replies · 242+ views
    Navy NewsStand ^ | Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Adam R. Cole
    PORT MAURA, Brunei (NNS) -- Sasebo, Japan-based USS Patriot (MCM 7) arrived in Brunei for a scheduled port visit June 25, meant to enhance the relationship between the U.S. and Brunei. The visit will be highlighted by a number of social and goodwill opportunities between Patriot Sailors and the people of Brunei, including top dignitaries, members of the Royal Brunei Navy and special-needs kids. ďOur primary mission here is to interact with the people of Brunei so that we can work to create a stronger mutual relationship between the United States and Brunei,Ē said Lt. Cmdr. Richard D. Brawley, Patriot...
  • Palestinian carries millions in suitcase ($20 Million!)

    06/14/2006 6:36:48 AM PDT · by areafiftyone · 25 replies · 734+ views
    GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - Palestinian Foreign Minister Mahmoud Zahar, who has been seeking to raise money for the financially strapped government, returned to the Gaza Strip on Wednesday with a suitcase full of cash, Palestinians officials said. An official said Zahar was believed to be carrying up to $20 million. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he wasn't authorized to speak to the media. An official statement was expected later Wednesday. The official said Zahar had declared the money at the border, which is controlled by President Mahmoud Abbas' presidential guard and monitored by European observers. It...
  • Salvor Sailors to Dive on Presumed WWII Submarine Resting Site

    06/12/2006 4:23:36 PM PDT · by SandRat · 13 replies · 1,221+ views
    Navy NewsStand ^ | Jun 11, 2006 | Commander Task Force 73 Public Affairs
    ABOARD USS SALVOR, Gulf of Thailand (NNS) -- The rescue and salvage ship USS Salvor (ARS 52) and divers of Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit (MDSU) 1 arrived June 11 at the site in the Gulf of Thailand presumed to be the resting place of the WWIIĖera USS Lagarto (SS 371) and its crew. In May 2005, British diver Jamie MacLeod reported finding Lagarto, which was last seen May 3, 1945. On May 8, 2006, MacLeod joined U.S. Pacific Fleet Submarine Force Commander Rear Adm. Jeffrey Cassias and families of crew members who served aboard Lagarto at a memorial service...
  • Looking for a foreign policy, Mr Harper? Try Australia's John Howard (Canada, Aus, Asia, US)

    05/18/2006 1:55:27 AM PDT · by NZerFromHK · 10 replies · 861+ views
    Globe and Mail (Canada) ^ | 18/05/06 | PAUL EVANS AND YUEN PAU WOO
    Australian Prime Minister John Howard has a record that is the envy of conservative leaders around the world. Recently elected to a fourth term (with an enhanced majority, to boot), he has charted a distinctive and largely successful course for Australia's international relations over the past decade. As the Harper government begins to formulate its own approach to foreign policy, Mr. Howard arrives in Ottawa at an opportune moment. Under Mr. Howard's leadership, Australia's ties with the United States have warmed considerably, stemming in large part from Canberra's staunch support for U.S.-led anti-terrorism initiatives and the invasion of Iraq. Mr....
  • After Thaksin (Political situations in Southeast Asian countries)

    05/07/2006 5:40:29 PM PDT · by NZerFromHK · 11 replies · 718+ views
    Tech Central Station ^ | 05 May 2006 | By Yang Razali Kassim
    The fall of Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra has thrown Thailand into uncertainty. Thaksin will remain at the head of his Thai Rak Thai party and has not ruled out a possible comeback, so the rough road has not yet reached its end. But if Thai politics are in for more political jockeying, what about the rest of Southeast Asia? What about the political fortunes of his fellow leaders in the region, some of whom emerged around the same time? Is Thailand alone? The uncertainty in Thailand is not likely to have any shattering effect on the region. But it is...
  • [semi-old news that no one has posted yet] Budget flights arrive in South-East Asia

    05/01/2006 4:39:40 PM PDT · by NZerFromHK · 7 replies · 434+ views
    BBC News ^ | 6 February 2006 | By Guy De Launey
    Cut-price air travel has arrived in South-East Asia - and it is making the same kind of impact as it did in Europe and the United States. Well-established national carriers that have enjoyed near-monopolies are finally being challenged. The newcomers use a similar business model to internet-based operations in Europe and the US. Because of the limited access to computers in some countries in the region, tickets are also available through travel agents. But the same principle applies: the earlier you book, the cheaper the ticket. One of the main players is the Kuala Lumpur-based Air Asia, a company that...
  • Asia Rising (The future is happening there, for better or worse).

    04/23/2006 3:34:40 AM PDT · by jome · 16 replies · 1,106+ views
    National Review Online(NY) ^ | April 21, 2006, 6:06 a.m. | Rich Lowry
    Asia Rising Donald Rumsfeld infamously made a distinction between Old Europe and New Europe. He has been scored ever since for his sweeping and impolitic language, but he wasn't sweeping enough: In geopolitical terms, all of Europe is old, the world's most tourist-friendly museum piece. For the future of high-stakes U.S. diplomacy and of great-power politics, look no further than Chinese President Hu Jintao's visit to the U.S. It is Asia that should occupy an outsized place in our strategic thinking, and it is Europe that should be the relative afterthought, not the other way around. The media and foreign-policy...
  • Asian juggernaut

    12/09/2005 5:38:44 PM PST · by Dundee · 2 replies · 2,776+ views
    The Australian ^ | December 10, 2005 | Patrick Walters
    Asian juggernaut 'ONE vision, one identity, one community", proclaim giant blue ASEAN banners straddling the six-lane motorway from Kuala Lumpur's gleaming airport into Malaysia's capital. For ASEAN's true believers, next week's inaugural East Asian Summit, bringing together leaders of 16 nations including Australia and New Zealand, will be the first tentative step towards the long-term goal of creating an East Asian Community. For the first time Asia's rising giants, India and China, will sit together at a regional forum. For the first time in post-World War II history, the US will be absent from a multilateral gathering encompassing the leading...
  • GLOBAL JIHAD Bali blasts kick off early 'Ramadan Offensive' (Religion of Peace Alert)

    10/02/2005 10:40:10 AM PDT · by Jacob Kell · 5 replies · 551+ views ^ | October 2, 2005 |
    Stirring fears al-Qaida's much-heralded "Ramadan Offensive" was beginning early, three near-simultaneous bomb blasts ripped through crowded restaurants on the Indonesia resort island of Bali almost three years to the day of the devastating Bali nightclub bombings that killed 202. At least 25 have been reported killed.