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  • Newt Gingrich coming to Burlingame soon — for CA GOP convention

    02/07/2012 10:14:17 AM PST · by NormsRevenge · 7 replies ^ | 2/7/12 | Joe Garofoli
    The Chronicle has learned that former House Speaker Newt Gingrich will be speaking at the Saturday lunchtime slot — that’s priiiiiiiimetime at these things — at the California Republican convention in lovely Burlingame. The Feb. 25 gig will be part of a three-day presidential campaign swing through California for Newt. Details are still coming together, but he may do a public event in the Bay Area along with a fundraiser, which of course is the point of coming to California.
  • 9/11 pilot's brother finds solace in Anaheim

    09/09/2011 6:34:10 PM PDT · by Pelham · 6 replies
    Orange County Register ^ | Sept. 9, 2011 | ERIC CARPENTER
    Brad Burlingame reaches into the pocket of his suit pants and pulls out a small black leather pouch, unzips it and reveals a jagged thumb-size piece of metal wreckage that he carries with him. The aluminum is from the fuselage of American Airlines Flight 77 – the plane that his brother Charles “Chic” Burlingame III piloted before terrorists hijacked the controls and plunged it into the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001. The attack on the jet killed his brother and 188 others, including 125 on the ground. Ten years have past since the morning Brad, his brother Mark and sister...
  • Playing Politics: 9/11 Widow Describes Slightly Contentious Meeting With Obama On Fox News

    05/06/2011 6:11:27 AM PDT · by libstripper · 8 replies
    Mediaite ^ | May 5, 2011 | Jon Bershad
    Today, President Obama visited Ground Zero and met with those affected by 9/11. Somehow, however, his visit seemed to look different to every person who witnessed it. Particularly cable news channels. MSNBC seemed thrilled as they eagerly discussed how the visit would totally show up tonight’s Republican debate. Meanwhile, Fox News was less enchanted. Witness the network’s interview with Debra Burlingame, a 9/11 widow, who was brought on to discuss Obama’s meeting with the victims’ families.
  • And We Thought Holder Was A Lackey

    05/06/2011 9:11:40 AM PDT · by Starman417 · 2 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 05-06-11 | Skookum
    Pride And PrejudiceThe sister of the pilot whose plane was flown into the Pentagon quizzed Obama on procedure and the prosecution of interrogators who acquired the intel that led to the assassination of Bin Laden. He basically told her to stick it where the sun don't shine, with the typical arrogance and condescension we have come to expect from our Narcissist in Chief.(View Video) Debra Burlingame, the sister of Charles "Chic" Burlingame (pilot of the plane that crashed into the Pentagon) met with President Obama today, along with other families who were victims of 9/11. Burlingame said she confronted Obama...
  • President Who Got Bin Laden Still a Jerk

    05/06/2011 6:08:43 AM PDT · by Stoutcat · 9 replies
    Grand Rants ^ | 05-06-11 | Stoutcat
    I am as pleased and proud as everyone else that President Obama managed to get Osama bin Laden. It was a day America has been looking forward to for nearly a decade now. Obama deserves a great deal of credit for manning up and ordering the kill. But then… After a photo-op/victory lap at Ground Zero in New York City today where he glad-handed families of 9-11 victims, the President pointedly snubbed Debra Burlingame, sister of the pilot of the plane which crashed into the Pentagon. Ms. Burlingame met with the President briefly, congratulated him on his achievement, and then...
  • Burlingame After Meeting With Obama: He Turned His Back On Me

    05/05/2011 1:55:10 PM PDT · by tcrlaf · 106 replies
    RCP ^ | 5-5-11 | RCP
    Debra Burlingame, the sister of Charles "Chic" Burlingame (pilot of the plane that crashed into the Pentagon) met with President Obama today, along with other families who were victims of 9/11. Burlingame said she confronted Obama about Attorney General Eric Holder prosecuting the men who interrogated KSM, which may have produced intelligence leading us to bin Laden. Burlingame describes the encounter with Obama: "As a former attorney I know you can't tell the Attorney General what to do, he said, 'No, I can't.' But I said 'we -- that shouldn't stop you from giving your opinion. We wouldn't be here...
  • Burlingame After Meeting With Obama: He Turned His Back On Me

    05/05/2011 1:18:03 PM PDT · by Blue Turtle · 64 replies
    Burlingame describes the encounter with Obama: "As a former attorney I know you can't tell the Attorney General what to do, he said, 'No, I can't.' But I said 'we -- that shouldn't stop you from giving your opinion. We wouldn't be here today if they hadn't done their jobs. Can't you at least give them your opinion.' And he said 'no I won't,' and he turned around and walked away."
  • Lazio Seeks Probe of Ground-Zero Mosque

    07/15/2010 8:21:32 AM PDT · by afraidfortherepublic · 9 replies · 1+ views
    Human Events ^ | 7-15-10 | Mark Impomeni
    Republican Rick Lazio, the party’s nominee for governor in New York, called on his Democratic opponent Atty. Gen. Andrew Cuomo to open an investigation into the funding sources for the Cordoba Mosque, planned for Lower Manhattan near the site of the September 11 terror attacks. Lazio said that there were serious questions about the funding and the intent of the developers behind the mosque. “We seek a clean accounting of all the funding sources for this mosque," Lazio said. “Where did the $5 million come from that were used to purchase the land? Where will the $95 million in addition...
  • Foreign Money Mosque; Arabs to Help Pay (Cordoba House near Ground Zero)

    05/25/2010 4:03:51 AM PDT · by Sergeant Tim · 26 replies · 729+ views
    New York Post ^ | May 25, 2010 | Tom Topousis
    <p>Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf has insisted the project he's spearheading is meant to build bridges between Muslims and other religions, but so far he has not been able to cite any specific sources of funding.</p> <p>But in an interview with Asharq Al-Awsat, Rauf told the newspaper that funding would come from Muslims in the United States and from overseas.</p>
  • 9/11 Families Reject Towering Mosque Planned for Ground Zero Site

    05/24/2010 8:10:47 AM PDT · by Sergeant Tim · 29 replies · 1,032+ views ^ | May 24, 2010 | the Editors
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 24, 2010 9/11 Families Reject Towering Mosque Planned for Ground Zero SiteNew York, May 24, 2010 -- 9/11 Families for a Safe & Strong America (9/11 FSSA) adamantly rejects the plan for a mosque to be built atop a planned 15-story structure that would tower over the site where nearly 3,000 people were killed by Islamic terrorists. According to the project's leader, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the mosque and "Muslim-led community center" is to be called the Cordoba House, named after the historic period when the Islamic Caliphate in Cordoba ruled much of Europe and non-Muslims...
  • Planned Ground Zero mosque imam wants sharia law in America

    05/21/2010 2:51:46 PM PDT · by Sergeant Tim · 19 replies · 971+ views ^ | May 21, 2010 | Tim Sumner
    The 'Cordoba Initiative' has announced plans to build a $100-million plus mosque overlooking Ground Zero at the World Trade Center. Its leader, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, says it "will serve as the platform to launch a broader vision of Muslim-West harmony and interdependence." As he has made clear, Rauf supports supplementing our Constitution by making sharia law optional -- optional at least for now -- for Muslims living here in America. Debra Burlingame and Robert Spencer discussed this last night on-air with Sean Hannity. [See video here. View text transcript of video here.] Before their sparing any semblance of investigative...
  • Stalking the CIA; Justice lawyers at daggers drawn with the ­intelligence community

    03/22/2010 6:41:10 AM PDT · by Sergeant Tim · 4 replies · 376+ views
    The Weekly Standard ^ | March 20, 2010 | Debra Burlingane & Tom Joscelyn
    Daskal’s anti-CIA activism was not limited to making hyperbolic statements to the press. Daskal and Human Rights Watch played a significant role in uncovering the CIA’s secret detention facilities in Eastern Europe and Afghanistan, where top terrorists were detained and interrogated. On November 2, 2005, Dana Priest of the Washington Post reported that the “CIA has been hiding and interrogating some of its most important al Qaeda captives at a Soviet-era compound in Eastern Europe.” The Post, citing the government’s security concerns, did not name the countries where the facilities were located. But just a few days later, on November...
  • Americans Rally in Thousands to Protest Eric Holder’s Terror Trial Decision

    12/06/2009 6:11:50 AM PST · by Sergeant Tim · 32 replies · 1,695+ views ^ | December 6, 2009 | Tim Sumner
    NEW YORK, DECEMBER 5, 2009 — Several thousand protesters gathered at Foley Square in New York City to rally against Attorney General Eric Holder’s decision to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammad and 4 other 9/11 co-conspirators as civilians in federal court. Despite bitter cold, strong winds and heavy rain the crowd stayed through the 2-hour rally. The event was organized by the 9/11 Coalition to Never Forget and featured speakers representing 9/11 family members, first responders and our troops. See our full post-rally press release, plus videos, photograph and links to local and national news reports here at 911NeverForget.Us.
  • Speaker List 9/11 Never Forget Dec 5 Rally, Noon, Rain or Shine (special appearance: Brian Dennehy)

    12/05/2009 5:07:59 AM PST · by Sergeant Tim · 55 replies · 2,180+ views
    911NeverForget.Us ^ | December 4, 2009 | Tim Sumner
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Bill Zeiser at (516) 448-5489 Website: SPEAKER LIST FOR THE 9/11 NEVER FORGET COALITION DECEMBER 5 RALLY When: Saturday, December 5th, 2009 12:00 noon; Where: Foley Square, New York City; Who: The 9/11 Never Forget Coalition, a diverse group of 9/11 victims, family members, first responders, active and reserve members of the military, veterans, and concerned Americans, is holding a major rally on December 5th to protest Attorney General Eric Holder’s plan to bring the 9/11 terrorist conspirators to trial in New York City. Confirmed speakers list: DAVID BEAMER David Beamer is the father...
  • Terror trial truth-telling: Rallying to keep 9/11 killers out of civilian courts: NY Daily News

    12/05/2009 4:46:24 AM PST · by Sergeant Tim · 4 replies · 513+ views
    NY Daily News ^ | December 5, 2009 | Editors
    The bottom line for the editors at the New York Daily News is this: "[Khalid Sheikh] Mohammed belongs in front of one of the fully constitutional military tribunals created by Congress expressly for the purpose of trying his ilk, rather than being given a propaganda platform that downgrades the notion from an act of war into a crime. If you're appalled by the Ghailani preview, we can guarantee you'll hate the Mohammed feature-length movie even more. So stop it from coming to a theater near you. Join the rally. (I'll only add: the 911NeverForget rally is noon today, in Foley...
  • Mukhtar’s Memorial Mission; together, we will stop KSM’s next attack upon America

    12/01/2009 12:28:13 PM PST · by Sergeant Tim · 2 replies · 411+ views ^ | December 1, 2009 | Tim Sumner (cartoon by John Cox)
    "KSM describes a grandiose original plan ... KSM himself was to land the tenth plane at a U.S. airport and, after killing all adult male passengers on board and alerting the media, deliver a speech excoriating U.S. support for Israel, the Philippines, and repressive governments in the Arab world. Beyond KSM's rationalizations about targeting the U.S. economy, this vision gives a better glimpse of his true ambitions. This is theater, a spectacle of destruction with KSM as the self-cast star -- the superterrorist." -- page 154, 9/11 Commission Report Attorney General Eric Holder wants to fly Khalid Shiekh Mohammed...
  • We must rise up against the trial: It’s time for 9/11 families to fight Holder’s dangerous move

    11/29/2009 7:19:01 AM PST · by Sergeant Tim · 22 replies · 1,209+ views
    NY Daily News ^ | November 29, 2009 | Debra Burlingame
    The attorney general has suggested that those who oppose prosecuting these men here in New York City are afraid – that we somehow don’t have the courage to face Khalid Shaikh Mohammed in court. How dare this man, who didn’t have the decency to notify victims’ families of his decision to bring these monsters here, imply that we lack courage. Courage is carrying on after watching your loved ones die, in real time, knowing that they burned to death, were crushed to death, or jumped from 100 flights high. Courage is carrying on, even as we waited, in some cases...
  • Musicians blast using tunes to torment (artists imitate parody)

    10/22/2009 6:54:27 PM PDT · by Sergeant Tim · 26 replies · 975+ views
    Washington Times ^ | October 23, 2008 | Audrey Husdon
    Some of those musicians -- Nine Inch Nails and Rage Against the Machine -- say their music has been played at ear-splitting level to torment terror suspects and coerce confessions at the detention facility. Other petitioners want to know whether their works have been used in such capacity, including R.E.M., Pearl Jam, Jackson Browne and Billy Bragg. "The fact that music I helped create was used in crimes against humanity sickens me," said Tom Morello, former lead guitarist for Rage Against the Machine, an industrial rock band whose song "March of the Pigs" has been linked to torture tactics at...
  • Keeping a Safe Watch; 9/10 and the age of Obama (NRO interview of Debra Burlingame)

    10/20/2009 10:13:48 AM PDT · by Sergeant Tim · 3 replies · 375+ views
    National Review Online ^ | October 20, 2009 | Kathryn Jean Lopez
    KATHRYN JEAN LOPEZ: Is the Obama administration keeping America safe? DEBRA BURLINGAME: When Barack Obama was sworn in as president, I actually had a sliver of hope that he would surprise his worst critics and govern from the center — the smart pragmatist. That hope pretty much evaporated on January 22 when he signed a series of executive orders shutting the Guantanamo Bay detention center by a date certain and suspending the trial of 9/11 conspirators — who were at that moment sitting at Gitmo, crowing about their role in the murder of 3,000 of our fellow human beings. Surrounded...
  • Keep America Safe; Cheney, Burlingame, Kristol launch effort to strengthen national security

    10/13/2009 2:22:59 AM PDT · by Sergeant Tim · 73 replies · 3,987+ views ^ | October 13, 2009 | Tim Sumner
    "Keep America Safe will make the case for an unapologetic approach to fighting terrorism around the world, for victory in the wars this country fights, for democracy and human rights, and for a strong American military that is needed in the dangerous world in which we live." (See their lead video, aimed squarely at Obama, 'Rhetoric vs. Reality')
  • Revenge of the ‘Shoe Bomber': Reid sues to resume jihad from prison. Obama caves in

    07/30/2009 6:11:49 PM PDT · by RightOnTheLeftCoast · 26 replies · 1,391+ views
    Wall St. Journal ^ | 30 July 2009 | DEBRA BURLINGAME
    ... Why had Attorney General Eric Holder decided not to renew his security measures, kept in place since 2002? ... Reid claimed that SAMs violated his First Amendment right of free speech and free exercise of religion. In a hand-written complaint, he asserted that he was being illegally prevented from performing daily “group prayers in a manner prescribed by my religion.” Yet the list of Reid’s potential fellow congregants at ADX Florence reads like a Who’s Who of al Qaeda’s most dangerous members: Ramzi Yousef and his three co-conspirators in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing; 9/11 conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui;...
  • Revenge of the ‘Shoe Bomber’: by Debra Burlingame (supporting documents, links, more info)

    07/30/2009 9:25:52 AM PDT · by Sergeant Tim · 11 replies · 1,547+ views ^ | July 30, 2009 | Tim Sumner
    Today, in a Wall Street Journal op-ed entitled 'Revenge of the ‘Shoe Bomber’: The terrorist sues to resume his jihad from prison. The Obama administration caves in,' Debra Burlingame writes: On June 17, at the Administrative Maximum (ADX) penitentiary in Florence, Colo., one of those albatrosses, inmate number 24079-038, began his day with a whole new range of possibilities. Eight days earlier [June 9, 2007 pdf file at link], the U.S. Attorney’s office in Denver filed notice in federal court that the Special Administrative Measures (SAMs) which applied to that prisoner -- Richard C. Reid, a.k.a. the “Shoe Bomber” --...
  • Revenge of the ‘Shoe Bomber’ (Richard Reid sues to resume jihad from prison. Obama admin caves in)

    07/29/2009 6:09:28 PM PDT · by Free ThinkerNY · 28 replies · 1,592+ views ^ | July 29, 2009 | DEBRA BURLINGAME
    Last May at the National Archives, President Barack Obama warned that “more mistakes would occur” if Congress continued to politicize terrorist detention policy and the closure of Guantanamo Bay. “[I]f we refuse to deal with those issues today,” he predicted, “then I guarantee you, they will be an albatross around our efforts to combat terrorism in the future.” On June 17, at the Administrative Maximum (ADX) penitentiary in Florence, Colo., one of those albatrosses, inmate number 24079-038, began his day with a whole new range of possibilities. Eight days earlier, the U.S. Attorney’s office in Denver filed notice in federal...
  • Obama and the 9/11 Families; The president isn’t sincere about ’swift and certain’ justice

    05/08/2009 3:45:07 AM PDT · by Sergeant Tim · 17 replies · 3,227+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | May 8, 2009 | Debra Burlingame
    News reports described the meeting as a touching and powerful coming together of the president and these long-suffering families. Mr. Obama had won over even those who opposed his decision to close Gitmo by assuaging their fears that the review of some 245 current detainees would result in dangerous jihadists being set free. “I did not vote for the man, but the way he talks to you, you can’t help but believe in him,” said John Clodfelter to the New York Times. His son, Kenneth, was killed in the Cole bombing. “[Mr. Obama] left me with a very positive feeling...
  • This is Not the Freedom Tower: Money Trumps Patriotism in the Name Change to 1 WTC

    03/27/2009 6:58:55 AM PDT · by Sergeant Tim · 146 replies · 5,988+ views
    New York Post ^ | March 27, 2009 | Tom Topousis
    Freedom is out of fashion at Ground Zero. Once hailed as a beacon of rebirth in the aftermath of Sept. 11, the Freedom Tower has been stripped of its patriotic name -- which has been swapped out for the more marketable "One World Trade Center," Port Authority officials conceded yesterday. More than seven years after the terror attacks and amid an effort to market the tower to international tenants, sentiment gave way to practicality. "As we market the building we will ensure that the building is presented in the best possible way," said PA Chairman Anthony Coscia. "One World Trade...
  • Don't Let Terror Win in Our Courts

    02/22/2009 6:34:57 AM PST · by Sergeant Tim · 8 replies · 863+ views ^ | February 22, 2009 | Debra Burlingame
    Two weeks ago, I was among a small group of USS Cole and 9/11 victims’ families who met with President Obama at the White House. Despite President Obama’s assurances that the safety and security of the American people is his number one priority, I left the meeting with little confidence that the President appreciates the grave consequences of shutting down Guantanamo or the complex problems associated with adjudicating detainee cases in the federal court system. Indeed, he told us that he is “not at all concerned” about the security issues of bringing the detainees to the U.S. His rationale for...
  • Obama's outrageous oversight

    02/12/2009 5:49:29 AM PST · by Sergeant Tim · 23 replies · 1,422+ views
    Washington Times ^ | February 12, 2009 | Editors
    Evidently the former editor of the Harvard Law Review seems to think that one of his powers as president is personally to pick and choose which constitutional rights apply to terror defendants and which do not. That's the very thing they were criticizing President Bush for. White House Counsel Greg Craig, often seen whispering in the president's ear during question periods, admitted later to Ms. Burlingame that the chief executive was getting the facts of the law wrong during the discussion with the families. Craig asked her if CIPA covers a case in which terrorists defend themselves, noting that "this...
  • Cops: Teen boys pretend to be girl on MySpace, help catch teacher looking for date

    11/24/2008 6:18:54 PM PST · by CE2949BB · 16 replies · 1,426+ views
    A Petaluma high school teacher was arrested Saturday morning after allegedly setting up an illicit date with a person he believed was a 15-year-old girl, police and prosecutors said. Scott Eugene Dietlin, 34, a teacher at Casa Grande High School, was arrested in San Mateo on Saturday after allegedly showing up for a date with "Jackie," a teenage persona created on MySpace by two teen boys, San Mateo County Chief Deputy District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe said. The 15-year-old San Mateo County boys posted the online profile as a joke, Wagstaffe said. When Dietlin allegedly contacted "Jackie" in April, the boys...
  • [California] Teacher arrested for trying to seduce minor

    11/23/2008 8:25:24 PM PST · by CE2949BB · 54 replies · 2,720+ views
    The Daily Journal ^ | 11/23/2008
    A 34-year-old teacher from Petaluma was arrested Saturday morning in San Mateo on several felony charges relating to trying to meet and seduce a minor, according to Burlingame police detectives, who made the arrest. At approximately 9:45 a.m., Burlingame police detectives arrested Scott Eugene Dietlin on charges of sending harmful matter (via electronic e-mail) with the intent to seduce a minor, attempting to contact a minor with intent to commit a sexual offense, and arranging to meet with a minor with intent to commit a sexual offense, according to a police press release. This arrest was the culmination of a...
  • [California] Teachers union joins algebra lawsuit

    11/23/2008 8:11:47 PM PST · by CE2949BB · 54 replies · 2,104+ views
    TMCNews ^ | November 23, 2008 | Neil Gonzales
    Nov. 23 -- BURLINGAME -- California's largest teachers union will back a fight in court to overturn the state's new eighth-grade algebra requirement. The Burlingame-based California Teachers Association has joined the lawsuit by the California School Boards Association and the Association of California School Administrators against the state Board of Education's decision to require all middle school students to be tested in Algebra I by the end of eighth grade starting in 2011. The state board "acted abruptly, imprudently and without fully understanding the consequences of its actions on our schools, teachers and students," said David Sanchez, president of the...
  • The Clintons' Terror Pardons ( Eric Holder : a driving force ? )

    11/20/2008 7:01:52 PM PST · by george76 · 16 replies · 1,119+ views
    WSJ ^ | February 12, 2008 | DEBRA BURLINGAME
    New Year's Eve, 1982...New York Police Department's elite bomb squad rushed to headquarters at One Police Plaza, where minutes earlier an explosion had destroyed the entrance to the building. A total of four bombs exploded in a single hour on that night, including at FBI headquarters in Manhattan and the federal courthouse in Brooklyn. The perpetrators were members of ... FALN ... Its members waged war on America with bombings, arson, kidnappings, prison escapes, threats and intimidation. The most gruesome attack was the 1975 Fraunces Tavern bombing in Lower Manhattan. Timed to go off during the lunch-hour rush... FALN bragged...
  • 9/11 Flight Crews Finally Honored

    07/17/2008 6:56:18 AM PDT · by AJKauf · 3 replies · 89+ views
    Pajamas Media ^ | July 17, 2008 | Debra Burlingame
    First taken, last remembered — let us never forget their bravery. July 17, 2008 - by
  • Debra Burlingame: Boumediene v. Bush a Strategic Victory for al Qaeda

    06/14/2008 11:21:28 AM PDT · by NoGrayZone · 20 replies · 133+ views
    9/11 Families for a Safe & Strong America ^ | 6/12/08 | Debra Burlingame
    "Justice Scalia is right that today’s opinion will result in the death of Americans. His words remind me of the beleaguered FBI agent, Harry Sammit, who pleaded with his superiors at FBI headquarters to be allowed to launch a nationwide manhunt for Khalid al-Mihdhar and Nawaf Al-Hazmi, two of the hijackers on my brother’s plane, 3 weeks before 9/11. He was turned down by the lawyers in the National Security Law Unit of the FBI, who cited the FISA law that prevented this intelligence information from being used by the criminal division. The point of that law — known as...
  • The Clintons' Terror Pardons

    04/17/2008 6:59:59 PM PDT · by freerepublic_or_die · 19 replies · 202+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | February 12, 2008 | DEBRA BURLINGAME
    It was nearly 10 p.m. on New Year's Eve, 1982. Two officers on New York Police Department's elite bomb squad rushed to headquarters at One Police Plaza, where minutes earlier an explosion had destroyed the entrance to the building. Lying amid the carnage was Police Officer Rocco Pascarella, his lower leg blasted off. "He was ripped up like someone took a box cutter and shredded his face," remembered Detective Anthony Senft, one of the bomb-squad officers who answered the call 25 years ago. "We really didn't even know that he was a uniformed man until we found his weapon, that's...
  • Billary's involvement with the FALN pardons in 1999

    03/20/2008 8:01:27 PM PDT · by jyro · 5 replies · 609+ views
    The Wall Street Journal ^ | February 12, 2008 | DEBRA BURLINGAME
    Hillary's White House itinerary is being released. Question, in late 1999, what were her contacts with Luis Nieves Falcon. The FALN terrorists were pardoned for New York Puerto Rican votes for her Senate election. The 16 terrorists were convicted of a variety of charges that included conspiracy, sedition, violation of the Hobbes Act (extortion by force, violence or fear), armed robbery and illegal possession of weapons and explosives -- including large quantities of C-4 plastic explosive, dynamite and huge caches of ammunition. Observed Judge George Layton, who sentenced four FALN defendants for their conspiracy to use military-grade explosives to...
  • The Clintons' Terror Pardons

    03/05/2008 12:34:37 PM PST · by OPS4 · 20 replies · 211+ views
    Wall Street Journal Opinions ^ | updated 3/05/08 | Debra Burlingame
    While the pardon scandals that marked Bill and Hillary Clinton's final days in office are remembered as transactions involving cronies, criminals and campaign contributors, the FALN clemencies of 1999 should be remembered in the context of the increasing threat of domestic and transnational terrorism that was ramping up during the Clinton years of alleged peace and prosperity. To wit, the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, the 1995 Tokyo subway Sarin attack, the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, the 1995 "Bojinka" conspiracy to hijack airplanes and crash them into buildings, the 1996 Khobar Towers bombing, the 1996 Summer Olympics bombing, Osama bin...
  • The Clintons' Terror Pardons

    02/12/2008 8:49:10 AM PST · by ventanax5 · 10 replies · 136+ views
    It was nearly 10 p.m. on New Year's Eve, 1982. Two officers on New York Police Department's elite bomb squad rushed to headquarters at One Police Plaza, where minutes earlier an explosion had destroyed the entrance to the building. Lying amid the carnage was Police Officer Rocco Pascarella, his lower leg blasted off. "He was ripped up like someone took a box cutter and shredded his face," remembered Detective Anthony Senft, one of the bomb-squad officers who answered the call 25 years ago. "We really didn't even know that he was a uniformed man until we found his weapon, that's...
  • The Clintons' Terror Pardons

    02/12/2008 3:17:39 AM PST · by Puzzleman · 56 replies · 735+ views
    The Wall Street Journal ^ | February 12, 2008 | Debra Burlingame
    -- snip -- On Aug. 7, 1999, the one-year anniversary of the U.S. African embassy bombings that killed 257 people and injured 5,000, President Bill Clinton reaffirmed his commitment to the victims of terrorism, vowing that he "will not rest until justice is done." Four days later, while Congress was on summer recess, the White House quietly issued a press release announcing that the president was granting clemency to 16 imprisoned members of FALN. What began as a simple paragraph on the AP wire exploded into a major controversy...
  • Bury hero in Arlington

    12/06/2001 7:11:02 PM PST · by NorCoGOP · 9 replies · 443+ views
    The Maine Campus (U Maine) ^ | 12/6/01 | Staff Editorial
    ORONO, Maine -- Charles Frank Burlingame III was the pilot flying American Airlines Flight 77 on Sept. 11. Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon with 64 people onboard. It is believed Burlingame helped divert the plane from its original destination -- the White House -- by literally fighting off the terrorists in the cockpit. In an FBI report released after the crash, it was revealed that the pilot died of injuries sustained before the plane hit the ground. Burlingame's family has requested that he be buried in Arlington Cemetery in Virginia, an honor bestowed only on soldiers and their families. ...
  • We Must Always Remember

    09/11/2007 5:48:57 AM PDT · by originalbuckeye · 6 replies · 381+ views
    New York Daily News ^ | 09/11/07 | Debra Burlingame
    Six years ago, I turned on my television and saw the sickening image of an airplane flying directly into the south tower of the World Trade Center. I did not know that at precisely that moment, somewhere in the skies over the Ohio-Kentucky border, my brother was fighting for his life in the cockpit of his commercial airliner. It would be another 35 minutes before his plane crashed into the Pentagon's west side. Though the term "9/11 family member" had not yet become part of the Sept. 11 lexicon, my first thought upon seeing the plane turn and slam into...
  • Debra Burlingame denounces Obama, libs' defense of nation

    08/02/2007 3:23:28 AM PDT · by Sergeant Tim · 205+ views
    9/11 Families for America ^ | August 1, 2007 | Tim Sumner
    Debra Burlingame spoke about Presidential candidate Barack Obama's "illconsidered" speech where he suggested that the United States should invade Pakistan and the Democratic Party's deliberate undermining of our national defense and efforts in Iraq: "I think there are people on the Hill who know perfectly well how strategically important Iraq is in this terrible war that we're facing. But I think its politics. I think they have to beat down this President -- and they started very quickly after 9/11 -- to gain power back and they're willing to put Americans and this country in danger to do it... it...
  • Disarmed by the Dems - Congressional Leaders Fail to Protect Terror Tipsters from Insane Lawsuits

    07/24/2007 10:51:26 PM PDT · by T.L.Sink · 5 replies · 448+ views
    N.Y. Daily News ^ | July 20, '07 | Debra Burlingame
    Members of Congress me to finalize provisions of the 9/11 security bill. The Democratic majority was using a technicality to block the so-called John Doe amendment from being included. This amendment, which protects citizen whistleblowers from being sued was sponsored by Rep. Peter King (R-NY) after six imams who were removed from a U.S. Airways flight in november filed a lawsuit against the passengers who reported their behavior to flight crews. The John Doe legislation passed the House in April. Now, King wants to include it as a stand-alone measure to assure its passage apart from the larger bill. It's...
  • Daughter of 9/11 Flight Pilot Is Found Dead After a Fire (NYT tells family of death...)

    12/06/2006 3:08:21 PM PST · by PghBaldy · 13 replies · 960+ views
    New York Times ^ | December 6 | ALAN FEUER and NATE SCHWEBER
    ...Debra A. Burlingame, Ms. Burlingame’s aunt, was reached at home last night before she even knew of her niece’s death. She burst into tears on the phone and would not comment further. Ms. Burlingame’s mother, Nancy Perfect, was also reached at home last night. She, too, declined to discuss her daughter’s death.
  • On a Wing and a Prayer Grievance theater at Minneapolis International Airport.

    12/06/2006 4:00:54 AM PST · by rlmorel · 12 replies · 694+ views
    The Wall Street Journal ( ^ | 12/6/2006 | Debra Burlingame
    On a Wing and a Prayer Grievance theater at Minneapolis International Airport. BY DEBRA BURLINGAME Wednesday, December 6, 2006 12:01 a.m. EST Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Those are the words that started it all. Six bearded imams are said to have shouted them out while offering evening prayers as they and 141 other passengers waited at the gate for their flight out of Minneapolis International Airport. It was three days before Thanksgiving. Allahu Akbar: God is great. Initial media reports of the incident did not include the disturbing details about what happened after they boarded US...
  • A must read: 'The Flags of Sept.11'

    09/14/2006 6:56:31 AM PDT · by Sergeant Tim · 20 replies · 1,037+ views
    The American Legion magazine ^ | 9/11/2006 | Debra Burlingame
    If you only read one thing today, read The Flags of Sept. 11 by Debra Burlingame in The American Legion magazine.
  • Westchester Housewife: Meet Debra Burlingame

    10/01/2005 3:50:25 AM PDT · by Gadfly-At-Large · 20 replies · 1,156+ views
    Opinion ^ | October 1, 2005 | BY TUNKU VARADARAJAN
    Rage renders some people incoherent and others blind. It causes some to flare up--fiercely, but briefly--and then to burn out. In others, it does no more than instill sadness, and paralysis. Yet in Debra Burlingame--the 51-year-old sister of Charles F. "Chic" Burlingame, the pilot of the plane that was crashed into the Pentagon by terrorists on September 11, 2001--rage has fueled eloquence, an impressively mulish obstinacy, and an almost eerie moral clarity.
  • CA: Burlingame pays $1,600 to obscure Star of David shape on playground

    09/26/2005 2:45:06 PM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 31 replies · 956+ views
    BURLINGAME, Calif. - The city of Burlingame has paid $1,600 to obscure a design at the newly opened Pershing Park playground that a resident felt resembled the Star of David. The park was closed on Thursday of last week while a contractor filled in a pattern in the playground's surface that consisted of six yellow stars laid out in the shape of the Star of David. Residents had complained it was disrespectful for children to step on the design. The pattern was changed to an arch shape that more closely resembles a sun. The original contractor made a mistake in...
  • NYP: TIME TO PULL THE PLUG (Ground Zero Watch on IFC)

    08/17/2005 5:27:17 AM PDT · by OESY · 11 replies · 760+ views
    New York Post ^ | August 17, 2005 | Editorial
    The Uniformed Firefighters Association's decision yesterday to withdraw support for the World Trade Center Memorial Foundation, citing two controversial museums proposed there, may have ended the threat of institutionalized activism at Ground Zero. Good for the UFA. The union's "membership and our 9/11 families believe that the memorial design will take away from the memory and sacrifice of the firefighters who bravely gave their lives during the most horrific terrorist attacks our country has had to face," UFA President Steve Cassidy said. Good for Steve Cassidy. It's going to be especially hard now for the International Freedom Center and the...
  • Ground Zero Museum Fight Reveals Divide-(9/11 survivors protest marxist propaganda "museum")

    06/26/2005 7:49:36 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 93 replies · 2,857+ views
    SFGATE.COM ^ | JUNE 26, 2005 | MICHAEL WEISSENSTEIN, Associated Press Writer
    Rachel O'Brien has been concentrating on raising her three children since her husband was killed at the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001. She hadn't given much thought to what would happen at ground zero. But when she heard about plans for a museum that would place the attacks in the historical context of mankind's quest for freedom, she got political — joining more than 900 relatives of victims to sign a petition opposing the plan. "I have no remains of my husband, and to me that's sacred ground," said O'Brien, 45, whose husband, Michael, worked for Cantor Fitzgerald....
  • 9/11 Memorial Museum Neglects Tales of Terror - (where is the outrage about this travesty?!)

    06/13/2005 4:23:49 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 22 replies · 1,974+ views
    On 9/11/2001, Debra Burlingame lost her beloved brother Charles F. "Chic" Burlingame III, pilot of American Airlines flight 77, which crashed into the Pentagon. Today Debra sits on the board of directors of the World Trade Center Memorial Foundation. Last week she penned an op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal that shed light on the fact that a major part of the planned WTC Memorial calls for a huge on-site museum whose primary purpose will be to judge America's actions throughout her history to see if we, in effect, "deserved" what we got on 9/11. I kid you not....